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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the old record was 96 set back in 1989. what happens tonight uncomfortable. inland valleys 70s to 80s. tomorrow morning to start we'll be close to the daytime high. 9:30 in the morning, 88 in antioch. the average is 87. by the afternoon, the heat not going anywhere. more triple digits. we will talk about the cooling ahead and how much by the weekend. coming up in 18 minutes. >> looking forward to that. as we mentioned the pittsburgh elementary school cancelled class other schools changing tactics to deal with the scorch temps. marianne favro with a look at the last minute changes in gilroy. >> i'm here at gilroy high school where the superintendent asked the football team not to practice inside and instead go into the gym. this isn't the only school with last minute changes because of triple digit temperatures.
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how will jesus manuel remember his first day of first grade in gilroy. >> it was hot, very hot. >> so hot that at brownle middle school in gilroy this morning a teacher was moved from a classroom without air-conditioning to one that had a/c to keep students comfortable. gilroy unified school district superintendent dr. debra flores says she also reached out to all principal this is morning. >> asset temperatures closer to 100 we have students stay indoors. they don't go outdoors. they exercise in the gym for recess or stay in the classrooms. >> this was also the first day of school for nearly 30,000 students in the san jose unified school district. many headed to the shade for relief. as principals and teachers kept a close eye on kids they were instructed to send overheated or dizzy students to the school nurse. >> our principals are sharing with each other. keep the kids in.
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make sure they are rested. take off sweat shirts. it's the first day of school they have new clothes. >> the biggest concern is around student athletes including football players practicing after school. sizzling temperatures forced them to rethink game plans. >> they'll most likely be practicing in the gym or doing weights in the weight room versus being out there. >> it was 103 degrees here in gilroy. it's expected to be hot again tomorrow. so likely the football teams and other teams will still have to practice in the gym. reporting live in gilroy, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. and when we have the high temperatures sometimes we have things like this. sky ranger flying over a brush fire in the hayward hills this afternoon. fire started around 1:30. crews had it contained in 20 points. firefighters are there keeping an eye on hot spots. and despite homes nearby no structures were even threatened and no one injured.
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when it comes to firefightering the sometimes the best offense is defense. they were building a line of defense in the even of a big fire. creating a 14-mile fuel break. frommed tilden park in berkeley to lafayette. clearing underbrush and tree limbs but leaving mature trees. the hope is to slow down flames if a fire breaks out. >> when it hits this fuel break it will lower in intensity because there isn't as much fuel. you'll have a much low lower intense fire, a ground fire basically burning the ground litter, leaves, fallen sticks and whatnot. >> in project was made possible a $$4 million state grant. we continue to follow the heat on air and online, one great resource. jeff's facebook page. he posted in facebook live talking about the swelterring temperatures. got the shades on looking good. follow him at jeff ranieri nbc. we are following breaking news near philadelphia where six
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officers were shot. this apparently all started with a narcotics officer serving a search warrant. right now the suspect is holed up in a house. officers are trying to negotiate with the suspect. you can see so many plofrsz on scene. as for the officers shot they were taken to the hospital. conditions are not known we'll bring you updates as soon as it comes to our newsroom. business news may not want to look at the 401(k) county. the stock market with the worst day of the year. after reports of a possible recession. a bit vicing because the economy seems to be doing pretty good. what's going on let's bring in business and tech reporter scott budman to make sense of it. >> we are in a good spot overall but here is why so many people suddenly got worried today and rapidly sold stock. coming from place we don't pay a lot of attention. the bond market. the return or yield on the ten-ier treasury bond fell below the yield of 2-year. again somewhat niche economics but that hasn't happened in ten
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years. the last time it happened our economy declined and went into recession. that plus a tariff war hitting bay area tech especially hard is making people nervous. >> behind all of that is the increasing acrimony between the u.s. and china and the trade war the president was said was going to be short but now almost a year and a half in. >> you start telling people the next iphone will be more expensive maybe $100 more expensive and the bay area chip and chip equipment companies will be hit in the wallet by tariffs and they get nervous about the economy and uncertainty is the enemy of the dow. and we are going to show you what uncertainty looks like. first the one month chart. the last couple of weeks big jumps yet but even bigger drops as we get nervous about what's coming. so far this year, and it has been a wildoverall. so far. we'll keep you posted terry. >> thank you. new details wen
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attack on a strisd he condo on embarcadero. charactered according to the da office the accused attack are austin james vincent was was areined yesterday pleading not guilt on batter battery and attempted rob arepy i. mental health treatment. happened at 1:30 in the morning morning mornds at the water mark condos on beil street. >> some say a homeless center is a bad idea. but the mayor says it's the opposite providing help for those in need. >> day eight of jury deliberation wrapped up in the ghost ship trier in oakland. they changed minds at the last minute on a read back of derick almen ez testimony. it doesn't want to hear all four days of testimony. just a portion. they are trying to figure out which portion still. but today the jury got rered backs from two other member including a man co-signing the
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lietz to the warehouse. and another witness manning the door of the ghost ship during a party on the night of the fire in question on 2016. the jury back in deliberations tomorrow. you are looking at what is called red carpet transit lanes. and new lanes slated to go in in front of businesses in san francisco. but some business owners are voicing concerns. the coowners of a shell station on giery boulevard took complaints to the federal government. nbc bay area ali wolf where they already have the lanes. ali. >> that's right, terrie. you can see the red lanes only for buses and for taxis. and while the sfmta says they have reduced accidents with muni buses some businesses in the richmond are concerned. they are worried once the lanes go in in their neighborhood their businesses will take a hit. in is what david heller doesn't want in front of the busy has owned in the richmond over 30
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years. red lanes for buses and taxis only. >> it's a job killer. >> heller and other business owners worry they keep commerce away. >> it's a deterrent. >> the sfmta plans to add red lane between stand onand market streets. they're an experiment sponsored in part by the federal government aiming to reduce traffic and speed up bus rides. corey urban and his brother own a shell station on geiry boulevard they did digging into whether the city was following federal government rules. >> and the protocols are you have to take data and compare it under the exact same circumstances. >> they found the city wasn't following the federal protocols. >> the sfmta was trying to skirt the protocol. and my brother basically contacted the federal highway administration. >> the sfmta acknowledged a misunderstanding. >> once the fhwa made the clarification it was easy to go back to get the before data looking at transit travel times
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and safety and compliance and moved forward. >> that didn't delay the project. >> slated for 2021. >> the inevitable may be they put in the red lanes which is fine but we want the data collected to actually justify the red paint is actually going to speed up buss. >> in san francisco, ali wolf nbc bay area news. traffic, a nightmare right now on 101. it's been like that most of the afternoon. after a sanitation truck overturned on the center divide in mountain view. sky ranger captured the video after the truck crashed around 12:30 p.m. south of the san antonio road exit. the car cut off the truck forcing the driver to lose control. you saw the backup. truckvided. no one hurt. directions. northbound lanes reopened. southbound lanes some still closed. will remain closed for approximately another hour, traffic backed up to redwood
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city. something unusual happened at today's naturalization ceremony for 1,300 new american citizens over in the east bay. as you can see it took our photographer by surprise. >> our history is now your history. >> a video message from president trump prompted boaing from the new citizens two minutes taking the oath of citizenship in elbowed the east bay congressman eric swalwell and said the reaction was tough to hear. >> these immigrants watch television. these folks are americans now watch television. they know what he has said about them. and their family members. and you just imagine it hits them right here. >> a total of 2,700 people from more than 90 different countries were sworn in as new citizens today in two different ceremonies we reached out to the white house for a response to that booing and haven't gotten a ponce. >> still to come. security on the first day of school. how parents and students feel about the changes being made in
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gilroy in the wake of the garlic festival shooting. >> and the hue mane society in pleasant ton, the clear the shelters event this saturday. i'll tell but it. and you get to know wayne. look at the little face. i'll have the details coming up. >> and i'm tracking the heat up to a hot 104 in concord. i'll show wlau to watch for when it comes to heat related illness and when we finally get some relief. that's if about 8 minutes.
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with the garlic festival tragedy fresh in most minds, more than 10,000 students returned to school in gilroy today. firstdy of school brought as you might imagine beefed up security. normally the district has two school resource officers rotate among the 15 campuses. but this week one resource officer will be at gilroy high. one at high school. the other at christopher highly. police will patrol the other 13 campuses. important to note this is a precaution since no one has treatened any school. well i'm trying not to associate it to -- if you ask me, yeah, it's not easy thinking that a few days ago we've been through that. but, you know you try not to associate it because it's hard. >> i know gilroy has a strong community. i pretrial and return to a good school year and hopefully things
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will be safe. >> the district is also providing counsel services in schools. superintendent says roughly 500 people have taken advantage of the service so far. a few volunteers are stepping forward to help clean up a south bay semer to. workers clear grass and weeds a at a fwroen so far head stones on winchesters. volunteers joined worker was we'd whack tors trim away grace are guardians. we showed you it was a mess. people were outraged to see the conditions at the cemetery. two part time workers maintain the grounds that's a tougher job because they don't use roundup at the center much numerous lawsuit for causing dancer. and the city has hired more workers. oaknd man is back on his feet after getting a haerpt transplant. five days. marking the 500th. this is 20-year-old mitch peterson up and walking on the
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fast track to recovery. pederson says he is grateful for the gift of life. >> more than amazing. it's no greater gift than to receive an organ and get that second or maybe even for some people a third and fourth chance on life. >> this is actually his second chance on life. he received a section of bone after being diagnosed with cancer when he was 19 years old. his keem therapy treatments damaged his heart and that's why he needed a new one. he is encouraging people to become organ donors. >> finding a forever home for unwanted dogs and cots. nbc bay area is working to clear the shelt zbleers this year 90 local shelters and rescue organizations taking part to help find that perfect home for thedomle. vienna ariana live at the hue mane society and this dog is named after me such a cutie. she she is such a cutie. >> she is. yes she is a star look at --
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kisses. she is a chihuahua mix. nine months old ready to go and be your ever pet. get it forever pet. we have the clear the shelter event coming up you want to know about it i'm bringing in melmy the executive director tell us about the event coming up how many dogs do you have available when people show up. >> we'll have a total of 35 animals, five dogs 30 cats in the midst of kitten season. lots of kittens out there needing new homes. >> and tell me about the fees. is it a reduced fee what can people expect coming through the doors. >> on saturday open from from 10 to 4:00 we are waiving all fees to approved adopt zbleers what do they need to bring and what are three things that maybe a person who never owned a pet, cat or dog needs to considereci adopting aamily member. ht. they bringing a new family member into their home. this is a long-term commitment. people should be prepared to be in it for the long haul. you are lucky you're going to
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have the pet for hopefully 10 to 15 years. it's something the whole family should be onboard with. so everybody needs to know that they're bringing a family member in they have to take responsibility and then also it's expensive. be prepared where we live everything is a little bit expensive here. it can cost up to $1,000 ater year to own an animal. >> thank you so much. and janelle wang is waiting for you. look at the little face. sending it back to you in the studio. >> oh, my gosh somebody has to adopt janelle. can you change the name. but as long as janelle is adopted i'm happy. >> veeny playing on the heart strings. great job. and clear the shelters this saturday. more information at participating shelters go to the website. click on our clear the shelters section and i bet you there will be a dog out there named jeff. >> there. >> isn't there a dog jeff ranieri. >> a dog abwe have a terry mcsweeney too. >> hand some little kwie.
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>> yeah but you are the cutest. >> thanks, jeff. >> are you talking about the dog. >> why not let's go there. >> okay. forecast by saturday we'll get the cooldown. >> yes we are seeing a big drop in temperatures. once we hit the weekend. we are unthe microclimate weather alert because of the dangerous heat in the middle of the right now. i wanted to start off with heat related illness symptoms it's something for us to think about right now because of course heat does catch up with us fast. dizziness pb headache, body temperature of 103 and higher muscle cramps nausea tiredness, wabness if you have these symptom you may need medical help. to prevent you getting to this point. common sense tips here wanted to go real fast. stay hydrated pb sugary drinks not a good idea. they dehydrate you even more. stay away from soda if you can. air-conditions areas of course the best wear light colored clothing bring hat and spf 15 or
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higher. we showed you this because we have more heat tomorrow. let's look at the numbers process. and you'll be able to see we are well above average. santa rosa 99. concord 104. livermore 104. san francisco up to 84 degrees. temperatures 15 to 20 plus degrees above average. that means as we head through tomorrow morning you're not needing warm coffee put it on ice. get the a/c going in the car. get everything good to go. starting off with a mild 75 in south bay ens pennsylvania. tri-valley 79 as you step out the door. make sure the pets also have lots of water to make that all the way through the day. for the east bay 69 right near the bay. 79 heading to the inland valleys. san francisco 69 to start and also a warm 75 for the north bay. still with temperatures starting off this warm for the morning we're having an easy time catapulting up by the afternoon. i don't really see any kind of big decreases in the forecast. if you thought today was too hot
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tomorrow will be another one of knows days. start thinking about it now and you'll be good to go. 101 in lass gatos. 10 in east san jose. 103 in gilroy. major heat through the east bay. 106 in antioch. 105 in pittsburgh. 10 a in pleasenen 103 in walnut creek. closer to the bay, 89 in oakland. the peninsula up to 96 in palo alto. san mateo 90. half moon bay at 70 degrees. san francisco, 86 here in the mission. and 86 in san francisco with no a/c as it's really unbearable for a lot. as you know the inside of the apartments usually don't cool off too much. so remember the heat tips we went over earlier that could help you. and right up to the north bay 105 in ukiah. 104 in clearlake and 102 in napa. when do we get out of the heat? i'm seeing a change once we hit the weekend. the hot hair looks like right now it's sliding back off towards the east. that's good news because it's
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like a road here. once in moves out of the way which has been a road block we see the storm system drop down from the north. helping the cool our temperatures down. no rainfall with it once again a significant drop. we'll be back in the 60s here for san francisco. saturday and sunday. and a nice start to the week next week. inland valleys i think you'll be happier with this. still at the very uncomfortable 104 tomorrow. and then we are down to 87 on saturday. 85 on sunday. then back up a little bit next we can process but right now not nearly as hot. hang in fl tomorrow. very dangerous and then much much better. as we clear out the shelters on saturday. and you can get the janelle wang. that. >> mixed chihuahua. >> so cute. >> nine months old. >> reaction to the forecast. wow wow, ooh. >> that's appropriate. >> thanks jeff. >> hundreds of people stunk, the unusual jelly fish invasion in
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don't even think about bringing it with you. the faa is banning certain laptops from airplanes. apple recalled older models of the 15-inch mack book pro. faa says passengers can't bring them in the carry on or check in because of the fire hazard. they are not singling out mack book pros. any tech with a recalled lithium batter batpy is not allowed. >> it's called the portuguese man of war and thousands stinging invading hawaii. stinging over 2,000 people yesterday in oahu. they have a painful sting.
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life fwards posting warning signs and alerting beach goers saying this is the largest arrival of the man of wores in years. scientists have no idea about this invasion. >> one of san francisco as famous homes needs a new renter next. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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tonight at 6:00 is there an arsonist on the loose in the community in san jose that's growing concerned with a rash of fires, that exclusive story and more tonight in the 6:00 newscasts. >> the story of the cliff house has lots of chapters now a new one begins. the seaside restaurant has been hosting more than 150 years. now the u.s. park service advertising for new management. the 20-year lease is running for the current team. the application process is beginning. the legendary house includes a fine dining room, family restaurant, bar gift shop visitor center. and of course the spectacular views. >> oh. >> amazing views in san francisco. >> yes. >> i need get back. jeff, scorcher when do we cool down. >> this weekend a big drop at least 20 degrees across the bay area from 104 tomorrow down to 87 sunday. that will be good we help to clear the shelters saturday.
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looking more at the heat at 6:00. >> nightly news with lester holt is next. >> see you then. bye. breaking news tonight breaking news tonight as we come on the air. multiple police officers shot in philadelphia the tense standoff at a home and the frantic calls for help >> i got officers shot i got officers shot! >> the massive response, officers swarming the neighborhood, police taking cover, weapons draw we'll have late details. also breaking, the troubling warning sign that may mean we're headed to a recession. the stock market plunging to the worstiworst day of the year. jeffrey epstein in his own words. the interview on his private island years before his death and accusations of child sex abuse. >> i realize what i am i'm very comfortable in my own skin also tonight, the federal judge demanding answers. how wa


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