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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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temperatures. is this the hottest it's been this year? >> it was on june the 11th. i looked at those records and san francisco got up to a hot 100 degrees. it was june 11th that has that distinction. >> we were hot today. >> it was. it was dangerous outside. inland, triple digits all around. we're going to see more of that as we move into tomorrow. let's go ahead and get a look right now at that microclimate forecast. we'll show you the records. we have these certified to the daylight high. up to 100. that's a brand new record beating the old one of 94. concord, 104 degrees. the old was 100. san francisco 84 degrees and liv livermore with 104. june the 11th, just in case you were curious, was the hottest so
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far this year. where do we head from here? we're starting to see the numbers inch down. it probably doesn't feel it like out there to a lot of you. we have fog at the coastline. 85 in san francisco and 101 in concord. it will be slow to cool down, but at 11:30 tonight the coast will see 60s and 70s. this isn't a cooldown for the east bay and i get it. 80s expected at 11:30 at night. tomorrow morning, ouch. look at this. 88 and 87 in danville. for the afternoon, we're back up into the low 100s for thursday. average highs around 87 degrees. we are well above that. we talk m about the cooling trend and how much we could get. we have lots of updates this hour. we'll see you for the next one at 6:19. >> thank you. the first day of school in pittsburgh today, only the
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students weren't there. the school closed today. the school's heating and cooling system isn't ready and it's too hot to have students and teachers on campus. they are hoping the new system will be up and running by monday. high temperatures mean high fire danger across the bay area and this evening fire crews are doing something different, they're building a line of defense in the event of a big fire. we are live where that work is under way. >> reporter: that's right. wild cat canyon road here has been being worked on by crews all week. it's been closed from 10:00 to 3:00 every day this week as firefighters work on that new fire i've been told that this area hasn't been cleared out for years. tonight that's changing. fire crews have been hard at work. they're clearing brush and cutting down branches to create
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a 14 mile long fire break, one that maintains the area's beauty while chipping away at fire risks. >> we want to keep the trees. we want to keep the tree canopy intact, but we want to limb up the trees. >> reporter: firefighters hope the fuel break, which stretches from the park in berkeley will create a line of defense giving them a fighting chance to save homes if a wind fueled fire breaks out here. >> we might be able to stop a fire before it gets into the neighborhood. >> when i hear the fire engines, i grit my teeth and bite my fingernai fingernai fingernails. >> reporter: for folks who live in the wooded area, fire danger is a huge concern. >> it worries us. the ability to evacuate. >> reporter: she has lived in the area for 21 years. she says seeing the fires that
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have hit other parts of the state are scarey and thinks the $4 million fire break is needed. >> hopefully that will reduce the risk of a major wildfire. >> this is a great step. it really will potentially save lives. >> reporter: and we are told that firefighters have so far removed tons of brush and branches and this project is going to take several more weeks. they are hoping to finish that new fire break by the end of september. i'm also told that during this excessive heat firefighters are taking extra precautions. they are careful not to start a fire themselves. there's somebody on fire watch as they clear that brush. they have a tank of water and hand tools ready in reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. speaking of which, sky ranger flew over this brush fire this afternoon. the fire started about 1:30.
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crews had it contained in 20 minutes. firefighters are still up there keeping an eye on hot spots and there were homes nearby, but no structures were threatened. all lanes are open in both directions on 101 in the peninsula, but traffic still dicey after a truck turned over this afternoon around 12:30 in mountain view. the driver cut off a sanitation truck forcing the truck driver to lose control. the truck hit another car as it crashed into the center divide. no one was hurt, but traffic was backed up for miles in both directions as crews tried to tow that truck. a rash of arson fires has some people who live in downtown san jose scared and upset. nbc bay area has obtained video of someone setting a fire in front of a home near japantown. it's not the only video out there. we have more of this jarring video and why it's part of a
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bigger problem, robert. >> reporter: i have been hearing from a lot of people from around the downtown area reporting apparent arson fires. the neighborhood around japantown has had other fires exhibit bfires, but this was caught on home security cameras. you see a man get off a bicycle and set a pile of brush on fire and that has neighbors rattled. >> my concern is it was just a brush pile that was on fire exhibfire, but it could have been a house or church. >> reporter: the fire department kept the flames from spreading, but this map shows how many fires have been set around the downtown area in the past six months. the map shows about 36 in all. ne there have been three
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recent incidents, two last night and another about three weeks ago. >> reporter: the security cameras recorded a possible vandal. >> today we are cutting back trees so my tentant, his cameras can hopefully catch the subject. >> reporter: he says he'd like more preventative action. >> i would like to see more police coming around, especially after midnight. >> reporter: they both say they plan to report the situation to their neighborhood associations. at this point both police and fire have not offered much information on the investigations, but they do have one person in mind for some of these fires. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. new details tonight about the violent attack on a san
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francisco woman as she entered her condo. according to the d.a.'s office, this accused man here was arraigned yesterday. he pled not guilty on charges that included battery and attempted robbery. that assault, which was all caught on surveillance video, you see it here, happened 1:30 monday morning. it's one incident, but some are trying to use this video to suggest a proposed homeless center in that area is a bad idea, but the mayor say the opposite is true, it will actually help provide for those in need. on wall street today, the dow was in a free fall plunging 800 points. they by 3%. warning signs of a possible economic recession. the plunge made this wall street's worst day of the year so far. a lawsuit filed in the bay area against one of silicone's
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valley best known and most watched tech companies, youtube is accused of discriminating against the lgbt community. we spoke to two of those creators today. we are joined with the details. >> reporter: i spoke with two of the eight people filing suit against youtube. they claim in no uncertain terms the company told them they could no longer sell ads because their show dealt with being gay. >> if you're watching for the first time on youtube, please subscribe. >> reporter: it's a show about the news of the day. >> we started on youtube as a local lgbt news show about five years ago. >> fall fashion, which means fashion week. >> reporter: after adding viewers and selling ads, the co-producers say g news started getting the cold shoulder from youtube. >> then it started happening to us where we couldn't buy
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advertising or promote the show. >> reporter: when they asked the company representative why. >> just literally he says it's the gay thing. >> reporter: so eight lgbt youtubers filed suit against the company claiming as they show in this video. >> they flagged our pride. they did not allow us to buy ads. >> reporter: youtube standards for content are unfairly targeting lgbt creators. eric goldman says specific youtube bias can be bias that i process. it's not an attempt to reward one group over the other. it's an attempt to manage a complex database of content. >> reporter: those seeking class action status say the company is discriminating and costing them money. >> it was disheartening and
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confusing and ultimately angering that we were getting this treatment. >> reporter: i reached out to youtube. it responded with a comment saying it does not restrict videos based on sexual orientation or gender identity. back to you. >> thank you, scott. up next, are they on the eve of decision. the reason one of the defense attorneys in the ghost ship trial thinks the jury will be back with a verdict soon. plus, grave stones covered by grass and weeds. the volunteers who scramble to clean things up in the south bay. as hot as 104 degrees today and a very warm 87. we'll detail those temperatures for tomorrow and get you ready to go coming up in about eight minutes.
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tomorrow the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial will start its ninth day of deliberations and one defse attorney thinks the jury is courthouse with a last minute nbc bay area is at the request made by the jury that is very reporter: that's right. yesterday the jury told the court that they wanted to hear everything that the defendant said on the stand and today it looks like the jury realized we don't need to hear all four days of his testimony.
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defense attorneys tell us that the jury is still debating whether they want to hear select portions of testimony or whether they need to hear any of it to make up their minds. during his cross-examination he was sometimes combative saying he disagreed with the wording of his questions. he said he took moral responsibility for the tragedy that killed 36 people, but he also shifted the blame to the warehouse landlords. the attorney predicts a verdict could come down very soon. >> the jury is on the eve of a decision. could come back tomorrow because i think this coulde that they'r considering. >> what does the jury's last minute reversal indicate? what are telling you? >> reporter: again, no one really knows what's going on in that room but those 12 members
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of the jury exhib, but perhaps jury might have all the information they need in front of them to make a decision. the defense attorney said he started out the day feeling pretty optimistic and now he's feeling guarded. we know the jury will be back to deliberate tomorrow morning. >> we don't know until they come back. thank you. an early morning shooting sends three people to the hospital and tonight deputies are searching for the suspect. detectives were called out this morning. encshot. okay. right now it is not clear what all three vict led up to that shooting. detectives have not released description. students return to school today after the garlic festival shooting. there was stepped up security
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there. two officers rotate among 15 campuses, but this week one officer will be at each location and will patrol the other 13 campuses. this is done as a precaution. no one has threatened any of the schools. >> i'm trying not to associate it. if you ask me, it's not the easy thing. you try to not associate it, but it's hard. >> i know gilroy has been a strong community. i pray for them to have a good school year and hopefully things will get better. >> the district is providing counseling services at some schools. the superintendent says about a 0 500 people have taken advantage of that so far. transit lanes are out of the city and citizens are city. the city plans to paint red
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lanes on the boulevard by 2021. it's an experimented responsesp by the federal government. brothers who own a shell station worry that the red lanes will deter people from coming to the business. they found the city wasn't properly following federal rules for collecting data before the lanes got painted. >> it may be that they're going to put in the red lanes, which is fine exhib, but we want the collected to actually justify the red paint is actually going to speed up buses. >> there was a misunderstanding with the feds and they went back and collected the necessary information. the city expects those red lanes to be added when the project nears completion in 2021. cleanup is under way at a south bay grworkers cleared grass and wee at a cemetery on winchester.
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volunteers trimmed away the grass. we showed you this story on sunday. family members were outraged to see the conditions at cemetery. the city says two part time workers maintain the grounds, but it's tougher to do now because they no longer can use round up, which is at the center of numerous lawsuits for causing cancer. you have your work cut out for you today really monitoring temperatures and the air quality as well. >> extremely busy. the temperatures aren't dropping a lot right now. it is uncomfortable outside. we hear you, especially if you don't have air conditioning. you'll see as we look outside right now in the east bay. we have mostly clear skies, a little bit hazy from that air quality off in the distance, but otherwise it's all about the heat. a high of 104 in concord. right now we're down to 103.
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not much relief as we just mentioned. 80s here at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. we're pressing to get down into the 80s. it could be the 90s until at least 8:00 because of how slowly things are dropping off and we'll have 70s in here later tonight and early tomorrow morning. let's focus on the temperatures throughout the bay area. it's still going to be uncomfortable. 9:00 p.m. tonight we are at 80 and 75 in san jose and 75 napa. your house is going to have a hard time cooling off without air conditioning. you head out the door at t up 9:00 a.m. we are back into the mid and upper 70s, possibly as warm as 81. you're at 76 in concord. through the afternoon that heat is continually with us. no big break tomorrow in the forecast. i have you at 104 concord.
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102 in napa. san francisco in the 80s. coming up in ten minutes we'll look at the weather changes moving our way. that will eventually bring us cooler weather this weekend. here is the good news. if you want to be part of our clear the shelters event on saturday, we will see a drop in walnut creek, mid 80s. this is one of the locations i'll be at. if you want to find a new furry friend at home, you can head to clear the shelters on saturday and get reduced minutes. >> thank you. we will see you on saturday. up next, monitoring your chats. facebook getting caught in a lie about which conversations its looking over.
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facebook under scrutiny for it's handling of audio chats.
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facebook has admitted to listening to chats on the messenger apps. they heard personal and vulgar conversations. facebook was asked if they use audio to gather information about users. >> let me be clear on this. you're talking about this conspiracy theory that gets passed around that we listen to what's going on and use that for ads. >> right. >> we don't do that. >> facebook did say that their transcriptions were used to test the use of artificial intelligence and as of a week ago the practiced stopped. they add that the only people impacted were the ones who chose to trihit buttons. recognition has been the subject of controversy for use by law enforcement agencies, but
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amazon says the tool is used by law enforcement to help people victims of a crime. up next at 6:30, are we in for a recession? the key indicator making investors nervous and why the white house says no need to panic. meet terry mcsweeney and friends. we have puppies. i'll tell you how you'll help us clear the shelters this weekend and you can adopt your forever baby. details coming up.
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right now at 6:30, we continue our weather alert coverage. we are still feeling the heat tonight as we have been all day. >> are we? we are joined now. jeff, that heat is just sticking literally sticking around for a bit. >> it's hard. you open up that door. you can feel that heat coming in. if you're lucky enough to have ac, you run back inside because it feels so much better. along with hot temperatures, we have poor air quality as temperatures begin to heat up. it cooks the pollution in the atmosphere. we're looking at the worst quality in the east bay. you might have to exposure if you have respiratory problems. we've seen it drop a few dr degrees. we are still 99 in morgan hill. oakland at 81. we are going to have more heat
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on the way through tomorrow. heat advisory continues into thursday for the north and south bay as this area of high pressure is basically sitting right on top of us. the good news once we hit this weekend, we do have a cooler system that's going to drop down from the north and we'll talk more about that major weekend cooling coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> thanks. sweaty first day, those triple digits welcome south bay students back to school and that heat forcing some schools to make some changes. nbc bay area is live in gilroy with the impact. the outdoor sports, you can't have it wh ht'. >> reporter: absolutely right. it was 103 degrees here this afternoon in gilroy, which is one reason why the superintendent asked that the high school football team head indoors to practice and not be out on the hot field. on his first day of first grade
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in gilroy, he learned the impacts of heat on the body. >> it made me sweaty and it made me tired. >> reporter: triple digits today forced changes. here in gilroy a teacher was moved from a classroom without air conditioning to one that had ac to keep students comfortable. gilroy school district superintendent says she also reached out to all the principals this morning. >> as the temperature rises and gets closer to 100, we have students stay indoors so they don't go outdoors. they exercise in the gym for recess or they stay in their classrooms. >> reporter: this is the first day of school for nearly 30,000 students in the san jose unified school district. many headed to the shade for relief as principals and teachers kept a close eye on students. >> letting the kids know if you feel overheated, if you feel h.
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the health office can monitor them. >> reporter: the superintendent asked coaches to cancel plans for athletes to practice outside because of the triple digit temperatures. >> they'll probably be in the gym doing those drills where it's air conditioned. we make sure they're hydrated. >> reporter: we also just learned that a popular skate board park in campbell was closed today because of the excessive heat. reporting live in gilroy, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have some developing news in philadelphia where six officers were shot and the suspect is still holed up in a house. this apparently started with a narcotics officer serving a warrant. police say they are negotiating with the suspect to try to get him out of that house. six officers taken to a hospital. their conditions not known. we'll bring you updates. tonight president trump and vice president pence are tweeting in response to today's
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market drop. the president says unlike others our economy is strong. he blamed it on clueless jay powell, adding the u.s. is taking in billions from china. experts say the tariffs imposed on china are hurting consumers and businesses. also corporate tax collections have plunged under the tax cut plan. >> there's a lot of concern for example that the intent of the 2017 which was to have businesses continue to invest more in themselves is not panning out. >> others worry about the rising federal debt now more than $22 trillion. that's the in history. operations back to normal in hong kong's airport, protests grounded planes and cancelled flights on monday and tuesday. some demonstrators are still at the airport, but most have drifted to another area 20 minutes away.
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police launched tear gas. they've regrouped setting fires on the streets. the clashes are costing the region and airlines money. travelers tell us business class on hong kong bound planes nearly empty. doctors are sounding the alarm after vape scares. most of the cases are teenagers and young adults. the doctor treated four teen-age patients, some of them vaping for years and others for months. >> they have progressed to have significant difficulty with breathing and increasing lung t. they've ended up needing our intensive care unit. >> the cdc estimated 3 1/2 million high school and middle school students vape. experts say they have learned concerning. a monumental day for thousands of people in the bay
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area. >> congratulations, you're all now u.s. citizens. >> that's right. nearly 3,000 new u.s. citizens raised their hands and swore to protect the u.s. they were welcomed by the congressman. ceremonies took place. new citizens came to america from more than 90 different nations and there was a message from president trump that elicited booing. finding homes for dogs and cats this week. >> 90 local t find the perfect animals. nbc bay area is live at the vall valley humane society. >> reporter: you're not going to believe this. look at this little face.
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this is terry mcsweeney and his little brother and sister. i've been sitting here because they got comfortable. once puppies get comfortable, you don't move. you let them do their thing. he's the most outgoing one, but these two have gotten comfortable. there he goes. i've also got jessica right here next to me. i want to tell you they've been getting along fine. she's been doing great with the puppies. i have melanie here who is the executive director. these puppies are 9 months old and puppies tend to go fast. looktantfor the older dogs and special needs dogs that need a forever home. tell me about that. >> yeah. we have obviously the puppies,a you get into an older dog, there's so many benefits to adopting a dog that's a little bit older. they're usually potty trained. we know their personality. >> potty training is a big deal.
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you were telling me that jessica here has some allergies, right? >> she does. jessica needs a loving home that's active. she loves to go for walks, but she does have environmental aller allergies. it's going to take a little tender loving care to take care of her. >> during these big events we like to push the fact adopt, don't shop. tell us why that's important? >> there's so many animals that are awesome that need new homes and i think many people believe if they go in and adopt that they're adopting a problem. there's a reason they're not in a home. that's not true. most of the dogs that jessica. jessica got a bath. she had a blowout before she came on air. all right. remember, the event is this saturday here. the doors open bright and early. the adoption fees are waved so we hope you join us. i'll leave you with a cute shot
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of that. she's going to go off. back to you in the studio. >> stop moving around so much. >> she's leaving anyway. >> look at him. >> so cute. >> you're a wandering dog. >> what a handsome dog. >> go ahead. >> it's true, i have my own rescue. he looks like this little guy when i first got him. very true. potty training is a breeze. it took three months. >> thank you. everyone wants their own terry mcsweeney. i don't see why a little allergies should keep you from getting jessica. >> yes. >> thank you. clear the shelters is saturday. they will wave or reduce adoption fees. check it out. you can come and see us. we'll be at the arf in walnut
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creek. we want to see you come over there and visit us. i hope somebody takes poor jessica home. >> i bet you someone does. >> she has a blowout. extra officers on trains. where bart is getting the money for these beefed up patrols.
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it turns out an officer was hit during the rush hour traffic. sky ranger flew over the crash this morning. the driver cut across two lanes and sideswiped the officer knocking him off his bike. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the driver is cooperating with police. expect to see more police officers on bart. the federal government has given the agency a grant of nearly $2 billion for security measures. bart, which is understaffed, will use the money to hire 19 new officers. they will continue with cap team, which assigned to patrol
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trains and detour crime. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. the temperatures don't seem to be dropping fast enough. it's still hot at this time. >> we've only gone two to four degrees for a lot of spots. it's just hard to find any kind of relief out there right now. you can see here it's hazy. that is the unhealthy air we're tracking with a hot 100 in livermore. we'll talk more about the heat tomorrow and suort our schools.
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classes are starting and thanks to viewers like you thousands of kids are sporting new backpacks and school supplies. >> we're talking about kids who might not have gotten their gear, certainly not a nice new backpack. we have an update on our backpack drive. how are we doing?
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>> i am happy to say if i'm going to play teacher here everyone gets an "a." our viewers have earned a 100%. we are within striking distance of our goal, 5,000 backpacks for students. >> it's amazing. >> we've witnessed an entire summer of giving. >> what we're trying to do here today is encourage people to donate. >> reporter: we've attended multiple events where donors have filled backpacks. >> it felt good. >> reporter: we walked the warehouse where donations stacked up and principals picked up. >> oh my goodness. i looked in here and said all of these are for us? that's amazing. the kids are going to be happy. >> reporter: we stood at the finish line on tuesday. >> which one do you want? >> reporter: students chose their new book bag. this is washington elementary, specifically the cafeteria. >> we transformed this.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: the principal says 93% of her students come from families with lower incomes so this support from the community is energizing. >> you can see their smiles and curiosity, but you see the support that they know they get. >> reporter: that yields success. >> it translates into the classroom. >> reporter: as they pondered their choices, we came across a grateful trio. they know where they're headed as grown ups. >> we want to be a scuba diver, police officer, firefighter. >> reporter: they're thankful you are helping them get there. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, because we all appreciate what they gave us. >> there is still time to give a student a backpack. you can help us reach our goal of 5,000 backpacks and the goal
6:47 pm
of 41,000 donated backpacks. go to our website. you can build a virtual backpack and pick out which one you want or make a cash donation. >> i like building a backpack. >> everybody gets the same thing so there's no envy, but they can trade. >> nicely done. don't think about bringing it with us, the faa is banning certain laptops from airplanes. apple recalled some older models of the mac book pro a couple of months ago. >> i have one of those. >> don't take it on the plane. >> i see that. >> the reason for that, overheating batteries. ltop into their carry onyour check in. they said the batteries are a fire hazard. this ban is not singling out mac book pros. any tech not allowed on planes.
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if . >> i'll have to check the batteries. all right. so you know it's hot when jeff is wearing his yellow tie. it's the sunshine tie. >> when did this start? >> yeah. >> you look like the sun. >> i can't limit it just to that because i like yellow. we are under a weather alert right now due to that hot weather moving across the bay area. when you see red on the gr graphics, that means we have weather that's going to be disruptive to you. i wanted to start off with heat related illness ands. we're in the middle of this heat event. if you have any of these symptoms, pay attention to them. dizziness or headache or tiredness, these are reasons if you have them together, to maybe seek medical help. to prevent you from getting here, i have some tips on what you can do to battle this heat
6:49 pm
and beat that heat tomorrow. stay hydrated with water. sugary drinks not a good idea. stay inside the ac of course. wear light colored clothing. bring a hat and spf 15 or higher is excellent. we're talking about this because we have more hot weather on the way for tomorrow. check out these temperatures. i have concord going up to 104. that's well above that average of 87 degrees. san francisco, another warm day for your standards as well up to 84. this means tomorrow morning we start off uncomfortably warm. look at this. 79 degrees. peninsula, 73. over to the south bay we're at 75, mostly clear skies and patchy fog near the coast. over to the north bay, 75 here and for the east bay 79 for those interior valleys and then in the bay we'll start off at
6:50 pm
69. things are going to heat up tomorrow. down here in the south bay, i have more 100s returning in east san jose and gilroy. it's the same for the east bay with hottest weather up to danville and back over to pittsburgh and concord at 106. not as bad near the bay, but still a warm day. for the peninsula, notice half moon bay up to 70 and redwood city 95 and san francisco more 80s. down to the mission in 80s. the north bay, 104 in clear lake. 102 in napa. in nevada we're at 101. we do have a change on the way. i know that's what all of you want to know, when are things going to switch up for us? what i'm seeing right now is once we hit saturday and sunday, a cooler system drops down from the north. that's going to help to shove this hot air away from us and
6:51 pm
the result i know you're going to like. san francisco we'll take it back to the 60s once we hit saturday and sunday and we warm up next week, but it doesn't look as hot. inland valleys, 104 on thursday and 80s returning back into the mix. we see it go up a little more into next week. right now it's not a heat wave so we'll focus on the weekend temperatures. i'm looking forward to that. i don't have ac at home so i hope that's a portable unit today. it has the hose connected to it so i feel your pain at home. >> thanks a lot. >> you've got it. after the giants win last night, can the as even the score this afternoon? highlights next. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote
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to search for some're t in. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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after a thrilling game last night between the as and giants, the two teams back at it this afternoon. you must be so happy. >> i was until the game was played. it's the finale of the series. some kids just don't listen to their moms. look at mom, she has the orange. anyway, as jumped all over the
6:55 pm
giants early. it was bad. inning. no doubt about it, the giants come back and score five times in the bottom things interestin. wow, three run homer. the giants had a shot at this game, but not for long. the as answered in the ninth inning. chapman with a solo shot. the as welcome the astros to town tomorrow. they take on the diamond backs. >> you buy an equally expensive beer, pay attention. a woman last night at the cincinnati game flipped. there goes the beer. a foul ball was hit straight back. the ball was stopped, but the beer went flying. everyone around here enjoyed a good laugh and she was left to dry off and order another. >> that could set you back $22. it's good she was in washington. beer is cheaper. some people are wondering
6:56 pm
who designed this bobblehead. it is the former quarterbackqua. his eyebrows are orange. there is one fan and his name is goff. he said that's a good looking o the shelters named after him. you can adopt him this saturday. >> jessica is available. back at 11:00. join us then.
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. ♪ now on "extra" -- "bachelorette" star tyler cameron and supermodel gigi hadid making it official. the first pictures of the rumored couple together in new york. is hannah in his rearview mirror? plus, tyler's new strip down. debra messing versus megan mullally. the rumors "will and grace" women war as both unfollow each other on social media. then weeks after the tragic death of disney star cameron boyce, his parents breaking their silence. passed? julianne hough's first interview since coming out as not straight. >> why notterri's at "agt"


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