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tv   Today  NBC  August 15, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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coming up from santa cruz. >> busy out there and busy in the newsroom. we're jumping on fak livcebook . >> and our show at 11:00. join us. breaking overnight, a dramatic end to that terrifying hours long standoff in philadelphia, six officers shot, the gunman overnight. >> coming up. >> a dramatic end to the long, terrifying standoff in philadelphia. six officers shot. the gunman holding hostages before surrendering to police after midnight. >> nothing short of a miracle that we don't have multiple officers killed today. just ahead, how it all ended. new overnight, a surprising report on jeffrey epstein's autopsy, the medical examiner finding he had broken bones, raising key questions about whether this was really suicide. emergency landing, the bird strike that forced that
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passenger plane to make a risky landing in the middle of a corn field. the split second decision by the pilot that saved hundreds of lives. all that, plus free fall. the markets post their worst drop all year as worries about a recession get real, and trump's trade war has no end in sight. on the same team. >> i think we passed -- >> craig's there as jay-z and nfl commissioner roger goodell make their first joint appearance. and modern family, two male penguins and the adorable adoption story making headlines all around the world, thursday, august 15th, 2019. news this >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, good morning, welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. nice to have you with us, real overnight developments in that terrifying situation in
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philadelphia. it's ended. there's been a surrender of the gunman who opened fire on police in philly ending a tense standoff and a hostage situation that gripped the city for hours and terrified a neighborhood there. nbc's ron allen is there for us. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. an incredible scene here. for many, many hours a neighborhood on lockdown, an army of police, bullets flying as they exchanged fire with a suspect barricaded in a building down behind. it all started when officers tried to serve an arrest warrant and they were met by a hail of gunfire, six officers wounded, two trapped inside a building desperately trying to escape. >> shots fired coming from the second floor. >> reporter: overnight a terrifying standoff playing out in this philadelphia neighborhood. >> shots fired, shots fired at police. >> reporter: radio traffic frantic and officers desperately calling for backup, pleading for everything you've got. >> give me s.w.a.t. asap, long
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guns, asap. >> reporter: hundreds of police and s.w.a.t. teams, converging on this house, taking cover as the suspect barricaded in this building fired round after round. home security video across the street appears to show officers entering the building. later in the video, gunfire. shortly after, an officer crawling out the front door. >> officers fired. i got officers shot at this location. >> reporter: at least six officers were wounded, many of them hit while attempting to serve a warrant to the suspect identified overnight by his lawyer as maurice hill. all said to have nonlife threatening injuries. >> shooter fired multiple rounds. officers returned fire, many had to escape through open windows and doors. >> reporter: somehow two officers got trapped inside along with three uneye fayed hostages. a s.w.a.t. team rushing in to rescue them.
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>> it's nothing short of a miracle we don't have multiple officers killed today. >> reporter: the firefight and effort to free them stretched for hours. hill's lawyer telling nbc news the suspect called him desperate for a way out. >> it did come to a point where it's like, listen, man, we're going to go into the house, if he doesn't come out by a certain time we're going in, and then, you know, god only knows what will happen. >> reporter: terrified residents watched with horror. >> over 100 shots, rounds and rounds. gun powder smell, terrible. >> reporter: philadelphia is amazed they were able to hold off the fire for so long. >> they need help keeping these guns out of people's hands. >> reporter: more than seven hours after the first shots rang out, it ended, the gunman surrendering to police. the suspect is likely to face many charges, including six counts of attempted murder for shooting and wounding those police officers. officials say he has a very long
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criminal history. >> it seems like from what we just saw, ron, the suspect's own lawyer played a big role getting him to surrender. what more do you know about that? >> the lawyer said the suspect called him and said hey, i'm the guy on tv. come and help. he was in a panic. the lawyer came down here police gave him a bulletproof vest and escorted him at the scene where he talked to the suspect through a bull horn and microphone. basically saying the police were running out of time and running out of patience and he should surrender, and that's what he did. >> wow, incredible scene there, ron. thank you very much. also we have new information on accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein, the investigation into how it happened. that investigation is now expanding. nbc's stephanie gosk was on it from the very beginning. she joins us with the latest twist in a strange and bizarre case. >> each day seems like a new one, guys. good morning. a source close to the case told
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nbc news an unidentified man claimed jeffrey epstein's body from the new york city medical examiner. we're also learning hoar about what was discovered ats a autopsy. this as the investigation into his apparent suicide zeros in on what happened inside that jail in the weeks and moments before he died. a federal judge wants explanation. this morning new details about the death of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein who died by apparent suicide last weekend. an autopsy revealing that epstein sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones. two people familiar with the findings told "the washington post." among the bones broken in epstein's neck was the hyoid bone. near the adam's apple. nbc news has not verified the information. the president of the association of medical examiners told the post if that bone is broken that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not
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exclude suicidal hanging. nbc's dr. john torres adding it can happen during strangulation and hanging but occurs more often in strangulations. studies showed it occurred about one-third of the time in strangulations and 25% in hangings. meanwhile, a source close to the case is confirming the federal judge in charge of epstein's prosecution says epstein's earlier apparent suicide attempt has never been definitively explained and wants more information. according to a letter from the prison warden obtained by nbc news. >> i realize what i am. i'm very comfortable in my own skin. >> reporter: also this morning we're hearing from the fencier on his caribbean island with a newly released audio interview before 2003 sex allegations surfaced. >> on my own island or on my own
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ranch, i can think the thoughts i want to think. i can do the work i want to do. and do what i see fit. >> did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> yeah, no, he raped me, forcefully raped me. >> reporter: a month after speaking exclusively to "today," jennifer araoz is suing jeffrey epstein's associate ghislaine maxwell. maxwell denied allegations she helped epstein creating what prosecutors described as a sex trafficking ring of underage girls. rose writing in a new york times op-ed standing up to the entrenched network of power and wealth that surrounded epstein is scary but i am no longer afraid. >> she's in this for the long haul. she's committed to seeing justice being done, not just for herself but for all the other victims of mr. epstein and the victims of the enablers. >> steph, jennifer araoz isn't
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the only one, right? >> there is another one. follow me on this. it gets somewhat complicated. an uneye fayed plaintiff is filing a suit against the company that owns epstein's mansion here in new york city. she says she was abused in 2001 and she said people connected to that company should have known more about what was going on at that mansion and should have done more to stop it. >> legal strategy. thank you, stephanie. more breaking news overnight, a bird strike forced a passenger plane to make an emergency landing. it happened near moscow and the whole thing was caught on camera. kelly cobiella joins us. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was terrifying for those on in packed plane. families on board and children as well got into trouble almost immediately. one passenger said it began to shake just five seconds after takeoff and he could smell something burning.
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a miracle over moscow. euro airlines flight 178 had just taken off when a flock of sea gulls struck both engines, severely damaging them. a passenger sitting next to the engine taking this video of the moment of the strike, a bird seen here and then the thud of the impact. the pilots reacting quickly, just half a mile from takeoff they shut down what was left of the engines, and found the closest landing spot available, a corn field just beyond the runway. without time to even lower the wheels the pilots skidded the plane to a safe landing in the field. screams from the cabin, but only 23 reported injuries among the 234 people on board. on the ground a surreal scene, the plane dwarfed by corn stocks, the passengers dazed. but overcome with relief. this passenger says some people were running barefoot through the field to get away from the plane but that everyone helped
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each other safely evacuate. today the pilots are being lauded as heroes. the landing was good, says this injured woman. the pilots did a great job. everything is all right. in addition to that bird strike one of the engines reportedly caught fire but the flames did not, thankfully, spread to that cabin. nine of the injured were children but we understand all but one of the people hospitalized have been released this morning and the kremlin says it will give state awards to the hero pilots. savannah, craig? >> well deserved, kelly, thank you. now to some troubling new signs for your money. this morning nerves are frayed on wall street in the wake of the dow's first day of the year, a loss of 800 points. the markets shaken by fears of worldwide economic trouble. we're going to talk about the situation with jim cramer in a moment but first nbc's peter alexander joins us with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good
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morning to you, this morning president trump is arguing that the economy remains strong, despite new concerns that it is actually weakening. and a loud signal that a recession could be on the horizon. fresh off that market meltdown with stocks plunging in one of their worst days all year fears of a recession are rising. the major stock selloff following a sounding of the alarms on wall street. the flashing red warning sign, a key economic indicator that's preceded every recession since 1956. it's called a yield curve inversion. here's what that means. when the economy is strong you can expect to be paid more for long-term treasury bond investments than for short-term investments. but on wednesday that flipped with short-term treasury bonds paying more than longer term ones, warning that investors are losing confidence in the economy. it comes amid signs of a global slowdown and growing fears about president trump's trade war with china. even after the president delayed
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imposing a new round of tariffs until mid-december. acknowledging they could hurt american consumers. >> we're doing this for christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on u.s. consumers. so far there has been none. >> reporter: the president blaming jerome powell for not cutting interest rates more aggressively. tweeting we should easily be reaping big rewards and gains but the fed is holding us back. we will win. tonight president trump will hold another campaign rally, this one in manchester, new hampshire, a state boasting one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. this latest indicator warns a recession could be more than a year out but if it happens it would be the first to hit the u.s. since 2007. savannah? >> peter, thank you.
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we want to bring in jim cramer, the host of cnbc "mad money." the stock market seems to have stabilized somewhat. what is your read? . >> i think we got new information that says inflation is not deaf anily the key, from walmart, and i like that. >> with the various drops this year in all of the significant inch dexes, how significant is that? >> i think it's a reaction to the bond market. the bond market is twice as size as the stock market. when the bond market is erratic and the rates go down too fast, it scares people and says things are uncertain. i think the commentary is a little misplaced i hear down here. people will say boom or recession, savannah, we will probably be in between. nobody wants to say in between. people bounce to extremes.
7:15 am
i'm not an extremist, if i thought we were going to have a big slowdown or recession, i would shout it from the rooftops. i see some trading, and federal reserve does what president trump says and they should, we won't be talking about an recession. so maybe things will be better. rates are low. people are buying houses. so it doesn't need to be as nearly as negative as some people are crafting it. >> and the trade war seems to have no end in sight. if there's no exit strategy, that's got to have a drag on the economy. >> it will be. i know that's not what president trump is saying, especially the leaders. i had the president of cisco, one of the largest companies in the world, tell me look, things are slowing and july was bad. and china is terrible. china is a giant country. we would love to say you know what, we don't care about china. i think the president should
7:16 am
recognize we have to care even if we don't want to because it is a big market for us. obviously, we're a bigger market for them. but we need some resolution or some sort of truce where they can be behind the scenes nontweeting work try to come to some sort of satisfactory compromise. >> i have about 30 seconds. the federal reserve is the third big player here. it has boosted the economy with lower rates but the economy thought it should be lowered more than it was. what is in play here? what should they do? >> powell feels good and jay may come out and say numbers are good but we stand ready to make if anything turns, we will prevent a recession. if he did that, people might say why didn't i do buying? the problem is he won't do it. he should listen. >> he should listen to jim cramer, right? >> dumber people listen! >> thank you very much on the
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new york stock exchange, 7:16 on the west coast. the latest on the markets, of course, on "mad money" on cnbc. the field of democrats getting a bit smaller. former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expecting to announce he's dropping out of the race. hickenlooper struggled with fund-raising and developing a message that grabbed attention. democrats, many nationally, encouraged him to run for the senate against republican incumbent cory gardner. let's get to the weather. look who's back in town from greenland. >> hi, good morning, guys. thank you for getting your first national weather from us. you can see we don't have a lot going on. heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through the plains. damaging winds. can't rule out a tornado or two and heavy rains upwards of three to five inches smack dab in the middle of the mississippi river
7:18 am
valley. stretching from north central california down to the southwest, temperatures will be tarti starting to decline. the heat in the southwest, some pliss seeing record heat. 100 in sacramento, 116 in tucson, phoenix 113. fridays still more of th ie good thursday morning.
7:19 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're still under a microclimate weather alert as we get ready for another extremely hot day. san francisco starting out with some hazy skies and temperatures that will continue to warm up throughout the day, reaching into the mid-80s. now, our forecast shows that we'll see a high of 84 there, 99 in san jose, up to 106 in antioch today. and tomorrow we're still very hot, but we do have some relief in our forecast coming this weekend. valley temperatures on sunday reaching up to 85. that's your . >> that's your latest weather. >> good to have yo that's today's weather. >> good to have you back, we missed you. >> thank you >> it's fascinating, this is as one scientist called it, greenland is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change we got to see first hand how the ice sheet in greenland and glaciers are melting the question is, can they come back so we're going to bring you all of that coming up in september as we look at what's going on.
7:20 am
>> looking forward to those reports. >> yes thank you. we did miss you. coming up -- jay-z defending his surprising partnership with the nfl. what he and commissioner roger goodell said yesterday and the questions about colin kaepernick that are looming over the deal and an alert for summer vacations after a tragic
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oh, how about some smucker's natural? yess. first ingredient, real strawberries. and that's how you make a sandwich. (wind blowing) mommy's home! hey honey, i didn't even see you come in! ♪ ♪ good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area issuing a microclimate weather alert as triple digits are expected from contra costa county to the tri-valleys as well as the south bay. due to the heat, we're under another spare the air alert. we've been all asked to downgrade our carbon emissions any way we can because that air will be dangerous for many of us. kari hall has been tracking the forecast for us. and kari, these triple digits not giving up at all today. >> not today, but we will see some relief in the forecast. today a lot of kids are heading back to school in santa clara valley, and we are going to still have those very warm temperatures. and looking at our high in san
7:27 am
jose, up to 99 degrees. 106 in antioch today. and up to 105 in ukiah, while san francisco reaches the mid-80s. our break comes this weekend. we just have to make it through the next couple of days with our very hot weather. we'll be up to 85 for some of our warmer spots on sunday and next week it does start to warm up a few more degrees, so we need to enjoy this weekend while san francisco also catches a break. we'll see some highs in the upper 60s there for saturday and sunday. i'll keep an eye on that. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> kari, overall, things are moving pretty well. the south bay just has continued problems, though, including this traffic alert which, i'm sorry to report, chp has updated the classification suddenly to a deadly crash. so we're checking up on the details here. but westbound 237 is still jammed at matilda avenue. this crash involving a motorcycle. and has jammed traffic up south of an jose to this point in sunnyvale.
7:28 am
101 is an option and a much better one through the south bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
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it is 7:30 on this thursday morning, august 15th, 2019. giving a little extra camera time and love to our friends down on the plaza. we'll head outside and say hello in person in just a bit. headlines of the morning, breaking overnight, a gunman accused of shooting and wounding six police officers in philadelphia is in police custody this morning. it all started yesterday afternoon. officers were serving a narcotic warrant when gunfire erupted. the suspect barricaded himself inside a home and two officers were trapped upstairs for hours before they were safely freed. in all, six officers were shot. but they've been released now from area hospitals. the standoff ended when the
7:31 am
suspect identified by his lawyer as maurice hill surrendered to police. president trump is suggesting that trade talks with china can wait until tensions in hong kong have eased. the president tweeting of course china wants to make a deal. let them work humanely with hong kong first. he also praised the president xi jinping calling him a great leader. saying he would quickly resolve things if he wanted to. stocks dropped because of uncertainty with the trade standoff with beijing. a thief breaking into a vending machine, the black mask, it's a raccoon, on the wrong side of the glass, a sheriff's deputy and animal control officer and an employee of the high school were able to free the critter who then scampered off, no idea whether he got away with anything good there. >> reportedly also annoyed his candy bar got stuck. >> it's frustrating.
7:32 am
the new megadeal between the nfl and jay-z. >> i was there, they made it official in new york, the partnership will include music, entertainment and social justice issues, the announcement coming exactly three years after colin kaepernick's first national anthem protest and this morning kaepernick is speaking out as well. this morning jay-z making headlines for his new partnership with the nfl. and his comments about the protests that sparked the relationship. opening up about their new venture in this video provided by the league. >> i think we passed kneeling, i think it's time to go into actionable items. >> reporter: the rapper and businessman has been a long-time supporter of kaepernick, the quarterback who started a movement by taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. >> everybody know i agree with what you're saying so what are we going to do?
7:33 am
you know what i'm saying? so we should -- millions and millions of people, and all we get stuck on colin not having a job. >> reporter: jay-z told us he'd spoken to kaepernick recently but wouldn't reveal what they talked about. hours after kaepernick tweeted out a message that said i continue to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation despite those trying to erase the movement. jay-z sees this as a chance to build on the movement. >> if protesting on the field is the most effective way, then protest on the field. but if you have a vehicle that can inspire change where you can speak to the masses and educate at the same time, as well, tell people what's going on so people are not controlling your narrative. >> reporter: the nfl and the hip hop icon are now playing on the same team. his entertainment company rock nation will help produce the super bowl halftime show, and other concerts and events throughout the season. it will also release what they're calling songs of the season, with different artists,
7:34 am
proceeds from those songs will be donated to various causes and charities. it comes just a year after jay-z turned down a chance to perform at the super bowl, using his music to take a shot at the league. >> i said no to the super bowl. you need me, i don't need you. >> the nfl needed you, you don't need the nfl. what changed? >> only way we're going to move forward is through conversation. and i guess my speaking out brought about a conversation which brought a conversation that led to a partnership. >> reporter: what does social change look like to you? >> we spent a lot of time talking about our initiative that our players really created and that we support our players with, in trying to -- what we use the term inspire change. and to work with them on criminal justice education, better relationships with law enforcement in the communities. >> reporter: what does that look like for you specifically? >> looks like people respecting each other. >> jay-z went on to reveal when he passed on the super bowl it
7:35 am
was not because of -- he was in solidarity with those who were protesting on the field. he did not, according to him yesterday he didn't like the selection process. he went on to say that. we also should point out we do not know the financial details of the arrangement between rocnation and the nfl but it was a fascinating conversation, jay-z essentially saying this is an extension of the on field protests. he sees this as -- >> this is what's next. >> he sees this as an attempt to try and fix things from the inside. >> very interesting to see kaepernick's response and we'll see where it goes from here. now we move to the power and the uncertainty of mother nature on the very same day a teenager was killed by falling rocks at one of the country's national parks and a cliff collapsed near a group of kayakers was caught on camera, nbc's steve patterson has the story. >> reporter: renowned for its stunning beauty the famous going to the run soroad snakes throug the rocky mountains, spanning the entire width of montana's
7:36 am
massive glacial national park. it served as a tragic remind about the inherent danger of nature. >> rock fell on a car causing facial trauma. >> reporter: monday a 14-year-old girl was killed when rocks rained down on her family's vehicle, piercing the back shield, crushing the teen and injuring her parents. it was enough debris to fill the bed of a pickup truck. pat cummings was three cars behind. she could still hear the mother's pleas for help. >> it was the screams, you knew someone was hurt. i had no idea it was a child. >> reporter: first responders attempt today air lift the girl but her condition was too unstable following what officials are calling a freak accident. that fatal incident came the same day as another rock fall, that one in northern michigan. drone video captured kayakers narrowly avoiding being crushed when a large section of the flif suddenly collapsed while they
7:37 am
toured the scenic pictured rocks. >> the sound of it coming off the cliffs was just incredible. >> reporter: the tour group managed to escape without a single injury but couldn't believe what they saw. >> each rock that hit the water sounded like a huge fire work going off. and then when the huge piece broke off it covered all of us in dirt, and some rocks. >> reporter: park officials warning there's little anyone can do to avoid the destructive power of mother nature. for "today," steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. >> sad story. astonishing to see that cliff just kind of out of nowhere collapse. >> to be right under it must have been just terrifying. we're talking about some heat. >> yes, we are indeed. it has been a rather warm july into august. and, in fact, you take you take a look at the highs some cities are seeing their hottest day of the year. in houston, 103 degrees.
7:38 am
they've had seven days above 100. atlanta had its first 100 degree-day there >> thank you for adjusting my jacket had things riding up >> we have high heat indexed it will feel like 106. jackson 103 as well. on friday, the heat continues from oklahoma city to melbourne. over 100 next week, everybody is feeling the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're dealing with extreme heat as well, with our south bay high temperature reaching up to 100 degrees, san jose 99, antioch 106 today. napa 102, and oakland today 88
7:39 am
degrees. mid-80s in san francisco, but get ready for a cooldown that happens this weekend. after another couple days of extreme temperatures, we're coming back to more normal for saturday and sunday and then heat up again for the middle of next week. >> that is your latest weather >> thank you still ahead, an inside look at a touching tribute at one of hollywood's most beloved stars as his widow shares the story of his childhood. >> and the soccer world fights for equal pay. >> and lebron giving candy to 9 any juri any injuried player talking about fatherhood >> and the same sex penguin couple on their way to parent hood xed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad.
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mommy's home! ♪ ♪ >> we are back with the story of two male penguins attracting a lot of attention >> bound to become parents together after taking in an abandoned egg. >> their names are ping and skip they came berlin from another zoo. they were already a couple and started acting like they wanted to have a family the next chapter in a penguin
7:45 am
love story that bulge under skip is the sign of a baby bump. keepers know this much they are both male both a couple and they've been given an egg the pair was so eagle they tried to hatch rocks or even a fish. >> the zoo keepers placed the egg in front of them and they took it and balanced it like what they are supposed to do same sex penguin couples have been observed in the wild for at least 100 years. the famous english penguins, they were given a foster chick
7:46 am
last month these aussie dads have nurtured the baby into a thriving team. >> researchers have seen same sex partnerships we've seen if with b mounting gorillas and other species they have been watching their egg taking turns >> we think we are going to be great parents and crossing our fingers for cute little rainbow penguins >> one hitch, this gg, staffer aren't sure if the egg has been fertilized they will warm itand in a couple of weeks, they'll be hatching a chick in early september. stay tuned
7:47 am
>> we are officially on penguin watch. >> just ahead, the developments on the push for equal pay. we'll talk to star megan rapinoe and kristin more after this. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry in and lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now.
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7:52 am
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good thursday morning. our microclimate weather alert continues with another day of extreme heat for the bay area. we're also dealing with some poor air quality, unhealthy in the santa clara valley as well as the inland east bay. we are seeing some hazy conditions as the sun comes up, as our temperatures start to warm up. we'll hit 99 degrees in downtown san jose. livermore, expect a high of 104, also 104 in concord today. oakland will see a high of 88 degrees and 99 today in santa rosa. we are going to still have one more really hot day but then see our temperatures coming down for the weekend with some mid to upper 80s. next week it warms up a few more degrees by the middle of the week. san francisco today, we're looking at a high of 84 and then some upper 60s as the cooler air and some fog returns for saturday and sunday. and then we'll also see some more mild temperatures into the
7:57 am
start of next week. how are the roads moving now, mike? overall, pretty predictable for a thursday, kari, as we ease back into school. this time, cupertino and santa clara unified. things are moving smoother out of santa clara for west 237, and earlier matilda, that deadly motorcycle crash has cleared and we're still tracking details in our newsroom. meanwhile, the rest of the bay is a smooth flow of traffic. fire crews are no longer at the scene of a big brush fire in east contra costa county. this is what it looked like last night just outside of brentwood, that fire near vasco road and marsh creek spread about 20 acres. it started around 9:30 last night and crews cleared that scene early this morning. we still don't know how it started. a major milestone reached in gilroy. money pouring in at a staggering rate for the victims. the total amount past $1 million. of course, we'll have more news for you at, and we're always on, on social
7:58 am
media. i'm marcus washington. we'll have more local news for you coming up in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up in custody. >> 8:00 on today coming up, in custody. the gunman accused of shooting six philadelphia officers surrenders after hours long stand off. >> give me swat asap >> what we've learned about the suspect. >> no deal weeks after plus, no deal after the epic world cup win. talks break down over u.s. women's soccer fight for equal pay. >> the tv ratings are there, the revenue is there, the support is there.
8:01 am
what more do you want from us? and remembering patrick swayze >> looking for any way to make a mark. >> ten years after his death. >> he charmed everyone, find a way in and make you fall in love with him. >> as soon as we started dancing it was just like -- >> we'll hear from those who knew him best. august 15th, 2019. here for mom's 50th. >> hello, west palm beach, florida. >> birthday trip with my mom. >> the "today" show. >> three years ago we got heard -- married on "today"! >> oh, that's great. happy an verniversary then
8:02 am
good morning, everybody, welcome back on a busy thursday morning. >> can't wait do get outside and join that crowd. you could also be a part of that crowd. virtually as well. record a shout out like our friends did a moment ago share it at #mytodayplaza. the bottom of your screen there. get to the news at 8:00. begin with the shootout in philadelphia left six police officers wounded, started late yesterday afternoon. officers were serving a narcotics warrant when gunfire erupted. the suspect barricaded himself inside the home. two officers were trapped for hours before they were safely freed. six officers shot, had non-life threatening injuries and all released from area hospitals the suspect identified by his lawyer as maurice hill surrendered to police overnight. thousands gathered in el paso to remember victims of the mass shooting there earlier this month. mourners from both sides of the border packed a baseball stadium in honor of the 22 people killed in a walmart store there and
8:03 am
there were 22 stars, stars lined with luminaries spread across the field, nine circles represented the victims of a mass shooting in dayton, ohio. texas governor greg abbott said "we will conquer evil with goodness and compassion and love for one another". a warning about computer software that hundreds of millions of people use every day. microsoft says its windows 10 program has two critical vulnerabilities, it could spread viruses and malware. the company is urging users to update their operating system immediately. more than 800 million devices run windows 10, making it the world's most popular desktop system, other systems such as windows xp are not affected. christmas came early for a woman from buffalo who got a surprise from the uber driver who drove her to a job at a local restaurant. >> diane, i gave you an uber ride to work and we had a conversation earlier. >> yes, yes, we did.
8:04 am
>> and you said that you was waiting for christmas to get house shoes and some other stuff, right all right, so you don't got to wait until christmas, okay, so i bought you a dress. >> oh, my god. >> here's the dress. >> oh, thank you so much. >> because you said you needed something to wear to church. those are probably the people behind me. that's your dress so you can wear it to church and then here's a $50 visa gift card so you can take that and get your house shoes and your robe when it's time. okay >> thank you so much this is adorable. >> how lovely is that? diane says she takes care of her grand kids, doesn't have a lot of money left for others and was so grateful for that incredible act of kindness and that young lady is so impressive. when you hear something like that, the spirit moves you, go out and act on that kindness, it makes a difference. a celebration of a beloved
8:05 am
star. >> i feel like i still have a relationship with him. he's just on the other side. >> patrick swayze's widow remembers her husband and also reveals some hardships that shaped his life and career. but first, megan rapinoe and christen press from the u.s. women's soccer team, filling us in on their fight for equal pay. developments right after this. ge >> and the fight for equal pay i'm hungry. okay... let's see, ooh legumes. no? okay. (seal noise) oh, how about me smucker's natural? yess. first ingredient, real strawberries. and that's how you make a sandwich. (wind blowing) mommy's home! hey honey, i didn't even see you come in! ♪ ♪
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this morning on "today's" talker, the fight for equal pay, overnight mediation talks with the u.s. soccer federation broke down and the next step could be a showdown in federal court. in a moment we're going to talk about that with megan rapinoe and christen press with the team but first a look at how things got to this point. >> that's it. u.s. wins their fourth world cup. >> as the u.s. women's soccer team soaked in its record breaking world cup win in france last month the crowd amplified a message long pushed by the athletes. >> equal pay, equal pay, equal pay. >> in march 28 members of the u.s. women's soccer team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation, demanding the same salaries as the male players. the lawsuit claims in 2015 bonuses for the women were over $3.5 million less than what the men received the year before.
8:10 am
u.s. soccer disputing that saying last month the women's team actually earned more than the men. both sides agreed to enter arbitration, but overnight those negotiations broke down. a spokesperson for the players saying in a statement we must conclude these meetings sorely disappointed in the federation's determination to perpetuate discriminatory workplace conditions and behavior. they responded saying in part we value our players and have continually shown that by providing them with compensation and support that kpeds aexceeds other women's team in the world. the players plea for equal pay became a rallying cry at the world cup in frontance. over 14 million americans watched the women's final against the netherlands, 22% more than the 2018 men's world cup final. the american men did not even qualify for that tournament. as the women arrived back home
8:11 am
superstar forwardegan rapinoe did not mince words. >> the tv ratings are there, the revenue is there, the support is there, what more do you want from us? we've literally done every single thing, checked off every single box. >> and megan rapinoe and christen press join us now. hi, ladies, good morning. what happened? how did this break down? you guys were in this mediation with u.s. soccer, it was secret, behind closed doors, hoping to get to a resolution, you didn't and here we are, what happened? >> i mean, when they're ready to have a serious conversation about equal pay, i think the conversations will go better. we didn't feel like they were there or willing to get there. >> is there a particular sticking point? i mean, you know, it can get complicated once you get it down into the weeds. is there something in particular that's holding up this negotiation? >> i think, unfortunately, it was just the concept of paying us equally. we never even got past that. we were very hopeful in our
8:12 am
discussions with them that they were going to take our proposals and our position seriously, which is simply that every game that we play we get compensated the same way a man would for playing or winning that game. and it broke down right there. >> when crow look into the details of this, it is true that women's soccer, under your contract, you get paid differently than the men. the men are on a bonus pay schedule. the women get a salary. they negotiated for that. they wanted that. they wanted the certainty. so u.s. soccer says that's the source of the disparity, not gender discrimination. what do you say to that? >> there's a little bit of room for the contracts to be different. our realities are different. but as christen was saying i think it's fair for us to ask that when he play a game or we win or tie or lose, we should be paid the same as our male counterparts. i don't think that's an unrealistic or unreasonable ask to have equality. >> why on earth would u.s.
8:13 am
soccer take the position that you say it is taking at a moment that the u.s. women's soccer team is at the height of its popularity and success? it's kind of hard to believe that they just went in there and said, oh, we don't want to pay equally. so can you explain that? i mean -- >> i think it was hard for us to believe. >> yeah. >> and they definitely said the words that they did, you know, value us and were about the concept. but what we need is an actual pay structure moving forward where we're being compensated equally. and so like that's -- it's just been true that, you know, we'll never achieve as women any type of social equality without financial equality. and we're looking for equal pay, not any -- not any talking about it any longer. >> given how far apart the sides are and the fact that this negotiation broke down, do you think it's likely it goes to trial? goes to a courtroom? >> i think that's definitely a
8:14 am
possibility. we're always open to hearing that conversation if they're ready to have it. you know, that's the only federation we can play for. they're the only team that they -- that they have in us so we're sort of tethered together in that way. but at any point if they want to have a serious conversation and are willing to not only talk about paying us equally, and valuing us in that way, but actually doing it, and showing us that they'll do it, our ears are always open. i don't think anybody wants to go to litigation, but with that said we're very confident in our case, and this is about so much more than just our case. i mean, we're, you know, probably at the latter end of our career than, you know, than having a lot of time left. but just from a social perspective, from leaving the game in a better place for women everywhere, if it's not equal, there's no, you know, deal that we can get to. this isn't bargaining. you either value us equally and show that or you don't.
8:15 am
>> real quickly, i mean, the olympics are coming up next summer in tokyo. does this distract? does it affect what you do on the field? >> yeah, i think that we've shown that we are able to do a lot of work off the field. and still have successful results. this has been going on, this fight actually has been going on for forever. i think part of being on the women's national team means that you're taking part in this torch carrying for women and we take a lot of pride in that and it gives us a great purpose. >> megan, christen, thank you for being here, giving us the update. we appreciate it. we'll go over to al and get a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, savannah. we're watching a couple of clusters of pretty strong thunderstorms making their way through the plains, texas, and up into nebraska. some of these could be severe. we'll keep an eye on that. severe heat going on, 28 million out west from arizona all the way into central and northern
8:16 am
california under some sort of heat advisory, or heat warning. and, in fact, you look at the afternoon highs, temperatures will be approaching the 100 and teens as you get into the southwest, 60s, though, up in the western plains. rest of the country looking fairly temperate with the exception of texas on through the gulf coast and into the southeast. as far as the day is concerned today, severe storms firing up in the plains, record highs will continue out west. not quite as hot in the lower mississippi river valley and with heavy rain good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside with some clear skies and quickly warming temperatures. san francisco will make it up to about 84 degrees today. santa rosa up to 99. 105 in ukiah. for our inland east bay some of the hottest temperatures in the bay area antioch up to 106. 102 morgan hill. the inland forecast is still going to be hot tomorrow and then for the weekend we see the temperatures coming down with some of our inland areas in the
8:17 am
mid to upper 80s. don't forget when you head out the door still take us with uh, "today" show siriusxm, channel 108. a new documentary that explores the life and career of patrick swayze. >> and it also reveals surprising information about the late hollywood icon. nbc's joe fryer joins us this morning with more. >> reporter: the documentary is called "i am patrick swayze" airing this sunday night on the paramount network, the film is a love letter to swayze and a candid look at the life of a talented man who was clearly beloved but also wrestled with personal challenges. >> you're only on this planet for so long. you could be dead tomorrow, go for it now. >> reporter: patrick swayze was a renaissance man for modern times, both rugged and gentle, a macho man who could throw a punch, a gentle dancer who could buckle knees. it's chronicled in this
8:18 am
documentary. >> i was looking for any way to make a mark. >> i remember watching patrick and thinking, that guy is so good. >> he charmed everyone. he'd find a way in and make you fall in love with him. >> as soon as we started dancing it was just like -- >> reporter: those who knew him best called him buddy and no shortage of people willing to talk about their friend. including co-stars like rob lowe. >> he performed like he had something to prove. gymnast, a ballet dancer. >> his "dirty dancing" partner jennifer gray. >> his heart and my heart got along really well. >> the scenes that reshaped our pottery receptions. >> the pottery scene, there's something within his dance background that i think also gave him a particular perception in how to approach that. >> much of swayze's story is
8:19 am
shared through his wife of 34 years, lisa swayze, a fellow dancer. >> i think he would be very pleased with this documentary. it shows who he strived to be so beautifully a beautifully and clearly. >> reporter: lisa says growing up patrick was trained with his choreographer mother patsy who was sometimes abusive. >> he's that old school texas thing that spare the rod, spoil the child. when he was 18 years old his dad came downstairs, she was laying into him and he pretty much told her that she needed to stop then and there or he'll divorce her. from that point on she never hit him again. it's that whole cycle of abuse thing and what patrick got from her was probably nowhere near what she got from her own mother. >> reporter: over the years patrick and his mother came to have a much stronger relationship. she died four years after patrick's death. the documentary also recounts
8:20 am
swayze's growing successes and takes viewers to his ranch in california, his way of staying grounded while working among stars. >> are you a cowgirl? >> he was proud that we were more real, and that we didn't live in beverly hills. >> you like horses? >> reporter: for all his triumphs, there were challenges, those who knew swayze say at times he struggled with alcohol abuse. >> it's difficult to watch someone destroy themselves. that was the hard part to kind of go through. >> reporter: but he was able to get it under control shortly before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a battle he fought to the very end before passing away at the age of 57. >> there was a humbleness i hadn't seen in him and i was so impressed with the individual that i saw before me as he faced this disease. not everybody faces it so gratefully, and with such an open heart and love. >> reporter: now ten years later those who knew him and loved him are remembering him, and
8:21 am
inviting everyone to join the dance. >> i feel like i still have a relationship with him. he's just on the other side. it's a very strange thing because he's still in my life. he's just not present. >> a lot of memories there, joe. i know you got to see the documentary. what stood out to you? >> reporter: one of the most interesting things to me was that for all of his success he felt he was seen as a star but not necessarily always as an actor or an artist. and that really seemed to frustrate him, according to those who knew him. in fact, his wife says at first the producers of "ghost" did not want him in the movie. he had to fight extra hard to get that role. boy, we're glad he did. >> glad he won that fight. joe fryer in l.a., thank you. now pop start time. substantial sheinelle's on duty for carson. >> starting with kate mckinnon and ruth bader ginsburg.
8:22 am
mckinnon does a hilarious portrayal on snl. >> i'm living every 81-year-old's dream, i get paid to sit on the bench all day and judge people. they say justice is blind, but anybody can see, you're burned. >> well, believe it or not mckinnon and ginsburg actually never met, that is until last night. the two women attended an off broadway production of "fiddler on the roof" where mckinnon got star struck meeting rbg. they posed in a photo together. hope of a joint sketch one day. olivia newton john battling stage 4 breast dance spotted last night and gave an up date. >> i'm doing really well. really healthy. it was a challenging year, i broke my sacrum and had to learn to walk again, i'm back and
8:23 am
feeling good. >> so happy to here she's doing well and staying positive. next up, lebron james, the nba superstar is getting candid about being a parent. sitting down with our affiliate in cleveland james talks about teaching his kids to be respectful at home and in public. >> we're just trying to set a great example on how you should conduct yourself not only in the household but when you leave household. some of the best compliments i get as a parent is when i see other people's parents -- some of my friends kids parents and they're like your son or your daughter is so well behaved and so well mannered. and that means a lot because it's coming from the household. >> sure, it's what you want to hear, james goes on to say he doesn't come bard his kids with advice, but doles it out over time. not too preachy. >> especially when someone's like your kids are so well behaved, you feel -- you're bursting. meanwhile, i'm like, you didn't see them five minutes ago. finally, kelly clarkson, as some of you may know the singer is getting ready to take on a
8:24 am
new role this fall, tv host. as we get closer to her big premiere, kelly herself is giving us a tour of her brand new studio take a look. >> nobody asked me to do this, i'm just excited like not one person asked me to do this. look how cool it is. look at it it's the kelly clarkson show i have a show. they ran out of everyone to ask. it's fine. >> it's not lost on her. it's still fun that show is going to be fun by the way, look who commented on clarkson's video, hoda writing "yes." now we know what hoda will be catching after getting off the air. >> all right >> thank you, sheinelle. thank you, thank you by the way, let's bring in an extra guests for an extra special daily click. >> they're all up for adoption >> puppy i'm going to try to read and do this at the same time. we're going to call this -- >> what's his name >> skipper >> so we're calling this the
8:25 am
doggie click today we have a few doggie-themed videos these are all up for adoption. the first one shows us todd the golden retriever lending a helping paw, pushing is new baby brother on a swing look how proud todd is isn't this adore snbl that's a good boy one more, next doggie click video shows us how sid the bull terrier outsmarts -- you know those slow feeding dog bowls take a look at this. >> there you go. attaboy. >> he's like take your technology >> we'll introduce you to these adorable dogs in just a little bit. >> it's a clear the shelters weekend. we'll tell you about it. these dogs we're holding are all adoptable. >> we'll tell you ho how can you adopt one of these dogs to a forever home >> yes, look at this it's love. >> three figure-flattering
8:26 am
fashion favorites. we'll tell you what we got first a check of your locanews and weather. these messages >> want to wave to mommy a very good morning to you. it is 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. nbc bay area issuing a micro climate weather alert as triple digit temperatures are expected in many communities from contra costa county to the tri valley and the south bay. due to the heat we're under another spare the air alert. you are asked to cut down on carbon emissions any way you can as the air will be dangerous for many of us. kari hall checking the forecast for us. >> our temperatures are already starting to warm up. here is a look at our clear view of the golden gate bridge. no fog this morning. our air quality remains a problem for the inland east bay especially as well as santa clara valley. as we check on our temperatures it is going to really start to heat up. up to 106 degrees in antioch
8:27 am
today. clear lake 104. santa rosa reaching 99 degrees with san jose today also reaching 99. we'll still have hot weather tomorrow but it does come down slightly and then the rest of the forecast we'll have a much better weekend. near normal temperatures. a slight warmup in the forecast for the middle of next week. san francisco reaching 84 today. and then 68 for the high temperature on saturday. laura? >> thanks so much. another local news update in half an hour. we hope to see you then. of course also join us for our midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. have a great morning. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit new ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ >> oh, my goodness and it's only thursday morning, 15th of august, 2019 a lot of excitement on the plaza to get to this half hour first, quick reminder, our next concert is tomorrow. be sure to wake up with aloe
8:31 am
blacc and with us tomorrow on "today." now to these adorable and adoptable puppies. they're from the spca of westchester. they're here to remind everybody this saturday is clear the shelters today. >> nbc stations and telemundo across the country are teaming up with the campaign for rescues all across the country to waive or reduce adoption fees to help you bring home your perfect companion. >> can we start early today? one of our staffers, emily and alex, are ready to take one of these guys home. >> oh, love it you have been fostering a while? >> we fostered a bunch of puppies. but when you know, you know. >> i hear scout caught your eye. >> he put her paws on both of our faces. >> is this scout would you like to meet your new mommy? >> oh, this is nice! >> here we go. >> oh, look at that!
8:32 am
so yummy congratulations! >> you guys are getting married and have a puppy. >> we are. >> you got a home and ring bearer. >> making plans already. >> congrats! >> since it started four years ago clear the shelters has helped 40 million pets find new homes. if you're looking to adopt, you can find the new list of participating shelters the not just puppies but older pups make wonderful, wonderful wonderful companions. >> absolutely. coming up -- it's no wonder these basics are best sellers. they look good on everybody. we will show you the proof that might inspire you to snap up your own good price point kevin o'connors is here from "this old house" i can't believe it, celebrates 40 years. his 40th season. the diy project that can make a big difference in your house
8:33 am
and she was jay-z and beyonce's personal attorney. now this influencer has a new mission, closing the gender pay gap. how she's now helping women fight for what they deserve. >> let's get a check of the weather from al and his pup. >> in some places it will be raining cats and dogs! in fact, there was so much rain, i stepped into a poodle. >> oh, god. >> friday, rain and storms to the southeast. excessive in the southwest sunshine into the pacific northwest. on saturday building heat down in texas it will be hot and dry in the southwest. wet weather in the southeast beautiful in the pacific northwest and then sunday, sunday showers and storms! august warmth continues in the ohio and mississip good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look outside at a hazy view of dublin right now. as you get ready to head out the
8:34 am
door we're still going to have to deal with unhealthy air quality especially in the valleys and some very hot temperatures. this is already starting to warm up. we're heading up to 104 in livermore, 102 napa. palo alto 96 degrees. 84 san francisco. we have another really hot day tomorrow but then temperatures coming down for the weekend looking at mid to upper 80s for saturday and sunday. and that is your latest weather. what's your and that's your latest weather. what is your name, sir >> jim lawler. >> you went to school with one of our camera guys come on over, jimmy. little college reunion there wow, you look so much better than him >> he's funnier than me. >> that's not saying much. >> savannah, back to you. >> al, thank you very much and we have better basics and flattering favorites for
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
today's style is sponsored by dove, try dove instant foaming body wash, perfect for summer. we are back with today's style, trends change fast and with so many options it can be tough to choose what works best for you. good news, correspondent vanna roberts did the legwork and found things that flatter every figure, and she will not let us down i have been looking. that promise will be delivered this morning. >> it's true from sizes 2 to 18, we've got pieces that do not differentiate no matter what body type you are. >> first set of models are wearing something from amazon. >> $24, this gorgeous vertically striped wrap dress vertically striped that's a key mention here we have marisa who's a size 2. phyllis size 10, and kelly ann size 12. they're all in exactly the same dress.
8:38 am
the v-neck elongates, the band at the waist cinches you in and also the vertical stripe elongates and brings the eye down >> it's a flattering length as well. >> perfect length, open up with the buttons, wear a sneaker, pop it with a heel. >> wear it into fall with a little blazer or jean jacket, leather jacket. >> love that. >> okay. >> vanna, i'm going to be the fashion correspondent now. thank you, ladies. next staple? >> next we have a white jean now, white jeans have a bad rap. >> i don't think i could wear a white jean. >> because we're choosing the wrong one. choose one that's a stiffer, thicker fabric, if you can see the pocket linings, you can see your nicker liners then you want something that's also a mom jean, it's trending but it's also great, it's a built in spanx, pulls you in at exactly the right place.
8:39 am
>> a mom jean like a high waist? >> yes, a high waist because you don't want any additional lines. and make sure it's tailored. make sure it's not bunchy at the end. i love it with these oversized jackets. all the girls here, we have size 2, 10 and 16 wearing the same jean. >> really cute i like the little crop kr wear it with the sneaker? >> i love to see a little bit of ankle. roll it up. >> say where we're getting this? >> these are everlane $68, a best seller. >> ladies, you wear them well. our last item is a midi skirt, kind of like the happening length right now. >> i have seen literally just this morning i've seen probably four different midi skirts on "today" show staffers, such a big trend right now. it's super flattering. all the girls are here, ashley, jenny and christa, all the different sizes, these skirts
8:40 am
nip at your waist, a high low version, the elongation of the pleats but then it opens up at the ankles a bit. >> i like how you put it with the sneaker, that's cute. >> and also i love the combination of the knit with the little silky on the bottom go with something extra happy. >> this rusty fall color, wear ivory or black with it. >> black leather jacket with tights with a bigger boot, a bigger knit. >> and where did you find this one? >> this one is by asios and it's $48. >> thank you so much to the models you look wonderful if you want to see these looks and other popular pieces go to our digital series, try it on for size do it yourself projects that will help the end of summer just a little easier to bear, courtesy of "this old house" kevin o'connor, happy birthday, we'll explain. first, this is "today.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
get ready to renovate, and celebrate. it's the 40th season, believe it or not, o get ready to renovate, and celebrate. it's the 40th season, believe it or not, of "this old house" the beloved tv show inspired millions to dream big and get hands on with their own home improvement. before we tackle two projects with host kevin o'connor here let's take it back to 1979. >> i'm bob villa. >> the trail blazing television series first entered our homes in 1979. >> the purpose of our series is to show you the many steps involved in taking an old house that's fallen on hard times and saving it. >> it demystified construction by revealing tricks of the trade, something no show had done before. an instant hit for both ratings and real estate. >> but now, even run down, beat up and shabby properties are being scooped up by eager investors. >> inspiring millions to put on their hard hats and spawning a whole new genre of television that viewers can't get enough
8:44 am
of. >> old as i am. >> major problems. >> oh, my word. >> four decades of demolition, design and do it yourself advice for real contractors both renovating and educating on everything from carpentry and masonry to plumbing and electric three hosts over the show's run. >> i'm bob villa. >> i'm steve thomas. >> i'm kevin o'connor. >> people love the bones but they've got to update the house. >> a legacy of labor and love. >> for "this old house". >> rebuilding home after home sweet home we're joined by "this old house" host kevin o'connor, happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> you've been the host for 17 years. >> correct, yup. >> what do you think it is about "this old house" that's helped
8:45 am
it last while other shows and come and gone? >> in a word authenticity, the guys on the show, second, third, fourth generation tradesmen. the best of the best professionals. when they give advice people trust them that's what keeps us relevant and why people keep coming back. >> 40 more years in you in. >> not me, but i hope the show does. i hope the show does >> let's get to it. >> the first one is back splash. everyone's seen it that comes in a sheet like this. we're going to put it up between the upper cabinets and the lower cabinets before we did this this was a plain wall right here. the typical way to do it would be to mix a thin set, powder, water, mix it up put it on. i'm going to ask you to get involved this is a sticky background, very sticky, take the sheet, line it up, only one shot. get it right in there. >> bottom or the top >> left and to the bottom. push that in
8:46 am
you would be normally with a thin set mixing it -- >> take the jacket off get involved for heaven's sake we're fixing stuff here. >> all right >> normally you would be mixing thin set and let it set up a day or two. put the second guy right there this double sided sticky tape -- >> very careful, will hold the tile in place. >> forever. >> forever which means if you can get it up and right away this is grout and you would actually take this, rub this on here, fill the grout lines all throughout and after that hazed over, there's a sponge right there, and take this, and clean this off just a little bit this is a lot faster than we would normally do it but you would end up with a grouted tile that stays in place in a couple hours instead of a couple days. >> you make it look easier if i were to try that at home it would be a complete and utter
8:47 am
disaster. >> next thing we're going to talk about wanyns coating. chair rail, normally you can build this stuff or in this case we're going to buy the panels premade. polyurethane once you get them, i'm going to give you a pair of glasses. >> safety first. >> safety first. >> oh, can i use the nail gun? >> you can use the nail gun, absolutely. >> man. >> two up here already the first thing we're going to do is we would put a dab of glue around the perimeter of all of this a couple corners here, a little here. >> glue it and nail it. >> the glue will hold it in place, take the spacer and hold it right there, this is the key because this is going to set your dimension right in there, make sure it's tight, hold it in place. i've got a little bit on the corner, nail right there, good, another one right there, come
8:48 am
around the corners right there. >> is that good? >> that's good >> another one right there there you go. >> i love the nail gun. >> this stuff is $8, $10 apiece and when you're done, step back and check out your -- oh, he can't stop nailing. >> all right there so you've completely dressed it up like that. >> looks good. >> fast, not that expensive. if you really wanted to save some money this is a piece of picture frame wood, build that yourself but you couldn't have to fire pit, next one. >> all the rage now. everyone's building their own fire pit. >> great way to spend a summer this is what you start with, buy it at the home center, $110, $100 this is a ring, come over here, if you'll grab a tamper right there. >> these are called tampers, huh? never knew that. >> there's stone in here pound that down, flatten that, and normally we would have that around the perimeter and we'd be putting the block.
8:49 am
this ring helps us set the circumference and we've got a pre-cast. >> i could buy this pre -- >> as a kit. you could buy this, buy this, $200 all in, good to go. precast, concrete blocks set them in place once we've set the first course down. take the construction adhesive we've already used put it on there. >> the same one we just used >> this is for concrete. this is for outdoor. you want to span this gap right here with the second course so this is going to go right in there. we would pound that down and continue working our way around the second block around the circle. >> how long would it take to set? >> this is not going to move within about ten minutes since it's block it's not going anywhere then we work this up around the entire circle. three or four courses, this is out of the way
8:50 am
look at you going with the glue. >> kevin, you make it look so easy. >> right in there. stick that guy right in there. you're ending up with a fire pit after about three or four hours and $200, you're ready to go you built it yourself. >> oh, look, our friends doing what they do best. >> guys, how are you >> it's not my house it's your old house. i kno i was mesmerized watching you all work over there. this is what it would look like. >> that's what it looks like. >> take this apart and put it back over there. i'm exhausted. >> you could be done with this in two or three hours, do it with your kids, $200 all in, ready to go. >> not bad. >> you can find all of the projects that kevin walked us through at and be sure to check out "this old house," 40th anniversary special, all three hosts reunite for the very first time >> it was fun, we did it right here in new york >> saturday pbs, check your local listings we'll be back.
8:51 am
but first, this is "today.
8:52 am
8:53 am
rambunctious. >> welcome back, al. got back from greenland last night. you got a feisty one there you want to do birthdays >> happy 104th birthday to geneva windler, an active lady from pitsfield, illinois, played golf until she was in her 90s. lawrence bochosh, 100, served her country. -- served his country during world war ii we thank you for your service, sir. happy birthday to dorothy, proud graduate of purdue university class of 1941. albert bois is 100, great name, retired probation officer is from brooklyn, loves to follow all kinds of sports.
8:54 am
and he's a die-hard notre dame fame and el ga short of illinois. 105 years, learned how to play the violin when she was 80. evelyn bosom, a reds fan from cincinnati, ohio, enjoy a glass of wine every day. yes, you look great, don't you if you know somebody celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about them at we're in the dog days of autumn -- or august, i should say. >> look at my baby he wants to play. i love this baby >> my daughter already sent me a video. >> look at that little cutie. >> i think so, mr. melvin. >> remember clear the shelters this weekend, guys great time to adocht a pet whether it's a puppy or grown-up dog or cat, by the way go to latest debate dividing the internet, how to make tea, hint, hint, apparently we're doing it wrong. >> of course we are. >> yes.
8:55 am
>> a new trend catching on with pet owners, pawdicures, a roker joke would you wear matching nail polish with your dog no, no. >> maybe i would definitely consider it >> full list of the shelters at >> third hour coming up next, kirsten dunst is stopping by but first your local news and water. we will paws for these messages. >> one more. look at my baby. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. fire crews no longer at the scene of a big brush fire in east contra costa county. this is what it looked like last night outside of brentwood. the fire charred about 20 acres. it started around 9:30 last night. we don't know how it started. happening now a new way for
8:57 am
north bay wildfire survivors to seek funds for affordable housing and other urgent needs. this is for people still struggling to recover from the 2017 and 2018 fires either because their insurance money ran out or they didn't have insurance to begin with. the norcal wildfire assistance program website goes live today. today marks day nine of jury deliberation in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. 36 people were killed in the fire back in 2016. earlier this week the jury said they wanted to rehear everything the defendant said on the stand. however, the jury realized they didn't need to hear all four days of the testimony. a major milestone reached for gilroy. money is pouring in in a staggering rate for victims. the total amount passed $1 million. that was the victim of the shooting rampage that happened at the gilroy garlic festival. another update in an hour.
8:58 am
how the repairs to b.a.r.t. this weekend will impact drivers and riders. >> and one thing you can do to protect your pets.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." and good morning, everyone, welcome to the "3rd hour of today," you're looking at your screen properly, we are all here today. >> or disappointedly. >> we are all he. >> sheinelle, craig, and al roker is back from greenland. you got back at midnight. >> midnight last night. >> wearing a green suit to commemorate it. >> greenland, i get it. what was interesting about it, a couple of scientists who we interviewed up there said greenland is really thean


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