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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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that will impact riders in a key corridor. good morning to you, thanks for joining us on "today in the bay" on this friday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to that forecast. we've been saying how hot it is and with power outages a tough night for folks. >> it's been tough throughout much of the week and one more really hot day for the inland areas. this is a live look outside before you get ready to head out in walnut creek, we are in the mid-60s and whatever you have to do outside, try to get it done before 8:00, because after that it starts to heat up and fast. we're at 91 at 11:00 reand at nn in the low 90s in the inland valleys and the south bay, we're reaching up to close to 100 degrees, but not seeing as many triple-digits. i'll have more on that and mike, you're tracking a couple of blocked lanes. >> in the south bay mostly green sensors around the bay. two lanes blocked northbound 680 approaching montague, we have a
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disabled vehicle and that is reportedly blocking your right lanes, so that will be an issue, a couple lanes down, unexpectedly, so watch for the flashing lights but the speed sensors don't show a problem through the area. we're also tracking the incident affecting tennison and on-ramp and nimitz freeway and construction in san leandro. a smooth drive and getting lighter for the backup at the bay bridge cash lanes are open. breaking news for you this morning, a busy morning for firefighters in southern santa clara county. a brush fire flaring up along highway 101 in gilroy, and cal fire is on the scene. >> so is "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, joins us there riff with the latest. what do you know, kris? >> reporter: well, as of right now, cal fire is no longer here because the fire is out. the smoke smell is still really heavy in the air, and about two hours ago, that fire was inching up along the shoulder of highway 101 here in gilroy. this was the scene about 3:00 this morning, off highway 101 and the road that it intersects is east lucessa and the in south
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gilroy. firefighters arrived and quickly stopped the progress of the fire. i talked with meteorologist kari hall about fire danger, there's no red flag warning because the winds are calm but with a run up of temperatures like we've had, certainly the grasses and the brush are drying out, making them ready fuel for fire. in california, about 95% of wildfires are caused by people mostly unintentionally, so cal fire advises all of us to be careful when we use the power tools, to landscape or clear dried brush, use them before 10:00 in the morning and never when it's windy or super hot as it's been in the last couple of days. maintain your vehicles, make sure nothing is dragging or creating sparks. temperatures are supposed to drop this weekend, a welcome relief but all of the dry stuff is going to continue to be dry and a good reminder that we are in the middle of wildfire season. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we all need to be mindful of that, thank you, kris.
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tens of thousands of people across the bay area are waking up this morning with power but this comes after losing it in the midst of sweltering summer heat. some of the hardest hit areas in marin county. thom jensen is in the newsroom. what is pg&e saying about this? >> we just heard from pg&e a few minutes ago. a company spokesperson told "today in the bay" they still do not know what caused this widespread outage. the company says marin county alone had approximately 60,000 customers without power. power went out at about 11:00 last night, it was restored by about 1:30 this morning. there were some areas that you can see this is downtown larkspur, completely dark. we talked to some folks there, we'll get to them in the next hour. pg&e is still trying to figure out how many lost power across the total bay area and says there are still small pockets of outages in some areas. with no electricity, people without power on one of the
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hottest days on record, really had to suffer through it last night, if they didn't have ac and we'll keep you up to date as we get more information, but for now, even pg&e is trying to figure out how it happened, and exactly how many people were affected. in the newsroom, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> good thing it didn't happen in the height of the heat. nbc bay area is the place to turn for specific forecasts for where you live. download our ann and see the hour-by-hour temperatures across the bay area and find us on facebook and twitter with that information. a heads up for people trying to get around the east bay this weekend, if you're using b.a.r.t. or driving along a particular stretch of contra costa county, you might hit some delays. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in walnut creek this morning to tell us why one project in particular is important enough to cause some problems for commuters. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. first off, tracks will be shut down on b.a.r.t. between the walnut creek station behind us and orinda this weekend, so
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obviously that has an impact on people traveling in this area. this is the first of six weekend track shutdowns between the two stops, other shutdowns taking place on different weekends through october including labor day weekend. county connection and ac transit will be providing free bus service in lieu of the shutdown and between the stations during the shutdown to help those who rely on the stops during these times. starting at 11:00 tonight and running through the weekend, this is also for drivers, the two left lanes along highway 24 eastbound near lafayette station and oak hill road will also be closed to position a 265-ton crane and other heavy equipment used for repairs. what is b.a.r.t. doing this for? crews are are he placing 50-year-old track components which b.a.r.t. says once they're replaceed will improve the noise level on trains and give passengers a smoother ride. >> what do i think? i think it's terrific. we got to fix things. you got to do maintenance. otherwise things break down. >> well, it is what it is. it does need some improvements,
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yes. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. hopes these improvements will be benefiting the riders for decades to come, but even with the buses in place between orinda and walnut creek stations during the track shutdowns, riders should still expect delays of up to 40 minutes. drivers should expect delays along highway 24 of up to 30 minutes. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell "today in the bay." >> good to know, thanks, bob. later today, two more victims are expected to be released from the hospital following the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. once again the gilroy community coming together to show a united front following at tack. the band that was performing when that shooting happened two weeks ago took to the stage again last night for the first time since the shooting. ♪ like so many that day, the members of tin man took cover. last night was about getting back to normal.
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they had a concert at the san jose municipal golf course and band members say they dedicated that performance to the victims. >> i started to think about gee, wouldn't it be nice to get all the way through the entire performance, not have any interruptions, and we see smiles on the faces in the audience. >> all the proceeds are being donated to the relief fund at the gilroy foundation. funeral services will be held this tuesday for the southern california chp officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officer andre moyier was conducting a traffic stop earlier this week when he was shot by a driver of the car. two other officers were also shot. they survived. >> 5:07 right now. kaiser permanente workers across the state are set to go on strike. 37,000 employees voted in favor of walking off the job in october. they range from registered nurses and x-ray technicians to phone operators and janitors. all of them have been working under an expired national
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contract since september. this is video from when mental health workers at kaiser went on strike back in july in san francisco. there is an all new escooter scare to report this morning. take a look at this photo, this escooter reportedly caught fire at dropbox headquarters in san francisco on wednesday afternoon. the twitter user who shared the photo said all employees had to be evacuated from the building and according to sf gate the scooter did not cause much damage. it's not clear yet if that scooter was rented by an employee or if it was owned. strict new rules could translate to more ebikes hitting the streets in san francisco. according to "examiner" this morning, city officials are now saying lyft must make them available at all times. the move comes after the company struggled to keep a minimum number on the streets. if it can't, insiders tell the paper that san francisco could let more ebike companies operate in the city. recently lyft pulled its fleet after two caught fire.
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happening today calling all thrill seekers! >> let's go! >> the celebration of national roller coaster day, my favorite day. >> not so much. the first 100 riders on the giant dipper will get a free cup. by the way, the coaster is the oldest in the state, and anyone wanting to take part in the fun should be prepared for some of that heat out there, although you'll be by the coastline. will that help, kari? >> it will help. cooler temperatures in santa cruz, only reaching into the upper 60s, right there at the boardwalk and around downtown we're in the low 70s today. so it will be a nice one to head out there to santa cruz, or to any of the bay area coastline. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, it's a clear start. our air quality for the inland areas remain unhealthy, so for the east bay, santa clara valley, it's another spare the air alert day, meaning you should carpool, catch public transit and our temperatures are still very hot for spots like
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concord, antioch and ukiah, reaching 102 degrees, and 97 today in san jose. mike, you're checking in on two crashes. >> the first one over here in hayward, we talked about a bicyclist that may have been hit at the on-ramp to northbound 880. no updates on the bicyclist but the crash is clearing up soon. so it unt tunt doesn't sound li were major injuries. the traffic flow of the on-ramp should be reopening now if not already and 880 itself through that portion of hayward fine. construction crews continue north of 238 getting in to san leandro but the other crash we're talking about on the peninsula gave you a few minutes to develop. we saw no flashing lights a couple minutes ago. now we see top of your screen right there, just north of willow, up toward marsh we have crash activity should be getting to the shoulder. we'll follow this north 101 at marsh. back to you. >> good to note. thanks, mike. disturbing new details about the impacts of vaping. ahead for you at 5:25, right here on "today in the bay," the number of health issues being
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right now at 5:13, we are still under a microclimate weather alert. a spare the air alert day as well, very high temperatures, and if you can ride public transit today.
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upper 60s in warm springs today and 88 degrees at noon. we'll talk about a cooler weekend ahead in less than five minutes. and right now in the last five minutes we've seen north 101 a lot more activity with flashing lights, heading up past marsh and willow. chp tells me one thing. this live picture tells me there's a problem. chp says it's clear. we'll sort it out and let you know as things develop. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is poised to open up higher this morning, following the market's modest rebound yesterday. the dow pacing those gains thanks to walmart's better than expected earnings. still, the dow is having its worst week since may, amid growing concerns about u.s./china trade talksa slowdown in the global economy and fears of a possible recession. on today's watch list a report on housing starts and consumer sentiment. facebook users are ewing the company over a data breach last year, they say facebook failed
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to warn them about the risk tied to its single sign-on tool even though it protected employees. single sign-on connects users to third party apps and services using facebook logins. the suit stems from the company's worst security breach ever last september when hackers stole login codes or access tokens allowing them access to nearly 29 million accounts. attackers took profile details such as birth dates, employers, education history, types of device used and pages followed. facebook said hackers did not steal personal messages or financial information. and twitter is testing a filter for direct messages that contain conference offensive content. those flagged can be stored away in a folder that's marked "additional messages." users can choose to view them or delete them. twitter has taken steps without the need for human interception and tested hide replies a feature that would make it easier to report offensive tweets. i don't know about you guys about you if i had additional
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messages folder there would be interesting stuff in there, i might be tempted to peek in. >> i don't know, i've gotten some interesting ones on instagram and they give you luke a filter, and it's good. i don't need to see certain things. >> right. >> from certain viewers. >> some are pretty funny. i like to tiptoe in there every once in a while. >> i look in there, i'm like hmm. thanks, frank. trending this morning, cash for condiments, three limited edition bottles of heinz tomato ketchup based on ta tees of ed sheeran one went under the hammer for $1800. only 150 of the special ketchup bottles are available across the world. all the money raised are donated to a charity nominated by sheeran and rise against hunger. >> why ketchup and why ed
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sheeran? okay. also trending many students across the country and the bay area returning to the classroom this week but after a long summer, the parents need a break. >> for the first day of school, one florida mom decided to celebrate with a trip to disney world. she headed over to the happiest place on earth after dropping her kids off for their first day of school. she says on her disney themed blog she hopes by the story going viral she's inspired more parents to take mental health days. what i want to know is what her kids said when they found out >> oh, mom! >> my kids don't want me to do anything fun if they're not around. >> wow, generous. >> i could go to vegas, it's like well, you can't go. but disney world, they're like, i want to go! >> exactly. >> you had to go to school, sorry. >> a little bit of relief but a lot of work getting the lunches ready, making sure they're wearing the right clothing.
5:18 am
>> disneyland take care of the characters. >> we're getting you ready for school this morning, a lot more kids heading back, this is a live look outside in san jose this morning, looking at the guy runnin ing ning across the stre. look at our temperatures. we're still dealing with excessive heat in parts of the bay area. lake county and solano county included in an excessive heat warning from 11:00 until 8:00, where temperatures still will be over 100 degrees, but that doesn't mean the rest of the bay area won't see triple-digits. in livermore at 8:00 if you're headed out to the park, enjoying some time outside, you want to get out there at around 8:00 because it's still comfortable then. look at 11:00, it's 88 degrees. it's 97 degrees at 1:00. you can see how quickly temperatures go up. make sure you're staying hydrated today. our winds are light but as we go into tonight, the winds start to get a little bit more breezy.
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we're talking 10 to 15 miles per hour and that's going to help cool us off. as we make weekend plans, maybe you'll check out the martinez vintage market happening tomorrow. we have some great weather for that, with some mid-60s in the morning, and it's going to be much cooler throughout the day, so you'll enjoy that along with anything outside for the next several days, with some of our warmer temperatures reaching the upper 80s. we'll be up to 84 degrees on sunday, and then for next week, we are going to warm up again into the low to mid-90s. san francisco coming out of those upper 70s today, and we'll see some 60s for the weekend. mike, you're checking in on that crash on the peninsula. >> this crash here. chp is relaying what they're told so it's like a game of telephone but we have a real live camera showing us what's going on. chp said that the lanes they thought were cleared or told they were cleared north 101 toward marsh but clearly we still see flashing lights in the roadway. i zoomed the camera in, north of willow headed up toward marsh is
5:20 am
the stretch of roadway looks like we may have a traffic break going on, in the last 15 minutes. we continue to see slowing north 101. if you join the freeway north of marsh, so if you could take highway 84 for example off the dumbarton bridge and head up toward marsh which you probably do anyway that will be fine. traveling through palo alto you may see blips between willow and marsh that short stretch. if you could hold off getting on to 101 until that point you're all the better. over here looking at northbound 680 at montague, overnight there's a disabled big rig, a tanker truck of some sort blocking your right two lanes and it's still there, i don't know about tow trucks. we're waiting for a medium sized rig but i have yet to get that confirmation from chp. hasn't been a lot of chatter but no slowing for the sensors or up to the bay bridge where we have the cash lanes starting a little bit of a build, very little because it's friday. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:20 right now. alerting smokers next here on "today in the bay." we have a warning for you. officials involved in cigarette labels want to start to use a
5:21 am
new warning. plus new details on the fiery plane crash involving racing legend dale earnhardt jr. and his family. this morning, their miraculous survival and what we know about what went wrong.
5:22 am
5:23 am
developing in tennessee, take a look at this video, retired nascar driver dale earn
5:24 am
hrt, j hart, jr., and his family are recovering after their plane went off the runway at the airport. he was on the plane with his wife amy and 1-year-old daughter isla. witnesses say they couldn't even imagine being on that plane. >> it was scary from my position let alone being in the plane itself so my heart goes out to them. >> fire officials say the earnhardt family and the two pilots survived the crash and were taken to the hospital with nonserious injuries. the faa or ntsb haven't said anything yet about the cause of that crash. >> it is 5:24. now to a follow-up on a story that captivated the nation's attention this week. philadelphia investigators say a gunman who barricaded himself in a house and exchanged gunfire with police with an ar-15 and a hand gun. a doorbell camera captured the intense moments as six officers were shot on wednesday. you could see the officers actually entering the house, and then shortly running out after the shots were fired. police say 36-year-old maurice
5:25 am
hill later surrendered to police. all officers were treated and released just hours after the shooting. tomorrow marks three weeks since the mass shooting killed 22 people in el paso, texas. a man who lost his life in the violen wife in the violence is inviting the public to celebrate her life. her husband says he was opening up services to the public because he has no other family in the city. visitation for her will be held tonight. members of record's family will be coming from out of town. >> 5:25 right now. it is being dubbed the miracle over moscow, a pilot in russia is being called a hero this morning, new video shows him safely landing a plane in a cornfield. the aircraft struck a flock of seagulls after takeoff and lost power in both engines. 226 people were on board, 23 were hurt but all are expected to be okay. aviation experts are comparing
5:26 am
this to the famous miracle on the hudson. you'll recall former bay area pilot captain sully sullenberger landed a plane in the icy hudson river, and everyone escaped injury. >> good thing for that. doctors in eight states now reporting vaping is now being linked to breathing problems in teens and young adults. one of those states right here in california. doctors say most patients are otherwise healthy but showing symptoms of a bad respiratory infection. here in california the department of public health is saying it looks like they're looking into 16 possible cases of that. those vaping stats come as health officials are marking a new att adding graphic images to cigarette packages. officials hope to discourage americans from lighting up. tomorrow nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are teaming one clear the shelters. our goal? really to help animals find their forever home. >> at muttville senior dog
5:27 am
rescue the focus is on finding a home for older dogs. the shelter is cage free, volunteers foster some of the dogs at their homes to prepare them for adoption. things worked out perfectly for one little girl who found her new best friend. >> we should give older senior dogs a chance at having a new home. i love her. >> oh, i think she loves you, too. muttville one of 90 shelters and rescue organizations taking part in clear the shelters this saturday. for more information head over to our website,, just click on the clear the shelters section and find a shelterer shelter near you. we have breaking news out of the south bay, another brush fire out overnight in santa clara county. how firefighters are staying prepared for the worst. plus growing outrage, no controversy after video of a homeless man emerged attacking a woman in san francisco. from the couldn't be prouders
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right now at 5:30, another hot day ahead. here is a live look from san francisco and san jose. nbc bay area issuing another microclimate weather alert for you this morning, this is for the third day in a row and we're also under a spare the air alert. good morning, thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's check the forecast with kari. a little relief coming our way at all? >> it's coming this weekend. today is still really hot and coming down just a few degrees
5:31 am
but you probably won't be able to tell the difference. as we take a live look in walnut creek, at least we do have the cool start to the day, and then as we go into the afternoon, we are going to already lead into the noon hour at 91 degrees there. here is a look at our highs. we still have some triple-digits on the map with concord up to 102. morgan hill up to 98 degrees. 97 in san jose, and san francisco reaching 79 degrees. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast, mike, you're closely tracking a crash in menlo park. >> the arrow points to it. we had lanes backed up all the way here to just about willow, and then things started to ease up again. i think that was the second traffic break. now i see flashing lights, looks like everything's on the shoulder so north 101 we're getting back close to speed between university and marsh. you see some slowing now as folks are making that merge off the dumbarton bridge off bayfront expressway, coming past facebook and joining up with the freeway. that may be a little bit of a distraction as things continue to adjust.
5:32 am
we'll track that peninsula. overall things are clear there, same thing for the south bay, tri-valley, the east bay getting toward the bay bridge. contra costa county moves nicely. alameda county a little slowing 880 down toward 23rd. i think that's the weekend crew or the overnight crew getting ready for their weekend cleaning up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we have breaking news to tell you about this morning, a busy morning for firefighters in parts of the south bay. brush fire flaring up along highway 101 in gilroy overnight. this is the second fire in southern santa clara county in two days. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live. they were quick to jump on this one. >> reporter: yes, and i bet it was a scary sight to see as folks were driving by on highway 101 here in the south part of gilroy. the fire was creeping right up along the shoulder of highway 101, right around 3:00 this morning. so the flames are gone, the firefighters are gone but the
5:33 am
smell of smoke is menacing in the air. this is highway 101 where east luchessa avenues crosses underneath. firefighters arrived and quickly stopped the progress of the fire but the situations amuch more serious in south san jose yesterday only firefighters stood between the flames and the homes near santa teresa boulevard. about 75 acres burned before firefighters. you the that fire out and though about 15 homes were evacuated, everyone got to go home at the end of the night safely. the fire was sparked by a car crash that brought down a power pole. in california, about 95% of wildfires are caused by people, mostly unintentionally, but cal fire reminds us to use power tools to landscape only before 10:00 in the morning, never when it's windy and never as hot as it's been the last couple of days. maintain your vehicles making sure nothing is dragging and creating sparks and if you have a car crash, make sure you don't pull over into dry brush, as we saw in south san jose yesterday.
5:34 am
now i did talk with meteorologist kari hall about the fire danger and she said because it is so still, you can see the weeds and the grass here next to me, they're not moving at all. the wind is so still, that there is no red flag warning but because of this run of high temperatures, all of these grasses and the small brush and the bushes they are very dry, and we are still in the middle of wildfire season. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. got to be careful out there. 5:34 right now. in a few hours an assault suspect is expected to be in court. the man allegedly caught on camera attacking a woman as she tried to enter her building along the embarcadero. the video stirred up controversy over a new nearby navigation center some say will create more problems. 25-year-old austin vincent was released from jail after he pleaded not guilty to several felony charges. the judge allowed his release, despite the d.a. recommending to keep vincent in custody. the san francisco police officers association is demanding an investigation into
5:35 am
the judge and says the judge's decision to release the suspect puts the public in danger. >> i do believe he needs some mental health intervention and there's places they can put him to keep himself and the public safe and the judge didn't allow that to happen. >> the victim said she wants the judge removed from the bench all together. deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse trial will now enter a third week, as no verdict was reached. jurors requested to rehear testimonies of witness carmen brido yesterday. brido lived in the warehouse and told the juyoujury she was ther the night of the deadly fire. they are focusing on fire safety conversations that took place during communal meegts. the jury will return monday. >> 5:35. breaking news for you this morning, u.s. representative rashida tlaib is getting permission to visit the west bank of israel, a day after
5:36 am
israel said it was barring her and representative representative ilhan omar from visiting the country. craig boswell is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. a lot of back and forth on that story of visiting israel, updates on that. president trump taking credit for economics assessed during a rally in new hampshire, ignoring recent volatility on wall street. president trump at a rally in new hampshire, saying the economy will tank if he is not reelected. >> but you have no choice but to vote for me, because your 401(k)s down the tubes, everything's going to be down the tubes. >> reporter: the speech coming a day after stocks plummeted sparking new recession fears amid an escalating trade war with china. >> looking ahead six months to 12 months, if people's anxiety war as the trade war gets worse all bets are off. >> reporter: the trip off for two democratic congresswomen after the president pressured israel to block a planned visit this sunday by representatives ilhan omar and rashida tlaib.
5:37 am
? they want to do boycotts and said horrible things about jewish people. >> the notion that you are barred from countries because of your points of view, this has to be fought by people on all sides of the political spectrum. >> reporter: israel's prime minister said the congresswomen's plan to meet with humanitarian groups in the west bank showed the sole intention was to harm israel. this morning israel granted representative tlaib permission to visit family in the west bank for humanitarian purposes. tlaib is the daughter of palestinian immigrants and posted a picture of her grandmother calling israel's initial decision a sign of weakness. tlaib sent a letter requesting that visit and that is the reason why the visit got granted. both sides of the aisle are criticizing the initial decision to block these two congresswomen from that visit. >> a lot of back-and-forth with that one, thank you. in just a few hours, demonstrators plan to gather in
5:38 am
palo alto in front of headquarters of palanter. they demand the company end its contract with i.c.e. a public radio station in new york is reporting the story, says the agency is using palanter's technology for deportation. the company has not commented. the rally comes a day after a federal appeals court in san francisco denied an immigration claim by the u.s. government. the feds claimed immigrant children may not necessarily need soap while temporarily in custody. >> 5:38. new for you this morning, b.a.r.t. is responding to homeless and cleanup issues at some of its stations. many passengers have recently taken to social media to raise concerns about dirty needles left behind and homeless people sleeping in hallways. the transit agency is planning to hire 15 new cleaners over the next six months. new employees will be focusing on cleaning the stations in downtown san francisco on a weekly basis. one of san jose's most popular public art installations is coming back, but not everyone
5:39 am
is happy about the price tag. sonic runway wracked up more than 1 million social media posts in four months and it was near the san jose city hall, you might remember it. it's costing about a half million dollars in taxpayer money to bring it back. some feel like that money could have been spent better. others say they're happy it's making a comeback. >> reporter: do you think $500,000 is steep? >> yes, that is a lot of money. >> it's worth it, man. the arts is everything. people and culture is everything. what else do we have otherwise? >> san jose mayor sam liccardo says unlike the first four-month run, the coming installation will be owned by the city and it will be around for years. happening today, silicon valley's comicon kicks off. crews have been busy getting the san jose convention center ready for the three-day event. the big names will be attending, lou ferrigno, stone cold steve austin and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. doors open later at noon.
5:40 am
>> those are big guys there. >> inhebl hulk and aquaman, my goodness, that he's how i know them. i don't know their real names. i look at the books about them. over here looking at the bay bridge, superpowers will get you across the bridge without using the roadway. b.a.r.t. will get you under there but if you're driving you have to wait in the fastrak lanes and that just happened over the last four minutes as the metering lights were turned on. friday sees a lighter volume of traffic. no major problems on the approach, oakland south 23rd seeing sensors clear up. i think they cleared up that overnight roadwork and looking at the restf the bay a smooth drive. we're watching a disabled big rig 680 at the bottom of your screen. we'll talk about that coming up. >> let's talk about the cooling mperatures. >> we've been talking about them, now we just want them. >> it was 93 in my garage. >> i know, me, too. too hot this week, so we're looking forward to a cooler air this weekend. let's talk about these temperatures. some upper 60s for the coast,
5:41 am
the bay reaching 81. and some of our warmer spots inland will only reach 87 degrees. for sunday, it's more of the same, even slightly lower in some spots, so it's going to be a nice one ahead, and we are helping to clear the shelters this weekend in berkeley, at the humane society, you'll see marcus and laura there, and it's going to be great throughout the day in berkeley, with our temperatures only reaching 74 degrees, compare that to the hot weather we've had this week. you might want to head over to fremont and check out the festival india. on saturday it will be great. we have nice weather for sunday as the festival continues, we're reaching 78 degrees with our high temperature at 3:00 in the afternoon. going to carmel valley, there we will see some cooling air as well. it's still going to be warm today when you get there, but by tomorrow, 82 degrees and 77 will be the high on sunday. napa valley also has some big cooling ahead. look at the temperature change
5:42 am
from friday today up to 98 degrees, 80 degrees tomorrow, and sunday 77 degrees. it's going to be nice there as well as russian river valley, reaching 93 degrees today but mid-70s by the end of the weekend. if you're planning to head to the sierra that's a look at squaw valley this morning. we'll reach up to 80 today but feel much more comfortable for your outdoor activities for saturday as well as sunday. let me know where you're headed. i i'm company@karihallweather on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> i just posted something funny on instagram, check it out. the green rush is on. the new numbers that show california's legal pot industry is having trouble competing with the black market. plus the 49ers rookie who is splitting a nearly $4,000 dinner bill and why his teammates left him to pay for it.
5:43 am
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. right now at 5:45 our microclimate weather alert continues because it's still going to be hot today. check out concord and our temperature trend, at 9:00, we're at 76 degrees. 86 degrees at 11:00 and 97 during the middle of the afternoon. take it easy, one more day after the cooldown comes. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. >> happening right there, thank you, ben for moving that camera. right there, we had chp that was weaving back and forth across
5:46 am
the southbound lanes of the nimitz, right there at 66 by the colise coliseum. a traffic break in full effect, traffic stopped, clearing a crash just outside of our camera's view. we'll track that and show you the slowdown and give you an alternate if you need it. >> 5:46. new video coming in this morning of an officer-involved shooting, this happened in solano county. vallejo police releasing body camera video showing a police officer firing at a trespassing suspect who was holding a knife. the shooting happened back in january. the police say the suspect edward gonzalez was trying to break into a storage shed. in the video you can hear the officer tell gonzalez to put down the knife several times. gonzalez refuses, tried to escape through a gate but can't. then turns and starts approaching the officer and that's when the officer shoots gonzalez at least four times. gonzalez was not killed. two investigations into police shootings are under way. two men accused of breaking into cars in palo alto may be connected to a bigger operation, according to police. investigators say that they stopped the two men last week
5:47 am
and found some stolen items and burglary equipment inside the vehicle. they believe the men were targeting vehicles in the stanford shopping center. the department is investigating whether the duo is connected to burglaries in other cities. the battle over assault weapons is expected to hit california. a lawsuit is challenging the state's current ban on the firearm, it comes after at least three mass shootings in one week, including the one in gilroy. a political action committee and three men from san diego say the law violates the second amendment. they want the right to use large capacity ammunition magazines in their legal rifles and pistols. a judge in april the same one in this case tossed out the state's nearly two decade old ban on buying or selling the products. despite being the world's largest legal pot maker, new numbers say the state's black market still booming. a new report says for every dollar users spend on products legally, $3 are being spent illegally. heavy tax rates are blamed on the illicit sales. there is some good news for the struggling legal market, it is
5:48 am
expected to grow to $3.1 billion by next year. several notable women in california politics will be in san francisco this afternoon, speaker of the house nancy pelosi, mayor london breed and state comptroller betty yee will contain the luncheon, aimed at electing women who are pro choice into office. one 49er rookie playing his dues. the bill was more than $3,700. >> he posted a story on instagram saying he's glad he doesn't have to do this again "rookie dues." he took the team to shanahan steakhouse before their exhibition game against the broncos monday. fyi the restaurant is owned by mike shanahan the father of current 49ers coach kyle. i don't know. >> trying to look at what they ordered, i saw rib eyes and lobster mac and cheese. >> ching ching, ching ching.
5:49 am
all right, so high numbers on that bill, high numbers on the temperatures. >> we've been setting some records here, but i am so happy that the weekend doesn't look as hot, and it looks beautiful starting out this morning, from our san bruno mountain camera looking at san francisco and the hazy sunrise that we have under way. our air quality still remains an issue, especially for the santa clara valley, the inland east bay and that's the reason why the air district issued another spare the air alert day. as we go into this afternoon we have hot temperatures for some of our inland areas in solano county and lake county there is an excessive heat warning that will be in effect from 11:00 to 8:00 p.m. there may be some isolated areas reaching up to 108 degrees there. and we still have school in session for san jose. getting through the first few days of school, and we're going to see those temperatures at 67
5:50 am
degrees on the way in, but heading out it's going to be in the low 90s, a lot of sunshine, and another hot day, eventually hitting 97 degrees. we'll see a high of 102 in concord. napa reaching 98 degrees, and in san francisco, expect a high of 79. so as you're looking out the window, and you're getting dressed this morning, whatever you can wear to stay cool today, sleeveless shirt and shorts or something lightweight and light colored. we will have some changes ahead. as we go into the weekend, we'll start to see our wind shift and we'll also get some breezy winds that will bring in a cool ocean breeze. by next week there will be a weak storm system approaching the pacific northwest but we'll also have our inland temperatures heating up once again. we're up to 101 today, still some dangerous heat, and some upper 80s for tomorrow, mid 80s for sunday into monday, and then heating up into the mid-90s and san francisco expect our temperatures to also come down, looks like a nice weekend ahead. mike, you've been tracking
5:51 am
several issues, now in oakland. >> that's right, i'm actually you saw the traffic break just after the break we saw the traffic break, saw it stop southbound 101, just releasing traffic right now, where the arrow is, there was a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. chp stopped traffic just before the 66 overcrossing and it looks like all the activity isolated to the far right lane they may slowly be helping the vehicle out of the roadway. that is the jam coliseum. recovery 23rd as the crews cleared from overnight roadwork. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup but light on the maze on the approach. contra costa county does move smoothly although the hot temperatures walnut creek, pittsburg, pleasanton starting school, a tough first week. tough right now for northbound 680, since early this morning we've had a disabled big rig blocking your right two lanes. hasn't been a problem until the volume started to build in the last ten minutes.
5:52 am
we see slowing approaching montague expressway north 680, stay to your left, we're waiting for a big rig tow truck to get there. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly, watch for that near montague. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, california isn't the only place with wildfire concerns this morning. hundreds of homes south of denver are being evacuated right now. a wildfire has only burned 13 acres so far, but it's dangerously close to neighborhoods. at least 300 homes are under evacuation orders. air support should start as soon anze the sun rises. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. 5:52, the self-driving century inching close per. next and new this hour the delivery service testing driverless semis and what they're going to look like. plus vandals in paradise, shocking video that's going viral this morning, the hawaiian hotel where a woman destroyed a sand sculpture. you're watching "today in the bay." here's one you guys will like.
5:53 am
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i clear the shelter this is weekend, adopt this pup named laura garcia. yeah, you want to take her home? they're saying the dog is very spirited. >> oh. >> yeah, right? >> just like you. >> i also posted something on instagram this morning.
5:56 am
follow me, laura garcia nbc, and we hope to see you out as we clear the shelter this is weekend, with he'll be at berkeley humane tomorrow morning. a dirty deed landed one young man in jail. >> he jumped a bunch of dirt on his girlfriend's car. look at the pictures, this happened east of pensacola along florida's gulf coast. the county sheriff says that hunter mills asked his girlfriend to come to the location to talk. she showed up in someone else's car and refused to answer a question, so they say that he used the front-end loader and dumped a bucket of dirt on the roof of that car. look at that. even landed inside that car as well. so she said she was inside the car, but not hurt but the windows were open so of course all that mud and dirt went inside. he can be charged with felony criminal mischief there. >> wow. i wonder what the question was.
5:57 am
hmm. >> will you marry me maybe? >> i doubt that. >> 5:56 for you right now. ups is testing self-dry semitrucks. >> in partnership with true simple ups has been quietly testing autonomous trucks in arizona since may. they transport goods between phoenix and tucson. a driver and engineer have been tracking safety data and transportation time. ups announced it has a minority investment in true simple but didn't disclose terms of the deal. if you've ever forgotten your driver's license but remembered your phone, welcome news. >> some states are starting to officer digital drivers license. mobile i.d.s are rolling out in ten states this year. we can't find anything about digital license in california. they work exactly like you think they would, biometric automation ensures only you can access your i.d. during a traffic stop, officers could simply ping your phone to
5:58 am
verify your i.d., but there are some road blocks. >> there are some folks who won't have smartphones and folks who can't afford smartphones, you'll see the same reluctance to transition with digital i.d.s. >> one more positive as much as everyone loves visiting the dmv, more mobile functionality could mean you have to go there less often. if you're eyeing a trip to hawaii, you'll have more options out of the bay area. >> southwest adding more flights to hawaii with new destination cities out of oakland and san jose. oakland flights will go to kona, san jose flights to kauai. flights start in january. in hawaii shocking video to share, the search is on for a woman who vandalized a large sand sculpture at the royal hawaiian hotel. look at her. she's throwing several objects at it, then actually stepped over a barrier to claw at the
5:59 am
sculpture with her hands. she knocked the head off the statue. a second woman there recording it all on her phone. honolulu police say it happened monday night. they have no idea what her motive was, why she would do such a thing. it's sad. >> she must have been drinking but that's still no excuse. >> expect tighter security and more spirited fans at cal games this season. >> memorial stadium will have metal detectors at every gate. berkeley is expanding alcohol sales at college games. there will be eight places to buy booze instead of just two. of course, you have to be 21 years old to do that, and you have to buy a special wristband for anyone who will serve you. no alcohol is allowed in the student or family section. an overnight brush fire. our photographer seeing these flames on his drive to work. we're live this morning with the impact it had on 101, just hours after another fire in southern santa clara county. a night without power,
6:00 am
lights out for people across the bay area and at one point, more than 50,000 people impacted in the north bay alone. this morning, we're asking questions about how it happened. and slowing you down. the track work starting this weekend in a crucial commuter spot in contra costa yount coun. the major impact it will have on b.a.r.t. and drivers in a key corridor. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's friday. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is going to get us through the morning with the commute in just a bit. first we want to talk about the hot temperatures that we're going to experience again today. >> i notice that it's all lit up in red. we're still in a microclimate weather alert because of the hot temperatures. we'll still see some triple-digits again today. a live look in dublin if you can make plans carpool or catch public transit on this spare the air alert day. dublin b.a.r.t. station


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