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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 16, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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. right now at 11:00, we'rishinguing a microclimate weather alert. another hot one on tap and temperatures in the triple-digits are expected. it is now the third day in a row. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have team coverage for you. nbc bay area's thom jenson live in the heat in san jose but first we start with kari hall in the air-conditioned studio. the air-conditioning will be running for people with access to it. >> right. and if you don't, we try to give you the latest information. bca is giving free rides to anyone to a cooling center.
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as we look outside in the tri-valley, one of the spots heating up and dealing with air quality. it is a spare the air alert day with the inland east bay and high levels of ozone as well as carbon emissions and that as we are going to see an excessive heat warning in effect for solano and lake county. we're seeing a heat advisory for much of the north bay and the inland east bay and we're going to have this last day of triple-digit temperatures. look at where we are right now. we haven't even made it to noon yet and it is 96 degrees in fairfield. that is the current temperature. it is 91 in livermore. and santa rosa at 80 degrees. while san francisco is at 74. our temperatures heat up, continuing to go up for the rest of the day. as we see some spots in the upper 90s. briefly hitting the 100 degrees and then coming back down as we go into the evening. i do think we'll see much more
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of a stronger breeze later on tonight that will help cool us off and a cooler weekend ahead. so we'll talk more about that in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you. it has been a busy fire season over the past couple of weeks and several wildfires starting across the bay area. the south bay has really felt it within the past 24 hours with two fires starting near homes and businesses. >> nbc bay area's thom jenson is live at the scene of the largest of the fires in san jose. and this was scary for a while because of how fast it was moving to the homes. we watched it on tv and it was really frightening. >> reporter: we were all watching that. and they really attacked the fire. it came within a couple of hundred of yards. a pg&e crew up there making sure the lines and towers are okay. the fire started after a truck hit a power pole on the other side of the hill and that pole fell on the crispy grasses below and started the fire. it moved very rapidly through
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the grasses and brush. and grew to 75 acres pretty quickly. 15 homes had to be evacuated. but bulldozer operators and firefighters and a constant air attack by fire retardant had it contained within hours. neighbors told us repeatedly how thankful they are for the quick action. >> very good. they did a real good job. i'm very proud of them. >> but it is -- too close to comfort in my estimation. >> when i came in, i saw it. it moved rapidly and the fire services -- >> within 30 cents. >> the fire service did a wonderful job. >> 13 years ago a fire came down the same hillside and burned within 30 feet of the homes this time neighbors were fortunate to avoid not ome the flames but also the smoke as winds blew it away from the neighborhood and back up into the hills. it is a dangerous time for fire
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starts during the heat wave. this morning another fire started along highway 101 just outside of gilroy near the monterey street exit. again crews got on it fast and had it contained to less than an acre but it did burn up to the fence line of a business. and homeowners told us again here was they think the city of san jose needs to put in some fire hydrants, at least one fire hydrant at the end of the road and the nearest one is up the road and they would feel better protected if they had a fire hydrant here. thom jenson, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so you could keep track of what is going on with this weather as those extreme temperatures continue to rise. you could go to our nbc bay area app and keep track of it there at the palm of your hand. this weekend, a big heads up around the east bay this weekend. if you are using b.a.r.t. or
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driving along contra costa county you might hit delays. bob redell is in walnut creek to tell us why one project in particular is important enough to cause problems for commuters. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. tracks will be shut down between walnut creek b.a.r.t. me and orinda. this is the first of six weekend shutdowns that will be taking place on different weekends through october including labor day weekend. county connection and a.c. transit will provide free bus service between the stations. there is also a road closure to be aware of. starting at 11:00 and through the weekend, the two left lane as long highway 24 eastbound knee lafayette and oak hill road will be closed so workers could position a 265-ton crane and other heavy equipment being used for repairs. as far as the work being done, crews are replacing 50-year-old track components which b.a.r.t. said will improve noise level on trains and give passengers a smoother ride. >> i think they are terrific. you have to fix things and do
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maintenance. otherwise things break down. >> well it is what it is. it is -- it does need improvements. >> reporter: even with the buss in place between orinda and walnut creek during the track shutdowns, riders should still expect delays of up to 40 minutes and drivers along highway 24, delays of up to 30 minutes. here in walnut creek, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. well u.s. representative rashida tlaib is canceling her trip to israel. a michigan democrat and first palestinian american representative planned to visit the west bank. israel blocked her entry citing concerns over sorting a group promoting a boycott of israel and after comments from president trump. israel later said tlaib could visit her relatives on humanitarian grounds but with restrictions on what she could say. she rejected the conditions, canceling the trip saying in part that her grandmother was not -- would not want her to be
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silenced. [ bell ] and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange, good news out of there. the dow climbs 300 points sitting right now at 299 points. this is a bond yields jump from historic lows. later today more victims are expected to be released from the hospital following the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival and once again the gilroy community coming together to show a united front following that attack. the band that was performing when the shooting happened two weeks ago took to the stage again last night for the first time since the shooting. ♪ note ♪ >> like so many that day, the members of tin man took cover and last night it was about trying to get back to normal. they held a concert at the san jose municipal golf course and they dedicated that performance to the victims. >> i started to think about,
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gee, wouldn't it be nice to get through the entire performance and not have any interruptions and we end up with a smile on our faces and the audiences' faces. >> and the donations are being donated to the gilroy foundation. an assault suspect is ordered to wear a ankle bracelet to track his location, he is the man caught in this video attacking the woman along the embarcadero in san francisco. this video is stirring up controversy over a nearby navigation center that some will create more problems like this one. 25-year-old austin vincent was released from jail after he pleaded not guilty to several felony charges. the judge allowed his release despite the district attorney recommend keeping him in custody. the san francisco police officers association is demanding an investigation into that judge and said the judge's decision to release the suspect put the public in danger. >> i do believe he needed mental
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health intervention and there are places to put him to keep himself and the public safe and the judge didn't allow that to happen. >> the victim wants the judge removed from the bench altogether. a new video coming in of an officer-involved shooting in solano county. video shows a police officer firing at trespassers holding a knife. now this happened back in january. police say the suspect is edward gonzalez and trying to break into a storage shed. in the video you could hear the officer tell him to put down the knife several times. gonzalez refuses. tried to escape through a gate but then can't and started to approach the officer. that is when the officer shots gonzalez at least four times. gonzalez was not killed. two investigations into the police shooting are now underway. coming up next, more protests are expected in hong kong when millions are going to demonstrate and -- in the
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streets. >> and now apps causing concerns for parents. the dangerous of anonymous chatting apps that you need to know about. and clear the shelters is tomorrow and coming up after the break, i'll introduce to you my name's sake, a black lab and her name is vianey. i'll introduce you to this sweetie and kiddies here coming up. stay with us.
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heading into the weekend, there are protest planned in several parts of hong kong. a developing story now aheading to the weekend. there are protests planned in several parts of hong kong. the biggest demonstration is expected on sunday and is organized by a group that back in june brought an estimated 1 million to 2 million people in the streets. over the last ten weeks the protest has grown from anger over an extradition bill now to a wider range of concerns about
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hong kong autonomy and the need for chinese to honor the special status. the protests escalated along with police violence against them. and to a hidden danger that could be on your child's phone. we're talking about the so-called anonymous chat apps that are growing in popularity. nbc's savannah sellers joins us with the real eye-opener. >> they were just typing they know where we live and they were coming to our home. and it was just scary. >> he pulled his pants down and then he says you do the same too. >> people having their private parts out. >> reporter: young adults whose parents can talk to them sharing pretty disturbing stories of their interactions with strangers online. >> it was disturbing and shocking. >> reporter: they admit the apps and websites that randomly connect users for a live text to voice or even video chat. the anonymous platforms were created for spontaneous
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discussion but can lead to inappropriate behavior. and it is alarming law enforcement nationwide. >> the most frightening thing for me as your sheriff is the access and exposure that children have every day to the apps and these individuals who we continue to arrest. >> in bay city, michigan, a man was recently accused of soliciting sex from a minor on the website omega. >> these are like the wild, wild west and no rules of road and they are designed that way so if you are considered about grooming for sexual predators then caution your kid going on the app. >> and here is the tag line to talk to stranks and over 19,000 people are online right now. the website does acknowledge there are predators on there and yet the only mention of age, you must be 18 plus or 13 with parental permission and yet no way to prove that. you could type in what you are interesting in and hit talk and in a few seconds you're chatting
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with a stranger. >> some other concerning apps you may see on your kids phone, chat live and hola, bother random and chitter an anonymous text chat to randomly connect with girls and boys in no time and no log-in required and it calls it secretive, quick and fun. >> so around 12 or 13. >> so sixth or seventh grade and an older man is saying what are you into? >> yeah. >> reporter: for parents expes say know what apps your kids are using. >> you are are your kids' parental concern and that comes from dialogue. >> keeping up with technology. that is scary. so we reached out to the apps in question. only chitter responded saying that the app is not for children under 17 and parents should teach their kids not to talk to strangers. kaiser permanente workers across the state are set to go on strike.
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37,000 employees voted in favor of walking off the job in october. they range from nurses and x-ray technicians to phone operators and janitors. all of them working under an expired national contract since september. this is video from when mental health workers at kaiser went on strike in july in san francisco. b.a.r.t. is responding to homeless and clean-up issues at some of the stations. many passengers have recently taken to social media to raise concerns about dirty needles and homeless people sleeping in the hallway. they are planning to hire 15 cleaners over the next few months to focus on cleaning stations in downtown san francisco and on a weekly basis. well, we are just one day away from the big day. tomorrow we are working to clear the shelters across the bay area. it is on our annual push to find hundreds of animals their forever homes.
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>> vianey is live in milpitas and some have been named after us and it is cute and you have several named after you. one is a chicken. that is darn cute, i have to say. >> reporter: i saw the chicken, the best thing that ever happened to me is being named after a chicken or the chicken got named after me. i don't know which comes first, the chicken or the egg. i'm tweet it out so you could see what i'm talking about. i'm hanging out here. look at these cute kitties. they have several kittens, with the green eyes and very playful and ready to go home to a family. and i've got a chicken but i also have this gorgeous lab and her namesake is vianey. and i have carol with me here, the president of the humane society of silicon valley. so tell us about vianey. >> she is 6 years old and a lab mix full of energy and she would do great with an active family. somebody who likes to go on hikes and does well with kids
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and other dogs and great family dog. >> reporter: and i've been showing off how well mannered they are. do we want to show her. show off vianey. good girl. so she's for a family with energy and active lifestyle. i could just imagine her running along the coast at the beach in san francisco, so tell me about saturday and sunday because you will be open both days. >> we are. saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 6:00 at all three of the locations in milpitas and petco sunnyvale and petco west san jose. >> and how many animals? >> we'll have 160 animals, dogs are $40, kittens are $20 and cats are $10. >> reporter: what are two things people need to consider before coming in with a family to adopt a pet. >> make sure you are ready and that you have the time and energy to devote to taking care of an animal. and just the sheer reward that comes from saving a life and welcoming an animal into your family is rewarding.
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>> i agree. so remember come check out vianey. i'm going to want to take her out on a walk and back to you in the studio. we hope to see you tomorrow for the clear the shelters event. >> little vianey is cute. i'm sure she'll get picked by a family soon. >> we sure hope so. and we have a tally of how many animals have been adopted into their forever homes on our website. find that under the clear the shelters section of just a reminder, it is tomorrow and we would love to see you out there. waived or reduced adoption fees on saturday so you know that saying there is no such thing as a free puppy. it won't be free tomorrow. >> and the weather is going to be nice. so no excuse. no excuse. once you get your new friend, maybe spend more time together outside, enjoy the sunshine. it is going to be cooler. here is a look at our cool view from tiburon with all clear skies and our temperatures heating up. also warming up along the mendocino coast.
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we're at 74 degrees. and not a cloud anywhere. but we will see some changes tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a minute. let's gut through our temperature trend in san jose. we're heading into the upper 90s this afternoon. and it is going to be hot all r the rest of the afternoon. at 6:00 we're still in the low 90s. but after that, it should start to come down just a few more degrees. we're seeing more 90s here in the south bay. not expecting as many of the triple-digits but it is still going to reach there over the century mark in concord today, 102 degrees. in pleasanton 100 there and in fremont 94. 86 in san mateo. and san francisco will see a few spots reaching into the low 80s. but mostly 70s there. and clear lake today up to 101. napa today reaching 98 degrees. so it is very hot. this high pressure that has caused extreme heat starts to move away and allows for cooler
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air, a change in the wind direction and also the fog rebuilding near the coast with the winds blowing in. it is going to help cool us off. next week there will be a storm system starting to approach the pacific northwest but i think for the middle of next week, our inland valley will heat up. so enjoy the weekend while it is still cool. the fremont festival of india will happen tomorrow as well as sunday. and we're looking at highs in the upper 70s there. and of course we talked about this clear the shelters. if you want to join marcus and laura tomorrow morning, they'll be in berkeley. it is in the upper 60s to tart and then into the mid-70s in berkeley throughout the day. half moon bay stays cool. look at these temperatures. if you've had a hot week and you just want to enjoy a cool breeze, head to the coast. half moon bay will only see a high of 64 degrees tomorrow afternoon. in the sierra, looking at squaw creek resort and right now it is going to reach up to 80 degrees
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but tomorrow 79 and then 76 degrees on sunday. our seven-day forecast shows some pretty big cooler after today. 87 degrees in the inland valley. 84 degrees on sunday. and we do start out the week still with nice weather. but then we do still have that warm-up headed our way. those hot temperatures return for the middle of the next week and for san francisco upper 70s, low 80s today. but once that fog comes back, we're in the 60s for the weekend into early next week. and then we'll see a little bit more clearing for next wednesday and thursday. but it look like this cooldown won't last that long. so we better take it in this weekend. >> don't you worry about that. >> coming up, there are a lot of events this weekend. all across the bay area. so after you help clear the shelters, we have other celebrations you could go to. but first, happening now, greenland said it is not for sale. but open for business. the source tells nbc news that
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the white house counsel has looked into the possibility of president trump buying greenland. the president told advisers last swing that denmark was having financial issues due to the subsidies it pays to greenland and wondered if they should purchase it. well, greenland is an autonomous danish territory with a population of more than 40,000 and has natural resources such as coal and uranium. i wonder how much an island cost nowadays. we'll look right after the break.
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well the temperatures cooling down this weekend. so spend some time outside. >> mike inouye has one minute to tells us about all of the events. >> okay. this weekend in addition to clear the shelters, saturday only, you could explore the bay's largest free outdoor celebration of the african diaspora at loel park in oakland and it is swahili for unity and join food from the africa many regions. india independence day was thursday and this week's festival showcasing the world's largest democracy, india and both days have a music fest and fair and they promise dozens of floats and cars with local and international celebrities and on the peninsula we'll celebrate on a local road, burlingame on the avenue, with jazz and rock and blues and acts featuring the culture of mexico, and japan and
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the emerald isle in the u.k. and bell plastics in hayward offers a collection of giant vintage fiberglass statutes from around the way and muffler man and a texas side cowboy and a doggy head and a free hot doggy lunch. mmm. >> mmm indeed. >> kari, so finally some relief for us. >> right. we just have to make it through today. it is still dangerously hot, hence the microclimate weather alert. and the spare the air alert as well. but upper 80s and then some mid-80s for the rest of the weekend. we'll be back to the normal weather and normal for san francisco means fog. so we'll see that again in the morning. >> because the temperatures are going to be so nice there. there is no excuse to join us this weekend. we're going to be at animal shelters throughout the bay area. this is a look at the humane society in milpitas. just one of the beautiful dogs up for adoption. this is little vianey. find laura and myself at the
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berkeley humane society tomorrow morning and come out and support us throughout the bay area. i posted on my facebook page to find out to type in your zip code and find out the closest one to you. >> so we'll see you there tomorrow. >> bye. have a great day. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa!
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oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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right now on "california live live.". >> we're setting sail in santa barbara. >> cheers. >> we're riding the waves. >> i got this. >> hitting the beach on horseback. >> look at this view and coastline. this is heaven. >> and sipping our way through the fun zone. >> and i hear that one of the wines was served at the white house? the obama white house. >> we're discovering beautiful places to stay. >> you have the most spectacular presidential suite. >> and incredible places to play. >> delicious dishes and wishes. >> come on and join our weekend


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