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tv   Today  NBC  August 19, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good note for fremont, paseo padre reopened after a crash, a pedestrian was hit sadly but the roadway is reopened. >> that does to for us this morning for "today in the bay." the fun does not stop here, go to us on facebook live right now. good morning. good morning summer scorcher. a dangerous heat wave about to blanket the country from texas to new england more than 60 million americans affected record highs expected along the east coast after a weekend of storms caused travel chaos, where the new threat of severe weather is today. pushing back president trump downplays fears the economy is on the slide. >> i don't think we're having a recession. we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich >> but with the market's roller coaster, what to expect this week appalled prince andrew's new statement about jeffrey epstein, as new
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speculation swirls about their friendship the nfl player ripping jay-z over his new deal with the league all that, plus takedown. the nfl player ripping jay-z over his new deal with the league. survivor >> right there is the stitches >> a 9-year-old girl, the latest victim at the florida beach called the shark bite capital of the world. and uninvited. who is the mysterious woman going from wedding to wedding stealing gifts and cash? police on the trail of a real-life wedding crasher. today, monday, august 19th, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza morning, everybody welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on this monday morning already a little steamy outside. >> yeah, it was a great weekend but it was a hot weekend. >> yes i hope you like it because there's more where that came from it's our top story, the
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sweltering temperatures on the heels of nasty weekend storms, too. we have dylan in for al this morning. >> good morning. it'll be hotter today but we won't see widespread storms. today it's jus we can focus on the heat 65 million people are under a heat advisory or heat warning from the plains to the midwest, down through texas, and also across the northeast up through new york, philadelphia, d.c., even boston, we are going to see that heat index up to about 95 to 100 degrees. several areas across the northeast and new england will be within 2 degrees of breaking a record high temperature. i think a lot of areas could tie the record high, like westfield, massachusetts. the record is 92 that's what we're forecasting. record in new york is 94 we should see 92 today 94 in philadelphia would tie a record washington, d.c., the record is 98 we're forecasting a high of 96 tomorrow, we are going to see
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things cool off just a touch across new england the heat will still be very high in new york city most likely hitting the heat wave in new york city tomorrow washington, d.c., heat index will be 103. it starts to cool off across the great lakes. as we go through later in the week, louisville stays hot through wednesday. it cools off a bit by thursday and friday atlanta stays warm all through the week and into philadelphia by friday, it'll feel a whole lot better as temperatures drop to 82 degrees. more typical for this time of year craig? >> dylan, thank you. also this morning, president trump is attempting to downplay growing concerns that the u.s. economy could be headed for a recession. the economy isn't the only issue he is facing as he returns to washington following a vacation. we have two reports this morning, starting with nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, craig. good morning yeah, a lot of eyes watching to
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see how wall street does this week even in the face of some economic warning signs, the president and his top aides are now brushing off fears of a recession down the road. the president projecting positivity after a week on wall street that was anything but >> i don't see a recession >> reporter: he's downplaying a key indicator that signals an economic downturn, with the stock market on shaky ground in part because of the trade war with china. >> the tariffs have caused nothing, in my opinion, or certainly very little. >> reporter: the president postponed a new round of tariffs on china until mid december as he looks for leverage for what he calls china's unfair trade practices. >> if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up, but it wouldn't be the right thing to do i'm not ready to make a deal yet. china would like to make a deal. i'm not ready. >> reporter: advisers point to the relatively low unemployment rate and retail sales. >> we're doing pretty darn well in my judgment let's not be afraid of optimism. i think there is an optimistic economy going on out there >> reporter: the president is hoping a healthy economy will help him win come election day, but some democrats hoping to replace him argue it is americans getting hurt by his policies.
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>> he is completely out of touch with the impact it is going to have on the prices we pay for our goods as a result of a trade war in which both sides will lose >> reporter: when it comes to 2020, joe biden now facing his own challenges our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll showing the front runner wita dramatic drop in the last year and a half last january, before joe biden entered the race, he enjoyed a 54% popularity rating. now, it is down 20 points to 34% after the former vice president went from standing above the political fray to entering it. fighting off attacks from opponents inside his own party and going on attack against president trump. >> indeed, we have a president with a toxic tongue who is publicly and unapologetically embracing the political strategy
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of hate, racism, and division. >> so, hallie, we just saw and heard, joe biden's approval ratings there. what about the president's latest numbers >> reporter: our new poll shows his approval rating ticked down a couple of points in just about the last month to 43%. that is still within the margin of error the president is clearly not pleased with his standing among americans right now. he is out arguing on twitter that his numbers would be higher if the media, in his view, gave him a fair shake craig? >> hallie jackson at the white house. thank you. the push for the president and congress to get tougher on guns is growing louder demonstrations held in all 50 states over the weekend. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that miguel, good morning >> reporter: savannah, good morning. it's been two weeks since the gunman opened fire at a walmart in el paso, texas, killing 22 people again just hours later, another gunman killed 9 at a popular bar in dayton, ohio. the twin attacks reigniting calls for something to be done about mass shootings that have become all too common in this country. >> what do we want >> reporter: with mounting frustration across the country, a renewed call for action.
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people in communities coming together in all 50 states, demanding lawmakers do something to address gun violence. >> we want background checks we want red flag laws. it's just common sense >> reporter: the so-called recess rallies taking aim at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who has resisted calls to bring lawmakers back from summer recess to vote on a pair of background check bills passed by the house. >> i should not be here with you today. i should be on the floor of the united states senate right now >> reporter: mcconnell has said expanded background checks will be front and center when congress returns in september. >> we're out here, here today, and all across the country, to tell them it is time to get back to work and do something about gun violence >> reporter: the calls for change come just weeks after a string of mass shootings in gilroy, california, dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, that
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left 34 people dead. on sunday, democrats putting pressure on the president to act. >> he wants something to happen. i'm saying, president trump, this is yours. it doesn't happen unless you stand up and you have a bill you basically support, and this is your piece of legislation. it should be a gun sense bill that makes sense to all gun owners. >> reporter: while the president has expressed a willingness to expand background checks, the gun lobby has pushed back. in a statement, nra leader wayne la pierre saying the group opposes any new restrictions on gun rights, adding the proposals being discussed by many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton. >> end gun violence. >> reporter: for many, the response unwelcome, as the call for gun control grows louder with congress in recess until september, we're hearing the house judiciary committee will return earlier than expected they're expected to vote on september 4th on a number of gun safety measures, including a ban
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on high capacity magazines, a federal red flag law, and a bill that would prevent someone convicted of a hate crime from purchasing a gun. savannah >> miguel, thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. amid ongoing tensions between washington and tehran, lester holt is giving us a rare look inside iran. he joins us now from the iranian capital. lester, good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning. those tensions being ratcheted up even as we speak this morning. iranian officials issuing a stern warning to the united states not to interfere or try to seize on iranian oil tankers that have just been released from gibraltar it is sailing right now for greece
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the u.s. tried to stop its release. also, officials here are rejecting president trump's claim that iran is ready to open talks. i spoke a short while ago with the speaker of the parliament here says no talks and no back channel talks. i spoke to foreign minister zarif about the risk of war in the region you don't think iran would act militarily to end the strangle hold >> we will not we have never done that in the past 250 years we have defended ourselves, and we have taught good lessons to those who invaded us. >> reporter: do you think the military option is on the plate for the trump administration if maximum pressure doesn't work? >> well, this has been a policy tenant for u.s. governments to say no option is off the table i think that is not based on what we have all agreed in the united nations charter that the use of force is illegal. threat of use of force is illegal.
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>> reporter: i've also been speaking with iranians in their homes, in cafes, and in their places of work, measuring the impact of the sanitations, how they view these situations right now, and their thoughts and fears about open conflict, craig. >> what do you find there? the u.s. policy is of maximum pressure are iranians feeling that pressure who is it hitting? >> reporter: they are. yeah, officials firmly acknowledge this is causing some pain you look at the skyline behind me, and you'll see skeletons of buildings they could never afford to finish they are finding products that find their way into this country, things like computers that shouldn't be sold here are coming in through a gray market, third-party countries. officials here think they will survive this. >> lester holt for us in tehran this morning thank you. you can, of course, see more of his exclusive reports from iran tonight on a special edition of "nbc nightly news," 6:30 eastern, 5:30 central. afghan's president is vowing to eliminate all isis safe havens after a deadly wedding attack claimed by a local affiliate of isis. at least 63 people were killed
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including women and children when a suicide bomber struck a wedding hall in kabul on saturday more than 180 people were injured. the attack comes as the u.s. nears a deal with the taliban that would allow the u.s. to withdraw troops from the country. in exchange, the taliban would agree not to harbor islamic extremist groups. now to a story out of the white house that's getting a lot of attention the president himself now confirming what we first reported last week, that he really is interested in buying greenland. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell joins us with the latest on this one. good morning. >> good morning, craig president trump, true to his roots, sees greenland as a potential real estate deal the only problem, denmark, which owns greenland, says the island is not for sale. >> reporter: returning to washington, the president confirming it is no joking matter he really is interested in acquiring greenland from denmark, a u.s. ally >> strategically, it is interesting, and would be interested we'll talk to them a little bit.
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>> reporter: saying while it is not a front burner issue, he's definitely looking at it. >> essentially, it is a large real estate deal a lot of things could be done. it's hurting denmark badly because they're losing almost $700 million a year carrying it. so they carry it at a grea loss, and strategically for the united states, it would be nice. >> reporter: denmark's prime minister visiting greenland says not so fast. telling local media, greenland is not for sale. greenland is not danish. greenland belongs to greenland adding, she strongly hopes this is not meant seriously in fact, the u.s. looked into buying greenland twice before. once in 1867 and again in 1946 under president harry truman both attempts failing. the u.s. does have an air force base in northern greenland, but some residents there find president trump's interest in buying greenland insulting. >> it feels as if he's very patronizing
7:14 am
>> he thinks he can buy greenland but you can't. i'm sorry. it's the people. it's the country it's the culture. >> reporter: president trump is going to denmark later this month at the end of an upcoming european trip. his top economic adviser says he does know a thing or two about buying real estate you have to think the president's interest in greenland could make for some awkward conversations with his danish hosts craig and savannah >> one would think so. andrea mitchell for us in washington thank you. we move to louisiana now where investigators are trying to figure out what caused a tragic plane trash that took the life of a beloved journalist in new orleans. gabe gutierrez is at the airport where the plane took off good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nancy parker spent more than 20 years of her career here in new orleans. this city had her heart. she was working on a feature story on friday when her plane took off from this airport and
7:15 am
it crashed a short time later. now, friends and colleagues are remembering a legendary storyteller. the streets of new orleans filled with music. ♪ to honor a woman the city trusted with its stories for decades. >> she was a great newscaster, a great person >> good morning. i'm nancy parker >> reporter: nancy parker, a dedicated storyteller, was killed while doing the job she loved. the mother of three was flying in a stunt plane on friday as part of a piece on franklin augustus, a trailblazing air show pilot. >> we can do many things with this plane. >> reporter: the ntsb says the plane went down shortly after take-off the call to control tower said he was having problems but didn't specify what was wrong and asked to return. witnesses told investigators it appeared the plane had engine trouble. >> all i could think was, oh, my god. i have to get wherever they are. maybe they got out. >> we are breaking into programming with heartbreaking
7:16 am
news >> reporter: parker's colleagues at the local fox station are remembering the veteran reporter >> i think she had a sincerity about her. a genuineness that came across on tv in a way that is very difficult to do and very few people have that >> reporter: parker's husband wrote on facebook, my heart is shattered. the dearest and most wonderful person in my life is gone. she was our road map, our compass, guiding light i'm lost without my wife louisiana lawmakers an sports stars including new orleans saints quarterback drew brees are also paying quarterback. a journalist who captured the city she loved with every story, always looking for the next one. >> my philosophy is, never, ever look down on anyone, and never think that you're better than anybody. if somebody comes to you and says, i have a story to tell, you listen
7:17 am
>> reporter: just a heartbreaking loss parker's family created a scholarship in her name to help those in her home state of alabama. craig and savannah >> gabe, thank you >> of course, our friend hoda worked and lived there in new orleans for years, as well over the weekend, she also paid tribute to nancy parker. hoda calling her an incredible journalist and a phenomenal mother, as well. of course, our thoughts and prayers are with that family mother of three. >> that's heartbreaking. it is 17 after the hour. let's get a check of the weather, ms. dylan. >> yes so many people will be feeling the heat today, especially down through texas, the midwest we could see record highs in the northeast. down through florida, it is hot and muggy. we also have the continued flood threat it's been raining for days where some areas, especially through the big bend, picked up nearly a foot of rainfall we will see more of the thunderstorms today. the west coast looks beautiful lots of sunshine hot in the southwest beautiful along the coast. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds
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♪ all the color in, all the color in the world ♪ ♪ i'm uncovering, i'm uncovering ♪ ♪ oooooh bring color to life with the very best paint, only at your sherwin-williams store. bpts to see temperatures topping out in the upper 60s. breezy conditions will continue in through the afternoon. oakland 72. 83 degrees through concord. antioch at 84. 82 degrees for san jose, mostly clear skies for inland areas but we'll keep cloud cover through the coastline through the evening. >> that's your latest forecast
7:19 am
>> dylan, thank you so much. just ahead, britain's prince andrew breaking his silence. what he is saying for the first time about his ties to sex offender jeffrey epstein. also, jay-z under fire this morning over that new deal with the nfl. why one current player and supporter of colin kaepernick's says it is a slap in the face. first, this is "today" on nbc. . we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good morning toy. within the last half hour police told us about a deadly shooting near williamsburg drive north of camp bem. two men were shot. one of the victims was treated at the scene. the other died on the way to the hospital. right now, police are only saying the circumstances are under investigation and no suspects have been identified. the man who died is being withhold until his next of kin are notified. his name is being withheld. anyone who saw something is asked to contact san jose police. let's look at the forecast. vianey arana is in for kari hall this morning. >> you probably look out your window and thought it's a little
7:27 am
cloudy. this is what it looks like now in san jose. it certainly is. we have some drizzle overnight, it's about 61 degrees. through the afternoon inland areas including the south bay will get some good clearing, a combination of sun and clouds. the coastline will keep the cloudy conditions, a high of about 67 in san francisco. it's also going to be breezy this afternoon. so keep that in mind if you're hanging out anywhere along the coastline, even in through the interior valleys. over the next seven days we'll keep the upper 60s for san francisco through tuesday, and then by wednesday and thursday, when that high pressure starts to build in from the west, we're going to really begin to see our temperatures start to climb into the mid and upper 90s. mike? >> in the south bay, we've seen the gradual build, pretty much right on schedule, closer to 7:30, cecil convalley wake up and hit the road. the rest of the bay also right on schedule, slowing south 880 through hayward and fremont and south 680 through pleasanton and in toward sunol. the walnut creek interchange more traffic and walnut creek
7:28 am
orinda stations open on time for this morning's b.a.r.t. commute. the bay bridge, there it is. back to you. >> i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
it is monday morning, the 19th of august, 2019. great crowd out on our plaza happy to see them on our little corner of rockefeller plaza. >> we'll get out there in a moment by the way, we have a lot to look forward to this morning, even more tomorrow morning fresh off that historic performance at the u.s. gymnastics championships, a sixth title, and landing, yes, two unbelievable new moves, simone biles herself is going to be joining us for an exclusive, live interview that's tomorrow. >> i hope we play the routine on a loop i could watch it all day long. let's get right to the headlines of the morning the heat is on
7:31 am
more than 60 until people under heat alerts this morning with extreme heat alerts from texas to southern new england. record highs are possible across the northeast. places like philadelphia, washington, d.c. temperatures in many areas are expected to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average. dylan is going to be back in a few with a full forecast. an ohio man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly made threats toward a jewish center. police say 20-year-old james reardon posted a video on instagram last month that shows him firing a semiautomatic rifle. they say the caption alluded to a future shooting and mentioned a jewish community center in youngstown, ohio police found semiautomatic weapons and ammunitions at reardon's home. officials in california seized $2.3 million worth of marijuana mixed in with a shipment of jalapeno peppers the huge bust happened at a border checkpoint in san diego nearly 4 tons of pot was recovered. it comes a few days after a bigger bust in which officials seized more than 10,000 pounds
7:32 am
of marijuana they say the pot black market is booming despite the fact that marijuana is legal in many states now now to new developments in the jeffrey epstein scandal. this morning, amid new questions surrounding his death, britain's prince andrew is addressing his ties to the sex offender after images of the two together emerged. nbc's kelly cobiella joins us with more on what the prince is saying kelly, good morning. >> reporter: craig and savannah, good morning to you. buckingham palace forced on to the defensive today after video surfaced in the british media claiming to show prince andrew inside jeffrey epstein's new york mansion this morning, britain's prince andrew is once again attempting to distance himself from his one-time friend jeffrey epstein. the duke of york saying he is appalled by epstein's alleged crimes after new footage surfaced in a statement, buckingham palace saying his royal highness deplores the exploitation of any
7:33 am
human being, and the suggestion he would condone, participate in, or encourage any such behavior is abhorrent. the new statement comes on the same day the daily mail published new images slel sh s showing prince andrew at epstein's home nbc news has not authenticated the video. the palace didn't specifically comment on the video prince andrew previously faced accusations related to epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring in a 2015 defamation lawsuit, virginia roberts giuffre claims epstein forced her to have sex with the royal on three occasions when she was 17. >> before you know it, i'm lent out to politicians and academics and people that -- royalty >> reporter: prince andrew has denied those allegations, and the lawsuit was settled out of court.
7:34 am
meanwhile, jeffrey epstein's attorneys say they're not satisfied with the medical examiner's ruling he died by suicide and hanging in new york city at the correctional center. mounting questions as the "the new york times" reveals new details about epstein's final day after interviewing lawyers and prison staff >> he was sent almost every day with his lawyers, usually 12 hours. then he was outside of that trying to put money in other inmates' commissaries so he could, we are told, try to buy protection >> reporter: nbc news has not independently confirmed those assertions nbc news learned according to a justice department official some of the employees at the correctional facility where epstein died haven't submitted to interviews by the fbi and the justice department's inspector general and some of them have lawyered up.
7:35 am
craig, savannah? >> kelly cobiella in london, thank you. music mogul jay-z is taking new heat from current nfl players over his high-profile deal with the nfl and for suggesting it is time to move on from the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick ron mott is following this for us good morning >> reporter: good morning. colin kaepernick has not played in the nfl since 2016, but his shadow looms large over the nfl. the former quarterback who started a movement by taking a knee during the national anthem. now, one of his biggest supporters in the league i speaking out after a preseason game this weekend, taking direct aim at jay-z >> when has jay-z taken a knee >> reporter: carolina panthers safety eric reed not happy with jay-z and his comments mad after announcing his new deal with the nfl. >> i think we passed kneeling. i think it is time to go into an
7:36 am
actionable item. >> reporter: an outspoken player sees the rap star's stance as a slap in the face to his former 49ers teammate colin kaepernick. who repeatedly took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. >> for you to get paid to go into an nfl press conference and say we're past kneeling, again, asinine. >> reporter: reid also taking offense at an unconfirmed tmz report that jay-z will soon have a significant ownership interest in an nfl team jay-z and the nfl are not commenting on that. >> jay-z claims to be a supporter of colin, wore his jersey, told people not to perform at the super bowl because of the treatment the nfl did to colin now, he's going to be a part owner. despicable ♪ i say no to the super bowl ♪ you need me, i don't need you ♪ >> reporter: jay-z, long-time supporter of kaepernick, announced that his company, rock nation, will advise the nfl on music, entertainment, and social
7:37 am
justice issues in this footage of the press conference provided by the nfl, jay-z said, moving forward now outweighs any personal issues kaepernick may have with the league. >> kneeling was not about a job. it was about injustice let me bring attention to injustice. everyone is saying, how are you going forward and kap doesn't have a job this wasn't about him having a job. >> reporter: reid, who knelt alongside kaepernick and continued the protest in his absence, saying having a job is the justice. >> colin lost his job because of protesting for justice us fighting for colin to get a job is returning him to the status quo of being an employee. >> reporter: on sunday, kaepernick seemingly taking a dig at jay-z's we've past kneeling comment, giving a twitter shoutout to players, including reid, who continued to do so. writing, they have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action. adding, stay strong, brothers. >> ron, you mentioned there's
7:38 am
this unconfirmed report that potentially there is an nfl ownership deal in the works for jay-z. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: well, it's all unconfirmed at this point, savannah when asked on friday night after the preseason game, eric reid said, jay-z not only did he wear kaepernick's jersey, supported him publicly, and turned down an offer to entertain at the super bowl halftime show now, there is a chance he might become an nfl owner himself. he called it despicable. back to you. >> ron, thank you very much. >> this is, of course, one of the stories that does not appear to be going away as we gear up for the start of the nfl season. we'll stay on this one big story today, the weather. dangerous storms roll through parts of the east coast on sunday lightning causing a tree to fall on a swim club this is the scene north of philadelphia, injuring nine people, including several children, we're told what can we expect today, ms. dryer. >> yesterday, 200 reports of wind or hail damage.
7:39 am
today, we're going to see more or less pop-up thunderstorms it is not really an area that we're focusing on that we'll see the most severe weather. nothing looks too strong today although, still, you have your dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning. we could see brief wind gusts and torrential downpours, too. right now, we have a little activity across upstate new york, about to move into vermont. there is a stalled front here. when you have a front like this, you have the heat and the humidity, you get those afternoon storms typical for this time of year. they will pop up scattered across the area, through the northeast and back through the midwest today. tomorrow, we have a much better chance of seeing stronger storms, especially through the midwest. this cold front will really come in and try to sweep out the heat and the humidity as it does so, it will create perhaps some of those stronger storms another area where we're going to see some isolated storms today, down through florida, where it has been going on for the last five days heavy downpours and also the cloud-to-ground lightning is possible as those fire up later this afternoon flash flooding is still a threat because the ground is saturated,
7:40 am
and we would see 1, 2, maybe 3 inch of rain, especially through florida and the gulf coast it is going to be hot and humid. hot down south hot across the northeast, as well, with potential for record highs. we could be close to recor and this is a live look right now in downtown san jose. it's cloudy out there. right now at 61 degrees. wind speeds at about 6 miles per hour. your microclimate highs for this afternoon will be in the low to mid 80s for the south bay in through the east bay. we've got some 70s for oakland. 72 degrees, upper 60s for san francisco. expect breezy conditions along the coastline and even in through some of the interior valleys as well. the cloud cover will linger for the coastline for the majority of the day. >> t >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. coming up, exciting breakthroughs for anyone, especially children, with potentially deadly food allergies. we're going to give you a first look at possible treatments. treatments that are already changing lives. also ahead, the hunt for a
7:41 am
serial wedding crasher, accused of stealing expensive gifts and cash we'll hear from one of the young couples she's robbed. on pop start, madonna turning 61 we'll show you how the material girl celebrated over the weekend. first, yet another attack in florida's shark bite capital of the world. we'll hear from the 9-year-old just bitten in knee-deep water she's still smiling though, right after this is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. he has pics of you on his phone. [upbeat music ♪]
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with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. this morning on in this morning on in-depth today, yet another attack at the florida beach they're calling the shark bite capital of the world, and apparently for good reason. >> living up to its name this time, the victim is a 9-year-old girl. she's telling her story to us. nbc's kerry sanders sat down with her and her parents kerry, how is she doing? >> reporter: she's doing great you're going to meet little maggie crum in a moment, and she is indeed a fearless little girl if it feels like we're reporting on shark attacks on a more frequent basis from, say, florida all the way up to cape
7:46 am
cod on the atlantic coast, that's because there are more. marine biologists say it is likely because the water temperatures are up, bringing the fish closer to shore, which brings the predators, the sharks, closer to their food source in this case, accidentally mistook little maggie for food here she is. >> right there is the stitches >> reporter: a 9-year-old ohio girl has a terrifying tale to tell classmates about what she did on her summer vacation >> i got bit by a shark. >> reporter: maggie crum in florida with her family for the first time was in knee-deep water when she felt something tug at her leg. >> it felt like a grab at first, and then like it just ripped into the skin. that's when it hurt. it felt like a bite. >> reporter: her parents learning new smyrna beach is the shark bite capital of the world only after they arrived. >> we didn't tell the girls in an effort to keep them going to
7:47 am
the water. we talked about it and said, you know, there's no sharks that shallow. there's nothing to worry about. >> reporter: when maggie screamed, her mother thought she was faking until -- >> she lifted her leg out of the water and i saw blood running down the leg get out of the water. >> reporter: a firefighter and paramedic, she knew it was no joke. >> with this big of cuts as was in the back of her leg, we knew right away it was a shark. >> reporter: maggie got 12 stitches. >> you can see the circle, how big their mouth was. >> reporter: already this year, at least ten people have been bitten by sharks off new smyrna beach, including five in the last month alone as for maggie, this fourth grader has a new necklace, a new scar, and the courage to go back into the water >> what are the odds you're going to be bit twice? >> reporter: what an adorable little girl. a survivor of a shark attack she does indeed have a story to tell when she says she returns
7:48 am
to school soon meantime, if it seems like, you know, she might be scared to go back in the water, maggie says, absolutely no chance she's not going to be stopped from getting in the water she says, and i'll quote here, the chance of getting bitten by another shark, just like a little girl would say, a big fat zero guys >> i'm not sure -- >> reporter: happy story to tell when a shark attack ends up like this. >> i'm not sure the sharks are familiar with those statistics though kerry sanders. >> she's smiling so much, i didn't think she'd be afraid to get back in the water at all. >> fearless. >> kerry sanders, our shark bite correspondent. thank you. just ahead, the search for a mysterious wedding crasher get this, stealing gifts meant for couples on their special day. first, these messages. calyann barnett,list and i know that style starts from the ground up. for a lot of teens, shoes matter. the right kicks, make the outfit. kids like to make a statement, they want that wow factor. and for parents, you want to pick shoes that they're going to wear over and over again.
7:49 am
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it is 7:56 right now and it's still very cloudy right now in san francisco. 58 degrees, wind speeds nice and light at about 7 miles per hour. through the afternoon, also cloudy in san jose. we'll get a lot better clearing by about 10:00, 11:00 a.m. we'll welcome in sunshine for the south bay. temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 70s. a couple of low 80s expected especially for the inland valleys as well. as we head into the next seven days, we'll get the temperatures to be in the 60s through tomorrow, and then by wednesday and thursday, the temperatures will climb into the 70s by thursday, we're talking 75 degrees. for san francisco inland areas will be climbing into the 90s again by wednesday, with some mid and upper 90s expected for thursday. so enjoy the breeze for today, along the coast, and in through tomorrow, because it's only
7:57 am
expected to get hotter into the middle of the work week. mike? >> vianey, looking at san jose, typical traffic flow as far as the patterns go, focus north 87 coming off of 85. welcome back to school franklin mckinley school district in san jose. north bay novato southbound 101 slows down through san rafael. a disabled vehicle crash moved to the shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza backup is there. most of the rest of the bay looks similar as the usual commute for the patterns. san mateo bridge westbound flows on the flat section and may be a stall toward foster city. happening now san jose police still at the scene of a shooting that left one man dead, it happened a little after midnight north of the campbell border. police say a second man was grazed by gunfire, treated at the scene. on our twitter feed we're posting updates on that investigation. commuters at san francisco's busiest b.a.r.t. station may be in for a surprise. as of today, the embarcadero station no longer offers paper b.a.r.t. tickets. instead, you'll need to use the clipper card.
7:58 am
eventually b.a.r.t. wants to do the same thing for all stations system wide. another local news update in half an hour. rodney: you know what my favorite part really is is when i greet students when they come in. because i know what great things we have in store in the classroom.
7:59 am
marisa: when they come into my classroom, they're able to really get in touch with who they are. rosanne: my favorite part of teaching has always been this opportunity to make a difference. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in. rosanne: we are cta. ever: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, feeling the heat. more than 60 million people waking up to another round of brutal temperatures. a dangerous heat wave moving across the country just how bad will it be? dylan's forecast just ahead. plus, relief in sight. the good news for children suffering from food allergies, especially peanuts. >> i would get really, really nauseous >> what doctors have discovered that could one day offer a cure. >> over time, your body starts to say, well, wait a minute, this is something i shouldn't be seeing as a danger signal. and wedding crasher. police searching for this
8:01 am
uninvited guest accused of showing up to receptions and walking out with gifts meant for the bride and groom. >> we actually didn't know until the morning after that some of our gifts had gone missing. >> we'll hear from one of the couples today, monday, august 19th, 2019 >> stopping by the plaza. >> on my last week of summer. >> married to my beautiful wife for eight years. >> cousins from canada >> ready to meet savannah. >> to my best friend. >> we love you >> mom, we made it. >> on "today." >> greetings from florida's beautiful palm beachs an treasure coast we're mike and ashley. >> celebrating my 10th birthday. >> lots to be happy about out on our plaza. the sun is shining it is really shining actually. it is hot out there. glad to have you with us on a
8:02 am
monday morning. >> yeah, we are. by the way, if you can't make it to the plaza, show us where you're watching from, like mike and ashley record a short message, post it on twitter or instagram, use the hashtag at the bottom of your screen, mytodayplaza, and you'll be in the open. >> yes, you will. let's get to your news at 8:00 as mentioned, it's the heat. a dangerous heat wave sweeping across much of the country from texas to new england more than 60 million people should get ready for a scorcher. dylan has the forecast this morning. good morning. >> good morning again. it is going to be hot and very humid, as well we have 65 million people under some sort of heat advisory or heat warning through the plains and into the midwest, parts of the south, and also across the northeast. take this seriously. your body, when it is this humid, doesn't cool down like it typically would. that means you could certainly see some heat exhaustion you need to stay hydrated. stay indoors when you can. check on your pets and your neighbors, especially elderly, if you know they don't have air-conditioning either. look how uncomfortable it'll be. amarillo will feel like 102.
8:03 am
albuquerque, 99. when you really tack on the humidity, especially across the northeast, it is going to be very uncomfortable we have several cities that could come within two degrees of breaking an all-time high. new york city's record is 94, forecasting 92 westfield, massachusetts up to 92 boston will be close to a record, as well. on tuesday, while the northeast, the extreme northeast, up across new england, should cool off, we will feel the heat d.c. feels like 103. raleigh, 99. new york city will feel like 97. stay hydrated. it is going to take until the end of the week before things cool down. craig? >> dylan, thank you. president trump this morning is dismissing growing concerns that the u.s. economy is headed toward a recession the president remains positive despite last week's roller coaster ride on wall street due in part to investors' worries about the continuing trade war with china >> i don't think we're having a recession. we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich i gave a tremendous tax cut. they're loaded up with money
8:04 am
>> the president says chinese leaders are ready to make a deal on tariffs, but he is not ready yet. a collector paid big bucks for a basketball jersey believed to have been worn by former president obama in high school the number 23 jersey from a honolulu prep school sold for $120,000 at a sports memorabilia auction over the weekend the jersey was offered by a man who was three years behind obama in high school he actually wore the passed down jersey himself the man says he later saw a photo of mr. obama wearing the same jersey with every detail a match. the jersey's buyer did not want to be identified >> i love that president obama was rocking michael jordan's number in high school. >> right okay how about a morning boost? >> i have a great one. our family is growing. we want to send our heartfelt congratulations to chief foreign correspondent richard engel and his wife, mary they welcomed their newest son this is theodore horace engel.
8:05 am
richard said theo is happy, healthy, and thirsty we couldn't be more in love. henry is a big brother, too, and that will definitely put a smile across your face he looks a little like richard what do you think? >> adorable. richard is adorable, too, so it makes sense. >> congrats to richard, mary, henry, and theo. ahead, adorable members of the "today" show family. hoda and dylan at the beach with their cuties first, the new treatments being tested that gives people hope with dangerous food allergies. a cure could be right around the corner that's right after this. detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. choose the detergent that lets your dishwasher do the dishes! cascade platinum. the number one recommended brand in north america.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
thi this morning on today's talker, some big news for the nearly 6 million children in this country who suffer from dangerous food allergies. >> definitely. kristen dahlgren has a look at promising treatments good morning. >> good morning, guys. yeah, this is exciting considering the number of children with food allergies has been skyrocketing the last two decades. peanut allergies in particular have tripled in number doctors say there is hope on the horizon. new treatments being developed
8:10 am
that could one day offer a cure. >> reporter: across the country, it is happening again and again, an alarming number of kids going to the er with dangerous reactions to food. one study finding anaphylaxis, potentially deadly reaction, is up 200% in children ages 5 through 15 11-year-old violet missio is one of them. >> i would get really, really nauseous, and i'd have an itchy throat, and my face would swell up i'd have hives on my arms. that was scary >> reporter: violet has a severe allergy to peanuts, a condition that's prevented her from flying on planes, sitting with friends at lunch, even going to get an ice cream cone simply being in the same room as dust from a peanut could spark a deadly reaction. how hard is that >> really hard especially when they're little >> reporter: any little piece of peanut dust could kill her. >> yeah, especially when they're so helpless and little, and when they are not with you. >> reporter: now doctors say a cure for patients like violet could be right around the
8:11 am
corner there are at least 17 new therapies being studied right now. some just months away from fda approval dr. cari nato is the director of research at stanford university, one of the top researchers in the field. do you envision a future without food allergies >> there's going to be some groups that might need therapy every day for the rest of their lives, but there might be people who can stop therapy and be fine. >> reporter: cured. >> that's where we are >> reporter: one of the most promising treatments is a pill, containing a measured dose of peanut powder. it starts out with a minuscule amount, and then it's increased over time until patients can tolerate eating full peanuts a clinical trial found out it was successful in up to 80% of patients also being looked at, the peanut patch. the concept is similar to the pill here, the dose of the peanut is administered through the skin. >> over time, your body starts to say, well, wait a minute, this is something i shouldn't be seeing as a danger signal. >> reporter: also in the works, a potential vaccine. still in the early stages of research, the hope is it'd treat
8:12 am
patients without ever having to introduce them to the foods they're allergic to. violet was part of a clinical trial for the peanut pill. she started out with a dose equivalent to 1/80th of a peanut, and gradually increased it every two weeks her parents had to keep a close eye on her every night when she took her dose, in case she had a reaction. >> it was well worth it. i'm not going to lie, it was stressful. >> reporter: two years later, she isn't on the pill anymore but needs to eat two peanut m&ms every night for maintenance. she can't eat a peanut butter sandwich, but she can be in the same room as the food and doesn't worry about cross contamination. she can eat her favorite sweets. >> red velvet. >> yes. >> reporter: participate in activities she's never done before, flying cross-country to visit her grandparents and acting and singing in the
8:13 am
school play. has this changed your life >> yes, it has i would have never gotten to be able to do all these amazing experiences and just have all these new memories now that i would never have had before. >> the clinical trials for the peanut pill and patch were paid for by the drug's manufacturers. the treatments sound simple, but it is a grueling process and takes a long time. violet's mother tells us she was fearful her daughter could suffer a deadly reaction luckily, she's never had any issues. >> when you see how people struggle, when you have the fear and the things you can't do, you know, it is the real life-changer if they can fix it. >> really is >> kristen, thank you. we'll bring in medical correspondent dr. torres good morning. >> morning. >> this is -- i mean, would you call this a cure, this kind of treatment in >> we're much, much closer for some people, it is a cure. for the vast majority of them, something equally important, they're able to get to exposure to peanuts that won't turn into
8:14 am
a life-threatening situation they can share a drink with someone who had a peanut butter sandwich without ending up in the hospital. >> doesn't mean they're eating peanut butter and jelly. >> exactly if they accidentally get exposure, it won't be life-threatening. >> dr. john, it seems the past few years, there have been far more cases of this than that were when we were children for instance is that the case, or are we more aware? >> definitely seeing it more now than you saw decades ago. >> why is that >> few reasons for it, and there's a lot of theories going on one is a hygiene process, we're keeping the kids too clean the bigger one, and the american pediatrics association changed the recommendation, is introducing peanuts early to children they changed it to age 3 now, it is six months of age to make sure. >> my pediatrician said it is good to give the babies peanut butter early on. who is a candidate for this?
8:15 am
are treatments available yet >> they're about to be available. the fda -- we think the fda is going to give approval to the pill the end of the year or beginning of the year. the patch later on for children, for the pill, it is ages 4 to 17. for the patch, 4 to 17 they're also looking at clinical trials now 1 to 3. could be even younger for them. >> safety. are they safe? >> it's one of those things you definitely have to make sure there's somebody watching them doctor supervising them. you're giving them something that could be a life-threatening reaction doctor supervision maybe sure they have an epipen make sure they follow directions on how they take the pills appropriately. >> sounds like you think this could be -- >> it could be a life-changer for a lot of people and families. >> dr. john, good to have you. >> thank you so much. let's go to dylan for a check of the weather. >> good morning again, guys. we are looking at the heat across most of the country we also have a frontal system that's going to trigger pop-up thunderstorms this afternoon nothing too severe nothing all that widespread. still, you'll see the dark clouds fill in later this afternoon. the flooding threat continues along the gulf coast and florida where it has been raining the last several days. out west, a lot of sunshine. southwest, we also have excessive heat warnings in effect starting tomorrow for 10 million people, as upper 60s for san francisco. breezy conditions.
8:16 am
the onshore winds will be picking up between 15 possibly 20, 20 plus miles per hour. in through tuesday temperatures remain in the upper 60s. by wednesday and thursday high pressure rolling in. that's going to make our temperatures get hot again into the 90s for wednesday, 93 degrees. by thursday 95. into the weekend talking mid and upper 90s in the interior valleys. >> dylan, thank you. now to the serial wedding crasher apparently on the loose in texas police say there's nothing funny about it nbc's gadi schwartz is there and joins us with the story. what are we looking at >> reporter: good morning, guys. police are asking for help catching a wedding crasher they say shows up uninvited to receptions out with gifts and money intended for the bride and groom. police in texas are searching
8:17 am
for this mystery woman they say she's been showing up uninvited to wedding receptions in the san antonio area, coming to parties empty handed but leaving with envelopes full of cash, checks, and gift cards authorities dubbing her the wedding crasher. a nod to the 2005 comedy starring vince vaughn and owen wilson. >> hello, red. >> dibs. >> she's all yours >> we actually didn't know until the morning after that some of our gifts had gone missing. >> reporter: the serial wedding crasher posing as a guest at kenzie and danny's wedding reception. >> it was a large wedding. someone definitely could have slipped in under the radar without anyone knowing which is exactly what happened there was security footage the night of our wedding that captured her walking in, stealing stuff, and then walking out. >> reporter: the couple among the half dozen newlyweds that have been robbed so far. >> $400 or $500 at least we're still trying to get an exact estimate, which is actually going to help in the
8:18 am
police searching for her >> reporter: now, police might be closing in on the crasher the woman has been spotted on store surveillance video using stolen gift cards. while the newly married couple says they're not going to let anything ruin their big day. >> other than the wedding crasher, i would say it was a perfect wedding. it was a beautiful day we're so grateful for it >> that's a happy couple $4,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the wedding crasher. >> i mean, that's a really good close-up shot from the surveillance camera. somebody knows that woman. >> someone will recognize her. >> keep us posted, gadi. >> thank you, gadi dylan, you've done the weather but not pop start yet. >> it is time to check that off the list today let's start with the weekend box office we saw some pint-sized winners r-rated comedy "good boys" secured the top spot this weekend, outperforming expectations with $21 million. that haul makes it the biggest opening for an original comedy this year, and it's the first r-rated comedy to finish in
8:19 am
first place since 2016 >> wow. >> "good boys" knocked "fast and furious" spin-off "hobbs and shaw" down to two, pulling in $14.1 million. speaking of dwayne johnson, he is officially off the market. he has been for a while. earlier this morning, the action star revealed he and long-time girlfriend lauren tied the knot over the weekend the couple saying i do with a beautiful hawaiian sunset as the back drop. gorgeous they've been together since 2008 they do have two kids together happy couple next up, madonna celebrated her 61st birthday in style this weekend, marking the day with family and friends madonna's children leading elton john's "your song.
8:20 am
getting mom in on the fun. ♪ i hope you don't mind ♪ i hope you don't mind ♪ that i put down the words ♪ how wonderful life is ♪ while you're in the world no surprise, the kids, everybody in the room, obviously, musically talented. >> yeah. >> she's rocking the eye patch. >> making the statement. >> always promoting. >> yeah. and finally, hoda kotb has been out on maternity leave, as you know, enjoying her time with haley, hope, and joel. this weekend was perfect for the beach. hoda sharing these photos on instagram. look at that sun set adding a caption, every minute is precious. >> who is that adorable boy? >> calvin made an appearance he and haley caught up on old times, rolling around in the sand, catching pretend fish. >> i love it. >> make sure you tune in tomorrow we have a very special message from hoda, and here's a hint we're looking forward to seeing her around studio 1a very soon. >> very soon. >> you were saying she's so happy out on the beach all of us who see hoda, we're like, she's never been happier
8:21 am
she has so much joy. >> there was one point we were all sitting around, the kids playing in the sand, and so relaxed. i said, what do you do all day she said, this this just enjoy life. it was really special to see >> love it. >> going back to the picture with calvin, i love that he wears a hat, by the way. >> doesn't have a whole lot of hair. >> were they fishing what were they doing >> they'd fill up the net with as much sand as they could i caught a big fish. they were feeding off each other. >> they hang all the time, right? >> they do they hang out in the city, too it was nice to get them out of the city. >> that's fun. time for a click >> we sure do. we all get breaks during the day, well, some of us do we're excited to take time away from work, right i doubt any of us are as excited for a break as this canine co-worker. he knows it is about to happen his tail is wagging. he knows it is coming. then it's off. the most joyous break, bounding around, he's free. we need that once in a while this pup certainly knows how to
8:22 am
do it. >> cute. >> so sweet. coming up, the interesting way one zoo is helping people, including a member of our team, overcome, in this case, a fear of spiders we'll also give you a jump start on the best labor day deals out there. should you buy now, or should you wait a little later? that's after your local news at'.
8:23 am
8:24 am
test test test testest test
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. within the past hour and a half police in san jose telling us about a deadly shooting. this happened a little after midnight on south winchester boulevard near williamsberg drive north of campbell. two men were shot. one of the victims treated at the scene. the other sadly died on the way to the hospital. right now police are only saying the circumstances are under investigation and no suspects have been identified. also the name of the man who died is being withheld until the next of kin is notified. anyone who saw something is asked to contact san jose police. a look at your morning commute this morning. >> some of these folks not
8:27 am
standing byut crawling by here. a tow truck on theright shoulder up until about ten minutes ago westbound on the san mateo bridge. that is now merged into traffic and is moving slowly across the span with everybody else. no lanes are blocked. over at foster city north 101 at 92, i guess more san mateo, a crash moving to the shoulder. a little slowing in general in the area but that is pretty much the general pattern. slow across the dunbarton bridge as well as it builds. the main campus of facebook, northbound routes continue to build through san jose and sill convalley just pretty standard. no surprises near the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks. another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a monday morning. we are already counting down the days until friday. ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one this week. big concert here on the plaza. one of the hottest names in music right now. none other than lizzo herself. lizzo on the plaza friday. be here. >> i think we're going to have a huge crowd out here friday for lizzo. very popular i want to introduce you to someone. we haven't met, but i saw her in the open where is brie? hi, brie i saw you in the open, and i
8:31 am
thought you were so cute i just wanted to make my own poster i'm your number one fan. >> oh, my gosh. >> where are you from? >> windsor, ontario, canada. >> how long are you here >> this is the last day. >> you get the "today" show in canada >> we do. >> yay brie, thank you for coming to see us here's your sign nice to meet you how cute is that >> that's going to be framed somewhere in her house. coming up ahead, raise your hand if you have a fear of spiders. i mean, does anybody really like spiders? >> i don't like them, but i'm not scared. >> well, there is a cure, if you can handle it. it only takes a single afternoon. there's one place that's doing it we found the perfect person to give it a try. the labor day sales are coming up. whether you're in the market for home goods, electronics, appliances, we'll tell you when is the best time for the best savings. is it now or later >> i love that game. >> it's a challenge.
8:32 am
mediterranean style cooking all the rage right now one of new york's hottest restaurants. we'll find out how to whip up a couple of their signature dishes we'll do that in a few minutes. on the third hour of "today," we're catching up with lindsey vonn she's here to tell us about life after competitive skiing, if we'll ever see her on skis again and a cause she feels strongly about. on the fourth hour, sheinelle is in with the guys from "american ninja warrior." plus, a performance by human nature before all of that, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's do it >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by whole foods market whatever makes you whole >> all right you feel the mugginess out here in the northeast that's going to be the case today, tomorrow, even into wednesday, too we could see some record high temperatures through the northeast and mid-atlantic it is also exceptionally hot through texas and into oklahoma, into arkansas. we're also looking at a chance of some isolated storms today. as we go into tomorrow and wednesday, we have a better chance of those storms as a cold
8:33 am
front moves to the east. it will make it cooler across the great lakes where temperatures will drop back to the 70s. the heat builds in the southwest by the middle of the week. then we finish off on friday with some much less humid temperatures through the northeast. highs slide back into the 70s. showers and storms linger in the southeast where we've had a lot of rain lately it'll be warm and dry in the western half of the country as temperatur 60 degrees expected in san francisco. daytime highs breezy and cloudy for the most part along the coast line in through tuesday. 69 degrees. our temperatures will start to climb into the 70s by wednesday, thursday, even into the weekend, inland area can expect temperatures in the mid 80s and also this will get much better clearance in terms of sunshine, by tomorrow 85 degrees and by wednesday the warming returns talking mid 90s through the middle of the work week.
8:34 am
>> that's your latest forecast. craig? >> dylan, thank you. here's a question, what would you do if you spotted a spider crawling across the >> that's your latest forecast craig? >> dylan, thank you. here's a question, what would you do if you spotted a spider crawling across the floor? well, millions of people apparently are so afraid, they're paralyzed just by the sheer sight of a spider. >> listen up, arachnophobes. because there could be a cure for your fear. kelly cobiella is here with the story. this one is personal. >> reporter: it is if you're like me and you see a spider in the tub, and that keeps you from taking a shower or even keeps you out of the house, there are lots of people like us. they are absolutely terrified. i'm kind of one of them. there may be help for you at the london zoo
8:35 am
the london zoo, home to the furry, the feathered, the irresistibly cute, and the creepy at least for some of us. they're huge, and they're everywhere they breed them in here. there's just something about spiders. eight legs, hairy, almost always the bad guy. >> spider! >> reporter: it's no wonder we're terrified. >> i can't even look at them >> reporter: adele runs out of the house when she sees one. >> they could bite me or poison me >> i have a fear >> reporter: christine passed on her fear to her son, ben, who runs for his wife when they appear you're a big, tall, strong dude. >> yeah. >> reporter: you're afraid of spiders. >> yeah. it's great when you say it like that being here today is a real
8:36 am
source of amusement for my friends. i would love to be able to send them a photograph in a couple hours' time of me holding a big spider that would be the win. >> reporter: here at the london zoo, they claim they can cure your phobia in a few hours phase one, a spider lesson >> spiders are safe. you have nothing to fear from spiders. >> reporter: we're told there are more than 43,000 types of spiders in the world, and only a handful are venomous, like the black widow. >> very unlikely to bite bites are very rare. we don't want people to focus on stuff like that. everyone should focus on the benefits of spiders. >> reporter: phase two >> sorry, no cameras allowed >> reporter: hypnosis. the mantra for a half an hour, spiders are safe do i look dazed? finally, it's straight into the spider's den to face our fear. like the dreaded spider in the tub. >> i would not approach that spider >> i'd keep going. >> reporter: the sight of them
8:37 am
still made adele shake from head to toe in time, we arachnophobes were trapping. >> i trapped my first spider. >> reporter: even holding spiders. >> it is great really is. >> reporter: you can catch a spider now, as well. >> yeah. i'm not going to tell my wife though >> reporter: not best friends yet, but no longer enemies it seriously worked for me i can't believe it the friendly spider program is what they call the program at the london zoo they claim more than 80% success rate it was true for us the day i was there. all but one person, guys, was able to touch the spiders, trap the spiders and, yes, even hold a tarantula. >> kelly, good for you. >> we're proud of you. i would believe you were cured if you just did a live shot with a spider right now i don't see any spiders right there with you no takers there? >> we're playing it safe playing it safe today. >> ease into it. >> kelly, thank you so much. >> congrats by the way. >> it takes a lot of bravery to
8:38 am
touch the thing you're scared of. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't do it. >> what's yours? >> i mean, frogs i'm really scared. >> ribbit-ribbit >> yeah. >> especially the big ones, little ones? >> the big ones. heart is racing, sweating. i've been scared by frogs a few times. >> is there a story? >> when i grew up in arizona, there would be a big rain, there were these colorado river toads. look this is ellen. she scared me with a frog. >> i never get scared of it. >> look at that thing. it's terrifying. >> oh, my gosh. >> anyway. >> maybe we should work on that. >> i'll steer clear of frogs do you have a phobia >> too many to mention snakes, rats. >> cockroaches i've seen one at a hotel behind a bed. i will not go into the bed if i can't just smash it or get rid of it, i won't sleep.
8:39 am
>> you couldn't have grown up in south carolina. >> i know. big ones palmetto bugs. >> yeah. just ahead, we're go in
8:40 am
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back at 8:41 with a look back at 8:41 with a look ahead to the labor day sales should you buy or wait for deeper discounts down the road we'll play a little game lauren is here, a shopping guru with flip, a free app that brings deals to your phone lauren, good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of people are like, oh, the sales are coming, but sometimes it is better to wait >> definitely. labor day is one of the last big holidays before we reach, you know, the black friday, those kind of sales. retailers are really trying to get inventory out so they can get the new stuff back in. >> all right
8:42 am
we have several categories. >> correct. >> you'll tell us whether we should buy or wait. >> the first one is appliances do we buy now or wait for later? >> i'd say buy now. >> now. >> wait? okay, the winner is craig. we're going to buy now september and october are the best times of year to buy appliances because the new models come out in september. >> oh. >> they're trying to clear the showroom so they can put the new inventory in look for places like best buy for great deals on appliances. you can save a ton of money. >> all appliances? washers, dryers? >> stoves, refrigerators, all of that. >> next category is electronics. >> what do you think, buy now or wait for later >> i'd say wait. i feel like around the super bowl is when a lot of -- >> yeah. you're the winner again. sorry. >> oh, my gosh i should do the opposite of my instinct. >> what is the sound effect? >> we did a survey with the flip app, and we found that parents of kids in school, actually one
8:43 am
in three, buy new smartphones for their kids every single year >> what? >> what? >> for school. >> that's insane >> i'm shocked. >> one in three. that's what we found in the survey actually, waiting until black friday time is the best. the only exception is tablets. the newer models come out in september, so you want to buy those now to get a great deal. definitely wait. >> i have to redeem myself outdoor living >> come on, savannah. >> buy now, the end of summer. >> i'd agree. >> you're both the winners good job. >> yay. >> outdoor living. you know, patio sets, grills, home depot and lowe's have great deals. 60% or 70% off grills. also, take a look at outdoor living kayaks, you know, camping materials, all those kinds of things that you can do outside. >> basically buy them now and let them stay in your garage. >> buy them and put them in your basement, your garage. >> set for next summer.
8:44 am
>> yeah. you're going to save sometimes 70% off. >> okay. >> buy now next, we have mattresses what do you think? >> i don't know. >> we're in the market for one. >> i'll say buy. >> this is hopeful. >> you're both correct. >> yes. >> yes >> get a deal now on a mattress. >> he's on a roll here mattresses, you don't want to buy one full price >> no. >> the best time to buy mattresses are on three-day weekends labor day is a three-day weekend. you're going to save has a deal right now where you can get a free pillow and free sheets. you want to wait actually to buy sheets and pillows and towels until january. >> mattresses, buying them online seems to be the rage. do you recommend it? >> i've done it myself i would. >> how do you know if it feels good >> a lot have great return policies. >> how do you return a mattress? can't put it in the mailbox. >> roll it up and stick it in the mail >> see if you can go for the 100%. >> organizing. >> what does that mean
8:45 am
>> like storage baskets, tupperware bins. >> i'd say -- >> storage totes. >> -- wait. >> i'll say wait because you said wait. >> oh. >> oh, no! >> i'm so sorry. >> i should always do the opposite. >> buy now. >> go against your gut. >> people are going back to school college students are going back to school. retailers really push to get storage items. free shipping. you know, it's the best time of year to buy those items. maria kondo your entire house now. i'm planning to organize when kids go back to school. >> i enjoyed this game. >> lauren, thank you. >> congrats. >> yes. >> she just got married on saturday. >> we're having our honeymoon right now. >> it is the "today" show. thank you for having me. >> thank you so much come back. we loved it. up next, ayesha nurdjaja on how to bring the fresh flavors of the mediterranean into your kitchen. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we are back with today food. this we are back with today food. this morning, mediterranean style cooking. it's fresh it's healthy it's flavorful they're serving up crowd-pleasing dishes that fit the bill ayesha nurdjaja, good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> first time on the show. >> i can't believe it. >> excited about having you. mediterranean food seems to be all the rage right now why is that? >> i would say in the last two years, it is definitely more appealing. craig, look at this palate we have here. it is the vibrant greens, the healthy food, eating seasonal. >> you're opening another restaurant soon. >> in a couple of weeks. it'll be the mischievous sister to shuka we're trying to thin the lines between the dining room and the
8:49 am
kitchen, where the kitchen is the main focus of the show, the night. >> we're digging in. making some chicken shawarma this morning. >> in this bowl, we have some garlic, olive oil. i'll add some lemon juice. our spices, which are smoked paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, and cumin. mix this together. >> okay. now will we marinate the chicken in this? >> i'll just add a little more olive oil here to get this going. i've chosen to use chicken thighs you can use chicken breasts, boneless. >> why do you like the thighs more than the other? >> it is summer. you might get caught up with your spritz. thighs are a little more forgiving. you want to leave them in the oven they won't do wrong by you i promise. >> okay. >> we'll mix this up you have to get this nice and marinated. you can use any protein here shawarma is any thin sliced protein that has been marinaded. usually they are layered on a vertical spit and slowly roasted so it gets nice and moist.
8:50 am
i have it on a sheet tray. if you're outside, you can also put this on the grill. >> this is a perfect summer dish. >> absolutely. it is year round, as well. >> okay. >> here, we have our chicken shawarma on a nice foil-lined sheet so we don't have to wash it later. >> all right. >> the main focus of this is not to overcrowd the pan put it in the oven. >> you want it to breathe. >> and you want the crispy bits on there make sure it foods evenly. 425, 25 to 30 minutes in the oven. >> that's it >> that's it. >> you make it look easy what is the verdict? >> incredible. what is this on the side >> our star of the show. we didn't get there yet. >> i'm dying to know. >> here's our white sauce. i don't know about you, but i love it. my favorite is lamb over rice. they say, do you want white sauce? >> what is in it >> i double it on. we have creme fraiche, greek yogurt. >> what are these spices
8:51 am
>> garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, chili flakes thank you for helping me. >> how do you know when it is done >> we have to taste it to know that before that, i'll add some garlic here. we're going to microplane this this is a great technique. one, it sets the garlic to be evenly distributed throughout. >> delicious >> let me get you a spoon. >> i was going to use my finger, but a spoon is more sanitary. >> we'll see delicious. >> that is good. >> like it >> i do like it. >> nice and tart. >> yes. >> this is going to be a secret down the line. >> okay. >> chicken shawarma. crispy bits. nicely cooked. i'll put it on this bread, nice markings there from the hot oven it is basically a flat bread you'll find it throughout the middle east. put some of the white sauce on there. be as liberal as you'd like with it. >> okay. i want to make sure we get down to this pistachio. >> we're moving along.
8:52 am
you have the chicken on there. dropping it everywhere, but that's okay. we have nice crunchy, fresh toppings that's it. it's yours to try. >> yes, ma'am. you don't have to tell me twice. >> star of the show, the whipped feta and pistachio dip this is a favorite in here, we have olive oil we're going to add the pistachio nuts feta, cilantro, dill, garlic garlic has been the name of the game today some lemon juice and zest. you'll pop the lid on this, and you're going to pulse this this is your get out of jail free dip when somebody rings your bell and comes over unexpected, two minutes in a bowl, they remember you forever. >> what can you use this dip on? >> perfect with crudite, pita chips as we have here. also great on a leftover sandwich. >> multi-purpose dip. >> multi-purpose. >> so awesome. i've never tasted anything like that. >> who knew there were so many kinds of pistachios, too. >> this is california.
8:53 am
this is the sicilian pistachio these are the turkish. >> fantastic thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> fantastic chef ayesha, thank you >> thank you >> this is "today" on nbc. >> delicious. >> those arereat g
8:54 am
8:55 am
don't forget to check out we have a list of dermatologist approved lotions that will help the painful sunburn. plus, the sweet story of a couple who eats a piece of their wedding cake every year on their anniversary. they've been married for 49 years. >> running out of cake. >> tiny bite. coming up on the third hour of "today," skiing and olympic legend lindsey vonn. by the way, this chicken shawarma. >> delicious. >> did you get the dip >> i did i wrapped it up. >> so good. >> first, your local news.
8:56 am
this morning 8:56 i'm marcus washington. new details on a man authorities say was caught on camera attacking a woman entering her san francisco condo. police have now tied him to a second violent attack. these are side by side images showing the suspect austin james vincent. his public defender put out the new photo following vincent's booking photo being released.
8:57 am
the attack caught on video is sparking new debate over homes being built near the condo. the office remains committed to the plan. happening now, following all the developments and learning more about the new charges announced this morning. we'll have a live report on our midday newscast. also at midday the man accused last year in the deadly stabbing on the b.a.r.t. platform is expected to be arraigned. we are posting updates on our twitter feed. as of today the embarcadero station no longer offers paper b.a.r.t. tickets. instead you need to use a clipper card. essentially b.a.r.t. wants to do the same thing at all stations systemwide. we'll have more local news in an hour. the weather's perfect...
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good monday morning, everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today." craig alongside sheinelle, dylan. al is off celebrating his birthday. >> birthday guy. >> 65 years. he's earned it. >> he earned it. >> for sure. >> taking 65 days off. >> feels like way. >> he'll be back next week. last week, one of the stories we talked about, of course, the new partnership between jay-z and the national football league. the nfl. there's one player who is not happy about it at all. he's vocalizing that unhappiness. he is especially upset about jay-z's comment that it is


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