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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 23, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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almost every american with a cell phone will cheer this morning as all the major carriers and every attorney general from every state has declared war on the billions of daily robo calls and a crack down involve in an online scam ring where they were lured through rip offs and other fraudulent schemes. >> we believe this is one of the largest cases off its kinds in u.s. history are we facing the actual tipping point with climate
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change with massive wild fires burning in the rain forest and a different kind off domestic abuse this involving financial abuse between partners and the post game pep talk that has everybody talking and new music for taylor swift. "early today" starts right now >> good friday morning to you. new developments this morning on the war on robo calls. the nation's bigge phone compans are pledging to deploy new technology and teaming general the country to help catch fraudsters here with the story. >> dear customer, please note we haveyment $299. >> reporter: safe to say virtually every american has been buried in robo calls. >> your social security number -- >> reporter: the social security
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scam, student loan scam, warranty scam, insurance scam. >> and receive coverage for unlimited doctor's visits. >> reporter: in july alone 4.7 billion calls. all too often it's the elderly who fall victim. some losing their life's savings and now the nation's state attorneys general say the 12 biggest telecom companies have agreed to fight robo calls >> we want to save american's savings, their money, their identity and that's what today is about the phone companies agree to deploy new call blocking technology free to customers to use screening technology to g spooed to look like another number and to trace robo calls to their s josh >> is it posable to truly wipe this out >> i don't know that it is but
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what's going on right now is outrages >> reporter: bipartisan agreement on an issue that has americans fed up as for how soon we'll start veeing relief? they've bun working to roll out the call blocking technology for a while and this is going to take time to block the calls getting rid of all of them, frances, that may never happen now to a huge fraud crackdown that effects thousands of american. allegedly tricked businesses to making bogus transfers and fake romance schemes. >> reporter: some of the defendants arrested, accused of being a massive fraud ring, span scamming millions businesses and people
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in a 252-count federal indictment the it 80 defendants are accused of hacking email accounts accounts convince more than 30 individuals and companies to send money, making 1/2 with 6 billion and attempting to take another 40 million using romance scams. >> you're beautiful. i can't wait to put a ring on your finger. >> reporter: she thought she wasser corresponding with a u.s. service member but the picture and dating profile turned out to be a scam. using a photograph off a local sports caster who had no idea. the hunt is on for six more defendants believed to be on the run now facing serious charge. >> some lost hundreds of thousands in this way and some of the victims of the romance and other online frauds were targeted specifically because
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they were elderly or others with vulnerable message to be wear and to scammers that law is coming for them president trump is heading to france tonight for this weekend's g7 summit. he'll talk trade, climate change and security with the world leaders. and the president floated the ideas of readmitting russia to the group. >> no, it didn't because the president walked out they're hopping to avoid that this year but this year's there's even more tension especially between president trump and the european nations over climate change, over airan, trades the president said the other day all we have to do to manipulate them is tax their cars over inequality, which is officially supposed to be the issue here but all of of these other things
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can get in the middle. one of the big things they may clash over is whether to make the g7 the g8 president trump is suggesting maybe there was another reason >> they were taken out because putin out smarted on crimea on the red line, aon other things totally out smarted obama. obama was upset. they took him out. i think russia should be part of it because we're looking for world peace. >> reporter: we'll see where that goes f it even gets a vote but for the first time ever this 44- year history the meeting thop seven largest economies is expected to ends without a joint statement. last year they had a joint statement. president trump just left early. >> thank you mexican soap opera star is
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facing real- life drama and serious prison time. after a roads rage incident he was caught on camera he's now the subject of a criminal trial after aologed lay punching a man who died days later and now the actor's attorn eas are fighting to get that dismissed under the stand-your-ground law. pablo lisle is known internagszally for his role in the mexican soap opera and a new netflix sear as. but he's in the spotlight for a different reason charged with manslaughter in miami. all stems from the road rage incident earlier this dwreer lisle was a passing mpger in that car police say they just cut off that second ca juan's brotherer unlaw gets out and realizes it's not in park and runs away meanwhile running
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away and punches hem hernandez is knocked unconscious and dies four days later i don't believe a reasonable person -- >> reporter: in a florida court room lisle's attorneys called a witness after witness. >> she was banging at the window >> reporter: arguinging she was acting in self defense that the case should be dismissed because thof state's stand your ground law. >> i'm so grateful i didn't lose them >> reporter: lisle taking the stand, emotionsally describing how he feared for the lives of his wife and kids can in the backseat >> i want my family out of here. >> but the judge refused to dismiss meaning the cases will now head to trial. this morning we are learning the names of the two u.s. special service forc k combat in afghanistan wednesday.
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the army says off chickpy massachusetts was killed along with jose gonzales of kalg whose famalty has requested his photos nart be shared 24 military jets flew in formation towards the statue of liberty. the aerial spectacle which includes the thunderbirds was for the air show happening this weekend. red, white and blue smoke as they made their way to lady lubberty the show lasted about 10 minutes. and blue skies was perfect for it >> should be very nice this upcoming weekend too many areas in the northeast. and we have to get this cold front through. there's still area of rain in th valley and oklahoma and that's the boundary hutting the hot, humid air and spreading shower and rain.
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we look at the it slight risk of is veer storms richmond to raleigh to greenville and washington north carolina, maybe in the outer banks. damaging wind is probably the most likely problem if any oklad in that and later today we'll watch the storms in southern virginia and north carolina. we'll be clearing it out for a beautiful day in the northeast we do have to watch one area in the tropics that could effect the southeast. >> and news by the numbers the baltimore orioles sote a new record they're probably not celebrating. they allowed the rays too,
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the entire world because the rain forest produces oxygen and storing carbon dioxide >> reporter: urgent pleas to save the rain forest as amazon burns. one saying nearly all the fires that satellites see now threaten the health of the entire planet. >> what starts in the amazon doesn't stay it changes air quality for people near and far and changes the planet by adding greenhouse gases and exacer baiting the problems of climate change >> reporter: conservation was at this fire last month >> there are literally millions of anima >> reporter: more needs be done call that pulls us back g just weeks after a blistering july
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i got something wrong with me that's the first thing you should know. >> that is the first trailer for warner brothers "motherless in brooklyn". >> and stars edward norton and bruce willis a lonely detective who lives with i remember when it was being filmed here and can't waitbrucwt two amazing actors >> i'm sure we'll hear buzz, maybe award buzz if we haven't already. and pop star taylor swift has dropped her highly an ti palted album "lover. it came out at midnight and
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released her single "lover". and long-time back up dancer stars as her love interest she says it's a celebration of love in all its complexity, coziness and chaos and adds this is the first album she's ever owned and she couldn't be more proud. fans wanting to riri cord her old music. >> this is the one she actually ownser after a the music she's done one saying anothinger version of monopoly should never have crossed the line. monopoly socialism designed to make players run out of money while poking fun at vegans and free college. one twitter user is calling it mean spirited and willfully ill informed
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guess who likes ted cruz for avr within with else remember it's a game but in the era we live in now that is sure to just be like gasoline on the fire >> with 100% you can see how that's go being the case can't even play boards games anymore. do you have room unyour home for this truly massive cat a 2-year-old caddy that weighs 26 pounds. describes him as a jumbo size package of fluf and love >> it's a bob cat. >> reporter: the shelter is looking for somebody to adopt b.j. that's what sets it off. they got such an overwhelming response i hope bj's healthy. treadmill. >> and it would frighten me to
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state foundation's purple purse project to find ways out of abuse through financial education and empowerment. bill is tracking a new tropical threat on this friday >> doesn't look like anything huge or developing quickly but be we are going to pea watching rough seas and the possibility of increased rain chances and eventually run the southeast coast and a few develop into a tropical storm or possibly stronger than that next week and notes the development zone is heading outto sea. we'll watch it >> something to look out for up next it's not whether you chnsri smae.sp ipingo ny rig there . whoops. sorry. unlike ordinary diapers pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly
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time now to see what's coming up on "sunday today." >> good to see you this week on "sunday today. my next guest is orer lando bloom. we got together to talk about "carnival row" what it was like the go from drama stud tonight starring in not un but two of hollywo hollywood's biggest franchises ever and then we can we go deep into the fiance katy perry you can catch us in the morning or celt the dvr and watch any time for now i'll send it back it to you and we'll see you sunday morning. now toew jsey coach who guided his young team to the
4:27 am
little league world series but it's the less on he taught them after their defeat that will empower them throughout their lives. >> reporter: the high lielt reel didn't stop with the final out >> mateo -- >> reporter: it stretched into the post game. >> been since 6 -- >> reporter: that's coach of the team from elizabeth, new jersey. when their world series run came to an end with a loss, he huddled the boys together remind them what was what >> elizabeth, new jersey is known in the best light beca >> i wanted them to know that we felt the same pain but at the same time it was a joyous time for usd four times host said by
4:28 am
their families in victory and defeat >> for the rest of my life i'm proud you're going to call me coach. there's dad and there's coach. i love you guys. >> reporter: for the coach this was one last chance tagive his team a lift before getting a lift >> last thing. i need you to help me out. >> you go to a movie with me and it's a sad movie, you're probableab probably going to see a tear going town my face and i want the boys to know it's okay too >> little league wisdom fit for all sizes. joe fryer, nbc news. having played little league it can't be over stated how impactful those coaches are really for rest of your life. >> those are the tears in baseball that we want to see
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and good morning to you. it's friday, and that rhymes with fri-yay, hey! 4:30 for you, a live look at san francisco from san bruno mountain. beautiful shot, in case you want to sit out on the top of your hood, lay back and feel like you're in a movie. >> just for a couple of minutes until the sun is up. then you're all -- >> ahh! thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. maybe you saw her with raj, it was fun to have her on tv while watching dinner. the forecast was not fun. >> no, it was so hot yesterday and it'es hot again this afternoon. here is a live look in fremont, at least it starts out cool, and


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