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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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bracing for impact as tropical storm dorian gains strength puerto rico is preparing for the worst. >> the lawyers were looking for $17 billion, but got $572 million instead as an oklahoma judge delivers what could be a tipping point rung in the opioid epidemic. >> to the manhunt to the brazen diamond thieves who knocked off a popular new york city jewelry store in the middle of the day and made off with over $4 million in gems >> every parent's nightmare, a 15-year-old girl takes an uber home from a party, only to find a terrifying ride. the driver accused of kidnapping and how she escaped. >> and the biggest moments from
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the mtv video music awards big half hour ahead. "early today" starts right now >> good to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i am phillip mena a state of emergency that's been declared in puerto rico as tropical storm dorian gains strength overnight it passed by nearby barbados, and if this continues in its path, it could hit puerto rico tomorrow as a category 1 hurricane. the island is still recovering from hurricane maria, which made landfall nearly two years ago. maria was the deadliest natural disaster in u.s. history, killing nearly 3,000 people and destroying the island's power grid now people will are stocking up on food, water, and back up generators ahead of time meteorologist michele grossman now is tracking this tropical storm for us it's getting serious good morning >> hey there, guys it's going to be something we're going to watch at least through the weekend. let's take a look at what's happening now. this is what's called the enhanced satellite you can see it's a small storm now impacting windward islands to the leeward islands
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that is today the next several hours. it will then pass south of puerto rico wednesday as a tropical storm and then eventually hit hispaniola. there are a few things we know about the storm. first it is in very warm waters so we do anticipate it to increase to a category 1 storm near hispaniola. 75 miles south of saint lucia, it will move its track west over the next several days. by hispaniola category 1 storm this will be the key there as it moves over the mountains in the dominican republic, we could see it kind of break up a bit. so that will be the telltale sign of what will happen to the u.s. at the very latest we're going to see rain and wind in florida the holiday weekend. we'll talk more about that soon. >> thank you, michele. >> a battle against the opioid epidemic, an oklahoma judge ruling against one of the world's best-known companies, ordering johnson & johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the crisis our kristen dahlgren is following the story. and, kristen, this decision
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could pave the way to even bigger trials later this year. >> reporter: hi, good morning, frances. yeah, this case was watched so closely because it has huge implications both inside oklahoma and around the rest of the country. >> defendants caused an opioid crisis that is evidenced by increased rates of addiction, overdose deaths, and neonatal accident syndrome in oklahoma. >> reporter: the judge ruling against johnson & johnson saying the company is liable for aggressively marketing painkillers while down playing the risk oklahoma had asked for $17 billion to help fight the epidemic the judge awarded 572 million, saying it would be up to the legislature to get additional funding. prosecutors praised the award. >> we have proven that johnson & johnson built its billion dollar brand out of greed and on the backs of pain and suffering of innocent people. >> reporter: attorneys for
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johnson & johnson promised an appeal >> johnson & johnson did not causethe opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma or anywhere -- >> reporter: the case is not just about oklahoma. there are nearly 2000 pending lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies and distributors like johnson & johnson. legal scholars have called the oklahoma trial a litmus test and compared it to the case against tobacco in the 1990s when they settled with the cigarette companies. but for tanya radcliffe who testified at the trial, it's about something much smaller, her babies some fostered or adopted after they were born dependent on opioids. >> for the first time ever a pharmaceutical company is going to be held responsible for the betterment of oklahomans and beyond it was a win. >> reporter: however that is
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being played out, this is seen as a resounding victory for all of the other states and municipalities who are suing the drug companies a judge in ohio will begin to hear those cases in october, and legal experts say that this decision may influence how those are settled. frances? >> the floodgates may be opened. kristen, thank you >> president trump is back home from the g7 summit thirning after returning, reviving hopes for new talks with china to end the trade war. wall street rallied on the optimistic message with the dow climbing nearly 300 points nbc's craig boswell is in washington with the latest craig, the president says china very badly, it wants to make a deal >> reporter: yes, phillip. good morning yes, the president saying china wants to make a deal he said he received a couple of calls from the g7ism it over the weekend. china denies placing the calls the president indicating he's getting closer to a deal even as both sides have threatened new tariffs that are scheduled to begin next week.
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the president was also asked about his conflicting statements about china's leader, indicating at one point the china's president was an enemy, then turning around and calling him a great leader take a listen. >> the back and forth and the changing statements from yourself so that -- >> sorry it's the way i negotiate >> is that a strategy? it's a strategy to call president xi an enemy one day then say the relations are good the next day and then -- >> the way i negotiate, it's done very well for me over the years and it's doing even better for the country. >> reporter: as the summit was ending, the president suggesting a potential beginning saying he's open to talks with iran tensions with iran have flared over teheran's nuclear program over the shooting down of an unmanned u.s. drone. but the iranian leader has already responded to this potential meeting saying that u.s. would have to lift all sanctions against teheran before
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any talks could begin. as you guys mentioned, wall street reacted very positively to the news on china we'll see if that follows through this morning back to you. >> all right, craig boswell updating us on all things washington thank you, sir >> there is fallout after hurricane maria nearly two years ago. police plan to charge several nursing homeworkers in connection with the deaths of a dozen residents in irma's aftermath. here's nbc's catie beck. >> reporter: disturbing images hard to forget >>over 100 people being evacuated. >> reporter: senior citizens in distress evacuating from a scorching hot nursing home in south florida after a power outage caused by hurricane irma 12 residents at the hollywood hills died from extreme heat their deaths ruled homicides >> felt like 110, 115 degrees in there. >> reporter: family members left devastated >> shame on you.
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>> what a price to pay >> reporter: the facility was shutdown and now nearly two years later police plan to criminally charge several people responsible for their care one attorney connected to the case tells nbc news three nurses and one administrator will likely be prosecuted adding several have already turned themselves in >> it's very clearly an undisputed that they were going to any lengths they could under emergency situations >> reporter: several groups investigated the incident, some questioned why the center took three days to place the first 911 call for help. >> their doctors had done their rounds nobody saw any problem until that first call was made >> reporter: months later state lawmakers passed legislation requiring nursing homes to have back-up power, capable of lasting four days. police are expected to officially announce the charges tuesday. catie beck, nbc news >> police in new york have launched a manhunt for three suspects who they say robbed a jewelry store at gunpoint and made off with millions of
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dollars worth of jewelry the suspects allegedly posed as customers and zip tied and duct taped employees to carry out the brazen robbery caught on camera. here's miguel almaguer >> reporter: the armed thieves forcing jewelry store employees to lay face down, using zip ties and duct tape to bind them the robbery in the center of mid town manhattan captured on camera athe gun men stole an estimated $4 million in jewelry. this man, a victim, didn't want to be identified >> they threatened us. >> reporter: before clearing out the safe and display shelves, the suspects cased the store during the stick-up, duffle bags were filled with a take. none of the employees were hurt. moments before the 911 call came in, the suspects walked out of this door and down the street. they blended in with the crowd as security cameras here were rolling. aviani jewelers which caters to
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celebrities is known for its custom designs and high-end products a jeweler to the stars and now the scene of a dangerous multi-million dollar heist miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york >> as puerto rico braces for dorian, severe weather has caused chaos in other areas. a severe storm slammed into oklahoma overnight you can see the power flickers on and off here. there are reports of damaged homes, flooded streets and a possible tornado heavy rains also moved through missouri the city of eureka was hit hard by flash flooding. you can see as water rushes over that football field. some areas reported 3 inches of rain per hour. meanwhile, a massive fire broke out in portland, oregon. officials say two commercial businesses and five town houses were badly damaged along with multiple cars. investigators are now working to determine how it started >> all right let's toss it back to meteorologist michele grossman joining us once again. what are we watching out for in the states >> yeah, watching out for showers and storms at least from
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ohio through texas, the ohio valley down through the southern plains we could see strong storms we're not expecting severe weather. this will move off to the east, the northeast by tomorrow. new york city, washington, philadelphia could also see some showers and some storms. otherwise we're looking at a really nice day in chicago 79 degrees, 81 degreesn st ies below normal this time of year people will be heating up in the next couple of days. the heat and humidity returns to the northeast we'll talk about that. >> it's not over yet thank you, michele >> on the docket today, 32-year-old rapper meek mill is due in court philadelphia prosecutors will reveal whether they will drop a 2007 drug and gun case or whether he'll be retried the case has kept him under court supervision more than a decade
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>> up to 30 women are expected to take a judge up on his invitation to speak at a hearing after financier jeffrey epstein killed himself earlier this month before facing sex trafficking charges. >> and actress lori loughlin and her husband are expected in court in boston. the two pleaded not guilty eyaid half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into usc we'll be right back. ze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? sensitivity. i should see my dentist. my teeth have been really sensitive lately. well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! and take 25% off select adidas for the family! plus - everyone gets kohl's cash! take 25% off adidas apparel... save on adidas shoes... and adidas backpacks are just $41.25. plus - free amazon returns now at all kohl's stores!
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when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. leading the news this morning, a 15-year-old girl is safe after police say an uber driver tried to kidnap her nbc's steve patterson has the latest on the investigation and what the company is doing to try to keep riders safe. >> reporter: the accusations are every rieder's worst fear. police say a new york uber driver picked up a 15-year-old girl from a sweet 16 party on long island in july. instead of taking her home, the district attorney says 32-year-old driver sean williams canceled the route, saying he wanted the girl to go to his home in brooklyn where he intended to sexually assault her. the teen says he refused repeated requests to take her
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home, but she convinced the uber driver to pullover so she could use the bathroom, then ran to a nearby mcdonald's to call police williams pleaded not guilty. his lawyer said the teen had her cell phone and williams complied when she asked to use the bathroom uber calls the alleged incident deeply alarming saying they removed his access to the app. it comes after a string of rideshares have taken dangerous turns. uber says they have taken steps to make the platform safer including the option to share your ride with friends and family via the app so they can track your route and adding a 911 button that passengers can use during the ride as for the latest incident with that 15-year-old girl, the suspect is due back in court next month if convicted he faces a maximum of 25 years in prison. >> steve, thank you for that report >> still ahead, a familiar face is returning to snl for the first time in 35 years ur mtv, we'll have the highlights from the vmas next here on "early today."
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♪ ♪ disney ends its much-buzzed about expo by dropping the sky walker trailer it is the latest in the edge endri franchise that promises to be the end of the film and it will hit theaters on december 20th right before christmas, we can expect that to probably be the
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number one movie in america. >> lines around the theaters, everybody in costume we know how huge that's going to be already the galaxy of stars sparkled at last night's mtv vmas sean, lizzo, and queen latifah ♪ ♪ and taylor swift won the night scoring video of the year for her smash hit "you need to calm down." ♪ you need to calm down ♪ >> she used the acceptance speech to plug her online petition supporting the equality act. and she had a direct message to the white house. >> i want to thank everyone who signed that petition because it now has half a million signatures, which -- [ cheers alause -- which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the white house.
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[ cheers and applause >> and taylor wasn't the night's only winner. ariana grande snagged artist of the year billy eilish was crowned best new artist nas x's hit old town road. >> it is amazing how fast taylor swift has come it was about ten years ago, remember that when kanye went up on stage at the very same awards really dwarfing her moment now here she is taking over and really providing societal change incredible >> with her voice and her lyrics, too, and online with the petition see what more she's going to do. >> this is her time. toy maker mattel giving iconic women the barbie doll treatment. civil rights icon rosa parks and sally ride astronaut are being honored with their own barbie dolls. it's the inspiring women series. and nasa mathematician and
4:21 am
katherine johnson. these dolls are available now and they cost about 30 bucks eef one of them comes with educational material, authentic clothing, and some unique accessories. so after all these years, you see a rosa parks barbie doll my goodness. >> barbie has taken a lot of heat, you know, with 34, 24 -- whatever -- >> yeah, the measurements. >> yes saturday night live announced the season's first host and it looks like it's going to be a killer lineup starting with woody harrelson. fans are expected to see eddy murphy coming back to host for the first time in 35 years unfortunately, they'll have to wait until december to see him take the stage can you even imagine snl -- >> huge. he just got on stage, they had an anniversary show a few years back it was a big deal that he was there. >> how many characters can he bring on stage countless. >> cannot wait for that. still ahead on "early today," we will hear from supreme court justice ruth bader-ginsburg.
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>> my cousin told me the dude they're looking for slashed their throats. >> can we stop for a second? the cops are going to find him, right? >> it will be nonstop fighting >> look out! >> that's the first trailer for american horror story, 1984. season 9 will star cody fern, emma roberts and billie lourd who work as camp counselors. things are about to get interesting l because matt slasher mr. jingles has been released the new season premieres september 18 on fx >> harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to two new charges of predatory assault. the disgraced movie mogul was already facing five felony
4:27 am
charges related to sexual misconduct allegations which he has consistently denied. his trial was set to begin in september, but a judge has pushed the start date back to january 6. weinstein's lawyers are also pushing for a change of venue, saying that an impartial jury cannot be found in manhattan due to the amount of media coverage. >> residents of newark, new jersey, are fighting for clean water. a group led a march from penn station to the prudential center where the mtv video music awards were being held. >> when do we need it? now. >> what do we want >> two weeks ago the city began distribution water bottles to residents in 14,000 homes after several homes tested positive for lead above the federal threshold. the city has announced it will borrow $120 million from neighboring towns in essex county to replace the pipes causing the high lead levels the plan will depend on approval from city and county officials
4:28 am
>> ruth bader-ginsburg isn't letting a cancer scare slow her down the justice making her first public appearance since receiving treatment for a malignant tumor on her pan yee as she accepted an honorary law degree from the university of buffalo school of law and even cracked a few jokes. >> it was beyond my wildest imagination that i would one day become the notorious rbg [ laughter ] i am now 86 years old, yet people of all ages want to take their picture with me. [ laughter ] amazing. >> ginsburg also said she hopes democrats and republicans can come together to serve the people >> amen to that. tennis fans from around the world were ready for a renewed rivalry as serena williams took on maria sharapova in the first round of the u.s. open but unfortunately they were not treated to much of a show. serena was methodical in her straight set 6-1-6-1 victory
4:29 am
it was the first time sharapova lost in the first round of the u.s. open and the 16th time serena got the best of her amelia draper it's the start of the elusive 24th championship for serena i'm phillip mena nd a i'm frances rivera.
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shirck. welcome to tuesday morning. august 27th. looking at the last few days of august as we take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's het over to meteorologist kari hall. right here next to me. another hot one? >> it's going to be really hot and a little more humid, too


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