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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. right now at 11:00, unwanted guests in the south bay. >> we're talking about cows, lots of them. what neighbors want to happen next. and it's not what you would expect to find in your neighborhood. homeowners on-edge after a pipe bomb is discovered. and threats revealing photos.
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the extortion plot hackers are hoping will force you to pay a ransom. it's probably been a few decades since we've seen this. cows invading ing a south bay neighborhood. >> neighbors say they are tearing up the grass and leaving behind cow chips, lots of them. ian cole is in silver creek area. there's cows behind you now. >> actually, we moved down the street. there's three bulls here off of white tail lane. you can see how close they are up against that home in the background. we saw them a quarter mile away. one of them ran across the streets from the homes here. just across the street, having some grass, saw the lights. they're hanging out. the neighbors say this has been a problem for two months and
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they want the bulls to go. this was a typical sight, bulls. one car had to slam on its brakes to stop from hitting one. and they always leave a calling card. >> it's not a ranch. >> reporter: people on white tail lane say this is the group that's moving in. last night, bulls and cows grazing on the grass and leaving behind waste. they've been here on and off all summer, and the neighbors have had it, especially one couple selling their house. >> i don't want to destroy if reputation of the neighborhood. >> reporter: everyone has a cow story. one almost ran into a cow outside her house. debbie says they're
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intimidating. >> they're big. it's right there on the driveway. it's scary. >> reporter: there are cows down the road, no one knows who these cows belong to. one owner says people who party at linear park knocked down the funss. the naubs want the kus to go home. >> it's not fair. we shouldn't take the damage. >> reporter: we're back out live. you can see four of the bulls now, just hanging out in this neighborhood, about 100 yards from these upscale homes here along this street. the neighbors say they want some sort of fence to be built. and we're told that animal control is investigating. we're live, in san jose, ian cole, bay area news.
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a petaluma man has been arrested in connection with the fire burning in marin county. sheriff's deputies flagged him down and saying he started the fire. he tried to stamp it out. it's called the spirit fire. it's burned 60 acres. all previous evacuation warnings have been lifted. is there a fix for the millennium tour? maybe. there's a plan to prop up the leaning and sinking high-rise in san francisco. our exclusive report has prompted an investigation. in millennium is tilting. the panel of engineers just approved a plan to drive 52
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iles along two sides of the building that would go to bedrock. an environmental review is expected to be done by year's end. puerto rico, bracing for tropical storm dorian, that could hit the island in a matter of hours. you can see it is gaining steam as it swirls offshore. dorian could reach hurricane strength. the storm center expected to pass near or south of puerto rico, bringing heavy rain or gusty winds. chief meteorologist jeff raineri is tracking the storm. he will have more for us. a pipebomb found in an east bay neighborhood. the bomb was sitting in a front yard. the bomb squad was called in. tonight, neighbors are angry and pointing the finger at one man.
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cheryl heurd has the answers. >> they have been called to the home to deal with an advance. that makes people nervous. >> reporter: this case starts and ends in the 2300 block of wayne street. >> i've had it with this house. >> reporter: when we got to the house where the bomb was found, neighbors were upset. >> all night long. >> all night long? >> reporter: the home in question is this one. it belongs to tim shelton. >> my roommate and i found it a month ago. >> reporter: that roommate today, decided to call police. when they got there, they evacuated the area. >> it appeared to be an improvised explosive device.
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a device created to make prag fragmentation. there's history with the home. >> that r.v. is there. they're not supposed to be living in it. >> selling drugs out of the house. there's kids here 50% of the time. >> reporter: people are mad about the activity around here. >> the neighbors are upset. >> how much further is it going to go before they do something about that property? >> somebody will get hurt. >> i see it coming. the pipe bomb today. what's next? >> reporter: neighbors telling me that they will now reach out to leaders and get some relief. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. suspected roberts kicked off their door and shut off the power. now, mountain view police say it
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was a plot and the landlord was behind it all. the landlord allegedly decided to forcibly remove the family from the home. the family says they just moved in, thought they had an agreement for the set price. but the property manager started harassing them and this attack happened. they found him in their daughter's closet but they got arrested. parents accusing a teenage boy are innocent. they are facing nuce ining nume charges, after discovering a 17-year-old boy in the girl's closet last week. now, the parents are released from jail last night. tonight, they told us, they're not racists, just stunned and scared when they found him. >> they are okay. nobody gets hurt.
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at the same time, all these things, a lot coffnfusing on my mind. we were in jail. it wasn't happy in there. but we're still there. >> they found out that the girl had invited the teen in the home. and he physically injured them. child protective services has custody of their daughter. tomorrow morning, a suspected drunk driver accused of killing an apple employee will be in court. a cal grad was in an yuber over the weekend, along with a friend and uber driver. claudio perez is facing charges. he hit that uber on lawrence expressway in santa clara. police say he ran a red light. she died. her friend suffered injuries.
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the transient caught on camera, attacking a woman outside of her apartment complex. austin vincent was arrested and released shortly after. he was arrested again, when someone told police he attacked someone with a knife along the embar embarcadero. he will ask to be released with an ankle monitor. would you know what to do? how to we act if a gunman started shooting around you? that had police hold iing activ shooter training. jean, it's the training that no one wants to use. >> reporter: they are out in the public worried about violence unfolding.
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tonight, sfpd talked them through the scenario, giving them strategies to survive. a gunman killed 12 peop eed 3 p wounded 12 last month in gilroy. there was no shooter last weekend. but the possibility has people like carlos on-edge. >> i saw the open space. and i saw a lot of people. and i thought, what if? >> reporter: hoping to give people tools to survive, the captain of the mission station organized an active shooter training for the community tonight. >> three options are run, hide, and fight. >> reporter: walking people through the scenario now. if they find themselves facing a gunman, they know how to react. >> don't necessarily leave out the front door. i might look at the window. >> reporter: benvides said it
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got them thinking. >> i hopefully won't freeze and be able to react in a timely manner. for my own survival, let alone the survival of everyone around. >> reporter: now, the people we talked to say they had never had active shooter training. tonight, sfpd suggested they go to work and request it for the office. jean elle, nbc, bay area news. the bay area isn't trump territory but here he comes. three weeks from tonight, president trump will be in town for a fund-raiser. they are hosting a luncheon f. we don't know where in the bay area this luncheon will take place. we've been watching you.
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we're going to relesiase this information to everyone. back in 60 seconds. ahead, an x-rated e-mail scam. how hackers are using sensitive information to trick you to paying them big bucks. and relief with granmy unny units. i'm jeff raineri. temperatures are dropping down to 66 in san jose. we'll show you how much cooler tomorrow. and an important update on dar on. from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design
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unless you give us so and so amount of dollars. >> reporter: scammers don't provide evidence of the video, but they do have passwords. the password may have come from an unrelated data breech. they want you to believe it's tied to the porn site. >> reporter: a come that's working. victims pay about $1,000. a cyber security network told us, they get this from thousands
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of peoplevery year. >> they want any money. >> reporter: the number of extortion complaints were sextortion. richmond p.d. says you can go to credit karma or a site, have i been pawned. a $600 million crime orchestrated in the silicon valley. today, anthony levandowski turned himself in. he formed his own self-driving company that he sold to uber for $680 million. >> he downloaded approximately 14,000 google files.
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>> he never stole or attempted to steal anything. >> reporter: >> he pled not guilty. he is charged with 33 counts. if convicted, he will face ten years in prison for each count. a new place for healing in gilroy. a temporary memorial has been approved at the location of last month's mass shooting. the will be a split rail with 16 posts, one for each person in the attack. there will be three boulders to represent the three killed by gunfire. dr. will be an area where candles can be left. vandals defaced a new mural. an artist painted the mural this summer on the playground of
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lowell elementary school. but this is what the vandals did overnight. teachers and community leaders are in shock. >> we hired a muralist. and all of that work, bringing the community together, and to have riit wiped away for three seconds, it's heartbreaking. >> the district is urging any witnesses to contact police. some call it a granny pad. some call it an accessory unit. san jose sees these little cottages as key to addressing the housing crisis. now, you can get your permit for the homes in as little as 90 minutes. a different warning this fire season. showing off the power of a
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retardant drop. that's 9,000 pounds of retardant over an suv. fire officials posting this video as a reminder. if you find yourself or your car in a fire zone, be aware of your sur roundings. >> that would be horrible. >> we've seen it during the wildfires we cover. >> the heat is starting to drop. our fire damage will be decreasing as we head through the next few days. let's bring you to our microclimate forecast. we have good news to report, in case you've been held up in the house with the a.c. running, like in livermore, where we had a hot 97 degrees today. we made major headway on the temperatures, right now, dropping down to 69 degrees. you may be able to back the air conditioning off. possibly opening up the windows.
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tomorrow, temperatures will be down in the 60s. let's show you what's happening at the current moment. we had humidity today. just a touch of the humidity will linger tomorrow. it's remnants of tropical storm igo. i don't see rainfall. but the good news, also about this, is as you get ready to go tomorrow morning, it will feel nice, cool and refreshing outside. you'll see widespread 60s here for the south bay, peninsula and trivalley. and 63. areas of fog with my chilliest temperatures at 58. you will feel really nice as you head out the door. into the afternoon tomorrow, numbers dropping about four to eight degrees. it will be noticeable. in the south bay, down to the 90s. 87 downtown san jose. right over to the east bay. a couple of isolated low 90s
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through concord, livermore, danville, and pleasanton. peninsula, coming in at 79 in redwood city. san francisco, 60s returning across the board the embarcadero at 67. 65. that wind out of the west at 18 miles per hour. when the wind kicks up, it will feel chilly out there. and in marin, 84 in napa and 79 in santa rosa. it will feel good after upper 90s the past couple of days. seven-day forecast in san francisco, pretty simple here. staying in the 70s, right through labor day weekend. no big issues as we head into next tuesday's forecast. inland valley, we talk about the cooldown beginning. i think you will be happy with this forecast. inland, right through friday. warming up this weekend. we'll keep it in the low 90s. and drops off next tuesday, with 89 degrees. we got you good to go here.
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we have an important change i want to bring you over dorian. this will move over puerto rico, right through tomorrow. winds of 50 miles per hour. but the bahamas, 80 miles per hour, possibly strengthening to central florida sunday. this could strengthen more. it's so early out in this. we'll have more updates. and our shows the rest of the week and the weekend. coming up, airline travel may have gotten easier. one airline wants you to book your next flight. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. maya rudolph is my guest tonight. plus, we have music from tygo. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now, a warning for parents.
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if your children drink from contigo water bottles, the company released a recall. they got 150 reports of spouts coming off. it's recalling 5 million of these water bottles. no deaths or injuries have been reported. we're back in a minute.
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you can just text me. that's what spirit airlines is recommending to travelers looking to book travel on the fly. yes. begins next month, the airline will allow you to make changes via whatsapp. there's a $25 charge to use the texting feature. the 49ers are ready to kick off the 2019 nfl season, tonight, they took time out for charity. they had the event for players for a purpose.
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guests enjoyed wine tasting and dinner while mingling with players and legends, including the great jerry rice. >> it means a lot. the community, they support us a lot. it's a good thing when an organization can give back and show support for our community. >> all proceeds will support the bay area youth. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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after a glimmer of hope last weekend, the giants are once again struggling. >> it's a rollercoaster. you have to hang in there. the giants hosting the diamondbacks at oracle park. that's a handful for that family. two in one hand. that's a lot. christian walker with an rbi single here. that put the diamondbacks in the lead. this is the headline tonight. tyler rogers, watch this, his submarine style of pitching. you rarely see this. his knuckles almost scraping the dirt there. all that said and done, the giants lose to the d-backs. the a's and kansas city. what a difference a day makes.
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yesterday, they scored 19 runs. today, they scored two runs. only two but made them count. top of the second, mthe line drive to center field and the a's were off and running. the rookie left fielder with the defensive catch of the night. seth brown with a dive. a's win 2-1. they hold the second wild card spot. the nfl season begins in a week. and the possibility of a woman playing seems to be a reality. carli lloyd wowed everyone, when she kicked a 55-yard field goal at an eagles practice. now, she is considering an offer to kick for an nfl team. with enough practice and technique, she could be really good at it. we're back with more. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer.
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a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... finally tonight, this is kind of a big deal. we're laughing already. eddie murphy will be back on "snl" for the first time in 35 years. he is making his hosting debut, on december 21st.
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he did make an appearance on "sl" on the anniversary special. but he hasn't appeared in a sketch since those days. "snl" tweeted out the lineup. woody harrelson, with billie eilish. and phoebe waller-bridge. and you can watch the season premiere on nbc bay area september 28th. and taylor swift. i'm starting to like taylor swift. i'm fired up. >> you're not on the tay-tay wagon already? >> new to me. >> have you heard of eddie murphy? >> good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: welcome to "the tonight show!" and here's your host jimmy fallon ♪ [ cheers and applause


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