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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 29, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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everyone should be getting a plan for their food and water a supplies >> bracing for dorian. when the hurricane could make landfall in florida after hurtling through the virgin islands. >> a final step into the frontier president trump pushes for the launch of space problem tier >> they turn the tables on a scammer to show unsuspected victims just what we're up against. >> all right, all right, all right. 101. oscar winning actor matthew mccm mcmcconaughey addsresume
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"early today" starts right now i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. puerto rico seems to have been spared by dorian, but the storm still posebig a category 3 hurricane before slamming into the florida coast during the holiday weekend. puerto rico has the heavy rain you see here there is little confirmed damage on the island. an 80-year-old man died when he fell from the ladder preparing for the severe weather dorian reached category 1 status as it reached the u.s. virgin island there are power outages, downed trees and flooding they ared path of the storm clo. nbc's janessa webb is here to track dorian for us. good morning >> good morninem sg. ms to be erratic, but making its way to the north. puerto rico is in the clear now. just a few outer bands of the storm affecting that area. but now turks and caicos is on
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our radar. the storm system has lower wind shear here, humidity is higher, winds. and look at how the track has miles per hour with sustained changed here over across the bahamas. but now potentially a major hurricane going into friday, also saturday evening. now, landfall is a little bit too early to forecast right now, but we are looking at sustained winds possibly for tampa going into monday evening of 90 miles per hour so this is actually just the beginning of this storm. >> going to be crucial in the next few days for everybody in that area. thank you, janessa >> sure e hatches inn for doria president trump was blasting the island's leadership. he lashed out at those critical of his response to hurricane maria in 2017. nbc's peter alexander has the details from the white house >> reporter: the mayor of san juan is criticizing president trump for his tweets as the storm was barrelling toward the
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island the president bashing puerto rico as one of the most corrupt places on earth, calling its political system broken and insisting he is the, quote, best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. san juan's mayor, a frequent trump critic, responding, this is not about him, this it saving lives as for the storm, president trump says fema is ready and will do a great job. >> thanks to pete alexander for that report. >> a shake up in the race for the white house this morning new york senator kirsten gillibrand is dropping out of the crowded democratic primary after failing to qualify for the third debate next month. she championed women's rights and families on the campaign trail, but failed to gai traction she is the first senator to call it quits in the race president trump later taunting gillibrand on twitter saying, i'm glad democrats never found out she was the one i was really afraid of. but new polls aren't quite a laughing matter for the president. the numbers show him losing to
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all the top democrats nationally and in the crucial swing state of michigan. and for the first time since 2016, more voters believe the economy is getting worse than better also we found out which democrats will appear on the stage at the next democratic debate in houston. it is a one-night event featuring ten candidates including the three front runners, joe binder, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren >> a high point university student is behind bars being held on a $2 million bond after police say they foiled his mass shooting plot. officials say 19-year-old paul of boston was removed from the college after security confiscated two guns from his -. police say he had a .9 mill meet ers pistol and .12 gauge shotgun in the room. he said in an interview he planned to shoot up the school and had been planning the attack since december school officials are contracting fellow students that he was in possession of the firearms >> the trump administration is taking the first step toward the
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final frontier today u.s. space commando officially launches this morning. the newly created command will over see missile warnings, satellites and space support nbc's craig boswell joins us with more from d.c craig, this could set the stage for the president's space force. >> reporter: frances rivera, good morning good morning, everyone it is seen as a step to creating space force, interim step. president trump directed the pentagon to start looking at a sixth branch of the military last year he signed that directive. that was in february of this year and he directed the pentagon to start looking at legislation so that congress can look at that and congress can start looking at funding that is key. congress has to approve it congress has to fund it. that is not a done deal. it's also an kbexpensive deal we're talking initial estimates of $2 billion to $13 billion in the first five years now, we heard from the defense secretary yesterday about
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today's launch of the space command, saying that it is necessary to ensure americans' interest in space. space command, space com launching today, there is an actual head of space com it will over see 87 active units as you mention, handling missile warnings, satellite systems, spy systems. again, space force has to be approved by congress if it does that, making a new military branch, it will be the first in 70 years. back to you. >> thank you >> the racing world is mourning the loss of one of its own after professional driver and former myth busters host jessi combs died in a crash. the 39-year-old was trying to break her own speed record here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: six years ago in oregon's remote alver desert, racer jessi combs got into the cockpit of a converted fighter jet and broke the record for the
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fastest woman on four wheels but being the fastest wasn't fast enough for the 39-year-old. >> there's no reason to be nervous because we actually know what we're doing >> reporter: who had spent her entire life racing, fixing any vehicle she could get her hands on >> you are part of one of the greatest racers that ever happened >> reporter: she wanted to go faster more than 500 miles per hour tuesday, in that same desert in another converted fighter jet, combs died pushing the limits. there are few details, only that there was an accident and she didn't survive just days before combs posted, it may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire those who are willing are those who achieve great things people say i'm crazy, she wrote. her response thank you. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york >> ahead of this labor day, health officials in a number of states are warning residents to be cautious outside in areas
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where mosquitoes could be spreading a rare but deadly virus. nbc's miguel almaguer has how to protect yourself >> reporter: more than a pest, some mosquitoes from the midwest to the east coast are carrying a virus that can kill people in days spreading across wet warm regions where mosquitoes thrive, eastern equine encephalitis or triple e is being detected at an alarming rate. >> her brain is trying to heal itself and she can't do anything until that happens >> reporter: 14-year-old savannah de harte is one of three suspected cases in michigan >> i watch my daughter almost check out. >> reporter: while extremely rare, eee is incredibly deadly the mortality rate of 30%, with s norgets the central nervous system, causing swelling of the brain. mother and wife laurie sylvia died over the weekend. the fourth confirmed case of eee in massachusetts >> this is one of the most
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deadly mosquito borne infections >> reporter: with nearly 30 communities now at critical risk in the state, health officials are warning residents in parts of new jersey, michigan, and massachusetts to avoid outdoor activity during dusk and dawn. the heightened concern comes just before the holiday weekend as many flock to the outdoors. the advice is simple use bug spray with deet on your body and your clothes and avoid standing water where mosquitoes breed. a warning, protect yourself from a small bug with a deadly bite miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york >> let's turn our attention again to hurricane dorian and to nbc's janessa webb >> good morning. good morning, everyone you're going to hear this all day, rapid intensification it currently does not meet that criteria, but later on today we're going to start to see that storm system meet that criteria where we're going to see the wind gusts pick up tremendously, up to about 90 miles per hour. now, we're seeing the highest wind potential still in puerto
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rico the backside of that storm system, as it moves along, real the outert. florida, you're following some storms today, highs still in the 90s. so, just the beginning of the storm. it's going to be a long duration event. we're watching it very closely >> all right thank you very much, janessa >> some drivers in england, they were doing their best to defy gravity. participants are competing in the 2019 car jumping summer championship starting up and flying over. some cases into old juto land safely on the other side. keyword here, safely although no major injuries were reported, paramedics were there to attend drivers risking skeletal and soft tissue damage and whiplash they did this for a grand prize of 60 bucks. >> that's it don't get it , > all right, still aheadnew
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leading the news, the fbi is digging deeper into the suicide death of jeffrey epstein the "washington post" is reporting that federal investigators are now studying cameras from outside the cell where the accused sex trafficker died it comes after dramatic testimony from 23 of his accusers, several of the women who told their stories in court met with federal prosecutorsetg the justice system the former financier died by suicide earlier this month according to th medical examiner's office. they continue to investigate the alleged conspiracy involving sex trafficking ring >>ng up personaln a con artist when a police captain answered the call. nbc's tom costello has more on how the scammer got scanned. >> no, i will not. >> reporter: ann stevens admits she enjoyed messing with this scammer. >> i need you to provide me with
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the last four digits of your social security. >> i'm not going to confirm my social security number with you. >> reporter: without a clue he was talking to an apex north carolina police captain, the phone crook claimed he was a y ofcer and in 45 minutes she'd be arrested on serious charges. >> like money laundering, drug trafficking and for -- >> i'm going to be charged with drug trafficking >> absolutely. >> the sheriff's department is not coming to get mee of that. >> reporter: she posted a video as a warning to victims, especially the elderly >> we wanted them to see they're going to use any tactic they can to try to scare you into believing something is going to happen so you'll give up your personal information and we just want people to know never do that. >> do not tell me how many bank accounts you have. we'll go out and spend all the bank accounts which are connected to your social security do not -- if you lose any money. >> reporter: eventually the bad guy hung up. >> these are scam calls.
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don't ever give up your information. >> reporter: the good news, the scammer has now gone viral tom costello, nbc news, washington >> i love that if you watch again, if you see talking to the scammer the faces she makes are hysterical >> obviously they're preying on the vulnerable it's the most annoying thing possible i was expecting a call from work yesterday. in the shower, i pick up a new york number. it's one of those. it happened again 5 minutes later. it's the same situation. they're not only preying on the vulnerable, they're also annoying >> annoying. >> do something about it just ahead here on "early today," there is something strange back in the neighborhood how ghost busters is celebrating 35 years and re-living his glory days why oscar winning actor matthew mcconaughey is headi b ew. right? that's why febreze created new small spaces.
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the upcoming "joker" moving starring joaquin phoenix the most notable villain it debuts at the film festival what a match up right there to have joaquin play the joker. that is spot on. >> it is he has a lot to live up to when it comes to that and i think he nailed ite the trailers, we're in for something really, really good.
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all right, grab your jumpsuit, hop into your xm mobile and head to the movies because ghost busters is back to celebrate its 35th anniversary, the 1984 classic will be playing in theaters all across the country on october 6 and 10. each special screening will feature an introduction by original cast members along with rare alternate takes on famous scenes >> cool. >> tickets already on sale at over 600 theaters. as always, don't forget your proton pack. that is a classic. >> i love it ghost busters and joker coming up before halloween, perfect to get us in time for the season. >> go back thursday. >> remember the huge cat, the search for a new home in philadelphia went viral. the morris animal rescue says b.j. has a new foster home mr. b is 26 pounds his new family has experience working with cats that have health and behavior issues so if things go well, it could
4:20 am
become his forever home. the shelter received over 3,000 applications for b.j., and they sold more than 400 of those shirts they are now urging people to consider the many other options for adoption and other places to get cats as well >> save up for some food for chunky mr. b. here great to hear, though. great ending oscar winning actor matthew mcconaughey got his next big role it won't be on the big screen. he was named university professor at the university of texas at austin. graduated in 1993 and will become a professor of practice after helping to teach a script to teen course it is going to study two of his own films. one is the guy richey project guy gentleman. the nichols 2012 movie, mud. i imagine everybody is rushing to take that class, right? >> they've got to not be able to indicate he's going to be the professor on it because everybody will want to be in it.
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temperature wise across central texas for your sunday. and northeast, unfortunately, look at this this isa change for your labor day. we are going to be following rain, so indoor plans. >> all right well, we have the heads up at se minister planning to suspend parliament brain freeze! no, it's m my teeth have been really sensitive lately. well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! and it's a disc. the future of laundry is here - the persil proclean disc. one disc cleans more tough stains better than any of these detergents. and it delivers our next generation of deep clean.
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they overpowered the guards in utah authorities believe they are driving a red pickup truck they are considered armed and dangerous. >> the british government is bringing the country to the brink of a constitutional crisis the queen has approved prime ministerlan to suspend parliament from early september to mid october the surprise move blasted by opposition lawmakers with one calling it a coup. nbc's matt bradley is in london with theese than half of brits voted to leave the kinof deal, something that might actually help them improve britain's standing with foreign countries in trading terms with the european union but this latest development, this pro rogueing of parliament will have very little opportunity to block or delay brexit >> we're not going to wait until october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward. >> reporter: it also means that brexit will almost certainly be the so-called "no-deal" brexit, that britain will crash out of
4:27 am
the e.u. without a deal and be at the mercy of international trade agreement. this is going to tear a big brexit-shaped hole in customs and travel arrangements. it sounds apocalyptic. shortages of food, medicine, lines at points of entry >> this is a our s, so-called brexit ears, they said they wanted brexit but they didn't want a "no-deal" brexit matt bradley, nbc news, london >> a new jersey police working the second night on the job turned out to be one he will never forget mark p fife r said he had no training in delivering babies. the adrenaline took over and he delivered a healthy baby girl. and when people are supposed to come into the world, the it >> glad he was there
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what a story he has to tell on the second night >> every birthday that little girl will have a story to tell r that's beautiful >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. coming up trisha year wood drops by sdio 1 a fotu
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here we are, we made it to thursday morning. we're taking a live look outside of san francisco. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. what is going on outside this morning. kari hall has been tracking that. >> as we take a live look outside, we are going to see in waln
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walnutemperatures. with our south bay high temperatures reaching the upper 70s i


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