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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 5, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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north carolina faces deadly storm surge and inland flooding. >> dorian is battering the atlantic coast storm prep picking up at a frantic pace as extreme flooding is expected over the next 24 hours to be overwhelming >> and in dorian's wake, the death toll in the bahamas is rising, and the need for assistance is becoming more real >> new allegations of predator crisis add ride hail company lyft, with four women claiming a lawsuit they warn the drivers may still be on the road >> youtube backlash, the federal trade commission says youtube has miss handled and profited off of children's private
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information and is now facing $170 million fine. >> and the bad boys are back will smith and martin laurjs ng are headed for the silver screen and box office gold. a busy thursday ahead as "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm melissa rehberger. >> and i'm frances rivera. hurricane dorian is starting to wreak havoacross the carolinas. the category 3 storm has created 30,000 power outages in south carolina downtown charleston has started flooding police there have shutdown over a dozen streets and are warning people to shelter in place in florida, officials were counting their blessings after the storm skirted the coast. orlando's airport has reopened along with walt disney world and universal. but dorian decimated parts of the bahamas leaving abaco islands and grand bahama island in massive heaps of floating debris the death toll there is now up to 20. nbc's keri sanders is in the bahamas with more.
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>> reporter: well, good morning, frances. customs and border protection, air and marine operations will be airborne again today. we spent the day with them as they were flying rescue, search and rescue missions over great abaco, and you can see as we flew in some of the incredible devastation. but remarkably where we went, areas where nobody had been, this was first contact with survivors. we came upon those who had ridden out the storm in fact, they weren't even sure how powerful a storm it was. i told them that it was a category 5, winds of 220 miles per hour did you think you'd be here after this >> no, i thought i was going to die. we don't even know how much, what that was because the tv went out what was it? >> a category 5, 220 plus mild an hour winds. >> felt like it. felt like hell >> reporter: what do you think when you look out your window at the your home and the other homes? >> it's the most devastating thing we can imagine i can't believe it it's unbearable.
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>> reporter: the air operations here at cbp will be airborne again today. the plan is to once again try to make it to areas that have not had any contact to help those people and in many cases they actual actually came across folks who didn't want to leave, but they did drop them water and supplies so at least they will be able to get through another couple of days before they event will have to leave frances? >> all right, kerry sanders for us, thank you. as dorian barrels up the coast, coastal cities are now ghost towns after mandatory evacuations were issued. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in nags head with more. >> reporter: hurricane dorian now lashing the southeast, barrelling up the coast. bringing torrential rain, fierce winds, and so much water from florida to the carolinas. as dorian movee storre you can see this water rising
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behind me. >> i want to give you a sense of how powerful the waves are take a look, that wind ripping off this pier. >> it's flooding this island may be entirely cut off from savannah. and we are seeing similar conditions here in south carolina the water getting dangerously close to these homes this used to be a sandy beach. now just water and conditions are only expected to get worse over the next 24 hours. >> reporter: in north carolina, they know what's coming. >> starting to say right here where you'll see significant flooding >> reporter: the outer banks now under a hurricane warning and mandatory evacuation officials worry the only road will be under water, leaving those who stay, trapped and cut off for days >> we're going to lose electricity. the roads are going to flood a lot of areas are going to be impas impassable some parts of the outer banks look like a ghost town, residents and tourists heading
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for higher ground. for those choosing t lrdy beginning to see ou befor the skies darken a little bit. the wind and the waves have been picking up, but we are expecting things to get next 24 horizont hours or so. frances? >> kristen dahlgren for us, thank you. >> nbc meteorologist janessa webb is tracking the storm for us >> it's lashing on the coasts of south carolina the rain bands you are seeing, they are releasing about 2 inches per hour. this rain accumulation will come in very quickly. sustained winds also 115 miles per hour, it's moving out of the north to 7 miles per hour. now, timing is going to be very important here for the next 24 hours for south carolina to north carolina as well from now through 4:00 p.m., you're on our radar, south carolina coast, from myrtle beach to charleston. we are forecasting a storm surge of 2 to 4 feet with rainfall up
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to 8 to 12 inches. also a high tide that happens around that noon hour, so this water levels are going to steadily increase and we still haven't talked about a potential landfall i'll show you exactly where coming up. >> thank you as dorian swirls up the eastern seaboard, president trump is weathering his own storm in d.c for days the president said the hurricane was projected to hit alabama. he first tweeted about it on sunday, suggesting the state would be hit much harder than anticipated, but that was quickly dismissed in a tweet from the national weather service. fast forward to wednesday, when the president displays what appears to be a doctored map during an oval office briefing, it's a model the national oceanic atmospheric administration released last week with one key difference a black circle apparently drawn in sharpie protrudes from where and inside the new cone is alabama. here's what he later said about the discrepancy.
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>> and that map that you had today looks like it has a sharpie -- >> i don't know. i don't know i don't know >> the president tripled down last night, tweeting a model from august 28th showing alabama in the path, but that map is from the south florida water management district and includes a warning at the bottom that it should complement, not replace national hurricane center discussions. >> the pentagon is putting dozens of projects on hold to build the border wall. defense secretary mark esper has approved a plan to divert $3.6 billion to help pay for the wall nbc's tracie potts joins us from d.c. tracie, this move is getting some bipartisan push back. >> reporter: it is, because the money and these projects are coming from local areas represented by members of congress they got their first look at the list, and some of them didn't like it because their local areas, states and cities, military installations there are losing millions if not billions
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of dollars to fund this border wall we're talking specifically about 128 military construction projects across 23 states, three u.s. territories, and 20 countries. a lot mu a lot of them in europe. these were designed to prevent an attack by russia. altogether diverting $3.6 billion for this border wall now, critics say in doing so, declaring that national emergency to pull this money back in february, the president is affecting military readiness. chuck schumer, the democratic leader criticizing this saying it is e members of the armed forces who serve our own country and boost the president's ego to pay for the wall he promised mexico would build. it looks like american taxpayers at least at the beginning will be footing that bill frances? >> tracie potts for us, thank you, tracie. >> lyft is facing a major
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lawsuit by more than a dozen women who say they were sexually assaulted and raped by company drivers. the complaint says lyft knew about the alleged incidents and failed to report the crimes. attorneys for the women say there could be at least a thousand other potential victims across the country here's nbc's tom costello. >> i started begging him, please take me back home. i promise i won't report it to the police >> reporter: it started after her lyft driver allegedly high on drugs grabbed her phone then for five hours gladys says he kept her in the car before pulling into a deserted beach. >> he sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: kim says a lyft driver attacked her in salt lake city >> he reached over and tried to grab me -- did grab me around my neck forcefully and tried to kiss me. >> reporter: both women are among 14 who filed suit against lyft allegeding they were sexually assaulted by their drivers who may still be
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driving. their attorneys filing a mass action suit being predicting at least a thousand potential victims across the country >> a report of one rape, there are three or four others that occur. you can do the math. >> reporter: alleged attacks involving lyft drivers have been on twitter the company accused of falling behind uber. the suit lists the app is negligent, that it should constantly monitor rides, record video and audio of each trip send alerts when the driver veers off course and turnoff the app mid drive. what the victims describe as terrifying has no place in the lyft community adding lyft is designing products and policies to keep out bad actors, make riders and drivers feel safe and react quickly. lyft also says it is rolling out an emergency panic button on its app providing fast access to 911. >> that was tom costello reporting. >> a florida man was worried that hurricane dorian would be powerful enough to blow away his smart car so what did he do?
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he decided to bring it right inside you can see it put it right in his kitchen. his wife shared the photos of their home in jacksonville she said her car was in the garage meanwhile near orlando, humans weren't the only ones takingshem a group of frogs were found clinging to the inside of these wind chime tubes man who sard the video said all the frogs made it through the storm. in florida they're in the clear. very different when it comes to the carolinas up the coast >> i think that is pretty loud inside wind chimes during the hurricane. >> good morning, janessa >> good morning. what happened here in the last 24 hours, the more dorian stays in this open body of water, the temperatures are in the mid-'80s, it's rapidly intensified here so myrtle beach, charleston, we are going to continue to see sustained winds of 100 miles per hour forecasting 4 to 7 fee
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implicate hundreds of people according to a lawyer for epstein's long-time confidant maxwell. she is accused of procuring under age girls for the sex trafficking ring the documents are part of a defamation lawsuit against maxwell filed by one of epstein's accusers the files are known to contain names of prominent politician tz, powerful business executives and world leaders. >> we turn to the deadly boat fire off the coast of california after two days of searching, the bodies of 33 victims have been found and one is still missing authorities are working to determine why the 34 people below deck were not able to escape when the fire broke out nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest >> reporter: the fbi's dreturnig to help pinpoint the cause of the fire that killed 34 e concee sea floor, may soon be brought to shore >> we want to see what happened the five surviving crew members,
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coast guard and ntsb boarded the vision, examining the layout of its sleeping quarters similar to the investigatorh the emergency hatch. >> i did have some concerns about passenger egress >> reporter: not enough or not big enough >> um, my concerns were, um, whether the passengers could get out. >> reporter: after the explosive fire torched the 75-foot dive boat, all but one of the victims have now been recovered at sea among them a dive instructor, a physics teacher, a family of five including three sisters >> they're just beautiful, special. they did everything right. i don't understand >> reporter: the tragedy at sea in an ocean of heart break for so many families miguel almaguer, nbc news, santa barbara. >> just ahead, we'llith stylish
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these streets -- >> i'm asking you, man, bad boys >> one last time >> one last time >> will smith and martin lawrence are back as our favorite detective duo in "bad boys for life" in the long awaited third installment of the action franchise, the two are
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back on the streets for one last case, "bad boys for life" hits theaters january 17th. >> they're only human, but well dressed. prynka jonas was named best dressed. it was the first time a couple was chosen for best dressed. they choose clothing that speaks to each of them. best dressed also included actor billy porter, tennis champion serena williams and jennifer lopez. >> one woman broke out her halloween decorations a little early this year. a motion activated skeleton scaring this bear away the homeowner said she tried garbage locks, but that didn't seem to aniston the animal she tried a simple and cheaper option it's been working a few days now her neighbors are giving it a try. over in montana, surprised to find this black bear lounging
4:21 am
on the bathroom counter top. why not, right the bear managed to sneak in through an open window in the women's room the cub seems content. didn't look like it was going anywhere any time soon eventually wildlife officials arrived safely removing and releasing the bear into an area away from the hotel. >> not too hot, not too cold >> very comfortable. >> just right. >> janessa's forecast is up next plus mhin'icgas major crackdown to curb the vaping epidemic. you're watching "early today." neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with new retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® struggling to clean tough messes with wipes? try new mr. clean magic eraser sheets.
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good morning, everyone let's get you the latest here on dorian where we're going to potentially see that landfall here across the carolina coast from wilmington to cape hatteras. the timing today is going to be around 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow where we're really going to watch that significant storm surge. but look at this the eye of that storm potential landfall goes into friday overnight and we're still going to watch that around 3:00 p.m., so monitoring this really closely. >> not going anywhere, not giving up. thank you. when we come back, youtube facing a record fine over allegations it violated child privacy laws who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away
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in today's top stories, michigan became the first state to ban sales of flavored e-cigarettes in an effort to curb the youth vaping epidemic the ban prohibits online and retail sales of flavored nicotine vaping products it will take effect immediately. local businesses have 30 days to comply meanwhile health officials in oregon say they are investigating a possible vaping related death after a resident recently died from lung disease linked to using e-cigarettes if confirmed, it would be the second such death reported in country. >> youtube is getting hit with profiting from children's private information. some say the punishment does not go far enough. nbc's alice barr has this report >> are you ready >> yeah. >> reporter: with thousands of channels to choose from, youtube has increasingly become the go-to entertainment source for children including the garner family's 8-year-old twins.
4:27 am
>> information at disposal kids are getting sucked into it. >> reporter: one study found 80% of kids age 6 to 12 use youtube daily. federal law protects children 12 and under from having their personal information collected online without their parents' consent. but the federal trade commission found that youtube and parent company google violated that law by tracking children's data across the internet and using it to make millions of dollars through targeted ads now the ftc is sending a message. >> this is an historics staggere >> reporter: google and youtube will pay a $170 million fine they have to make youtube channel owners clearly identify cofor kids and they're barred from using any data already collected from children. but that's one area where critics think the ftc didn't go far enough >> we think the much better solution would have been to require youtube to delete the data >> reporter: it was a close vote with the three republican
4:28 am
commissioners voting for the ruling, the two democrats voting against. calling the fine insufficient, and saying youtube with nursery rhymes to feed its massive profitable business. youtube says it's always been a site for people 13 years old, but will now be devoting millions of dollars to children's programming with a promise to get it right. alice barr, nbc news, washington >> celebrating birthdays on this thursday, beatles batman actor michael keaton turned 68 actress and 60s sex symbol raquel welch is 79 william da vein turns 80 and legendary actor and comedian bob knew heart is 90 years old thank you for waking up with us. i'm frances rivera >> i'm melissa
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am marcus washington.
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>> i am laura garcia. a tractor traile waer a fire in this one. >> it's the tracker part and not the trailer part and it's blocking the upper part of the east shore freeway. horrible place for that to be happening but at least it's early. all lanes are reported blocked right under the over crossing there. our crew is just about on scene getting details there. the tractor part of the rig caught fire and they may be able to pull the trailer out of the way once


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