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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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it started in homestead high school in cooper tee know and ended with an arrest on the san jose state campus. that student 17 years old and there was a gun on him when he was arrested. robert, what do we know? >> reporter: we're here in the south section of san jose state university away from the main campus near downtown. we're told this is the general area this happened. the 17-year-old was practicing with the school band out here when they found him. that's when officers contacted police looking for him. the young man attended san jose state and were searching for him because of the threats me made on social media. officers found out the school student was at the ban without incident but not without some disturbing circumstances. >> he was in possession of a loaded firearm and ammunition.
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>> what was his demeanor? >> he was calm. >> did he say anything? >> nothing that i can reveal right now. >> what happened to him now? >> he was booked into juvenile hall and suspended from the university. he made no threats against anyone at san jose state or property of san jose state. so, his social media threats were unrelated to san jose state. >> certainly we wanted to talk to some of the students who may have been more directly affected because they have a closer relationship and we talked to them about the resources that are available. we talked to them about give them some specifics on what has occurred so they're not just wonderings happened. >> reporter: now, we have been told that public safety officers will be a presence at homestead high school to give students there reassurance about their safety and to a lesser degree that's what officers are doing here at san jose state. >> robert, thank you. b.a.r.t. is still recovering
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after a lengthy closure of the powell street station this afternoon. a person committed suicide around 2:00 by jumping in front of a train. that station did reopen around 4:30. b.a.r.t. is seeing system wide delays. >> new at 6:00 tonight, an east bay family searching for answers tonight two decades later. 23 years after a waitress was brutally murdered, her family is bringing new attention to her case. jodi hernandez joins us in contra could ssta county where are new cries for justice. >> reporter: that's right. the waitress's killing really rocked this small town. she worked at this little pizza parlor here and we were told he loved her job. 23 years later, her family has launched a new campaign to catch her killer. >> with me every day. with me at night. with me all the time. and it ain't gonna go away.
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>> reporter: troy says he's always been tormented by what happened to his younger you cousin, 21-year-old presill la lewis, a well-known waitress with a bubbly personality was killed in 1996. she went on her break at the four corners fepizza and never returned. a coworker found her in the basement bathroom. >> she was found down like this. >> reporter: police say lewis was strangled to death, but her kill her has never been caught. >> there were so many people that were scared. it was like a black cloud was over this town. >> i was flabbergasted. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: raymond may have been the last one to see the waitress alive. he says he too has never been able to shake it. stood here and smoked a cigarette with her. she said okay, i'm going in. i went back home and 15, 20 minutes later i started hearing
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sirens coming by. >> reporter: lewis's family is planning a vigil to call new attention to the case. >> there's me and her at my grandpa and grandma's where we grew up. >> reporter: they don't want lewis forgotten and won't rest until her killer is caught. >> we're going to get you. it might not be today. but these detectives are going to get you. and you're going to have to pay the price. >> reporter: the killing took place right down these stairs. now the contra costa sheriff's department tells me that the case is still open and they are taking a new look at it. they plan to be here at the vigil that will take place saturday here from 5 to 9:00. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. frightening moments for a lyft driver dodging bullets. the the video has just been released. a lyft driver picked up a man in
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richmond. police say the man pulled out a gun and demanded the driver take him to the gas station to get snacks. while the armed passenger was inside the video, the driver sped off. then the suspect comes running out -- that's the driver speeding off. that's the suspect shooting at him. we spoke othe the driver who didn't want to be identified. >> it's not safe. i'm done. i just saved my life. >> police have arrested marcus dean and charged him with attempted murder and kidnapping. vallejo is defending itself saying its police officers used excessive force. clients say they were violently assaulted, even sexually molested. >> never not one time got read a right while they were pushing my face to the cement. physically harassing the way where i'm being sexually
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molested on the ground. >> police accused her of stealing the car she was driving which she had recently purchased. she said the three cases are part of a pattern of abusive pattern of minorities. city officials cannot comment on pending lawsuits. just in to the news room, a photo from president trump and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, the president tweeting out this picture less than an hour ago. all he said was, a nice meeting in the oval office. no word on what the two talked ability. zuckerberg is in d.c. this evening to meet with policy makers about future internet regulations. not having it, mayor london breed firing back over the issue of homelessness. trump contends the city is polluting theg needles and other trash. breed calls the charge
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ridiculous mostly because the sewer system doesn't even work that way. she says the city is working to find solutions to homelessness, and she says what she could actually use from the president rather than criticism is is more federal assistance. >> instead of being critical, he should be trying to help us with some of these issues. how about starting with 8,000 section 8 vouchers so i can help some homeless people on our streets. >> mayor breed said the answer is more than housing. it also means not attacking people living on the streets. in response to the president's comments, the city let cameras into a water treatment facility to show us how the system works. ally wolf got the hard hat tour this afternoon. she joins us along the bay to show us exactly if that statement the president made holds water. >> reporter: well, jessica, the city says there is a very intricate process they go through to make sure the trash
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and the needles on the street never make it into the bay or the ocean. and today they didn't just tell us that, they showed us. touring san francisco's largest water treatment facility. >> so, this removes the inorganic -- >> reporter: -- where more than 50 million gallons of storm water and waste water is treated each day. andrew clark is the superintendent for the treatment plant in the bay view. he shows us how multiple machines and tanks are used to fulter out leftover debris. >> this is designed for removing finer screenings and grit. >> reporter: once the solids out, the water is disinfected before being flushed into the bay. they gave us this tour in response to president trump's claim that waste, including needles, flow from san francisco's storm drains in the ocean. >> the reality is quite the opposite. we have many layers of defense throughout san francisco to keep the bay clean and
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type of water including needles. >> in fact carrie says litter and needles that fall into drains rarely ever make it to this facility. >> we have a thousand miles, 23,000 miles catch basins that are designed to catch litter. >> reporter: if needles get here, they won't make it out. >> oip determinic needles, they do float in our system. >> reporter: and the city says the facility that we toured today handles 80% of the sewage and waste water and flows out into the bay. there's another facility that handles the other 20%. it flows into the ocean. reporting live in san francisco, ali wolf nbc bay area news. >> our investigative unitne rep homeless population. you can find that on our home page. an east bay woman received
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potentially life saving news today from immigration officials. isabelle made national headlines last month when the trump administration threatened to revoke the medical deferment that keeps her and other immigrants alive. she came here for weekly enzyme treatments she cannot get in her home country. today he says immigration services signalled they are approximate reversing the planned medical deportation policy. up next, presidential candidate beto o'rourke stuck around another day to talk about weed, his plan to give money to people arrested for pot raising eyebrows. >> also love will you have to p park at the mall? mate be be happening. it has some customers concerned. a 81 hotter. we'll show you what's f events in the bay area coming up in 8 minutes. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections.
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. while sailing on one of the world's greatest to the world's greatest places.
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proving that a place this extraordinary doesn't need a zip code. celebrity edge is more than a ship. it's a destination in itself. and because you can never get enough of a great thing. we're building another revolutionary ship. celebrity apex. book your vacation on the greatest ships and visit some of europe's best shores. click or call to book today. for at least one candidate, the presidential race goes through a marijuana shop in oakland. the candidate beto o'rourke wants to decriminalize pot in the united states and wants to give money to people locked up for marijuana offenses. nbc bay area melissa colorado is in oakland with the details. >> looking forward to working with you. >> reporter: white house hopeful bet o'rourke was all ears about
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the lessons learned from legalizing marijuana in california and the work that still needs to be done to help communities of color disproportionately affected by marijuana arrests. alfonzo blunt jr. is an east oakland native arrested more than a decade ago for carrying $80 worth of weed. >> it messes up your life for something that is legal now. >> blunt is selling weed legally. >> he wasn't on my radar. i didn't know anything about him. >> reporter: the former texas congressman doesn't want to legalize pot, he also wants to give people locked up for marijuana offenses. >> we have a responsibility to make sure they can get back on their feet. >> reporter: where will these so-called war on drugs justice
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grants come from? >> it's coming from a federal tax on the sale of cannabis. >> reporter: blunt says he appreciates the intention but says more taxes on legal pot will hurt entrepreneurs like himself. >> it's too high. you need to lower it. >> reporter: if elected o'rourke says he will use clemency power. the latest "wall street journal" poll has o'rourke trailing behind nationwide with 1% of numbers. >> someone willing to come talk to people in communities about certain things, that's amazing. >> reporter: his next campaign stop, aurora, colorado where he'll be focusing on gun violence. nbc bay areas news. thank you. a new state law forcing trump to release his tax returns hit a road block. today a federal judge
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temporarily blocked that. the president's attorneys argued the law is constitutional because the federal government has jurisdiction over candidates running for president. california is expected to appeal that decision. one of the surviving crew members on board that deadly boat fire near santa barbara has filed a lawsuit. he says the boat was simply unsafe. his name is ryan sims. he's the chef on the boat. he's suing the boat's owner and the dive charter company. he claims the boat was unseaworthy and operated in an unsafe manner. he was asleep on the top deck when the fire started on labor day. he said the fire trapped him forcing him to jump from the top deck. he broke his leg and other injuries that require extensive medical treatment. 34 people died in that fire, many victims from the bay area. it's hard to believe it but the holidays are right around the corner. you know what that means, heading to the mall shopping. if you're going to one
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particular south bay mall, you may need to get a little extra cash with you for parking. anoushah rasta joins us. you expect this in the south bay. >> reporter: you do expect it. shoppers were shocked when they found out it could be a possibility here. some of them started getting suspicious when they saw those posts over there at the entrances and the exits of the parking garage here at west field valley mall. they're thinking paid parking is going to become a reality here pretty soon. >> there aren't manr no problem parking. west field valley fair mall is no different. >> even today is a thursday and it's already really hard to find parking. >> reporter: but tonight former council members tells nbc bay
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area that they do plan to charge people for parking. some shoppers think these posts covers could be for a new parking gate where you'll soon have to pay. >> for people to come here every week, that's probably going to be a big problem. >> i wouldn't come here if i had to pay for parking. >> reporter: the idea to charge for parking was part of valley fair and santana rose's expansion plan with the goal to cut down on cars in the area. the plan could include an option for validation too. >> i think they're trying to squeeze more money out of people and put a veneer of, you know, ecofriendliness over it. >> reporter: the management for west field responded to our questions saying we are in the early stages of planning aot roll out until 2020. while we do not have additional details to share currently, we expect to make an announcement later this year. we've also reached out to
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representatives for santana row about the issue and they're still waiting to hear back from them. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> it's always -- so many malls around the bay area, problems with car break ins. it's such a big thing. >> got to be careful. weather forecast, nice, nice weather coming our way as we hit friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. hopefully we enjoying the showers over the early week. things are changing. as you can see in the morning forecast we'll get you into the friday. we have four day work weeks and tomorrow starts the weekend for some of you. mostly clear skies, little lder to the much fog in san fra 57, right over the east bay, 61 degrees. temperatures warming up tomorrow. it's going to disrupt the fog and we're going to heat up. 85 in santa rosa. the more inland you go, the
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hotter the temperatures will be away from the coast, 90 in concord, 87 in morgan hill and 85 in san jose. warmer as he hit friday's forecast and hotter this weekend. i want you to be ready to go for the big bay area events. the first is the art and wine festival, low 90 on saturday. music, art, food, and beverages to keep you hydrated. the salsa festival, upper 80s, sunny skies, salsa music, dancing, and tasting. my kind of event. if you're not heading there, maybe it's to the 49ers home opener. warm one on sunday, # 1:25 kick. by halftime you've got to find shade. temperatures in the upper 80s especially if you're in the outer section where the sun hits you hard. take that hat. coming up in 25 minutes we'll take a look at the rain outlook and show you where the rain is
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heading over the next two week. up next, the dreaded delays at sfo because of work on the runway almost over. we're going to let you know when flights get back to normal.
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okay, good news for travellers of sfo. runway work that delayed and cancelled flights for thousands of people finished ahead of schedule. it's wrapping up this evening, a week earlier than expected. more than 300 flights were delayed, another 130 cancelled in the first week alone. passengers understand the work was needed and now lots of people are relieved that it's over. >> they need to be changed tis . they need to keep on. >> i flew in and it was about a three-hour delay. it wasn't too bad considering a coworker got cancelled. >> paid the second longest of the runways. all runways should be running at 9:00 tonight. next month the airport will
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renumber all its gates. the updates could make things confusing for people familiar with the current lay out. the new system will be a combination of letters and numbers as opposed to just numbers like now. first for santa claracounty administer a drug for people who park officials say they are usually the first on the scene of the emergencies and are better able to administer things like nar can right away. and that can make a huge difference between survival. law enforcement agencies throughout the bay area have included it in their field equipment for the past five years. up next, did president trump promise something he wasn't allowed to. the whistle blower creating a showdown on capitol hill. >> phenomenon is creating crisis in the pacific ocean.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways.
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let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. right now at 6:30 a whistle blower sounds the alarm of what president trump said to a foreign leader on a phone call, and now democrats want the details. the president apparently made a promise to a foreign leader and a whistle blower found it so troubling that he or she filed a complaint with the intelligence office. >> that's led to a fiery stand off between democrats and the trump administration. let's bring in janelle wang with
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details. >> this phone call involved ukraine but has no other details revealed. in a closed door meeting with congressional investigators, the intelligence community watchdog declined to share details of a bombshell whistle blower complaint. nbc news learned it involves a promise from president trump to a foreign leader. >> i don't know whether the white house is directly involved because we can't get an answer to that question. we do know that they are making some claim that a privilege may apply. there's no privilege to be corrupt. >> we still don't know which foreign leader president trump was speaking to and we don't know what he said. we do know a u.s. intelligence officer found it serious enough to make an extremely rare whistle blower complaint. >> this is not a policy disagreement. this is something that is lawless. >> the complaint was filed with
6:30 pm
michael atkinson who found it to be a credible and urgent matter, that he was required by law to share it with congress. but president trump's acting dni overruled him after consulting with the justice department. that's according to a doj source. >> the acting dni broke the law when he decided to intercept the inspector general's report to congress. >> president trump is rejecting harassment arguing he would never say something inappropriate to a foreign leader. >> the acting national intelligence director is scheduled to testify publicly next week. if that doesn't bring out more details, the house chair says he's prepared to go to court to get those details. iran continues to deny it launched attack on a saudi oil
6:31 pm
plant. escalating conflict has the region on edge. iran's foreign minister made an angry threat of war if there is an attack on his country. even though saudi arabia has not named the force behind the strike, the u.s. is saying even calling it an act of war. >> i think it's abundantly clear and there is an enormous consensus in the region that we know precisely who conducted these attacks was iran. >> iran's president and foreign minister have received visas from the u.s. to attend next week's meeting at the united nations. >> more offensive photos and more apologies. justin trudeau apologizing today for photos of him that have been released dressed in black face and brown face. >> i didn't understand how hurtful it is to people who live with discrimination every single day. >> one photo was in a 2001
6:32 pm
yearbook from a private school where trudeau was a teacher before entering politics. you see there trudeau is campaigning for re-election. an ambitious goal from jeff bezos, he says the company will lead the world in the charge against climate change. a pledge to meet the paris climate agreement. amazon will buy 100,000 electric delivery vans that will be on the road in just over a year. b bezos expects to be emission free. we want to look at the issues right now, issues that impact every one of us. tonight we look at one of the most obvious impacts of climate change. it's right there in the pacific ocean and it's a phenomenon known as the blob. here's nbc bay area video journalist jonathan bloom. >> the oceans are showing signs of these extreme temperature
6:33 pm
events all around the world. >> we're talking about a huge area of much warmer than normal surface temperatures about three times the size of the state of alaska. the ocean is a critical part of the climate system, and it's changing. we all know about heat waves on land. sometimes they last for a couple ofime this happened in the pacific ocean, it lasted for three years. scientists called it the blob. and now it's threatening to happen again. over the last century, the average ocean temperature has slowly risen about a degree and a half. but now there's a part of the pacific that at least 7 degrees warmer than normal. scientists say nature's air conditioning seems to be broken. >> the arctic is especially warm again this summer and sea ice is very scarce. so, we've got big changes going on around the whole planet.
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>> that warm water keeps the nutrients on the ocean floor from rising to the surface. that causes plankton to die off. then the fish that eat the plankton have to come closer to shore to find it. then, you guessed it, the big animals that eat those fish have to chase after them and that's when we find them washed up on the beach. in the last marine heat wave, california sea lions were hardest hit. >> pups were starving and abandoned by their moms. spike in whale intanglements in fishing gear. >> in 2016 some 70 whales got caught up in fishing gear. toxic algae was blamed by the unusually warm water. nobody knows how long this marine heat wave will last, but if it persists, we can expect all the bad stuff to happen again. >> when you hear somebody say we have one climate, one atmosphere, it's really true and it's all connected. >> jonathan bloom with us now.
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we talk about this bloom out there in the pacific, but what's the local -- if i go to the beach this weekend or next weekend, what am i going to see locally? >> you might not notice it at all. the beaches are breezy, the water is chilly. it's subtle impact on the coast. we have seen a few more than normal wet suit surfing days. it's cooler on the coast. the 7 degree increase is out there in the pacific and the coastal impact is minimal. that's why the fish are flocking here. >> can you see the blob? >> no, you can't see the blob. you would have to stick a thermometer in the water about a thousand miles offshore and a little bit north of hawaii which you might be thinking isn't that where all that garbage is? it's in exactly the same spot as the great pacific garbage pack because those are the same wind that is have stopped blowing as
6:36 pm
fiercely. that's why the water is warming up. so, the garbage, scientist it spreads out a little more now. >> throughout the week we've been learning a lot about what's happening impacting us here. thanks for joining us, jonathan. >> thank you. we mentioned we're going to continue to look at all this throughout week and into next week, our climate in crisis on air and online. we're going to cover the big walk out across the country. you can find more content at nbc bay >> the fight over banning ecigarettes the people are being asked to vote on the measure again.
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medical professionals joining the fight to keep vaping products banned in san francisco. city outlawed flavored products last year after serious medical cases came up across the
6:39 pm
country. prop c would overturn the ban. juul says it would restrict underage vaping but opponent disagree. >> this is a major multinational corporation coming into san francisco and trying to rewrite our health laws. >> the american medical association afouns hadded today that it is supporting the no on prop c campaign. >> first it was sfo, now it's facebook. facebook is banning single use blastic water bottles at all of its new cafeterias worldwide. that includesloye cafeterias in fremont, san francisco, and sun sriville. the company will install water filling stations instead. >> your ride to work could become less expensive. how to integrate the fares of all 27 bay area transit agencies. the goal is that when you transfer to a local bus or ferry you get a discount.
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ridership is down on some transit. apple released the newest iphone update today called ios 13. apple says it'll have a lot of new features. new iphones will come with ios 13 preinstalled, but you can install it on any 6s or newer phone. it is supposed to have better privacy features along with 3d cities in apple maps. who are you going to get a area mayor and it's about saturday's battle for the bay. >> we'll have volunteers coming out of the woodwork we look forwar taking on your two mighty cities. >> for almost 30 years now, the third saturday in september has been california coastal clean up day. the mayor is making a bay area challenge. sam wants to make his rival mayors. >> get ready to wear a san francisco giants jersey because san francisco's going to win this one. >> we are all going to be
6:41 pm
battling for the bay, and oakland is going to win. come on, people. i need you to sign up. >> and signing up is easy. >> pretty fun. >> go to and sign up for any team. >> i've got to pick my city here. this is a big battle. >> can we vote three times? >> we can facebook live our whole way through it. >> we've got a great weekend ahead? >> we do have a nice weekend after cooler weather most recently it's going to heat back up. 90s in napa saturday and sunday. more details on the hotter forecast and where the rain is headed in just a few minutes. >> speaking of weather, neighborhoods washed away, update on destruction of tropical storm moving its way through texas.
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general motors recalling nearly 200,000 chevy malibus. the company says a software
6:44 pm
glitch could disable the engine. the glitch could cause the engine to stall. chevy says it will contact you and repair it for free. if you would like to own a piece of san francisco's air bnb, you'll have a chance. the company announced plans to go public next year. airbnb has more than 7 million listing in 100,000 cities worldwide. the company said earlier this week that it made $1 billion in revenue in the second quarter of this year. however, it did not reveal its profits. >> okay. as some of you know, buying a home comes with piles of paperwork. >> chris chmura says one fee is negotiate able. >> it's one of the few things we are forced to buy when we're signing all those papers. we have no idea how it works and we don't bother to question the price. the california department of insurance says you can save
6:45 pm
money by comparing rates and depending on the price of the home, that could mean hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in your pocket. send us your consumer questions. 1-888-996-tips. >> new technology may be the answer to stopping devastating wild fires. governor newsom announcing a project to develop prototypes for fire fighting technology. two companies will receive nearly $2 million from the state of california. with that money they'll come with the software that detects potential fires before they start. that technology could be completed by the end of the year and ready for the next fire season. >> it is still raining in and around houston tonight. planes are grounded.ed as the area continues to deal with the affects of tropical storm i melba. >> the rain and response from high water intensified over
6:46 pm
night and into the morning. more than a thousand people have called 911 for help. >> we're trying to get everybody out oof here and open up the roads. >> one of the biggest roads in the area, interstate 10, is giving way to the flood waters. the remnants of imelba swallowing southeasttexas, some areas taking on more than two feet of rain, neighborhoods turned into islands as the wat continues to cl devastated. a lot of people are just now rebuilding. some people still haven't gotten back in their homes after harvey. it's going to be devastating for a lot of people. >> the system has spawned tornados. >> it's a miracle nobody died out here considering the damage we're seeing. >> trees and powerlines cut down at least two homes damaged by a twister in bay town. and severe conditions are expected to continue across the region for another 24 hours. jay gray, nbc news. >> wow, serious just to see all
6:47 pm
that. how long are they going to go through this? >> i think the next two days, another one to 5 inches. and the report is that, you know, some people that survived harvey, they thought they were going to be okay -- >> and they lost their home. >> 30 to 40 inches of rain fall with that most recently and a few more inches coming their way. tonight we have the flip scenario happeningegion of high pressure building in. and everything i'm seeing right now behind the scenes on the different forecast models continues to show this very strong ridge of high pressure that could sit around for about the next two weeks. the key thing this is doing is acting like a big road block in the pacific. so, all the rain chances as of today will start to move well off to the north. get ready for the warmer weather as you move through the weekend. tomorrow temperatures warm up, but it's not going to be that uncomfortable. you can still open the windows
6:48 pm
tonight and get the cool breeze. this will start you with 62 in the south bay, 60 in the peninsula. not much fog in san francisco and 57, over to the east bay cool here and 61 degrees under sunny skies. temperatures by the afternoon. you're going to open the door, step outside and definitely feel it in the south bay, especially in morgan hill and gilroy, upper 80s over to san jose, 85. i want you to notice the wind here in the east bay. it's going to come out of the north and that cuts off the bay breeze. that dryer northerly wind will have us 80 in oakland. coastline warming up to 69. the way i see it right now, tomorrow in half moon bay, 70 returns, maybe a stay cation. 75 here in the mission. we're at of 70 in the marina. sonoma 84 and you get a little bit closer to some of that
6:49 pm
slight ocean breeze and we'll have 81 in the valley. extended forecast is whdifferen than what we experienced this week. let's spend time on san francisco. saturday have you at 75. then drops to 73. fall officially starts on monday and we'll go back up to 74. dry breeze increases the fire danger on tuesday, pushes us to 79. winds right now 10 to 15-miles-per-hour. so we're really going to have to watch out for low humidity next tuesday and stay with 70s through next thursday. the weekend forecast wil stay out o 100s right now with the way things look, 94 on sunday, low 90s sunday. we will see relief once we hit next thursday down to the 80s. so, dry the next 7 days. the biggest question i get this time of year is what about the rain.
6:50 pm
we showed you thatter area of h pressure. the way it looks now, take a look at the map. it's a behind the scenes look at a forecast model. what you're looking at here, all these colors, that's estimated rain over the next two weeks. three to 4 inches would be well to the north of us. as you can see that pattern keeps the best rain chances well aware from the bay area. i also want to remind you real fast we have our climate update. tomorrow we're going to take a look specifically at what has been changing in the bay area. y thgs that ha we'll detail that for you. >> we look forward to it. thank you, jeff. okay. surprises for bruce bochy today. we're going to show you who showed up at the giants game in boston. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet,
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you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes.
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the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
6:53 pm
happening and it's an emotional and special time for the gnt and for manager bruce bochy. he's retiring in less than two weeks. >> that came by quickly. it is here. last night you might have seen he made history. today a nice celebration. at fenway park in boston. nice gesture by the red sox. he won his 2000 career game last night. a.'s manager who also won more than 2,000 career games.
6:54 pm
as for today's game, xander bow bo guard had a big hit. red sox lead this game. football, more bad news for raiders wide receiver antonio brown now with the patriots. nike is dropping him. the company said he's no longer on the payroll. the move comes after he was accused of sexual assault which he denies. he was recently dropped as a paid spokesperson by a helmet company as well. brown is expected to play despite the recent charges, he is expected to play for the patriots this sunday. phil mickelson is returning to the bay area to play in napa. he's going to play along side steph curry. curry will play in the pro-am that takes place before the tournament begins. it will mark the third time
6:55 pm
curry will play in the tournament. he says it will feel incredibly exciting. >> he's good at pretty much everything he does. coming up at 11:00, they're young but that's not stopping them from walking out of school in protest. how students are getting ready for tomorrow's big climate change protest and why some students could be in violation if they choose to hit the streets. that comes up at 11:00. it's a traditional filipino dance that's bee a generations. after teens added their twist, it went viral. it's like a double dutch but with bamboo sticks. takes a lot of coordination. a group of teens decided to modernize the dance by putting it to a hip hop song, "my type." it caught the attention of the singer and she posted it on her instagram. levie stadium showing off
6:56 pm
food vendors today. >> i approve. >> it's nice. she approves. some vendors include restaurants that got started here in the bay area like starburg and sandy's cobblers which is southern comfort food, soul food. the restaurants are opening just in time for the home opener on sunday. and it's going to be nice and toasty, jeff. yeah, it's going to get hot. you know that outer section where the -- >> that upper deck is hot. >> you've got 88 by halftime. if you're in that section, it could feel like the 90s so bring a hat. >> drink a lot of water. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
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we're doing 30 seconds. [ laughter ] >> after we make brad bite off way more than he can chew, he's
7:00 pm
got plenty to say about his latest look. then more candid than ever, sgp sounds off on a rumor about her marriage. brace yourself, demi, for a little carpet re-enactment. but her friends and family ready to hear the bombshells dropped in her book. >> how do you prepare them for their reading experience? >> i hate everyone here. >> and talk about true feelings, love it when the coaches get a little too candid. >> wait. [ laughter ] ♪


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