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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 23, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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breaking news at 11:00, preparing for fire danger. tonight pg&e says thousands of customers in the north bay could be without power as high temperatures and strong winds move into the bay area. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> within the last hour pg&e announced nine counties across northern california could have their power turned off tomorrow because of high fire danger. those counties include napa and sonoma in the north bay. lake county as well as parts of the sierra foothills. there are more than 10,000 customers in just napa county and more than 33,000 customers in sonoma county.
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let's go out with a look at who will see the potential for the highest fire danger and it's also going to get hotter. >> yeah, that's one of the things we'll be watching this time tomorrow night as that red flag warning officially begins # p.m. this time tomorrow. we'll already be under those red flag conditions with the north bay and east bay hills. one of the trends we've been seeing in the weather models is to kind of increase those wind speeds in the north bay approaching tuesday morning. sustained wind generally 15 to 20 miles per hour. and that does include lake county, portions of of sonoma county into napa county. portions of under that power shutoff watch updated by pg&e. so the red flag warning is one component to the story, but look at the high temperatures as we head to tuesday. 80s and 90s, bay side, so we could see some heat advisories
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in addition to the red flag warning conditions in the hills. i'll let you know how long the fire danger and hot temperatures last in our forecast coming up in 15 minutes. the wind and heat not welcome news for firefighters battling the reservoir fire. scorched more than 120 acres. nbc bay area's marianne favro with the latest. >> reporter: terry, the fire burning here right now tonight is in the diablo range, 70% contaped and firefighters say it's been difficult to battle because of the steep terrain. they're hoping to reach full containment as soon as possible before the high winds come in tomorrow night. for the second day firefighters are battling six sturbbborn fir that broke out yesterday. now there's a new risk, a red flag warning has been issued
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here for elevations higher than 1,000 feet. until 5:00 wednesday morning. >> i live at the base of the east foothills and all the grass around the houses, they're all dry and stuff and not too many people clear their land up there, so it's sort of scary. >> reporter: a red flag warning has also been issued for the mountains of sonoma county and east bay hills. santa rosa fire department is adding engines tomorrow and tuesday. so is the sonoma county fire department. that's welcome news to this grandmother who's been worried about the tinder cry grass. we could see gusts up it 35 miles an hour ipthe east bay hills tomorrow and even higher in napa. that coupled with hot temperatures and low humidity could dramatically increase the risk of fires quickly raging out
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of control. santa clara county firefighters say during this warning they ask that you not use any equipment that might throw up sparks. also they say this is good time to make sure you have all the emergency supplies necessary on hand in case there is a major fire. >> thank you, marianne. make sure you download the nbc bay area app. and it is free. union city brought to a halt. tonight a major computer virus is impacting city owned computers. city representatives say some buildings won't open until much later tomorrow as tech employees race to fix the problem. nbc bay area tracking this for us and live at the administration building. >> reporter: the computer system
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had been paralyzed all weekend. security teams have been working to try to bring everything back online, but it's likely to take a few days for everything to get back to normal. there are two notices at the front door at the administration building here at union city. the yellow one is for residents with city business essentially telling them city hall won't be open until noon tomorrow. the orange notice is for city employees. there's an all hands on deck meeting at 8:30 in the morning to brief them on the i.t. situation. nearly all affected including finance, planning, building, licensing and permitting. the police department even put out a tweet saturday warning residents, union city police department servers are down impacting phone and e-mail systems. please use the fremont police department nonemergency number. as the problem continued through the weekend the city's i.t. department had to get help oum outside agencies. >> they connected with fbi and state security agencies. that's sort of a normal protocol
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that any unit fatality or local government agency would do when something like this happens. we want to make sure we're communicating and sharing information. >> reporter: the city's website is still online, a notice posted there about this issue asks residents with city business to be patient. we will notify customers once systems are back online. we recommend that you avoid requesting the processing of fees and licenses for the next week unless absolutely necessary. fees will be waived. the issue was first noticed friday night and began getting more serious into saturday morning. it raises concerns that this was a targeted attack like we've seen at other agencies including school systems in the bay area. but union city workers say they're still working to figure outho may be behind the computer virus. and tonight we're told that union city's 911 services are online in part because they actually contract them out to fremont. so if you do live in union city and you dial 911 those calls
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will go through, there will be police and fire services that will respond. nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you very much. and we're following developing news out of gilroy where a big rig and at least two vehicles have crashed. happened around 8:30 tonight near bloomfield avenue and just a few moments ago we got some video in from the scene and you can see it's pretty devastating. chp says one person was killed and for a time a number of others were trapped. they're all now free. six victims taken to the hospital. it is not yet clear what caused that crash. a man has now been arrested in connection with a shooting near san jose state. we first reported about the shooting thursday night. police say they followed up on a tip that led them to the identity of the suspect, 21-year-old joseph, this man in the photo. he's facing a long list of charges including attempted murder. the shooting happened just before 6:30 p.m. on east san
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fernando street in san jose. during the investigation police released these photos of him after they say he ran from the scene. according to officers he shot multiple rounds in different directions. some of the bullets hit a parking structure and a dr. martin luther king, jr. library causing the library to go on lock down. nobody was hurt. tomic cook, the world's oldest travel firm collapsed tonight stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers all over the world. the british company was going out of business after failing to secure a rescue package from its lenders. the u.k.'s civil aviation authority saystom thomas cook h ceased trading and that means all its flights are canceled. it currently has 600 people abroad, and that's forcing government and insurance companies to coordinate a huge rescue operation at this very last minute. the santa clara main jail at the center of some controversy
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after some inmates had tee be taken to the hospital after apparently overdosing on drugs. sheriff's department says three inmates were transported to the hospital with symptoms of being under the influence. tonight they are in stable condition. the sheriff's department has not released any further details. a bomb scare in walnut creek this afternoon shutdown highway 4 for a time. they spotted a suspicious abandoned car. this is video of the car loaded on a tow truck. investigators believe there could be an explosive device inside that car similar to a pipe bomb. after some investigation walnut creek's bomb squad said the device was safe and it just looked like a bomb. people who use aquatic park in berkeley want answers after signs wept up advising people to avoid any contact with the water because of high levels of bacteria. nbc bay area's christy smith spoke with visitors and the city. >> reporter: a trip to the bay area included a quick stop at
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aquatic park in berkeley for this couple. but when the winds shifted they got an unpleasant surprise. >> definitely noticed the smell. >> smells a bit like sewage in a strange way. >> reporter: health alerts were posted friday warning people to avoid water contact because repeat tests showed elevated levels of bacteria. >> apparently you can'teven contact the water because -- it doesn't say what will happen to you, but it says immediately shower after touching the water. >> we have distinct discoloration, lack of clarity. >> reporter: president of the paddling and rowing club which has about 150 people but usage has dropped off. >> it's maybe two or three people a day that are taking the risk to be on the water because they feel they're not going to be actually immersed in it, they won't be drinking it, they won't be getting it in their eyes. >> reporter: she has stayed out of the water that appears murky. she wants the city to do more.
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a berkeley city spokesperson says they've increased testing and monitoring. there could be a number of possibilities perhaps rain pushing bacteria through storm drains. but pin pointing all these different areas has its challenges and they are working on it. christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> happening tomorrow, good news for tourists and anyone else who loves san francisco's iconic cable cars. regular cable car service is set to resume tomorrow after being shutdown for ten days. crews spent the last week and a half repairing the system's massive 20-ton gear balks. those gearboxes is what moves it along san francisco's steep hills. buses were used in the cable cars absence, and folks that's not the same experience. just ask any of the tourists who were out there the last ten days. they want those cable cars. still ahead, sharp criticism for president trump over a phone call with ukraine's leader. the stunning admission from the
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commander in chief and the response from democratic lawmakers. >> also ahead, it is not every day the mayor of your city does this, repels down the side of a building. e going to tell you why san jose's mayor completed this daring stunt. and right now in walnut creek 67 degrees after a high of 89. and that 89 may be the coolest temperature you see between now and thursday. mo
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president trump is admitting that he did in fact have a discussion over the phone with the leader of ukraine about joe biden. democrats are now lashing out. nbc's kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: president trump added new detail about his july phone call with ukraine's president. >> the conversation i had was largely congratulateory. >> reporter: including for the first how joe biden and his son hunter played into that conversation. >> it was largely the fact we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating to the corruption already in the ukraine. >> reporter: the fire storm is whether the president cross adline by engaging a foreign leader's help to investigate a
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political rival and whether pending u.s. military aid for ukraine was a factor. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> reporter: i asked the president to explain why the ukraine aid was delayed. >> and i didn't delay anything. we paid the military aid to the best of my knowledge. >> after this complaint was filed, sir. >> listen to me, i gave so much more to yeah craukraine than ob. >> reporter: the president appeared irritated, but three hours later at a stop in houston, he readily responded. >> that was not pressure. i know when i give pressure. >> reporter: democrats in congress denied access to the secret whistle-blower report that says the white house must cooperate and provide more about the ukraine call. >> there is no privilege to engage in underhanded discussions. >> reporter: regarding joe biden, no evidence of wrongdoing tied to his son's ukraine business has been found. he pushed back this weekend.
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>> i call the president release the transcript of the call. >> reporter: today the president said, maybe. >> but we'll make a determination about how to release it. house speaker nancy pelosi criticized the trump administration for trying to block a whistle-blower complaint involving the president. the complaint detailed ukrainian efforts. pelosi said the administration will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation. but the acting director of national doesn't provide the client to congress when he testifies in front of congress. that's coming up on thursday. >> a shift in the 2020 democratic race for president tonight. for the first time senator l elizabeth warren is topping a critical iowa poll. that puts her in a statistical dead heat with biden. new jersey governor cory booker
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is hinting he will soon bow out of the race because of fund raising problems. >> either we're going to reach the $1.7 million to stay in this race we're going to have to make a tough decision. >> nationally biden still leads warren and only 9% of democratic voters say they've settled on a candidate. voters on both sides of the political spectrum are uneasy about voting for any of the candidates. a new nbc wall street journal poll found that 49% of registered voters are, quote, very uncomfortable with president trump's 2020 candidacy. but 41% said the same about burp ae sanders. and 43% were very uncomfortable with joe biden or elizabeth warren. a record 69% of voters say they don't like the president personally. the death toll from a mosquito born virus known as eee is climening. the disease is being linked to new deaths in massachusetts and connecticut. doctors say eee has been
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reported ipsix states. michigan has been hit especially hard, three deaths there. the threat is now triggering aerial spraying and people are canceling outdoor events in some affected communities. >> there is no vaccination to prevent eee. this is one of the most deadly mosquito born infections. >> doctors say most vulnerable are people under the age of 50 and those under 15. san jose's mayor went literally over the edge for a good cause today. mayor sanlocardo he's not reacting to a bad city council meeting. it's the third year in a row he's taken the plunge as part of a fund-raising effort non-profit downtown street steam. >> this is a really important effort that downtown street team has started in cities throughout the bay area. they're helping so many of our neighbors get back on their feet and i'm so grateful for the amazing work all the team
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members doing here. we want to do all we can to support them. >> downtown street launched back in 2005. deadidated to endless homelessness and now operate in 14 bay area cities. other notable participants of today's downtown drop down included the mayor of sunnydale, and palo alto's human relations commissioner. >> rob, just so much information i don't even know what to do with it. hot, cold, i mean everything. >> it's extreme. we've got the heat and offshore wind leading to fire danger and hot temperatures. a few spots will be approaching close to the upper 90s by tuesday and wednesday, and then a complete 180 as we head towards next weekend. before things start to dry out and heat up, pretty nice night around the bay area. you've got 65 degrees and perhaps a patch of low cloud that will spill into santa clara in the morning. san francisco, no fire danger right now and the winds are
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onshore bringing in cooler marine air. 61 degrees and yes thank tuesday those onshore breezes it's comfortably cool for now with low 60s across the bay. and the onshore winds will likely bring areas of misty skies and low clouds along the coast. locally inland for your commute. look at the trend heading tomorrow afternoon, clouds just go away. winds are going to turn in the opposite direction. that's going to be dry and set the stage unfortunately for higher fire danger this time tomorrow night. lower temperatures bottoming out to the 50s and the big spike in temperatures, those aren't typos for your seven day forecast at the bottom of your screen. tuesday, wednesday, those inland temperatures are going to jump up. tomorrow lower 90s around morgan hill and parts of the tri-valley. so the headline starting tomorrow night at 9:00, that's going to follow you all the way through wednesday morning. diablo range, that is where the
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red flag warning will be in effect. they'll stay somewhat sustained up here in the north bay tuesday morning. so a couple of components. how long those winds stay sustained offshore, saz you can see things will be breezy there. the other compope want is the humidity levels, and here's where the fire danger really starts to play out. this is midnight, and you're seeing humidity levels at 23% in clear lake. when you see daytime dryness at night, that is sign we have a true offshore high fire danger wind event. look at the highs. we talked about that. 80s and 9 bay side, wednesday likely to see another hot day as that offshore pattern holds on through midweek, and here's the big change-up as we head towards the weekend and this cold trough drops down the coast. the weather model now taking it farther to the east. if it stays east of the sierra we'll still get the cooling effects but it's going to be
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dryer and we'll have to watch those winds. because even with the cooling that sometimes leads to fire danger once again. at least we won't have the heat, but it'll be gusty. it's going to be hot in san francisco. upper 80s possible tuesday, wednesday, still warm. and low 60s by next weekend. and valleys got the fire danger in the hills. heat advisory is going to be possible tuesday, wednesday. watch out for that. and cooling kicks in and we go below average by next weekend. we'll look to see if we'll see any snow or rain chances coming up at about 11:45. >> firefighters would like some. >> we need it. >> thank you, rob. antonio brown saga just keeps on getting weirder. two teams in two weeks and now we're going to tell you what he's doing now. and a star stud night in hollywood as celebrities hit the purple carpet for the emmys. tonight the big winners and a look at this season's hottest new shows.
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the oakland raiders and new england patriots both played games today. antonio brown did not play in either game. the future is uncertain for the former all pro wide receiver after being released by both teams this season. brown spent this morning on another tweet storm. he's claiming he is done with the nfl and the feeling may be mutual. in one tweet he complained about his guaranteed contracts being voided by the raiders and patriots and he urged the players union to step in and help him and also posted tweets taking shots at new england's owner, robert kraft, and ben ro rothilousburger before deleting them. today williams celebrated his 90th birthday. he's known as one of the first
1:27 am
clergyman to take a stand for same sex couples presiding over their wedding. reverend williams has been spreading his message of inclusion and unconditional love to millions of people for over 50 years. >> he's always been on the street. he's always kept his feet on the ground. he's never elevated himself above anybody else. he's always told everybody you have power, and he uses his power in order to empower others. >> the festivities continued with a procession to a park where they had food and a dance party. a big purchase comes with a big rebate, or at least it's supposed to. i'm consumer investigator
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>> a malicious computer virus has paralyzed union city's i.t. systems all weekend long. cyber security experts are workg to bring that system back online but it could take days to get it back to normal. city hall is not opening until noon tomorrow. nearly all the city's services are affected including licensing and permitting. a man has been arrested in connection with a shooting near san jose state. that shooting happened just before 6:30 p.m. on thursday near the dr. martin luther king, jr. library. nobody was hurt. pg&e says it now anticipates shutting off power to nine counties and they're going to do it tomorrow. those counties include napa and sonoma. much of the bay area is under a
1:31 am
red flag warning this week. the high temperatures, dry conditions, increased winds means firefighters and people who live near open spaces are on high alert. a bittersweet birthday celebration today for betty reed and her family. the long time civil rights activist, writer and volunteer in richmond, she's recovering from a stroke. she turned 98 years of age today. her family released a statement saying she's been in acute rubilitation for the past week and also thanked anyone who's reached out with messages of love and support. nbc bay area responded to a man who expected some money back after applying for a kitchen set. >> instead he got the run around. >> in september of last year david bought a matching sam sung
1:32 am
dishwasher, stove and mike we've. he's only gotten half that money and was still expecting $200. after a few more months of calling samsung david finally called us. it took us another two months but david finally got that remaining $200 gift card. we asked samsung why it took the better part of a year to get david his rebate, but did want respond to us. the lesson here is sometimes you have to fight to get a promised rebate. save all your receipts and proof of purchase labels until that money is in your pocket, and watch out for deadlines. you'll probably only have a limited window to apply. if that doesn't work, perhaps we can help. why disney said no to twitter. it's all in disney's ceo bob iger's new memoir. they wanted to connect to customers directly so they were
1:33 am
thinking let's buy twitter, but that deal never wept through, obviously. he says because the troubles were more than he wanted to take on so instead disney bought a majority stake in the sports streaming site. it was a night of full star-studded moments. the 2019 emmy awards down in l.a. >> that's right. big shows like "game of thrones" andlea bags took home emmys. a full recap of the emmy awards show and what's to come in some fan favorite tv shows. >> reporter: he walked onto the emmy stage tonight 33 years after starring in l.a. law. now jimmy smith is back in court and back on nbc tomorrow night at 10:00 with the premier of "lost city law." >> i think the stories we're going to be telling because this is a law firm that is a family
1:34 am
that deals with social justice issues, it's going to resonate with audiences. >> reporter: but first monday night kicks off at 8:00 with a new season of "the voice." >> great stories, great music and it's fun. >> reporter: tonight the cast of the best drama nominee "this is us." the show returns tuesday at 9:00. >> it's going to be amazing and i think hold on tight. i don't want to give away too much obviously because that does a disservice to the audience. >> and your job. >> and i love my job. >> reporter: the final season of "the goodce" begins. >> expect the rug to be ripped out for under you at every turn every single episode. >> reporter: and joining smith on stage bradley whitford. >> exactly 20 years ago today, west wing. >> reporter: now two decades later whitford comes home to
1:35 am
nbc, this time in a comedy. >> listen, dear, i'm going to get my pants and go. >> reporter: he stars in "perfect harmony" starting thursday at 8:30. >> it is relentlessly funny and there's a wonderful joyous music element to it. >> no, stop. this is unacceptable. an old bay area icon is being used for a new piece of art. >> parts of the old eastern span of the bay bridge have been reenvisioned. it was unveiled today on treasure island. >> remember this part? >> reporter: on the shore of treasure island. a day artist tom loughlin has waited for. >> it existed in my brain for four years. >> reporter: it's installation day for his new art sculpture on the scenic edge. >> i think we're ready to set it. >> reporter: the art is new,
1:36 am
forged in his imagination. but the materials he created it from will be familiar to anyone who's driven it bridge between oakland and san francisco. >> and i've never worked with a material that was as unique as this steel is. >> reporter: this unique steel, pieces of the old east span of the bay bridge recently demolished and replaced. >> we took 22 tons of steel and turned it into a ring. >> reporter: loughlin was among the artists awarded some of the bridge's salvaged steel by the state to create public artwork. >> have it live on here in the bay area as a visual icon and a memory of a bridge which really was important to many of us here in the bay area. >> we're 2 inches off. >> reporter: his piece, a 22 foot steel ring bears all the detail and history of the bridge that carried millions. >> to see this incredible material, to see the size of the rivets and the pattern of the
1:37 am
rivets, you can see the word be bethlehem written repeated around the piece of the steel being built in the 30s. >> reporter: the art piece is not temporary unlike the span. >> the people building this bridge might have thought it was going to last forever. we just never quite thought what the future holds. >> but through art the steel bridge lives on. the steel has been used in artworks from joshua tree, to trucky to petaluma. >> there is that hint but they're all being made into new experiences. >> the piece will remain on the island for several years and will even vibrate to mimic the size of a foghorn, a new experience with an old friend. >> like everything else it's going to vanish in history if we don't work to preserve it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. very good. still ahead violent clashes in
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pro-democracy protests in hong kong continued for another weekend in the chinese ruled city with more clashes between protesters and police security has been heightened ahead of the national holiday. >> reporter: for a 16th straight weekend protests turned to clashes and violence with police as protesters had tried to obstruct traffic to the international airport and instead wept into shopping malls targeting businesses that were operating from the mainland or seen as being pro-beijing,
1:40 am
pro-police, or pro-hong kong government. police then swept through using tear gas, even grenades and making several arrests. protesters throwing mall tav cocktails and setting fires. this comes in a security environment that is increasingly tight. on the mainland there's a big holiday coming up on the first of october. it's the national day. there'll be a massive military parade in beigeling and the directive from the government there to hong kong was that these protests were supposed to be cleaned up. so we're seeing both sides digging in now, protesters and police ahead of that october first holiday. nbc news, hong kong. an earthquake ripped through hundreds of homes in albania yesterday doing damage there. it happened to the capital, a little west of it, too. the defense ministry said it was the most powerful quake in the
1:41 am
past 30 years. had an initial magnitude of 5.6, an after shock of 5.3. 105 people were hurt while dashing out of their homes in a panic. most of them were discharged after treatment. the. coming up, getting by with a little help from their friends, this deer's friend, it isn't always a deer friend, right? >> so clever. >> a deer got into a jam and some people helped and we're giving you the whole story after the break. right now we're seeing the last of the sea breeze bringing the fog into san francisco. part of your morning commute wi
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the cars of the capital exhibition is revving up in washington, d.c. this week one car in particular has cosmic connections. it's a 1969 chevrolet corvette stingray. it belonged to apollo 12 astronaut allen bean. they wept to the moon in november 1969, and they deserve them. this one belonged to allen bean, the fourth man to ever walk on the moon. there's only way to tell the three cars apart and it was not a license plate. >> there are the initials for each of their titles. so the bean car here has lmp for lunar logical pilot. >> a subtle difference but look at these cars, cool. it came with a custom paept job
1:45 am
of riverside gold and black disciped by the crew. the current owner bought the car in 1971 and has made sure this piece of american history has stayed in perfect condition. the billy jeanne main king library has been open. yefrd yesterday was the grand opening and the legendary tennis star was there for the celebration. it has new study rooms for students. the library will have about 300,000 books. friday marks the 46th anniversary of king's victory over bobby fritz. this is a pretty cool story. banding together to help an animal in need. this little deer trapped and he's trying to get out, trying to get out. it's not working so five cyclists who were in the area, they worked together to bring the little guy to safety.
1:46 am
he was pretty spooked, though, see sew he took off. i'm wet, i'm just not in the mood. >> i'm tired, cameras are on my me. >> they had to pull the deer by its aptlers but that's okay, the deer was not hurt and it's off. >> can i use now they're dear friends, can i use that again or once enough? >> i think once was probably enough. >> we can move on, we can move on. >> you take over. >> yeah, well, we've got some interesting weather. >> we have some fun weather and then we have some bad weather. whatever you want, he's got it. >> extremes. we've got some heat coming up for the first part of the week which we really have to watch in terms of high temperatures and high fire danger. second half of the week is going to be a completely different story. we're at 65 degrees in san jose, and look at the view looking towards san francisco. if you look closely you can see a bit of low cloud as the wind is still onshore right now, and that's going to bring in some
1:47 am
patches of low cloud across the bay for the morning and the coast. so the day begins with onshore winds. and as that starts to reverse and turn offshore during the day tomorrow that's what's going to lead to the spike in temperatures with some 80s to low 90s inlands around concord and antioch, near 80 in oakland, and 70s closer to san francisco. now in terms of fire danger, 9:00 monday the red flag warning begins for the hills of the north bay and inland east bay hills as well, and that's going to last until 5:00 a.m. wednesday. so we're going to go through the entire day and night tuesday as we head into wednesday before those winds start to slow down and fire danger starts to drop off. right now the first wave of increasing wind will be later tomorrow night, helping into tuesday morning. you can see this area here highlighted in the north bay where that power shutoff watch goes into effect. also the west slope of the sierra. notice the humidity numbers, too. around the same time, 23%
1:48 am
rumidity, and that's at midnight. that's a clear sign of the effects of the off and onshore winds. likely we'll see temperatures in the hills here around lake county and napa county in the 60s and 70s to start the morning tuesday. look at the high temperatures by the afternoon. could see mid to upper 80s around san francisco, 90s around san jose. concord, close to 90 degrees. mid-90s around morgan hill and probably have another hot day inland for wednesday. so that is real taste of summer combined with the fire danger. so this is the pattern that causes that strong high pressure building over. area of low pressure over southern california. the two working a bit like a wind tunnel as things start to warm up and dry out. now, this pattern starts to change on thursday as that low starts to move out, high pressure moves a off to the west and this system moves down. notice it's moving off to the
1:49 am
east of the see era. now it doesn't look like we're going to see much around the bay area. it would be cold enough to see a few snow showers but notice how most of that too is now heading off to the east of the sierra. san francisco, temperatures spiking on tuesday and wednesday into the mid-80s, maybe higher ena few spots, cooling for the weekend and look at the valley temperatures soaring with high fire danger through wednesday morning and a big drop in temperatures as we head through next weekend. right now looks more like winds as opposed to showers. >> and we've got another six, seven, aikt weeks maybe of this fire season. >> yeah, it's typically as we head into october we start to see more of these offshores. >> we're going to switch gears now and check in with dave feldman for sports. >> a big sunday in the bay. the a's host their final home game of the season and the giants are in action. plus the raiders start a tough stretch against the vikings.
1:50 am
the 49ers look to do something they haven't done since 1998. start this season 3 and 0. all of
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i'm dave feldman at the x finny sports desk. the niners are on the roll to start this season. they won their first two games on the road and came home staring a possible 3 and 0 start right in the eye. san francisco hadn't done that since 1998. they welcomed the steelers to levi's stadium. mason redaufl, jujusmithtiaster, and he's gone. 76-yard touch down pass. steelers up 13-10. on the ensuing possession the niners answered. jeff bulldozes his wane for a score. niners up 4. fourth quarter, same score. mas
1:53 am
mason rudolf airs it out. steelers are up three. after a niners turn over in the red zone, pittsburgh has it with under six minutes to go. niners fumble. recovers, san francisco in business. 1:20 left in the game, second goal. what is jimmy garoppolo made of, he find a tiny window. niners win 24-20. 30 and 0 for the first time since 1998. >> this game it's very intense when you feel like you're doing some things but you have no points to show for it. the turn overs are very frustrating. the first two drives thin second half felt good, but that turn over was intense. we knew how big this game was, and especially going into the biweek we needed to win this. it was extremely intense like most of them but felt very good at the end of that game. >> niners get a tough win despite the tos, and speaking of
1:54 am
tos, they honored him at halftime. in eight seasons there the wide receiver caught passes over 8,500 yards and had exactly 81 touch downs. that was his number. >> it's been overwhelming just a bit, but i'm definitely honored, beyond grateful for this opportunity today. and as i mentioned last night, you know, to be a guy from a small town, go to a small school at ut shat nooga to achieved and accomplished the things i have is definitely beyond my wildest dreams. >> raiders and vikings were in minnesota, first quarter no score but not for long. kirk cousins rolls out left and finds adam, 35-yard touch down, 76-yard opening drive. vikings up 7. second quarter raiders down 21-0. 29-yard score, raiders down 14. that's as close as oakland would
1:55 am
get. third quarter, same score. mad sen leaps into the touch down area and it is a touch down. baseball, giants and braves in laept. top six, giants up one. lineatize down the left field line, two run score. the giants win 4-1, six games left. up next they're coming back home to face colorado. a's and rangers, final home game at the colosseum. top first, open down 2. a solo shot, his 12th of the season. third solo homer of the inning and the rangers are winners, 8-3. that's all the time
1:56 am
1:57 am
los angeles angels had an
1:58 am
off day against the new york yankees on thursday. some saying one of the pitchers thrown by an angels pitcher was as bad as any thrown. look at this, got away from him. fifth inning angels pitcher throws the ball, i mean he's paid lots of money. it just slipped. i mean it's just kind of a funny thing. >> that looks like something one of us would do. >> which one of us? that'd be you. >> probably me. i'm not going to deny it. >> have a great night and a great week and take care. >> stay cool. have a good night.
1:59 am
2:00 am
this sunday, the president and the whistleblower. >> i don't know the identity of the whistleblower. i just hear it's a partisan person. >> president trump responds to reports that while he held up aid to ukraine, he was urging its president to create an investigation targeting joe biden. >> i can say that it was a totally appropriate conversation. it was actually a beautiful conversation. then without evidence suggests more. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed but i will say this. somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement. >> you should be looking at trump. trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum. >> i'll talk to chris murphy of connecticut and pat toomey of sy


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