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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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because what happened to china is about as bad as what happened with -- with ukraine. >> intelligence committee chair former vice president news broke. bide 199palo alto greeted by joe biden was in the area as the senator diane feinstein. the presidential hopeful here for two fundraiserers. anoushah rasta joins us live fl a restaurant where a fund raiser took place. did the china comment come up, anoushah? >> reporter: well, the media wasn't allowed inside jessica. but according to attendees no it didn't come up. former vice president joe biden did tweet about the issue, though. on his twitter page earlier today before the event started. according to the federal election commission, vice president former vice president joe biden has raised about $22 million so far. he hopes to increase that number by making stops here in the bay area and palo alto was one of them. in palo altoeful joe biden greea
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cheering crowd as he walked into a restaurant for a private afternoon fund raiser. the event hosted by a handful of people including bay area attorney joe cochet. >> joe biden has given as i said his whole life to public service and know what is serving in the white house means. >> ticket prices for the reception began at $1500 per person and cost up to $2,800 for a photo with the former vice president too. a few dozen people came out today for a more personal experience with the man hoping to unseat president trump in 2020. >> it's to hear more than a sound byte from the candidates more than a twitter feed, more than a youtube video. >> because it's very convenient, here in palo alto appear i live in palo alto. and so i wanted to have the opportunity to hear joe and meet joe. >> mr. boyden, your reaction -- >> biden didn't speak to
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reporters on his way in or out of the palo alto fund raisers but guests coming to see him said they were happy with what they heard. >> he said it's about the american people, it's not about me. it's about using my experience and my commitment to america and raising us all up to where we should be. >> reporter: and mr. boyden left palo alto for san francisco this afternoon for an early evening cocktail reception at the home of california senator diane feinstein. reporting live in palo alto, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, anoushah. so what do you serve to a former vice president? we got a sneak peek at the menu petition palo alto event. as preparing to feed him with 150 oh guests a buffett with classic mediterranean dishes but a raw seafood door. oven roasted chipotle tritips. read more on the website. senator feinstein with the vp but taking aim petition
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environmental protection agency after the epa cents this letter to govern newsom and san francisco's public i tults commission yesterday demanding the city clean up or else. today senator feinstein wrote back if the feds are playing fair. snorps feinstein wants to know if the epa was pressured to single out california and the city of san francisco. >> president trump has criticized san francisco and california in recent months. >> new information about a deadly hit and in kurp point. now tell us the driver did it purposely but the victims were random. this is the accused driver. maria ortiz. accused of running over and killing a man on a trail in san antonio owe park on tuesday. a park witnessed her drive back and forth over the ma man several times. she tried to hit a second hiker trying to get away. investigators are trying to figure out what triggered the attack. >> a horrific crash on highway 101 overnight killed four people in san francisco. the cvp says a wrongway driver
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was under the influence when she slammed into a taxi cab killing all three people inside. nbc bay area kristy smith it live in san francisco with more on the crash and the identities of victims and city the cars are unensable. >> yeah be i just spoke briefly with a woman working at the taxi cab company here she didn't want to go on camera understandably but says we are all in shock. a lot of drivers didn't want to go on camera. but we can catch up with some who knew the taxi cab driver who died, describing him as a nice guy and can't believe this happened. around 12:30 this morning, 911 calls came in drivers stunned to see a car headed south in the northbound lanes of highway 101 near paul avenue. >> everything is shut down so we can figure out what's going going on. >> the chp says the 34-year-old identified as emily ross of hilsborough was driving impaired and slammed into a taxi. the cab driver carried two
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passengers, a man and woman from illinois. all four were killed. >> i saw it. he was took the people from airport to san francisco. i was behind him. i saw the crash >> mat uger is a taxi driver at sfo passing by the crash shortly after and later realized he knew the 42-year-old cab driver of sand carlos. >> good friend. waiting for the line wait for the customers always together. he is a good guy, young. happened, so sad. >> at the airport word spread quickly. >> i'm very sad. it's a horrible accident for a young man like that. horrible. >> the chp says this is the 25th wrongway crash in the bay area. this driver spotted at multiple locations. >> other locations was northbound 101 at the 280 split. it's possible they could have been traveling for some time.
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>> nice guy, friend. >> reporter: now the chp continues to investigate they say including working with caltrans to identify potential on or off ramps where someone might enter going the wrong way. but at this point they have not said exactly where this driver entered the freeway. reporting live in san francisco, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> that'sious mind blowing. okay, thank you christie. tense moments at a school in vacaville. a woman tried to kidnap a boy. this is the accused woman pl aileen he grabbed the hand of a 4-year-old appear asked if he was ready to go to school. she called the boy brine pretended to be his teacher and started walking away. the father tomd police his son's name isn't brine and doesn't go to the skoom. he quickly took the boy from the woman and called police. police rushed to the school and arrested her. >>. for the second day santa clara workers are walking picket
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lients. >> do you stand up for the most vulnerable children in our community? >> yes, we do. >> congressman row chan an to support the striking members of the seiu members. they say the centerens of the strike the primary reason is because they want more money is what president county says. >> their pack on on the table is two to three times as much as we can afford. >> the county has 12,000 employees but view you fewer than 300 picket at a time so county services are available. >> okay. better bring the student id getting into east bayh scho ooo safety concerns following a shooting last week. nbc bay area melissa colorado joins from us hercules high where the changes are going into effect. late it out for us melissa. >> well that's right, jessica, the junior varsity game hercules
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versus kennedy got pushed up to today one of the many changes the district is making after the scary shooting on friday that had a lot of parents concerned about the safety of their kids. >> there were a lot of mistakes made and friday night's game and there was not enough security. >> kristin lob ohs knew something was wrong when he she went to pick up her daughter and a friend from a football game at danza high school last friday night and said li saw a fleet of squad cars and ambulances heading the same direction. >> richmond police were responding to a shooting just blocks away from the football field. in surveillance video captured students running for their lives. >> the majority of at that game came away feeling like the adults did not do a good job protecting them. >> police say three teens were shot, two in serious condition. lob ohs freshman daughter made it out okay but in richmond mom is still shaken up. >> i will never let my daughter go again if i'm not with her. >> the west contra costa unified
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school district says they heard loud and clear the concerns from parents. >> if you do attend a game you will see a significant increase in number -- you will see an increase in the number of security personnel. as well as administer administrators. >> new rules to the football season are going into effect starting today. for starters, everyone is getting carded. >> if you are one of our students you need to have the proper school id and you will be allowed to attend the game. >> teens who do not attend a school in the district will not be allowed to watch the game unless they come with an adult. all jv games will happen on thursdays at 5:00 p.m. all varsity football games moving up tori games will have even more security personnel. >> reporter: and if a security officer or administrator senses there is a security threat during the game, the district kels tells us that person has the authority to cancel the game right on the spot. that's latest here in herk uls
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melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you melissa. coming up a movie premier with extra security to the stepts some stheerts taking for the upcoming joker move. >> a veteran plagued with headaches the device he created to alleviate pain and how it could help others suffering from zbltsds and seeing a nice day around concord. temperatures in the mid-70s. but find out when 90 degree temperatures could be making a comeback in the forecast in less than two months.
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why she was fearful pch also what we learned about the victims and hero of yesterday's crash of vintage war plane we with he see you back here tonight.
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well after much anticipation the new joker movie hit theaters this amp but the premier comes with safety concerns. here a live look at the anc merkd o in santa clara where the first showing began an hour ago at 4:00. banning people from wearing any masks to the movie. just one of the many safety precautions theaters are are now implementing. the film base the jaker's struggles mental health and how his character turns violent. law enforcement fear it could inspire violence. the films opening comes seven years after the colorado the shooting during the premier, of a batman movie. theater goers we talked to say they are aware but not worried. >> i try and be could go nizant but i don't want it to interfere with my ability to live and
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enjoy things. >> now coming up at sourks we have a live report from amc merkd o. >> who dumped hundreds of tires along this river. both the community and environment let activist want someone held accountable. the tires were discovered in two separate locations over the past month. both spots are in a remote area near the river outside hopland. in mendocino county. police say it's likely either a commercial business or a hauling company ditched the tires. a volunteer team it working to clean them zplum a san francisco burger king known for health violations and overrun with homeless people a closed for good. a sign now greets would be customers approaching the civic center location at market and grove. saying closed permanently. effective. october 1st. burger king has been struggling in that location for a while. in 2016 it was coasted by the health department for numerous violations, crewing a vermin infessation. burger king made lenls for blarpg classical muscat overnight to keep people from sleeping outside.
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>> finding a mission after years of service a insomnia o county veterans says finding .is how he overcome post traumatic stress. >> what he does is helping others at the same time. our garvin thomas it is who we are the unique invention in tonight's bay area proud. >> jess qua, janelle, joe will tell you with no background in medicine or manufacturing he is not the person you'd expect to be moving a medical device. but with what else is in his background, turns out he is the perfect person. ? his home among the redwoods of casadero he is packle jing a remarkable medical device, one at the same time helping patients and healing the creator. >> that part of it i'm good, brother. we're good. >> joe was a soldier for 13 years. a combat engineer, joe says his service left him hurting,
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physically and emotionally. the deaths of two fellow soldiers in particular weighing heavily on his mind. >> just pile driver, call it pts, guilt whatever you want to call it i started going through it. >> headaches joe says were one of the main symptoms couldn't he couldn't find relief for until one day by accident he rubbed the tips of his sunglasses on his temple. >> and i'm driving and felt relief. i was like, i'm going to buy at >> well a temple >> this is basically just a hand held device. >> joe invented. >> he knew it worked for him. and thought it would help others struggling with pts. >> i'm giving this away. and that's it. >> over the past decade joe sent more than 3,000 temple massagers
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to troops serving in afghanistan. to patients at walter reed hospital, even to first responders of california wildfires. >> i'm use going every day as a preventative. >> and as the positive feedback flowed in, joe's guilt slowly faded away. >> i'm not a big thumper, dude, i'm not messing around i pray to my creator, imlike, thank you for giving me the strength to ride this out. to help other people. that's my mission. so i'm grateful. >> the big news too with the temple massager. he has been a one man show making and sending these out for free. >> unbeliefable. >> the feedback so positive at the defense and brain injury certainty center in palo alto they're doing the pilot stfd and effectness while giving it away he got a large purchase order from the veterans administration. >> wonderful. >> just to be clear, joe does if the say this is a cure this is
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one tool to help in the fight against it. >> a significant one at that thank you, garvin. >> let's go outside let's look live at fremont, a nice day. rob mayeda here for jeff ranieri. crisp, clean >> clear xias. >> yes. >> out at the coast some of the sunniest days we see around the coast into october as the winds turn on shore. dry air and clear skies and gorngs view. how the visibility right now. san francisco sno sign of fog. a little windy. we have winds at 123-mile-per-hour. currently 62 degrees. as we take youenland over towards mount diablo right now, no clouds around. temperatures in the and san jose? close to 17-mile-per-hour. as you look in the distance towards campbell numbers in the upper 60s. it's a little windy around the santa clara vam. we have a storm system passing by the north not bringing clouds or rain chances but bringing up the on shore winds, something you'll want to keep in mind heading outside tonight. jacket weather obviously through
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11:00 tonight. temperatures in the mid-50s outside and if the wind's on shore tomorrow morning might get moisture in the year keeping the overnight temperatures not as cold as we saw earlier this we can. we saw upper 30s north bay morgan hill. tomorrow morning looks like mid-40s to low 50s to start the day. now in the afternoon you see the warmer finish to the work week. numbers in the mid-70s around san jose, close to 80 in morgan hill and gilroy. fantastic football weather with san jose state hosting fume examine at spartan stadium temperatures in the 70sing and through the 60s at kickoff time. highs in the upper efforts in the trooifly. low 70s for oakland. peninsula temperatures kmfbl for now. numbers mainly 70s south of san mateo. and close to 70 around san francisco tomorrow. if the wind not quite as strong for friday north bay temperatures in the mid-to s tor
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70s. unlike last we could where the low dropped in on northern california that's staying off east. and. actually will strengthen as we get towards sunday. and this presents a problem for the hills. we think late saturday into sunday morning up to the north bay well have to watch this area towards lake county and napa county with the winds turning offshore notice the humidity levels drop before sunrise. watch closely as temperatures climb and humidity levels around the hill top trending dryer. look at san francisco, low 60s right now. by sunday could be could be seeing highs closer to 80 degrees. that's a big change. the complete opposite of last weekend in of sno know? the sierra. you can see the valleys trending warmer upper 80s by the end of the week and likely at least one day of 90 degrees monday. a taste of summer making a comeback. breezy and dry conditions this
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week we'll watch it around the hill. >> thanks, rob opinion. do you have it, the real id? we'll tell what you you need to know if you are interested in getting one by the deadline.
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okay. it you know we have a social media only show it's called sengd in, the host abbey fernandez. >> hey guys what's up it's a fantastic way to catch up on local news really fast. here is a look at theatt episode. ♪ what's up guys so don't forget, in less than a year from now by october 1st, 2020 you nighttime the real id to fly and enter security fireman builds. we have the best explainer video what you need to get them and what local companies are doing to help you with the dmv wait times. you can watch op the youtube
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channel on the digital original tab. >> okay it's still a year away but i base cheh have to have them because or you have to passport a lot of people don't have a passport. >> a lot of people don't. according to recent survey only 60% of americans think they have a real id license and only 43% are even aware they he had need the real id compliant document to starting next october. if you are one of the people unsure what the real id is about you can watch the explainer video on the youtube channel describing everything you need to know. >> basically go to the dmv and get this. >> you do you have to. >> thanks abbey fernandez you friday and facebook and instagram stories. watch it monday wednesday and >> sthaung, ladies. well the goop store headed to the b do you know what goop is in you may not. goop is gwyneth paltrow and liechlts brand. offering tips on health, bult and things she likes. starting in 2008 a as a news letter. now it's a way of life for lots of people. goop says the bay area is one of
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well coming up at 6:00. banning hate or reducing free speech. the move the european union makes to restrict facebook and the chilling effect it could have here in the bay area. well bring you the story coming up tonight at 6:00. >> okay from the big screen to the tech screen. macy williams is lawmakering her own start up. macy williams finished the last season on game of throwns where she played aria stark. >> yes. >> but she wants to keep creating art. at the san francisco technology convention tech crunch disrupt today she told everyone about her new project. the start-up social network called daisy. she says daisy focuses on kreeting more opportunities for creators by connecting them to each other. >> macy is doing daisy. >> kpekt. >> that's good. >> aria stark. >> i never watch game of throwns.
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>> so good. >> i know i should just watch all 7 seasons. >> the weather is nice. >> we it's hot. >> this weekend. >> sunday we'll be trending that way. tomorrow a little bit warmer as temperatures return to the mid-70s around san jose but you talked about the weekend. it's back to the upper 80s inland forle the valleys on sunday might get close to 90 degrees on monday which is a complete opposite of last weekend with know in the sierra and showers. plan on more summer-like temperatures this weekend. and lake tahoe by the way low 70s. >> wow, beautiful. >> back to summer a little while through the weekend. >> okay thanks rob. and we will all be back at 6:00. nightly news is next. bye-bye. breaking news tonight.
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the president's risky plea to china. the president coming before the cameras, openly pushing another foreign power to investigate rival joe biden. giving democrats more ammo as they press giving democrats more ammo as they press their impeachment inquiry over a similar private what he reportedly said behind closed doors and now word tonigh the first witness telling his story to congress. what he reportedly said behind closed doors and now word tonight of a second whistle-blower complaint, potentially involving the president's taxes. also breaking tonight, the active shooter at an apartment building the dramatic images just coming in the standoff unfolding as we come on the air and what we're now learning. the urgent rescue mission. gyrocopter crashing, the sheriff's helicopter responding when it goes down, too miraculously, they both survived


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