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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the power is on for most of us. we're not done yet. thousands of people still in the dark hoping to have their power restored before the weekend starts. the all clear has been given here's the issue. pg&e crews can only inspect the lines in daylight hours sfwl another long and dark night. we have been covering the story all week long.
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the lights are back on for one family. after 48 hours of darkness. >> that's right. this store ended up being a bright light in the middle of darkness. it managed to stay open with a generators and a calculator. while the homes around it flipped into darkness for two days. >> some of the stuff. this is full. >> late tonight, she was still throwing out parishables in her fridge. one hour after the switch was flipped back on. >> i understand it now. there was a will the of wind. >> thousands of residents trying to get home after living in the dark got an early holiday gift. restored power. >> i was worried it was going to be gone for four, five days. i take care of somebody that's ill. i was worried about that. >> everything didn't turn out
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fine for the family store. >> they lost two days of revenue and hundreds of dollars of inventory. >> you lost a lot of money? >> yes. >> the power outage taking its toll on small businesses. >> it's been a busy month. >> rushing to her store as soon as the lights were turned onto save her inventory. >> everyone here remembers the fires. so if this is what they need to do to be safe. i will cautiously believe them. >> so for now it's good news for napa county residents who have power. according to my colleagues there are still some people in the east bay without power. >> there are portions that do have the power on tonight. the area around the freeway off ramp and close to the theater
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are a little disoriented tonight. it's pitch dark out here. >> downtown is usually bustling with bright lights and shoppers. this dark stretch is where the theater is usually shining. on the rest of downtown. not tonight. power remains offline. just over the hill, the lights were out well passed sunset. they enjoyed dinner by candle light. >> what'd you do when the power came on. >> go for a walk. because we were going to. it was dark. and probably not the best idea. >> i talked with them minutes after power returned to the neighborhood. into the open hills. it was a long day for spencer. he worked from home. >> it sucked. i didn't do much of anything. >> the neighborhood safe way supermarket brought in three
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trailers to save some of the food. they will stay in the trailer until tomorrow. when the full staff can restock. as soon as the lights came on here, customered pulled into the parking lot. >> we had to get milk. for my two year-old. the the store was closed. >> the power was back on but the computers are not up and running yet. just around the block at the nail salon. the owners cancelled today's appointments and tidying up and calling customers. >> this black out kind of reminded them of being home. >> they call a black day or silent day. for one day. it's like in indonesia. >> according to pg&e power for the rest of the customers should be fully restored by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. >> thank you. here are the numbers now.
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from pg&e. at this hour, pg&e has been able to restore power to 426,000 customers. that represents more than 1 million people. 312,000 customers are still in the dark. inspections will resume at daybreak. >> greedily and december frat need of pas. the accusations lobbed at pg&e from the governor and mayors and customers. tonight they're in agreement the utility should pay for the hassle that the power shut offs cost. live in francisco with the ceo of pg&e did acknowledge that the agency needs to do better. >> he did. he apologized tonight. the ceo says the utility has not handled communication well during this power shut off and admits there's a lot of work to do. to avoid the shut offs in the future. not answering how we got there
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and why kboouchimprovements wer made long ago. >> we made the right call on safety. >> pg&e ceo is standing by the utility decision to cut power to hundreds of thousands of customers. in the face of mounting criticism. from customers and politicians. governor newsom says the drastic measure is the result of year of pocketing profit instead of making needed improvement. >> a story about greed. and mismanagement. over the course of decades. >> he won't talk about the past but admits pg&e has a lot of work to do. improving how it handles power shut offs and working toward a ta when they're not needed. >> we can't live in a society where this happens frequently. we're make greater progress. system hardening. different equipment. kp enhanced vegetation
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management. >> until then. pg&e will continue to cut power when lines are in danger. the mayor says the utility should have to pay for the response to the shut downs. he plans to bill pg&e $500,000 to cover city costs. >> we'll continue to press that issue. and expect there will be some compensation from pg&e. for the considerable public cost. >> we'll wait for an answer from pg&e. about the bill. the ceo is concerned about his front line workers. if you're angry about the shut offs direct anger at him. his workers have been shot at. punched and yelled at. he's asking the public to allow them to work safely. >> there's a lot of bitterness. a handful of people stood in the streets of san francisco in silent protest. the group says pg&e cares more
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about profit than public safety. >> we pay for their mistakes. when people die. and we pay in our bills. >> the protest said they should have paid more attention to people who rely on electricity for medication and life saving technology. they should have been given generators. >> five schools closed by the power outages will be reopening tomorrow. they will be tomorrow on a normal schedule. power outages didn't keep kids out of the classroom completely. in san jose. you can see them there. they made the most of it. giving special lessons. students learning how to make a lightbulb. and have class outside. >> the biggest advantage would be having no electronics. we can finally get out and interact with people. >> right after the school day,
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the lights came back on. tense moments today. fire crews are in the hills above brisbane. the fire came close to some houses about 11 acres burned near the top of the mountain. >> they were just trying to figure out how to go about it. and they just headed up there and started dumping chemicals from the helicopter. >> going onto the lagoon and filling water. and dropping water in the trees. >> it was quite a site. no word on how this started. the concern and fear has turned into anger. when caused this fire. it happened in the over night hours around 2:00 a.m. about a mile from the campus. the power was already out in the neighborhood. firefighters went door to door to evacuate all the people. thankfully nobody was hurt and no homes were damaged. >> the wind at the center of the
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power shut downs is moving out. and heading south. let's check in wh cef meteorologist. the wind is moving away. now what happens? >> we are looking at things continuing to calm down through the next 24 hours with the fire warning. it expired at 5:00 p.m. today. we had a wind gust to 77. 21 in san jose. we didn't expect much at the low elevation. lt good news at this hour. zero to 5 miles per hour. there's still fire danger in california. two zones we're tracking. in the higher elevation here. of the sierra. 20 to 50 miles per hour gusts possible into 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the second location where we have had fires in southern california. 20 to 50 miles per hour gusts possible. this red flag warning until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. a wind map. the two population centers l.a. and san diego. where the wind could be 30 to
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maybe 50, 60 miles per hour. into tomorrow. big time danger here tomorrow and friday. >> you said it. in southern take a look. within the past hour, the 210 freeway has been closed in about 15 miles north of burbank. homes and major buildings in the flames. there are several fires down in southern california. we have the latest. >>ust in the last couple minutes fremont firefighters are heading down to southern california to help in the fire. the most destructive so far. believed to have started by a truck dumping trash near dry grass. when the fire sparked dozens of homes and one school was evacuated sfwl tonight the after math of the so called sandalwood fire. that ripped through a mobile
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home park. destroying 40 homes. it began just after 2:00 p.m. whipping across 500 acres. fuelled by low humidity. dry brush and high wind. we spoke with the family who evacuated. >> our house it on fire now. this is hard. you see it on tv all the time. and over something so simple. >> the fire about 75 miles east of downtown l.a. this san bernardino county sheriff office video shows helicopter making water drops to keep the flames from advancing. much is under a red flag warning. wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour in the valley and late tonight the wendy fire is breaking out in ventura county. bulldozers work to stop it in the hill. it's moving away from hills. a hope. this dog was found dirty and
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scared. after several calls firefighters found its family. >> there's your owner. >> that's my dog. >> you're welcome. >> if you're traveling south tomorrow, strong wind are expected for many of the southern california counties. >> thank you. we're continuing to monitor the bay area black out on air and online. refreshing the content 24/7. you can stay connected. twitter and facebook. >> we are back in 60 seconds with a business owner who says two days without power has done her business in. tonight she faces the reality of closing up shop for good. >> school on lock down in san jose. the threat officers are nf investigates and the person taken into custody.
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police showed up in full force. dal mar high school in san jose. a female student allegedly pulled a gun on a male student. that 16 year-old girl was arrested on campus. we were over head. school officials say the incident took place yesterday off campus. when police arrived today they put the school on lock down until they arrested that girl. >> two robbers at the great mall. this is the home depot. you can see the men robbing the store in august. police say they went across the parking lot to the jewelers inside the mall. using hammers to smash glass
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cases and steal jewelry. police release the photographs tonight in hopes of getting leads. >> a former san mateo cop found gltd of committing rape on duty. guilty. he was convicted on 14 counts including kidnapping. crimes committed against five women over two years. he faces life in prison. sentenced in december. >> it was harris and feinstein. nancy pelosi following up with a letter of their o to the watchdog agency. all four want to know if the epa is abusing the enforce want authority. after the agency notified san francisco it was breaking waste water rules and dumping waste into the san francisco bay. >> in the power is back on most businesses will survive. after nearly two days of lost rev nuf. not all. they blame pg&e.
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we report. >> restaurant owner tries to keep busy straightening chairs. and sweeping floors. because there's nothing else to do. the power is out since just after midnight tuesday. >> to be in such little control for your livelihood is frightening. we don't know when it will come on. we're hearing 5:00 p.m. and we're hearing it could take three to four days to repower. >> they held on as long as possible. with blocks of ice to keep food and drink chilled. a second full day without power was too much to overcome. her business isn't just closed. it's suffering. >> it could be upwards of 12,000 in loss of revenue. and the spoilage issue. it's devastating. >> it's more aggravating that just to the north, another shopping district hasn't lost power. restaurants here are doing fine.
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she understands the need for fire safety. after the fire storm two years ago. what's happening this week she doesn't understand. >> i don't know what a better way is. it can't be this. it can't be this. >> the power shut off interrupting the workers strike. members of the local 521 put down the signs until further notice. it's postponing for public safety. the union has been working without a contract since june. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist. hopefully tomorrow they can restore the power and we can get on with the weekend. >> the winds will cooperate with us. as we hit friday forecast and we have nice weather moving in. i want to start off the micro climate forecast. with a look at the fire danger. we have been showing this. it's a fire danger rating scale.
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it's the same one firefighters use and based on the humidity. and the amount of fuel that's available. you can see today it was very high. at 160. tomorrow goes down to 60. considerable drop. that is considered high. we'll have low humidity lingering. the wind is gone, temperatures will warm up and low humidity will keep the fire danger elevated. please still keep a watch out for neighbors and if you see any suspicious, report it. what about the wind now. after gusts from 20 to 77 miles per hour. only 4 to 8 miles per hour across the bay area. we have seen it calm down. at the expense of southern california. our wind event is now pushing down into l.a. and san diego. red flag fire warning until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. right here in l.a. also san diego. we could be getting gusts of 40
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to 50 miles per hour. maybe 60 miles per hour readings in the hills. if you have family or friends there, give them a call. i'm sure they know but make sure they're okay and check on them. temperatures here throughout the bay. cool. we had 50s for the south bay and peninsula. cloud cover. no problems. the only thing you want to watch for the north bay. down it to a chilly 49 degrees. numbers warm up in the afternoon. out of the 90s. but close in gilroy at 87. san jose 84. alameda near oakland 82. and 84. the peninsula 83 redwood city. and look at san francisco. here for fleet week we have warm weather for you. no problems with fog. if you want to see the rehearsal tomorrow. 07s and it will continue this weekend. you'll be able to see everything just fine on saturday and sunday. i have a few evening clouds on
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saturday. and a few morning clouds on sunday. up to the mid-70s here. very nice weather. north bay 85 napa. i don't see any major wind events. that's good news. showers next thursday. no wet weather now. but we're monitoring that. inland valleys 84 saturday. 79 sunday. and next week, not that hot. in the 70s. monday through thursday. i have to tell you, internally breathing a sigh of relief. after the wind last night. >> you had your power out. >> yeah. it was strange. >> is it back on? >> it is. >> thank you. up next the best airport in the country is right here in our own backyard. the reason why sfo ranked the highest.
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happening now. we follow breaking news out of southern california. several fires burning. firefighters work to get handle on the saddle ridge fire. north of burbank. 60 miles and growing because of the wind. the 310 freeway is closed at l.a. declared a fire emergency. the highest classification. evacuations are under way. we'll be back.
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two men associated with rudy
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giuliani arrested today. today in a separate case the pair arrested for breaking campaign finance laws. prosecutors say they tried funneling foreign money into the election. president trump denies knowing them. >> i don't know those gentlemen. it's possible i have a picture with them. i have a picture with everybody. but somebody said there maybe a picture or something. at a fundraiser or somewhere. >> house democrats subpoenaed the men as part of the impeachment inquiry. >> apple yielding from pressure from china's government. they dropped an app from the store used by antigovernment demonstrators in hong kong. the app was being used to track police. apple says the app was in endangering law enforcement and the people who live in hong kong. critics accuse apple of putting profit ahead of human rights. >> getting through the airport
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can be a pain. we have the top airport in the u.s. right here in the bay area. named the top airport in the country for 2019. ranking largely based on airport amenities like the food. roadside and the restaurants that help nab the top spot. >> beautiful airport. >> ready to go to chase center? what steph curry did tonight and back with the sharks in a big way. it's time for sleep numbers fall sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now only $1,399. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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it's kind of a miserable start to the season for the sharks. but. >> kind of? >> however. that changed tonight because of the. >> he's back. the legendary shark back in teal. 40 years young. we talk about the is 40 old for a hockey player. >> apparently. but he doesn't seem to be old. >> for newscasters it's young. >> first game back since rejoining the team. not one goal. he had two goals. sharks win 5-4. their first win of the season.
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the sharks back in san jose sunday night. nst the flames. >> the warriors this evening at chase center. a preseason game. against the t wolves. still a full house. he must like the new rims. he's already in midseason form. finishing with 40 points. warriors win. the regular season starts october 24. the stage is set in the american league play offs. in houston the game 5 between astros and the tampa bay rays. houston scores four in the first. and the astros never look back. houstons wins. here it is. astros and yankees. and the american league. national league the nationals and the cardinals. >> a lot going on. >> back in a moment. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1.
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she's not just ultra successful. shees redefining the support. biles continues to shine as the olympics draw closer. >> she won another gold at the world championship. dominating today in germany.
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winning all around competition by a record margin. fifth all around title at the world championship. watch her at the summer olympics. next july. did you see how she gets aar airborne? look at that. it's like not real. >> you see her in person do it. you can't believe it. she's like boing. it's remarkable. >> you would make a great gymnast. >> compact. >> you could go far. >> what's the age limit? >> way past it. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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