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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 12, 2019 11:02pm-11:27pm PDT

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before she was set to fly back home. on friday her husband told nbc bay area she seemed confused in her last conversation with him. the last place her cell phone pinged and neighbors who walked this area routinely say they too had been on the lookout. >> since this, you know, area that more what people reporting would walk this way and keep a look out. >> this is a daily walking route with our dog. >> reporter: she was honored a few days wom techcocil. tonight spokesperson for that group had this to say. >> our hearts are broken. we have just learned that our friend has been found. we honored her this week for her entrepreneurial excellence, her wi and her family around the world. >> reporter: we should tell you that the area her friends and family were searching is only
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about a half mile away from this location. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> now to our covering coverage of pg&e's power shut off. everyone in the bay area has their lights back on, according to pg&e. but the questions continue for the company. the utility though calling it all a success. >> we did not have catastrophic wildfire in our service area here in northern central california like the ones going on in southern california at the moment. despite the fact that winds that surpassed our safety thresholds were blowing over vast dry strr powerlines. another 100 cases are now> i u d a huge sense of relief that weddings in the works for months are going to happen. they've got power. north bay wedding planners and wedding venues have been scrambling to secure scregenera.
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>> we had to reschedule an entire wine tour on wednesday. our boss was making that happen immediately afterwards. and then for hair and makeup we actually got a battery pack from a car and had to plug in the curling iron for that. >> that's getting creative. she says none of the five weddings scheduled during the power outage had to be postponed. we have been following this story for the last several days. we will continue to bring you the latest updates on pg&e related stories on air and online. you can download our nbc bay area app or to our website for the latestup. in southern california the fire fight continues, but there are signs of progress. the saddleridge fire is burning near porto ranch, not far from the bur bank area. and the fire is only 33%
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contained. ken tobin reports from southern california as people begin returning home. >> reporter: puffs of smoke still rising from the ashes of this burned home. signs full of love and support hanging outside, one reading our thoughts are with you, you can rebuild, come back soon. >> my parents live on the corner down the street and it's unfortunate. >> reporter: some neighbors like jonathan had to see it for themselves. he grew up on this block and knew the family who used to live >> you appreciate the things that you have and you appreciate family. it's just being thankful for everything. >> reporter: shots from news chopper saddleridge fire, canyons blackened and burned. and dozens of homeowners coming back to see what's left. >> the roof is about to cave in. i can't go into the living roomn this home for 36 years. and now they're holding onto the memories. his daughter is saying he is trying to stay strong. >> he is kind of up here, but
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he's hurt. >> reporter: many who live here say they will rebuild and come back one day. >> you take little things for granted. i was happy just to be home with my kids and my wife. >> reporter: more than a thousand firefighters are on the front lines of this fire that. includes crews from right here in the bay>> oakland is in mourr the death of one of its pastors. he was killed in a car crash on thursday in colusa county. archbishop from was a pastor of saint going to venture in concord. he was known for his skills as a magician and he was a published author. you are looking at it right there, dozens of demonstrators tried to disrupt a turkish airlines flight in sfo this afternoon. they are protesting turkey's recent invasion of northern syria.
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nbc's bay area sergio cquintana live with the details on that. >> reporter: they called out the president of turkey for ordering this recent incursion into northern syria by his troops and president donald trump for ordering u.s. troops to stand aside. protesters surround the afternoon. you can see group. >> we don't have a turkish consulate in the bay area. so this was the closest we could find to impact turkey. >> reporter: 49 of the airline is owned by the government of turkey. people held up signs with messages like solidarity with rojava. that's a reference to the northern regionan. >> they have been the best allies that the united states and all western countries have
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had, again islamic fundamentalism, isis. >> reporter: the curds have also been securing them in prisons in camps there. they say turkish artillery targeted one of those prisons this weekend. officials tell nbc's richard engel they believe turkey is trying to free isis fighters. tonight there are also reporters that multiple artillery rounds exploded in the region. this week president donald trum turkey launched o>> if turkey dt they shouldn't be doing, we will likes of which very few countries have ever seen before. >> reporter: but hasn't offered any other specifics. in the meantime women and children are trying to escape the violence. and people in the bay area with family there are shocked that the u.s. government would allow this to happen. >> you are still fighting alongside and you are just
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fighting isis, and isis is still there. >> reporter: and this group is hoping to draw more attention to this ongoing violence in northern syria. they are actually planning another demonstration tomorrow at noon at union square in san francisco. >> sergio, thank half moon bay, then gets arrested. it happened just after 10:00 at night on thursday at the half moon bay brewing company. the sheriff's office says this man right here threw a rock, shattered one of the restaurant's windows. they say he then took items including keys to the company's car parked in the back. the next day he came back to the brewing company. officers arrested him and the stolen car was returned. i.c.e. is on notice that the message from governor newsom after he signed a bill that gets rid of private for-profit
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prisons. starting in january they won't be able to enter into a contract with private prisons. there are dozens of for-profit facilities in california. immigration and customs enforcement released a response on twitter reading, in part, the idea that a state law can bind facilities ispl false. i.c.e. adds the law will force agents to transfer detainees out of state providing a hardship for friends and families. california is now the first state to ban the sale of new fur products. governor gavin newsom signed bills that will stop people from selling or making clothes, shoes or hand bags with fur under the new law. someone could be fined up to $1,000 for multiple violations. most animal performances in circuses should be banned, they say. the firm law takes effect in
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2023. another great day, the blue angels showing off their skills. >> people in san francisco they flocked to watch this show. as usual, the blue angels, yeah, they didn't disappoint. >> they blow my mindvengle time. u.s.s. sommerset. blue fly again it. still ahead, chaos in the french quarter when i hotel under construction comes crashing down. tonight we'll hear from one of the workers who was there as it collapsed. and buyer beware. items that have the amazon choice endorsement may be costing you more than you think. the reason the company is under scrutiny tonight. and it's a cool night, but we may see another chilly morning. clear skies, i'll give you that blue angels forecast if you're heading out to san francisco tomorrow. i'll have all the details coming up. closed captioning sponsored by airport home appliance during
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a devastating scene in new orleans. a search and rescue operation is underway after a partial building collapse. dust filled the air and rubble poured into the streets this morning on the west part of new orleans famed french quarter. part of the top floors of the hard rock hotel under construction came crashing down killing two people injuring nearly two dozen. a worker was near the top when it gave way. >> when i got to the ground it was smoke everywhere. there was more people than i
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imagined. i never thought it would be all this. i was scared. >> rescuers continue to search for one miss who they believe to be alive in the rubble. nd dangerous. experts fear more of that building could collapse. the surrounding neighborhood has been evacuated. president trump is defending his personal attorney rudy giuliani as federal prosecutors investigate the former new york mayor. the twez tweeted, quote, so now they are after the legendary crime buster and greatest mayor in nyc. the allegation is that giuliani may have broken lobbying laws and is dealing with ukraine. the probe is tied to the case against these two, two of his associates who were arrested this week on campaign finance charges. giuliani has denied having any business dealings in ukraine, but he did acknowledge he worked with ukrainian prosecutors to collect possibly damaging information about political targets. that would include joe biden.
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new scrutiny of products sold on amazon that we see the amazon endorsement. amazon puts this choice badge on products that are highly rated and well priced. but those items typically sell three times better than the competition. but the fight for shoppers is so fierce some companies pay for positive reviews to get the badge. the customers are frustrated that the badge doesn't always help customers. >> i was actually surprised when i started digging a little deeper. the prize of the amazon choice item was actually double the cost of the item that i ended up purchasing. >> amazon said they had invested significant resources to protect the quality of reviews and it takes action against bad actors. it's a reminder to consumers to think twice if something seems too good to be true. aawaiian family is now officially in the guinness book of world records for growing the
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largest avocado ever. >> they got the certificate this week for their 5.6-pound avocado. or is it a watermelon? [ laughter ] it came from a 10-year-old tree. it was planted and they pretty much ignored it and it went on and did some great things. the prized avocado was put to good use after being weighed. it was turned into a huge bowl of? >> guacamole. they must've had a party after that one. >> i asked you if you had a great recipe. i don't have one, you don't have one. >> so what were you going to do with a six-pound avocado? >> you sell it off to somebody who likes avocado toast. [ laughter ] >> face mask? you have to monitor it closely because one day it looks green, the spoiled. >> yeah, eat that thing fast. maybe you can have a picnic with the avocado and watch the
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blue angels. we've got clear skies right now in san jose. we did hit a high of9. now the current temperatures throughout the bay area, they are cool, not necessarily cold, but we are going to dig down into possibly the 30s in through santa rosa and napa. we saw some 30s early this morning which could mean some patchy frost for areas like napa and sonoma. along the coast line we could get that sort of building of low clouds and some early morning patchy fog. but overall our forecasted highs are going to be cooler. we've got a bit of a cooling trend expected. and that's already going to make its way in through the overnight hours. san jose 77 degrees for tomorrow. tomorrow not so much, look at concord typically one of our warmer spots, high of 78. san francisco 68 degrees. so let's talk about your weather setup. now yesterday and today you noticed it was very calm, no winds. we still have a little bit of breeze over the hills.
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that is going to remain mild. but we've got the system that's off to the north, the pacific northwest that we're going to be monitoring as we head in towards wednesday and thursday because right now the model's showing it sort of moving in late wednesday night into early thursday morning. this could bring the chance for? rain. but mainly for far sonoma counties and napa areas. very widely known, no significant rainfall totals. but just enough to catch some drizzle along the coast line. beautiful live view right now of the golden gate bridge. i know a lot of folks will be heading out to that air show tomorrow. if you didn't get a chance to go today and you are heading out there, mostly clear skies for sunday with very light winds. shouldn't really impact anything. the show takes place from noon to 4:00. and look at the temperatures, mid-60s. inland temperatures are going to cool off a little bit tomorrow. 79 and then we get a middle of the week kind of shift because of that system just off to the north into wednesday and thursday. that could kick up the wind. so even though it will be dry,
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it's still going to be cool for tomorrow, 68 degrees. 65 on monday. it's going to be really chilly tomorrow morning if you live anywhere near the north bay. >> roll out that winter jacket. >> yeah, 30s. some people back east are laughing at us. >> it's cold for california. sports up next. here's carlos ramirez. >> 9ers fans are holding their breath waiting to see who will play tomorrow against the rams. we'll give you a report and preview after the break. it's time for sleep numbers fall sale on the
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they will put their 4-0 record on the line when they visit the rams in san francisco's first divisional game of the season. both teams have several injuries to deal with. saturday came and almost went. the niners did not make a roster move which expects george kittle will play tomorrow. and now for the news for the tomorrow. against young defeated 9ers with
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an injury they wi today he became the first marathon runner to break the 2-hour barrier. 1:59:42 seconds. the challenge was specifically designed for him. and he had the help of 41-pace setters. that's all the time we have. i'm carlos ramirez. adios and good night. >> the tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access toxfinity. the contente future of awesome.
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i'm abbey fernandez. with the behind the scenes digital exclusive, you've heard a lot about the shake alert system. but it's seen it in action. changer for california. here's a look. >> what's amazing is that everything that's in this box right here will record all the earthquakes that we would expect to have in the bay area, everything from less than a magnitude 1 stuff that you just
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can't even feel all the way up to the largest earthquakes that we would expect to have in the bay area. magnitude 7 and above. so what we have here is actual data logger. so the censors plug into this instrument here. we continually update as more data from more stations come in. and so that's why you see updates and change of magnitudes and intensity and that sort of thing. seismically speaking, this is an excellent location. we don't have any and we are right on top of bedrock. there's a lot of work that goes into these few minutes of us installing the censors and getting it on the air to record earthquakes. >> that look at life-saving tech comes from a bay area revelation series. you can see our new installment sunday night at 10:00 p.m. as we take a look at the loma
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prieta earthquake 30 years later. remember to check out my social media show "synced in." back to you guys. >> we are going to take a look at the wonderful forecast that we've got coming. >> wonderful is a great way to put it. we are talking mostly clear skies by noon. san francisco could wake up to some patchy fog. look at those temperatures and all of that sunshine. now it is going to be a little cooler tomorrow compared to today. today they did manage to get into the 70s. tomorrow topping out only in the 60s. so you are definitely going to need a light jacket. cooler throughout the entire bay area, temperatures starting to feel more going to get chilly. >> we've got halloween right around theght around the corner. >> have a good night.
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[ laughter ] one stage, no room. last one standing gets the oh, so, illusive -- a cnn town hall
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