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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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going to be slow but the crash is still at willow pass road. we'll have an update for you at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> and the midday show at 3:00, you don't want to miss that. have a great morning. for the first time it's elizabeth warren in the cross hairs of the democratic debate the moderates piling on in a clear sign she's now the one to beat. >> i appreciate elizabeth's work, again, the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> sometimes i think that senator warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting somet of t count against the other. >> and former vice president joe biden forced to answer for his son's work in ukraine. >> my son did nothing wrong. >> we'll break down the night's highs and lows just ahead.
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digging in, nancy pelosi rejects a white house demand for a vote right now on impeachment. >> this is not a game for us this is deadly serious. >> and top officials from the vice president to the defense secretary to the president's own lawyer refusing to turn over evidence to congress we're live from washington nasty nor'easter, millions up and down the east coast set to face a day of heavy rain and high winds al's got what you need to know before you head out the door those stories, plus, behind bars, an inside look at felicity huffman's new reality, after she reports to federal prison. "today" exclusive, monica lewinsky joins us live in studio 1a to shine a light on an important cause that touches millions of americans. and national treasure, the nats win the national league and head to the world series for the first time ever. >> there will be a world series in d.c. >> one super fan was there for the big celebration. today, wednesday, october 16th,
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2019 from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody, good morning, welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning, boy is washington happy this morning, something we don't often say on this show. >> and somebody who's not at the table, craig melvin who happened to be in the middle of it all. they have a lot to celebrate, a clean sweep. we're get right to our top story, the fiery democratic debate, the first with elizabeth warren as the frontrunner and since launch of the impeachment investigation. we have two reports, we'll start with nbc's peter alexander, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you it was the most crowded presidential primary debate
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stage in history, and there were plenty of fireworks. blafrn facing criticism and joe biden brurk off questions of any wrong doing. and pete buttigieg at times dictating the debate elizabeth warren under fire in ohio. >> i appreciate elizabeth's work, but again, the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> sometimes i think that senator warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting some part of the country against the other. >> the candidate who has seen a surge over the last several months taking heat like a frontrunner after taking the top spot in several recent polls. >> your signature is to have a plan for everything, except this. >> warren forced to play defense. >> for me, this is about knowing what's broken, knowing how to fix it, and yes, i'm willing to get out there and fight for it >> but one thing all of the democrats could agree on, the issue of impeachment, showing a united front against president
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trump. >> trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country. >> impeachment is the way that we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences. >> the target of the ukraine call, former vice president joe biden defending himself and his son hunter's lucrative position on the board of a ukrainian gas company. >> my son did nothing wrong. rudy giuliani, the president and his thugs have already proven that they, in fact, are flat lying. >> reporter: with crisis in syria escalating, the democrats blasting president trump's withdrawal of troops. >> soldiers in the field are reporting that for the first time they feel ashamed, ashamed of what their country has done >> what donald trump has done because of that phone call with erdogan is basically giving
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10,000 isis fighters get out of jail free. >> the night marking bernie sanders return after a heart attack the 78-year-old thanking his supporters and rivals for their well wishes. >> i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and i'm so happy to be back here with you this evening >> reporter: the topic of age taking center stage for the top three candidates. >> one of the reasons i'm running is because of my age and my experience. with it comes wisdom. >> i will outwork, out organize, outlast anyone, donald trump, mike pence or whoever the republicans get stuck with. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders has a new endorsement this morning, what can you tell us >> reporter: yeah, bernie sanders is back and he's actually touting a pair of new endorsements from prominent progressives this morning. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, a rising democratic star, one of the most influential voices on the left, she is planning to endorse
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sanders during a rally to take place in new york city this weekend. also this morning, we have learned from the campaign that ilhan omar, the congresswoman from minnesota will be endorsing sanders as well. savannah. >> peter, thank you so much. we heard the candidates united on the issue of impeachment last night, and this morning there are new developments in that investigation. rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney has now defied a congressional subpoena for evidence and house speaker nancy pelosi is weighing in on how this will proceed from here. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson is on this story. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the house speaker is insisting she is not playing games with nancy pelosi, announcing the house will not hold a formal vote right now to officially start an impeachment inquiry. she and democrats point out there's no requirement to vote, so they say they don't need one to move forward, they're going to keep doing what they're doing, calling witnesses in, doing their investigation, and so on. so why does it matter whether
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the households a vote or not right now. republicans in the white house have been demanding one. they argue without a vote, the whole inquiry is simply not legitimate, and that is exactly why the trump administration says they are rejecting these different subpoenas and requests from house democrats that's the basis of their pushback there's a new example we're le abo this morning, the secretary of defense now defying a subpoena the vice president's office is also turning down a request for documents about his interactions with ukraine and the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, as you mentioned, is also refusing to comply with a subpoena against him, calling the democrats' investigation unconstitutional and baseless. >> hallie, why does nancy pelosi not want to hold the impeachment vote, does she have the votes? >> reporter: democrats don't want to be seen as though the are capitulating to the white house and republicans demands, they feel like they have the right argument here, the correct argument, and they want to move forward. >> hallie jackson at the white
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house for us thank you. meantime, a powerful nor'easter is set to hammer the east coast today bringing heavy rain and strong winds to millions al is standing by with details on this one. >> if this was a month from now, we would be talking a major snowstorm. as it is, it's a mess. two low pressure systems are going to phase together and bring a big storm. in fact, we're talking bombogenesis, dropping 24 millibars, this could drop 30 millibars before it's over, these two systems will merge, the storm intensifying in the mid atlantic, afternoon commute is going to be a mess. by tomorrow, it pushes through, rain starts to come to an end, but back behind this, very strong howling winds, rainfall amounts anywhere from 4 to 5 inches of rain in the adirondacks and could be snow in the green and white mountains and adirondacks as well. wind advisories for boston tomorrow, 55 miles per hour gusts possible, generally, 30 to 50 miles per hour winds. a big problem for high profile
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vehicles on the roads, guys, and the airports savannah. >> al, thank you so much. now the story we're following closely, this ongoing crisis in syria, vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo will travel to the region hoping to broker a cease-fire we're seeing how the russian military is getting involved nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in syria this morning. richard, good morning. >> good morning, savannah, so turkey just said it will not agree to any cease fire unless the kurdish fighters drop their guns and leave the area, which is something they say they cannot do because they say they are fighting against a turkish campaign of ethnic cleansing and that's around 250,000 kurds have already left the region afraid of this ongoing turkish advance. now, we're also seeing a different change of position from turkey, while vice president pence is heading to this region. turkey is saying it has had enough of president trump's
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tweets about this war. the turkish president saying he finds them confusing they have also been contradictory, sometimes factually inaccurate, and he is saying that he is not going to follow them anymore, and that as far as i know is a first from a world leader saying that matters of war and peace and foreign policy cannot be dictated by tweets so the delegation is coming here president erdogan of turkey is continuing this offensive, and saying that he can not follow these tweets anymore, and isn't going to follow them back to you. >> richard engel in syria for us, thank you. the latest on a british family's fight for justice a family took their case to the white house and the president and received a surprising offer while they were there. nbc's stephanie gosk has the details. >> the parents of harry dunn sat down with president trump, and
7:11 am
while they say he offered synthetic words, he declined to take the action they were asking for, to send the woman they believe is responsible for their son's death back to the uk, a woman who it turns out was in the very next room the grieving parent of harry dunn revealing the news as they left the white house in tears. >> the bombshell was dropped, anne sacoolas was in the building and was willing to meet with us. >> charlotte charles and tim dunn meeting with president trump, but refusing to meet with anne sacoolas who killed their 19-year-old son in a wrong way car crash. >> we weren't ready to meet her. we felt a bit rushed and i don't think it would have gone too well. >> president trump surprised the couple by telling them sacoolas is in the next room. >> so anne sacoolas is in a different room, and he expected you to meet her without warning. >> i think that's what he
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wanted, yeah. >> it comes as sacoolas reveals new details about the crash, admitting she was driving on the wrong side of the road and had no time to react when she saw the motor bike approaching the crash happened too fast but she claimed diplomat immunity. she returned to the u.s. three weeks after the accident saying in a statement, it was too difficult to stay under the circumstances. >> i felt the sincerity, i hope that will be carried forward to try and get a result for us. >> in a letter from her legal team, sacoolas said she was terribly sorry for that tragic mistake, adding she wants to meet with the family to apologize and take responsibility but dunn's parents insist that meeting take place back home >> we basically reiterated that we would still be willing to meet but on uk soil. she needs to come back and face the justice system >> the uk foreign secretary said that diplomatic immunity is no longer relevant in the case, and british prime minister boris
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johnson urged her to return. >> we are no further on in terms of getting what we want. which is having mrs. sacoolas return to the uk that was made clear at one point that that was never going to that happen. >> we heard it right there it is unlikely she's going to return to the uk, so what's the family's next step, what recourse do they have. >> they're going back. they have a lot of unanswered questions, among them, when did sacoolas go back to the u.s., and who made that decision, and apparently during this meeting with president trump, he promised the parents that he would look at this from a different angle which it seems has given them some hope that maybe they will get what they want, although it does seem unlikely >> okay. stephanie, thank you very much we turn now to that deadly police shooting in texas of a young woman who was inside her own home for the first time we are now hearing from the attorney of the
7:14 am
former officer now charged with murder and the arrest warrant is shedding new light on what happened right before the fatal shot nbc's gabe gutierrez is in fort worth with the latest on this. hey, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. according to that newly released arrest warrant, the 8-year-old boy who witnessed his aunt get shot at this home behind me, told investigators she had pointed a gun at the window. city officials say that is irrelevant because the officer never identified himself, and she had every right to defend herself from an intruder overnight, emotions boiling over at a fort worth city council meeting. >> we are not safe in fort worth. >> reporter: as we learned more details about the shooting death of atatiana jefferson, former officer aaron dean is out on $200,000 bail after being charged with her murder. his attorney tells nbc news dean is sorry and that his family is in shock jefferson's family said she had been playing video games with
7:15 am
her 8-year-old nephew in the back room of her home, early saturday morning. >> she was like a second mom, when you see her, you see him, and most people thought he was hers. >> a newly released arrest warrant says the boy told investigators, jefferson took her handgun from her purse and pointed it toward the window after hearing suspicious noises outside and dean never identified himself as a police officer when he went to the house and into the backyard in response to a neighbor's call to police saying the front door was open as seen on this body cam video, the 34-year-old cop opened fire within seconds of drawing his weapon. >> put me your hands up, show me your hands. >> police say jefferson had every right to protect herself with a gun inside her home, and officer dean did not follow proper procedures. >> chief, what needs to change at the fort worth police department >> we're looking at bringing in an independent third party group
7:16 am
to come in and evaluate our policies. >> interim police chief ed kraus choked back tears tuesday saying there was absolutely no excuse for what happened. >> it's very emotional because the officers, they try hard every day to try to make this city better. >> reporter: before abruptly ending the news conference. >> i think that's going to be all. thank you. >> reporter: jefferson's family members now want police to release body cam video from the second officer at the scene. savannah and hoda, this case will now go to the district attorney's office and then likely a grand jury. >> gabe gutierrez in fort worth, texas, gabe, thank you. we're going to switch gears now, including the baseball playoffs, that's something to talk about one-half of the world series now set. craig was down at the game. >> look at craig. >> in washington. >> good morning. i know it was a late night for you. the nats made quick work of it. >> it was a late night i'm working on four hours of sleep, guys, the party, by the way, still going on in the nation's capital
7:17 am
the washington nationals headed to the world series for the first time in franchise history. >> in the air, center field, this should do it, robles will sweep it and there it is, the washington nationals are national league champions. >> and they did it in spectacular fashion, too the nationals completed the four-game sweep of the st. louis cardinals, the final score last night was 7-4, and thestory, a celebration was on and here's the thing, it's also quite an incredible comeback story, a team that was 12 games below .500 in late may, they barely made the playoffs as a wild card team they really weren't supposed to be there last night, and now here they are, headed to the world series. >> how cool was that, craig, and you were on the field. we're going to talk to you about you and your little family celebration, when we come back in a little bit. >> we couldn't let you sleep in,
7:18 am
no way >> thank you, craig. mr. roker, a check of the weather. the yankees are supposed to be playing tonight, the houston astros, it looks like heavy rain, gusty winds, probably a rainout. good news for the yankees, that gives them a rest, and they can probably go to the top of the pitching order for the game on thursday almost felt a little like steve kornacki doing that. cooler air behind this front for much of the plains and down into texas. look at this, we've got another front coming into the pacific northwest that will be bringing more rain and cooler weather we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds it's funny what happens when people get together.
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holiday inn. holiday inn express. we're there. so you can be too. good morning. i'm k ari hall. a live look outside in san francisco with low clouds moving by, seeing partly cloudy throughout the day, high temperatures only reaching the mid 60s, 66 in oakland, 72 in san jose, and mid 70s inland. we'll see more clouds as the storm system approaches from the pacific northwest. more clouds reaching in as we go throughout the day we will have a chance of showers that start late tonight and continues through early tomorrow morning. and that is your latest weather, guys. >> thank you, al, just ahead, actress felicity huffman begins her first full day behind bars, sentenced for her role in that massive college admissions scandal. we're live in prison with what life will be like for her for the next 14 days. and how does simone biles stay motivated after shattering
7:20 am
every record out there we'll fi out there she is, she's going to sit down with us for a live interview. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings or checking accounts because that's how it should be. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? good morning to you. it's 7:26 i'm laura garcia. maybe a bit of an early morning wakeup call for people around hollister this morning where a 3.4 aftershock hit a little after 6:00 a.m. it was centered in the same location as yesterday's 4.7 earthquake. this video shows a shop owner running from her store yesterday fearing bottles on the shelves would fall. luckily it didn't happen. so far no reports of damage from either shaker. hollister not the only hot spot. here's a seuismograph from last night's shaker in center hill.
7:27 am
so the bay area kind of rocking and rolling these days. >> hopefully the weather stays nice and quiet as we go throughout the day. we'll see a few more clouds moving through, live look outside san jose. a chilly start to the day but cooler temperatures for the afternoon highs reaching 72 in san jose and morgan hill. 76 in concord. napa will reach 73 degrees. as we go into tonight we'll track this system moving in that could bring in spotty light showers during the overnight hours. should clear out by sunrise tomorrow and another chance of rain, especially farther north, on saturday. heading to mike, how are the roads moving? we're looking at i-80 at the bay bridge toll plaza, typical. i-80 remains opened. it reopened last night. the fire is all out and all clear -- well, all clear of the closure. crash still there on the shoulder as you pass towards richmond. highway 4 all lanes reopened as
7:28 am
a crash is cleared at willow pass road. san mateo bridge, crowded westbound as you commute to the peninsula. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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it is 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 16th of october, 2019. we've got a gorgeous day on the plaza for right this second. apparently there's a nor'easter coming. it's going to get a little wet and messy. for now, we've got a nice crowd out there. >> nothing but smiles and sunshine for the next few minutes. let's get right to the big stories we're following. senator elizabeth warren considered the democratic frontrunner in the race to the white house was the main target in last night's debate. >> sometimes i think senator warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting some part of the country against the other. your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything.
7:31 am
except this. >> for me, this is about knowing what's broken, knowing how to fix it, and yes, i'm willing to get out there and fight for it. >> health care was, again, a prime topic with warren's rivals accusing her of avoiding questions about how much universal health coverage could cost taxpayers. >> there's backlash over controversial remarks made by nbc superstar lebron james in which he appeared to side with china. protesters gathered at a rally in hong kong where they set james' jersey on fire. a day earlier, the lakers star made headlines when he criticized a houston rockets executive for a tweet suggesting support for the protesters. james says he believes daryl morey was misinformed or uneducated on the political unrest. yesterday he tried to clarify. >> when the issue comes up and you feel passionate about it or feel like it's something you want to talk about, so be it. i also don't think that every
7:32 am
issue should be everybody's problem as well. >> james said that we do have freedom of speech but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that. actress felicity huffman is spending her first full day behind bars. she's the first parent to be incarcerated in the college admissions scandal, locked up in a facility in northern california today. miguel almaguer is there. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, the federal penitentiary behind me is where felicity huffman will spend the next two weeks. it's her new home. she'll mix with other prisoners as the actress adjusts to a new role. waking up in federal prison for the first time today, felicity huffman is now one of the newest inmates at this massive correctional facility in dublin, california. officials say prisoner 77806-112 will get no special treatment. after waking up at 5:00 a.m., huffman will wear khaki pants, a blouse and a brown tucked in t-shirt. she'll mix with the general
7:33 am
population, eat with other inmates, and answer to a head count five times a day. >> she's going to be in a state of shock that probably isn't really going to leave until she gets out of prison, and it's going to continue even when she's been out. >> jennifer myers spent 14 months in federal prison on drug charges. >> just remember that this is a different world, to really be respectful to the other women. >> trading in her lavish hollywood estate for this sprawling federal prison, huffman will have visitation on weekends, allowing husband william h. macy and her children to see her. the actress pleaded guilty to fraud for paying $15,000 to rig her daughter's s.a.t. score. in prison, she'll be allowed to shower once a day, perhaps given a work assignment and from the commissary, purchase items like hot sauce for $3.25 or mascara for almost $7.
7:34 am
the first parent to be sentenced and locked up, others face months in prison after they too pleaded guilty. but some, like fellow actress lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband are fighting their charges, pleading not guilty knowing they are all but certain to face serious prison time if convicted. but this morning, huffman has already started her stint behind bars, now playing the real life role of a prisoner after a stunning fall from grace. >> miguel, is there a chance she could be released earlier. do you expect her to serve the full two-week sentence? >> reporter: we're told in the federal system it is rarely considered with a sentence as short as this. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. still to come, instagram friends, jennifer aniston's debut that broke the app. >> that's right. first we're chatting with just the greatest gymnast in the entire world.
7:35 am
simone biles is with us live and exclusively right after this. fight for first dances fight for blast offs fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts.
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well, this morning on in-depth today, the woman actively rewriting the record books in gymnastics, simone biles. >> the 22-year-old captured five gold medals to become the event's most decorated gymnast ever check out her near flawless routine on the beam. >> three elements in a row, back hand spring to two layouts perfect. >> wow we >> there we go yay, simone, how are you >> good morning. i'm good good morning >> simone, you are officially the most decorated gymnast, male or female, with 25 medals. now, have you sat with that for
7:40 am
a second, and let that soak in >> yeah, i feel like i still haven't had time to but once i hear that, it does amaze me and it does blow my mind because i'm up there with some of the greats, so it's just, i'm in awe. >> you know, i'm just looking at you, simone, and i see that you're wearing one of the medals, and now i'm imagining that you have 25 on you. i'm sure you have never tried to put all 25 on at once, or have you? >> no, i haven't i've worn all five of them for one time, and that was pretty heavy, so i can't imagine 25 >> one of my favorite moments in watching you compete and savannah and i always talk about this is watching your mom, nelly in the stands with your dad, and i love when she tweets you, and i read her tweets because i follow nelly on twitter, and she says stuff like, just like you did in practice, but what always struck me about you is you actually don't do it like you do in practice, you actually go out
7:41 am
there and create another signature move do you think about that right before you go out or do you say to yourself, just like practice? >> i feel like by the time we go compete, it's kind of auto pilot, but i do try to do it just like practice to not over do or under do anything, so i >> i know the beam has been try to keep a good pace. >> i know the beam has been sort of your one struggle, if you can even say that, but you nailed it big time the other day did that feel particularly good? >> yes, i think out of all of my performances this past week, the beam performance was one of my favorites because i did it exactly like practice, and that's what i have been training to do, so it definitely helped my confidence. >> do you ever go back and look at your routines after or is it like, i don't even want to see it >> no. most of the time, i don't want to see it, but this world championships was one of the best out of all five of them, so i definitely wanted to see my
7:42 am
performances so afterwards, i would go and try to find it with my coach. >> i know you don't want to think about the next thing, we should sit here and revel in this awesomeness we are going to tokyo, and savannah and i are also going t tokyo, we can't wait to see you there but have you thought about what that's going to be like you won all these medals, what keeps you motivated to go into tokyo and say i need to perform at the top >> i feel like for me, i'm solely doing this just for myself, and i try not to put too much of an expectation, so just go out there, prove what i can do and just have fun. >> your coach says one of the things that keeps you motivated when you won everything, i guess you need extra motivation, is trying to stretch the boundaries of the sport you already have moves that are named after you. we talked about that i think the last time you were here. are you actively thinking all the time, how could i make this harder
7:43 am
>> not necessarily i feel like it's kind of a collaboration between my coaches and i. but i think right now at this point in the game, we're solidifying all of our routines, heading into the olympic year, so that we feel comfortable and confident with them, and so that it's consistent. >> i know you have a big smile but i'm going to say one name to you, stacy irvin jr. >> smile got bigger. by the way, that is one handsome man, and also such a big support. we have had fun watching him cheer you on what did he say to you after you won? >> yeah, every time is different. he basically just screams into the phone, and tells me how proud he is of me, and he's just -- he's an awesome times two. >> he's a gymnast too so he knows what it takes. >> yes, he does. >> we love to see him freak out. >> simone, we love you thanks for coming to hang with us congratulations. >> of course
7:44 am
thank you guys so much. let us get a check of the weather now from al. >> you know, hurricane season still continues right until the end of november, look at what we're talking about and looking at right now we've got an area of development, tropical disturbance, next two days, a 30% chance of development, next five days, over a 50% chance we're going to be watching this. here's the five-day development zone for this thing to start to develop. we look at it coming off the bay of campeche and making it way into the gulf, and maybe by develops and is affecting from new orleans, right on into the panhandle of florida so we're going to watch that very carefully heavy rain in the northeast. mid atlantic states, wet weather all the way back down into texas. more cool air back behind the plains and more wet weather into the pacific northwest. that's what's goin good morning. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge with a few clouds moving by. seeing partly cloudy skies today
7:45 am
and cooler temperatures. 60s in the city and 66 in oakland. san jose we'll see a high of 72. and some low 70s in the north bay. we'll be tracking a chance of rain overnight and early tomorrow morning with our inland temperatures reaching the low 70s. we could see a chance of spotty showers again on saturday. al, thank you so much. coming up, this was craig's night, forget the nationals, but it was really special, his anniversary, his wife lindsay, he's going to tell us all about it. >> look at that smile. >> oh, yeah. >> after this. we're mcmuffin people. we're fresh-cracked, sizzled and toasted-until golden people! it's time to come back to the breakfast table. mmhhmm. it's time to... wake up breakfast!
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we are back. andy cohen has joined the table, covering pop start for carson. >> he's also not happy about what happened in washington last night, you're the cardinals number one fan. >> yeah, this is the set up last night. i purposely didn't watch the celebration last night in my control room so thank you for showing it to me you know what, they did, they blew them out. what can i tell you. >> great, hoda i'm so annoyed about this. >> you know what, craig melvin was there along with his wife lindsay, who's a sports reporter as well. look, there's linds right there. >> i'm excited about you too, craig, but lindsay. >> you should have seen her last night.
7:51 am
i don't know if there was a more excited fan in all of nats park. >> it makes me breathless to think about it still it is a weird reaction. >> because you covered the team. >> from their first season, you know, and you think about how much work everyone's put in, so it was just so special and andy, i'm sorry. you know >> isn't it ironic, though, the whole bryce harperness of the whole thing, isn't that something? >> you said it andy cohen, not us. >> i didn't think they could do it, honestly, when he left, okay, what are they going to do. >> nobody did. here we are. >> i don't know what you all are talking about. >> sports talk. >> nats ball >> you guys got to bring dell, it was your anniversary, how did he like the game >> he was a trooper. he stayed up the whole time. he slept in the 7th inning, that was it. >> he napped the whole 7th inning, i had to carry him a little bit, but this is the end of the game. >> this is the very end. >> you know what, i will say, it is so exciting listen, they have never been to the world series
7:52 am
it is, you have to look at a team like this and say, wow, and you look at the fans, you know what, this is why we love america. >> yes >> it is i'm not kidding. >> you're right. >> that's it before i got kicked out. >> exciting and they're in love. >> what did you say? >> i said that was right before i got kicked off i was standing up there on that wall i wasn't supposed to. >> standing and screaming on the wall. >> dell gets it, but in that moment when they won, we started hugging and it was just this guttural, and he was right there with us, and he got to run the bases for a little bit. >> it was a memorable night. >> it was great. >> he got to run the bases. >> craig, linds, congrats. >> thanks, sorry andy. >> i'm rooting for the nationals. >> andy cohen. >> we made it quick for you. >> you're back from pop start in a little bit
7:53 am
you can keep talking about that. guys, monica lewinsky is here she's got a really important message on a silent epidemic, and we should all beware of it she's got good information on what you can do to help. after a check of your local news and weather. my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three! you may not notice it's a protein bar.
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good morning. right now at 7:56 a nice sunrise as the sun tries to come through the clouds in the south bay. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and cooler temperatures reaching 70s in the south bay. antioch, a high of 75. 66 in oakland. and 64 today in san francisco. as we go into tonight, the north bay will be the first to see some spotty showers moving through around midnight. a lot of the rain looks to braet break apart but some of us have the chance before sunrise early tomorrow morning with trace amounts of rain p. after that skies clear highs reaching into the 70s. nice on friday but also another chance of rain, especially in the north bay on saturday with highs in the low 70s and warming up in the forecast from sunday to the middle of next week.
7:57 am
let's see how the roads are moving. >> the south bay shows we have the build through san jose, a crash near 101. a crash ties things up. and slowing for 87 and 101 approaching capitol expressway. the big view shows you traffic flow typical pattern here, south 280 towards 380, a crash does distract folks. and the east shore freeway bogs down around the racetrack back to you. happening now, schools in the area around yesterday's fuel storage facility fire in crockett are closed but air quality levels and traffic flow are back in the normal range we're tracking the latest developments on the fire investigation and posting them to our twitter feed. in hollister folks may be rattled a 3.4 aftershock hit the same area as yesterday's 4.5 quake. the latest quake struck a little after 6:00 a.m., no reports of
7:58 am
damage. another news update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, target warren, democratins unleash at last night's debate after a major surge in the polls. >> i think senator warren is more focused on being punitive. >> and aimed at the man who ha hope to repla we're live with the latest. plus, taking a stand, monica lewinsky joins us for an exclusive live interview to share an important message about a silent epidemic. and getting emotional, prince harry opening up like never before about keeping meghan's pregnancy a secret. >> and i rememb
8:01 am
>>hat he's revealing today, wednesday, october 16th, 2019. >> from new mexico. >> and colorado. >> today is my mom's 80th birthday. >> to our daughter gabbie in d.c., we love you. >> from greenville, south carolina, happy first birthday liam. >> happy birthday, liam. happy wednesday, everybody, nice to have you with us. it's bright and shiny. we do have rain in the forecast. >> we heard about that. >> a nasty nor'easter. we love to see your faces on our show. send your shout out, send them by phone with the hash tag #mytodayplaza. lots to get to.
8:02 am
elizabeth warren, feeling the heat as the front runner. the president drew fire over the ukraine scandal. peter alexander joins us with some of the key moments about last night, peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was the most crowded presidential primary debate stage in history, and there were plenty of fireworks. elizabeth warren for the first time facing sustained attacks from her opponents, joe biden, again, brushing off questions of any wrong doing. the democrats collectively condemned president trump. >> elizabeth warren under fire in ohio. >> i appreciate elizabeth's work, but again, the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> sometimes i think that senator warren is more focused on being punitive or pitting some part of the country against the other. >> the candidate who has seen a surge over the last several months, taking heat like a front runner after taking the top spot
8:03 am
in several recent polls. >> your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything, except this. >> warren forced to play defense. >> for me, this is about what's broken, knowing how to fix it, and yes, i'm willing to get out there, and fight for it. >> reporter: but one thing all of the democrats could agree on, the issue of impeachment, showing a united front against president trump. >> trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country. >> impeachment is the way that we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences. >> reporter: with the crisis in syria escalating, the democrats blasting president trump's abrupt withdrawal of u.s. troops. >> soldiers in the field are reporting that for the first time they feel ashamed, ashamed of what their country has done. >> what donald trump has done, because of that phone call with erdogan, is basically giving 10,000 isis fighters a get out of jail free card.
8:04 am
>> and bernie sanders, as you saw earlier, making his return to the campaign trail for the first time since that heart attack, and major surgery earlier this month. he is also rolling out a pair of prominent new endorsement, including one from alexandria ocasio-cortez, that progressive, a rising star in that democratic party, one of the most influential voices on the left, expected to endorse sand rs. >> peter alexander outside the debate hall. officials in northern california are searching for the cause of a fuel tank inferno that triggered a massive explosion yesterday. that fire destroyed two storage tanks at an energy facility north of san francisco, sent up a plume of thick smoke and touched off brush fires. the highway was shut down for hours, and people living nearby were told to stay inside with their doors and windows shut.
8:05 am
there were no injuries repord. brain's prince harry was overcomeit emotion, talking about life as a n pent, talking at an event honoring children with medical challenges. >> last year we knew we were expecting our first child, and no one else did at the time, but we did, and i remember. >> harry went on to say that talking about childhood illness pulls at his heart strings at a way he can not imagine until he had a child of his own. i know a lot of folks can identify with, how it really comes home to you. >> i think this boost might pull at your heart string, i think you're going to love one, you guys. a little girl named gabby is melting hearts with this memory of meeting her new family in texas after she was adopted, along with her baby sister. >> was 4 years old, and we
8:06 am
were so excited to meet you. and we love you guys, and we want to be here for you and daddy. you know what happened to my heart. >> what happened to your heart? >> well, i saw my heart fall in love with you. >> your heart fell in love with me? >> i mean, okay. her mom decided to share this precious moment, and within days, it had 300,000 likes on facebook. that little girl. >> it is so precious. there's actually a little bit more. she talks about her sister. it's the sweetest thing. find it online, if you want to feel like your heart grew ten sizes. the friends photo that just broke instagram. broke instagram. >> twe sit down with i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?"
8:07 am
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and we are back with a "today" exclusive, monica lewinsky is here to discuss an important cause, an epidemic, one could argue, where she was patient 0. she has partnered with the advertising firm bbdo to create a public service announcement that shines a light on suffering that could quietly be happening in your own home a warning that includes content and imagery that some may find upsetting. >> the cdc is investigating another death caused by the the mysterious virus sweeping the country.
8:12 am
the cdc is country.rwñ the cdc is investigating another death caused by the mysterious .
8:13 am
virus sweeping the country.ñi >> monica, good morning, it's good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> that is hard to watch this is very very powerful and it's meant to reach out and grab you and in this case, you're doing something so unusual, it reaches out, text you, you can put your phone number, and the person watching the psa will receive these texts. >> right >> so this is a really unique and innovative psa and way to communicate a message. we learn empathy through experience, so by asking people to input their phone number halfway through, we are giving people the opportunity to experience and understand what online bullying feels like so you will actually receive this same text that hailey, the girl in the video that she receives, and it's incredibly devastating and powerful >> it hits you right in the gut, and just in case anyone is thinking that some advertising firm created these text messages, that they're overdone, it's an exaggeration, they are
8:14 am
based on real text messages. >> right they are based on real text messages but more than that, you know, i just want to share this experience from when we were taping the psa somebody on set was talking to me about a relative of hers and this relative was being bullied and cyber bullied and she stayed home from school, and she had received a text that said when we saw you weren't at school today, we thought you were dead and we were happy. so it was an incredibly powerful moment on top of all the other powerful moments that day, and you know, we really drew from that, along with some of my own experiences, but we drew from that anybody who sees this and thinks that these are tame even, you know, that what is actually happening out there is actually much worse. >> and i know the genesis of this, and you're so involved in devising the psa, and putting it
8:15 am
together is this whole concept that there are some injuries that aren't visible. but what if you could see them >> r well, i think that's really where we started out asking this question is how could we take this internal experience, the internal emotional landscape and translate that into something physical you know, the bullying crisis has become a global epidemic, and you know, i think there was a study last year that showed that 59% of teens have experienced bullying or ssment online. so what we really see the problem with this is that exactly as you're saying that it can be hard to see the signs of when someone is going through this, and then even worse than all of that is the fact that, you know, this behavior, cyber bullying, even though it takes place online, there are offline consequences and these consequences can range from bad to grave. >> including suicide. >> yeah. and we touch on this a little in the psa, and i think it's really important for people to know and anybody who might be suffering
8:16 am
right now that suicide is preventable. we have resources on the web &h(% not only how to help, but also crisis text lines. >> there's a longer version of this psa, by the way, we're going to put it on our web site, as a parent, it really grabs me as well. i think there are a lot of parents out there who think, i would know, surely, i would know you can see how a young person can suffer in silence. i mean, there's no one size fits all, but what advice do you have for parents who want to be attentive. >> right and we're in no way blaming parents here you know, you'll see in this, very loving parents. i think that for parents, there are two steps to take. the first one is if your child comes to you, whatever you do, please don't shame them. if they come to you and talk to you about bullying, don't shame them, don't be dismissive, the other things you can do is looking at resources and gather solutions and i like to suggest
8:17 am
that people role play with their children, so, you know, and young teens, to kind of come to them and practice, you know, them telling you they have been bullied, they had an inappropriate selfie that went around, and they can see what your reaction would be >> well, you have called yourself patient zero of cyber shaming and you really came out in 2015, and gave a speech that changed a lot of people's views about you and what you went through. i want to play just a portion of this >> in 1998, i lost my reputation and my dignity i lost almost everything and i almost lost my life.ñ the public humiliation was excruciating, public shaming as a blood sport has to stop. and it's time for an intervention on the internet and in our culture >> what did it feel like in that moment to come out and reclaim
8:18 am
your story >> well, it was terrifying i think that it really could have gone differently, and i'm so incredibly grateful for how things have changed. i can't even begin to tell you what it feels like to be able to give a purpose to my past and to use these painful experiences to help other people. i have this amazing experience the other night, which i was at a book party and someone's young teenage daughter said to me, you know, i'm so excited to meet you and your story is so important to my generation, and i admire you, and her mom was standing right there, and on my way home that night, i thought about how six, seven years ago, that mom would not have been happy for her daughter to say something like that. so it's incredib meaningful to me, and it's also meant now that people stop, you know, don't stop me and say, no offense, do you know who you look like, anymore. >> you've had a lot to carry, and you've come out, you've written, you've done this
8:19 am
important work and then you talked about this, there can be things. there can be a comment, there can be a moment, something that happens in the news that brings you right back to that place as we sit here, there is another impeachment investigation going on has that been hard, has that pulled you to that dark place. >> well, i think, you know, impeachment is a constitutional crisis right, so obviously it's much bigger than me it is -- but am i affected personally, sure, of course. people are making comparisons to when bill clinton was impeached. i have become the punch line of a joke a little bit more than normal, and you know, i found myself the last few weeks, i'm certainly more sensitive some people in my world might say cranky needed more self-care, but i think, you know, the truth is like if we are talking seriously about impeachment, it actually means we're all affected in the country. >> you know, i've known for a while we were going to sit down
8:20 am
and do this interview. i thought a lot about it, and i thought about how you spent many many years in private, and on purpose. you kind of withdrew and then you decided to reenter public life because you felt so strongly about this issue, and i that it strikes me that what was required of you was for you to face the thing that was so very terrifying, which was to be in public. >> right >> but to do the thing you wanted to do, you had to be public. >> right. >> and that must have been absolutely excruciating, that decision. >> i think what happened for me actually was that i, you know, i sort of had to lean into this new normal shortly after the investigation ended, i was now a public person and how do i navigate that, and i retreated and thought going to graduate school would allow me to have this new identity. i was wrong. it provided me a new social lens but not new identity and i eventually kind of came to this point that i had to realize i couldn't run away from what
8:21 am
happened to me i had to integrate it. and it was actually one of my professors at lsd who said that there was no competing narrative out there, and i had to be in charge of that narrative >> you had to rewrite your own story, let people know your side of the story. >> right but i think one of the reasons i'm also so grateful that i have been able to do that, and had the world not allowed me to, it's a relationship, you know, i couldn't have just done it on my own but what it also means is that anybody can do this like this can happen for anybody. you don't have to have gone through a global scandal i think no matter what your humiliations are or setbacks, you can find a way to have a different ending to your story. >> talk about gutsy, you're also on twitter you're very funny on twitter.ç >> thank you. >> it's funny because it's sort of like returning to the scene of the crime we didn't have social media back then, as you talked about, you were the first in the internet age. how do you handle like the trolls and the negativity that
8:22 am
we all find on twitter >> well, you know, some days are harder than others it could be hard to practice what you preach at times thankfully, no one has seen by draft folder, but i also, you know, i do find that there are a lot of tools that can be empowering i use key words on twitter i don't see tweets that have certain words in them, and i also am a big fan of blocking. i find it incredibly empowering. some people are muting, i like the idea of a jerk screaming off into a void, but it can be, you know, last year when i was -- participated in a docuseries, i had to go off twitter for a week the trolls were back, and it was -- i just had to take care of my mental health. >> you've done so much you're a writer, you write very often, very compellingly about these topics, you're an activist, advocate, you're a producer, i know you're working on a series with ryan murphy, a version of your story for
8:23 am
american crime story what are your other hopes and dreams, what other work do you want to do or how do you envision life for you? >> certainly as you said, continuing with the activism work, but i'm actually, you know, at 46 trying to have a proper career, so i'm looking to forge a career as a creative producer i have a few projects in the works. but, you know, i'm really interested in this idea of story telling around, you know, kind of conversations that spark reclaiming narratives or even, i know it may sound a little woo woo, but collective healing, i think those kinds of stories, that's what i really hope to be able to focus my societal lens on that's been chafed by extremely unique circumstances >> monica, it's so interesting to hear about your work and to catch up with you. >> thank you. >> and good to hear your story so thank you so much >> thank you for this time for this important issue, savannah. >> absolutely. and i do want to mention again,
8:24 am
that full psa and more resource are on our website at, and i really urge people to go check it out it's important al over to you. thank you so much, savannah. as you can see, we have two low pressure systems, one over the great lakes, second over the southeast, the two are going to merge, a pretty strong storm, a nor'easter coming off the coast, the storm rapidly intensifying, bringing heavy rain this afternoon into tonight, on into tomorrow afternoon.ñ once the rain moves out we'll have howling winds for the rest of the northeast rainfall amounts, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from the northeast to new england, boston, washington, new england, wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got a lot of clouds rolling by the bay area and we'll see some peeks of sunshine into the afternoon. also cooler temperatures with highs in the low 70s in the south bay. we have some mid-70s in the inland east bay and the north bay will be reaching up to about 73 degrees. as we go through the rest of the forecast, we'll be tracking a
8:25 am
chance of rain late tonight and early in the morning. it clears out for the rest of the day tomorrow, and then for friday it's nice and sunny, but we'll have another chance of showers in the forecast inland on saturday. and that is your latest weather. >> thank you, al.ñ just ahead we'll get great life advice from the hilarious ali wong. >> and unbeatable recipes, she knows a few things about baked goods, martha stewart, along with ali wong. first, a check of your local news, weather, and these messages
8:26 am
good morning, everyone. it's 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. maybe an early-morning wake-up for people around hollister. that's where a 3.4 aftershock hit a little before 6:00 a.m. centered in the same location as yesterday's 4.7 earthquake. this security video showing a shop owner running from her store yesterday, fearing those bottles would fall. didn't happen. so far, no reports of damage from either quake. but hollister's not the only hotspot. here's the seismograph from the 3.4 aftershock near pleasant hill that happened nearly 24 hours after a 4.5 in the same location. let's get a check of your traffic this morning with mike. >> scott, none of those, thank goodness, were enough to affect the b.a.r.t. system for any
8:27 am
slowdown or closures. that's the good news. we're looking at 880 north past the coliseum. high street right there at the bend. things are bogging down as typically do around 8:26, 8:27, 8:30, let's say. coming through oakland, 580 shows the build as well. no problem for walnut creek, but more folks heading to the caldecott. they're going through, and that's good. over here the south end moves nicely. no major problems, crash 280 near 285. should be over to the shoulder in the next few minutes. minor slowing builds there and a clearing of a crash 101 towards tully. the peninsula shows that build but recovery for 280 coming down towards 380. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more local news coming in a half hour. this is hamish.
8:28 am
8:29 am
he's a bit more brave. ♪ oh. look. ♪ ♪
8:30 am
♪ right wednesday morning. it is the 16th of october. let's go slow so everybody gets their face on tv smiling faces outside. >> so cute >> no rain yet, babe, but it's on the way >> it's coming i feel it. >> we have so much happiness on this plaza, including is there a girl's trip from minnesota somewhere. over here? >> no, where >> over there. >> they never tell me. i had to come over here because there's someone you're really hoping to meet, right. >> yes. >> who
8:31 am
>> andy cohen. >> are you my girls. wow. nice to meet you >> he wants to know why he wasn't invited. >> was it worth the schlep from minnesota. >> definitely. >> wow it's very nice to meet you. i know, i'm shorter than you thought. >> wow, you're so cute what are you guys going to do while you're here. >> we just got here, and we're going to tour rockefeller center. >> we're going to party. i don't know what you're doing. >> maybe watch what happens live or something >> girls have a great time. >> nice to meet you. >> oh, thank you >> that's so cute. >> look at andy bringing his own fans here to the plaza that's awesome. >> thanks for that >> it's andy's world we just live in it >> exactly just a quick hello to the kids from castlerock. they came all the way from colorado to say hi to us, so thanks you all for coming to us coming up, comedian ali wong is here she makes us laugh she's going to share her ups and downs. we're going to chat with her in
8:32 am
a bit. why make any cookie when you could make martha stewart's perfect cookies, the queen is here to show us how it's done. i'm nervous, i'm excited, i'm scared. >> you should be you should be all of those things this morning. >> and hungry. just ahead on the 3rd hour of "today," a power pink sto, one woman's mission to raise awareness about breast cancer. if you're a fan of the office, do not miss our fourth hour, we're going to have jenna fischer and angela kinney they're going to be here with big news. guys, congratulations are in order, hoda's book, "i really needed this today," number one on amazon. >> i'm sorry >> wow >> what took so long >> thank you if you bought it. >> in 24 hours, number one on amazon "i really needed this today" check it out. >> mr. roker, do you have a
8:33 am
check of the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by panera, food as it should be order online today >> let's take a look at see what we've got for you, surest of all. we have the storm system, more cool air back behind it. the next front comes into the pacific northwest, sunshine into the plains into the southwest. rain and snow in the pacific northwest with the rain and wind exiting the northeast, cool air stretching from the mid plains all the way into the southeast as we make our way down to flor good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a cloudy start to the day as we take a live look outside in san jose. the sun peeking through and we'll have some cooler temperatures as a storm system approaches from the north. we will see a chance at rain during the overnight, but we will stay dry throughout the day with our highs reaching into the
8:34 am
low to mid-70s for the inland areas. by tomorrow, we will see that chance of showers mostly before sunrise, clearing out the rest of the day, and we'll be tracking another chance of rain in the forecast this saturday. weather. >> all right al, thank you. guess who's on pop start patrol. andy cohen. >> we're talking friends, elton john, stevie wonder and more, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> look how you said that. look at you.
8:35 am
8:36 am
we're back, it's andy is here at pop start time. >> we're ready first up, jennifer aniston, jen is officially on instagram, if you haven't heard. after holding out from joining the social network for years, the friends star made her big debut, with what else, a selfie of her with the whole friends cast, her caption reading, and now we are instagram friends, too. hi instagram
8:37 am
so many people flocked to her profile that aniston actually broke instagram with people getting an error message when they tried to follow her a spokesperson for instagram saying the volume of interest was incredible okay, when hodes and i talked about this yesterday, she had 200,000 followers, right now she has 7.5 million followers and counting, some of jen's famous friends left comments on her graham, kate hudson saying, girl, here we go ellen joking, i'm still glad they're still for you. her ex, commenting, woo woo. and good david schwimmer involved with the caption, hi jen. >> i love how you read those instagram posts. >> it ain't poetry if you had 7 million followers, wouldn't you be freaked out. do i post my dessert, i mean.
8:38 am
>> you'll have to ask martha. >> exactly. >> next up, elton john sat down with jimmy kimmel to talk about me elton john, and kimmel brought up a story so hard to believe, it could only have come from elton himself. >> one of the great stories for a couple of reasons in the book is you let stevie wonder drive your snowmobile. >> i was at the caribou ranch and i was recording, and there was thick snow, and stevie wanted to go out on the snowmobile. >> and stevie went behind the wheel by himself >> by himself, and we thought . >> that's him out of the way. just needed to get phil collins and rod stewart okay, that's another rival gone. >> that's him out of the way just needed to get phil collins and rod stewart up there. >> i love him. i love his glasses that is probably not even close to the wildest elton john story,
8:39 am
by the way i'm excited about that book. and finally blake shelton, and carson daly, you may think i'm filling in because carson is shooting the voice, but it turns out he is extremely busy shooting another show on "the voice" set, it's called the jerks, it's him and blake rating beef jerky. >> i'm carson daly. >> and i'm blake shelton, we're the jerks. >> this is a thick piece of home made like someone put this in a food dehydrator. ñ >> tastes like overdone ham. >> five jerks is the best. >> i'm going to score this i'm going to give it two jerks. >> i like it i'm going to give it three jerks. >> i respect that. thanks for watching the jerks, we'll see you next time. >> okay. compelling content i'm down for it. carson is super busy and i had some beef jerky brought in
8:40 am
what's your rating, five jerks i'm not a big beef jerky fan. >> it's five jerks, because it's very tender, whatever this kind is >> why are you scowling like that >> it's like a saltlick. >> i like that it's tender, you don't have to pull out your teeth to eat it. >> what is this? >> dried beef. >> what is this? >> it's made of beef, it's just dehydrated beef with flavoring >> okay. daily click, today's daily click comes to us courtesy of wheel of fortune, check out this contestant's dead pan introduction blare davis, owned the trucking business, it says here >> fall trucking business in san diego. >> talk about your family. >> i have been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle ax named kim. she cursed my life with three stepchildren named star, rj and ryan, and i have one rotten
8:41 am
grandson >> yay >> classic >> that's amazing. for everyone wondering, blare was just kidding saying he loves his family like nobody's business >> all right andy. >> selective style >> oh, blare >> give this jerky a chance, i give it five jerks. >> i'm waiting for cookies with martha stewart. the laughs are going to come with comedian ali wong, we're going to get her advice for living your best life. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> beef?
8:42 am
8:43 am
the standup comedian ali jj no topic is off limits. >> and now she adds author to her resume she is an open book, sharing details from her life, "dear girls, intimate tales, untd secrets and advice for living your best life."
8:44 am
ali, good morning. >> good morning. >> i love your hair, i love your glasses. >> we like everything that is happening. >> martha stewart was like are you wearing your hair like that so you're 3 inches taller. i was like the shade, martha >> just to you >> she didtha is running away. she's smiling proudly. for people who are just getting to know you, i was watching you sittin it was great >> for people who have not been introduced, martha is running away she's smiling proudly. for people who are just getting to know you, i was watching you sitting down for an interview with kimmel, and i was laughing nonstop. i mean, your humor, i wasn't >> i know it's wild because sure what your humor was and then i realized your humor is raunchy, and you love it you embrace it this is just who you are >> i know it's wild because it's been such a crazy three years, like my first stand up special came out in 2016 and i was in the striped dress and i was really pgnant and i joked about how i don't want to
8:45 am
lean in, i want to lie down, and i just want to relax, and it's so funny because i look at that special and my dream before was to be a wife with no job and now -- >> how is that going >> now i just fantasize about being married to a wife with no job. like, how much easier would our lives be if you had a wife, like if you could just come home every day and open the refrigerator and there was like a piece of salmon and you didn't know where that salmon came from, how it got there, how much it cost, how long it took parking to get that salmon i would be so much more relaxed and successful if i had a wife >> did your comedy change at all with your kids, how old are your kids, you said 2. >> they're almost 2 and 4. so it's pumpkin patch season, you know how that is >> how is it >> pumpkins, do you guys go to pumpkin patches in new york where you drive an hour to pay $10 a person to take pictures with these dirty ass pumpkins and then i have to go in this
8:46 am
like, because it's all parents, i go in huge hats and sunglasses, i look like groucho marx when i go and you sit on this hay. >> not wood chips. i bought one at a bodega. >> you can get them like that. the book is letters to your daughter, right? >> yeah, it's letters to my daughter i was very inspired by a letter that my dad had written to me before he passed away. and it was reflecting a lot on our relationship and how special it was, and i wish that, if there was like a fire in my house, that's the one thing i would take with me, that and my kids of course but i wish he had written more, and so this is kind of like a letter to my daughter talking about who i was before i got married. >> who were you before you got married? >> you'll see. i was a crazy nasty ass lady,
8:47 am
and not much has changed >> what's cool is it's a very just poignant relationship with your dad, and you talked about how he would show up at your comedy specials when you went there, and he was just championing you. he just thought, you know, he was just such a proud dad watching his daughter. >> he was so supportive. i grew up in an atypical asian american family that didn't place a big emphasis on like academics they were more about being confident and having experiences, so for example, when i was a freshman, i got asked to go to prom by a senior and i said no because i was too scared and my parents got wind of it, and they were like you should go to prom. like what asian american parent, you know, would be like go to prom, you 14-year-old with this senior man who has asked you, but they were like, this is about an experience, like how many freshmen girls get to go to prom, and high school is about having experience, so they really emphasized having
8:48 am
experiences and that being an education in and of itself, and it had a big effect on me. >> how was prom? i didn't go. i'm not going to let my parents pressure me into going to prom with this senior. >> this book is full of great life lessons, it's got your signature humor, also so much heart. >> thank you. >> we wish you good look, ali, it's called "ali wong dear girls," it's available right now. we're so happy for you. >> thank you so much >> savannah, just ahead, look who i'm baking cookies with, should we just dunk them in. >> your recipe took cookies from ordinary to extraordinary. you just break it. >> bite sized pieces >> we'll be back in a moment >> she's genius. >> "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
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food, we're taking your favorite cookies to a whole new level from an chocolate chip cookie brownie, martha stewart has created more -- can i put my arm around you. >> of course you can. >> she has created 100 out of this world sweet treats, cookie perfection, her 95th cookbook, martha, good morning, let's get into it. what are we making here. >> it's beautiful. >> cookies, okay back to business cookies, best ingredients you should use, the best butter, the best flour, unbleached, you know, white flour, maple sugar for this fabulous maple cream sandwich cookie, which is a beautiful cookie, that's the finished cookie. and this is great for halloween, too, to make sort of the harvest party, so start with your dough, chill your dough after you make it. >> okay. >> flatten it into a round like this secret is, once you wrap it in
8:52 am
plastic, roll it in the plastic. >> in the plastic? >> chill it. >> overnight is good, two days is good. no more than two days. roll it into your beautiful round like this and use bench flour. that's called bench flour, which is the same as the flour used in the dough but you use enough of it so your dough is movable. >> can you eat the dough out of curiosity. >> you can i oftentimes. >> i do too. >> look how beautiful this cookie. >> gorgeous. >> bake them at 375 and all the directions are in the book there are a hundred cookie recipes in the book, and this is your filling, which is a maple cream. do you want to do that why don't you do that. squish it on here. and the secret is, don't squeeze in the middle. >> i've got the broken one. >> savannah has the broken one. >> at the very top, and squeeze, and then you can press >> did you do this on purpose,
8:53 am
it doesn't work? >> you pull it out like this. >> because you said you like beef jerky. >> she's so weak. >> savannah is weak, i'm strong. >> practice, practice, i'm practicing. >> what's happening down here. >> halloween spider cookies, this is what you want. you want to make something like this.ñ and so to make even sized cookies. >> best ingredients and fresh eggs and really good vanilla, don't forget the good vanilla, and use an ice cream scoop for even sized cookies. >> this can be chilled a little bit, and then chill the cookie before you bake it, and that will flatten to that taste that, it's really good >> yummy. >> love that >> once baked they look like this, a little bit of a golden brown edge, and then i have a method where there is the royal icing, it's nice and wet and you can dip your cookies you can use your spatula >> and scoop it out.
8:54 am
>> you can also just dip >> dipping is so easy. it's much easier we always do that. >> dipped, drip, dry >> dip, drip, dry. >> got it. >> decorate. >> dodge, dunk >> this goes, you let that even out, and here it's all dry >> hodes, you can make some designs on there >> straighten that out >> not that easy, is it. >> do it from the top. >> we'll make a cobweb. >> you're not making a smiley. >> these are scary i'm a smiley guy. >> that's a cobweb but you can also do this >> give me yours, because yours is closed. close the top of the bag, and if you want to make a cobweb, you can go around like this, then
8:55 am
you go aroli ts. and then you go around like this. >> let's go to al. >> no, you have to watch >> not yet >> then you get a cobweb see. >> hi, al. >> now, i think this is the most popular. this is a potato chip cookie >> i love potato chips. >> guess who i got this idea from. >> who >> guess. >> who uses potato chips in every one of his recipes. >> guy fieri >> stoners paradise. >> roll it in crushed, make a ball, and roll it in your fingers and then press. >> it's sweet and salty. >> i love that >> what's the dough, martha? >>se are so tasty, brown sugar pen dough. >> don't touch >> don't touch it. >> bake and it comes out like that >> it's so delicious >> could you do fritos >> this is your holiday buffet of cookies, for the trick or
8:56 am
treaters >> raspberry and apricot fabulous cover cookies, chocolate chips and those are little meringue. every single recipe is delicious, and fun, you're going to make these. >> i will. i like to make cookies this one, i want you to make this cookie. >> i can't make that one, but i can eat it. >> more on martha's cook book on >> we're back with the third and fourth hours of "today" after your local news. good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. investigators plan to be on site all day to learn what sparked that massive inferno at a fuel storage facility. two ethanol storage tanks blew up, sending huge plumes of smoke skyward. the fire burned for close to seven hours, creating all kinds of problems tied to air quality and traffic. today the major roadways are back open and experts say the
8:57 am
air quality is back to normal, but schools in the surrounding area are closed in crockett and neighboring hercules. happening now, our tom jensen is monitoring developments on that fire, keeping an eye on the investigation as well. he'll have a live report in our midday newscast. you can get the latest any time on our twitter feed as well. folks in the area around hollister this morning a bit rattled. a 3.4 aftershock struck the same area as yesterday's 4.5 quake. the latest quake struck a little after 6:00 a.m. no reports of damage. on our home page, link to more details. all week long, in fact, we're looking back at the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake which devastated parts of the bay area. tomorrow marks 30 years to the day, to the day that the bay was forever changed. at you'll find lots more.
8:58 am
we are remembering 30 years since the devastating earthquake rocked the bay area. dozens were killed. one man feared he would be one of them. hear his incredible story of survival. plus, i'll talk about where i was october 17th, 1989. hear my personal story tomorrow morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." good morning to you, welcome to the 3rd hour of "today," we're all here this morning, i'm sheinelle here with al, dylan, craig is technically here too, down in d.c. celebrating with his wife lindsay after big night there. good morning to you guys. we're going to talk to you coming up. stay right there. we want to let you know we have a fun show coming up this morning. >> we certainly do, maria schriver is going to share about a story about a mother, grandmother and great grandmother had breast cancer, how she's handling her own health and other women too. and wrapping up our second act seriesh


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