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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the news at 11 starts now. at this hour 30 careers ago we were realizing the severity of what happened. it changed the bay area forever. >> tonight a test in san francisco that didn't go quite as planned. in san francisco with more for
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us. >> when the next big earthquake hits most of the emergency response here in san francisco will be coordinated here at the department of emergency management. and tonight it tested its ability too send every cell phone in san francisco an emergency alert. and it went slower than planned. staffers say it's a chance to work out the hiccups before a real emergency. >> mayor breed commemorates the moment the earthquake shook the bay area 30 years ago. honoring the lives lost and the first responders who saved so many. >> make sure when the next one happens we are all prepared. >> lessons learned are driving response plans today. the fire department is about to get five new hose tenders. equipment that helped douse the flames in the marina. when fie hydrants were dry. >> it's an aboveground system
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for us. we know we will have plenty of pipes breaking. >> the fire department has what's called operation return. agreement with the coast guard and ferry operators to get first responders who don't live in san francisco on board boats if the bridges are done. the department plans to communicate with everyone in san francisco. using the wireless system. a test tonight took longer than expected. a snag planners are looking into. >> this test was delayed. it was successful in the sense we got a chance to understand what will work. what will cause problems during an actual emergency. >> people who lived through the devastation say the true test for everyone will be when the big one hits. >> we have earthquake kits. everything ready fo go. but are you ever really prepared? >> in santa cruz a moment of
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silent for the lives lost. three people died from fallen debris. damaged buildings believe it or not are still being replaced after all these years. >> so many images we remember from the evening. this one among most iconic and sobering. cars smashed. this was on the cover of the "new york times." the man who caught it had to run several miles and kplim onto the bridge. we'll hear from him. >> breaking news a fire in lake county. broke out after 8:00 p.m. a few hours ago along highway 29. near middle town. so far seven acres have burned in the last hour evacuations orders were lifted. highway 29 is cloesed.
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>> questions tomorrow over the controversial power shut offs last week. they called an emergency meeting to ask executives at the utility about what they learned from last weeks outages and what can be done to make the process smoother in the future. pg&e ceo released a letter acknowledging there needs to be better communication with the customers. they met yesterday with leaders in the impacted areas to get feed back. also today the head of the state senate asked the committee to investigate the company decision to cut power. >> after seeing thousands of people who live in his city lose power the may your wants san jose to take energy matters into its own hands. introducing a plan to create its own utility. he wants the is it i to take over the power distribution from pg&e. and set up micro grids. he admits it would be expensive. one that would have to have a lot of public support.
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>> how we can ensure the distribution of local generation. and storage of energy. >> the nearby city handled its own power for 120 years. pg&e however says it's facilities in san jose are not up for sale. >> we have exclusive details following that explosion and fire at the new star energy facility. in crock et. employees fled after the fire erupted without turning on the automated fire suppression system. federal agents are investigating tuesday's fire. osha ordered the company to reserve all pipes and tanks involved as crucial evidence for investigation. >> we head into friday let's peek outside. this is a live look. you can see the bay bridge there. temperatures will be changing. and so will the surf.
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>> chief meteorologist with the loork at the friday forecast. >> those winds are already beginning to build. anywhere from nine to ten feet at the coastline. we have a high surf advisory until 11:00 p.m. friday. what are things we should be watching out for? 14 to 20 foot waves possible in the surf zone. really best advice is stay out of the water. if you head in do not turn your back to the water. we could get sneaker waves. it may catch you off guard. large swells every 16 seconds. it should calm down saturday and sunday. tonight and tomorrow very dangerous waves. stay out of the water. >> all right. highway 101 back oaf after a brush fire. it started just before 5:00 p.m. the wind was a factor fuelling
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fire. it led to evacuations. for a few hours. the fire burned 50 acres. firefighters did get it under control within a couple hours. >> it was a tense drama that played out on valentines day and on live tv. a ups driver carjacked in san jose. leading to a high speed chase and police killing the suspect. today the district attorney released this police video. from the chase. from start to finish. the district attorney made the video public as part of the final report that calls the shooting justified. he eventually ran from the ups truck. towards a building. with a shotgun in his hand. there he is inside the truck. a police officer shot and killed him. >> we have a follow up to a story we broke earlier this year: one of the police officers a defendant in a federal civil rights lawsuit is no longer with the department.
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this stems from charges of excessive force. with these new details. >> sergeant was the ranking officer when he and others forcefully arrested a resident. and as you mention as of tonight we have learned that he is no longer a member of the police force or employee. >> this is security camera video of police officers with their guns drawn. kicking down a door. in the video you can see a sergeant taking the lead during the arrest. that's wayne. according to a short statement by the city, he is no longer with the city. as of september 30. in the lawsuit the plaintiff accuses him of slamming his head into the consider window. he explained how it happened.
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>> my face went through the windshield. >> tonight the news is reporting he is retiring. and will be drawing a $118,000 a year pension. the attorney says that retirement is important to his case. >> the sergeant was able to retire from the agency. and draw a pension. before anything was actually done by the agency. that shows that the agency is at fault. it's not just a matter of individual officers being at fault. >> he accuses the police officer and city of violating civil rights and unfathirly targeting him because he's gay. it was a suspicion of driving without a license. that was discharged for lack of evidence last year. >> the city wouldn't confirm any details about the departure from
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the city. they wouldn't even confirm that he retired. >> thank you. we'll follow the story. this is a story we uncovered. to watch the full report, go to nbc bay >> a bomb shell admission by chief of staff. admitting u.s. military aid to ukraine was held up in part bauds the trump administration wanted the country dot investigate a conspiracy theory about democrats and interference in the 2016 election. >> we do that all the time. with foreign policy. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> a feisty mick mulvaney insisting investigating biden was not part of the request. contradicting what trump said. also today president trump ambassador to the european union testified in the impeachment
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inquiry. putting the president and his attorney rudy giuliani at the center of the ukraine controversy. >> facebook boss is getting push back from the daughter of martin luther king, jr. what happened tonight. >> he captured some of the most striking photographs the night of the earthquake. even risking his life to get them. we'll hear from him 30 years later. >> mostly clear. i'll show you a change for the weekend. when these clouds will roll back in. coming up.
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take a look at video here. this small plane making an emergency landing. the crash a few mils away from the airport. two deputies were training when the plane lost power. prompting them to land in a field. the plane skidded into a fence as you can see and hit the side
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of the diesel truck. nobody was injured. >> facebook boss on the offensive. saying the tech shouldn't be the police of free speech and political ads. drawing criticism from lawmakers and civil rights leaders. some say the facebook founders message is dangerous. >> in the ongoing fight over who is responsible for disinformation. today a georgetown facebook mark zuckerberg delivering a 37 minute speech. >> i'm here today i believe that we must continue to stand for free expression. >> saying facebook gives people power and a voice. it's not something that should be supse even if that means false ads. >> more people believe that achieving the political out comes they think matter is more important than every person having a voice in being heard. i think that's dangerous. >> it's his rebutle to
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politicians calling to regulate certain speech on the platform. senator warren bought an ad zuckerberg endorses saying it's not true. but wanted to make an example. she called it the disinformation for profit machine. presidential candidates spent $81 million on facebook ads. >> it is financially motivated. >> he mentioned martin luther king, jr. and the importance of free speech. kings daughter wrote on twitter it was the disinformation campaigns launched by politicians that created an atmosphere for his assassination. some say it's reversing lt decision again to a hands off approach like before the 2016 election. >> that's where they're going to the don't blame us. we're trying to give everybody a fair shot. >> a moment to go bac to want
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coverage of the earthquake 30 years later. and the app that now exists that could give you a heads up before the next big quake. california officially launching my shake app. giving you a 20 second warning before the shaking starts. however, the closer you are to the earthquake epicenter. the less of a heads up you'll get. >> this is not a perfect system. we are now leaning into this technology. i don't want to overpromise. >> it causes confusion. and it's a very simple message. >> the app will not immediately tell you the strength of the quake or how long the shaking will go on. >> 30 years ago there was no facebook, instagram or smart phones. we saw the damage was either in person, on tv. or in the newspaper. >> we caught up with the photo journalist who was covering the world series when the quake hit. he ended uptaking the picture of
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a lifetime. one sered into our memories. we spoke to him tonight. >> it really wasn't an interview. it was a conversation that i didn't want to end. can you imagine being 27 years old taking a picture that changed the way we look at earthquakes today. >> the laerds inside the bridge. >> press democrat journalists going back to time. reliving the moment leading up to taking this photograph. >> i imagine i shot this when i was on top of the ladder. >> getting to that ladder is the beginning of the story. >> i was at candle stick park for the game. >> and the earth moved. >> it got quiet. and i looked across the field. i could see the field doing
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this. i checked with my boss. i said what do you want me to do. go find a picture downtown. >> bits of glass downtown. wasn't enough for him. he want ld a picture of the collapsed bridge. >> i just ran. i ran up the hill. >> he encountered roadblocks and forced to climb exposed ladder between the decks. in a stroke of luck. he blend in with a group of sailors on the bridge because he was wearing similar clothing. and krindable effort to get in the position to take the picture of his lifetime. >> i don't know why i did it. looking down and there's the road back there and the bay. if i fall i'm dead. i jammed the camera in the side and started shooting. i started shooting that vertical picture with the car. >> he shot about 20 frames. this is the one that put the small newspaper and porter on
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the map. >> who would know an ent like that 30 years ago would change everything that we know about how to prepare for earthquakes. >> porter didn't win any award with the picture. but it does have a spot at the museum of modern art. >> amazing photograph. emmy award winning documentary. it has interviews with so many people that remember that day. where they were, what they were doing. we'll reair the special on saturday at 4:00. you hear from all the players of the day. and how it unfolded. >> great dock. especially if you grew up to reflect what happened. there's a generation of people that didn't live through this. we need to pass the message
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along. >> we have been remipded so much. the fact we have had a few earthquakes the last 48 hours. >> you can imagine if it was in the 6.0 and higher range. which is possible. on hayward. it should be mentioned hayward is 150 years since that fault has seen a strong earthquake. go online and they posted a link i did earlier. on the fault. just search for hayward fault or my name. and you should be able to find it. top weather headline is related to allergies. itchy eyes and coughing. sneezing. a spike here i want to alert you. trees and weeds in moderate. pine, elm, sage and ragweed floating around. you have a nice friday forecast
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coming your way. we begin the morning you need a jacket. down as low as 50 in the peninsula. sun and clouds. right through t east bay 50. san francisco 53 degrees. and north bay chilly at 47. i want to spend time on the futurecast. it's not going to be sunny from here on out. into the weekend. tomorrow morning some high clouds. as we hit the afternoon clouds pass over san fra fran and the peninsula. by the evening it's clear. you think you're good to go for the weekend but i want you to be ready for this speed bump. into saturday. fog will get going at 8:00 a.m. patchy drizzle near the coast. and by saturday afternoon, we could have cloud cover lingering. saturday doesn't look to be the sunniest. i think we have great weather moving our way.
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sunday. right in now to tomorrow. we have you focussed in also on the next couple days. you can see the south bay. 72 morgan hill. right through the east bay. 72 martinez. concord 74. peninsula no problem 70. san francisco maybe a three day weekendr 64. and maybe wine country. 74 napa. extended forecast has warming coming in. 70s next monday, tuesday wednesday and thursday. inland valleys the weekend looks good. sunday the sunniest and 79. and then we'll turn up the heat. temperatures in the 80s. what i want to draw attention to is maybe some more fire danger possibly by next thursday. northeast wind ten to 20. we'll watch it closely.
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wind can change like a rainstorm. right now that's the early indication we might have increased fire danger by next thursday. keep a close eye on it with the pg&e shut offs lately. >> up next. who says high school football is just for the boys? a bay area girl who made history on the friday night lights. >> happening now. mayor says all inmates will be moved out of the down tan san gran jail within two years because it's not earthquake safe. part of a plan to make way for a new building. the building will house courts, district attorney office and rehab program offices as well. inmates will move from the jail by 2021. where they'll go is yet to be determined.
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a varsity football player is making history. >> she caught everyone's attention. aerial is the star on the silver creek football team. the raiders. they ran a trick play during the win. she threw a touch down. which is the first by a female in school history. and possibly in california history. >> it means a lot to me. i have younger girls after the game coming up to me. like i want to play football. talking to me. it feels good that i'm inspiring. >> we love it. she's a lefty as well. the fourth girl in school history to play varsity football. they have tradition. >> thursday night football a big
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night in the nfl and stanford. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun. okay. tomorrow the 49ers and raiders are on the move. niners heading to d.c. raiders off to green bay. >> tonight thursday night football it was a scary scene
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for the most valuable player. take a look. in denver broncos and chiefs. that's super-star quarterback mahomes on the turf. he left the game with a dislocated kneecap. it's unknown how long he will be out. you don't want to see that. even without the star the back up quarterback solid. nice pass there to hill. chiefs blow out the broncos. 30-6. >> on the farm. college football tonight. this was a long night for him. stanford an ugly performance by the cardinal. 34-16. should be noted stanford was down to the third string quarterback. >> we're back in a moment. tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input.
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pg&e in the hot seat. amidgrowing out rage. >> the emergency meeting happening tomorrow about last weeks power shut off. >> 30 years later. we answer questions about the earthquake. would you like to live like barbie for a night. you maybe able to. rent the barbie malibu dream house through airbnb. loaded with hot pink furniture and rugs. a pool. it will be the first ever stay for one lucky fan and three friends. two night special starting october 23. and it's $60 a night.
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>> that's it? >> it's a barbie house. now they have a hispanic barbie. i can go. >> 60 bucks. i'm in for that. >> we'll be ken. >> looks fun. all the pink i'd go for it. >> it's friday. we made it. >> a dip in the pool if you have one. 75 saturday clouds roll in. sunday will be sunniest. next week it will be warm. watch out for fire weather. >> summer temperatures. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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