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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: that's right, very rugged terrain, a very rural area east of geyserville where this fire has sparked. can you really see the orange glow popping as we show it to you. we were up the road on geysers road because we were on highway 120 right now. we had to move down because that wind was starting to pick up and proving to be a dangerous situation as thatire was moving. now we do know the kinkade fire began burning roughly around 9:30 p.m. obviously it's a mandatory evacuation as we're getting some wind picking up. i want to go to sound from what
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fire officials are saying and residents leaving. >> anywhere east of highway 128 between geyserville you need to evacuate. an evacuation order, river road, vineyard, river rock casino, all those areas need to evacuate. >> phone lines were down. people were trying to get to us. our cell phones don't work, phone lines were down. someone looked up and saw red in the sky that we were able to evacuate. >> reporter: back out here live to show you the flames burning but also showing you the flames burning and the wind is beginning to pick up much stronger than before. we're pretty far from the fire. this is going to be the issue as the fire continues to burn. we'll see how much longer we can
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stay here as the fire burns in the distance. >> your safety is of utmost important. you can see how the winds have drastically changed and picked up. >> be careful, pete, but get yourself to safe ground there. take a look at this, time lapse video showing you just how fast the flames were spreading. the winds we could see growing rapidly. in idea about the gusts? >> to the north of middletown we had a gust of 76 miles an hour.
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we're also getting some gusty winds over 30 miles an hour and for the peninsula at about 45 so the winds have increased. we've seen very low humidity at 21%. we'll see these winds the next several hours and it's spreading the fire to the southwest towards a more populated area. the river rock casino is not too far from there. as we go through the rest of the morning temperatures heating up. another hot one and this is the peak of the heat. in concord reaching 92. and, mike, you're tracking the fire and road closures. >> pete is over here. just out of sight of geyserville. he was talking about geysers
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just sought of the closure. river rock casino also a landmark through the area. further south it will affect the signals. there is a build and the rest of your commute is just fine. back to you. >> mandatory evacuation orders are in effect and several centers are set up. >> windsor road. they just told us small animals are allowed but larger animals should be taken to the sonoma
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fair grounds on bennett road. one man had to leave in the middle of the night. >> we've had the power outage and all of a sudden you could see smoke and, what's going on? we looked up to the hills and could see the fire going. the fire was coming down the hill towards our house. >> as you see the american red cross is there assisting the people. we've posted all of this information about the evacuation centers online. >> people heading to geyser ville for relief. bob, have you seen a lot of people trying to escape the danger of the fire?
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>> reporter: here comes someone driving with their horses. it's a very small town. you can see that gentleman. right now the fire is headed in the general direction as you look to the downtown you can see in the lights there a lot of smoke in the air and it's very warm out here, a sense of the dry conditions that the firefighters are up against and some wind as well. i did speak with a chp officer here at the checkpoint not letting people back in. he has seen hundreds of people driving out of here overnight. the fire is in the blackness behind him. it is coming down the hill towards geyserville. i don't know is it going to be making its way into geyserville? that is whether or not they get containment on the front. it's burning right now. just moments ago we saw four
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veryge bulldozers driven to give you a sense of the amount of resources cal fire is putting out there and the dezzers used to cut lines. i know mike mentioned the river rock casino. they were pouring water on that earlier. as you look to your left side there's another very large dozer heading to the frontline. the indication based on what we know the fire is there. that's why people are leaving and that's why they're saying the kiequipment and we'll head and get better information. >> thanks, bob. stay safe. san jose state university
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weather lab tweeted out this photo of its mobile doppler radar truck heading to the wildfire scene to help monitor those conditions. it is the only radar in the world with a red car and it turns for wildfires. >> on top of all of this the fire concern, thousands of people waking up without power after a new round of controlled outages. here is a look at the mostly dark santa rosa. >> pg&e says the outages could continue off and on for the next four days. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez with more of what we need to know during this outage. chris? >> reporter: i want to start with a question you might have had when you saw the kinkade fire explode over size. is it in the area for the power outages? we know pg&e is cutting power off to make sure there isn't a
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wildfire sparked. they told us the area where the kinkade fire is growing is near one of the power shutoff areas. that's all they'll say right now. they're say iing it might go to cal fire. pg&e is already warning us to expect another perhaps larger power outage this weekend because of another separate wind event. this is a map of the area. 179,000 customers were warned they could lose their power. that affects san mateo county and in the sierra foothills. these schools will be closed today.
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of course parents are scrambling for child care. we will continue to track that information for you at pg&e is expecting the wildfire danger will pass this afternoon. kari and our weather team are projecting that red flag warning will expire at 4:00. when the winds die down pg&e will deploy crews to inspect lines and restore posterior. they are looking for damage before daylight. >> we believe we can look for any vegetation impacting our facilities that will give us an advanced notice to station and mobilize repair crews.
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>> reporter: we've been talking about preparedness. we will get into what you should have in your go back. a quick reminder when the power goes out the streets are really dark. when you cam up to a four-way crossing with a stoplight not work i working treat it as a four-way stop. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we are closely following that breaking news in the north bay, the fire burning 10,000 acres right now in sonoma county. meteorologist kari hall tracking the winds will join us next. we'll get to what's happening in washington early to make room for the fire coverage. i'll explain when "today in the bay" continues. tv just keeps getting better.
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good thursday morning. right now at 5:14 we are tracking a very hot day today. we start out with warm temperatures in walnut creek. we'll see it dipping down to about 60 degrees around sun rise and quickly heating up today. at noon we're at 82. we'll talk about the high fire danger, how hot those temperatures will get today. and when our winds will decrease. that's coming up in less than five minutes. in five minutes metering lights will be turned on if not sooner. bridge crew is on the way as the incident on the span may slow down folks more.
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and we're going to do our checks and balances early this morning because of our fire coverage. a worthy distraction. a less worthy distraction is the extremely unusual, extremely against the rules rush on the skiff on capitol hill wednesday. a group of conservative members of congress went to the basement of the capitol and pushed their way into the security compartmentalized facility. the scif. some members have claimed the republicans have been cut out of the process. this is not true. republicans and democrats have three committeeees, intelligence, foreign affairs and oversight, allowed and have been inside the scif conducting interviews. among the republicans participating all along smith, chabot, wilson, kinsinger,
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sensenbrenner, rooney, fitzpatrick, is, watkins -- you get the idea. the areust some of the republicans on one committee that have been april loud into the scif. these people are not allowed because they're not on committees nor their democratic counterparts. interviews behind closed doors not unusual. eventually the 2015 benghazi hearings took place in public and we expect trump hearings will eventually be public as well. the benghazi hearings were closed in secret. at the time the republicans explained the committee's preference for private interviews has been questions they allow the committee to safeguard the witness who is may fear retaliation for cooperating or whose work requires anonymity such as operatives. the rush on the scif a distraction but does bring up questions. you're not supposed to take recording devices into the scif. that's the "s" in scif, secure.
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many did and posted online. >> good morning, i'm calling you live from the scif. >> that all took place after george taylor delivered some devastating testimony that undid many of the denials from the white house. taylor has been a soldier, a civil servant over the years, appointed to powerful positions by republican presidents. many on both sides see him as a credible witness. the deputy assistant of the secretary of defense, we don't mo what she said but would be a key witness into how and why president trump blocked military aid to ukraine. no testimony planned today. we'll follow everything on twitter. you can follow me at scott mcgrew. the kinkade fire is burning out of control in sonoma county. at last check it has grown more
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than 10,000 acres in a matter of several hours. >> did you see the wind just whipping in that video there? that is so concerning. >> we know when you do have a fire that intense heat, it makes its own weather. we see what we call fire whirl, fire tornadoes inside the wildfires as they grow and weep get the high wind gusts blowing out of that. we've seen some of those wind gusts up to 76 miles an hour in those areas and then elsewhere it's been more like 50 to 55 but that's really high. for the east bay wind gusts over 30 miles an hour for the peninsula up to about 45. so we're still monitoring those conditions. look at how warm. when you get a dry wind blowing over the mountains and descending into the valleys, that air heats up as it descends some of the hills. in napa it is 74 degrees.
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we're seeing the same conditions at half moon bay. we're at 75 degrees but compare that to palo alto and 56 in san jose. so look at how much warmer it is n now. 27 degrees hotter this morning as you step out the door in half moon bay because of the dry wind and our temperatures today will reach into the low 90s for the inland areas. normally we're in the low 70s. we will still have a high fire danger. this highlights the areas that will see the highest winds and also the lowest humidity. at 7:30 the high fire danger. in the east bay still a high fire danger but our winds will shift as we go throughout the day. that will help improve those fire weather conditions.
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tomorrow we're reaching into the upper 80s. a strong cold front blows through on sunday. that will shift our winds once again and may create another high fire danger going into sunday and monday. we'll have more on that. mike, the kinkade fire leaves a highway closure. >> the kinkade fire is the one we've been tracking since last night and has really grown with the winds kicking up. highway 128 has closed. as well as local roadways because of the evacuation zone. a local landmark is river rock casino. we know from geyserville we have that closure. i do not know if alexander valley road will join back on the 128. the information i have it should be okay as an alternate to get around the closure. the evacuation zone north through that area. now, remember, power shutoff as well so watch highway 12. the bay bridge we have an issue
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get to go san francisco near harrison street. a disabled vehicle blocking the fast lane and that will start to ds.ld with slowing as the volume the rest of the bay is south of that activity is fine. back to you. thanks so much, mike. we are staying on top ofha breaking news at 5:21. the newest wildfire happening right now. up next on "today in the bay" the latest on the manned attorney evacuations going on right now whether firefighters are making any headway on containment. did workers follow protocol? during the massive fuel tank explosion what one city leader or county leader is saying now about how effective the alert for thousands of people.
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an update on the breaking news we're following from the north bay. a very fast moving, out-of-control wildfire burning in sonoma county. >> the kinkade fire has grown 10,000 acheers res in about eig hours. the evacuation order includes river rock casino. everyone who lives in those areas has been told to leave. the fire started after 9:00 last night. the geysers near kinkade road.
5:25 am
check out this photo. it was posted on twitter by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. you can see how close first responders are to the flames right now. trying to do what they can to keep the fire under control. the gushing winds are keeping the fire and is cong to spread. >> we'll continue to follow what is going on with that fire. in the meantime i have another update on last week's fire. this at the fuel storage facility in crockett. contra costa county's lead hazmat member is clarifying comments he made to supervisors earlier this week. originally he said his team was never notified byusr that an explosion had occurred. he says he had it wrong and nustar workers did call hazmat about a half hour after the fire started. he said protocols is when 911 is called. alerts could have been issued sooner. closing arguments are expected to wrap up as soon as
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today in the murder trial involving a real estate heiress. lee's defense claims she was scared about losing a custody battle with green. redwood city prosecutors say she worked with her then boyfriend to plan green's murder. they say green was killed in a botched kidnapping. the washington nationals unlikely postseason run even closer to being an unbelievable finish. the flip you're going to see here. look at that. no one gave the nationals much of a chance. olympic gold medalist simone biles threw out the first pitch. the nationals crushed the astros in houston. suzuki broke a 2-2 tie in the seventh. the astros poured it on. they won 12-3. game three is tomorrow night.
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in the north bay happening right now a live report from the fire. it's the kinkade fire where firefighters are working to put it out as much as they can. 10,000 acres already consumed. also, mandatory evacuation orders under way right now. we'll tell you where you can go for shelter. and taking a look right now keep you up to date of how the commute is for you this morning. mike inouye is standing by to keep us up to date with that. meteorologist kari hall is tracking those conditions throughout the bay area as well as the wind gusts up there as the kinkade fire continues to burn. 5:27 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay." announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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breaking news for you. that out-of-control wildfire explodes in the north bay overnight triggering tense moments for evacuees heading for safer ground. and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we were already planning to come on early to cover the bay area power outages, but this fire we're talking about here, the kinkade fire, just exploded overnight consuming more than 10,000 acres since it broke out a little after 9:00 at night. >> pete suratos has been on the front lines near the fire for hours now. and, pete, i see where you are. you have not moved but the background has certainly changed.
5:31 am
>> reporter: that's right. we're seeing that layer of smoke actually cover up the fire which is burning up there closer to geysers road where we were at. we've shown you all morning. one thing we've seen in the past half hour is this wind is beginning to pick up. we had a few wind gusts right before we just came on air just now. some of that video of the flames burning, the kinkade fire which you've been talking about all morning long began to burn roughly around 9:30 p.m. last night beginning near kinkade road east of cloverdale. with the size of the fire as it continues to grow at 10,000 acres at this point or more than 10,000 acres at this point, guys, there are those mandatory evacuation orders in place for folks around the surrounding areas.
5:32 am
some folks who are leaving the area reacting to all of this. >> weather conditions like this as firefighters not very effective. you need to evacuate. pay attention. >> i'm sure some of them feel helpless. i'm sure they're working hard. probably all the hotshots in the area. >> reporter: some video of cars driving through the flames as that fire picks up. obviously there are mandatory evacuations in the surrounding areas as this fire continues to grow. we're going to keep an eye on the weather conditions as it continues to pick up. as it shifts that could have a big-time impact on the growth of the kinkade fire. just standing here on highway 128 not too far from geysers road where we were earlier this morning as we came down here, just standing here you're starting to see the wind really pick up in the past half hour.
5:33 am
>> that's very concerning for crews out there. thanks so much, pete. >> meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the wind gusts. some of them are extremely high. look at middletown, 76-mile-per-hour gusts and also in st. helena winds up to 54. healdsburg, 52. making it so difficult for the firefighters the wind is erratic so it causes the fire to spread in different directions and it's just really dangerous up there. and for the east bay we do still have to be careful as we see the gusts mostly at about 30 to 37 miles an hour and for the peninsula up to about 45, around the area of the kinkade fire we have some very warm air and those high wind gusts, humidity levels only down to 14%, so it's very dry. we know there's a lot of fuel. and so we'll continue to monitor those conditions throughout the day. unfortunately, our models show
5:34 am
we have several hours of some high winds even as we go through 10:00, 11:00, into early afternoon. we do see the high winds. by later today we will see the winds decreasing and the winds shifting which will bring in some more humidity. so we'll continue to track that. mike, you're starting out with the commute. that started off with the metering lights turning on right on time. we really don't have a lot of traffic flow anything unusual, anything south of the bay bridge. a nice, smooth drive. we are still seeing a bridge crew trying to clear a disabled vehicle from the san francisco side of the bay bridge. now here is where pete suratos just reported over here. this is off geysers road and along highway 128. that's the reason so little traffic. but the sonoma sheriff tweeted out they're evacuating a few more folks north of here, an area of red winery road. there may be traffic flowing that way or perhaps going over alexander valley road.
5:35 am
i'm not sure which route they're taking. closed past where pete and highway 101 because of the fire, the kinkade fire, that's the biggest deal for the north bay but, remember, we have the power shutoff. highway 12 is seeing issues of signals as the morning commute kicks in. a note for that. back to the fire and you guys. >> you were talking about those evacuations. because the fire is spreading quickly they want anyone in the area to get out quickly. >> and they've set up some evacuation centers this morning. here are the locations we know about in sonoma county. the windsor high school on windsor road and the healdsburg community center on healdsburg avenue. we're told small animals are alwed at the shelters, but large and i mams shouimals shouo the sonoma fairgrounds. we've post this had information online at we just were told the windsor high school site might be
5:36 am
closing at 7:00 this morning. they're not seeing a lot of people come there at this point. one thing we haven't said about the fire itself it is in very thick, rugged terrain, on a very steep slopeway. at this point they don't think there are a lot of structures threatened. maybe that's the reason they're not seeing as many people come to the center. >> i know there have been people evacuating that area. many of them heading to geyserville. bob redell is in downtown geyserville. you say you've seen a lot of people? we saw in your last report people were driving past the area trying to get to safer ground. >> reporter: this is a very rural area as you were pointing out. we saw a couple people trailering out their animals, their horses. we're on 128 in front of the old oriental community center. this is an intersection in geyserville where the county has been putting up roads closed signs. you see this red flag right
5:37 am
here. it has been extremely gusty out here. as we've been talking about, the air is very warm, very windy. these are not good conditions clearly for the firefight. over here as you can see in the background there that is a trailer with a very large dozer and a cal fire crew there. i talked to them briefly, what's the plan? right now they said we're staging and we're just waiting for our orders to be sent to wherever they have to cut lines to form lines of protection around this fire. here's video from earlier as people were leaving the areas impacted by the kinkade fire which, again, is burning towards geyserville and between that fire and the area of geyserville, the downtown area, you have vineyards. a lot of agriculture. it's very critical for the fire department to get up in there and cut these lines of containment using the dozers. here is a spokesperson we spoke to about an hour ago. >> we've been contending with
5:38 am
the winds we've been facing throughout the night. they are starting to die down. it was outpacing our firefighters and got ahead of us. hopefully we can -- these winds will calm down and we'll be able to make some headway in the daylight hours. >> reporter: one of the main structures is the river rock casino and there you can see firefighters spreading water on the building earlier today. talking to a cal fire firefighter out here this morning, hey, what are you hearing through your two-way, your walkie-talkie? right now we're just hearing a lot of firefighters trying to do structure protection. i'm standing under a very large tree and i can hear the wind, again, really starting to pick up out here. you can see the smoke. and look over here you can see what's blowing around. again, just really bad conditio
5:39 am
conditions. they hope this will die down or make some headway once the sun comes up. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> also when it comes to a lot of the power outages that we've seen, a lot of people don't have power this morning as they wake up because of the fear of the wind knocking down the power lines starting fires. we can tell you right now a few hundred people on the peninsula are waking up this morning without power. >> and over 30,000, i believe, in the north bay. this is very concerning the high winds that we're actually seeing on air with our live reports out there could spark some fires. pg&e spokesperson christie jordan joins us now on the phone with an update. first of all, let's talk about the area where the fire is happening in the geyserville area. they're not actually powered by pg&e, am i right?
5:40 am
>> well, the fire in geyserville and cal fire has that response. at this time i have no further informati information. >> i'm talking about the power up there. geyserville, i understand, is its own municipality when it comes to power. >> the fire is near our power shutoff and we're working to gather additional information at this time. >> interesting. >> so talk to us about the people that are waking up this morning without power. how long are you all expecting this to last? >> so the power shutoff event that is been implemented in 17 counties in the sierra foothills and the north bay. it began about 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and around 1:00 a.m. this morning they shut off power to about 1,000 customers in san mateo county and 30 in kern county. once the high winds subside,
5:41 am
we'll have to inspect the lins to make sure and restore power. the goal to restore the vast majority of customers within 48 hours after the weather has passed. >> now we're hearing of a great threat that could be coming again at least this week just for our viewers. that was a power outage map that we're seeing. but talk a little bit about what could lie ahead as well. >> so we are monitoring for a significant dry, windy weather system across much of our service area starting saturday. our seven-day forecast page indicates an elevated potential of a psps throughout our service area particularly on sunday and monday. so we'll provide updates as we have a clearer view of the weather and the potential impact. >> more people are affected in the planned power outages, how will you contact them? what do they need to do to make sure they get that information?
5:42 am
>> so if you are in the impacted areas, we will call, text, or email you as long as we have your contact information and that's why we're encouraging folks to provide that contact information. if you are not in those areas, you will not receive any kind of notification from us. >> good to know, kristi jourdan from pg&e join us. 5:42. also coming up, our breaking news coverage on this dangerous fire burning in the north bay that we've been talking about. they're calling it the kinkade fire. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates,
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good thursday morning. we're coming up on 5:45 and we're starting out with some warm temperatures across parts of the bay area. it is all calm as we take a live look outside in san jose. we start out with some upper 50s and low 60s and it will heat up again today. we're going to see our temperatures peak in the 90s in spots. i'll talk about that, the fire danger in the north bay as well as the rest of the bay area in less than five minutes. and right now we're looking at oakland as the commute builds. the taillights moving past the coliseum for the metering lights on. a standard flow for that portion of the map. in the north bay a power shut off as well as highway 128 that's closed because of the fire. we continue to follow that breaking news in the north bay. thank you very much. turning back to our coverage of the latest pg&e power outages
5:46 am
many santa rosa homes and businesses actually dark this morning. >> just like last time the city was mopping the first to have its power shut off. right now we have santa rosa mayor on the phone. i'm sure dealing with this situation, i'm told that from downtown santa rosa you can actually see the glow from the fire happening right now. talk to us about what's going on there now in santa rosa. what are you doing? >> in santa rosa we have about 17,000 plus customers without power. it started going off and was completed by about 5:00. we've been in that same kind of pat earp witern without power a almost a repeat what have we experienced about two weeks ago. >> it's so concerning because we certainly do not want it to be a repeat of what we saw two years ago, of course, with the tubbs fire and how horrible that was
5:47 am
for residents in your community. i understand from downtown santa rosa this morning you can actually see the geyser vilifier that's burning. >> absolutely. it is reminiscent. >> we know what happened in '17 and hope it will be under control much sooner than telephones two years ago. >> a little bit -- am i right in saying santa rosa city schools are closed today? >> not all of them. there are several on the east side of town because they don't have power. we coordinated with the school district. they let them out early yesterday because we knew the power outages in some of the major intersections would be in place. and for the safety of everyone, the school released i think maybe five or six schools from the santa rosa school district. it's my understanding they will be closed today and then as pg&e
5:48 am
updates us with when are we going to be re-energized we'll make that decision about friday. >> and the fact you all dealt with something very similar two years ago during the tubbs fire, what did you all learn during that situation that you are prepared to handle if you all should have to evacuate today or anytime soon? >> we're so much better prepared and one of the key messages the city of santa rosa and sonoma has been doing every individual needs to have a plan. if this occurs, what is the plan for you, your family and, quite frankly, your neighbors. a lot of people are disappointed with this now, the second public safety power shutoff, we're so much better prepared. we have additional police resources so we're much better prepared to address that should santa rosa be affected with any of these evacuations. >> let's hope nothing happens there. thank you for joining us.
5:49 am
from the city of santa rosa this morning. you know we've been talking about the high winds was a big concern for so many reasons, and now we're seeing it in play right now. >> it's higher elevations. in the low lying areas and the valleys around the bay area there's not much wind at all. then take a look at these top wind gusts. up to about 76 miles per hour. st. helena a gust of 54 and in healdsburg, 52. mostly on some of our ridges. we're seeing it 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this red flag warning, the high fire danger continues until 4:00
5:50 am
today. very low humidity as well as our mountain gusts, over 60 miles an hour. it's theumidity crop to 14%. and then for the santa cruz mountains we're also going to see some high winds today as this red flag warning continues. let's go through the hour by hour forecast and where we see the bright colors that indicates where the highest winds are. we'll still have the winds at about 25 to 30 miles an hour and then some of the gusts continue. as we go into the rest of the day the winds will start to calm down fairly quickly. we'll see the wind direction shifting which will help bring in slightly more humidity so it won't be as windy and we'll have some more humidity. we also have really warm temperatures in those spots where the winds are rushing by
5:51 am
and 24 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. half moon bay is 25 degrees warmer. very warm air as our high temperatures head into the 80s and ninlts. some of our valleys only in the low 70s. high pressure is overhead right now. we have reds and yellows. it's mostly over the north bay and then we'll see our winds shifting going into the evening once again. so once the winds calm down we'll be left with some warm weather until this front moves through on sunday. once the cold front passes it will be windy once again. we could see another situation like we're in now with some cooler temperatures but still some very dry winds moving through. i'll be tracking that. mike, you say the fire and wind also has an impact on the roadways. >> for the most part we're
5:52 am
talking about the north bay. it's north of 128. 128 is closed. that includes the area and the evacuation at river rock casino all the way down to where pete suratos is, from where bob is and all the way down to pine flat road over here. that is the end point. more evacuations reported by sheriffs through the area. alexander valley road may take you into or past the closure. a couple of local streets you can use as your alternate. remember portions of the north bay under that power shutoff. that will affect highway 12 likely as it did weeks ago as well and looking at the rest the bay. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. persistent flowing out of san leandro. a typical area. smaller crashes from fremont and san jose. back to you. thank you, mike. happening now investigators in england say 39 people found dead inside a large cargo truck all came from bulgaria. the truck is believed to have
5:53 am
entered britain saturday. emergency workers made the gruesome discovery yesterday. police say a 25-year-old man from northern ireland is under arrest. he's believed to have been driving that truck. investigators now believe the trailer entered by way of belgium. at 5:53, updates on the breaking news we followed for you all morning long. that fire that's burning out of control in sonoma county right now forcing evacuations. we'll have a complete recap of what has happened so far and where that firefight stands. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:54 am
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breaking news in the north bay where a growing wildfire is out of control. right now a lot of people are posting on social media including those who had to evacuate in sonoma county. here are pictures, a posted photo of flames in the distance. they wrote they are safe but they are keeping a close eye on the flames. some other news now, an update on last week's fire at the fuel storage facility in crockett. contra costa county's lead hazmat member comments made earlier this week. he said his team was never notified by nustar employees that an explosion occurred.
5:57 am
he said he did have it wrong and there was a call. he said protocol commonly calls for hazmat notification when 911 is called. if protocol had been followed, they could have done it earlier. it will apply to all trains and train stations. the aclu call it unconstitutional because it violates free speech laws and the city of sacramento recently lost a similar legal battle. b.a.r.t. leaders will also debate a plan to make it easier for riders heading to sfo. it would enable them to access a priority tsa security line. b.a.r.t. hopes it can encourage more people to use b.a.r.t. to travel to sfo. people upset about mountain view's recent decision to ban rvs on most city streets are now trying to organize their own sort of roadblock. activists have started a petition to try to overturn the ordinance.
5:58 am
councilmembers voted to limit rvs and other occupied vehicles to industrial neighborhoods. if opponents can gather 3,700 signatures or 10% of the registered voters, they can force issues onto the ballot. 5:58 now. google says it's achieved something new. quantum supremacy. it has a chip that moves millions of times faster and can solve the most complex problems in seconds. google says these are problems that would have previously taken years for so-called supercomputer to crack. the ibm is in the supercomputer business and is disputing the claims. a more standard computing could solve the problem in a couple of days. this is a huge night for the warriors fans. >> at the brand spanking new chase center. they take on the clippers for their inaugural game and the season tips off with a lot of
5:59 am
uncertainty. that includes klay thompson's recovery from knee surgery and no k.d. this year. the warriors say it just adds a whole new level of anticipation. >> i get butterflies every game that will never change. >> that's why i love doing this. very few things anymore make me nervous. that's a privilege to feel the butterflies and feel the nerves of competition. >> if you want to feel it with them, tipoff is scheduled for 7:30 tonight. >> would rather be there than the firefight going on. a wildfire exploding overnight in sonoma county. now up to 10,000 acres already consumed. our team stays with crews along the fire line. >> above the flames perspective on the fire from all angles with team coverage, see more of this incredible video come in our
6:00 am
newsroom. >> danger zone. a woman spraying water as the fire approaches this morning. what people who evacuated are telling us about their harrowing night. "today in the bay" continues right now. so hard to see people doing whatever they can. so many that need to evacuate. good morning to you and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to talk about the imagery of all of this. i satellite image from the national weather service and right when it started, you see the time lapse of it, how the fire continues to grow there. just a scary situation. we know the high winds have been fueling this fire. >> exactly. they're high out there, up to 76 miles an hour in the highest elevations calling it the kinkade fire and it's now at 10,000 acres and it is burning out of control. no containment. this is new video we have in to our newsroom we close to the front lines where firefighters


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