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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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moves today, attacking burning veng tags and trees from the air from the ground, you watch that fire being set, firefighters doing this to prevent the blaze from spreading to pop lated areas. meanwhile, sitting in front of holes that are lucky to still be standing. >> that's their job tonight be sitting on this home and just verify that the areas around the homes are out and mopped up appropriately. >> cal fire officials anyre evacuations. they say at this point it's up to the wind to cooperate. nbc bay area news. >> we're hoping that that wind is going to cooperate. sheryl, thank you. this video shows the moment that
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that fire ig nated. it's from a camera that's used to monitor wildfires. a broken jump ircable may have been to blame. the utility confirms it had not turned off power to its highest volt amg equipment during shutoffs that began earlier that day. daylight tomorrow will be critical for the firefighters to try and get that upper hand on the fire. smoke however from the kincaid fire is expected to spread across the bay area. want to bring in jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist. laeflts talk about the wind. what we're anticipating over the next few days and of course the big wind event. >> the focus continues to be on sunday. right now we're definitely in between here with a little bit of right now. if you've been evacuated in app,erville, you're watching us see some calm winds.
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some head wind, occasionally 15 to 20 miles an hour. humidity up colleagues to 38. we have seen some new fire growth on the southern side. we're watching that closely. tomorrow, another hot 92 degrees. i don't see any problems where the wind tomorrow or saturday. so to 25 mile per hour gusts. it's about sunday where we could have 60-plus-mile-per-hour gusts. fire danger is the first problem. the second problem is smoke. most of the smoke was over the north bay and pushed out towards the pacific. tomorrow, that changes. everything continues to show that smoke filtering all across with more details on the smoke, we wane to join nbc air's lt th bridge. lilly, what's the air like out
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there. >> we could really smell this -- >> you can see it for customers prepping for wildfire smoke wafting in from sa nobodia county. >> turn south and 10,000 acres or smoke coming towards us. >> this threat. >> i feel terrible. >> reminding people about last year's camp fire. >> a bunch of smoke. >> the store something saysn sas already sold ten times the number of masks they do on a clear day and they're expecting more sales tomorrow. >> last year we had to dedicate an entire line going back this way to the back door and we did
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three hours straight. >> it offers little to no protection. >> the air quality management district washes the air quality is unhealthy for one in seven bay area residents. the spare the air alert is a factor tonight into tomorrow. the best way people can protect themselves is to stay indoors or go to an area with filtered air. nbc bay area news fltd. >> thanks so much. even as power is being restored in the north bay, pg and e as well as other leaders in other parts of bay area are prepping for another wind event this weekend. here's a breakdown of what we can expect over the next few days. >> basically pg and e is
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expecting strong winds this weekend, especially on sunday. that means that even more customers should expect to have their power cut. >> tonight, the almeida county sheriff's department put out this tweet getting the word out to residents. another estimated 48 thool residents in contra costa coup will also be affected. this evening, the held of the world urged residents to prepare for this event. our staff dill jemtly planning a pg-and-e's weather team is expecting a strongevent. during this afternoon's news conference, company leaders said they're expecting high winds in
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eight of nine of its service zones. >> we're preparing for a large-scale shutoff that has a potential to be on the same order as the one october 9th but of a longer during. >> customers on the peninsula and the north bay will also be affected. those unhappy, recent and request to customers on how to treat crews on the ground. >> i understand your anger but let these people help you. >> tonight another county has put out an advisory to expect to have power cuts by pg & e. everyone in the county is likely going to be affected. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sergio. let's see how to figure out if you're impacted. this is the latest map from pg &
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e. this is the map that didn't work last time. they put a new map together. that didn't work. it's working now. onhow long. we've put it on our website, you can enter your address and see if you're in one of those blackout zones. >> more than 50,000 people in southern california are out of their homes temperatures. they've evacuated as firefighters try to contain this fast-moving brush fire called the tick fire. started on tick canyon road. nearly 400 acres have burned. several homes are destroyed. utility companies cut power to homes as a precaution. >> up next, a vicious dog night. a woman's push to help protect others. >> it was a night of celebration. a live report from chase center
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coming up later in sports. >> inot going to like for this weekend. we'll detail how high those winds will gust. plus poor air quality, smoke reaches your neighborhood in about eight minutes. >> plus amazing stories of survival as some escaped the kincaid fiemplt we'll have their stories next. your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? comcast business gives you high speed internet. we also have solutions like powerful wifi that gives your entire business more coverage and automatic internet backup
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all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. . firefighters continue to fight the kincaid fire in sonoma county tonight. in all, more than 2,000 people have evacuated. no deaths or missing persons area.been rert21in it's sad to look at it. we're live in sonoma county where people evacuated. this is a scenario wie seen in sonoma before. it has to be so frustrating.
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>> really upsetting for a lot of people we talked to tonight, jessica. people who describe seeing that orange glow and racing to safety still get emotional when they talk about it. this is what they were afraid of. their homes being destroyed by a fast moving fire. looks like these two homes burped this morning and this debris is still hot. embers are still smolderering. the kincaid fire roared through this community leaving a path of destruction behind. >> get out, get out! >> a bang on her door in geyserville got her up and out. >> he goes get o t i went, oh my god, no when i opened up my screen door, the whole hill was bright red under a couldn't see in front of your hand but you could see this bright ormg. >> with fire advancing, she and
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her husband and two dogs evacuated. they're spending the night at the red cross shelter where people and pets are welcome. >> good boy! >> waiting for mandatory evacuation orders to be lifted so they can head home. >> to think, you don't know, you really don't know. i mean, you got a house one day and the following day, it could be gone. >> that is not good. red flames last night across the way. so we got in our vehicles and drove somewhere and stayed a couple of hours. >> once the winds died down, they returned. spending the evening watching the firefight. hoping to stay put but prepared to leave. >> we're loaded up anymore just because. >> if the wind kicks up, its will take an ember a quarter mile. >> evacuation orders are not in place. you're not looking at fog.
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you're looking at thick smoke and ash in the air. it's blanketing the ground. other dangers are here. a burning power pole snapped bringing down a powerline. it's one of the many dapgs in the burn zone, dangers that emergency officials don't want people to be near. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> it's clear why when you say it and when we see it. thank you. >> farther south, another fire battle railing. this one on a smaller scale. 95 acres skompd. ca thedero. ohio one was shut down from gazos to muzzie ranch road. that situation is improving. a stroll in the park ended with a brutal attack by two dogs on the loose happened at river glen park, a popular park for dog owners. she was walking her yorky jackson, when a german shepherd and a bulldog started following
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them. the next thing she knew, the german shepherd bit down on jackson and bit down and was flipping around the dog. >> i was like i'm not going to get kill trying to save my dog but i'm going to try to save my dog. >> she's stuck with a $1 that's vet bill. >> outside, the republicans and democrats are honoring the passing of long-time colleaguel. house speaker nancy pelosi recalled how she called him the north star because of the quality of his leadership. after a week of powerhouse testimony democrats are signalling that public hearings into imfaechment could be weeks away. domes say they've held their
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initial fact finding in private because there is no special prosecutor to run this phase as in past impeachment cases. several in the house protested the secrecy yesterday. today senator lindsay graham introduced a resolution slam the inquiry as iljilt and unfair. >> mavericks competition may not exist as we know it. tomorrow organizers will hold a ceremonial paddle out in half moon bay to stig fie the openin competition there will be circling wars where contestants are enter their video. anyone el skbrabl, pros and even just amateur surfers like jeff. >> oh. that was like 20 something years ago. oh, once you learn, you never forget. whatever? >> yeah. like riding a bike.
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>> ok. i guess i'll have to try that soon. >> ok. >> it's going to get dangerous. we have been talking about that new wind event that will be moving in and we're going to give you everything you need to know about that. i wanted to fill up again with the kincaid fire. streaming over our app and you live in geyserville, you've been evacuated. winds are calm, the sustained winds. occasional gusts of 10 to 20 miles an hour but nothing to worry about with gusts tone. humidity increasing but another hot day on the way tomorrow. dmlts with the wind change of it coming more out of the north we've seen fire growth on the southern side of the fire that we will continue to monitor. remember in hillsburg, you are on evacuation warning, so have a plan. know how you would evacuate, especially with this bigger wind event coming in on sunday. now, the next graphic that we're going to put on here, it's a
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look at some smoke model data. this is not something i normally show it does a good job i think of showing the smoke plume and how it's going to move across the bay area tomorrow. we have the key at the top, the legend. notice the bright colors near the fire and you can see tomorrow, it's going to be moving off towards the south with potentially smoke all the way down towards san jose. you'll be able to see five to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, best chance of smoke really impacting you would be in the north bay. 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, bay in the coast, contra costa, kourngs for the south bay, likely a later event from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. you have to limit your outdoor exposure. find it on your air conditioning in your car, the recirculate button. the wind forecast is something you're not going to like. i talked about that earlier.
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you're going to be able to see how things really advance for us. i think through most of saturday we're ok. you can kind of prep for those power outages that we are hearing are likely to cull our way. by 11:30 on saturday night, the wind starts to build in northern california well to the north of us and then we think once we hit sunday morning, this is when the wind starts to ramp up. 20 to about 25-mile-an-hour gusts possible. notice that the higher elevations, 50 to 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts are likely. now, what's different about this wind event is low elevations are going to feel the wind and it's going to be a some downed trees and certainly some minus. wind is still with us tomorrow morning. on sunday, hangs on even through 6:00 p.m. this is a long duration event. we'll zarlts to see the wind
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clear out by monday. the extended forecast has smoke tomorrow. that is we hitt saturday, a kind of in-between day you get the power outages. on wind is see wind calm down through muhammad. we're dry through the next seven days. for the inlanduncoortable. no power, no ac for you. 90 degrees friday. down to 77 on sunday. hold on with some 70s as we move throughout next week's forecast. just to recap one more time. it is all about sunday as the >> gs things could get really dicey. >> it looks like it. >> quickly. >> yeah. >> we'll keep an eye on it. thanks. a drunk driver running a red light. a stroller in its path.
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>> and we have jimmy. >> hey, highs, kigen michael keenan is here. chance the wrapper and music from brock lampson. and thank you noelts. it's a great show. i city here. >> don't miss it. >> happening now, a community sacramento came together to mourn a sheriff, he was shot to death yesterday morning responding to a theft call. this happened in somerset. two men were arrested for that shooting. we're back with more in a moment.
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. this story, such a close call for a family in phoenix,
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pushing their baby in a stroller and nearly hit by a drunk driver. watch this video. the family's crossing the street. you see them there. a driver runs the red light. the family pushing the stroller quickly. they were inches away from being hit. the driver was arrested on charges of dui and a number of other stuff. the other car, a mom and her son miraculously were not hurt. we told you about a meeting last night that turned violate. the cop frontation was triggered by oakland's decision to close one of its schools. district says police officers and barries t members from protesters. it says what happened last night was troubling and the disruption the protest caused is counterproductive. police arrested six people at this meeting.
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>> so the panhandling will continue. bart decide iing that a back wool -- it could be reintroduced next year. lawyers back in action in a brand-new arena. what happened? we're going to show you in sports.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores live at the chase center. the warriors claimed their first regular nba season game in 48 years. showing up in full force, more than 18,000 on hand for the warriors season opener. the atmosphere inside the chase center was electric. and for some fans, the new arena added to the excitement of the game. >> it's beautiful. they really did a nice job. amazing to be close to the players. a good perspective. >> we got tickets for the opening night. we're excited. it's an amazing facility. >> the warriors taking on the l.a. clippers. they are low to did dubs with
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nine new players on the team. d'angelo russell scored their first points. he was just 2-11 from three-point range. the clippers beat the warriors, 141-22. next up they will hit the road for oklahoma city on sunday. after the game head kemp steve kerr said lose is no fun but he expects growing paints. ladies on the bright side, this arena is awesome. back to you in the studio. >> right? it i >> if they'd just -- it's early in the season. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
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before we leave you, breaking news in the east bay. this is a fire, crews are rushing to a fire that broke out in a rural part of live moore county. this is along mines says an air under way. neighbors are being warned about the fires. this is roussel. this is if you're going towards the poppy ridge golf course is out there and a little near mendenhall springs. >> and the way the wind is
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blowing, it's not that gusty, gusts only up to sa miles per hour, sustained winds to four. >> what we're hearing, it's not too much wind right now. >> that's right. >> that's good news. see you tomorrow, bye-bye. have a good night. [ cheers and applause of new york city, it's "the tonight show tonight, join jimmy and his guests -


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