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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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all the cash lanes. at least we don't see the backup, a smooth flow of traffic but on halloween, which is today, these temperatures shift as folks are heading home for trick-or-treaters. we're looking at the rest of the bay and anywhere up to the bay bridge and the golden gate. 128 still closed around tubbs. you have that. it's a relief for all but a few thousand fire evacuees are finally back in their homes as firefighters make more strides in knocking down the kincade fire. 77 acres burned but is 45% contained and of the 260 buildings destroyed 133 are homes. coming up in moments a live report from santa rosa and details on the conditions firefighters are facing. a historic day on capitol hill. the house votes on impeachment
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inquiry procedures. tracie potts joins us live. how soon is that vote expected to begin, tracie? >> reporter: in about an hour t. could take a few hours, maybe even less. it's not to formally authorize the inquiry. what it is is laying out ground rules for how public hearings will work when they supposedly get started in just a few weeks. democrats and republicans with equal time to ask questions, allowing the president's attorneys to participate in some hearings but not for republicans to call witnesses. they still argue the rules are unfair, that it doesn't provide the president due process, that some committees like intelligence can still hold private hearings with private testimony where the transcript isn't shared. the vote happens today and both sides eager to move forward before we get knee deep into
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presidential primary season where people are seeing this process move forward and they may blame one party or the other or both for playing politics. they're eager to move forward but in disagreement on how. >> will john bolton testify? >> reporter: so that's a good question. lawmakers want him here. he was at odds with the president, reportedly, over this ukraine situation, left the administration. they want to hear from bolton. bolton has said he won't do it willingly but he will entertain a subpoena. he may be one of the next to text so far. >> one to watch. thank you. our coverage continues. scott mcgrew will dive deeper into the vote in his checks and balances segment.
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the u.s. military not confirming what north korea fired from its shores just a short time ago. there are reports up to two unidentified projectiles fired in the direction of the sea of japan. japan and south korean military are each certain missiles were fired. if that is the case, this would be the first missile test by north korea in about one month. firefighters battling the kincade fire have a new obstacle, freezing temperatures. pete suratos is live with the latest on the containment. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. a cold start here. they will battle the kincade fi fire. thousands of evac ways have been able to return home including folks in windsor. that was a big focus as the fire continued to grow.
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they were forced to evacuate with the threat of the kincade fire reaching their neighborhood. it will be cold in windsor as well as many other parts throughout sonoma county and no heat for many of them. residents are glad to be home and grateful for the firefighters who protected the neighborhood. >> i am really grateful they could do that much to save our neighborhood, really thankful. >> being the daughter of a fireman, i am just elated and so -- these young men and women that come to our rescue who don't know who is who and what is what are putting their lives on the line to save properties. >> reporter: indeed. the sonoma county board of supervisors plans to hold an emergency fire meeting this morning that will take place at
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rohnert park. as we take you back out here live to the incident command center at the fair grounds, they have the coffee set up for firefighters before they head out there. they get their debrief at the fair grounds. reporting live, pet pee suratos for "today in the bay." >> hats off to them working through the elements to make sure we're safe. thank you, pete. pg&e crews are getting the power back on for more homes and businesses in marin. a look at the current outage map. in sonoma county there are still thousands without power. and when we are not on air our website is updated 24 hours a day. it is a great resource. you can head over to our home page,
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5:05. the kincade fire is one of several burning across the state. this will give you a better idea what firefighters are up against. >> new evacuations under way in san bernardino county where a new fire, the hillside fire started about three hours ago. these are live pictures from the scene right now. you can see the glow of the fire near highway 18 in north park near cal state san bernardino. at least 200 acres have burned. the fire has already destroyed four homes. >> firefighters near san diego quickly put out another fire last night south of san diego. this was in chula vista and burned less than five acres. >> another one they're calling the easy fire in simi valley, is still threatening the ronald reagan presidential library. more than 26,000 people remain evacuated, two structures destroyed. the fire near the getty museum
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still active. now about 40% contained amount tree branch fell into a live power line. this fire destroyed at least a dozen homes and burned about 600 acres. >> you know it's another spare the air day due to, in large part, the lingering smoke from the kincade fire. kari hall has been chicagoing that for us and tough conditions for people with respiratory issues. >> we look at the particulate levels and we see 102 which means unhealthy in the north bay and in the 55 to 60 range as we look at what's floating in the air in the bay and the coast. it will be good in the santa clara valley as we make plans for trick-or-treating today.
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here is a look at how large the kincade fire is and how much has already burned. there will be a lot of smoke drifting in the air today. as we look at the upper level wind pattern, look at where it is now over parts of the central valley. much of the bay area spared from the heavier smoke. it's mostly because a lot of the smoke has been blowing off the coast. it's been blowing the smoke off to the west. we will track that. i'll have more on the forecast coming up and, mike, you have one new crash on 580. >> way out to the altamont pass, cleared and not far away another crash reported. a slower drive in the one section, pretty typical there. look at the green sensors.
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580 active. just over 20 minutes. this yellow, there may be higher winds in the area and we'll continue to track that. that's one of the areas that was of big concern with the highway kari was talking about the last week. over here a smooth drive with light build at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:09, still ahead, dr. christine blasey ford's message in her first event since testifying. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh in his confirmation hearing all coming up at 5:25. an enormous fight has been sparked between two big high tech leaders. we'll take a look at that. >> ready to hit the street for trick-or-treating? top halloween costumes this year. you don't want to miss this one. you're watching "today in the bay." tv just keeps getting better.
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right now as you head out this morning it's a very chilly start. a live look outside from palo alto. we're seeing even colder temperatures to the north going throughout the day we all warm up into the upper 60s and low 70s. a really nice halloween forecast. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up in less than five minutes. a nice drive. we're looking here to the san
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mateo bridge, no real change. we'll show that to you coming up. a very happy thursday. investors to hear the fed cut interest rates under pressure from president trump and a slowing economy. we get the jobs report tomorrow. apple says it's selling fewer iphones but making money off other things. the two most powerful men are in a very big fight this morning, the kind that lasts a long time and forces thousands to choose sides. jack dorsey from twitter and facebook founder mark zuckerberg. twitter said it would no longer allow people to place political ads on its service. to be clear can you post about politics all you want. but candidates and political action committees cannot buy ads. this raises lots of questions, of course, about what a political ad is.
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donald trump for president an ad. we'll find out where this turns into a fight is when jack dorsey attacked for not doing the right thing. he is rudderless when it comes to policy on political ads telling congress one thing and candidates another. jack dorsey went for the jugular in a long string of tweets explaining the new policy and attacking zuckerberg if not by name. it is not credible for us to say we're working hard to stop people from gaming our systems to spread misleading info, but if someone pays us to target and force people to see their political ads, well, they can say twhafr they want. and adibi winky face. the reason i am making a big
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deal out of this today and will in the future is it is a big deal. zuckerberg is being attacked by all sides. candidates for president and now the tech community itself. if you were to write the book about facebook, i would start at october 31st, 2019. >> because things have changed so much. >> so much and this is a pivot point where either zuckerberg becomes the least liked person in silicon valley -- >> no pun intended. >> or facebook makes some kind of change. now is the moment where facebook will decide and whatever it decides that's its future. >> isn't that interesting to see the change, the evolution of the two and the importance of it and how it now has gotten political.
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it's 5:15 right now. today is the day to trick-or-treat. of course it's halloween and we know many of you may be taking your kids door-to-door. google says the most searched costume this year is the "it" clown, witch, spider-man rounding out the top 30. >> take a look at this guy. who is that? that's me. >> how cute. >> a long time ago. you can't see from the bottom but i have on the loafers as well. oh, yeah. and the sparkly socks and all of that. >> love it. >> taking it back old school. we'll walk all over the place. i tried to. look, i will not be outdone here. kris sanchez right there along
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with a dog channelling the inner devil. she's an angel. we can assure you that she's nothing but an angel in my eyes. kari hall's little goblin. so adorable. ♪ laura garcia and her family there. who is this, laura? >> the little addams family. we have wednesday and thursday. >> nobody wanted to be cousin it. >> look at the little rainbows, unicorns. these are bob redell's dogs, sophie and blue. >> that's fun. >> share your pictures as well with us. we'd love to see them.
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i didn't know how much i loved halloween until i had kids. it's really fun. >> it does help you reflect on the past like growing up, reliving -- >> and then november 1st, though, i remember how much i'm not supposed to let the kids have a lot of candy. >> no, i keep candy bowls all the time. you learn moderation. hopefully a good night for trick-or-treaters. >> i know a lot of people were concerned about the air quality but i think it looks pretty good but cold. it's going to be chilling down very quickly tonight, maybe bone chilling. teeth chattering cold tonight. >> nice. >> here is a live look outside in san francisco as you get ready to head out. if you're on your way to work and i imagine there's going to be some crazy looking characters dressed up in san francisco today and we're going to see those temperatures chilly to start in the low 50s, we're going to see our highs reaching into the mid to upper 70s.
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really nice. it doesn't get any better than this as we look at temperatures for our halloween during the middle of the day reaching into the mid-70s in the east bay. also mid-70s for the peninsula and in san francisco. up to 69 on the embarcadero and 75 in novato. 75 today in ukiah. inland areas expect it to start out at 67 degrees, cooling down to about 60 at 8:00 and then for the bay we're also going to be coming down to about 60 degrees. our skies stay mostly clear but there will be drifts of smoke coming in and so far our weather setup still pushing a lot of the smoke off the coast but we go throughout the day. we'll see it shifting into the weekend. we'll also see calm weather sticking with us and then as we look at what else is down the line, unfortunately, no rain. we see these storm systems lining up out in the pacific but they will be blocked by high pressure and then moving off to our north. we do not have any rain anywhere
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in the forecast. we're also getting ready to fall back so sunday is the end of daylight saving time. at 2:00 a.m. we'll set our clock back one hour. we have upper 70s in the forecast over the next several days. and, mike, the commute is starting to build at the bay bridge. >> no surprise but it was really light earlier and then we're back to normal. i stepped away from my desk before that happened. a smooth drive on the approach looking at one report, something going on around central. no slowing and a nice, easy drive in through contra costa county as well. as i move you up to the north bay, we have activity, of course, but highway 101 is on an off ramp and reopen as folks are allowed back into their homes. 128 has one portion around tubbs which is closed off.
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that kincade fire still continues on so we continue our coverage. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next, dr. christine blasey ford's message to all women. >> everyone has the power to inspire others, be courageous, stand strong, be yourself. >> coming up, what she says about testifying against justice brett kavanaugh on capitol hill. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you'll be able to exchange your unwanted guns for gift cards. this will happen at the pavilion on november 16th. the concord and walnut creek police departments are teaming up for gun buyback event and turn in those assault weapons as well and you will get a $200 gift card. they will be $100 for unwanted
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handguns. they will actually take those shotguns and rifles as well. >> just in time for the holidays, right? 5:23, new this morning, the curtain will reportedly rise again in lafayette's long, dark movie theater. the east bay times reports a historic park theater will reopen in the fall of 2021 thanks to a donor who recently pledged $2 million. the theater closed in 2005 and the reopening will coincide with its 80th anniversary. dr. christine blasey ford spoke publicly for the first time since the hearings involving justice brett kavanaugh. you were there. >> i emceed the inspire luncheon at the santa clara convention center. she talked about and accepted the organization's empowerment award t. came to a surprise to people who hadn't announced she was there. her speech comes more than a year after she testified then supreme court nominee brett
5:25 am
kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers. >> i was focused on telling the u.s. senate what had happened to me. i thought it was my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my position would do the same thing. >> the keynote speaker the delores, the 89-year-old laborer and human rights activist encouraged all women to vote and pursue leadership positions to help fight discrimination. always a really nice event and for a good cause. >> absolutely. 5:25. our nation's capital united when it comes to baseball. >> that's because the nationals have taken d.c. where it hasn't been since 1924. you know they are excited there. celebrating going on overnight in the streets of washington, d.c., as the nationals fans male and female and, yes, democrat and republican, celebrated a
5:26 am
world series championship. this is the first ever world series win for the nats franchise and the first in washington since the senators won 95 years ago. it all happened in the best way possible, a victory in game seven. >> that's into the corner. this ball is gone for a home run! >> there you have it. a two-run home run by howie kendrick and the seventh inning turned a nationals deficit, get it, into a 3-2 lead. the nationals never looked back. they won the game, 6-2. because this game was played in houston, many fans did not go wild after the last out but nationals certainly did. not only that the nationals won a first of its kind postseason series anywhere, you name it, baseball, basketball, hockey. there's never been a best-of-seven series where the road team won each game until
5:27 am
now. >> that's cool. that's amazing. good for them. i think of all the little boys on little league and you see it come out. that's cool. it's 5:27. up next, dub nation in a lot of pain this morning. the star player suddenly injured. >> steph curry out after breaking his hand. a live report on how long it could last and fan reaction. the progress being made by firefighters on the kincade fire. we'll have a live report from sonoma county in moments. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for the veterans day sale
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welcome to thursday morning. not just any old thursday. a cold one out there as well. it's october 31, halloween. we'll take a live look as well. no, we're not. just kidding. boo. that's my trick for you that morning. >> freezing temperatures. that's the scary part. >> no kidding. got to bundle up the kids tonight as well. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. happy halloween. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. kari has been following this for us. and it's a cold one to start the day. >> it is very cold. make sure you're wearing the extra layers or a warmer costume. we'll head over to willow glen and head to the mid-60s by early afternoon. we've been talking about the smoke and poor air quality. i'll talk about what to expect
5:31 am
and what's coming up. now you have more folks heading to the north bay. folks starting to build up at the toll plaza heading across 580 over the water. good changes as many folks are returning home. nice out of antioch. the rest of the bay looks great and slowing out of the altamont. it's 5:31 right now. some relief for fire evacuees as firefighters make more strides in knocking down the kincade wildfire. the number of acres burned remained at about 77,000 but is at 45% containment. 133 homes, 93,000 others threatened.
5:32 am
we'll have a live report from the fair grounds where fire crews are also battling freezing temperatures. steph curry out for what may be weeks after breaking his hand last night. "today in the bay's" bob redell live from the chase center. when curry hurt his hand, broke his hand, that broke the hearts of a lot of fans. >> reporter: it did. we don't know whether he'll be out for weeks or months t. depends whether or not he needs surgery. he broke his left hand. you can see the play here on your tv screen. he and bains collided. bains fell on top of curry's wrist. curry was in pain, immediately left the court for x-rays. bains did draup the foul but curry did not return.
5:33 am
curry will undergo a ct scan. the warriors have been struggling since the start of the season. this would make things worse. >> it's been a tough start for us on many levels. we're trying to find our footing this puts us in a tough spot. we'll assess and go from there. >> it's tough when you have a guy like that go down. the focal part of the offense was built around him but it forces guys to step up. we have a lot of young guys on the team that can get an extra opportunity. just has to step up and take advantage of it. that's what this league is about. >> reporter: steph's wife, ayes ayesha, tweeted this out. our entire family thanks you for all the love and support and prayers for stephen. when the love surpasses life's
5:34 am
hurdles, there is nothing you can't overcome. impact over legacy. this is god's way of showing him, you, i, us how to, quote, trust the process. coach kerr said aaron bains came over to the ben too much see how curry was doing. he could telefel he felt bad bu stuff happens. >> thanks, bob. dub nation reacting on social media. some are convinced the team is snake bitten, the team can't catch a break. others wonder which player will step up and fill steph's shoes. back to our coverage of the k kincade fire. locals are stepping in to make
5:35 am
sure kids who had to evacuate can enjoy halloween. i was thinking about those kids. they shouldn't have to miss out, pete. >> reporter: thert. there will be a halloween party here. a number of them had to evacuate so good news for them, some normal normalcy. the goal is to make sure they get atist of halloween and the dollar tree donated boxes of candy and decorations and are expecting safeway to do the same. >> it's hard to be away from home and the kids are worried. one of the mothers said it would have been better if i thought to bring myself a second shirt. instead i grabbed her halloween costume, the kid bouncing up and down. >> not on my mind this year. we have other things on our mind
5:36 am
getting home, hoping our house is safe. that's what we're hoping for. >> reporter: a lot on their minds. it's good they'll have the halloween party here at the fair grounds. the fair grounds held a pumpkin carving contest for the kids as it relates to halloween. a bit of good news for these families as they deal with the evacuations. back out here live, fire crews checking in getting some coffee before they head out and talked about the freezing temperatures. a debrief at about 7:00 a.m. the goal is to have the fire fully contained by next thursday. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> nice to see what they're doing for the kids. happening now pg&e crews getting the power back on. here is a look at the current out a outage mab. only a few hundred tied to the shutoffs. sonoma county have thousands
5:37 am
without power but many are tied to the kincade wildfire. our website is updated 24 hours a day. for the latest on the fire and outages, head to our home page. developing this morning a deadly shooting in the south bay that could impact your commute to work or school because it happened at a busy light rail station. kris sanchez joins us live on what happened. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus. there was still crime scene tape and deputies on the scene where we drove by just about an hour ago. we have video from just after the incident that happened last night. shortly after the deputies found a man shot by a security guard working by vta after a confrontation between that security guard and the man who was allegedly threatening people with a knife. according to the santa clara county sheriff, the investigating agency, the
5:38 am
security guard shot the man after trying to engage him and failing. that man then later died at the hospital. this happened about 8:40 last night. there were a lot of folks on the platform as you could see in the video. sheriff's deputies say if you know something, saw something, they would like to hear what you know. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we were comparing notes and conquer there's still service, you just may be longer there for the time being. this is longer than you like. the backup at the toll plaza. the north bay and east bay with a flow of traffic. i did not say anything appropriate if you heard that tone in my ear. my mom was probably worried. a smooth flow of traffic as well.
5:39 am
we do have smart train with the free service down to san rafael because north of there ak bar gbajabiamila activity about power. >> letting us know the weekend is approaching. >> it's almost here. >> and we get an hour to sleep in. >> do we get to sleep in? >> technically, yes. >> it could be a great week, we need it at this point. and we're going to have some nice weather with saturday's high temperature reaching 71 degrees. 73 for the bay and temperatures reaching 78 degrees. by sunday we're seeing more of the same with some breezy winds at times. we're looking at nicer weather going into the next several days.
5:40 am
we'll see our morning start at 56 degrees. very comfortable going into the 70s. in the tri-valley highs in the 70s. the warmest day on sunday as we reach up to 79 degrees. in squaw valley, chilly temperatures during the morning hours, nice as we go throughout the day with highs up to 62 on saturday. 63 on sunday f. you're thinking of a beach getaway and going to santa cruz, we have perfect weather with highs in the 70s. we'll see that all throughout the weekend with mostly sunny skies. heading further out of town, maybe going to santa barbara, we'll see some mid-70s there. maybe better to keep it close to home. we're going to see temperatures very nice this weekend. i'm at kari hall weather on facebook and instagram.
5:41 am
i like to see the halloween costumes. the east bay and our temperature trend for today coming up in about three minutes. you have to check out the spider video on kari's page. we're going to break but please come back. the state government building and where a nazi flag was found hanging and why at this point it's not even being treated as a hate crime. in washington the next major step, and it is a big step in the possible impeachment of donald trump. i'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season.
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and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. happy halloween at 5:44. a live look outside in fremont, calm winds today and also some very chilly temperatures. we're going to start out in the mid-40s here and get some sunshine, at times probably some drifts of smoke. what's ahead for our halloween trick-or-treat forecast. across the san mateo bridge, the same speed with the taillights. approaching the bay bridge a nice flow of traffic. a mild build there. i'll show you that. well, this morning an investigation is under way after a nazi flag and other racist symbols were found inside the office of a department of
5:45 am
corrections and rehab employee. >> the offices in sacramento, this video, in fact, shows the flag which has now been seized. managers there believe the employees are the ones that left the items. he said a person of color with no ties to white supremacy groups. they also say the employee showed an obvious lack of judgment and may still be disciplined. happening today southern california congresswoman katie hill is set to give her final floor speech. this comes after hill announced her resignation on monday. the freshman congresswoman has been in hot water over an affair with a staff member. a congressional ethics committee has been investigating her relationship with a female senior aide. at least four candidates have filed paperwork to replace her including former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos. >> congress will take the next major step to impeachment president trump. this will call for a major
5:46 am
house wide vote, marcus, in a matter of hours from now whi. it's not an impeachment vote, it's a vote on the rules on the impeachment inquiry. the rules set up by the committee. how long people can talk and rules that allow the president's lawyers to attend and cross-examine sets out the whole process. the vote gives a lot of people political cover if they want it. a congress person from a pro-trump district could say republicans have been asking for this set of rules, for public hearings. this is tim morrison, assistant to john bolton. the white house told him not to testify and he quit his job. he says they're not related. john bolton has been called as a future witness. we don't know if he'll show up. he was very upset about by what
5:47 am
the president said to the leader of ukraine. alexander vindman was on that call. insiders tell nbc news he was so concerned that the president violated his oath of office he immediately went to white house lawyers, and it was his concern that led those lawyers to move the transcript of the call to a high security server. they are not the president's enemy. morrison is the former republican policy director for defense appointed to his job by trump. he and bolton are so conservative they got the name super hawks. bolton was appointed by trump. the biggest problem for trump isn't the democrats in the room, it's the witnesses. now let's not let this distract us. president trump presented the highest honor to master sergeant matthew williams. sergeant williams saved lives
5:48 am
holding off the enemy during a mountain firefight in afghanistan in 2008. scaling a cliff to organize rescue of wounded comrades and led a counter assault to prevent the americans from being overrun by enemy forces. we'll follow everything that happens on twitter and will be bringing a lot of this on nbc news as well. a spare the air alert day because of all of the smoke we've been seeing across the bay area from the kincade fire. take caution. a lot of people are concerned, it's halloween and want to send the kids out trick or troeting. we've seen the smoke blowing off the sonoma coast so much of the bay area has been spared from that smoke. seeing the coldest temperatures with the freeze warning in effect that continues
5:49 am
until 8:00 as our temperatures in some of the areas dip down into the upper 20s. dealing with that along with a very frosty morning, in the upper 30s in napa. we're also in the upper 30s in san martine. we've seen low 40s from concord to livermore, over to san jose and low 50s in oakland and san francisco. as you head out for your morning commute dipping down to 39 degrees, heater on full blast in the car. make sure you wear an extra layer going into the rest of the day. it's going to be a nice afternoon. we go hour by hour and look at all of our micro climates taking you into noon, mostly be seeing some mid-60s for much of the bay area and a lot of us reaching up to 70 degrees at 3:00. 72 in danville and cupertino
5:50 am
warmer than it was. time for trick-or-treating as we approach sunset. it's going to be another cold night heading into tonight as well as tomorrow morning. temperatures at about 67 degrees at 6:00. 63 degrees and 60 degrees at 8:00. also about the same for the bay. not a wide range in temperatures today. how that affects the smoke from the kincade fire. we can see the winds here are blowing off the coast around this area of high pressure. that's going to keep it from being really smoky throughout much of the weekend. low pressure will be slow to move though some storm systems and will not reach the bay area.
5:51 am
that steers them up to the north and off to the east. we are going to see our temperatures remaining steady. highs in the upper 70s and we fall back this weekend. daylight saving time ends this weekend. it will be nice to see some rain in the forecast. i don't see any rain until the second or third week of november and, mike, a new report. looking on the newark side of the dumbarton bridge eastbou eastbound, we'll track that but it should be fine. a smooth drive, the south bay up to the city and the east bay, the southbound side just shows a little slowing. morgan hill is fine. before you get there the slowing. typical like most thursdays a little bit shorter in duration for the really slow speed.
5:52 am
half a mile there. a smooth drive. this might be a surprise for folks. pittsburg and bay point and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. a good sign, of course. the track building. no major problems. affected by the kincade fire. that doesn't mean the freeways are reopened. obey the roadblocks. back to you. a massive fire erupting in eastern pakistan. survivors say those flames roared through the train cars and many people tried to jump off the train while it was still moving at full speed. investigators believe it started from a gas cooking stove. 5:52. next and new this hour, a new
5:53 am
lawsuit against starbucks related to controversial arrests made at a philadelphia store last year. the new discrimination allegations not by the men arrested but instead a former store employee. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone.
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media. bob redell throwing it back this thursday posting a halloween vid video. follow bob on facebook, twitter and instagram. see the best of "today in the bay" sometimes with his posts. it's fun. for a lot of us a scary night on tap or maybe you're among those who love the scary stuff. >> you know i do. this morning on the "today" show, she set out to find the science behind why people like to be scared. >> our body is essentially going into go mode so we've got lots of adrenaline, endorphins, all of those thoughts about the future and the path are just gone. we're grounded in the moment in our bodies. and that's associated to feeling good. >> interesting. >> it makes me feel good. >> to be in the know. >> all right. here we go. also today, the team of the "today" show getting ready for their annual costume show. you can find out who they will
5:57 am
dress up as today. it's always a fun thing to see. you can watch that right after "today in the bay." so you already know about the dangers of vaping e-cigarettes, but new this morning some people are also sounding the alarm about vaping alcohol. >> one minnesota bar owner says he purchased a machine online that turns alcohol into mist. authorities seized it because those machines are illegal in minnesota. he's now warning about the dangers and advocates fighting addiction say vaping alcohol can lead to rapid alcohol poisoning and lung damage. >> i cannot tell you that taking five big deep breaths of inhaled alcohol is the same as taking one shot of vodka or whatever alcohol you're using. >> in 2006 minnesota passed a law that basically says liquid alcohol is the only type they'll allow. a new government report this week on health in the u.s. shows some mixed results. researchers say the average life
5:58 am
expectancy dropped in two of the past three years. much of the drop is due to a spike in deaths of suicide and drug overdoses. there was good news, fewer teenagers had babies and the infant mortality rate continues to decline. 5:58 and happening today, chicago teachers are still on strike though an end may be in sight. union representatives voted to accept a tentative agreement with city hall. but teachers say they'll stay on strike until chicago's mayor agrees to make up school days lost due to the strike. the mayor says she won't extend the school year or cut into scheduled breaks. class sizes and support staff hiring. the former manager of a philadelphia starbucks where two men were arrested last year is suing claiming rigs discrimination. the two men were arrested while waiting for a friend. they were arrested for
5:59 am
trespassing after store employees called police, and it made national headlines. the former manager claims the company took steps to punish white employees who were never involved in the incident. she says she was fired after backing another white employee's discrimination claim. starbucks is saying it is prepared to present its case in court. right now at 6:00, a big vote begins in washington for the impeachment inquiry into president trump. what a yes will mean for the future of the investigation and the president's future in office. another new fire started in southern california overnight. we'll tell you where this one is burning as crews here in northern california continue to make some progress on the kincade fire. how firefighters are dealing with a new weather worry in sonoma county this morning. >> that worry near freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay and very cold weather to wake up across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is timing out the warm-up for us. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
and a good thursday morning to you on this halloween morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. you wanted to do a spooky laugh, i thought. >> i did. i'm always a treat. just so you know. >> let's check the forecast with kari. going to be a lot of little goblins. >> a nice afternoon but we're just starting out so cold this morning, and i know a lot of people are concerned about the kincade fire as wildfire smoke drifts into the bay area. the air quality will be moderate and for santa clara valley, actually some good quality as the smoke blows off the coast. we do start out with temperatures in the upper 30s in the north bay and the south county and a lot of 50s for oakland, san francisco, 40s elsewhere and after


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