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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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was out here working, dee jaying a party, not expecting he was going to lose his life that night. >> right now at 11:00, a family in mourning. a father remembers his son who went to a halloween party in orin b came back. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. video shoiz the chaos after
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shots were fired at that rental house. now new rules are in place at airbnb. >> we have team coverage for you. let's begin with nbc bay area's sergio quintana. sergio. >> reporter: there is a memorial here in downtown orinda that has been growing throughout the day. there are a lot of people in this town that are shocked about what happened halloween night. family and friends of the victims, well, they're still trying to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. one of the first victims to be identified in the halloween night shooting was 24-year-old omar taylor, jr. his father omar senior says he got a startling call that night. his son was at the party dee jaying. he had been shot. >> that's all i can really just two hours doing, try to hurry at the scen area hospital where he learned son did not survive. he was pursuing his dream of being a dee jay the last few
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years. >> he loved bringing people together, dee jaying, making the party move. that was his thing, man. >> reporter: his son's death affected the whole family including his second oldest son omari. he showed up to school at clayton valley junior high. >> he was crying pretty good and told me his brother was shot and killed. i was blown away. >> reporter: omari went on to play friday night. his teammates dedicated the game to his big brother. for residents of orinda, people have been leaving cards and flowers at the driveway to the party house and near downtown. >> we're just looking for ways we can it's so small, but just a way we could give some support to these families who are grieving tonight. >> reporter: omar taylor, sr., says the support he's been getting from family, friends and complete strangers is help. but he's still in shock. his oldest son is gone. >> just the thought of never being able to have a conversation with my firborn
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kid is just crushing to me. >> reporter: taylor says that some of his son's friends are putting together an informal vigil for his son tomorrow evening. they're still working out some of the details on the location. reporting live in orinda, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> certainly tragic story for that family. sergio, thank you. we are also learning about another victim of the shooting, oceana tompkins. friends say her smile could light up a room. friends and family held a memorial to honor tompkins. they say they didn't know she was an organ donor. in her final act, helping others. >> the deadly shooting in orinda has led airbnb to ban party houses starting immediately. that's not all. nbc bay area's marianne favro takes a look at those changes. marianne. >> reporter: terry, the c.e.o. company announced the changes on twitter. he said we mus dthiss unaccepta. but some question whether the new rules will really make a difference.
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today airbnb c.e.o. brian chesky tweeted, starting today we are banning party houses and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events we saw in orinda. and the san francisco company is not stopping there. chesky says his company is also expanding manual screening of high-risk reservations, creating a dedicated party house rapid response team, and taking immediate action against violat ioval. >> i think it's a great id. tha will curb some of the violence that'searea. >> reporter: specifically he's referring to a party at an airbnb rental in his san jose neighborhood in july. four people were shot near hills dale avenue. neighbors who live near where the gunfire erupted support airbnb's new changes, but have some doubts about how effective
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they'll be. >> i think it's the right direction, but still at the end of the day people are going to do what they're going to do if they can make money renting out their houses. >> reporter: others question how much the company can do about renters giving false information. in the case of the airbnb rental, the tenant lied about the intent claiming they needed the space so family members with asthma could get away from the smokey air in the north bay. chesky says he has formed a new team to implement all of these new safety initiatives and says they should be in place ins. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. and we're going to continue trackingou the late he felt developments both on air and online. visit wsite, any time for the most up to date information. >> just into our newsroom, some serious concern for sjpd after dozens of police uniforms were stolen. happened yesterday morning around 7:00 on rebecca way.
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sources say someone car jacked a dry cleaners van that had 60 uniforms inside. police were eventually able to find the van and the uniforms. they are now looking to see if any of the uniforms are still missing. at this point nobody has been arrested. >> new at 11:00, police have arrested a man for allegedly starting fires near hayward. the fires were reported about 5:00 this evening and gearrin regional park. alameida county firefighters say five fires burned. one firefighter was hurt after being stung by a nest of wasps. this is the suspected arsonist, roman montalvo. witnesses identified him as he was leaving the area. they saw him trying to get away. police arrested him after that. >> firefighters are making headway on the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. cal fire released new information within the past few hours. the kincade fire is now 74% contained. that's up slightly today.
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most evacuations have been lifted. more than 77,000 acres burned. more than 300 structures are destroyed, and 175 of those were people's homes. >> lot of people coming back home after the evacuations were lifted in sonoma county, but now there is a new warning for them. they're being required to check in with an environmental health officer, but being warned not to do any clean-up on their property just yet. the reason for that is health reasons. some homes and businesses now have power, but don't have gas. one pizza place used its wood fired oven to make fresh pizzas. it had a limited menu but they d to open up anyway. good meal. but we weren't sure how it was going be to, but we've gotten a lot of people coming in. >> the hotel healdsburg has had a few guests return, but it's hoping to be back up and fully running tomorrow. >> people in the north bay were rattled by a couple small earthquakes this morning. the first quake measuring 3.7
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hit just after 7:00. that quake was centered near the geysers on the perimeter of the kincade fire. then 3 1/2 hours later, a smaller 2.9 quake struck just west of cobb. there haven't been any reports of injuries or damage from either quake. friends and family of two people missing for more than a week in northern california plan to come together to pray for them this weekend. the vigil for justin winfrey and kayla rodriguez is set for tomorrow afternoon at third baptist church in san francisco. the two of them took off from novato in winfrey's small plane bound for shelter cove in humboldt county. they were then seen having dinner there, but shortly after the plane dropped off radar. five miles off the coast of mendocino county. winfrey grew up in san francisco, was very active in his community. rodriguez was a labor and delivery nurse in san francisco. >> it is no secret living in the bay area is expensive. san francisco mayor london breed is now pushing a $1 billion plan
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to deal with that. the mayor taking her case to the online site medium. in her op-ed, she says the billion dollars are going to go towards housing investments like rental subsidies, development, and revamping the housing authority. and she says $600 million is coming from the affordable housing bond, the largest bond in the city's history. that's going to get construction off the ground for about 3,000 affordable housing units. the remaining $400 million is from the city budget for the next couple of years, next two fiscal years. she says that pot of money is going to buy up land to build new homes and go towards keeping rent controlled housing that already exists in the city. emergency rental insurance, and a right to counsel so if anyone is getting evicted they'll have proper legal representation. >> still ahead, he's been called the es twitter account when he first took office. >> and we're just hours away from daylight saving time.
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you may want to check your iphone as well. the reason why some of them aren't going to be working tomorrow. >> and outside right now, clear skies, not too bad. san francisco 63 degrees, a lot less wind than we saw last weekend. but when could we see rain back in the forecast? a closer look when we come right back. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. get fast internet and add comcast business securityedge for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast.
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twitter has proven to be the president's favorite mode of
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communication from announcing policy decisions to blasting critics. "the new york times" just released the results of an intense analysis of the president's account. the findings include the fact that mr. trump's staff wanted his tweets on a 15-minute delay early in his presidency. over half of the president's more than 11,000 tweets are attacks, and he very rarely follows back. his feed comes from just 47 accounts. >> there is new information emerging tonight that could help explain how ukraine came to be so crucial in the impeachment hearings against president trump. according to mueller report documents obtained by buzzfeed news, the president's former campaign theory that ukraine, not russia, was behind the hack of the democratic national committee's email back in 2016. manafort was apparently instrumental in trying to link ukraine to the hacking of the dnc. mueller's office concluded that russia was to blame and indicted
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12 russian officers involved. but mr. trump's july phone call with ukraine, he asked the use cranian president to investigate his country's role. >> turning now to decision 2020, the iowa caucuses are now just three months away. democrats hoping to take on president trump next year are crisscrossing the state, trying to connect with voters. former vice-president joe biden is sharpening his message that his experience is what sets him apart. but in the latest "the new york times" siena college iowa poll, senator elizabeth warren is leading the pack. she is stressing ideas, not opposition tore consultant-driven campaign with some vague ideas that are designed not to offend anyone. >> meanwhile, the president rallied supporters in mississippi last night, joking about his interactions with ukraine, and mocking his political rivals. mr. trump told the crowd that
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the impeachment inquiry is an attack on democracy itself. united parties in a divided country. that's what was reflected this week in that house vote on an impeachment resolution outlining rules for the inquiry going forward. and that's exactly what nbc's chuck todd will be discussing tomorrow morning on "meet the press." you can watch it right here at 8:00 right after "today in the bay." >> in san francisco, an unusual protest against prop c. dozens of dog owners and their dogs came out for an event aimed aware o dangerous of e-cigarette waste to pets. they get hold of vaping products can suffer from liquidn aims to the rule suspending the sale of e-cigarettes and replace it about regulations by e-cigarette giant juul. juul sponsored the measure but pulled support after several deaths were connected to vaping. >> sad moments at the 2019
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breeders cup today and more concerns over the track at santa anita. track officials say the horse hurt its left hind leg, was taken to the hospital for evaluations. unfortunately that injury was too serious and mongolian groom had to be put down. since last december, 37 horses have died at santa anita race track. >> a strike team from the bay area got a much needed break gn proud, folks. the 22-person team from gilroy, wood side, menlo park, santa clara and palo alto were first deployed to the kincade fire. once it reached 30% containment on wednesday, up in snow monster ther sonoma, they went to simi valley in southern california. as soon as they arrived, they were placed on the fire line near the ronald reagan library. that library was spared. yesterday they were redeployed yet again to the maria fire near santa paula. today they finally got a break.
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it's not clear when they're coming home. thousands of other firefighters continued to battle that maria fire. it's already burned about 10,000 acres since breaking out on halloween night. containment at 30%. choppers dropping water from above had to land for a time because of illegal drones flying over the area. we keep hearing about that kind of thing. >> a high cool thschool that fa incredible obstacles is having a dream football season. it came after paradise was devastated by the camp fire. paradise h ason, get this, undefeated. >> unbelievable. >> last night the team played its final game against a school in redding. the stands were than a week par will mark the one year anniversary of those devastating camp fire fires. family said football is a good thing for the entire community to be a part of. >> it's emotional.
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i'm really proud to be here and i'm really happy to have my son on this team. we've been through a lot. >> the team vowed to win the state championship to honor the fire victims and it looks like they still have a pretty good shot at reaching that goal. good for them. 49ers are reviewing how they use fire works after a fan was hit by debris before a game. happened last night at levi stadium as the team was getting ready to face the carolina panthers. after the national anthem fire works display, a golf ball size piece of debris felan on the sh. he only suffered minor injuries. and the team did release a em incident, the ultimate priority. we will continue to work with safety of our patrons is our our public safety partners and the pyrotechnics vendor to confirm necessary safety protocols are always followed in order to ensure the safety and security of our patrons.
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>> if you have an older iphone, you may soon run into a very big problem. some iphones and ipads -- these were the ones released in 2012 and earlier, will stop working correctly tomorrow morning. you're running out of time. unless users download a new software update made specifically for the older models, the update is needed because of a gps issue. you can update your phone or ipad by going to settings, then general, click software updates, and you're good. if you don't install the update by tomorrow, you're going to need to plug your device into a computer to froe iphone. >> rob mayeda joining us with a look at the cool down going on. >> nice weather compared to last week. gusty wind going on. picture-perfect night around the bay area, nice moon set off to the west a few minutes ago. right now in san jose, you've got numbers in the mid 50s. high 76, and not much wind.
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that is a pleasant change from what we saw obviously last weekend. and the view from emeryville looking from the west, 50 degrees right now. light wind. clear skies tonight. and there is a nice view of the golden gate bridge where we're still seeing temperatures in the 60s around san francisco. so one thing to watch over the next couple of days with these light winds and high pressure building n we may begin to see a little bit of smoke around the bay area. a little bit of remnant smoke from the kincade fire. but then around the rest of the bay area as high pressure strengthens to the middle part of the week, we could see our first winter-type spare the air days ahead. air pollution may be a story mid week. mostly 40s around the bay. some north bay valleys may still se0s, but not as cold as the 20s and 30s and frost advisories we had over the last few nights. now, for tomorrow afternoon we say dress in layers because you have 30s and 40s in the valley in the morning. highs ranging from the 80s in morgan hill and san martin and 78 degrees in san jose.
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tri-valley looking good upper 70s close to 70 in san francisco and 76 degrees in santa cruz. so here is the reason why we're not likely to see any rain at least over the next seven days. high pressure centered off to the west. as we go through the week, we'll begin to see that ridge re-center just off the coast there in southern california. notice by the end of the week, at least we're starting to see storms moving back into the pacific northwest. but thatwhere it is between nowt sunday likely to keep the best chances of rain here staying off to the north. you'll notice this futurecast that takes us through tuesday, november 12th. unfortunately still looks dry around the bay area. and our temperatures will be climbing as the ridge starts to move across the coast by wednesday and thursday. so san francisco, you have some mild temperatures ahead, but not the gusty dry offshore winds. unlike last week's forecast. and valley temperatures should see numbers closer to the 80s by thursday. not a bad day tomorrow. you have temperatures in the
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70s. and low 70s at around oakland. we have the raiders and lions tomorrow. that weather looks really nice in the east bay. >> fantastic. rob, thanks very much. anthony flores joining us now with sports. the warriors, if you watch the warriors, you need a program. >> you need to be checking your phone because it will definitely be your friend tonight. a lot of new faces on the court. steph curry was not the only one missing from tonight's game because of an injury. would a new-look starting 5 give them the w at the chase center? stick around. sports is next.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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(vo) the flock blindly flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. a new look starting five for the warriors tonight against charlotte. no steph, no draymond and no deangelo. all out because of injuries. the warriors still looking for their first w at the chase center. under two minutes ts the game a. but then the warriors would have a fundamental break down. the dubs with the turnover on the inbound, it gets worse. this will drive you crazy.
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they failed to get the rebound on two missed free throws. wow. the hornets sting the warriors 93-87. at the tank, the sharks hitting the ice against vancouver. second period, adam gaudette calls bank to make it 4-0 canucks. watch closely. the puck banks off the case of mario ferraro and goes into the net. vancouver beats san jose 5-2. the sharks have lost five in a row. stop,state. spartans running back coach alonso carter a former back-up dancer for hammer. sharing some love before the start of the game. second quarter josh love hits isaiah hamilton for the 16-yard touchdown. the broncos would rally for the win, 52-42. san jose state falls to 0-14 all time against boise state. lexi hall turning defense into offense. gets the steal and takes it in for the layup.
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cardinals up 7 early. but former cardinal -- how did i mess that up? ogumikoy was 64-0 at her career in college. she would lead the team usa 23 rebounds. team usa winds the exhibition 95-80. that's a look at sports. more news right after this. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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hello, iowa. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for coming out today.


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