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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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shoutout from heidi garland who also wished me a happy day. >> we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> you don't want to miss our midday show at 11:00. see you then. have a great morning. good morning, on the attack, president trump takes aim at the good morning, on the attack. president trump takes aim at the whistleblower that first sounded the alarm about his dealings with ukraine. >> the whistleblower should be revealed because the whistleblower gives false stories. >> the cia employee trying to stay anonymous but offering to answer questions from lawmakers under oath the latest from washington just ahead. the race titans. the new battleground that shows the democratic race for president narrowing. who has the momentum we election day now just a year away we're live with the latest. >> fired, the scandal that cost
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the ceo of mcdonald's his job. ousted after a consensual relationship all that plus walking free the largest mass release of prisoners in u.s. history why more than 500 inmates in oklahoma are set to go free today. never alone, never forgotten an nypd widow's emotional journey. running the new york city marathon to honor her fallen husband. >> it's beautiful. i just wish one more person was here with me. >> undefeated no longer. the baltimore ravens handed the reigning super bowl champs their first loss of the year today monday, november 4th, 2019. >> from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> welcome to today what a
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night. sorry pats we have some pats fans here. >> let's get right to the top story. the president going after the whistleblower whose complaint lead to the impeachment investigation against him. we have two reports from washington we'll start with hallie jackson. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with the whistleblower because that person is now offering to answer written questions from republicans on the intelligence committee. doing this could be the whistleblower's privacy but as for that the president wants that to change >> he gave a very inaccurate report about my phone call
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it was totally appropriate president trump suggested with holding military aid for political help at home. >> the whistleblower should be revealed because he gave false stories. some people would call it fraud. i won't go that far but when i read it closely i probably would. >> as the complaints multiple details have been corroborated by witness testimony and the complaint largely matches a rough transcript of the call largely matches a rough transcript of that call released by the white house, but the president insists there was no quid pro quo, his allies echoing him arguing ukraine ultimately did receive the mi released by the white house. him arguing ukraine ultimately did receive the military aid money that had been held up
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during the push for political investigations into the president's rivals. >> isn't that the definition of a quid pro quo >> the fact is that ukraine has that aid, they're using that aid as we sit here. >> you very notably won't say yes or no, quid pro quo, yes or no. >> i don't know whether aid was being held up. >> so hallie, let's talk about this issue about the whistleblower, the president talking about it this weekend saying he wants this person to be revealed. and the whistleblower saying okay i'll answer some questions but isn't it all kind of beside the point at this stage in the investigation. the whistleblower is the one who made the initial call but now the white house has released the transcript so that evidence is out there, other people have come and testified the question is what the white house is hoping to accomplish by the focus on the whistleblower. >> reporter: yeah, it's an interesting point. house democrats are making that argument we have heard it from the intelligence chairman adam schiff who said hey, we know the information now that the
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whistleblower first brought forward. that is what all this witness testimony, all this fact finding has been about we don't necessarily need to hear from the whistleblower directly republicans and the president seem to be making the argument that if they can undermine the whistleblower in whatever way they can, perhaps it will undermine the complaint which triggered of course the whole impeachment inquiry. that's the politics behind it. as for what's happening today on capitol hill, you've got four administration officials who had been expected to appear or who had been asked to appear but they are not expected to show up that includes the four people you see on the screen right here house democrats said they don't want to get into a big messy off from the white house, thank you, and by the way, we're just a year away from election day 2020 in fact voters are going to begin having their say with the first votes being cast in three months new poll numbers out this morning, and they shed light on the state of the democratic race is tightening. nbc's kristen welker has the details on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi savannah, good morning to you the democratic race is heating up former vice president joe biden
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still leads in most national polls but the race gets more complicated in iowa. over the weekend, the candidates out in force, making their case to take on president trump with iowa voters holding their caucuses in less than a hundred days, the democrats are now faced with four strong contenders, after a new poll d contenders, after a new poll shows senator elizabeth warren on top in the hawk wi state followed closely by bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, and joe biden who's still leading in most national polls and with warren surging. the senator released details of her signature medicare for all health care plan saying she's pay for it by raising taxes on wealthy americans and large corporations while promising not to increase taxes on the middle class. >> $11 trillion families are going to pay over the next ten years will go away. >> reporter: in iowa, biden calling warren's promise not to raise taxes on the middle class
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unrealistic. >> let's get real with numbers. >> reporter: meanwhile buttigieg, the openly gay mayor from south bend, indiana, making headlines when asked how he would deal with leaders from other countries where it's illegal to be gay. >> they'll have to get used it. we can't intervene in every country and make them be good for people, but for a country like the united states to be led by somebody that people can look to and know they're not alone. >> reporter: it comes after a shake up in the democratic race. beto o'rourke once a rising star in the party dropping out. court battle with these ed tz tsds tsdsed lthsds. >> of this party. >> reporter: --. >> we have seen some of the poll numbers, what about the head to
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head with democratic candidates and president trump. >> reporter: well, it gets very interesting, according to a new "new york times," interesting, according to a new "new york times," siena college poll, really interesting details about president trump and these candidates take a look at joe biden he narrowly beats president trump in some key battleground states including pennsylvania, wisconsin, and florida for bernie sanders, it's a mixed bag, but for elizabeth warren, it's a different story she's even with or loses to president trump in some of those key battleground states. the bottom line, the take away, mr. trump still very competitive in a general election. savannah. >> kristen welker outside the white house, thank you very much. craig joins the table now, another story getting a lot of attention. >> good morning to you as well, we're talking about the shake up at the top of a fast food giant. the ceo of mcdonald's has been fired over a recent consensual relationship with an employee. tom costello is joining us with more on this one good morning to you.
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>> reporter: steve easterbrook has been credited with much of mcdonald's success, including healthier menu items but the company says he demonstrated poor judgment in their words and violated policy by having a consensual relationship with an employee he has already been let go and already replaced this morning, a major shake up at mcdonald's, the fast food giant announcing its board has fired ceo steve easterbrook, the company saying in a statement easterbrook violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee the company did not provide any details about the relationship or name the other employee involved but in an e-mail sent to mcdonald's employees, easterbrook admits to the relationship calling it a mistake, adding given the value since 2015. of the company, i agree with the board that it is time for me to
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move on. easterbrook has been at the helm of the iconic fast food company since 2015 he's credited with enacting modernization efforts like ordering kiosks, he also oversaw the move of the company's headquarters to chicago in 2018 where he spoke of mcdonald's progressive philosophy under his relationship. >> we're committed to our people by creating job and growth opportunities and allow them to meet their great ambitions >> reporter: last year on cnbc, easterbrook was asked about starbucks closing its stores for a day for company wide diversity training and emphasized mcdonald's hard line stance on harassment and bias. >> we have no tolerance of any sort of harassment or discrimination right across mcdonald's. >> reporter: mcdonald's has named easterbrook's replacement, chris kempczinski. the head of mcdonald's usa >> i can't pronounce it either. that's okay. >> reporter: the new ceo had
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little to say about easterbrook, other than thanking him for his contributions. steve brought me to mcdonald's he was a patient and helpful mentor, i wish him all the best in his future endeavors. >> mcdonald's has been under intense scrutiny recently over these allegations of workplace harassment, what more do we know about that. >> reporter: a labor group fired dozens of sexual harassment charges against mcdonald's alleging that the company's response to sexual harassment complaints has been inadequate, and this past may hundreds of workers walked off the job to protest what they described as unsafe workplace and sexual harassment situations. in response, mcdonald's said it was enhancing training and offering a new hot line for workers. >> tom costello there for us in washington thank you. more than 500 inmates in oklahoma are scheduled to be set free today their sentences commuted lawmakers call it the largest one-day prisoner release in u.s. history. nbc's ron mott is outside of a prison south of tulsa. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good
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morning to you more than 50 women expected to be set free from this min minimum security prison later today, part of the sweeping commutation statewide. all nonviolent offenders, most convicted on drug charges. early release is something every inmate behind bars dreams of today that dream will be a reality for hundreds of inmates in oklahoma. >> i want to thank oklahomans for their commitment to continue to move the needle in criminal justice reform. >> reporter: a new law on the books makes drug possession a misdemeanor, giving a chance at freedom. it's a measure voters approved by ballot in 2016. prisoners convicted of minor drug possession and property crimes under $1,000 eligible for release. >> these are real lives, real people with real families and real friends and they get to go home. >> reporter: last week oklahoma's pardon and parole board held hundreds of hearings
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for prisoners asking to have their sentences shortened for a variety of offenses. cory harris came on behalf of his brother who appeared by video and said he's lined up a job for them. >> it's important when they do get out that they have somewhere to go. otherwise they will revert back to their old habits. >> crystal fisher, daniel finch. >> reporter: on friday, the patrol board making it official, handing the governor the names of some 500 prisoners to be freed, the largest single day commutation in history >> i got a lot of paperwork for you guys >> officials hope to make this the first round of releases, encouraging for other families like tandaleah hall's. >> i work hard to be the women any children need to be. >> reporter: her boyfriend pled guilty to abusing her children and served two years she was charged separately for letting it happen and was charged 30 years in 2006 the governor's office telling nbc news, they hope to have her
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home for the holidays. the state has been holding what they call reentry fares for helping inmates find a job, counseling, state ids, driver's licenses and all the things they will need. the first round of releases should save taxpayers up wards of $12 million: hoda. >> ron mott, thank you. last night's upset in the nfl and craig helping the nationals celebrate over the weekend. >> it was a perfect day for a parade in d.c., one of them mr. roker, huh. a cold front, right from fall to winter for some folks. 18 million people this morning from alabama all the way here into new york, we're talking about frost and freeze advisories right now, temperatures hovering around the freezing mark a great portion of the northeast mid atlantic states. so we've got another shot at cold air, two shots this week. first cold front comes into the plains it brings in chilly air. temperatures are going to be anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below average. kansas city green bay, fargo,
7:15 am
back to rapid city, and then tomorrow, that pushes to the east below average temperatures, pittsburgh, detroit, milwaukee, minneapolis, all the way down to nashville, but here comes this secondary front and this is actually arctic air that's going to be coming in, down from the arctic, by wednesday, billings will be 23 degrees below average, omaha, 46, as we move into thursday, it heads to the east from buffalo, cincinnati, little rock, dallas, and by the time we get into friday, atlanta gets involved. 8 degrees below average, atlanta, new york, pittsburgh, all the way back down to houston, cold air, and coming up in the next half hour, we've got a storm system to talk about, first snow across a good portion of the country we'll have the details we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds forecast coming up in 30 seconds.
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got fog rolling across the golden gate bridge, creating some low visibility there, and we've seen the fog drifting across the bay bridge. right now, mostly clear, but we will see all of this clearing out within the next couple of hours. as we go throughout the day, our temperatures inland reaching into the upper 70s, even a few low 80s. as we go into the rest of the next several days, high pressure remains and dry weather will stay in the forecast with highs in the mid-70s throughout the rest of the workweek. and that is your latest weather, guys. big news in the football world, undefeated no more, the
7:17 am
new england patriots picked up their first loss of the season on sunday night. >> and ball is out and there's no whistle yet, and this is marlon humphrey who's going to take it to the end zone >> carried like a loaf of bread. >> you're supposed to tuck it under. >> quarterback lamar jackson, he ran for two tds, threw for another, the ravens won this one easily easily 37-20. a lot of upset pats fans. >> 49ers only undefeated team left. the washington nationals, by the way, fresh off their first world series title will visit the white house today. the nats continue their championship celebration in washington there it was capitals hockey game there. you see the two teams getting
7:18 am
together for a group picture also a bit of a sing along, we are the champions, the caps won the title two years ago. that capped off a weekend of celebrations highlighted of course by that huge victory parade on saturday there's the commissioners trophy being hoisted high above ryan zimmerman's head thousands of fans -- tens of thousands, in fact -- >> where were you? >> i was right there on 3rd and pennsylvania, me and my wife were part of the coverage. >> you were covering for wrc. >> about five hours of coverage. >> the super bowl. >> fantastic. >> and pretty day for it. >> beautiful day good to be there. new developments in the college admissions scandal, lori loughlin's decision to fight her late egs charge that could potentially lead to decades behind bars. >> plus if your kids use tictoc we have new information on security concerns with the popular app you need to know about them is their priva announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big
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just ahead one of the many just ahead one of the many inspiring stories from
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yesterday's new york marathon, the widow of a fallen nypd sergeant who ran in his honor surrounded by her family in blue we were with them at the finish line. also some real star power in studio 1a this morning, jada pinkett smith and country legend tim mcgraw stopping by but first your local news. online equity ? laughs/umm.. and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting commission free trades and a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. hardest for last. ♪ for mother rose?! it's perfect. ♪ perfect. [door bell] another one for mother rose? ♪ ♪
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the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a new announcement from apple and tim cook announcing $2.5 billion to ease california's housing crisis. $1 billion will go ton affordable housing fund to help develop low and moderate income housing across the state. another $1 billion will fund first-time home buyers to assist in down payments. apple is also offering $300 million of its land in san jose to provide new affordable housing and putting $150 million into existing bay area housing funds. want to check the forecast. a nice one. >> it will be a nice day. starting out cool, as we see all clear skies across the south bay
7:27 am
and temperatures in the upper 40s, as we go into the afternoon. we're going to reach 77 degrees. up to 80 in morgan hill. also 80 in santa rosa while san francisco will reach up to 70 degrees today. and over the next several days, our weather pattern continues with dry conditions, cool mornings, and above-normal temperatures during the afternoons. and for san francisco today, we're reaching the low 70s. we'll see mostly upper 60s the last of the week with patches of low clouds and fog to start out the day. we'll have more updates on this. let's head over to mike now for an update on the commute. >> kari, the south bay starts to build for north 87 really over last half hour. and that's where we see 101 we know is already showing slowing towards capital expressway, but now it's slowing up by the airport. in the east bay, slowing southbound 880, typical pattern out of 238 in that area. but we're looking at a crack west that will be a little additional slowing off the dublin grade. flowing through san mateo, a
7:28 am
disabled vehicle clearing towards 101 as you get in towards redwood city and the bow indonesia bridge. that's southbound 680. >> we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married.
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back now, 7:30 on this monday morning, the winners of the new york city marathon, a back now, the winners of the new york city runners took it all. anyone that attempts the grueling 26.2 mile race is a complete winner. we have a great story today, a really heartwarming story of an nypd widow who ran, you know, kind of in her husband's name. her children were there at the end and we joined them as well >> and her family in blue who have really supported her all along this journey were there. really touching, can't wait to hear some of that. let's get right to stories
7:31 am
we're following this morning the president stepping up his attacks on the whistleblower who first reported on his phone call with the ukraine president in july, in which the president suggested withholding military aid for political help at home >> the whistleblower should be revealed because the whistleblower gave false stories. some people would call it a fraud. i won't go that far but when i read it closely, i probably would. >> reporter: the president insists there was no quid pro quo in the call with ukraine's leader in the meantime, the whistleblower has offered through legal counsel to answer congressional republicans written questions. some guys have all the luck, especially guys named rolf rhodes of mendon, massachusetts, he won a $1 million prize on a massachusetts state lottery instant ticket for the second time in the past year and a half he also won a million dollars back in may of 2018. so this time around, rhodes opted to take his prize in 20 annual payments of $50,000 each. we don't know what the guy does for a living, but we know this guy is the luckiest guy on the
7:32 am
planet. >> he buys scratch off lottery tickets. >> let's get to new developments in the college admission scandal including the decision by lori loughlin to fight the additional charge she is facing nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with the latest on this one miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lori loughlin and her husband say they are innocent despite mounting evidence released by prosecutors. now the hollywood couple seems to be headed to trial. just spotted in public, actress lori loughlin doubling down, despite the latest pressure from prosecutors. now facing a new charge of conspiracy to commit bribery in new court documents filed friday lawyers for the "full house" star and her designer husband mossimo giannulli say the pair plan to plead not guilty, a legal gamble as the company now faces three felonies which combined could mean a combined
7:33 am
prison sentence of 45 years in convicted. >> lori, pay for my tuition. >> reporter: prosecutors allege the pair paid half a million dollars to get their daughters into usc as crew recruits, though neither rode competitively. loughlin allegedly arranging for one of her daughters to be photographed on a rowing machine. in an e-mail in court documents last month, her husband allegedly wrote his accountant, good news, my daughter is in usc, bad is i had to work the system nbc news learning both of loughlin's daughters are no longer enrolled at the elite university. >> i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> reporter: meanwhile "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman is checking off the requirements of her sentence spotted for the first time in public, just days after spending
7:34 am
11 days in prison, capturing the actress leaving a probation meeting in los angeles, now serving one year on supervised release, with her $30,000 fine already paid in full huffman is still required to complete 250 hours of community service. nearly a dozen parents entangled in the scam have already been sentenced to prison, but as she fights the plot is thickening with all signs pointing to a dramatic conclusion in front of a jury. >> the new charges, conspiracy to commit bribery, do we know what the goal is behind the charges. >> prosecutors gave loughlin the opportunity to plead guilty before filing that additional charge it's a deal that several other parents did take they pleaded guilty instead of being charged with the additional felony. loughlin seemed clearly not taking the deal and headed towards trial. >> miguel almaguer from l.a. thank you. straight ahead this morning, are your kids constantly on tictoc we have a new warning from
7:35 am
parents about the wildly popular app, an app that is now the focus of a government investigation. but first, tributes to robert f. kennedy's granddaughter saoirse as we learn more about the circumstances surrounding her untimely death, right after this i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! [ "i fee♪ i feel love smith ] for all the house warmers, we're thinking you. ocean spray farmers harvest we save every drop of rain.
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we are back with the latest on the kennedy fa on the kennedy family's most recent tragedy. >> we are learning more about
7:39 am
the circumstances surrounding the death of robert f. kennedy's granddaughter, saoirse kennedy hill >> good morning, the cause of death is now confirmed but it is still shocking the very drugs saoirse kennedy hill apparently used to help her with depression and anxiety in part caused her death at age 22. this morning, we now know saoirse kennedy hill died of an accidental overdose. her death certificate listing a toxic mix of alcohol and prescription drugs fluoxetine used to treat depression, diazepam, and methadone used to treat opioid addiction. the 2-year-old student at boston college was found unresponsive at her females historic cape cod compound on august 1st and declared dead soon afterwards. rfk junior in his eulogy said she spent the last night of her life having dinner with her grandmother ethel and celebrating the completion of a 25 page term paper for college
7:40 am
with a friend and swimming at dawn before watching the sunrise. she was the only child of senator robert kennedy daughter's courtney, and paul hill, an irishman wrongly convicted and imprisoned for bombing british pubs in the 1970s. saoirse struggling with depression once describing it as a heavy boulder on her chest, writing in her high school newspaper in 2016 she opened up about having previously attempted suicide. and the silent suffering of mental illness, writing too often it feels as if i'm drowning in my own thoughts while everyone else seems to be breathing comfortably. a episode, she urged her classmates to be more open about mental illness, to take away its stigma bravery hailed by her mother's cousin patrick kennedy the day after saoirse died the former congressman is now an advocate for mental health. >> she opened the door for her peers to also come out and not feel shamed by this illness. and she's a real hero in my family >> her uncle rfk jr. saying as
7:41 am
much at the funeral. if anybody ever wondered whether god loved the kennedys, the proof is he gave us saoirse, this brilliant beam of light and laughter >> yeah, it's pretty tough you know, one of the stories they told in the days following her death was that all the family got together down in hyannis port, and spent a saturday night talking about her and what her life meant to them. and i think that's what's happened in the country is as we have learned about this tragedy, the country is now starting to talk a little bit more about mental health, about what it means and the importance about talking about it and not hiding it, which is something she tried to do. >> she was very courageous about that i know after you covered the funeral and service, there seemed to be such a section for this young ladies and the kennedys. >> it was they are uncle rfk jr.
7:42 am
who said that because she was an only child, she sort of belonged to everybody >> thank you, anne. let us switch gears for a moment, get another check of the weather from mr. roker, hey, al. >> we're talking about winter, snowy in anchorage, alaska, only one day they have got less than 2/10 of an inch, normally they have 10 inches of snow across the country, snow totals 15 feet across the rockies, there are more than 4,000 places across the country with more snow than anchorage, alaska, and may add to that as we get to the middle of this week. light snow across the midwest, heavy rain to the southeast on thursday evening then as we move into thursday night and early friday, snow moves into the interior northeast at new england, chilly rain from new york down to d.c a real mess travel wise. then as we move friday into saturday, by friday night, heavier snow up into new england.
7:43 am
too early to give you actual amounts, but we could see heavy snow into parts of new england, interior new england as well, and moderate snow just north of new york city all the way back into western new york, and pennsylvania first major snow good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. dry weather continues for the bay area. we're starting out with cool temperatures that warms up nicely today with highs in the upper 70s, even a few low 80s inland. and over the next several days, no changes as we see cool mornings and warm afternoons. a lot more sun in the forecast and for the weekend, we're looking at highs inland in the mid-70s, while san francisco will mostly stay in the upper 60s and low 70s. and upper 40s to start each day. and that's your latest weather. craig. mr. roker, thank you, we have an amazing story after the break, guys. it's about the widow of a fallen new york city police officer who ran sunday's marathon in his honor. her emotional journey both on
7:44 am
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7:48 am
look at a handful who finished the 26.2 mile journey in new york city yesterday was marathon day in the big apple. lots of inspiring stories. this morning, just one of those. >> yeah, one of them but it's an incredible one lisa tuozzolo one of the 52,000 who took part in the marathon, to honor her late husband paul in the nypd, killed in the line of duty three years ago. morgan radford is here, and you were there at the finish line. >> we were there at the finish line cheering her on she told me yesterday she was never a big runner, maybe a mile here or there, but when the opportunity came for her to run alongside the nypd family, she couldn't say no. at each mile, officers from her husband's precinct joined lisa to help her complete her goal. though it wasn't easy, she knew she had to do it for paul.
7:49 am
an emotional ending 26.2 miles in the making with her nypd family by her side, lisa tuozzolo crossed the new york city marathon finish line. what was that moment like when >> i'm sure paul would be proud, immensely. all of your friends, all of your family swarmed you to cross the finish line? >> it was beautiful. i just wish there was one more person here with me to see that. >> reporter: running in memory of her husband, sergeant paul tuozzolo, who died in the line of duty three years ago. >> i'm sure paul would be proud, immensely. i know that he would be laughing at me a little because i'm wobbling and hobbling now. >> reporter: at each mile of the race, her husband's colleagues joined her they'd promised to help her and her two boys honor all their family milestones like they did two years ago when her oldest son austin started kindergarten, alongside him, 30 officers in blue taking him to the school
7:50 am
bus. and sunday was no different. >> i would not 100% have gotten through it without them. >> reporter: those officers now family for lisa and the boys since losing paul, lisa has made it her mission for her husband to be remembered >> paul's unexpected death has given me purpose. >> reporter: she traveled to different precincts thanks officers for what they do, and on race day, decked out in nypd gear, paul was right there too her bib number, a combination of her husband's precinct and shield number. on her leg, a message of support. never alone, never forgotten those words a reminder that a fallen officer's family is always cared for by the team in blue and much like the race itself, must keep moving forward. >> they're the ones that give m. the strength to keep going every single day, to fight the fight, to push through this awful hand of cards that we've been dealt, and to teach my children, we
7:51 am
don't back down. we don't give up and we keep fighting >> being there with lisa right after she crossed that finish line was so inspiring, her parents and two boys were there cheering her along you could see how special this moment was for every single person who knew paul i want to mention that lisa ran to raise money for the silver shield foundation which helps support the educational costs for any child who lost their parents in the line of duty, guys good day and a good cause. >> thank you, morgan, beautiful. just ahead, we're going to hear from demi lovato, her first interview since an overdose scare. and jada pinkett smith, talking about red table talk. and tim mcgraw is here talking about her fitness journey, after your local news
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now it's 7:56, we still have fog over the golden gate bridge. low visibility, as you're driving across, but mostly clear conditions elsewhere. here's a live look out there in walnut creek and our temperatures start out cool with some low 50s, leading into some mid- to upper 70s by early this afternoon. we're going to see those high temperatures reaching near 80 in a few spots, but mostly some upper 70s. for the afternoon, we're going to see some warmer weather after a very chilly start to the day. and our weather stays on repeat, so we're going to see more weather like this going into the rest of the week. all staying dry. and we're going to see more sunshine, especially this weekend, as we see those high temperatures in the mid-70s. san francisco, staying clear. we'll head up to about 71 today for our high temperature. let's head over to mike now for an update on the commute.
7:57 am
>> kari, in addition to your expected slow spots, we have an issue on the peninsula. a reported crash southbound at 280 at black mountain road, but look at the slowing there. that's causing slowing for southbound 280, a little extra, as well as highway 35. that's skyline boulevard out of san francisco. so use that as a word of caution. a little clearer, a little bit. over at walnut creek, south 680 has a crash around the walnut creek interchange builds. so does the approach, with more slowing now into oakland. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, an unidentified south bay teacher is in hot water for dressing up in blackface on halloween and apparently imitating a rap artist in front of his class. he's now on administrative leave. links to the full story and the video posted by students on our home page. hold the crab, at least temporarily, at least when it comes to the local dungness variety. you can head to the state section on our home page for the
7:58 am
full story there. another local news update is coming up in half an hour. see you for midday at 11:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," battle ready, the whistleblower at the center of the ukrainian phone call controversy now offering to the president steps up his attacks. >> the whistleblower gives false stories. some people would call it a fraud. >> we're live with the latest. plus sounding the alarm. the new concern surrounding the popular video sharing app tictoc and star studded studio.
8:01 am
jada pinkettmith is here and tim mcgraw reveals the inspiration behind his new book 2019. >>. ♪ >> to my mom in little rock, happy birthday granny. >> hi to our today monday, november 4th, 2019 >> georgetown, kentucky. ♪ >> ran the marathon yesterday. welcome back to today. >> it's a good one. >> look at the crowd later in the week dame helen mirren will be here and seth meyers as well.
8:02 am
>> we'll meet marianne miller and have a swearing in ceremony on our plaza >> really good we'll get right to the news at 8:00, the president demanding that the anonymous whistleblower who triggered the original impeachment investigation be publicly identified now. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest on all of it. >> reporter: good morning to you. there is new scrutiny of the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry. according to the person's lawyer, the whistleblower is now offering to answer written questions directly from republicans on the intelligence committee, a way to alleviate gop complaints that democrats control too much of the process. the president is stepping up his attacks against that anonymous person who of course first reported on that phone call with the ukrainian leader in which the president suggested withholding military aid into investigations of the 2016 elections and the bidens the president tweeting this
8:03 am
morning the whistleblower's story is false and saying written answers are not acceptable meanwhile, on capitol hill today, investigators have asked to hear from four administration officials, including an nsc lawyer who apparently instructed a key witness not to talk to anyone about serious concerns related to that ukraine phone call according to a source familiar with the testimony but none of those four people are expected to show up. savannah >> kristen welker, thank you more than 500 oklahoma state prison inmates are expected to go free today in what's being called the largest single day commutation in u.s. history. a measure approved by voters gave nonviolent low level drug offenders a chance at early release. others who committed property crimes under a thousand dollars are eligible last week oklahoma's pardon and patrol board processed hundreds of case and the governor signed
8:04 am
off. the state has been holding fairs to help the inmates find homes and jobs. a sudden shake up at the top of the fast food giant mcdonald's, ceo steve easterbrook was fired over what mcdonald's called a consensual relationship with an employee. that was a violation of policy easterbrook called the relationship a quote mistake he was credited with modernizing mcdonald's and boosting stock value since taking over in 2015. easterbrook was immediately replaced by chris kempczinski, the head of mcdonald's usa. a familiar site at niagara falls has moved for the first time in more than a century, it's the rusty ship that had been stuck on the rocks above the falls since breaking free from a tug boat in 1918. during a fierce halloween storm it flipped over and moved a hundred feet down the river. it's 2,000 feet from the edge of the falls. the wreck looks secure and could
8:05 am
remain where it is for days or years. >> or decades. >> you guys got the news covered. >> yes, kind of a cute "boost," we want to go back a few days to halloween, kids can be possessive about the bag full of candy they collect, which is why people are still talking about this video of a boy in maryland that did such a sweet thing. he saw the candy bowl outside one home was empty he noticed a little girl walking up behind him. he dug into his own bag, he refilled that bowl the homeowner was out trick or treating with her own child, posted the doorbell video online >> wow >> that has already received more than 8 million people saw that >> a young man >> can you imagine being that little one's young mom or dad. you would be so proud. that is incredible. >> wouldn't be my kids but. coming cup, the talk of hollywood, jada pinkett smith is going to tell us how she gets others to be so open and honest on her show "red table talk. and new trouble for tictoc this morning, what parents need to know about the app that's wildly popular with millions of
8:06 am
kids, some growing security concerns this morning. we'll tell you all about it right after this feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪ ♪ everybody needs somebod♪... ♪ find everything you need for the kids this holiday, with low prices and free shipping on millions of items at amazon.
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8:09 am
this morning on "today's" talker, growing concerns over the popular video sharing app called tictoc. >> the this morning on "today's" talker, growing concerns over the popular video sharing app called tictoc. >> the u.s. government has reportedly launched a national security review of the company and its china based owner. vide sharing app that kids and young nbc's tom costello is following this one for us. hey, tom. >> hey, guys, tictoc is this popular way for young people to create really cool videos and share with their friends but with over a billion users, billion with a b, there's growing concern about who's seeing all the personal data that the company collects and now lawmakers on capitol hill are sounding the alarm it's the wildly popular video
8:10 am
sharing app that kids and young adults can't get enough of tictoc, where users can post short clips with flashy effects, surpassed 1 billion installs earlier this year. >> this tiny human has taken me prisoner, i'm being held against my will. >> now the place where animals light up the screen and viral videos make the rounds is finding itself under a new microscope according to reports in the "new york times" and reuters, the committee on foreign investment in the united states has launched a national security review of the company's beijing based owner, bike dance technology it comes amid growing fears on capitol hill that potentially sensitive user data on the app could wind up in the hands of the chinese government the new reports coming two years after the chinese company that owns tictoc acquired a u.s. based social media app called musically, and its hundreds of millions of members. that massive appeal has some wondering whether all that data is safe, escalates tensions between the u.s. and china on trade and technology transfers, tictoc tells nbc news that the company has made clear we have no higher priority than earning the trust of users and
8:11 am
regulators in the u.s., adding part of that effort includes working with congress, and we are committed to doing so. in a letter to the director of national intelligence last month, senators chuck schumer and tom cotton pushed for an investigation into tictoc and other chinese based companies stressing they could pose a national security risk late sunday, schumer telling nbc news that if true, the new reports are validation of our concern, that apps like tictoc that store massive amounts of personal data accessible to foreign governments may pose serious risks to millions of americans and deserve greater scrutiny. >> so tom, we know that this review, it comes also at the time of this national security review, also coming with a separate review, what can you tell us about this. >> reporter: that's right. tictoc itself says it hired an independent security firm to review its data and security practices and that firm tells nbc news that it concluded the data tictoc collects, it's
8:12 am
stored on servers in virginia and singapore, and determined that tictoc it says was not sending the data to china. but again, that's an audit that tictoc itself commissioned. >> tom costello there in d.c., thanks. carson's here, it means it's "pop start" time. >> demo lovato speaking out for the first time since an overdose that left her hospitalized, lovato opening up about the changes she has gone through over the years and how social media bullying has affected her. >> i've gone through a lot and this is like really my first public thing back. like i am human, so be easy on me and i'm so tired of pretending like i'm not human that's one thing i won't do anymore. when you say stuff, it affects me
8:13 am
i am human i try not to look but i see it so like go easy on us, we are humans, you know, and like, we, as in the people that like you're commenting about, you know what i mean, you don't think we see it, but we do. >> lovato adding she wants people to remember she is a singer first, and teased fans in the crowd that some new music is coming and hopes to share it very soon. next up, get ready here, savannah, olivia newton john as i mentioned last week,s actress putting famous film memorabilia up for auction for a great cause benefitting cancer research, including the black leather jacket combo from grease sold for a combined $405,000, way over the estimated 200 k they thought it was going to get. the buyers are remaining anonymous, but savannah we have to ask after your halloween performance as sandy, are you
8:14 am
the anonymous buyer? >> the price was not right for me, but i mean, you know, i understand i never wanted to take the spandex off. >> yours looks good, how much do you think yours would fetch for. >> mine were like 50 bucks. next up, john legend known for his smooth voice and effortless performance, that changed. court his wife chrissy teigen, john got a little wine drunk, and gave a performance at universal horror night ♪ all my perfect imperfections >> that's not the smooth silky john legend that we know. >> what's he wearing >> chrissy was explaining, the whole joke was supposed to be that literally no one was watching or even at the stage but then he, john, got on stage and was like, it's me, john legend, no one was really paying attention. jenna bush hager, as we know, jenna recently gave birth to her and husband henry's third baby, little hal and over the weekend, she shared this cute snapshot writing three months with our sweetest hal and he has already mastered the sly smile, that picture sending the comments section into overload, who does hal remind you of there, grandpa of course we know we have seen that smile, and there you go cute
8:15 am
>> i thought he looks just like jenna, too. finally big news for ellen degeneres, we're happy to announce she'll be the recipient of carol burnett award, 77th annual golden globe, the second to receive the honor, the first being burnett. ellen is a pioneer in the industry, citing sitcoms, daytime talk show and hilarious stand up. >> people do that to me. if i'm out somewhere, and people have a baby, they'll hold it out to me to hold it, and i'm like this is cashmere, no >> you can watch ellen receive the carol burnett award when the globes premier here on nbc. >> going to be a good one rchlt al you have a look at the weather. let's show you the week ahead, we start off with rain and snow showers across the great lakes, pacific northwest, thunderstorms down through the southeast, and for the midweek, we've got a clipper coming across, bringing snow for the great lakes, developing storm through the southwest, warm and dry out west, the end of the
8:16 am
week, maybe the first snow in the northeast and new england. more wet weather down to the southeast. good morning, i'm kari hall, warm weather today after a chicagoey start. all clear sky and quickly warming temperatures today. up to 77 in san jose. as well as the upper 70s in much of the north bay and a few low 80s. keep in mind the sunsets today add 5:07. warm temperatures inland and a cool start each day. that's your latest weather savannah. >> jada pinkett smith leaves it all on the table as host of the facebook watch series "red table talk." every week the three generations of women invite viewers into the smith home, with family, friends and celebrity guests and from
8:17 am
her red table to ours this morning. jada, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know our red table is not quite as fabulous as yours, but i suddenly feel the urge to like spill my guts and tell you everything about my childhood. what is it about the red table? >> i think it's just that, you know a lot of people call it a talk show, it's a story telling show we come to the table to share our stories, you know. >> people really come to your table and share their stories, like they go deep. >> yeah. >> why do you think that is? >> i think because it's a conversation
8:18 am
it's not just a journalistic kind of relating it's like i'm sharing my story as you're sharing your story and so we get into a conversation about mistakes we have made in our lives, lessons we have learned, and, you know, just coming to the table for an aspect of healing as well. and compassion for ourselves, and to help others have compassion for themselves, and for people in their lives. so that's what it's about. it. you know, the red table is really about a healing, it's a healing instrument. >> i think you have almost 7 million followers now. are you surprised that this turned out to be such a huge hit. >> i am. it started off as a passion project. i had no idea. >> you called it a hobby once. >> i did. >> you called it a hobby now it's a career. >> it's become my day job. >> you recently had demi moore on with her daughter and you guys gave us a clip. i wanted to air a little bit of it >> okay.
8:19 am
cool >> do you refer to yourself as an addict? >> i fully identify as an addict, alcoholic. in january, i'll have eight years sober. but it's interesting, i never heard you use language like that necessarily when we were kids, and so i remember even like having a lot of frustration towards you in the times like, you called going away to treatment camp, you know, like i had so much of this un dealt with anger that i hadn't let out because i didn't understand what was going on, and at the time i didn't have a healthy relationship with alcohol. >> yeah. that's the conversation you're talking about. >> yeah, this show in particular is very very special i actually think it's like one of the corner stone episodes for "red table talk" because i'm the child of an addict so is demi i have struggled with codependency issues and my own addictions, so has demi, and now we're talking about that parent pain that travels from parent to child, so now you have three generations, you know, demi having survived her relationship with her mother and actually finding a reconciliation there and now starting that reconciliation process with her daughters, and my mother and i have been through that whole process. so it was a beautiful thing to be able to share in that kind of parental child healing moment
8:20 am
together yeah >> and it's so current here's demi with her daughters and you're sitting between your daughters and your mother. >> and willow and i had a deep healing moment on "red table" because of demi and her daughters coming to share her story. i had a deep moment. >> willow a few times has revelatory moments are you ever like, wow, this is getting real we're on tv but this feels like real life here. >> it is >> we're actually making strides here in our own relationship. >> absolutely. and i think that's the beauty of it, because i think people are
8:21 am
always really trying to figure out how to do that, especially in the family. it's so much pain and trauma that happens within a family and you're always trying to figure out how to get past, what are those conversations, how do you talk about things that are not easy to talk about >> you and willow talked about, you know, being the daughter of two really famous people. >> and struggling with that. >> about what to carry. >> yes demi's daughters talked a little bit about that too, and that's e and 6.7 million of my closest actually where willow, rumor and tallulah really had a, you know, where they could relate, shared a reality. >> now, willow has been a guest on the red table, is that a good, you know, i have a few marital issues, sit down with me and 6.7 million of my closest friend. >> right. >> does he like sitting at the table? >> he loves sitting at the table.
8:22 am
he really enjoys it. let's talk about your mom, gamy as we call her on the show not only is she wise and beautiful, and she has a six pack holy abs, she's incredible the genes in this family are fantastic. >> she's in better shape than me she keeps me on my toes. she's in the gym every day she's something else. >> it's incredible how has it changed your relationship, the three of you have this shared project together >> it's brought us much closer and i've really learned a lot about why sometimes real conversations between parents and children can be difficult. i've learned it through this process of being at the red table, and we have broken a lot of barriers. i mean this table, the red table has been as healing for me as others have said it's been for them, but the dynamic between my mother and i specifically has changed tremendously >> i think that's why people connect with it because you're being your true self and putting it out there but that's a brave thing to do. >> it is but i think in these times it's the only thing to be doing, honestly, you know >> jada, thank you so much
8:23 am
it's so good to see you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> i'll tell you where "red table talk" can be found, facebook watch, noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. >> today with demi moore and her daughters. it's a beautiful one, check it out. take a look at our table, we have the one, the only, tim mcgraw who is here i had the good fortune of hanging out with this guy last night and his beautiful wife faith at a big event, he's promoting this new book called. >> "grit and grace." >> by the way, he packed the joint, a thousand women screaming. >> he was doing that and still on tour. >> how about that. that was an education in itself, hanging out with jon meacham absolutely. >> we're going to talk about this book in a little bit. it's about fitness, which i think we can all use a little bit, but it also talks about tim's life and it's a cool story. >> thank you we had a good time writing it, and actually for me, i learned a
8:24 am
lot in the process of writing it, and it fired me up to get sort of back on track in some of the things. >> you're back on track. we're going to speak with you more in just a bit we'll be back with tim after your local news and weather.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26 i'm marcus washington. in the last few minutes nbc learned that president trump lost the bid to halt a new york grand jury subpoena for his tax returns. it is playing out in connection with the allegations that he paid off two women that he had affairs with leading up to the 2016 presidential election. today a three-judge panel appeals court says they will rule the president's immunity does not extend to this type of case. the president's attorney will likely file another appeal. right now let's look at the
8:27 am
community. >> a big jam right now on the northbound 101. this is university at marsh. that is causing all of this slowing and that is a problem right there. folks jumping in and speeding off on the dumbarton bridge as well. southbound now for 280 it is jammed up, right along truesdale. we have a crash blocking one lane and one additional lane is cleared. just your fast lane that happened in the last 30 minutes. we see the slowing, but over at the kcoliseum it looks like slowing.
8:28 am
shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
8:29 am
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hey, everybody, welcome back to "today." it is 8:30 on this gorgeous monday morning. and we have a beautiful crowd out here. >> marathon runners. >> all right. hey, everybody, welcome back to "today. it is 8:30 on this gorgeous monday morning and we have a beautiful crowd out here >> marathon runners. >> all right so i think the one thing we have to focus on in this gorgeous crowd is where are all the people with the medals from the marathon all right, you all, that was awesome.
8:31 am
how did you guys do, how was your team. >> great, it was a great day weather was perfect to run >> look how happy, you did it. >> it was wonderful. >> how many marathons have you run. >> this is my fourth. >> i was a first timer congratulations, how was it? >> it was awesome. it was exciting, it was wonderful. >> we've got a couple of our own who also ran the marathon. yosef herzog, and our girl, rainy. one of our super producers. >> her tenth marathon. >> 3:33. >> guys, do you know what else, today is rainy's birthday. happy birthday, rainy. >> we're so proud. i mean, can you believe it >> she ran her first marathon 23 years ago. wow. >> rainy, we're so proud of you. >> she was 12 years old when she ran. >> she's incredible. >> meantime, the great tim mcgraw is here, you guys if you liked him before, wait
8:32 am
until you read his book, this guy has come from extreme poverty, he built himself up look at this man today, his mind's in shape, his body is in shape. we're going talk to him about his beautiful book >> one of the nicest people roaming around our studio being the greatest person ever love him. >> he's in more than marathon shape. >> he is >> looking forward to talking to him. from our family's table to yours, my wife siri is here, we're going to lead the recipes in some of our favorite thanksgiving recipes al is going to help us out too. >> something my mom used to make. >> a cocktail my mom used to make around the holidays. >> i enjoy your mom's dish, by the way, sweet potato poom. a consumer confidence show that could make you think twice about what you post online what one mother did when she found photos of her children on
8:33 am
someone else's instagram page. >> oh, wow that's frightening. on the fourth hour, i have two words for you, andy cohen, he'll be co hosting me, and we've got some puppies too mr. roker, you got a check of the weather? >> but first. >> today's weather is brought to you by sleep number, discover the sleep number 360 smart bed for proven quality sleep >> we have a huge marathon crowd here today let's take a look, show you what we've got going on for today, look for a beautiful morning here in the northeast and new england, a frosty start, autumn sunshine out west, northern snow throughout the plains, and then as we move into tomorrow, a clipper comes across bringing more snow. cool showers into the northeast, more storms good mormg, i'm kari hall, just one issue heading out around the bay area today and that is the fog rolling across the golden gate bridge.
8:34 am
as our temperatures warm up to the upper 70s and low 80s it will be warmer than normal reaching 78 in livermore and concord. sunshine throughout the day and nice weather for the weekend. and that is your latest weather. let's go around the horn, now, let's go back inside to hoda. . >> al, i'm very ver and that is your latest weather. let's go around the horn, now, let's go back inside to hoda >> al, i'm very very very very busy, i'm reading the country king's new passi
8:35 am
8:36 am
we are back with a country music ♪ we are back with a country music legend over his storied
8:37 am
career, tim mcgraw has rocked stadiums and arenas around the world but a little more than a decade ago, the father of three found himself at a cross roads with his health and wellness and he decided he was going to make a change he's opening up about his physical and mental transformation, and the book is offering tips and motivation for the rest of us, a beautifully titled book called "grit and grace" hi tim, how are you >> good. >> that seems like the perfect title for a book about you really. >> the sequel to "grits and gravy" growing up in the south, for me, grit is all about, you know, the determination that you build and the hard knocks that you take and how you get up from those things and putting yourself through a process that allows you to build some fortitude, you know, and of course grace is something that we all need and especially in this world today that there's not enough grace, and the thing
8:38 am
that i learned or continue to learn is that you have to learn to give yourself grace and know that you've made mistakes, you're going to continue to make mistakes, you're going to continue to fall down and if you don't learn to give yourself grace, it's hard to give grace to others, and harder to accept grace from others. >> what i love about this book, i opened thinking it was going to be a total fitness book, and what i found in addition was gems about your life, and i felt like it showed me a whole other side to you. when i see you sitting in this chair, i have trouble picturing the little boy who grew up outside of new orleans in like real poverty. >> about three hours north of new orleans, but i think i told you the story, when i hit about 15, we took a trip, us guys took a lot of trips i learned a lot in one night, a month's worth of education in one night. >> what was it like growing up, i know it's tough to put in just a few sentences but what was it like growing up if you in that extreme poverty. >> well, you know, it was off and on, you know, i remember early days, you know, we didn't have a whole lot and then after, you know, my mom divorced and raising us three kids and working three jobs, and just working her tail off, and i can remember her sitting at a table, and going over bills and
8:39 am
sort of just exhausted and crying about paying the bills, and those things growing up, but she always provided for us, and always made us feel like that we could out dream our means, and that was something she always instilled in us, and our mom is our hero she's the one that taught us to persevere. she taught me how to throw a baseball i learned to throw baseballs from my mom. >> wow i think a lot of people look at you, and think of your very famous dad, tug mcgraw, and they think, wow, that must have had a huge influence on your life. >> it did but in a different way than most people think, and i think a lot of people don't
8:40 am
realize i didn't grow up with tug. i didn't know tug was my dad i found my birth certificate when i was 11 years old. like i said, we didn't have a whole lot. i was digging in my mom's closet, and it said something, mcgraw, my name was smith when i was a kid. my step dad's names of smith, and he was a truck driver, cowboy. >> what did you think when you saw those words, tug mcgraw is your dad. >> at 11 years old, it was very confusing and i called my mom, and we drove around all day, and she told me the whole story, told me about it, and i met tug that year, and i never really saw him again until i was 18 years old. >> how did knowing that he was your dad change the trajectory of your life >> i get asked a lot, you know, how could you have any affection for tug who's passed away now, he died of brain cancer at 59. when we were just starting to get to know each other better, but it changed what i thought i could do with my life. coming from the circumstances that i came from, and i felt like when i found that out, you know, he's a professional baseball player who's successful, to me, it made me think that that blood is in my
8:41 am
veins so that ability is in there, so i found sort of that grit inside of me that he must have had in order to succeed at what he did, and it changed what i thought i could make of my life. >> so you meet beautiful faith, you have three great kids, your life is rocking and humming and you have a little bit of that kind of rock star life, and one day faith says to you, honey, you have to decide, is it the party or is it us, you decide. >> look, when things happen and you succeed, and beyond your wildest dreams, and you're playing all of these great shows, and you know, the parties go on and on, and then you're married and you have kids, and all of a sudden your wife looks at you and says, you know, you're getting a little over board and you need to make some decisions it makes a big impact but the biggest impact was my daughter in a lot of ways. it sound like a funny story but it hit me in a big way, it must have been ten or 11 years ago, my oldest daughter gracie is 22, maggie is 21, audrey is almost 18
8:42 am
they're almost grown but i had made a movie and we went to the theater during the holiday season, and i never expected thinking, we were just going to see a holiday movie, and the first thing that pops on the screens is the movie i had done and my face on the screen, i was pretty swollen, my daughter looks at me, and says geez, dad, you need to do something. sort of a gut shot great, there you go. thanks a lot. >> i have to tell you, though, tim, the before and after of your transformation is incredible and the thing i love so much about this book, this is amazing just to see, is you actually give it in bite sized things that all of us can do you started off walking, ended up running and you and your crew instead of drinking and partying before the show, you have a trailer full of weights and ropes and stuff and you're working out. >> we enjoy it, too. it's team building for us. i mean, and we talk a lot about our, you know, our show and what we're going to do and how we're going to improve it, and sometimes we talk about personal stuff. we call it our gorilla yard.
8:43 am
>> do you think anyone can do, i look at this and think it's a long shot. >> everybody is different, and everybody's body different and everybody's time is different and what they do it's not about weight, it's not about, you know, fat versus thin, it's not about any of those things, it's about what feels good to you and how you can take ownership of your body. in this crazy world that we live in, everybody's world, whether it's the micro world you live in or the macro world you live in, there's things you can control there's a lot of things you can't control. first you have to learn to accept there's a lot of things that you can't control the things that you can control, take ahold of those things because it allows you to have discipline over those things, especially your body and health, and so you can be there for yourself, and other people it's not about what i do i'm sort of an extreme person, it's part of my dna. i think a anybody can sort of take control of their lives. >> i think there's no question, it turns you into a better man, a better father, a better husband, performer, people see it on stage, watch your energy
8:44 am
level. the book "grit and grace" is a great one. it was fun hanging with you guys last night thanks, again, tim, we appreciate it the book "grit and grace" more information on our web site on carson, over to you. >> some of the videos of tim working out, it was like looking in the mirror. did you provide them, was that me or him. >> as i'm cutting bacon. on the other side of things, tim if you want to eat a meal, stick around, we've got some good stuff, some of our favorites, siri grew up eating panzanella salad, she's going to make it. a signature cocktail, the daly caruso household, on "today" on
8:45 am
8:46 am
all right, we are back with a special holiday edition of
8:47 am
today food. if you need we are back with a special holiday edition of today's food. if you need recipe ideas for the season, help is officially here. today's food team teamed up with our friends at williams sonoma, it includes awesome things, dylan's crispy bacon brussels with walmart parm crunch is that a thing. >> yes. >> that's amazing, pillow case turkey with gravy, also the printed brochure from william sonoma is currently available, pick it up at all their stores, and this morning, al and my wife siri and i are going to make a few recipes that we contributed to the brochure. al, we'll start with you. >> my mother has made this, and we make it kind of in her memory, and you can use any sweet potatoes, yams, white sweet potatoes, japanese, any number and they all have a little bit of a different flavor
8:48 am
you peel them down, cut them up into like about 2 inch size cubes. i have done a little, a variation of this where i cut them up into slightly smaller cubes and then actually roasted them, and it gives it a slightly nuttier flavor but you're basically going to put these in, boil them about 10, 12 minutes until they get nice and soft. once that happens, you let them cool off, and you've got a little butter. >> just a little. >> just a little butter. you've got some flour. you've got some brown sugar. >> this is healthy >> there's nothing good about this you've got fine crushed pineapple. >> what are the spices >> that's the secret a little pineapple >> you've got nutmeg, some clovers, some salt, and some cinnamon you put it all in. you mash it up until it's, you don't want it smooth, you mash it until it's kind of rough. >> you don't use an electric mixer. >> mash it, a nice workout my mother would make it thanksgiving and christmas bake for 30 minutes at 350, and then you line it with
8:49 am
marshmallows, line that up, put it under the broiler very quickly, you got to watch it every year we would distract my mom so they would catch fire so we always bought two bags of jet puffed marshmallows and, corn bread you can do it two ways, jalapeno, cheddar or plain. >> that's delicious. i never liked the yams at thanksgiving, but this i could get on board that's delicious how is it guys >> yummy. >> if you take the marshmallows off, you can use it as a side dish >> what do you have? >> i'm going to make an autumn panzanella, basically a bread salad, we're going to start with butternut squash, all sorts of fall vegetables in it. >> what does panzanella mean. >> it's a bread salad. >> i did just say that >> there was somebody talking, i couldn't hear. scoop it out, slice it again
8:50 am
like you did. >> so you peeled it. >> that's so husbandy. >> i have selective hearing, i have been told. >> that's absolutely true. >> little cubes over here. so we have them all cubed. we have tomatoes, brussel sprouts. >> who made this, who in your family >> my mom loves a good panzanella. >> did the kids enjoy eating this around the holidays. >> and by the kids, she means you. >> anything with bread in it, i'm a big carb loader, especially right now so salt and pepper, and you're going to roast these about 20 minutes or so. 400 degrees, just until they get kind of caramelized, fork xture. another thing we're going tender you don't want to overcrowd that because then they won't get caramelized. we're going to fry up pancetta,
8:51 am
you cube the pancetta, and this will add crisp to the top. >> if you can't get pancetta, can you use slap bacon. >> absolutely. i love pancetta, the bread and the crispy pancetta. let this saute, and we're going to add sage which will give it a yummy awesome. >> what dressing >> now we're going to make the dressing, we have dijon mustard, we'll add red wine vinegar, maple syrup, more of the yummy fall flavor. >> heaven, delicious. >> what is panzanella. >> we're going to rewind. >> just one question. >> oh, sandy >> oh, sandy >> and then you'll add some olive oil, slowly, that's how it gets nice and thick, and then this is your bread that makes it a panzanella hoda >> bread salad. >> carson what do you do in the kitchen. >> i make the cocktails, if you came to my house, this is my mother's handwriting of the recipe, which we always loved her handwriting, and siri had this made on a towel that sits in my kitchen. so this was cool
8:52 am
and it's a brandy alexander. >> are you done? >> go for it >> this was the cocktail that started in our cocktail around christmas and thanksgiving, and then it became like the drink in the house, and we use it every celebration, birthdays and whatnot, it's a simple recipe as my mom has written out here. it's 1 1/2 cups of brandy to a cup of cream de cocoa. that's the ratio, and a cup of half in half that's basically it. we added ice somewhere along the line, i added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. >> it's very light. >> just a little bit >> good for the kids too, right. >> no, this is not, although, yeah, you can make the mock tail version of this. >> my first christmas with the dalys, i had a dangerous amount of those >> it should be milk shake consistency. this was such a big part of our family, we had a dog, we named the dog brandy alexander, because it was a white fluffy dog, with a little bit of brown like nutmeg. this is a cocktail, brandy alexander, head to for all of them, and more from the thanksgiving dinner brochure and find out how you can attend a thanksgiving cooking class on november 13th at williams sonoma store right
8:53 am
near you. >> i would watch this cooking show
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you, siri. >> that thank you, siri. thank you, siri. >> that was delicious. >> bread. >> what are you looking up >> sweet potato poom. >> it was good speaking of holiday eats, just ahead on the 3rd hour, a fun twist on some other favorites. make ahead monday. then on the fourth hour, andy cohen is coming back as our co host, the doctors from the hit series "botched" have you seen that show >> no. >> what's it about, botched surgery? >> you know the ending >> that's dark. >> how do you feel by the way?
8:56 am
>> i feel great. >> me too, thanks. >> you bet you're barely showing. barely showing. >> you get that every day. >> yes, i do i do >> pleasure as always, thank you so much. we'll be back right after this first a check of your local news, your weather and these messages. >> and your panzanella >> nice to see you too hey, everybody we have a special guest in the house, and you don't want to miss. >> i'm h good morning, it is 8:56. a new announcement this morning from apple and ceo tim cook promising $2.5 billion for east california's housing crisis. $1 billion will go towards an affordable housing fund that will develop low and moderate housing income across the state.
8:57 am
another $1 million will assist first time home buyers and they will offer land for affordable housing and the tech giant is putting $150 million in into area housing funds. happening now, chris sanchez digging deeper and what it may mean for the bay area. a live report during our midday newscast, more of that back story will be right at the top of our home page. an unidentified south bay teach sere er is in hot water f dressing up in black face and m imitating a rap artist in front of his class. and hold on to the crab temporarily and when it comes to local varieties. state leaders may be ready to hit pause on the upcoming season but not for the reasons you think. go to the state section of the page for more. e to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is the "3rd hour of today." >> happy monday. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to the 3rd hour of "today," craig, allen. >> first of all, we know who you are. you should know who you are. >> we can't take for granted that people are tuning in every day. >> that's true. >> al roker, this is sheinelle jones. otherwise known as allen. >> or albert roker. this is dylan dreyer, we should point out, we don't usually talk about fashion, but dylan dreyer, you're rocking som


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