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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathie. apple will recruit more than $2 billion to help the housing crisis in the bay area. our business and tech reporter scott budman broke the news this morning for us on twitter. tonight he shows us where else that money is going. >> reporter: it is the most valuable company in the world, and now apple has earmarked $2.5 billion to help ease the california housing crunch. >> it could be a little stressing at times. >> reporter: stressful for the agholor family of san jose. they're renters soon to have their third child. shopping at walmart to save money so they can someday own a. we lived in arkansas for two years and it was affordable here. here, we have to shop here so we
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can afford our food. >> this is a really exciting day for affordable housing. >> reporter: here's how apple will divide the 2.5 billion. 1 billion going into an affordable housing investment fund in california. a billion for housing assistance for first time buyers. 300 million will be apple owned property for construction of housing. 150 million will help housing trust silicon valley. and 50 million will support the homeless. >> the homeless problem is a big deal around here. >> we have programs in place. >> reporter: he plays apple money will go to work. >> we're funding service providers to offer homelessness prevention services but we're not doing it to scale. we have almost 10,000 people on the streets in santa clara county. >> this impacts so many of us. scott joins us now near an
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development being built for low and middle income. apple and google, facebook also getting involved in this. is this a proactive move to avoid government regulation or pressure here. >> reporter: i think a proactive movement and i think there's been pressure from the government and the public. if you think about other countries, it's likely 2019 will go down as the year this kind of giving became in vogue. facebook pledging a billion dollars, microsoft 500 million. you add in apple's money, it's a cool $5 billion to fight the housing crisis. apple tells us it will take two years to distribute the money. >> scott budman reporting from san jose. >> we know it's expensive to live around here, but who owns the silicon valley? this week our investigative unit is following the money and who's buying up all the properties. tonight at 11:00 we investigate how their financial gain impacts you.
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the situation continues to improve for people in sonoma county as fire crews battle what's left of the kincade fire. the sheriff's office lifted all evacuation warnings. cars can come and go without special passes. in the fire fight crews have reached 80% containment. the kincade fire started on october 23rd, destroyed 374 structures. people are focusing on rebuilding. hundreds of people lined up to get help. nbc bay area jodi hernandez is live at the community center with more of the help being offered and so many victims showed up today, jodi. >> reporter: so many, and there's still folks out here adas you can see. this is described as awe one-stop shop. people can get financial and housing assistance, even emotional support.
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and it's help that's badly needed. >> this is just getting very overwhelming. very over wheming. >> reporter: kathleen conners is one of hundreds who lined up today hoping to get help after the kincade fire swept through sonoma county destroying 374 homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. >> it's very humbling. >> reporter: conners has been through this before. she fled from her home in the valley fire, then lost her new house in the tubs fire two years ago. this time around her house is standing. she's dealing with smoke damage, food losses, and seven days of hotel expenses. >> oh, my gosh, there's no words for it. it's -- you know, and then you think home fires do you have in you? >> reporter: sonoma county opened an assistance center today so fire victims can get theel need in one location, anything from food and housing benefitting to replacing
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a driver's license can be found here. >> there's people all over who really want to help them recover from this disaster and they can find the help here. >> reporter: mariah and her newborn evacuated for a week. their house survived, but they're struggling. >> everything went bad so we don't have any food at the house right now. it's like ramen noodles. it would be nice if we can get something better for our bodies. >> reporter: conners says she's grateful for the help but with three fires under her belt, the retired teacher isn't sure she can take much more. >> we're still standing. we're still's somete live. we're told this assistance center will be open from 10:00 a.m. wednesday. the county says they will extend it another day if they need to. reporting live in sonoma county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a difficult road ahead. thank you so much, jodi.
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not a crime, that's what police concluded about a bullying case. we first told you about this story at wilcox high. students claim football players bullied a male cheerleader including homophobic slurs. police have concluded the investigation and said today the actions were hateful, threatening, and mean spirited. however they do not rise to the level of a criminal threat. a high profile meeting happening within the hour in palo alto. it's called a poland mark moment in the fight to end online hate speech. mark zuckerberg has invited to his home one of the best known muslim rights advocates. they'll discuss the efforts to e are move antimuslim hate speech from facebook. she spoke exclusively with us. robert handa joins us with that interview. robert. >> reporter: well, this could be
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a game-changing meeting with cara getting a chance to speak directly to mark zuckerberg in his home away from any other distractions. kara is a national rights advocate. she previously served as counsel for the u.s. senate judiciary committee. althou although kara has created many links, some argue getting facebook to monitor and audit antimuslim hate content would have more impact, especially with the heightened tensions such as the ongoing fight over the muslim ban. zuckerberg and facebook have taken heated criticism for not doing enough about the content including being called a megaphone for hate against muslims. cara says she's looking forward to this opportunity to talk about all this with zuckerberg up close and possible.
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>> mark as the ceo has that ability to set the direction for his company and engineers to say this is a priority. we need to be serious about removing hate from the platform. >> so, in talking to him directly, do you feel as though what he needs to do is make antimuslim hate messages a higher priority? >> yes, absolutely. i think mark needs to make this a high priority. let me say this, robert, muslims might only be 1% of the u.s. population, but we're 1/4 of the world's population. >> and khera says if this meeting doesn't go well, they may have no choice but to go to the government to help regulate facebook. facebook has stepped up efforts to fight hate speech including a so-called hate speech crackdown which included a ban on a series of high profile far right commentators buchlt that also led to accusations that zuckerberg's company was trying to silence free speech. so, it's going to be quite a meeting with a lot to talk about. live in redwood city, robert
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handa. folks across the bay area open in less than 13 hours from now. ballots are being counted in a brand-new way. nbc bay area mark matthews is with us. >> reporter: about 65,000 of these ballots have been turned in so far. that's out of an expected 100,000. so, the turnout a little bit low. the director of elections holding out hope tomorrow could be a big day. in terms of how the ballots could be counted, tomorrow is going to be groundbreaking no matter who wins. out in front of city hall, people have been dropping off mail in ballots all day while across the street supervisor san dali lead a protest over how the police officer union has weighed . $0,000 to buy this race.
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>> reporter: she's married to a police officer and led this protest against the police union over money that she says funded mailers attacking deputy public defender and d.a. candidate boudin. the union responded with a statement that did not address the mailer but called boudin inexperienced and dangerous. what we haven't seen before is this. san francisco's ballot counting machines that will allow you to personally inspect every vote cast in every precinct in the city. >> the voting system actually takes a picture of every ballot card that is read. >> reporter: every ballot photographed and every vote not only counted but machine will inclu explanation of how it interpreted every mark place on the ballot. within a few days, every photographed ballot will be put on the internet for people to inspect. >> essentially people can count
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the votes themselves and do comparison to their counts to what the department released as the official result. >> reporter: when they go on the internet all the ballots will be organized by district and each of those districts will be broken down into separate p precincts. the names on the ballots will be redacted. >> thank you, mark. be sure to neck out our website for up to the minute election results. we'll be pushing out results through our free nbc bay area app. up next, it's the video we've been talking about in the news room and the community today. that b.a.r.t. worker rescues a the tracks with the train coming right down the track there. we'll hear what he has to say next. it is cti urgency of gettin this right. >> the cause of bigger, hotter wild fires.
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coming up we investigate how he wants to make change to make us safer. a cool 63 in san jose right now. i'll show you what you should be watching out for tomorrow morning. i'll have that update in six minutes. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone.
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a high school teacher is on administrative leave after a video shows him teaching in black face on halloween. a student shot the video and posted to twitter. tas high school. the teacher was imitating a commercial. students identify him as engineering teacher david carter. >> he needs to think of the kids viewsec lder to them, you know? and they look up to him. so, i feel like for him being a
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teacher he should have thought of it, like, twice. >> the fallout as you can imagine is swift. today the naacp sending the letter to the district superintendent demanding the teacher be fired. the superintendent says the teacher's actions were insensitive. the latest round of fires have set off a fire storm of tweets. the president tweeted governor newsom has done a terrible job. he says the same thing happens every year. governor newsom fired back saying you don't believe in climate change. you are excused from this investigative unit dug into the issue of forest management
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and many scientists find the current approach is wrong. investigative reporter steven stock is here with this development. >> janelle, the common wisdom up until now has been to thin out a forest following a wild fire to prevent future fires. but nearly 300 scientists now say their research shows that's actually making california wild fires burn faster and hotter. >> reporter: congressman ro khanna from insanity clara wants an overhaul of management policies in california. >> because we don't have the right science, it is costing us lives and that is the you are generality of getting this right. >> reporter: congressman khanna says getting it right means leaving the forest alone. in a letter to the forest industry service he writes wild fires spread faster and burn more intensely in an area that has been clear cut for timber. for decades the service h
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partnered to clear away trees. >> removing the fuels and hazards is just a step in the process. >> reporter: dr. frank says the agency also cuts smaller trees, removes flammable material, and plants new seedlings. >> once all those are completed, the fire intensity is significantly less. >> it's a dangerous falsehood. it's the opposite of the truth. >> reporter: dr. shad hanson says his research shows that when the federal government removes trees, the area often turns into a highly says when d they become natural fire barriers. >> they stoke up and retain huge amounts of soil moisture. they're like giant sponges than they are like fuel. >> reporter: dr. hanson is among 290 scientists who have written congress urging lawmakers to
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scale backfire logging. their research shows removing dead trees can increase the inflammatoribility of a forest. congressman khanna is spearheading a movement he hopes will bring policy in line with the latest science. >> the government is not paying sufficient attention to science, reason, and technology. that is what we need to do. what's at stake is the safety of californians. what's at stake is the safety of our forests and open space. >> now, this is such a game changer that congressman khanna plans to hold hearings on capitol hill on how to use the latestci technology to control future wild fires. he says it's time scientists had a seat at the table. we'ltasor hours when we talk about wild fires and the forest here. jeff raniere,etk about the local weather on this monday. >> and thankfully we do like last week. at least the fire danger is down
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as we head throughout the next couple of days. we'll take you outside to the microclimate forecast. yes, that sunset's coming earlier, right around 5:00 and your sun rise later, just after 6:30 in the morning. we're all getting adjusting to that time change today. might make you feel out of wh whack. you can see it is dark out here right now. mostly clear. we do have a little bit of fog right back there near the golden gate bridge that's starting to form. i do think as we move through tomorrow morning, go near the coast you're going to see the fog. i'll show that to you in a second. i wanted to get eight look at the overall temperatures to start. it'll b north bay, not as cold as recently. 46 in napa, 44 in santa rosa, near the coastline low to mid it'sery isolated right there as we told you through san sco
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d also through the bay. fog for tomorrow morning. the good news by the afternoon we get the sunshine back and temperatures warm up. you can see it in the forecast. upper 70s and low 80s in the east bay. near the bay, 77 in palo alto, 74 in oakland, 64 san francisco, and low 80s through the north bay. at 6:48 tonight we'll take a look at the rain outlook. what i'm seeing the next two weeks above average temperatures in the west. we'll have the rain outlook in about 25 minutes. i'll see you then. >> thanks so much jeff. up next, pulled from the tracks just in time. amazing video shows a b.a.r.t. worker saving a man's life. find out why he says he's no hero. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle
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reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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not often we see something like this, a life-saving act. you can see it there. a b.a.r.t. passenger falls on to
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the tracks right as that train is pulling into the station. take a look again. a b.a.r.t. employee pulls him right there to safety. this happened at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station right after yesterday's raiders game. >> melissa colorado spoke to that b.a.r.t. worker. she joins us live from the station in oakland. we've seen this video over and over. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: i know. i've rewatched it like 15 times. the man's name is john o-conner. he's just blown away from the attention he's been getting. he's been working for b.a.r.t. for 24 years. it's what he did in three seconds that's earning him praise from around the country. >> it really feels awkward to be called a hero. >> reporter: if every super hero has a super hero, john o-conner's power is his attentiveness. the b.a.r.t. supervisor was on
6:25 pm
the platform of the coliseum station directing the tens of thousands of raiders fans who were leaving the stadium. out of the corner of his eye, he saw a young man flip into the tracks. >> i saw the headlights and i saw him and i was like he ain't gone make it. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says there's no way the train could have stopped. it takes three heart stopping seconds for o-conner to scoop up the rider and pull him out of the tracks before the train swoops in. the rider was intoxicated at the time. >> he got to go home. hopefully he cures cancer or something. he seems to be a young man, got a lot of life ahead of him. >> reporter: video taken moments after the daring rescue shows r. rids clapping and praising o'connell as he embraces the man whoav it forwa. >> reporter: a close call. b.a.r.t. riders think it's time to make the platforms safer. >> they could use some kind of
6:26 pm
barrier to prevent that from happening in the future too. >> reporter: a humble employee coming to terms with the new job title, hero. >> thank god he gets to see another day. >> reporter: and b.a.r.t. says this is a great reminder for riders to stay vigilant at all times and keep a safe distance between you and the platform edge. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. he is a hero. up next at 6:30, it's monterey county's version of the shaw shanks redemption. new photos showing how two murder suspects escaped jail. >> what she had to say about president trump as part of the impeachment inquiry. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now at 6:30, two accused murderers on the run after a daring escape from the monterey county main jail. tonight, that man hunt continues. those escapees considered armed and dangerous. >> how did they escape? damian trujillo jail. >> reporter: the escape happened yesterday morning behind the high walls and the barbed wire. two accused murderehoay into a crawl space and vanished. the sheriff's office is asking itself a lot of questions as they look for these two dangerous men. the caper seems pretty brazen.
6:30 pm
the sheriff's office released these photos of the hole the inmates drilled and used to escape. >> it is a head scratcher to figure out how did they find this spot? how did they do this? >> reporter: the fugitives are both 19, from salinas, and awaiting trial for murder in unrelated cases. the suspected gang members could now be anywhere. as they hunt for the two men, they're also trying to figure out what tools were used to dig out and if the inmates had help inside or out of jail. >> somebody could get in trouble for hashering or hiding them, yes. we're in two people, the t of p we don't live the way are we used to. >> reporter: residents are tired of tis man says everyone in salinas is in danger because these two men are on the loose. >> we consider them very dangerous.
6:31 pm
please don't approach them. >> reporter: the sheriff is offering a $5,000 reward for the capture of the men and every law enforcement agency in the state has their picture. >> okay, damion. thank you for that update. still no trace of the gunman who opened fire at a house party in arenda killing five people. investigators are remaining tight lipped about the shooting. today our cameras captured a car of a party goer being towed from the house. more than 100 people were at that party on halloween night when someone opened fire. tomorrow night the arenda city council will meet to discuss the future of air of the two rudy g associates arrested last month is now willing to cooperate with congress. also today, house democrats released transcripts from two witnesses, former state department official michael mckinley and former u.s.
6:32 pm
ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch. we testified president trump pressed for her removal even though she was told she had done nothing wrong. >> i really don't know her but if you look at the transcripts, the president of ukraine was not a fan of hers either. he did not say glowing things. >> ambassador yovanovitch had a well-known reputation as a fighter of corruption. >> yovanovitch told house members she had fears after learning allies of the prent lo analyst larry gursen here. impeachment is not a removal. >> it's a charge. you're charged with whatever actions are taken. conviction happens in the senate. >> house democrats want this to happen quickly. are they going down the right path here?
6:33 pm
>> it's hard to know if it's the right path but it's the path they want after they've done this digging. they've almost done with that, another week or so. shortly after that they'll be holding open hearings. that will be where republicans who have been involved all along get their chance to ask questions and the president will be represented by people there as well. so, it's going to be a very open procedure from this point on. >> the democrats run the house. there's a decent chance it'll move past the house. there will be impeachment there. en senate. are republicans, any chance to budge here? it seems there's no way out here he will not be impeached on the senate side? >> it's so hard to know what's going to come out at the end of these hearings. there may be something we don't know right now that leads republicans to say enough is enough. it's hard to imagine that 20 republicans will come over because that's the number you need before the 2/3 vote in the senate. they've got plenty of ammunition themselves, republicans. some republicans are saying that impeachment is not the same thing, it's just bad judgment. this president has bad judgment. >> was this impeachable?
6:34 pm
>> exactly. other republicans are saying we're just months away at that point from election. why not make it more democratic and let the public speak, let the voters speak. the third argument they make is what quid quo pro. after all ukraine received their military goods. so, those are the kinds of arguments they're mountding as th gething very hot and heavy in the final rounds before it goes to the senate. >> a year from now will we look back and say the their time on this as opposed to the election? >> some will say no doubt about it. others will say the choice. they view the you president as wielding such power beyond constitutional rights. a lot of other things between now and next november. but this will become an issue at the center fold. >> one other thing we will see you tomorrow for local election. there's a lot of things on the table tomorrow. >> absolutely. you're seeing in san francisco who gets to be da, things like that. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
6:35 pm
back to you. >> thank so much. zblnchs today a bay area parent charged in the college admission scandal reports to ryme. huneeus was sentenced to five years in prison. he was fined $100,000. he was the fifth parent to be sentenced in the scandal and so far his five mon sentence is the longest. less than two weeks after serving her time, actress felicity huffman has begun her community service. she was sentenced to 14 days prison and 250 hours of community service. she was released early from dublin federal correction institution last month. over the weekend she was seen outside an l.a. rehab center for teenagers. she's believed to be working with at-risk and sex trafficked young women. a new organization called transportation demand management
6:36 pm
coalition has its sights set on breaking up the traffic jams in the bay area. it plans to do it by convincing the 70% of commuters who drive to work alone to leave their cars at home. they plan to develop rewards programs for ride sharing. they'll partner with hitch, that's an app that tracks ride sharing and pays. the hope is cash incentivese t p driving solo. facebook is rebranding. the company is taking action to differentiate the app from a company as a whole. the new logo today, the name facebook is in capital letters with a custom font that represents the entire facebook company. but the facebook app itself will still have the iconic blue logo. as for the company, facebook owns like instagram and whatsapp will start to see the logo on
6:37 pm
those apps. up next at 6:00, president obama is coming to town later this month. how much are tickets to see him as this fund-raiser? here's a hint. tens of thousands of dollars. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association.
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a brush fire scared homeowners in fremont this morning. it burned less than an acre before firefighters put it out. no homes burned and firefighters say it was because they recreptly cleared brush from around those homes. a happy ending to a bizarre dog napping. this morning a volunteer at the berkeley humane society stole a dog named ribbon from the shelter. police were called as other volunteers tried to track down that dog. in an odd twist, ribbon was found back at the same shelter. it's unclear how the dog was returned, but everyone is sure happy to have him back. >> i am feeling so relieved. it felt this morning like there was just -- nothing was quite
6:40 pm
right and now we're back to everything being back. >> ribbon is a six month old terrier mix and is expected to be put up for adoption. it may be legal to use marijuana in california but it's different story when it comes to growing it. state agencies have eradicated nearly 1 million pot plants this year. 148 people have been arrested and 168 weapons have been seized. california's attorney general says illegal devastate communities and are damaging to the water supply environment. okay. guess who? president obama is coming back to town. if you want to see him, it'll cost you. the mercury news reporting top tier tickets to the event will cost about -- is that right? >> yes. >> 350,000 bucks. that will give you access to a
6:41 pm
dinner and premium aseine tans the fund-raiser is coming up in a couple of weeks at the home of dr. jurgensen. you can get in for 10,000 bucks. that's a basic ticket. for 35,000, you can take a picture with president obama. this will be his first political event of the 2020 campaign. that's it? just 35,000, 10,000, and 350,000? >> he draws big crowds for the democratic party. >> november 21st, loss altos hills if you're interested. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> i think over the next seven days we have beautiful weather coming in. want to give you a check at the warriors game if you're on the way getting a little bit of a late start, take your jacket. we have 50s outside as you approach the chase center. i'll have the full forecast in . >> a.c., furnace, and car might be housing residue from the fires. we'll help you check for it next. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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as firefighters start to gain the upper hand on the fire burning in sonoma county, the ai qualityimproved zplch. >> we are breathing easier, but it could be trapped in the car. >> take a look at your air filters. i want to show you this. some viewers sent photos of air filters side by side, the ones inside and the ones that are side by side.
6:45 pm
look at that contrast. this is from vida. she snapped this video and is convinced -- there is dust in there -- but also kincade smoke and ash in there too. james in oakmont sent us another photo, same situation here. you can see the big contrast. he said he had just replaced that filter about a month and a half before the kincade fire started. so, he's thinking there are definitely smoke particles trapped in there. so, he went with the new one. y recommendation here from the bay area air quality management district. it recommends what's call a merv 13, minute numb efficiency reporting value. the important part is the number 13. that's on the scale and that where you get to the point it's going to filter out smoke. you might not need a merv 13 year around but you might want
6:46 pm
to have one or two on stand by for those times when our air quality drops. how do you know what your unit needs? well, like i sauls say, you probably want to read the owner's manual for specifics. one last note, your car likely has an ac air filter as well. sometimes called the cabin area filter. it's sometimes located behind or near the glove box. check that out too. don't know where it is? read the owner's manual. we have more wild fire advice on our website >> there's a note in the manual for the car? >> i know, right? >> i've got to think about the glove box now. >> a tesla is just a pdf. >> the filter, great reminder, i totally forgot. >> thanks chris. good news, people, nbc is launching a new streaming
6:47 pm
service and it's free. it's called peacock coming out next spring. it will include classic series like "the office" and "parks and rec." there will be two versions of the service. one will be free but that will include ads. the other will be ad free bute. >> we love the streaming es, pe and apple andcoming. >> it's 130 bucks all of a sudden. >> you could get all the cable bundles. >> you've got to figure it out. >> at least the weather is free. this forect the next couple of days, any time we get nice weather lately it seems like a bargain. as we bring you into the microclimate forecast we want to let you know about an air quality alert over the next 24 hours. there are a little bit of smoke particles coming down from the ranch fire which started this weekend southwest of red bluff. the smoke does not look
6:48 pm
extremely thick but we think we'll have moderate air quality tomorrow. wanted to update you on that. if you are super sensitive, have respiratory problems, this may become a little bit of an issue for you. tomorrow morning's forecast, no problems to start. patchy fog near the bay, also the coast. 50 near the peninsula. for the south bay, lots of 48 for the south bai and chilly 46 in the tri-valley. 52 for san francisco and 57 for the east bay. noets north bay is chilly 45ut in the 30s. a cold start but not as cold as it has been lately. as we push through the afternoon, goeft a nice day coming on in. 83 in gilroy, 79 in san jose, not windy.
6:49 pm
to contra costa and alameda counties, low. ocean breeze in half moon bay, 66 degrees, over to redwood city, 76, san francisco no big problems tomorrow. sunshine for the afternoon. 68 here on engel side. 65 for the marina. through wine again will be lig six-miles-per-hour. extended forecast in san francisco, upper friday. not overly arm. no issues is next seven days. inland valleys, also beautiful weather. check this out. no big wind events coming our way this week. upper 70s and low 80s through the up coming weeking. the nice thing would be a little bit of rain fall. we don't have it the next seven days. i think right now the way the forecast look, dry the next two days, in fact much of the west coast as you can see on the forecast map. let's go a little bit more into
6:50 pm
this. through about november 13th we have high pressure. i think it's going to keep our best rain chances away. once we hit november 20th into december 5th we have about a 55% chance of seeing the rain fall chances start to increase. that would be good for us. so, no rain on that seven day forecast right now but possi it log. look at it things just keep getting pushed back, pushed back, pushed back. but i'm your advocate. when we gettle bit of chance coming your way, i'll have it for you. >> we'll sea the 80s on the weekend. can't complain. thanks jeff. a bay area high school star returns home for the first time as an nfl player. his road to the big time has been challenging. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum...
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while the undefeated 49ers are grabbing the headlines, the raiders are quiet. this is a homecoming for one of the lions players. here's anthony florez. >> mitt bottan never dreamed of
6:54 pm
playing in an nfl game at the oakland coliseum. drafted in the 7th round of san diego state where he changed from quarterback to fullback, the former star was a long shot to even make the team. he missed all of last year, his rookie season, after teari acl during minicamp. a lot of amazing oad and people around me. it really helped me out a lot, helped me get here now. >> his family and friends were at the coliseum cheering him on. >> seeing him it's just amazing. he was injured and percent received. >> it's been a dream come true. he's had ups and downs on the ride and he's healthy and killing it out there having a blast. >> he's worked hard to get where he is, and it shows in the field. so, we're super stoked to see him on the field. >> it's a surreal moment to see them up there hooting and
6:55 pm
hollering. >> he was not the only player celebrating a bay area homecoming. >> it's always g re ti haven't been back to thisa since i left. so, it's always a pleasure to play here, definitely. >> fbauden, this was his first time playing here and he hopes his journey will inspire others from the bay area to chase their dreams. >> anything's possible. it doesn't matter what road you take. and you've got a lot of ups and downs, but it's about how you rebound after that. and you can really do anything you want to put your mind to. >> in oakland, anthony flores. >> congrats, nick. great to see his whole family too. tonight at 11:00, rich land owners and tech giants, who owns billions of dollars worth of silicon valley property and do they have a responsibility to help those who need an affordable place to live?
6:56 pm
the next installment of our series "who owns silicon valley." >> before we go, jeff talking about the warm temperatures. it's warm when the sun is on you. staing to feel it, 5:08. sunrise 6:37ing. beautiful week. upper 70s and low 80s. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows?
6:57 pm
chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.ics.g.
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athe any size. and monet is our ground breaker. >> i love playing around with what's masculine and what's feminine. >> i was with there in the other room with 911 panicking. >> rumer willis shares every detail witnessing demi's overdose. and has little billy started a john reveals al >> it was


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