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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 6, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PST

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here's a live look from salinas where we expect a news conference to start any moment now. you see where the sheriff's deputies were monitoring that. we are going to bring you more details on the inmates escape.
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turning to decision 2019 here in the bay area, it wasn't really much of a race for san francisco mayor london breed is the declared winner. but the race for san francisco's next district attorney is far from over. in fact, that race is still too close to call right now. >> nbc bay area's pete is live with those details. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. susie and chasea are the last two candidates standing in this race to become the next district attorney san francisco. get this, guys. it is too close to call that they're only separated by a mere 240 votes. now loftus is of course the familiar name. she is a former prosecutor and president of san francisco's police commission and was appointed as interim district attorney by san francisco mayor london breed following that abrupt departure of then district attorney george i orde to run for the same position in l.a.
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boudin's background is a public defender. and he represents a more progressive option, especially when it comes to the area of criminal justice reform. as far as those results go, boudin actually had more than 2,000 raw votes.
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reelection with 100% of the precincted reporting. reed has 68% of the vote. this is her first four-year term. she won a special election last year to serve out lee's term and she took a moment to thank supporters last night but the mayor said there is still a lot of work to do. >> i'm excited but i'm also
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anxious to continue to get the work done because i want them to be proud of the decision that me made. i want them to see a difference and be happy about the conditions of san francisco and that's going to take a lot of work. >> san francisco voters decided key propositions getting national attention. approving prop a to sell $600 million in bonds for affordable housing funding. also the largest sale of bonds in san francisco history. while voters said no to prop c which would have overturned the recent ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and too close to call for prop d which would add a tax to every one of your ride-share trips. as far as east contra costa county, voters in brentwood clearly said no to a well-known farmer's plan to build 2400 new homes there. the hotly-debated proposal l in brentwood would expand the city limits to add low income housing
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west of highway 4. about 70% said no. opponents claim it would bring bumper-to-bumper traffic to brentwood residents who already make long commutes. prop l is the talk of the tone. both sides collecting signatures and picketing at intersections. 43% of registered voters showed up to the poll. that is a nyhub for any off-year election. on the other side of the county, in el cerrito, approved in 2,000, 79% say thumbs up and it got a needed two third majority to pass. we're updating the website with the latest numbers as they come in and that is and pushing our results out through our free nbc bay area app. a follow up out of the city of orinda taken emergency action to ban short-term r k thursday night at an airbnb rental. last night the city council
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directed taf to prepare an emergency ordinance to ban unhosted short-term rentals. the city council is expected to give formal approval at the next meeting on november 19th. the new ordinance will require that owners of the short-term rental be present when they rent the property. the property owner was not present during that party on halloween night. airbnb said the renter was deceptive and violated the no house party rule for the rental. last night in front of the packed house, the city council considered other restrictions including an outright ban on airbnb sand also requiring a minimum number of days for a short-term rental. >> i think just having more regulation isn't going to work unless there is real rigid enforcement. >> just ban them all because chief doesn't have enough police officers to deal with this. >> law enforcement has not yesterday made an arrested in connection with the thursday
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shooting but as we've been reporting, nbc bay area news learns two victims might be linked to the 2015 shooting in san francisco in which four people were killed. a teenage girl is dead and another boy hurt after a double shooting in antioch. police responded to shots fired in a neighborhood south of highway 4 last night. when they arrived they didn't find any victims but then a short time later two 17-year-olds somehow managed to get to an emergency room. but it was too late. the girl died. the gunman is not in custody. new video of a massive burn scar from the kincade fire as seen from space. now the burn areas appear as dark gray while hot spots where the fire is still smolderin are yellow. the town of healdsburg is down here in the center. firefighters still on track to have the kincade fire fully contained by tomorrow. right now they have it 88% contained. 78,000 acres burned. happening today, the town of windsor will hold the first city
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council meeting since the fire. peo approve a move to help people in restaurants and wineries file insurance claims for losses caused by the power shutoff. time to look at our shot over the golden gate bridge. we couldn't see it this morning because the fog was out in full force. but if you like the weather in the bay area right now, it is going to be sticking around so you are in luck, no rain in the forecast. which is good for plans but bad for fire situations. >> right. it is good to at least see some fog to start out of the morning because that means the humidity is higher. and this is a picture from sebastopol this morning showing the fog and it is such a beautiful shot. and i always love when you send me your weather pictures. this is going to be what we'll see throughout the next several mornings. a lot of sunshine too. let's get a look at our live views around the bay area. looking at san jose where the skies are now clearing, we did have some clouds here this morning. and also fairly cool start.
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looking at dublin, you could still tell it is hazy out there. so as we go into the rest of the day, our skies will cg. we're looking at some mid-70s for this afternoon. reaching up to about 76 degrees during the middle of the day. so we'll talk about what is ahead in the rest of the forecast and also some events going on coming up in a few minutes. thank you. a developing story, shock and outrage on both sides of the border as more news emerged about the killing of nine american women and children living in mexico. the mexico government said drug gangs are behind the killing and trump said u.s. law enforcement are ready to join the fight. nbc's miguel almaguer has more from the tucson hospital where survivors of the attack are recovering. >> four of my grandchildren are burnt and shot up. >> reporter: a shocking crime of the cold-blooded assault on an innocent american family. three mothers and six children ruthlessly gunned down in the desert of northern mexico. one of their vehicles torched
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with babies trapped inside. >> look at bullet holes -- >> reporter: the attackers believed to be part of a local cartel still at large. >> it is really hard to look at those charred skeletons and to think that is my family in there. >> reporter: eight children survived including 13-year-old devin langford who walked 14 miles to get help after hiding his younger siblings in the bushes. >> they were beautiful. and they were innocent. and they did not deserve this. >> reporter: the group is part of a mormon off shoot that setmed in mexico decades ago. the women were traveling in a three-vehicle convoy, some headed to arizona, others to visit relatives in chihuahua when they were ambushed. the area has long been plagued violence. but the family said they never expected to be targeted. >> surround the vehicle and see who it is and they recognize who we are because they keep an eye on every single person that comes in and out of the valley.
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>> reporter: with many of the victims recovering here in tucson, across the border police in mexico now say they have arrested one man for a possible connection in the massacre. but their investigation is still unfolding. miguel almaguer, nbc news, tucson. coming up, your data potentially shared by the dmv. the government agency might have had improper access to your personal information. plus a shocker in kentucky. the democratic challenger is claiming victory in the governor's race. the reason a visit from president trump may not have helped. >> announcer: coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "california live," followed by "access daily "and then "days of our lives" at 1:00.
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welcome back to decision 2019. in kentucky a stunner. the governor's race called for the democrat -- is called for the democrat in one of the red estates in the country.
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the president's last-minute visit apparently not enough to salvage the race. in virginia the democrats swept both state houses. hallie jackson has more. >> thank you, kentucky. >> reporter: the top office in a deep red state turning blue overnight. >> after tonight, this election is over. after tonight we move forward with every other kentucky citizen as team kentucky. >> reporter: democrat andy beshear declaring victory as kentucky's next governor a position once held by his father but incumbent matt bevin isn't calling it quits just yet. >> we are not conceding this race. we want the process to be followed and there is a process. we know for a fact that there have been more than a few irregularities. >> reporter: bevin one of the least popular governors ran as an ally of president trump who won the state by 30 points. both men framing the race arefe
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the impeachment inquiry. president trump saying this at a kentucky rally just hours before the polls open. >> and if you lose, they're going to say trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. this was the greatest. you can't let that happen to me. >> reporter: the trump campaign saying overnight the president just about dragged governor matt bevin across the finish line adding a final outcome remains to be seen. democrats also celebrating the results in virginia overnight where they took con twoel -- control of both houses for the first time in more than two decades. democrats seemed in chaos after the blackface involving governor ralph northam and today a different story for the party. >> i'm here to officially declare today november 5th, blue.that virginia is congratulations. >> reporter: republicans did manage to hold on to the governor's office in mississippi with lieutenant governor tate
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reeves defeating jim hood. president trump and vice president pence share their support of reeves who had been struggling in some polls. >> they showed up and they worked hard. and i will never, ever forget their support. >> reporter: despite that victory, this morning kentucky emerging as a possible sign of trouble as the president and republican party look ahead to a fierce fight in 2020. >> now in kentucky the governor there bevin can request a county recanvas the vote which is a check of the vote count to make sure the totals are correct. it was a very close vote. there is no automatic trigger for recount. if bevin wants it, a judge would have to approve it and bevin will have to pay for it. back here at home. b.a.r.t. is debuting a new extra wide gate in san francisco. it looks like this. it is the platform fare gate to allow a person in a wheelchair to swipe in and get directly into the elevator. this will be at the montgomery street station. b.a.r.t. also plans to expand
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the elevator program to two more stations. they will work to keep the elevators clean and accessible for those who need to use them. and they will now be at the montgomery station and also the embarcadero station. they first introduced at the powell street and civic center stations last year. a warning that your private information may have been improperly shared by the dmv. the department is revealing that the private information of 3200 people was improperly accessed by seven other government agencies like homeland security and the irs and the district attorney's office. it is unclear if the information was used to investigate drivers immigration status. the dmv has fixed that access error. new at 11:00, another delay of the start of the commercial crab season. this year dungeones crab season will start november 22nd, a week later than expected. it is all because they are trying to protect whales from
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getting caught in fishing lines. they are still migrating. the crab season did start last saturday. a big win for a former endangered specie. channel island foxes were near extinction and they could only be found off the coast of california and at one time only about 100 left. >> the recovery here, is this something that anybody could have predicted, the recovery, the success? >> i don't think so. not to this degree. not this quickly. not with so few disclaimers. it is unprecedented, it is unmitigated and it is the recovery of the -- the fastest recovery of the mammal in history. >> feral pigs were attracted nonnative golden eagles who hunted the foxes so they got rid of the pigs, the eagles went away and the foxes rebounded. >> i feel like you did a sports
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report. kari it is nice out there this morning. i went out with any jacket but no thermals underneath which is a nice change. >> it wasn't cold. >> it was cold but we did start out cool because we have more humidity and more fog and it is still trying to recover right now as we get ready to head out for lunch. so we're going to see the temperatures right now in the mid-50s. look at santa rosa. still at 52 degrees. and livermore is at 63 where the skies are clearing sooner than we've seen. but look at how much cooler it is now compared to yesterday at this time. so our temperatures started out mild but really haven't warmed up too much since then. so santa rosa is at about 14 degrees lower now compared to 24 hours ago and then as we go through the day we're going to see sunshine, temperatures in san jose reaching 75 degrees. we're also going to see some sun on the peninsula as we make it up to about 73 today in the tri-valley. upper 70s and sunshine there. a little breeze as we take a live look at our fremont camera
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and the high temperature heading up to about 75 degrees. san francisco mostly in the mid-60s. and the north bay today will reach up to about 80 degrees. and we've also seen some drifts of smoke coming into parts of the north bay. this shows the upper level wind pattern and the direction that pushing the smoke. a lot of it is moving into the north bay and this is the ranch fire that is just south of redding. so we are going to see the same thing again today. if the skies look really hazy once that fog clears, it is most likely some of the wildfire smoke that will be coming in throughout the day. and then for tomorrow, getting ready for the raiders game. the thursday night football game that starts off. if you have plans to go, just keep in mind that it starts out in the low 70s but will cool off fast. in the upper 50s by half time. and then some other events going on around the bay area for the weekend. ice skating. yes a lot of the ice rinks will be open including the one in walnut creek. upper 70s there and san francisco iss. no change in our weather pattern
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as high pressure remains in control setting upt off giving wind due to the clock wise wind flow. so it's wet around the pacific north west but staying away from the bay area and no changes ahead once again going not only into the next week but possibly the week after that. so here we are with well above normal temperatures. and also not a drop of rain in this forecast. san francisco, though, we're going to see some more clouds and fog but clearing throughout the next several days. we'll be watching out for that hopefully soon and we'll get some rain scott and kris. >> let's hope. thank you. coming up, modernizing america's national parks and the controversial proposal to allow modern conveniences like amazon deliveries inside your park. >> well speaking of amazon, the company's prime free one-day delivery expanding to millions of new products.
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the online retail giant expanding the one-day delivery option to inland empire additional 10 popular holiday gifts like toys and games and electronics and expanding the same-day delivery. we'll be back after the break.
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america's national parks may be one step closer to having more modern conveniences than we're used to seeing. that a lot of people are trying to get away from.
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>> that is the whole point. the trump administration reportedly considering allowing amazon deliveries and food trucks. the now disbanded outdoor advisory committee outlined a new model to make public parks profitable. one suggestion high quality campgrounds featuring food trucks and mobile pop-up shops and on-site amazon delivery all base for by baseline fees in an effort to attract young people to the park. the idea is sure to generate backlash. there was anger when a starbucks opened up in yosemite last year. today ellen is paying tribute to those on the front line of the california wildfires. >> i love all of you. >> we love you. >> i love firefighters. >> these are southern california firefighters who helped save homes in places like simi valley and near the getty center in l.a. they say with homes and sometimes lives on the line, being tired is not an option. >> but really i think all of us
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can agree that we have a job to do. people are depending on us so really thinking about being tired is just an unacceptable decision and we just get out there and fight these fires. >> in true ellen fashion she has a big surprise planned for the group. but you have to wait and see what it is at 4:00 this afternoon. if you can't be home, you can always set your dvr. >> now i know for the kincade fire there was some 5,000 firefighters up there. so is she going to do something for all of them? >> she has a soft spot for the southern california ones because they protected. >> but sonoma and napa county, absolutely. >> so i'll be watching that. we'll have great weather. it is hard to stay inside. we'll have some warm weather going into the next several days and still dry going through the next seven days. >> well that is it for us now. but you could find news all day long at or if you get our app you could get it there. >> bye-bye. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now on "california live," stop in the name of love. ♪ ♪ stop in the name of love >> we have a supreme surprise for you. and then john dornboss's story how he used magic to transform tragedy into triumph. plus the lady who can help heal your broken heart. and malou is throwing in a little flavor in the philippines up in the bay. >> we're cooking up a traditional filipino dish. >> it is all happening now on "california live." ♪ ♪


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