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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 7, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PST

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at 5 years it's very urgent we find her as quickly as possible >> police asking for the public's help tonight. explosive testimony revealed the u.s. ambassador to ukraine implicating president trump in a quid pro quo with ukraine. and the public impeachment hearings when they will begin the bitter arctic blast about to sweep the country. the coldest temperatures of the season up to six inches of snow coming. al roker is tracking it don't wait for black friday some of the biggest holiday deals start tonight. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening the world held its breath for hours late today after word of a possible airplane hijack drama unfolding in amsterdam a signal mistakenly transmitted from the cockpit of a madrid bound airplane indicating a hijack was in progress, triggered a full on military and police response and reminded us all that when it comes to aviation security, there is no taking chances
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kelly cobiella starts us off >> reporter: at one of the busiest airports in the world tonight, a major security scare. planes stranded at gates after dutch police got a hijacking alert from the cockpit of a plane that hadn't taken off. flights delayed, parts of the airport closed. nearly two hours later it was over. the airline, air europa, explaining on twitter the alert was activated by mistake "nothing has happened. all passengers are safe and sound." 50 million travelers fly through amsterdam's schiphol airport every year last new year's eve passengers were evacuated after a man claimed to have a bomb police arrested a 51-year-old canadian but found no explosives tonight dutch military police tell us they're still investigating what sparked today's hijacking alarm. lester >> kelly cobiella with those anxious moments, is in custody tonight i mexico where nine americans were killed including six children
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and their er were the families targeted by a drug cartel here's miguel almaguer >> reporter: relatives of the victims gathered at the horrific crime scene in sonora, mexico, as police investigate the massacre that left three american mothers and their six children dead after a savage shooting with 200 rounds fired >> this is devastating. >> i keep thinking i'm going to wake up >> reporter: today investigators announced the arrest of one man who may be connected. the mexican president saying the u.s. can help in the investigation. military officials adding, the ambush may have been a case of mistaken identity between rival cartels. the five siblings who escaped the bloodshed are recovering in tucson the youngest victim, 8-month-old brixen was shot in the chest. the youngest survivor, 14-year-old kylie, was shot in th foot 13-year-old devin walked 14 miles to get his siblings in
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bushes, covered them in branches to hide while he went for help >> reporter: shock has now spread across the mexican compound where the families lived, descendants of mormons who settled here decades ago. relatives say the cartel likely knew who the victims were >> they'll stop and surround our vehicle, then they'll see who it is and they recognize who we are because they keep an eye on every single person >> reporter: tonight, few answers after the massacre in mexico a shocking crime even in a country plagued with violence. miguel almaguer, nbc news, tucson there is an urgent search for a missing 5-year-old girl in florida under way tonight. police issuing an amber alert after the family discovered her missing from her room. here is nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: tonight a frantic search in jacksonville for a little girl who vanished from her bed. an amber alert spurring hundreds to search for 5-year-old taylor williams. police going door to
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door, knocking on hundreds of homes, still no sign of the little girl. >> she's obviously in and at 5 years old we know it's very urgent that we find her as quickly as possible. >> reporter: a wasulast seen around midnight with the back door of the home unlocked. >> our officers are going door to door on foot we have homicide detectives, missing persons detectives, patrol officers. we've everyone out here to do everything that we ca to locate taylor >> reporter: she's three feet tall, weighing 50 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair, last seen wearing purple and pink pajamas police say the parents are cooperating with authorities. >> please help to us get her home and get her back safely. >> reporter: tonight police pleading with the public, no tip is too small as crucial moments in the search for taylor tick by steve patterson, nbc news also developing, house democrats announcing the first public hearings in their impeachment inquiry. the first witness will be the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine today.
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kristen welker has more >> reporter: tonight, revelations. another top diplomat testified there was what amounted to a quid pro quo, withholding military aid to ukraine unless envoy to ukraine bill taylor telling lawmakers he had a clear understanding security assistance money would not come until the president of ukraine committed to pursue an investigation into joe biden's son hunter who had business dealings in ukraine, although taylor acknowledged he never spoke directly to president trump taylor also expressed concerns there was an irregular informal channel of policy making in ukraine which included the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani it comes as house democrats announced their first public hearings taylor will testify next week, along with state department official george kent and the ousted u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch.what took pld the degree to which
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the president enlisted whole departments of government in the illicit aim of tryin to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent >> reporter: republicans downplaying the disclosures, noting taylor testified ukrainian officials did not know the military aid was being withheld until weeks after that july call between president trump and ukraine's leader >> the fact that the ukrainians didn't know aid had been withhold and did nothing to get it released when it was released those are the fundamental facts. >> reporter: also tonight republicans taking aim at the whistle-blower who first raised alarms about that call. donald trump jr. retweeting a report with a possible name senator rand paul calling for the whistle-blower to be outed. >> if someone is going to accuse you of something that might remove the president from office, for goodness' sakes, entitled to their whistle-blowers ar confidentiality. >> and kristen, news about formnerattjeff sessions. what do no knowing that president trump could campaign
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against him. the president recently said naming sessions attorney general was, quote, the biggest mistake of his presidency, lester >> kristen welker, thanks also in washington, opening statements in the trial of roger stone the former trump adviser is charged with lying to congress, trying to conceal his alleged effort to gain insights about democrats' hacked emails in 2016 stone's lawyers say he never intended to mislead congress steve bannon, the president's former chief strategist, will be a prosecution witness. a winter blast is beginning to sweep across the country, bringing bitter cold and threats of snow in some places. al roker is tracking it al >> lester, by friday morning overnight lows will be 10 to 20 degrees below average with windchill 10 to 25 degrees. friday, temperatures again well below normal with windchills 20 to 25 and min making its way to the the northeast. great lakes. a storm system is down to the south, a flood risk for the southern plains with heavy rain from the ohio valley into the
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south. heavy snow moving into the interior northeast and new england with snow from four to eight inches from the great lakes into the northeast. there's more on the way early next week, lester >> all right, al, thanks authorities in milwaukee just filed hate crime charges against a man accused of throwing acid in another man's face, a story we told you about earlier this week here's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: the victim of the brazen attack thanks the man thre battery acid on his face after asking him why he was invading his country. >> i have a right to be here. hate needs to stop >> reporter: today prosecutors in milwaukee charged 61-year-old clifton blackwell with a hate crime. he now could face an enhanced sentence, up to 35 years in prison if convicted of the original charge of first degree reckless injury mahud villalaz >> he was talking to me, really angry, goount, you come invade my country. you will respect my laws >> reporter: villalaz
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immigrated from peru he says blackwell confronted him over the way he parked near a restaurant and accused him of being in the country illegally. >> he is an american citizen and he was attacked brutally, barbarically and we should all be outraged by that >> reporter: blackwell who just appeared in court has not yet entered a plea he is being held on $20,000 bail gabe gutierrez, nbc news late developments involving those two murder suspects who made a daring escape from a california jail theypturno police say they fled to tijuana, mexico, but were arrested trying to reenter the u.s. at a pedestrian checkpoint, literally walking back into custody. a major announcement tonight from air t world's biggest one holine ren cracking down on scammers and fraudulent listings. tom costello has the big changes. >> reporter: across the globe, 2 million people stay in airbnb rentals every night. from new york to new
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delhi, wichita to warsaw bu a recent vice news investigation uncovered a pattern of alleged deception and fraud, of customers booking rentals only to discover the actual property wa nothing like the online photos, run down, dirty, even abandoned. reporter ali conte started digging after it happened to her >> there were holes punched in the wall, door handles hanging off, no kitchenware, anything like that >> reporter: the owners nowhere to be found. today airbnb announced major changes, pledging to verify all 7 million properties and owners over the next year. >> we're going to make sure we can stand behind every single listing, every single host, to make sure every single listing is accurate, the information is accurate, y sathphthey are. just last week five people were killed at a party at an airbnb rental in california that drew more than 100 people the company determined to end unauthorized
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parties and abusive conduct. airbnb says it's adding a 24 hour neighbor hotline for emergencies and promising to review any guest reservation that looks high risk lester >> tom, thanks there is a growing movement to stop the execution of a death row inmate in texa scheduled to die in two weeks for a crime he says he didn't commit the effort getting a boost from some famous names. nbc's ron allen went inside the prison to speak to him face-to-face >> reporter: on death row, nearly 22 years, rodney reed just days away from execution. >> i'm innocent of this now attracting attention from a growing list of celebrities and over a million people have an online convicted of raping and killing reed now 51, was 19-year-old stacey stites in a small texas town in 1996 reed's semen was found inside her body. you told the police you didn't know her. >> that was the worst mistake i ever could have made. and i did not want to
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be incriminated in relation to her death. >> reporter: stites one of several women prosecutors say reed sexually attacked, allegations never proven reed now thanks he and stites had a discreet, intimate relationship and that this man, jimmy fennell, then stites' fiance and a police officer, is the real killer. >> the evidence points in that direction. >> reporter: the evidence points at you. >> that was created from the state's narrative of this whole situation. >> reporter: reed's lawyers point to developments since his 1998 conviction, witnesses who say fennell made racist and threatenin statements about the affair forensic analysis raising doubts about basic facts like the time and place stites was killed and a former prison inmate says fennell bragged about killing stites while fennell served a ten-year prison sentence for improper sexual activity with another woman. >> it's just plain ludicrous to buy into this rodney reed circus >> reporter: fennell's attorney denies reed's allegations. >> he's got great lawyers, very creative
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they keep coming up with witnesses out of the woodwork >> never have we thought that jimmy was guilty of murdering my sister, ever >> reporter: the texas attorney general's office says after reviews by more than 20 judges, it's time to see justice is done at last >> i'm cautiously optimistic tha something good has got to happen. >> reporter: with 14 days left reed has appeals pending all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. ron allen, nbc news, livingston, texas. with another debate coming up next month we're asking what's important to democratic voters. harry smith is taking their questions to the candidates tonight senator amy klobuchar in our series "what matters." >> how many union members or former union members? five, six, seven >> reporter: at our roundtable with democratic primary voters >> i couldn't get into a union. i couldn't get health care >> reporter: a clear desire for the return of union strength. >> just take a look at this what are we going to do to make unions stronger in this country? because they need to
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be stronger. when the unions were strong, the middle class was strong >> what goes through your mind? >> that they're right, that they get it >> reporter: we talked with senator amy klobuchar at home. to her, unions are a family matter. >> i literally am here as the granddaughter of a union member, an iron ore miner, the daughter of a teacher, a union member the daughter of newspaper man and a union member >> reporter: how americans view unions has changed dramatically in the last ten years nearly two-thirds of view unions favorably. >> we have things that have gone awry it is no surprise at all that you're going to see an increase in union organizing and an increase in interest in popularity of unions. >> reporter: but union membership is at a decades low, 10% of the u.s. workforce to effect change, the senator wants to reverse trump administration rulespay, and appoint more labor friendly judges. >> when there were changes in our country like during the gilded
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age and people weren't bein treated well, that's when unions came up, that's when unions organized. that's what this is really about >> reporter: perhaps, as another minnesotan once wrote, for unions, at least, the times they are a-changin' harry smith, nbc news. minneapolis. there's much more to tell us about ahead, ellen degeneres and sandra bullock, two big stars fighting back tonight against scammers the price you pay. big savings on your holiday shopping starting at midnight we'll tell you all about it
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back now with two big stores, ellen degeneres and sandra bullock teaming up and fighting back against scammers here's gadi schwartz biggest stars taking on some of the shadiest characters of internet advertising scammers using the names of celebrities to sell things like makeup online, now the targets of a new lawsuit filed by sandra bullock and ellen degeneres for the unauthorized use of their names and likenesses but the problem is
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scammers online change company names so quickly it's not even clear who they are named in the current lawsuit as john does 1 through 100. it's the kind of scheme that's plagued the internet for years. even nbc's own savannah guthrie used in a fake ad claiming she was leaving the "today" show to start her own skincare line. when we tried to get to the bottom of who was behind those ads we found dead end after dead end >> there's no manager? okay we're trying t figure out why there are fake advertisements selling your product under the names of several recognizable celebrities. so you're a customer service agent and you're not in a position to answer that because you're not aware of that. >> reporter: now degeneres and bullock are hoping for better luck as they take their fight from the internet to court. if you see an ad featuring your favorite celebrity, oduct is legit beware of anreport it to the better business bureau, lester >> gadi, thanks. next, how you
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in tonight's "price you pay," a new shopping holiday retailers hope will
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rival black friday, an it begins tonight. here is nbc's vicky nguyen >> reporter: move over, black friday consumer website, retailmenot, is introducing cash back day, jump-starting the shopping season at midnight with up to 20% cash back from hundreds of major retailers. here's how it works. first you have to create an account with retailmenot. if you're using the app, click on the "cash back" tab. starting at midnightis is whers of retailers will show up with their deals. click on the deal you're interested in, click on the activate and shop tab, it will redirect you to the retailer you want and you can start shopping the deals f store to store, an remember, they're online only. you'll see your cash back in 45 days. just click "redeem reward." you can get it via venmo, paypal, or a gift card. >> if you're looking to shop in any category, you can guarantee you'll find that category on that particular store on cashback today >> reporter: consumers are expected to spend $730 billion this
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holida season and 70% of shoppers sa sales and discounts are the number one reason they choose a particular retailer. if you missed cashback today, other sites also offer cash back year-round, all boding well for consumers, helping them save vicky nguyen, nbc news, new york up next for us, the incredible shot with an even more amazing prize. >> announcer: "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by pacific life a reliable income that lets you retire without retiring from life that's the power of pacific.
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finally, the oklahoma student who scored big, very big at last night's game here is blayne alexander.
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>> reporter: call it one heck of a hail mary halftime at last night's season opener for the university of oklahoma basketball team freshman cale montis was plucked from the crowd to try his hand at a half court shot and he delivered but wait 'til you hear what he won. free college tuition for an entire year a half court heave worth thousands of dollars. turns out cale does know a thing or two about bask keeping extra money in their pockets thanks to a very lucky shot blayne alexander, nbc news >> awesome shot. congratulations to cale that's "nightly news."
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