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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 7, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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just how far the change would go. >> and chicken recall. the alert across the country including here in california. you'll want to know about it. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> that b.a.r.t. video, amazing video of the man rescued, literally pull seconds before the train comes. look at that. >> it almost seems like it's too close for come forward there. in'll hear more on tha happen tonight as well. >> almost zero reaction time. >> it really speaks to his character because a lot of people stand back and don't know what to do. h
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we're seeing low advice nblt spots. this is a look at san francisco, the golden gate headlights acro bridge. other than that it's pretty low the title at the top of the screen. just allow for extra time for that drive this morning leaving from antioch. we're going to see some fog and temperatures in the upper 40s. after all of this clears out another nice day ahead. you're tracking the dense fog and a deadly crash. >> i'm not saying they're related, i'm saying we have dense fog all around the bay. national weather service has issued it for the entire north bay getting into the north bay. richmond very tough as far as visibility and patches where the yellow is on our maps all morning. many parts of contra costay thi deadly crash, though, and this is on the frontage road.
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it's not 680. locals will use itu'llave to us noll. use 680. it's clearer and we'll follow that investigation for any details. silicon valley in time to start the commute, back to you. >> thanks, mike. if you have chicken in your home, new for you that morning more than 2 million pounds of chicken is being recalled. the usda says it might be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal. it was shipped to restaurants, schools and hospitals in california and seven other states. the recall includes whole chicken, chi lwings. and this week san francisco voters overwhelming odts. a federal ban may being eminent.
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>> reporter: that's right, laura. here in the city prop c was knocked down by voters so that law will go into effect in january. you'll recall at the federal level president trump last september with health officials announced there would be a federal ban on e-cigarettes after dozens of deaths were reported tied to vaping related products. >> a lot of people think vaping is wonderful and great. it's really not wonderful. that's one thing i think we can say definitely, commissioner. it's not a wonderful thing. it has big problems. we have to find out the extent of the problems. >> reporter: "usa today" says white house adviser kelly anne conway yesterday said announcements are coming soon to ban flavored e-cigarettes with the exception possibly of mint flavor and vape shops might be exempt. the target is to baneniee store.
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healthatesay that's not enough and mint should be banned to help prevent youth vaping. the fda says it is trying to collect data. back here live if you speck your child is using and showing symptoms of shortness of breath or coughing or chest pains, contact your local health provider. 6:04 for you right now. more than 24 hours after election night there's still no winner in the san francisco district attorney race. it's too close to call but they're still tabulating rank choice votes. suzy loftus is neck and neck with chesa boudin. while the votes are still being counted, there's fallout over a supervisor's anger directed at the san francisco police officers association. it happened during an election night party for candidate chesa boudin.
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supervisor sandr l captured on video leading a vulgar chant. she accuses the poa of trying to buy the district attorney's race. the poa president says while fewer is entitled to her opinion the chant is an attack on the department. >> they're hurt by her language. our members have a very dangerous job as it is. for her to incite anger is dangerous. >> fewer did not make herself available for comment but in a statement apologized to rank and file. she says her husband was a police officer and respects the job. she made it clear she is not apologizing saying their influence is trumpiul >>misconduct. the san francisco-based
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commission found the judge made multiple offensive remarks to women over several decades and say he improperly treated defendants. his lack of candor during a disciplinary hearing. he will appeal the decision to the california supreme court. >> more than a game tonight as the raiders honor the b.a.r.t. worker who saved a man's life. we hear from the survivor for the first time. bob redell live with the story. bob? >> reporter: jackson was at a coliseum b.a.r.t., it was packed with raiders fans like himself trying to get home after the game with the raiders. as you can see jackson leaned over to see how far away the train was when he lost his balance and fell on the tracks. he tried to jump back up but the
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platform was too high. that's when b.a.r.t. supervisor john o'connor grabbed jackson by the arm and swiftly pulled him to safety. it was such a close call, he could feel the rush of air as o'connor dragged his body back up onto the platform. >> that's god looking over me. i had an angel that day. very blessed. i'm very blessed to be here. real kind of him to put himself in danger to help another person's life. he's my hero. >> reporter: jackson went to a local hospital after sunday night's incident. he was promptly released. he decided to spend $200 on an uber ride back to his home outside sacramento because he was still rattled by the experience at b.a.r.t. tonight the raiders will honor the man who saved jackson. the team will host o'connor as this week's hometown hero.
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> truly something to smile about. and that game tonight. >> there will be a lot of applause tonight. north bay vote letters weigh in on the sales tax to build smart commuter service. >> they approved the tax and helped fund the first phase of smart train service. smart district members approved a new measure for the march primary ballot. if renewed it could go towards building additional rail lines. one bay area city is being named one of the world's most beautiful. according to travel website san francisco is in the top ten of most beautiful cities. one only other city in america was new york that made the top ten. the number one spot on this list of cosmopolitan stunners goes to paris, the city of light.
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>> quite beautiful. got to love the bay area. >> sometimes that fog adds to the beauty. >> the romance perhaps. >> probably not this much fog. less than a quarter of a mile where we have a dense fog advisory and we've seen the fog drifting in oakland. look at wa are seeing some low clouds and also some mist and drizzle in a few spots. it will clear out and will warm up as we go throughout the day. our high temperatures head into the upper 70s inland. livermore reaches 77. 78 in napa today and oakland expect a high of 69 degrees. like that unexpected foggy spot may surprise drivers. >> we know the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge at times, this is fremont. it's not a great shot but moving
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smoothly for the nimitz. here across the freeway sometimes we can't see it because the fog is so thick. we see the commute creeping down from 580, typical for 680 and 880. one factor for the vi valley. the closure for pleasanton road just north of highway 84. don't use that roadway. use 680 instead because of the deadly crash investigation. the dense fog is a major factor all around the perimeter for the water. we'll talk about an issue for mass transit as well coming up. back to you. do you need more privacy when you watch tv? >> the question is, would you watch it in a box? hbo is taking the phrase home box office very, very literally and asking one group of people to venture in. >> would you watch it with a box? california in the top five.
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we have fog drifting around the bay area even right now in the south bay. this is a l san jose.ave cool temperatures as you head out the door. some low 50s going throughout the day.
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that fog clears out and we'll have another nice one. we'll talk about a little bit of hope for rain coming up in less than five minutes. and look at the bay bridge toll plaza where even though the traffic is typical for a thursday, lighter than yesterday, we have that fog. the dense fog in many parts of the area. you're going to have to concentrate on this morning's drive. we'll show you how things are shaping up. and good morning. very happy thursday to you. visa, which used to be based in san francisco but moved to foster city says it's going to move back to san francisco. tesla says it will unveil a pickup truck, show it to us later this month. federal prosecutors say two twitter employees were spying for sawed sawudi arabia to help intelligence services. neither currently works at twitter. one arrested in seattle. the other is not. he's in saudi arabia. the california attorney general becerra let us in on secret investigations he's
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conducting into facebook. facebook wasn't turning over documents in their investigation. california has been very secretive about its investigation into high tech. becerra was noticeably absent when a number of the attorneys general announced their own major investigation into facebook and google. i said at the time it wasn't because california was interested. it's likely because california was already ahead of them. here is the california attorney general on wednesday. >> how do you know we're not teaming up with others. the only thing we can tell you we had to file this petition because we weren't getting the due lawfully. google is reconsidering the wouldn't run them at all.
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reporting that google has launched a major investigation into the way executives handle complaints of sexual misconduct. the parent company has created a special committee to investigate. and back in the top five, california once again the fifth largest economy in the world replacing great britain. california is amazing. great britain shot itself in the foot with brexit. 2.7 billion goods produced in california. 2.6 billion in great britain. that puts us above great britain, above france. >> a lot of cars coming out of there. >> thanks, scott. hbo trying to appeal to certain crowd saying this time is right for its new hbo box.
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you probably remember it was originally called home box office. maybe this is full circle for you. it allows to you watch a device or computer alone in bed specifically in a college dorm room you share with a roommate who is maybe sleeping in the bed next to you. the box has air holes, it has a shelf inside and a cutout for your legs. only people with a dotedu email can enter to get one. make sure you pack your ear buds because it's not soundproof. >> wow, talk about anti-social there. >> it doesn't work. >> and mike has the box. >> this is completely useless. >> yeah. not for your job.
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>> interesting. i'm wondering now what are they called? not home box office anymore? >> hbo -- >> box home office. >> like the whole kfc thing. >> they tried to take out the fried to make it healthy. >> so being social, watching movies together, we'll start out with our fog. that's the big issue looking at dublin. we are going to be tracking our clouds that will linger there for the next couple hours. going to53 and 73 at 1:00 with sunshine. we do have to get through the clouds and fog this morning. later today highs reaching into the 70s.
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upper 70s for pittsburg today and pleasanton reaching 78 degrees. half moon bay keeps the fog cooler. redwood city sunshine and 70 degree high temperatures. in the north bay reacho the upper 70s. we're getting ready for "thursday night football. "the raiders game kickoff is at 5:20. wear a nice, warm jacket for the game. a dry northerly wind and enough humidity to allow for the morning fog. it looks like that high pressure moves far enough west to allow for a storm system starting next friday.ateast we do have hope w could see some changes. above normal temperatures. inland areas reaching the upper
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for veterans day 80 degrees and sunshine. san francisco upper 60s throughout the forecast. ke fog is a major, you for commuters. we talk about the richmond side of the bridge but it's definitely a forecast tore for folks traveling along the east shore freeway. we are losing visibility. the volume builds. you can tell by the headlights barely visible. we share it with our traffic map. the bay bridge. traffic is still light. over a half hour and drive slow. the drive in out of livermore and pleasanton moving slowly on 580. 680 more traffic. folks will be avoiding
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pleasanton and sunol. the off ramp may be closed if chp determines they have to do that because of the traffic control. exit and take foothill if that's where you need to go. otherwise stay clear. the rest of the south bay moves nicely with 101 starting to build. safety at airbnb in the wake of last month's party shooting in orinda, new perspective on how often her local gym years don't miss the grand opening
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welcome back. i6:24. funeral services will start today for some of the nine americans killed in the drug cartel ambush. the fouunerals are being held ere the when gunmen opened fire. the five siblings who survived are in an arizona hospital. mexican police did arrest the suspect yesterday, but now victims' family members in the u.s. wonder if maybe it's time for their relatives to relocate. >> yeah, how do you deal with drug violence? how do you do that? for me, from my perspective, you
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get away from it. >> many who live in the community are part of a mormon offshoot. many also have dual citizenship. new this morning, two big stars are battling back against companies that use celebrities names and photos to create fake endorsements. the lawsuit is being filed by sandra bullock and ellen degeneres for the unauthorized use of names and scammers quic and it's not even clear who they are. nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman exhausted by a gym membership mix-up. >> she couldn't work out a deal to get thousands of dollars back. chris chmura and hiseporr: good. back in 2012 zoreh had a monthly membership at a city owned gym. her job sent her overseas. so she filled out the paperwork to cancel the membership. she recently realized she's still been paying for the gym the past seven years. a total of $5,000 without ever
6:26 am
setting foot inside. apparently the form she filled out was for a temporary suspension not a full cancellation. zoreh says she hit a wall trying to get her money back and turned to us for help. we reached out to the manager who asked us to reconnect her with zoreh to work things out. several weeks later she got a check for $5,000. that's good money. another great reminder to check your auto pay bills every single month. we've heard from dozens of viewers in situations just likee getting your money back after the fact can be a hassle if that's happened to you let us know. we're up for the challenge. >> thanks, chris. 6:27. still ahead this morning, a very foggy start. look outside here at san rafael. you can barely see from our skycam there. the commute as kari updates us on the forecast. mike takes us through the
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traffic commute. a big day for the future of the presidio in san francisco. a lot more ahead. stick around. you're watching "today in the bay." my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now at 6:30, fog, fog, fog. coming up where mike is seeing traffic problems out there. when kari says the fog will finally burn off. mountain lion scare this is brand-new video overnight. the neighborhood where the big
6:30 am
cat was spotted. and later go otter go. the momentous day ahead. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. what we can expect with all of this fog. >> moving into areas we don't always see fog that dense so it's really affecting parts of the south bay. look at san martine down to zero and the north bay a dense fog advisory. let's get a look at the cameras now and our high temperatures for this afternoon. the south bay will reach up to about 75 degrees. the peninsula in the upper 60s and then some upper 70s for the tri-valley. the east bay reaches up to 74 degrees.
6:31 am
in the north bay some upper 70s with sunshine later today. mike, you have an alert for the tri-valley. >> be very careful. a relatively mild commute on the freeways. a deadly crash is causing a closure here that is just off 680. exit sunol and get down on foothill if you have to go through that area. the rest of the bay the fog is the biggest factor. really dense. >> a warning and video that seems to back it up. police posting this footage of a mountain lion making its way
6:32 am
threw a backyard. a neighbor's ring camera captured this. police say if you see a mountain lion call 911. five people were killed, this is among 17 people shot in or outside an airbnb rental within the last six months. kris sanchez with rponding, chr. >> reporter: the company is not responding specifically to those numbers but they they are making major changes to the site. as you said there have been 23 shootings at short term rentals across the country. 42 people were shot in or outside short term rentals in
6:33 am
the past six months. in all 17 people were shot and killed. that's 23 different shootings. there is no database for such incidents. orinda police are still looking for the gunman in the halloween night shooting. the city council took aim at airbnb and asked for a temporary ban on short-term rentals in their city. meanwhile the airbnb ceo is pledging to end au on the site. >> single host to make sure that every single listing is accurate, the information is accurate. >> reporter: airbnb is also committing to manual reviews of high-risk rentals or rentals that seem to raise some flags. they're setting up a 24/7 hotline for neighbors to call in if they see trouble at a short-term rental property. of course airbnb is not the only
6:34 am
short-term rental site, however, it is the biggest in the world really. >> a lot of people use it, you're right. firefighters have fully contained the kincade wildfire. started. in all the fire burned 374 buildings including 174 homes. hard but all homes there were saved. leaders are getting back to work. people in windsor had good reason to thank firefighters at the first meeting since the fire. >> there's an entire team of people in the eoc who never made it in front of the microphone and were all hiding in the back and they saved us. >> i use a football term, like a goal line stance. they stopped it. no houses were lost, no lives. it was a miracle. incredible. >> town leaders don't want
6:35 am
people to forget windsor. it's still open. a big concert will happen november 16. nearly three years after the deadly ghost ship fire where 36 people died state regulators will release the electrical records today. in september a jury acquitted max harris on manslaughter charges connected to fire. they could not reach a verdict on co-defendant derick almena. a retrial could happen by next spring. san francisco transportation leaders will have a feedback session on the plan to reduce lanes along a busy stretch of california streets west of laurel heights. lanes will be cut from four to three with a stretch of high bus track and frequent accidents. the first phase will be ready by spring. the state of historic project meant to revitalize the san francisco presidio is a new park linking two popular areas. when completed the 14 acre tunnel tops project will span across the presidio traffic tunnel and connect the presid
6:36 am
yes to crissy field. work is expected to last two years and cost $110 million. house speaker nancy pelosi is among those attending the groundbreaking. >> that will be cool. now to see it finally, the groundbreaking in the works. >> the plans, the 3d renderings. we're going to look for improvements. we'll watch some of the changes. right now we can't see a whole lot of anything outside the bay bridge toll plaza because of the fog and lowku plaza. the yellow highlighting shows you where the nimitz cleared. fog in the south bay, i do want to call out as we look at 580 not as dense fog as we sometimes see but reports of some incidents on the roadway, debris. we want to thank our wazer. unfortunately it's a name i
6:37 am
can't use on tv. join that team and we'll share all of the information with you. >> do you have a wazer name? >> mike inouye. >> i think mine is little lg or something like that. >> i can't remember. >> and i'm the weather lady. we have great weather. celebrating its birthday on this saturday. some celebrations going on and temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. for the inland valleys some low 80s and some upper 60s for the coast. on sunday still very nice. we may start out with clouds and fog but it leads into another nice afternoon. you may want to wrap up the weekend, having your groundbreaking in san francisco. we have some beautiful weather for that sunshine and high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s.
6:38 am
expect the tri-valley to be warm, up to 80 degrees tomorrow as well as soth and then going out around the bay looking to f fall colors, you don't have a lot of time left. we've made it past peak in the sierra. and then also in the santa cruz mountains and just north of ukiah. expect it to reach up to about 60 degrees for friday and saturday. cool weather in the early hours. we'll talk about what's going on today. our east bay temperature trend in three minutes. some of our top stories including a survivor story. i knew i only had a couple seconds. i heard the train and felt the vibration. >> his close call with a
6:39 am
b.a.r.t. train made national headlines. he's sharing his story for the first time. tonight's big honor for the man who saved him. vaping ban soon? there's confusion about just how far that change would go. also in washington, more on the impeachment inquiry. a lot to tell you about. out to the big board. the dow industrials on word they may get rid of tariffs. >> reporter: i iconic views tha have been here since the mid-1860s. there's a new conversation being concerns about connecting to a younger generation of bringing in amazon deliveries, food trucks and wi-fi. this conversation is rubbing some people the wrong way. much more coming up on "today." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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good thursday morning at 6:42. let's head outside in dublin. here at least we can see we've had dense fog around parts of the bay area. visibility pretty good in the tri-valley now. it's going to be a cool start with some low 40s. another nice day ahead as we warm up into the upper 70s. we'll get a look at the rest of our micro climate and talk about our chance of rain in the forecast in less than five minutes. if you head across the san mateo bridge, those low clouds and fog may make it a little eerie but it's moving smoothly. the bottom number shows you where the color is red, we'll explain why coming up. new for you overnight, a 16-year-old is in custody tied to a deadly double shooting in antioch. we told but it yesterday here "today in the bay."
6:43 am
a 17-year-old girl died in the shooting. a 17-year-old is recovering. when the raiders play tonight i what may be the final night game, they'll honor the b.a.r.t. worker who saved his own life to save another from left. the now we're hearing from the man who was saved. that's when rayshawn jackson fell onto the tracks at a b.a.r.t. station at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. o'connor pulled him from the tracks a split second before the train passed. jackson said it was lick an angel pulling them to safety. >> that's god looking over me. had an angel.
6:44 am
very kind of him to put himself in danger to help another person. >> jackson says he actually decided not to take b.a.r.t. instead he spent $200 for an uber ride home. o'connor will be honored as a hometown hero at tonight's raiders game. many expected there's start of the commercial dungeoness crab season. it has nothing to do with crab but with migrating whales. fish and wildlife can press pause if whales are still passing through waters. the concern is engtanglement. a federal ban on flavored vaping products is expected soon.
6:45 am
announcements could come as soon as this morning. with possibility the exception of the mint flavor. vape shops might be exempt. health advocates say it's not tough enough and mint should be banned to prevent youths from vaping. this comes during an outbreak of vaping related lung injuries and at loews 34 deaths. all this week learning more about closed doors and an impeachment inquiry. >> the intelligence committee will lead that public investigation next week and it'll lead off with this man, william taylor. this is video of taylor going into closed door testimony last week. we got the transcript and in it taylor is clear not only was
6:46 am
there quid pro quo but a second quid pro quo, the head of ukraine had to launch an investigation in order to get an invitation to the white house. before all of this broke we wouldn't have known who any of these people are, taylor is on the left, he's the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine. gordon sondland union. these are the two guys who had that text message exchange that got this whole ball rolling. taylor says are we now saying that security assistance and a white house meeting are conditioned on investigations? quid pro quo. sondland said, call me. in his first testimony to congress sondland said there was no quid pro quo but sondland's memory was refreshed and he revised his testimony. >> i will be at a certain game. let's see, lsu versus a pretty
6:47 am
good team from alabama. >> the reason he's getting booed he mentions the university of alabama in louisiana. there's a big game and president trump plans to attend. the president retweet add warning from the student life organization that warned students going the game if they were disruptive they might lose their seat at the football game. except the head of the group retracted saying students are free to speak their minds when the president is there. the warning has nothing to do with anyone's first amendment rights and i am sorry for any confusion, they wrote. please express yourself especially your pride for the tide. we'll update you on the midday news. you can follow me on twitter. >> sounds good. i've been waiting for this story all morning long. new today sea otters released
6:48 am
back into the wild after being nursed back to health. >> gadi schwartz from the aquarium. >> reporter: we are at the monterey bay aquarium which you know so well and we are going to take you inside of a program that has to do with sea otters rescued as pups brought here and nursed back to health not just by some very, very loving researchers here but by some special sea otter foster moms. then they are taken back into the wild. they are released into the bay. we'll take you along for the journey. that's up next. >> very cool. i hope my kids are watching that. i want the job where you tickle their bellies. a great aquarium. today if you want to head out. >> it's going to be a great day.
6:49 am
most people as they head out this morning are not seeing the sunrise. i'm going to take you above the clouds, your little treat. >> beautiful. >> this is watching from san bruno mountain above the fog. such a beautiful sun rise. now let's go below the clouds. a look at san rafael and we can barely see anything because of the fog. this is the reason we have a dense fog advisory in effect from san rafael and over to napa and our visibility cut down to a quarter of a mile. it's been even worse in the south county with san martine down to zero visibility. just wat morning. in the south bay we're seeing the low -- to school the temperatures in the low 50s. we should see clearing by 8:00
6:50 am
to 9:00 this morning. sunshine the rest of the day and we'll reach into the low 70s. eventually reaching 74 degrees. inland and east bay and napa, santa rosa some mid to upper 70s. it's thursday night football in oakland and it will be great. we have a lot of sunshine. keep in mind it will be cooling off quickly. it's 62 degrees. it will continue to go down from there. we have the same weather pat earp with high pressure just off to the west giving us a northerly wind flow and also some dry conditions. then it moves to the west to allow some rain to quickly move in and it is nice to see a change in the pattern because it has been so dry.
6:51 am
we'll continue on with sunshine. for veterans day up to 80 degrees inland and sunshine looking at san francisco. mid to upper 60s. the south bay also seeing that fog. >> we're grateful for the moisture in the air, kari. we don't like the tough visibility at times. you can seep the low clouds so be prepared to lower those speeds. a from the summit. the patterns throughout the east bay and the tri-valley. 880 through hayward down into fremo fremont. we do have a deadly crash. it's moving smoothly right now. really affecting folks on the golden git and the bay bridge as well.
6:52 am
look at oakland, can't. lower the speeds but keep the headlights on standard.6:53. lufthansa canceling will 1,300 flights because of a planned strike by unions representing cabin crew in germany as part of a bitter dispute with the biggest airline about pay and the union's legal status. lufthansa says it's putting together a special flight plan and passengers will be able to check flight status on its website. at least two flights are canceled out of sfo today. next a quick look at the top stories including a chicken recall, the alert this morning across the country including right here in california. and this morning a definitely great story that's going to make you feel good. by now you're probably already
6:53 am
seeing this kid friendly and inspiring take on a music star's hit song. if you haven't, we have it covered. that superstar is responding. we'll tell you all about it up next here on "today in the bay." don't miss the grand opening
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of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. welcome back. it's 6:56. new for you more than 2 million pounds of chicken is being recalled. the poultry might be contaminated with, quote, extraneous materials, spes ofcally metal.
6:56 am
it was shipped to schools, restaurants and hospitals. whole chicken, chicken legs and wings. in the wake of the deadly halloween party in orinda new light on recent crimes at rental properties. it found at least 42 cases of people shot over the past year and a half either in or near short term rentals. 17 died including the five people in orinda. 12 states accounted for at least 23 of the shootings. police believe last week's shooting is tied to a prif shooting where four people died in san francisco. airbnb says it is adding a 24-hour hotline. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez will have a report on the changes in our midday newscast. 6:57. in the meantime next spring north bay voters will weigh in on extending a sales tax to
6:57 am
cover the cost to build out smart commuter service. >> more than a decade ago it helped fund the first phase of sm smart train service. if approved it would renew the tax through the year 2019 and go to building additional rail lines. >> as you wake up, a question about how you slept. are disagreements keeping you up at night? dr. oz looks at why some couples choose to sleep in separate beds. this is v you definitely want to share if you haven't already seen it. taking a hit song and turning it into a lesson about schools. >> so cute. she has been teaching for pittsburg unified for six ye sc
6:58 am
a popular song and adds her own twist to the lyrics. this year the song was lizzo's "truth hurts." the rapper herself retweeted the clip with the caption, you're right. this is the best thing i've watched today. >> she retweeted raj mathai. >> very cool. you know what, hats off to all the teachers. they give it their all. >> at the end of the video you will see how she safely gets down from the table. >> unfortunately a lot of us aren't able to see the sun rise because it's foggy. inland areas in the upper 70s and more of this nice weather extending into the weekend. >> how about that commute? >> unfortunately, one bit of sad news. we have a crash causing a closing along 680. it was on the surface street early this morning.
6:59 am
680 is able to handle it and the biggest impact is the fog all around. ithe bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us at millions of americans waking up to their first taste of winter this morning. unseasonably cold temperatures blanketing much of the nation. al's got the latest on the big chill. manhunt. mexico says the u.s. can join the desperate search for the killers behind that massacre of nine americans. the first victim set to be laid to rest today while some of the youngest survivors making miraculous recovery. what family members are now saying about the attack. out in the open. house democrats announce plans for the very first public hearings in the impeachment
7:00 am
investigation. the president and republicans pushing back. >> i want to read these transcripts.


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