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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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season takes off. what to expect if your flight is coming up soon. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you on this friday. 6:00 for you right now. and thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. did you catch the raiders' win last night? a lot of celebration going on. raider nation kind of leading it, even coach gruden jumping in the pit there a while for the team. and he says they keep the run going, east going to keep jumping in. >> the folks in the interesting costumes. >> face paint, and all. >> there you go! >> bay area football is on blast right now. >> someone who's not happy is our friend, an newsroom, because she's a lifelong chargers fan. >> okay. >> we have a chargers fan here? >> she's -- >> there's one everywhere. diversity in the workplace. >> you know, we have a lot of this fog this morning. >> that's been the issue the past several mornings. it continues of drifting
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around. as we take a look in san rafael right now. and so as you're heading out, allow some extra time to get to work. this is a look at the view in fremont. and we are going to see that fog until about 7:00 or 8:00, before we start to see it clearing out. a lot more sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s. here's a look at our current visibility around the bay area. just plan ahead. and then once we make it past this, we have a beautiful afternoon coming our way. we'll talk more about that, but mike, it's tough for the drivers to see the road again. >> kari, you showed these right there, those visibility numbers coming down in some patches. and over here, we've seen the traffic volume come up at the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. that's what we're dealing with. might be tough for many folks to see that roadway again, just like yesterday, this highlighting yellow area is where we have the densest of the fog and the toughest visibility. highway 37 was slowing out ofd the fog. also through oakland for 580, 880, and contra costra and the walnut creek interchange. south of here, we see that the
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fog is a little bit lighter, but it's still there. still a prevalent factor for your morning commute, even on the peninsula, we see these low clouds drifting around. again, this bright sign shows us why you do not use the high beams when you drive through fog. >> thanks, mike. our big story we're following is the fog this morning and the big alert for drivers. >> here a live look from our network cameras live across the bay area. see right there, with san francisco, whoo! san jose, palo alto, and oakland all covered in that dense fog. let's head out to bob redell. he's live for us in sunol. bob, how are things looking out there? >> reporter: well, marcus and laura, we're at the bottom of the sunol grade in sunol. you can see the 680 traffic, those brake lights are heading northbound as people are heading into san jose, where we are definitely seeing some heavy fog. i want to show you some video, this is from a couple of hours ago, we were on the road behind us heading northbound on 680, over to sunol grade. it's not the worst we've seen in terms of fog. you can still see the cars in front of you, but visibility is
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a little bit limited. so you want to watch your speeds. i have been tracking the latest from the national weather service. meteorologists there have indicated that if the fibvisibiy gets any worse, they might have to issue a dense fog advisory. that has not happened as of yet. chp has reported 50 feet of visibility in some parts of the bay area, especially in dublin. they have issued their own fog advisories for 680 from 580, which is dublin to scott creek. and highway 80 between american canyon and the carquinez bridge. they have also issued advisories for people traveling across the san mateo, golden gate, benicia martinez bridges. as always, if you're drooiving the fog, you want to watch the distance between you and the cars in front of you, especially in places where the fog is heavy. and remember, you don't want to use those high beams. because if the fog is heavy, that light is going to bounce right back in your eyes and could potentially blind you or at least distract you. reporting live here in sunol,
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bob redell, "today in the bay bob. thank you. 6:03 right now. happening today, family of one of the victims who died in the halloween house party shooting is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit. the attorney for raymond hill jr.'s relatives say airbnb, the owner of the house, and the organizers of the party are all responsible for the tragedy that killed five people. this was in orinda. he says they're hurt that the company's ceo tweeted a pledge to support the families of the victims, but they haven't heard from his directly. the father of another victim says the same thing goes for him. >> i'm pretty surprised. i mean, this is a pretty big company we dealing with, to have this tragic loss that all suffering from and nobody has -- i haven't seen anybody make no statements about they're sorry for this happening or no type of reaching out. >> omar taylor sr., who you just saw there, says he's still focussing on providing the proper burial for his son. he's also considering a lawsuit
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as well. it is 6:04. and today marks one year since the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. the camp fire leveled the town of paradise. 86 people lost their lives. 18,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. the fire burned through more than 153,000 acres. now, the firestorm has certainly left a lasting rippling effect, especially for families who lost loved ones. today, one woman, of course, understandably, still mourning her father and stepfather, who died trying to escape their burning home in paradise. kris sanchez is live with what that family has to say about the story and really this probably harsh anniversary for them this morning. kris? pk agency is one of the agencies that rushed to paradise to try to help those folks. that fire burned for 17 days. and for a lot of people there in paradise, they had little chance of getting out, because the fire started and moved in so very quickly. one of the people who had little chances of getting out was
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earnest foss jr. whose medical condition confined him to his son, where he lived with his stepson, andrew burt and their dog, bernice. his body was found in the driveway of the home. his stepson's body was found about a mile we. we talked with mr. foss's daughter who raised him in san francisco and angela lou says their only comfort is that their suffering is over. >> every day is a struggle. every day is a struggle. some days are better than others, but this will never get better. >> reporter: angela lou says she will be in paradise today where the camp fire changed her family and town forever. she told us surviving neighbors know that a deadline for fire insurance claims was just extended. they have a little bit more time. that information is posted at on she will
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attend some of those memorial services in paradise today to feel like she's with her dad. inlosanchez, "today in the bay". >> never get over it. just get used to living with it. feel so bad for her. thank you, kris. it is 6:07 right now. numerous events are being held today in butte county to remember those who died. here are just a few. the town of paradise is asking people to observe a moment of silence at 11:08 a.m. town leaders will also show off for the first time a newly built community resource center. and today, paradise leaders will help break ground on a new camp fire memorial named hope plaza. well, even before the holiday travel season takes flight, san jose airport already setting new records when it comes to travelers. by the end of the year, the airport expects to have had 15.5 million people roll through. that's a million more than last year. and if youmelaefore t the year, be aware of parking. it will be tight. those lots have been close to full capacity on a number of
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weekends already this year. well, if the raiders, indeed, just played their final night game ever at the oakland coliseum, they went out with a bang. and they gave fans new home and a shot -- at the post season. look, the raiders beat the rival l.a. chargers in dramatic fashion after coming out inspired. two early interceptions helped give the raiders a 10-0 first quarter lead. but, they ended up trailing by 4 with one minute left in the game. and that's when josh jacobs scored an 18-yard touchdown run. the raiders won 26-24. afterwards, head coach jon gruden actually celebrated with fans in the black hole. >> every win, i'm going down there. i've got face paint all over me, i got to see some costumes i have not seen before at any football games. awesome. >> now, the raiders now move to 5-4. they're just one game behind the chiefs, who are first place in the division.
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>> i love to see those long touchdown runs. they're just so fun, the way they -- >> you know, zig zag and make it through. >> what you train for all your life. look, mom, i did it! >> the game started out exciting. i was like, all right, let's 're really excited for our bayt area teams. we're starting out with some clouds and fog, as you head out on this friday morning. maybe you've got a little bit more energy, as we get ready for the weekend. and we're going to see that fog sticking with us through about 8:00. and our temperatures cool in walnut creek in the upper 40s. the rest of the day looks so nice with some low 70s by early afternoon. eventually, we'll reach the upper 70s for the inland east bay. tri-valley, up to 77 in livermore. san jose reaching 73. oakland, today, we'll top out at about 68 degrees and 76 today in napa. we'll talk about what's ahead, but mike, not everyone qualifies as a carpooler. >> and i'm speaking specifically about our friend, carl la fog.
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you will be driving with carl pretty much anywhere around the bay. you'll see low clouds and some of carl over here in fremont. definitely, if there's no one else in the car, that doesn't qualify. you see where the highlighted yellow shows anywhere north of union city, especially dense fog, but those clouds are drifting around. chp gave an advisory here for 680. towards fremont, we're seeing it creep into our shots for san jose and palo alto and up into san francisco whereby where northbound 101, there is a crash at vermont. we'll get more details in a few minutes. but we are looking at the dense fog registering for that north bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we talked about the raiders already, but don't want to forget about our 49ers fans. next, all new, a song from a bay area rapper celebrating team's perfect record. plus, there's a big rally again on the stock market and that's 90% good news. if you're saying, scott, what's the 10%? well, stick around. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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happy friday. it is 6:13 right now, as you head out the door, it may be cloudy, misting and drizzling. this is a look at the live view in san jose. we'll see that fog and the clouds sticking around for a couple of more hours, but then once it clears out, our temperatures start to warm up. we're going to have another really nice afternoon. we'll get a look ahead to what's happening for the weekend and our chance of rain in the forecast. more on that in about five
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minutes. >> and there's some of that fog that's highlighted yellow throughout much of the north and east bay, especially contra costra county getting hit. but a note to our producer, andy. we may have a traffic alert right here in san francisco. we'll see how this develops getting into the city and towards the bay area over the next couple of minutes. and good morning. a very happy friday to you, as well. the head of san francisco's gap is stepping down. stock indices have set a number of records lately on hopes that the chinese and the americans will end some of their punishing tariffs. this is good news for the stock market, but look here. i've included the ten-year treasury yield here. and i'm not going to get too deeply into this. but remember this. when people are buying a lot of stocks, that money tends to come out of bonds. and that raises the yield, the payoff on the bond. and that makes sense, right? if people don't want to buy your thing, they want to buy this attractive. you have to make so as we watch the stock market
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rise, the bond yields go up. yields are tied to mortgage rates. and this is when you start to care if you're buying a house. as a rule of thumb, because of what i just sketched out, good performance on the stock market pushes mortgage rates higher. it's a tendency. something to watch. now, they're still incredibly historically low and still lag behind the market. other news, sears holdings says it will continue to close sears and kmart stores, including the by sears at eastridge mall in san jose and san bruno and tracy, they're also going to shut down. netflix is warning some people that their tv sets or their set-top boxes won't be able to see netflix due to some changes in technology that's coming up. older samsung tvs in particular, some older roku with hasan minhaj. on a separate note, netflix has pulled this episode about saudi arabia because it offended the
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crowned prince. he does sort of a news explainer every week. he's actually very good at it. the crowned prince apparently offended by this and netflix pulled it down. it's the same crowned prince who our intelligence agency says ordered the murder of a "washington post" writer, but he was offended. now, netflix is defending this saying they were at the new york deal book conference. the ceo defended this saying, listen, we're not in the news business, we're not trying to do truth to power, we're here to entertain, you know, and there's a legitimacy to that, as well. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. it is 6:16 right now. 49er faithfuls basking in the glow of a perfect 8 and 0 record. there, the last of the undefeated. and the 49ers looking to keep that momentum going on monday night, to-called ambassador of the bay, e-40 working to help keep players and fans pumped up with an all-new song. take a listen. ♪ the 49ers got the livest
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fans ♪ ♪ starting to feel like candlestick parkcandlestick par stomping grounds in san francisco. back in 2015, he remixed his song "choices" to a warriors' theme and it quickly became a dub nation staple. >> i'm not going to tell mr. 40 what to do, but he might want to change to e-49. >> whoa! >> just for the season. >> special occasion. >> there you go. got a little mike inouye song coming out, too. >> i'll be his hype man. >> yeah! >> a lot of people hyped about the forecast we've been having recently. >> it's been nice for the afternoons, the morning, not so much. i know and we've had a lot of fog. and so we're dealing with that heading to work and school this morning, as we go across the golden gate bridge, here's a look at that view. you can barely see anything. we are going to see the fog
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moving around at times, reducing visibility to near zero. that's what we were seeing right now in san martin and parts of the south county are having a tough go with fog moving through. and parts of the delta and as well for the north bay, we're seeing visibility at about a half mile or less. so just heads up about that. allow some extra time to get there. if you're looking for something fun to do, head to san francisco. union squareli skating. this looks like a nice event. we'll see temperatures in the mid-50s through the morning, sunshine throughout the day and we're reaching into the low 60s once we get that sunshine. we're reaching up to about 62 degrees, downtown san francisco. oakland, we're up to 68 degrees. in san jose, expect a high of 73 degrees and some upper 70s for the inland valleys. we're still stuck in this weather pattern with high pressure, no rain, cool mornings and warm afternoons. we've seen a lot of the rain moving to the north, but we'll slowly start to see that high pressure backing off, moving off towards the west. and it may allow for some rain to move into the bay area by
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next friday into next saturday. it's several days off, so we'll see how this pans out. normally, we're starting to head towards our wettest time of the year. and right now, we know that we've seen no rain just of yet. you can see the trend of our wettest months heading towards january and february. so that'see a lot of rain movin and i don't think we'll make the mark this month, because we've had a couple of weeks of dt wha temperature wise inland, some upper 70s, some our warmest spots reaching up to about 79 degrees tomorrow. we will be cooling off next week, after veterans day. mostly sunny skies until about next thursday as we get ready for that chance of rain to move in. san francisco will be in the low 60s today because of the fog. will be slow to clear for this afternoon. mike's been tracking the fog and now possibly a traffic break. >> a traffic alert that's been called for chp. i had to sort out my maps last
6:20 am
minute. let me show you what's going on here. thing to definitely a continuing factor. north bay in here towards vallejo, hope of e-40. here's the rio vista area coming through antioch. and this will be a factor all over. even though it's not yellow, there will definitely be low clouds and likely fog. into san francisco or getting out of san francisco, in the city, getting on to the skyway, there is a crash blocking one lane. chp has already called a traffic alert, even though only one lane is blocked getting on to the lower deck and the skyway, this is around the 7th street on-ramp. that just came in. i thought the sig alert was because of another issue, northbound 101, but that is not, again. the traffic alert getting over here towards 7th and on to the bay area, we'll track that one. the other issue northbound 101 at vermont, that also only blocks one lane, but we'll quickly see the build. if y cetween 101 and 280, take that northbound direction in towards the extension. that's much clearer right now. the fog is a factor all the way in the east bay, the tri-valley, creeping down on this map past
6:21 am
the san mateo bridge. now, on this map, the peninsula does not have that yellow highlighting, but it does still have the fog. here is the san mateo bridge, definitely having an issue with visibility and now those clouds are creeping down along the peninsula as well. so be careful. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. >> it' 6:21 right now. >> well, it's an unlikely pair. nancy pelosi and hollywood star richard gere. the issue that's bringing them together tonight in san francisco. from a mattress delivery that went flat to money missing from a cash transfer service, i'm consumer investigator chris chmu chmura. nbc bay area responds and telemundo responde, next. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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6:24 for you right now. it may sound like an unlikely trio, but nancy pelosi, richard gere, and the sister of dalai lama are expected to be in san francisco tonight. >> gere is expected to moderate a discussion between the house speaker and dalai lama's sister. gere is a practicing buddhist and chairman of the international campaign for the region. 6:24 right explain our recent success for ourtle m 3,000 consumer complaints from viewers just like you. we did the math and that breaks down to about 60 complaints per week t help make things right. let's check out some of our recent wins. we'll start with nancy in martinez.
6:25 am
she told us she was having trouble with a mattress delivery. well, we put it to bed and nancy got a refund of $210, resolved. over at telemundo 48, consumer investigator arlen fernandez and her investigative team held gloria with a money transfer app. gloria said $2,000 and arlen helped track it down. call us in english 1-888-996-tips or in spanish 1-844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >> you too,chris. all morning long, we're taking a look back at the camp fire. today marks one year since that deadly firestorm. >> kelly clarkson as well is honoring the bravery and heroics of first responder who is stepped in when help was needed. they include a san francisco woman. elizabeth gunderson grew up in paradise and is a nurse practitioner. she drove to an apartment in chico to reunite with her evacuated family after that fire started. she said she knew she had to step in to help.
6:26 am
>> my family was safe. i've never been so grateful for anything. and then job you know, i realized that my family's safe, but there are so many people who didn't -- either didn't get out or who are gravely, gravely injured or in trouble after this fire and we have to do something. >> find out how exactly she did today at 3:00 on t"the kelly clarkson show". and if you can't be home, you can always set your dvrs. still ahead this hour, very foggy out there. taking a live look outside in fremont. you can barely see, make it out there from our sky cam. next, team coverage of the commute as kari updates her forecast and mike tracks the traffic. and all-new for you, a string of disturbing incidents out of stanford. the campus warning after reports of a rape, an assault, and drugging. you're watching "today in the bay."
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well, right now at 6:30, friday fog is here for the third straight day, it's really hard to see out there. trust us, this is dublin. up next, where mike is seeing traffic problems and when kari says this follow will finally burn off. also all-new, ready to go. a startling new survey of people in san francisco aren't leaving their hearts at all, they're just leaving. >> feels great, baby. >> jimmy g. defends this talked about moment with sports
6:30 am
reporter erin andrews. what he has to say now and what she's saying now in about 20 minutes. "today in the bay" continues right now. ks s much for starting your morning right here with us. >> you know what feels great? >> it's friday. >> meteorologist kari hall getting us through the weekend. >> the weather will be much nicer once we get through the fog this morning. and i like to take you abo fog so we can at least see the run rise. this is a look at the view from our san bruno mountain camera over san francisco, looking towards the north bay. we can see mt. tam there stickinstic sticking up. we're seeing the most dense fog in parts of the south county. look at san martin, we're down to less than a quarter mile, almost zero. livermore, it's getting pretty dense there with quarter-mile visibility there as well as the north bay at about half of a mile. we'll watch this fog drift around and clear
6:31 am
we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend. >> i have fog everywhere you're showing. illustrating that with a live camera on oakland. i still have an issue north of here. see visibility. that's one problem. the other, because we see that yellow drifting around, there is a crash at 23rd. we should be clearing lanes quickly, but there are a couple of larger vehicles involved there. that's on the east bay side. we have a lot of fog for the upper east shore freeway and the north bay. watch those speeds. here's a crash we talked about in oakland. the other side of the bay, the crash in san francisco, looks like north 101, just cleared at vermont. that would be better news. but that fog drifting around. we're seeing that highlighted for the south bay, much like we did yesterday. use caution. back to you. now details on an overnight fire in the east bay that destroyed an rv and damaged a neighboring home. rit ou'r looking at new video from the scene. this happened at around 1:30 this morning on pioneer court in
6:32 am
san ramon. firefighters arrived to find the rv fully engulfed and the upstairs part of that home on fire. no one was injured and the cause is under investigation. it's 6:32 right now. a new city study says more than a third of san franciscans can't afford to stay in the city and they're ready to go. >> sharon katsuda live at sfo. residents or former residents say they're definitely agreeing with this study. sharon? >> that's right, lauren, marcus. this study by the office of the controller says nearly a third of the san franciscan residents say they don't expect to be cit from now. they say rent is just way too high and those who live there don't have much hope they'll be able to buy a home and work in the city long-term. most of those residents who need or want to bail under 35 years old. we'll talk to one renter whose family is trying to make it work, and another former resident who moved when the
6:33 am
landlord raised the rent after he had lived there for 17 years. >> from $1,400 that i was paying back then, the next -- the following year, she wanted to charge me $3,000. >> double. more than double. >> more than double. >> reporter: he told me he moved to concord, but he still works out near the airport, so he has a much longer commute. the good news is 42% of san franciscans say they'll be able to stay long-term. now, 20% of those residents who have already left san francisco, they actually moved out of state. reporting live from sfo, i'm sharon katsud 6:33 right nnd new details on a deadly small plane crash in southern california. the pilot died yesterday when that plane crashed into a home in san bernardino county. medics returning from anotherow and erratically and then saw the column of smoke.
6:34 am
two adults and a baby were in that home when the plane hit, but they were able to get out safely. 6:34. now this morning, police are investigating three recent assaults at stanford university. the first happened overnight on halloween. now, according to campus security, a woman was choked by a man inside a student housing building on escondido road. the second assault happened the next day when a woman who was raped at the court dormitory. and then on november 2nd, a woman reported drinking alcohol she believed was spiked with drugs. that happened on mayfield avenue. a surprise truce in the legal battle between san francisco and the nra. the gun rights group has suddenly dropped its lawsuit. this all came from a move by supervisors in september when they adopted a resolution declaring the nrao do business . the nra dropped that suit, citing the retreat made by san francisco leaders since then. but city attorney dennis herrera responded, calling the lawsuit a baseless attempt to silence
6:35 am
valid criticism of the organization and to distract from the ongoing gun violence. 6:35. a warning if you're hitting the road this weekend. the northbound lanes of 880 between mowry and thornton avenues in fremont will be shut down. the closures start at 9:30 tonight and lasts until 8:00 tomorrow morning. pg&e plans to remove a gas pipeline running across the interstate. the same closure moves over to the southbound lanes tomorrow night. the new downtown novato smart station getting a little closer to opening. starting late tonight and through the weekend, teams will test signaling and train control systems along various stretches of the crash and its crossings. testing starts at 11:00 tonight. it will take place in three phases through 2:00 a.m. monday. drivers will be advised to slow down in case crossing gates are being tested. t open by the end of the year. >> always, safety, number one. safety is the concern. >> very much so. >> we're looking over here, talking about fog and ut in roa
6:36 am
have a crash southbound 880 before we get here, which is the truck scales in case you can't see that. we have one lane blocked and that is causing quite a bit of slowing suddenly. the yellow highlighted around the bay, south bay, really pronounced now. notice over there through hayward and accuracyto valley. and in the north bay, as well, we're looking around the perimeter of the bay. i want to call out our waze system as well. we have one more issue, northbound 880 at 23rd. we have that crash so that will be a factor. and we'll thank mtspeedmeister1 for putting that on the speed system. pick your name carefully. i don't want chp to use that against you. here we go. friday leading into the weekend, certainly a time to talk about what's going on this weekend, because weather will be nice. >> it's going to be really nice for the afternoons. we still may have this fog for the early hours over the next few days. once it clears out, expect
6:37 am
temperatures to warm up into the m mid-60s for the coast, mid-70s for the bay and a a f few inland spots. and on sunday, we're looking at some beautiful temperatures and comfortable temperatures with some sunshine throughout the rest of the weekend. now, as you make plans, maybe you want to go ice skating. our own rob mayeda will be in walnut creek for the winter fest. look at these temperatures. he's making sure the temperatures hold. and throughout the day, highs in the mid-70s. the coast will be much cooler and in half moon bay, the fog may be slow to clear. we're reaching 55 today with some low 60s tomorrow. some peeks of sunshine. so make sure you're wearing something nice and warm, especially once those breezes pick up. if you're going to yosemite, expect the highs up to about 58, 59 degrees. cool during the early hours, bu napa this weekend, expected to reach the upper 70s and also
6:38 am
some comfortable conditions out there. if you're wanting some warmer weather, head to paso robles. up to 87 today, 85 tomorrow, and 83 degrees on sunday. l.a. will also have some warm weather, especially tomorrow with a high of 85 degrees. a little bit cooler on sunday as we reach the mid-70s. let me know what's in the weekend plans for you. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook, and instagram. today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. 6:38 forne, a check olater. >> how are you taking it? well, minute by minute is often ther understandable. we'll take a look at our emotional all-new interview with a woman who lost her father and them brother in the camp fire. plus, we'll take a look at the ceremonies planned today. "the washington post" says the republicans are urging the president to find a fall guy. we'll take a look at that.
6:39 am
let's take you out to the big board in new york city a day after a big rally. everybody is taking a breath. not much movement. good morning. i'm vicky nguyen. coming up on "today," the average american spends about $1,200 out of pocket per year on precipitation medication. but we found ways to save you hundreds of dollars. we're going to show you, from the apps on your phone to memberships you don't know about. plus, the specific questions you need to ask your pharmacist or doctor to make sure you're getting the very best price on your meds. we saved hundreds of dollars for two families and we're going to show you how you can do it, too. that's coming up this morning on "today." don't miss the grand opening
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you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. it's 6:42 and it's starting out foggy this morning. this is a live look outside in san jose. low visibility with the fog moving around the bay area. santa theresa will start out with some low 50s, and once the fog clears, we have another nice day ahead. we'll talk about this and the weekend forecast in less than five minutes.
6:42 am
>> and as kari said, fog is a major factor. this is not the worst we've seen and not the worst we do see at the richmond side of the bridge. we're looking at much better speeds still because it's friday with a lighter commute. i'll show you what to watch and show you what we should watch. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 6:42 right now. now to our torother top stories. today no doubt will be a difficult one in butte county. >> it's been one year since the deadliest firestorm in california history, the camp fire, which leveled paradise. 86 people lost their lives. 18,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. and that fire burned through more than 153,000 acres. now, to an interview you'll only see here on nbc bay area. >> a woman who lost her father and stepbrother in the fire is sharing the profound sense of loss that she still, understandably, feels today. >> how are you taking it? well, minute by minute is often the truth. >> angela lou grew up in san francisco with her father,
6:43 am
earnest foss jr., who was a musician. she now lives in oregon and now it's just a day-to-day koecopin. her father had moved to paradise and due to a medical condition, he was bedridden in his home when that fire started. her stepbrother actually served as the father's caretaker. he grew up in oakland. both men died while trying to escape the flames. her father's body was found burned in his driveway. her stepbrother was located about a mile away with the pair's dog who also died. she says her grief extends to suffer. >> their problems were over the moment they were overtaken in that firestorm. and for so many people, that's not -- that's not what happened. and thank goodness, right! thank goodness they made it through, but they are still suffering. i mean, i'm still suffering. everybody is still hurting. it's so raw. >> so much so.
6:44 am
well, today she plans to take part in events remembering camp fire victims and to help her own healing, she plans to hand out flyers notifying fire survivors that an insurance claim was just extended. numerous events are being held in butte county to remember those who died. the town of paradise asking people to remember a moment of silence at 11:08 a.m. town leaders will show off for the first time in a newly blt r. andmunity leaders will help break ground on a new camp fire memorial named hope plaza. new details in the deadly shooting of a northern california deputy. the deputy was ambushed october 23rd in the sierra nevada foothills. authorities now say two of the men arrested are in the u.s. illegally and were helping guard illegal pot grows. federal prosecutors also say that they took orders from someone in mexico. a total of four men are in custody, including the property
6:45 am
owner. and the man investigators say was managing the grow operation. 6:45 for you right now and this afternoon, san francisco election leaders plan to guf el too close to call district attorney race . as of yesterday, less than 900 votes separated the two candidates. suzy loftus and chesa boudin. because it's rank choice voting, it may take days before a winner is declared. president trump's acting chief of staff has been subpoenaed to appear before the house impeachment inquiry. >> and mick mulvaney is supposed to show up today, scott mcgrew. >> he's supposed to show up, but don't hold your breath. we do not expect mulvaney to testify. mulvaney is not really that necessary for what the house is trying to accomplish. they've already got sworn testimony from others that show a quid pro quo. and what's interesting about mulvaney is he admitted to a quid pro quo twice during this
6:46 am
press conference last month. now, he later retracted it, but the house impeachment inquiry can just play back the tape of this press conference if they don't get his testimony. some of theical mulvaney could l guy in all of this. so, too, could rudy giuliani and gordon sondland. remember, all of these men are loyal to the president, but all three have said things that are very damning to the president's case. lindsey graham, who's also very loyal to the president, is asking why sondland changed his testimony from there was no quid pro quo to there was quid pro quo. now, in this clip, graham is going to call sondland "sunderland," but we know who he means. >> here's a question. why did sunderland change his testimony? was there's a connection between sunderland and democratic operatives on the committee? did he talk to schiff? did he talk to schiff's staffers? >> that's graham's theory on possibly why sondland changed
6:47 am
his testimony from no quid pro quo to yes quid pro quo. another theory is that sondland went first in the list of testimony -- i've been having a little trouble with mylist. well, apparently i can't. oh, there it is. he goes first in this list of testimony and other people talked after him and these people did say there was quid pro quo. you're going to have to trust that there was a list there. very different from what he said off top. so after a number of people testified to something different, sondland suddenly remembers more detail. let's see if i can show you the book. nope! all right. so there's this book coming out called "a warning" by a person "the new york times" has confirmed is a top trump insider. it says all kinds of bad things about the president. you can read it, you cannot read it. recognize this, though. that book was written by a person who is hiding his or her name. meanwhile, in washington, longtime republicans, longtime
6:48 am
conservatives, trump appointees with and a u.s. army officer are all publicly walking past tv cameras, using their names, to testify that the president abused his office. i'll be on twitter this morning. you can follow me, you can direct message me, as well. i'm @scottmcgrew. the 49ers will be on the field monday as they take on seattle. and while the team is focusing on staying undefeated, many fans still talking about what happened after last week's game during the post game. take a listen. >> 8-0, how does that feel? >> feels great, baby! happy halloween right back at you! >> so that exchange went viral with many wondering about jimmy g.'s choice of words for sports reporter erin andrews. yesterday, jimmy says he wasn't thinking at the moment and just had a laugh about it. >> yeah, i didn't expect -- didn't expect it to blow up like that. it is what it is type of thing. b but, yeah, i was excited. 8-0, baby.
6:49 am
>> reporter: erinweek, too, retweeting a post saying, 8-0 feels great, baby. but i think what we left out there, when he walked away, he kind of -- you know, a little flirty look. that's what people were -- >> it would have been different if baby was the front. ri like, "baby, it feels good." how about, 8-0 feels great, deep person. >> plus you deepened your voice. >> but he didn't do that! >> okay. water under the bridge then. fog in the sky? i don't know. is that a phrase? >> i guess. >> fog in the sky, you know how i feel! i just made that up. >> now you're going high. >> all right. so, we're kicking off this friday on a great note. although we just have to make it through this fog and then we'll see some sunshine today. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. and so we've been seeing the low visibility and the fog kind of drifting around in a few spots.
6:50 am
just a heads up about that. we are seeing visibility going down in the tri-valley after a fairly clear start here with our dublin camera, but we are seeing a little bit more fog here and it's another chilly start. we're at a 42-degrees by 8:00. but then once the skies clear, you can seen those temperatures going straight up and we'll go from 42 to 75 by early afternoon. now as we look at our visibility on the map here, this shows how far you can see in the distance in miles and the visibility in the tri-valley now down to about a quarter of a mile, less than a quarter of a mile in the south bay, in the south county. and we have seen in the north bay, about a half-mile visibility. so just to make sure you're slowing it down as you head out for work or school this morning. we're going to see those high temperatures at half moon bay, only reaching 57 drew to the fog. and it may not clear out as we go throughout the afternoon. some peeks of sunshine in san francisco. low 60s there and some upper 60s for the inland east bay. if you've been sneezing and your
6:51 am
allergies are botherering our, i just want to show you what's going on. a moderate amount of tree pollen as we see a lot of those trees losing their leaves. and it's mostly elm, pine, and prive. so we are going to see more of that over the next couple of days. and we've also had the fog. that's your view out the window as you get dressed this morning. you do need a jacket, but later on today, once we get sunshine, it will be more comfortable with some short sleeves. we have high pressure still over the bay area and some very dry conditions. going into next week, we're going to see it backing off, just enough to allow for some rain and is a chance of some showers to get in here next friday into saturday. so we'll be watching that over the next few days, but meantime, it does stay dry with some above-normal temperatures. inland, we're reaching into the upper 70s and some of our warmest spots around the bay area. veterans day looks nice with highs up to 79 degrees. and then more clouds next thursday, as we get ready for that rain to possibly move in.
6:52 am
mike, off new crash and fog in the south bay. >> yeah, so a concern, because visibility will be a factor pretty much everywhere you're driving, we've seen this. the highlightinghroughout the s san jose, where this crash north 101 at trimble may cause more slowing by the airport down here. now, sfo reporting delays of over an hour because of the fog as well. limited visibility, keep that in mind when you make your travel plans this morning. highway 17, if you're traveling across the summit, there's a disabled vehicle on the southbound commute. northbound slows, spectator slowing and fog there. san martin okay, but holster, gilroy, and lots of fog through the area and be careful wherever you're driving. tri-valley has been especially slow this morning, and slowing south towards fremont. over here, a smooth drive towards the east shore freeway and the north bay, where that's especially dense fog registering over the last half hour, we're looking at 880 northbound at 23rd.
6:53 am
that cra here's the deal, they're over on the shoulder, but they're still accessible from the roadway, which is tough to see. here's southbound with these headlights. you see them? northbound, you can barely make out the taillights. this is a rooftop camera, so the fog is between us and the roadway. on the deck, use caution as you rise up into the oakland hills, this will also to sethere. thank you, mike. happening now, a deadly 5.9 earthquake strikes northwestern iran. more than five people are dead, more than 300 others injured. several buildings are destroyed. also, more than 50 aftershocks have been felt since that initial quake this morning. and next, a quick look at our top stories, including as the travel season kicks off, what to expect if you have a flight coming up soon. and at 7:00 for you, analysis of thursdays's big decision by juul. the company will stop selling a specific type of vape pod. on the "today" show, the reason and the potential impact on the e-cigarette market. we're back in justnews you're watching "today in the
6:54 am
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welcome back. it's 6:57. before you head out door, here's the top stories we're cover can go on "today in the bay". >> santa clara county sheriff's deputies just put up crime tape in a neighborhood off of 280 near et homestead and sunnyvale-saratoga road. we're getting reports that deputies are trying to track down someone wanted for burglary. there's a pretty big police presence as you can see right here and we've been watching as deputies use flashlights to search the yard of that home. our crew there gathering information at the scene. of course, we will send out an alert to you on our nbc bay area
6:57 am
app as we find out more. aus season starts today according to san jose's airport. even before the holiday travel season takes flight, sjc is already setting new records when it comes to travelers. by the end of the year, the airport expects to have 15.5 million people roll through. that's more than a million from last year. and if you plan to fly from sjc anytime before the end of the year, be aware parking will be tight. a lot of lots have been close to full capacity on a number of weekends already this year. new this morning, more than a third of the people in san francisco can't wait to move out. that's according to a new study by the city. san francisco controller's office found 35% of those surveyed are either very likely or somewhat likely to move out of san francisco over the next three years. the city says the trend isn't exactly knew. it reports the number of people wanting to leave san francisco has been relatively steady since 2005. well, happening today, a
6:58 am
popular bay area lighthouse reopens after being closed for more than a year. renovations.poi reyes and look at this, the work is wrapping up just in time to celebrate the structure's upcoming 150th anniversary on december 1st. today's reopening event starts at 10:00. >> that will be a nice one to go through if you can make it through the fog. >> it's going to be foggy to start for the next several days, but we are going to see some clearing and warm temperatures nor the inland areas. we're in the upper 70s and we'll see this pattern holding intosos that fog will be slow to clear today. >> all right, well, it's a foggy friday out there for that commute as well. >> let's show you dublin. the arrow, that's where we typically see a roadway, but the low clouds and fog are a factor for folks driving there. and highlighted in yellow is where the densest fog is, but it will be all around the bay. even though traffic is lighter, you should still drive slower because of the visibility.
6:59 am
>> allow a little extra time out there. and hope you have a great weekend. thanks so much for joining us for "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and we've got something coming up for you at midday. don't miss it at 11:00. we'll see you then. it's friday. enjoy the day. >> fri-yay! >> oh, yay. >> have a good one. good morning, winter blast, over 200 million americans from coast to coast waking up this morning to frigid coast to coast waking up this morning to frigid temperatures, snow, ice and windchills in the teens, and another shot of arctic air is nipping at its heels. al's got what we need to know for the weekend. ready to run, former new york city mayor mike bloomberg shakes up the campaign for president with a big move towards entering the race. how the other democrats in the field are reacting this morning. emotional good-bye, victims
7:00 am
of that horrific massacre in mexico laid to rest this morning. the


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