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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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6:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm janelleessica aguirre. a booming stock market so the next statement may surprise you a bit. the demand for bay area homes is cooling and prices keep falling. >> so what is the primary reason? let's bring in nbc bay area's anoushah rasta with answers for us. >> reporter: well we spoke to an economist who doesn't think prices will drop significantly but they have been falling gradually over the past year. if you're in the market to buy a home in the bay area here is some good news from data analytics company core logic. according to the latest research home prices in most bay area counties are falling. the median sale price dropped 7.1%. previously sold homes saw a price drop of 4.7% compared to last year. >> the trigger was the mortgage
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rates. mortgage rates post about 5% a year ago and that put a stop on the home buyers in the market place. because when mortgage rates go up that means the monthly mortgage payment is taking that much of a bigger of a bite out of family income. >> reporter: holly bartells has seen prices sliding for more than a year now. >> the trend over the last two years it is definitely come down. >> reporter: in her market of willow glen she has less all cash buyers and see a home sit on the market for 25 days before a sale and a couple of years ago it would sell in less than ten days and get several hundred thousand dollars over asking price. >> if it is in a beautiful neighborhood all fixed up, highly desirable property you will get multiple offers. it may not be the numbers we saw two years ago. probably won't go crazy overasking but get maybe two or three right around the asking price.
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>> reporter: in september this year core logic properties the median sale price for all homes in the bay area was about $778,000. down from $815,000 last year. now another study may offer another reason why the home prices are sliding. the city of san francisco survey reports that 35% of residents are planning on moving out of the city in the next three years. now holly is not surprised 90% of her clients who sell their homes move out of the bay area or out of california altogether. reporting live in san jose anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> still too expensive. thank you. i of remembrance in paradise, california. a year ago that deadly campfire started. and that fire ripped through the town at a destroying 19,000 buildings is. a year later this is what paradise looks like. one empty lot after another. where there used to be homes and buildings. now before they can rebuild, survivors have to clear out
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everything that burned. and it is been a staggering task. they've removed 3.6 million tons of debris more than all of the material needed to build four golden gate bridges. even more startling, it is nearly twice the amount of debris removed from ground zero after 9/11. jodi hernandez returned to paradise where people who still live there are trying to build a new way of life. >> reporter: allison is doing what she does everybody holiday season. >> i used to always decorate the front for the holidays and the front is still here and it is just makes me feels like the property feels love and cared for. >> reporter: like the campfire destroyed her home. we found her enjoying a picnic in what used to be her living room. >> how are we going to rebuild, we haven't figured out for financial reasons. >> reporter: though a year has
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pasted only 12 houses have been rebuilt in paradise. but slowly the town is springing back and businesses are reopening and town leaders estimate 500 building permits will be issued by the end of the year. >> it's changed. but it is still paradise. and it's still beautiful. >> melissa schuster of one of 3,000 who didn't hesitate to return. she lost her entire estate two beautiful houses. >> this is one of the duals of paradise. >> reporter: and focus on the small chapel still on her lot and a pond the new home to more than 100 coy from ponds across paradise. >> there was no question. it was a must. houses we'll build that. we'll figure it out. >> reporter: for now she and her family are living in rvs and while people are recovering the emotional toll what some call the fire fog, is still tough. >> it was like being in the
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worst war zone you could imagine. >> reporter: for some the burned buildings is and cars that remain are painful reminders triggers they just can't handle. >> it really messes with your head. >> reporter: they're still waiting for the fog to lift. >> it is never going to be the same but just to get to that happy spot where you could enjoy life again -- i look forward to that day. >> reporter: in paradise, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we hope that day comes soon for them. now while all of the people of paradise haven't yet returned a piece of the legacy is now part of a powerful piece of art that will live there. artist jesse mercer lost her family home and her art studio in the campfire. her parents made it out with just their keys. so she spent the last year collecting 18,000 keys from people who no longer have doors to unlock or cars to drive. and she created a sculpture called the ridge key phoenix. it sits on a spool of power lines with the phoenix rising
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above it. >> we are so resilient and that we won't let adversity stop us from standing tall. and when you stand tall with enough people you could do anything. >> a powerful piece of art and so emotional. the keys once opened the doors to people's homes, to churches and classrooms and even the keys of the victims who died in the fire are part of that piece, lining the bird's wings. tonight at 11:00 we'll hear more from the artist and the healing she hopes that piece of art symbolized for others. the race is so tight they'll be counting votes through the weekend. san francisco's district attorney race is still too close to call. we just got an update about 90 minutes ago. look at the numbers here. chessa boudin az overtaken susie loftus and now leads by 156 votes. we're going to get the next update on the new numbers tomorrow afternoon. last night our exclusive
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interview and tonight the reaction and still a lot of tension and uncertainty when it comes to that teacher at milpitas high school. his name david carter. he was suspended after this video surfaced showing him teach his engineering class on campus in blackface. he did apologize but the naacp isn't quite buying it. robert handa joins us in milpitas with the very latest. robert? >> reporter: well the apology did seem to make an impact on the community and here at city hall the mayor said his office was flooded with calls after our story aired last night but it is still hard to tell if it will make an impact on the public and the school district. >> because i tried to do something and it didn't end up working out the way i planned. >> reporter: teacher david carter made an emotional apology in our interview and some were watching. the 48-year-old engineering structure was paying tribute to rapper common and his ibm
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commercial when he had a face coloring and skull cap on halloween and said he is sorry and hope it could be a teaching moment and not the end of his career at milpitas high. >> all i really want to do is make this sort of a learning opportunity. where at least there could be a discussion about our history about the history of persecution in this nation. >> reporter: carter met with the silicon valley naacp and the organization's president and said after the meeting and our interview, he is unmoved because he believes too many children were hurt by it. >> we wanted to be thorough and precise and we wanted it done in one clean move. if he takes a buyout or just leaves or whatever milpitas school district needs him off the campus. >> reporter: the mayor met with the district and while not revealing details said he agreed with common who told nbc bay area he preferred making the incident an educational lesson rather than simply firing the teacher. >> i have great faith that the school board will make a
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decision and it will be different from other places around the country because we are a special diverse community and we're going to come together rather than separate. >> reporter: well so far no word yet on whether the school board has come together for a decision. at this point the teacher tells us he's in limbo. live in milpitas, robert handa, nbc bay area news. thank you. a stairy reality at an elementary school in berkeley. oxford elementary learned from a study the entire school could shift up to 20 feet in a serious kwairk. now the school board voted unanimously to move the school temporarily for the next school year down the street -- t in fear. >> a lot of parents are concerned about it because it is not immediate. but you really can't live in fear like that because eventually what is going to happen is that the earthquake will happen. we don't know when. it is just going to happen.
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>> it is unclear if the school district will try to rebuild the structure. eight families have pulled their kids from the school. a new ruling to shorten the prison sentence of mayor london breed's brother. he was accused of killing his girlfriend. he's been in prison ever since. now that he's almost half way through his sentence brown is petitioning to serve less time. his attorney said his sister the mayor of san francisco, knows all about this. >> she wrote a heart-felt letter in support of him for his parole process but other than that she's treated him like a brother. and there is no politics involved in this case. >> today a san francisco judge ruled that brown has the right to argue for a shorter sentence. his attorney said he's encouraged by the ruling and the case will be back in court january 24th. the search continues for the thieves who broke into a dozen cars in san mateo county. the break-ins happened on sunday
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morning near laurelwood shopping center in san mateo. police say the thieves took whatever they could like spare change credit cards, even sunglasses. neighbors are nervous thieves might strike again. >> knowing that i've been here for ten years and nothing like this ever happened so when it did happen it was shocking. so if they are not caught then they could come back for more. >> police are urging community members to install security cameras to help protect their belongings. up next. cited for eating on a b.a.r.t. platform. the viral video that has riders talking. and it could shut down at any the new state regulations that have fishermen worried about the upcoming crab season. i'm jeff ranieri, fog is coming back tomorrow morning. we'll take you through the hour-by-hour forecast to get you ready for the weekend in about six minutes.
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you're eating. >> so what. >> it is against the law. >> you could hear them there, an argument over a breakfast sandwich and leading to anger and some confusion.
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a b.a.r.t. police officer detaining that man and citing that man for eating on a train platform earlier this week. it is against state law but we want to know is this law ever enforced. b.a.r.t. will not tell us that so we filed a request for the freedom of information act. now until then we still have some answers. christie smith joins us at the pleasant hill station where this all happened. christie? >> reporter: that is right. this happened early monday morning at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station and most riders that we spoke with today who weren't here say they were surprised that something like this was what happened on the b.a.r.t. a b.a.r.t. officer approaching a man with a sandwich. >> you singled me out of all of people. >> you're eating. >> so what? >> it is against the law. >> so what. >> reporter: the officer's hand is on a backpack and the man continues to argue. he was eventually put in handcuffs but b.a.r.t. said he was not arrested. still riders today were surprised. >> i see people eating on b.a.r.t. that don't get searched
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by cops. >> so for an agency trying to address cleanliness and other issues, some are asking why this? >> other things happen on b.a.r.t. than just someone eating food. i mean into itthings. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. said he was cited for eating which is a violation of state law. signs are posted about not eating. >> whether he's eating or a sandwich or eating a steak dinner it says you can't do it. and the rules are the rules. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. said in a statement no matter how you feel about the man eating on b.a.r.t., the officer saw someone eating and asked him to stop and when he didn't he was given a citation. he was refusing to provide his name and not cooperating which is why it lasted so long. >> it is such a minor infraction. >> reporter: now b.a.r.t. also said that the video has been sent to their independent police auditor for review. live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station christie
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smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you cristhristie. so will it be on menu this thanksgiving? this week the announce of the delay of the start of the commercial dungeoness crab season to protect the whales but the long-term impact it could have on the bay area turkey day living. i started the call of the it lured meller. >> it is unusual person that could handle fishing for a living it could be a very difficult job. >> reporter: for meller and others readying for the opening of the dungeness crab season it has gotten worse. not because of the weather or the crab population but because of whales. >> as a result of an environment lawsuit aimed at protecting whales from becoming entangled in crab gear the state has new
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regulations. state officials documented 47 entanglements since 2014 in response they shut down the last commercial crab season three months early. >> it is more alarming than ever been i think becausenhe trouble because policy the department of fish and game is con ducking preseason flyovers looking for whales in fishing grounds, just this week it announced a delay to the season start from november 15th to the 22nd. >> there is just potentially too much interaction with whales and other marine life. >> reporter: fish and game scientist brian bartling said they are chasing food into areas that overlap with crabbing like by because of climate change. he said the state can now shut down the season at any point if there are entanglements or a high number of whales show up during the season. >> encouraging behavior and a lot of pots on the coast and fishing and having the two together presents a risk issue.
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>> the possibility of sudden closure sent a chill fish companies which depend on crab. >> the a lot of uncertainty. >> we're shut down for a period of time. it could really hurt us. >> trust me no fisherman wants to tangle a whale. >> reporter: with this season set to end months early, meller said people who catch and eat crab should expect change. >> it will never be the same. we'll always deal with this for ever. >> nbc bay area news. >> this issue is seen pretty often so this is december -- november in 20 days from now. >> and it is late this year. >> maybe we'll get a few spotty showers by then. >> hopefully. >> that is the way it looks on the extended forecast. let's bring you into our microclimate weather on this friday night. we'll get you set up for the weekend and it is going to be another morning where things are smoggy outside. we still have smoke particles from the ranch fire off through the
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area and at 5:00 in the morning we have fog at the coastline but the other thing that i want you to be aware of is the potential here of some patchy areasht here around san jose close to the bay. and into marin and napa and sonoma county. we'll00 ithe morning around the bay and then after that we get sunshine through the afternoon but it will be hazy and if you are headed to the coastline, that is the one spot where the fog will just kind of linger on. temperatures will be chilly to start. so make sure you have the jackpot. i have mid to upper 40s for the south bay. check out the north bay down to 41 in santa rosa. 44 in napa. 47 in concord. and 46 right here in danville. by the afternoon, let's move on over to this side of the screen so you could see everything. teams in the mid to upper 70s for the north bay, east bay and the south bay going the the bay in the 60s and at the coast in the 50s. so the temperatures are still a little bit above average. not really feeling like the holidays but if you want something to do to get yourself into the spirit, besides just
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having the pumpkin spice latte, head out to walnut creek creek on ice and they have the rink open and ready to go. we'll have 50s. so with some 50s you could get the jacket on and feel like it is november. we'll have the full seven-day forecast and changes next week coming up in about 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. up next the reason thousands of people are getting random text messages months -- from months ago, from valentine's day.
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>> a big surprise for thousands of people today as they receive text messages from valentine's day. about 170,000 people -- or text messages that were sent back in february just arrived on cellust now getting happy valentine's day texts that could get some people in texts between our phones called sin-a-verse said it stopped the glitch from being sent and then sent them over the last couple of days to just about every carrier and every kind of phone. >> if you think about it it is surprising there aren't more problems when you think of the fact that we're all on different
6:24 pm
carriers and we all have android or iphone and somehow the messages almost always get there. >> almost get there. they said after a couple of days it solved the problem. well it appears silicon valley may start to let women into the boys club. new surveys show 200% increase in women applying to tech jobs. as 100,000 women surveyed more than half were proficient in the valley's most in-demand skills including coding. san francisco was singled out as a key area to attract more female applicants and a yet. >> we're also seeing employers take a vested interest in making sure they ha on the team. >> we've made major progress in women applying into the jobs and sectors, we still have a lot of work to do. >> especially the higher executive ranks and in the c suite and women make up almost 30% of the valley's entry-level positions but they are still outpaced by men three to one. new york topped the list and followed by san francisco, l.a.
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d.c. and boston. one year later, we go live to paradise the community destroyed in the devastating wildfire as they get ready to honor those killed. police are calling it the biggest takeover of stolen phones in the bay area. do they have your phone? ever wonder where your phone ends up? we investigate the million dollar worldwide scheme coming up.
6:26 pm
the 49ers are the only team with the perfect 8-0 record and the season gets much tougher starting with an nfc showdown against the seahawks. adding more excitement and drama, it is on monday night football right here at levi stadium. >> me personally and guys have done it and the neatest thing is it is the one time your peers get to watch also. the other coaches and players in the league, which it is always cool to be on national tv for the whole world but i think it is special when the whole league gets to watch it too. >> it is fun. a good atmosphere. levi's was rocking when so i wouldn't expect anything else. the faithful will be there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny.
6:27 pm
too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. right now at 6:30, it was one year ago tonight that fire raced through the town of paradise. the beginning of what would be the deadliest fire if state history. this evening survivors are reuniting. as you could imagine recovery has been slow and painful for a lot of people. >> but the rebuilding effort is gaining steam with every passing day. nbc bay area's melissa colorado is in paradise where hundreds
6:28 pm
have gathered to remember the tragedy and to bond together and offer hope for w ahead melissa. >> reporter: absolutely. we're here at the paradise alliance church and you could see hundreds of past and present paradise residents are here to celebrate the heart and soul of the community and today the sky was blue. the smoke was gone. and the power is on. but you have to imagine there are still some families who are still asking themselves is it safe to move back and is it worth it to rebuild? >> nice to see it getting cleaned up. you don't see so much black or the debris. >> reporter: it is a bittersweet from karen and darrell. their home was destroyed in paradise. >> the heat was so intense it burned any face. >> after 47 years together they found the one thing they can't agree upon. moving back to paradise. >> karen has a little intimidation -- >> apprehension -- i don't feel comfortable any more. >> reporter: the risk of another wildfire torching their town again is just too h feels that way.
6:29 pm
>> we're coming back slowly but surely. >> before the campfire more than 26,000 people lived in paradise. today the town's population is down to at least 4,000. on the rise. as crews continue to build new homes one nail at a time. officials say 12 new homes were built this year and almost 500 more are on the way. including the future home of robert bean who now lives in an rv while he waits for contractors to break ground. >> why won't i. it is beautiful here. >> reporter: after the campfire nearly destroyed his town bean bought up five lots and this er nurse is taking a stab at real estate development in the heart of wildfire country. >> this is my community. and i feel privileged to be a part of that. >> reporter: and back out here live. you're looking at a group of students from paradise ridge elementary and they're performs tonight. just one -- and they're waving
6:30 pm
at us. just one of the folks that are going to be partmmemation celebration and as they celebrate the heart and soul of this resilient town. that is the latest in paradise. i'm melissa colorado nbc bay area news. >> our best wishes with them. let's switch gears for a second. had your cell phone stolen lately? ever wondered why wr it ended up? where you believe dubai, russia or kazakhstan. a hole in the wall secondhand shop in the east bay is the largest in the bay area and or it was until fremont police went undercover and discovered a stolen line offering top dollar for your goods. tonight it is a million dollar cell phone shuffle. >> reporter: they're fast and furious. hooded thieves dashing into apple stores stealing thousands of dollars worth of iphones and laptops in seconds. your cell phone, the modern day
6:31 pm
loot of choice for thieves looking to make easy cash. get rich quick damagets snatched on b.a.r.t. and on the along the street and out of parked cars every day. >> anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a smartphone. >> that is the going price fences buyers who traffic in stolen property are willing to pony up for new iphones on the black market. fremont is among the cities in the bay area in the midst of an auto burglar epidemic. fueled he said in part by black market demand for stolen phones. >> we believe they're one of the main reasons that the auto burglar rate in the bay area is so high. >> they're going after the bigger fish. >> reporter: the team said they found that fish. oakland police department had zeroed in on a crew tied to more than 60 thefts of new iphone shipments to stores across the bay area. big money loss as approaching a million dollars. >> going down t-mobile. >> reporter: this video
6:32 pm
wireless a store tucked inside trades cell phones. >> we heard about this place. >> reporter: fremont set up a surveillance operation that lasts months. what they found, torspin worked the market. driving business police say, by circulating an e-document listing the goods they wanted and the top dollar price they were willing to pay. >> i never saw one customer just go in there and buy something that a normal store would sell. it was always people bringing in product and leaving with money. >> reporter: one of thome those alleged customers isaiah langley, former cornerback and his accomplice walked in with a bag full of phones and walked out with the stacks of cash. the player police say among the many hawking phones to torspin. >> they were purchasing from 25 to 100 phones on a daily basis. >> what kind of money is that? >> my estimate is they're spending from to $50,000
6:33 pm
a day to pay out people. >> so some guy could come in and make $30,000 by selling phones. >> we watched it happen. >> our cameras were watching too. from an undercover van nearby. after nbc bay area learned of the investigation over the summer. we watched customer after customer walk in and appear to cell phones. police connected torspin owners to other wireless stores. one in san francisco, a third they own in el cajon. two were granted american citizenship for work as interpreters for the u.s. army during the war in afghanistan. >> and then about once a week they would travel down south and sell the product in bulk amount. >> we are talking about thousands and thousands of phones. >> oh, easy. easy. >> reporter: detectives understood the in. but they wanted to know where the stolen phone pipeline ended and that meant getting into business with torspin. selling them phones and watching where they were activated. >> devices that we had sold were
6:34 pm
ending up all over the world. >> reporter: a global operation that led to dozens of places on multiple continents. mexico dubai, russia vietnam kazakhstan australia, china and singapore among others. two weeks ago came the big takedown. undercover cops set up a deal too sweet to resist. 900 brand-new iphone 11s goods worth $1.3 million and the big fish had been hooked. officers from multiple agencies raided torspin and seven other properties tied to the ring. arresting the store's three owners seizing $350,000 k in cash with a bounty of firearms legally bought and the bonus a new thread for police to pull on. >> they had an ipad up and there was somebody watching the live camera feed of us in the shop. >> and where was that from? >> well our investigation led us
6:35 pm
to believe it was somebody in turkey. >> reporter: for now that turkey connection is aunsure they'll ever solve. what they do know is that the a warning to those across the bay area. >> we're moving forward on other operations as we speak. >> reporter: they're also moving forward with sorting a u-haul full of evidence from records to cash and lots of electronics and all four men arrested have pled not guilty to felony charges of receiving stolen property. when we reached out to them by phone, their attorneys told us they have no prior criminal record and deny knowing any of the goods were stolen. as far as that former oakland raiders player isaiah langley and he and 11 others were arrested for the stories. as simple as taking out your phone right now and pointing it at your screen. you could see that qr code on the bottom left-hand of the screen simply point your camera at that code and it will instantly connect you t for many of our reports.
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up next, regulating vacation rentals. the bay area city now instituting a three-strike policy.
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captured, a couple of teen as cused of carjacking an elderly couple on peninsula. it happened monday night at a parking garageond second street in downtown los altos. the pum parked their car and then two teens confronted and demanded keys. the teens then assaulted the company and robbing them and driving off with their car. next day they tracked down the teenager and car in santa clara. fightening moments for a woman in the south bay, a robber broke in while she was home alone around 5:30 this morning in cupertino. she called 911 from her upstairs bathroom to say she heard someone breaking into her home and when the deputies arrived, they saw a man running from the neighborhood toward deanza boulevard. a house fire breaking out around 1:00 in the morning in san ramon.
6:39 pm
near twin creek elementary school. an rv engulfed in flames. and fire burned the second floor of a home it was parked next to. no one got hurt. the fire crews are still trying to figure out how it started. a lot of talk about short-term rentals like airbnb in san rafael it is three striebs and you're out. the new law. the city approving the ordinance this week to allow the city to revoke a rental license if guests violate city rules three times. after a deadly party at a orinda airbnb they have been working on this for months. they say it is tuesday but it is friday today. >> you noticed. >> we made it. and we have the day correct. >> and i love that you clarified that. right on monday. we're like is it friday yet? it is here. >> friday today. >> we like that. air quality forecast. tomorrow stays moderate and the
6:40 pm
skies are kind of gross lately and we'll talk about the air quality and something else to watch out for during the morning. and mattress delivery falls flat and some money. a lot of it. goes missing in a transfer. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds and telemundo responde next. i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing co uld be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪
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a consumer problem, nobs bay area responds to your complaints and we get a lot of complaints every day. >> and we do respond. chris chmura is here to share the recent success for viewers. you are gist piling up the successes. >> more evidence it is friday. we're here to talk about the
6:43 pm
recount. let's talk about the numbers so far this year we have responded to more than 3,000 cases. it is 300le. that is two days in a row the touchscreen doesn't want to cooperate with me. do you know where i could file a complaint. and 3,000 breaks down to about of our recent recent wins here. we start off with the nbc team and nancy m about trouble with a mattress delivery and we put it to bed and got nancy $210.05 and telemundo is doing the same thing with arlen fernandez. and her team just helped out gloria in fremont with a money wiring mishap and gloria said $2,000 was missing and arlen and her team tracked down every penny. we like to help you too. call us any time in english at 888-996-tips or in spanish
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844-408-4848. my weekend will be spent dealing with the touchscreen. >> you were out there cleaning it before you went on and still not working. >> i don't know. >> good luck when the touchscreen goes awry. it is the silver lining. >> thanks. coca-cola is coming out with a new drink called -- is this right? aha and flavored seltzer water coming in eight flavors from lime and watermelon to peach. and some citrus green tea and have 30 milligrams of tea and this is out in march. it is the new selfie spot, city leaders unveiled two gateway arches in east oakland and while they aren't new the city commissioned an artist to give them a makeover. eric powell transformed them into a colorful display for people to enjoy. >> when you beautify a place in
6:45 pm
a thoughtful way, it has a -- it does have a ripple effect economically and culturally. >> the arch has a similar look to oakland arch but said east mont. >> and now you could go there instagram a photo and send it to all of your followers. >> you know who would do. he could do a facebook live from the art. >> we need you there next week. >> sometimes it is self timer and you put the camera down and run back. people around you are going what is going on? >> they don't know because it is the arch. >> and they are honking get out of the way. >> i'll try to carve out some time this weekend. we'll see what ends up happening. let's get ready for the weekend forecast. and the sky, it has just been plain out gross across the bay area sky. when you look immediately up amove and it is not that bad but when you look off toward the distance certainly very smoggy. and there is been some stuff happening in the weather pattern
6:46 pm
this week. primarily this area of high pressure has brought us some very still conditions at the lower atmosphere. circulation around that has brought in some smoke from the ranch fire. so the smoke particles certainly one of the primary things dirtying up our air. but then also the area of low pressure to the south, circulation around this has brought up the fog pattern so both mixing together helping to create these smoggy skies lately. bottom line, i think we're stuck with the same pattern through tomorrow. so the distance view is not going to look that great. and we'll also have that fog back. so here it is. 5:00 in the morning. fog at the coastline. and patchy areas of dense tag to the north bay and around the bay and possibly to the south bay and east bay as well until about 9:00 in the morning and after that our hazy sunshine back for the inland valley and then near the coast we'll have that beach fog. so as we move into tomorrow morning forecast not only the fog but temperatures will be cool. so a morning with the jacket if
6:47 pm
you are heading out early. 50s from the south bay over to the tri-valley and through the east bay 46 in san francisco and 49 in the north bay at 43. this weather is good for sleeping in with the extra blanket and taking your time getting up on saturday. okay. i'm giving you permission for the forecast on saturday morning. by the afternoon, rebounds and get outside and do whatever you have going on on your list here. temperatures back up into the 70s. 72 in s jose. 78 in gilroy. for the east bay it is a split picture but closer to the water. >> 60s in oakland and hayward and over to the east bay hills up to 78 in concord. for the coastline chilly beaches. you need your layers and half moon bay 56. palo alto 71. san francisco 50s and also 60s. so this is the warm spot where it might feel like november outside a little bit and the one thing that you could do that is open in the union square ice skating rink.
6:48 pm
do some shopping and head out. temperatures in the 50s so definitely jacket weather. and right here throughout the north bay, i'll have you at 76 in napa. 72 sonoma and 73 in santa rosa. extended forecast continues to look great through veterans day on monday. and anything you have planned in san francisco, 65 and morning fog and afternoon sunshine. and we'll hold with 60s for the rest of the week. inland valley on veterans day, clouds. afternoon sunshine. and then eventually a pattern change next week that will cool us off down to the 60s. no rainfall right now. but trying to get there eventually. either way i think the air quality will be better next week with that wind shifting and we shouldn't have to worry about too much smoke particles. >> seems like foggy smokey tlupout the day. >> it is pretty gross. >> thank you, jeff. up next the biggest game for the 49ers since moving into levi stadium. no kids. we'll hear from richard sherman next.
6:49 pm
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we're going to need a lot of snacks and beverages. are you ready for the 49ers biggest game in the last five years next monday against the seahawks. >> are we going or here in the studio. >> we're here. >> everybody jumping on the 49ers band-wagon and that is okay. they are 6 1/2 points favorites
6:52 pm
to win the game. here is anthony flores from team headquarters in santa clara. >> reporter: it was once a hated rival and now richard sherman is a leader on the 49ers defense and a team captain and a big reason why the 49ers are undefeated heading into the monday night showdown against his former team the seahawks. for seven seasons he was a member of the legion of boom. >> this is our house. >> reporter: now he has a new house. levi stadium. where he's helped transform the 49ers defense into one of the best in the nfl. >> his leadership qualities are unmatched. >> reporter: look at richard sherman eyeballing the quarterback. >> you can't put a price on what he meant to the defense. >> reporter: the defense will be put to the test when they face his former team one of the 49ers biggest rivals. >> i don't worry about it. because in this division every game is a rivalry. >> he played a big role in fuelling the rivalry with the seahawks whether making a big
6:53 pm
play in the nfc game and chomping on a turkey leg after a thanksgiving day win and an image that upsets a teammate. >> maybe that is the problem that year. maybe if we would have lost they would be eating turkey on the field. >> reporter: sherman was asked over and over again about facing his former team and he insists he's going to keep his emotions in check. he said staying focused is the best way to help his current team win. >> our first goal is to win the division and kyle would agree that this game goes a long way toward that. >> reporter: in santa clara, anthony flores nbc bay area news. >> we've known richard and he's right, whoever wins the game can talk and eat turkey and -- >> turkey legs for everyone. >> i like that setup. >> monday night is the game in santa clara. should be nice. >> 60s, a few clouds. overall really good forecast. once we hit monday on veterans day that is good and backing it up to the weekend, some areas of
6:54 pm
dense fog tomorrow morning. you could be careful if you're out from 5:00 until 8:00 and by the afternoon 70s. weekend really spectacular. i think we get better air quality through next week. >> what day is it today? >> friday! >> yay! >> i like that. >> have a great weekend. have a great day. >> bye-bye.
6:55 pm
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i call her, text her anytime, crying upset. that's just one of the many things that she does for me. >> how great a best friend is meghan? just wait till you hear what she does for serena. talk about a dynamic duo? what brought oprah and tina turner together? plus the return of shia labeouf the wild film about his own life. >> when i'm not working, i'm depressed. >> i just felt like a taf etta fairy. >> after our emilia clarke
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fashion flashback, how about we break down the best of style this week? >> in my de
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