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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 9, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- john krasinski from nbc's "sunnyside," actor and comedian joel kim booster, candidate for senator of kentucky, amy mcgrath, featuring the 8g band with emily moon ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear.
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in that case, let's get to the news president trump this morning attacked the impeachment inquiry tweeting, "this impeachment nonsense is just the continuation of the witch hunt hoax." okay, this is beside the point but "witch hunt" and "hoax" mean the same thing [ laughter ] calling the impeachment a witch hunt hoax is like calling you dumb donald trump. [ laughter ] you don't -- [ cheers and applause need both. according to a new poll, 50% of americans say they're ready to elect an openly gay president if for no other reason, just to have a president whose suit fits [ laughter and applause what are you doing, man? i mean - you look like a kid playing a grown-up in a school play. [ laughter ] president trump today tweeted an edited image that depicts him presenting the dog that participated in the raid on the leader of isis with a medal with the caption "american hero." sure, you say that now, but wait 'til you find out that dog is testifying in the impeachment inquiry.
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[ laughter ] also, it's a good thing they put you "american hero" in there, otherwise it just looks like trump's about to strangle a dog. [ laughter ] "game's up, dog. [ laughter ] just put some kibble down, then i'll sneak up behind him [ laughter ] following the news that ivanka trump and jared kushner hosted an anniversary party at camp david over the weekend, the white house issued a statement stressing that the event was not paid for with taxpayer money because the trump family does not pay taxes! [ laughter and applause beginning next year -- beginning next year, china will ban people from lying down in the subway while in new york, if someone is lying down in the subway, they dead [ laughter ] dwayne "the rock" johnson announced the launch of his new brand of tequila today even crazier, so did
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dame judi dench. [ laughter ] a man in nebraska recently attempted to open a bank account with a fake $1 million bill. [ laughter ] said the man, "well, at least i got that get out of jail free card." [ laughter ] and finally, a woman in california was rescued this week after she got lost at a national park and used rocks to spell out "s-o-s." but only because she didn't have enough it rocks to write "camping sucks." [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause he's the star of "tom clancy's jack ryan" which returns for its second season this friday on amazon prime video john krasinski - [ cheers and applause is back, everybody so happy to have him here. he's a very funny comedian and actor who you can see in nbc's new comedy "sunnyside. joel kim booster is joining us [ cheers and applause and she is running for the u.s. senate in kentucky. amy mcgrath is here tonight.
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[ cheers and applause so you're here on a good evening. before we get to our guests, as the house prepares for a formal vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry into president trump, republicans are comparing their situation to a horror movie for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: just step back and remember that from day one the actual facts in the ukraine scandal have been damning for the president. we have the notes from the call. we know that trump held up hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid that congress had specifically directed to ukraine. and while he was holding up that aid, trump asked the ukrainian president to investigate his political rivals it's all right there trump mentions bidens by name multiple times the only -- the only legitimate reason a president has ever had for mentioning joe biden on a call with a foreign leader is when obama had to apologize for him. [ laughter ] "uh -- mr. prime minister, i'm sorry about joe. [ laughter ] just because he could see london and france does not mean he
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should have anything about your underpants." [ laughter ] and of course, let's not forget during that phone call with the president of ukraine, trump literally said the words, "i would like you to do us a favor. remember, during the russia investigation, when everyone was wondering if there was a smoking gun, well, this is the smoking gun. it turns out the smoking gun was donald trump's mouth the whole time [ laughter ] and his brain, much like a revolver, is only capable of holding six words. [ laughter ] now, we know -- we know -- [ cheers and applause we know that one of those words is "perfect" because trump keeps insisting every time he speaks, almost without fail, that his phone call with the president of ukraine was not just unimpeachable, but perfect he has said it dozens of times, including multiple times just in the last week. >> the level of unfairness for a perfect conversation with the president of ukraine this was a perfect conversation. but this was a perfect conversation
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it's one conversation that i had with the president of ukraine that was perfect i had a perfect conversation with the president of ukraine. perfect. the conversation has been perfect. i had a perfect conversation perfect. the conversation was -- was perfect. [ laughter ] >> seth: stop saying "perfect. when you overcompensate like that, it only makes you sound guiltier [ laughter ] most people if you accuse them of robbing a bank would say, "i didn't do it." trump would say, "it was a perfect transaction. [ laughter ] i filled out the slip, the teller was polite. perfect. perfect. [ laughter ] trump is just a weird, weird man. he's like an alien who learned to mimic human behavior -- [ light laughter ] but didn't do all of the homework like when he was giving out halloween candy at the white house and for some reason - [ laughter ] decided to put some on top of a kid's head [ laughter ] are you --
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is this your first halloween on earth? [ laughter ] "on my home planet, you place the candy up on the head of the minion where it waits. [ laughter ] until all seven moons are in alignment. if trump's going to do that, he should have to put candy on the head of all of his minions "we're joined now by white house senior adviser stephen miller. and is that a hershey kiss on your head? [ laughter ] "it is the president put it here and i for one am happy we finally have a leader with the courage to put candy on the heads of the american people. [ laughter ] but trump's insistance that the call was perfect is actually a huge problem for his fellow republicans. those republicans are reportedly dreading having to actually cast a vote in the impeachment inquiry if it gets to the senate because on one hand they know what trump did was wrong, but on the other hand trump won't admit it is wrong. so they have no wiggle room. they're basically parents sitting in the principal's office saying, "i promise our son won't pull the fire alarm again," while the son is sitting next to them saying "oh, yeah, i'm going to do it again." [ laughter ] and they have to say, "he's not going to do it again
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he's not going to pull it. he knows what he did was wrong." and he's saying, "it wasn't wrong, it was perfect. [ laughter ] it was super loud and it was super funny. [ laughter ] and on top of that, republicans are also afraid of what else might come out during the impeachment inquiry. according to "the washington post," republicans voiced exasperation at the expectation that they defend the president against the troublesome picture that had been painted, with neither convincing arguments from the white house nor confidence that something worse will soon be discovered one veteran republican senator said, "it feels like a horror movie. yeah, every minute with donald trump feels like a horror movie. [ laughter ] that's why rudy always looks like he just closed the medicine cabinet -- [ laughter ] and saw the reflection of the killer behind him. [ laughter ] and, i'm sorry, but you guys don't get to complain that you're in a horror movie when you're the ones who invited the babicrook into the white house [ laughter ] but republicans were right about one thing. it does keep getting worse as more information comes out about the quid pro quo trump and his team tried to orchestrate with ukraine. for example, you might remember that the memo from the call that was released from the
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white house specifically said it was not a verbatim transcript of the discussion but that didn't stop trump from insisting it was anyway. >> you had stenographers, you had people that took it down exactly. it was a perfect call. all you have to read what they wrote down, the stenographers. they wrote down an exact call. we had stenographers on the phone taking it down word for word this is an exact word-for-word transcript of the conversation, right? taken by very talented stenographers. >> seth: first it of all, they must have been talented to make sense of what the hell you are saying [ laughter ] in fact, we know -- we know it's hard to transcribe trump because one time trump could not say the word "origins" so the white house literally had to make up a new word spelled "orange-ins" - [ laughter ] which appeared in an actual white house transcript because that's how trump kept pronouncing it >> i hope they now go and take alook at the oranges, the orange-ins of the investigation, the beginnings the mueller report i wish covered the oranges -- how it started.
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[ laughter ] >> seth: remember when the president of the united states couldn't even say the word "origins"? [ light laughter ] like a college freshman who accidently took too big of a rip off a bong you know what's a funny word [ laughter ] orange-ins [ laughter ] orange-ins also, it definitely seemed at the time like the memo of trump's call was not in fact complete transcript because there were multiple ellipses throughout and those were definitely not pauses because donald trump does not take pauses he just yammers until he runs out of oxygen and then inhales like he's about to go pearl diving [ laughter ] this week we found out that the transcript trump claimed was word-forword was not in fact word-for-word. the top ukraine expert on the national security council, lieutenant colonel alexander vindman who listened to the call testified on tuesday
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that the notes from the call had some missing phrases and that he tried to correct the transcript. now, to be clear, the phrases do not fundamentally change lawmakers' understanding of the call but nonetheless, this makes clear that vindman is an extremely credible witness who offered a first hand account of critical episodes in the quid pro quo. and was so trubled by trump's live phone call with ukraine's president that he reported his concerns to his superior the behavior was so troubling that trump's allies can't actually defend it so instead, they're attacking the process and witnesses themselves, like vindman, a decorated iraq war veteran who received a purple heart. trump allies in congress and the media have suggested that vindman might have an affinity towards ukraine because he emigrated from there when he was three. >> so he's got a purple heart and he is from the soviet union. he emigrated here and has an affinity to the ukrainian people we also know he was born in the soviet union, emigrated with his family, young. he tends to feel simpatico with the ukraine. >> seth: simpatico what are you [ laughter ] a right wing beat poet "that cat wigged out, because he's simpatico, daddy-o, you dig
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it?" [ laughter ] republicans can't defend trump's corrupted abuse of power because the are indefensible there's nothing they can say in fact, they're so at a loss to defend him that even when it comes up in private, they quickly move on to other topics. here's how democratic senator chris coons explained his private conversations with republicans in the senate about impeachment. >> i've worked hard to develop some meaningful friendships with my republican colleagues in order to be able to legislate on a wide range of issues we are having no meaningful conversations about what's the path forward about the president's conduct with regard to ukraine when i've tried to open conversations about this, my friends changed the subject. >> seth: how do you just change the subject? "let's talk about impeachment? "speaking of peaches, would you like some fruit? [ laughter ] i've got a bowl full of -- >> orange-ins. [ laughter and applause >> seth: trump allies -- have ran out of defenses.
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so now they're just whining about the process and smearing a witness simply because he was alarmed by the president's corrupt behavior republicans have nothing left to say so all they can do is repeat trump's lies and some of them are doing it - >> word-for-word [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ♪ we'll be right back with john krasinski [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ pets. ♪ [ gasps ] they see everything we do. whoo! [ screaming ] and they never say a thing. [ sighs ] well, i feel better. that's why progressive covers them in your auto policy at no extra charge. [ crying ] he only needed a spare. keeping you and your secret keepers safe. [ crying ] he only needed a spare. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause and sitting in with us once again, she's the drummer for an exciting new rock and roll band, starbenders. be sure to check out their latest release "japanese rooms," as well as their brand new single "holy mother. emily moon is being here, everybody. [ cheers and applause thanks so much for ebing here, emily. our first guest tonight is an actor and director you know his work on "the office" and "a quiet place. [ cheers ] he stars in tom clancy's "jack ryan" which begins streaming its second season friday on amazon prime video. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ glass shattering ] ♪ >> seth: wow [ cheers and applause please welcome back to the show our friend john krasinski. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: what a -- [ cheers and applause what a genuinely -- you look great. >> thank you >> seth: but that was genuinely a great clip >> well, it got a "wow" out of - >> seth: it got a "wow." >> i was laughing backstage. >> seth: i don't often - >> you just went, "wow!" >> seth: "wow" a clip. so much running -- >> yeah. >> seth: and rooftops. and you can't -- >> i am fake exhausted [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> yeah.
12:56 am
>> seth: you can't -- i think people in action movies, it strikes me - >> yeah. >> seth: that you got to be really good at running fast for super short distances. >> yes >> seth: yeah. >> it is, yeah >> seth: and i was -- i think you did a great job there. >> well, thank you very much >> seth: yeah. >> you actually have to pump your arms faster >> seth: yeah. >> because the first movie i did that had action, i ran like i did. and it was -- it looked like "scooby doo" character >> seth: yeah. >> i was like -- [ laughter ] >> seth: but it's important that that's - >> and they were like, "that's not exciting at all. >> seth: but that's the right way to run if you do -- if you "mission: impossible" down - >> right >> seth: like, nobody wants to see that >> and thank you for saying, "mission impossible. we all learned from tom. >> seth: yeah, well, tom - >> like, we learned how to run from tom >> seth: tom is the greatest action runner of all time. >> for sure, yeah. >> seth: yeah. and -- but this is -- i mean, some of that, i'm assuming you did some of your own stunts. like, that little slide. >> i did, yeah >> seth: slide down the roof >> yeah, i did more of my own stunts than i should have. >> seth: okay. >> it's one of those things where i was like, "guys, i'm getting older. i don't want to do it. and the stunt guys were like, "no problem. maybe just give us one and i was like, "of course." and then like 17 later, i was like, "guys, guys! [ light laughter ] >> seth: what was the hardest stunt you had to do for this >> jumping from building to building not.
12:57 am
[ laughter ] no i -- for this one, it wasn't actually a stunt it was -- it was a blackhawk taking off and we did this one take where i get on a blackhawk and then blackhawk takes off all in the same take which sounds super exciting. and it was, except for the pilot didn't care whether i got my seat belt on or not. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh. >> so i was like, "i'll see you back there." and then i was llike, "not yet, not yet! [ laughter ] he was just like, "here we go. and i was like, "nope, nope, nope, nope!" so in the trailer when you see me, like, out the door really looking confident, five seconds ago i was not confident. i was terrified. >> seth: you filmed some of in this in london >> in london, yeah >> seth: and your wife emily is from england >> she is. >> seth: but you never - [ cheers and applause so you obviously spent a lot of time there but never shot there before. >> no, never shot there. and certainly never shot a roof top jumping scene. >> seth: yeah. >> which was phenomenal. they also shut down piccadilly in london as well for us it was very exciting but i think my favorite part of the day was going back to my father-in-law. 'cause there was always a littl part of us -- by the way, my father-in-law is the greatest
12:58 am
human ever >> seth: that's very nice. >> and he's got the greatest -- thank you, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and he's got the greatest accent and he's so impassioned about everything so he's like, "what are you getting up to today, johnny? and i was like, "oh, you know, i was, like, running on some rooftops and then, like, a guy jumps into the thames." and he was like, "really that's absolutely wonderful! good for you [ laughter ] fantastic, fantastic!" it was -- i was like, "thank you so much. [ light laughter ] had i known that's all it took when i proposed to your daughter - >> seth: "that's the only reason i did it." >> yeah, exactly >> seth: "everything else is a sham." you just turned 40 congratulations. >> i did >> seth: big birthday. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: happy birthday. >> thank you thank you. >> seth: and still -- still running as fast -- >> a little slower now >> seth: you -- this is very sweet. on social media, you made a plea for a birthday -- if anybody had any interest in giving you a birthday gift, you directed them to a great organization. i want to give you a chance to talk about it. >> yes, i told them to give me money. >> seth: yes >> if you're a fan of mine, you should give me money
12:59 am
>> seth: yeah. >> that's what i said. but, no, it all went to these incredible people and an incredible organization. "family reach" which is based in boston and they help financial situations of families who are going through the battle of cancer so not only is cancer as bad as everyone knows it is, but the financial stress of going through that and being with kids or family members that are going through it is so difficult so we raised some money to help them out >> seth: that's awesome. what a nice gesture. [ cheers and applause >> yeah, it was great. and it's still going on. you can still donate go to >> seth: your family, two girls, halloween. do you they know what they're going to be yet? >> oh, yeah. >> seth: okay. >> they do, yeah hazel's going to be a rocket ship >> seth: a rocket ship >> yeah, like a full rocket -- i was like, "an astronaut? >> seth: okay. >> like, rocket ship and i was like, "astronaut." she's like, "no, no, no, it's a rocket ship. [ light laughter ] >> seth: gotcha. now does -- then does the point of the rocket ship the head? is that like - >> yup, correct. >> seth: does it go this way >> she's like in the cockpit >> seth: okay, got you >> yeah, and my youngest is going to be a cat. >> seth: okay. >> and i said, you know, "so what should i be?" and the youngest said, "you should be an alien for hazel's rocket ship.
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>> seth: yeah, that's very good. >> i said, "wow, that's so nice. maybe i will be an alien that has cat ears on it." she goes, "daddy, i'm the cat. [ laughter ] okay, geez, i get it and then she, like, stabbed me with a barbie leg. i was like, "oh. >> seth: do you, fellow new englander, do you have any good halloween memories of your days growing up >> i have tons >> seth: yeah. >> my birthday is around halloween so it was always that big month for me but do you remember spooky world? >> seth: i -- when it was mentioned to me today i have - >> it was on the radio and it was, "spooky world." >> seth: okay. >> not ringing any bells >> seth: not -- like, it kind of ringing a bell >> now i'm embarrassed >> seth: but i never went. i never went to spooky world >> it's basically our version of all of the amazing special effects, you know, l.a. scare areas. so a guy came to boston and -- on spooky world. it's not quite as well done. >> seth: uh-huh >> but it was just so many good stories. one of which was i go through the haunted house. i'm terrified of all things scary. is anybody else? no you guys are all - [ cheers ] you're terrifying. >> seth: was spooky world in boston >> oh, no, in the middle of nowhere, in a farm >> seth: okay, got you
1:01 am
>> it was terrifying >> seth: yeah. >> and scary and they had a haunted house. and i just loved -- there was one father with like a 7-year-old boy going in in front of me in line. and the kid is like, "i want to go in. and he was like, "you know what? let's not go in. i think you're too young and i think you're scared. and i don't think we should do it." [ laughter ] and the kid is like, "no, i'm fine." and you could tell it was definitely the father who was terrified. [ laughter ] so as he's going through he's like, i don't really think we should do this i don't know." so we got in and the first turn we took is dracula coming out of his coffin i kid you not, the dracula is like, "blah! and he goes -- [ slap ] and just - [ laughter ] i mean, hit dracula. and dracula was like, "no! and the coffin went back and then i swear to god as we were leaving, i saw dracula talking to a cop and the guy [ laughter ] and dracula was like, "and then he hit me. and then like -- it was -- it was fantastic [ laughter ] worth the price of admission >> seth: that's -- i mean, to see a guy, to see a massachusetts guy punch dracula. that's why they have, like, there's almost no reports of vampires in massachusetts. >> no. >> seth: 'cause they're like, "it's like not worth the trouble. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, you'll just get coldcocked >> seth: yeah, you'll get
1:02 am
coldcocked and also their blood's got a lot of alcohol in it it's - >> yeah, totally [ laughter ] >> seth: it's mostly beer. >> you can't bite and drive in boston >> seth: yeah, no, no, absolutely not you've been name-dropped a few times on our show recently by other guests >> really? >> seth: which i think is very high praise. >> it's great praise >> seth: chris hayes who - >> i went to college with chris hayes. >> seth: you went to college with chris hayes >> yeah. >> seth: and you -- you guys were in the theater department together or - >> he was in the theater department >> seth: okay. >> and i was just, like, armed guard number 4 in whatever i could get. >> seth: was that -- no, so your early days -- this is very healthy -- >> oh, yeah. >> seth: for people to hear, i think. especially young actors in college. you don't always - >> i was ready to be a professional chorus member forever. >> seth: yeah. >> it was great. >> seth: did you guys -- is it true that you did a -- you did a "diehard" play >> yes, he directed a play called "artistic license." brown is an amazing school and does all these -- allows you to take big risks. so we did. we did "diehard: the musical." [ laughter ] at brown and chris directed and he was the most amazing director because i was, you know, scared guest number six, i got to just watch chris.
1:03 am
and he had the -- he was the most intense director. but really enthusiastic. so you'd see him doing this, like this. and then whenever somebody had a nice moment, he would go - [ laughter ] and i was like, "this guy's incredible!" but there was an actor, actually, he was so intense that we -- i remember we were rehearsing and the sets weren't done yet >> seth: uh-huh. >> i didn't know that. so these sets -- it take place in the met and so the temple of pandora, that huge ancient thing in the met. we had built it out of styrofoam. but it looked real so we rehearsed. and our lead actor goes up there. and i actually have this emblazoned in my brain he started singing the song. and it was to his daughter and he was playing john mcclane or whatever. and he goes up on there. and he goes -- ♪ i swore to a protect he and keep her from harm my life gained new meaning the day she was --♪ "ah! and he fell a story and a half - [ laughter ] through a styrofoam set. and i was like, "oh, my god! [ light laughter ] and chris was like this. "it's all right! you're all right!"
1:04 am
[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: early beginnings. early beginnings to great things >> yeah. that's john krasinski, everybody! [ cheers and applause season two of tom clancy's "jack ryan" begins streaming friday on amazon prime video we'll be right back with joel kim booster [ cheers and applause ♪ trating. my skin... it was embarrassing. trating. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a very funny comedian, writer and actor. he stars in "sunnyside" with new episodes available thursdays on hulu and the nbc app let's take a look. >> what is this doing on my side of the bar >> it's there because i wanted to stop you from embarrassing yourself >> how are the decorations coming >> terrible. jun ho's refusing to give up on his ridiculous hindenburg idea >> rainbow sparkles isn't an idea it's a freaking cupcake, honey and nobody's buying. >> fine. >> seth: please welcome to the show joel kim booster, everyone. ♪ [ cheers and applause
1:09 am
>> seth: how are you >> i'm good. i'm good this is crazy. i've never heard so many people scream for someone they've never heard of before. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: but it's nice though. right? they're very optimistic. they're very optimistic. this is a wonderful show kal penn plays the disgraced politician who's helping people pass the immigration test. >> yes >> seth: and you are -- you have a sister on the show >> yeah. >> seth: and you and the actress are friends in real life >> yes >> seth: yes >> poppy liu, we didn't test together they didn't audition us together we share every single shot, every single scene of the show we're in together and they really rolled the dice with us and it turned out that we got along really well. >> seth: and you got -- true story that you got matching tattoos? >> yes, we do. three weeks in we're like, "we're getting matching tattoos. we're getting a new tattoo for every season that the show gets picked up. >> seth: oh, wow >> so, please watch. [ laughter ] we really want to do it.
1:10 am
i can show everybody >> seth: all right what is it >> it's like right here. can you see? [ audience ohs ] >> seth: oh, wow >> it's right there. >> seth: so, now what is that? >> that's like -- you know k-pop? >> seth: oh, yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> it's -- yeah, we like it. >> seth: was that your first tattoo >> no, no, no. >> seth: okay. >> this is my sixth tattoo >> seth: okay. >> i got one when i was 18, this guy right here >> seth: okay. >> can you see it? >> seth: okay. >> it's -- it's a nordic rune. >> seth: okay. >> it means journey, which is nothing. [ laughter ] completely meaningless >> jimmy: yeah >> it's a little embarrassing. now i just like to tell people it's for rihanna [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, that's true that's a good -- that's better >> makes more sense. and then i have a tattoo right here on my foot that i actually am -- it's incomplete, but i'm so glad i ran out of money - >> seth: okay. >> before i could finish it. [ laughter ] >> seth: did you run out of money in the middle of the tattoo >> sort of, yeah, because it is -- it says "the whole world" in latin, but it was suppose to say, "the whole world is a stage. [ laughter ] and it was for the best. it's was for the best. >> seth: yeah, you dodged -- >> i did, yeah >> seth: you dodged a bullet >> i dodged a bullet, and then -- what else do i have? i have -- i have a jane austen quote.
1:11 am
[ cheers ] >> seth: jane austen >> i know. you wanted it. you wanted that. didn't you [ laughter ] it's -- this is a -- an anal sex joke from a jane austen book [ laughter ] she does have them [ laughter ] look closely and then i have some naughty tattoos that are on my legs. >> seth: okay, gotcha. so this is -- yeah, you've been in the tattoo game for a while >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: that was a clip from a halloween episode. do you have halloween plans? >> i do. so i just moved into a house, a little one-bedroom house in a neighborhood in los angeles. so, i get trick-or-treaters for the first time >> seth: oh, for the first time. >> i know. >> seth: that's really exciting. >> but i'm a little -- i'm torn, because i don't think i can dress up the way i normally do like i really wanted to be slutty la brea tar pits. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and i just don't know [ laughter ] i don't know if the children are ready for that >> seth: yeah. >> you know? [ laughter ] and -- >> seth: no, i would imagine they would have a lot of questions. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> but you know what maybe it's for the best. >> seth: yeah. >> you know? start the conversation early [ laughter ] what are the la brea tar pits? why are they slutty? you know
1:12 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: the reality is like no matter who steps in the tar, they're into it. you know they'll take anybody so, you -- on the show, you play a very wealthy -- you guys are a wealthy brother and sister >> yes >> seth: you were raised in international waters you were born in south korea and then raised in illinois. >> yes >> seth: very different life >> adopted by a nice couple in the midwest. very, very poor. did not realize how poor until much later on in my life like when i was seven, my dad was laid off and my parents had to postpone christmas because they couldn't afford gifts, but i didn't realize that's why it was. i just thought -- my mom was like, "we're postponing christmas this year. we're putting it off until january. and i was like, "this woman. [ laughter ] what a bad bitch [ laughter ] just moving christmas? [ laughter ] i didn't even know you could do that." [ laughter ]
1:13 am
i was like, "bravo, mom. bravo. i was like, "yeah, we could have christmas whenever we want, i guess according to my mom. [ laughter ] and so, they did a really, really, good job of just like making our childhood like full of moments like that and doing the best they could. >> seth: and you were -- you were homeschooled. >> yes, i was also homeschooled. >> seth: how was that? how was being homeschooled >> bad [ laughter ] it was -- i mean, it was fine. it was just there were a lot of gaps my parents are very, very christian and -- no judgement. [ laughter ] but for their lifestyle choices. [ laughter ] and they -- so there's a lot of stuff they didn't want us learning like sex and evolution, but in not teaching us that stuff, they missed a lot of other stuff. like everyday, i'm shocked to learn about like a new state you know [ laughter ] i had no idea there were two dakotas. [ laughter ] and why? really you know, that's the question. why do we need two of them [ laughter ] i'll let you guys answer that for yourselves
1:14 am
but, for me, it was like a mystery. >> seth: you were -- you were then nationally ranked bible quizzer? >> yeah. this was one of the, like ways they got me out of house was one of my extra curriculars was bible quizzing and i was excellent at it. >> seth: wow [ laughter ] >> i crushed -- i crushed the bible. [ laughter ] yeah, at one point, i knew like the first eleven chapters of acts, verbatim i knew the first like nine chapters of john, verbatim every season you would pick a new book [ light laughter ] >> seth: has it -- does it stick with you do you remember any of it? >> they ask me this. i was like, "i think like the john stuff," like it is unfortunate. i've killed so many brain cells off. [ light laughter ] >> seth: if i started john - >> yes >> seth: let's see how you would do just - >> wait. now is that king james >> seth: i wouldn't know the difference >> okay, well. [ laughter ] so, we only did -- we only did king james because nothing makes evangelical -- >> seth: it is king james. >> oh, my god. >> seth: yeah. >> wow >> seth: yeah. >> okay.
1:15 am
>> seth: i'm assuming that's what kjv - >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] all right. >> evangelicals love some old english. >> seth: all right ready? i'll -- in the beginning - >> okay. >> seth: what's the word >> "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god the same was in the beginning with god all things were made by him, and nothing that was made that was made [ cheers ] in him was the life, and the life was the light of man. the light shining from the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not. that's all that's all i got >> seth: that was really good. >> i mean -- [ cheers and applause >> seth: that was really good. >> wow >> seth: a very -- >> of all the things i thought i would be doing on late night tv, reciting the first seven, like verses of john was not one of them >> seth: well, i bet that of all the things that people who watched you in the bible quiz competition thought you would be doing this year, would be adapting jane austen, an all gay jane austen. yes?
1:16 am
>> yes >> seth: so, they -- i think both of you are in unexpected places >> yeah, exactly [ laughter ] >> seth: so, explain this project real quick >> yeah. i mean, it started as sort of a joke that i made to my friends while i was on vacation in fire island. for those of you who don't know, it is an all gay island. [ light laughter ] so, for about half of you, a nightmare. [ laughter ] for me, paradise and i was always -- i always sort of struck by like, you know, social class is really something that jane austen tackles a lot in her novels. and when you get just hundreds of gay guys together on an island, we create our -- it's like "lord of the flies" really. maybe that's the adaptation i should make, actually. [ laughter ] but, yeah, and so i was really struck i wanted to sort of create a story. a loose adaptation hitting those beats, but on beach vacation island full of gay men >> seth: that is fantastic >> yeah. >> seth: i look forward to that. and it has just been lovely having you here. >> yeah. >> seth: thanks so much for coming here today. >> thank you so much for having me [ cheers and applause >> seth: jole kim booster, everybody. "sunnyside" is streaming on hulu on the nbc app we'll be right back with amy mcgrath. [ cheers and applause ♪ car insurance when i switched to geico.
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causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a former u.s. marine lieutenant colonel and combat aviator she is currently running for senate in kentucky please welcome to the show amy mcgrath. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome to the show >> it's great to be here >> seth: so you came close
1:28 am
you came about three points away from flipping a district in kentucky blue, and now you're running to unseat mitch mcconnell in the senate race [ cheers and applause before all of that -- before all that, you flew fighter jets in the marines. >> yeah. >> seth: there you are right there. and i have to ask. what was your call sign? >> well, let me just preface this by saying call signs in the marine corps are not exactly flattering okay >> seth: so, you don't pick your own call sign? >> no. >> seth: okay. >> the other aviators pick it for you and usually it's trying to make fun of you >> seth: okay. >> okay? so my call sign was krusty, after krusty the clown >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> i had big hair that stuck up. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and when i put my cover on, it would stick out and, you know, the guys thought that was really funny. [ laughter ] >> seth: were you heart broken when you first heard that it was going to be krusty 'cause you had to know, of course, that was going to be permanent. >> yes, and so, you know, it was hard for me to explain to my mom. like, "what's your call sign?" "krusty. you know, that's kind of like -- [ laughter ] but -- but eventually, i became one with the call sign
1:29 am
and you know what? i've heard so much worse >> seth: yeah. >> call signs that like, i just love krusty now. >> seth: that's good >> i'm like fine with krusty [ laughter ] >> seth: so you're running against mitch mcconnell. i think it's fair to call him both deeply uncharismatic, but also very effective at certainly delivering on the things that his party would want him to deliver on yet he's very unpopular. i think he's -- often times polls as the most unpopular senator. yet in kentucky donald trump, very popular how do you run against a republican in the state where donald trump is this popular >> well, i mean, i think if you look at the reasons why people voted for donald trump, for many people, they wanted an outsider. this is the system that is not working for so many kentuckians. and you know, mitch mcconnell is the epitome of a dysfunctional system he created the swamp that donald trump said he was going to drain so i think, you know, that's my way there. that's my message. you know, if you want to drain the swamp, you have to get rid of mitch mcconnell
1:30 am
>> seth: but don't - [ cheers and applause don't you think that even if mitch mcconnell wasn't there -- it strikes me that even though he ran as someone who wanted to drain the swamp, we found certainly in the three years since as far as somebody who hires lobbyists and doesn't seem to actually have any interest in draining the swamp but even without mitchmcconnell i think we would have donald trump's swamp in d.c. wouldn't you agree with that >> but i also think, you know, for folks in kentucky, a lot of people get it, the fact they feel that mitch mcconnell has, you know, turned their backs on them they feel that, you know, he represents and really is bought off my special interests and so people are tired of that. and, you know, i'm a bit of an outsider i was a military officer for 20 years i'm somebody that didn't grow up within the political system. and i really think we need new people a new generation of leaders in this country, particularly to take out folks like mitch mcconnell. [ cheers and applause >> seth: kentucky is a --
1:31 am
certainly a beautiful state. it is also a rural state it's a red state it's the kind of state the democrats have had trouble with in recent years. how, as a democrat, do you run in a red state like this one that donald trump won by 30%, but again as we mentioned you came within 3% 'cause i think if you were effective, it would be i think taken as a roadmap for many democrats in the south >> well, you know, i think many kentuckians are tired of both political parties. and i feel like they are looking for somebody who believes in things like character and courage and honor. and somebody who's not bought off by special interests, and i think that that's -- you know, my message has always been, let's put our country above our political party. you know, my husband i'm married to, a lifelong republican. and, you know he's -- he's spent 20 years in the navy we served our country. that's what we care about. and, you know, the difference
1:32 am
between mitch mcconnell and myself, the most fundamental difference -- and there's a lot of differences right? you know, both age and gender and political party, but the biggest difference is, you know, i will work with any president to do what's right for kentucky, no matter whether he or she wears a red jersey or blue jersey and that's the most important thing. and that's what i come from in the marine corps [ cheers and applause >> seth: now, obviously, if you were in the senate, you may be in a situation to have to vote on impeachment you'll come out and said you were pro-impeachment can you talk us through that journey to come to that decision, and what it was based on >> well, for me, this is about a national security concern. i mean, i look at everything from a national security lens. that's been my life. and, you know, we have the potential here for the commander in chief, who potentially withheld security aid, military aid, to a partner who is being invaded by our adversary think about that
1:33 am
and did it for potentially personal political reasons and, you know, that to me is a national security concern. and my oath -- i took the oath to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and i took that oath six times in my life that oath is to the constitution and to the nation, not to a political party or not to a president. [ cheers and applause >> seth: you mentioned your husband is a lifelong republican does that mean when you ran for congress, he cannot vote for you in the primary >> that is true. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> that is true. >> seth: was that awkward, or? >> you know, it wasn't that awkward. we knew it was coming. >> seth: yeah. >> but the biggest thing, concern in our household right now, actually, i was back in the green room texting because the breaking news is that there's a ton of rain in kentucky, so they have potentially changed trick-or-treating. right? and i have three small kids. and oh, my gosh. halloween is very -- way more important than the senate race,
1:34 am
i got to tell you. [ laughter ] and, you know, so i'm texting my mom friends like, "is this true? when is trick-or-treating now? [ light laughter ] >> seth: would you say being the mother of three small kids is easier or harder than being a fighter pilot? >> i would say it's way harder >> seth: okay, yeah. >> it's way harder [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, 'cause again, when you're up in that plane, no one can bother you >> that's right, i mean -- and things generally work -- you have some semblance of control with children, like no [ light laughter ] i mean, my middle child is george he's 5 years old, and i just love him dearly. and the other day i guess about a month ago he just decided he didn't like his name anymore [ laughter ] so he wanted to be called -- he will not be called george anymore, will not respond to it. he wanted to be called dark knight. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and so, you know, it's really - >> seth: and that's crazy because you were probably between the two when you named him. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: so have you done it have you caved do you call him dark knight? >> oh, i absolutely caved. because, you know, you got -- whatever works >> seth: yeah, exactly >> it's like when my mom says, "honey, whatever works." >> seth: yeah, that's -- i mean, i think that's the truest basically -- example of the fact
1:35 am
you will work with any president no matter the party. [ laughter ] if you're willing to call a george a dark knight, you are a flexible person. >> hey, whatever works [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, thanks so much for being here >> awesome [ cheers and applause >> seth: i really appreciate it. amy mcgrath, everybody we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪
1:36 am
1:37 am
[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to john krasinski, joel kim booster, amy mcgrath, emily moon. and, of course, 8g band. stay tuned for lilly singh we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," i've got jenna dewan and nick offerman! [ cheers and applause so, you both act, but you also dance, right >> oh, yeah. >> damn stra


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