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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> we are following several breaking news stories right now including a construction accident in san francisco and we have a winner in the san francisco d.a. race, and we begin in san jose where police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> that's right. this is all happened on southbound highway 85 near saratoga avenue. the chp shut down all southbound lanes. marianne favro is live with the story. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i am here at saratoga avenue, and if you look across here you can see that officers have blocked off the entrance to southbound highway 85 and that's because earlier this afternoon there was an
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officer-involved shooting just a short distance from this entrance about half a mile from this entrance between this area, saratoga avenue and winchester boulevard. that involved san jose police. sources tell us a suspect pulled a gun on an officer who was part of a specialized unit, not a patrol unit. one person was shot and killed. no officers were hurt. the chp this afternoon shut down both lanes of southbound highway 85 and that has created a lot of headaches for motorists tonight. it is possible that this section of highway 85 is going to remain closed for hours. just a few minutes ago the san jose crime scene van just pulled on to the highway to begin this investigation, but again, chp officers tell me that it is possible that the -- that this section of the highway, starting at saratoga avenue southbound on highway 85 could be closed for
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hours while that investigation continues. reporting live in san jose, maryanne favro, numbers bay area news. >> thank you very much. more breaking news rate now, a construction worker is in a san francisco hospital tonight after falling 40 feet. he was part of a crew assembling a massive crane on a project on 11th street between market and mission. the worker was on an elevator platform when a pin on a piece of equipment came loose. the worker fell along with that platform. the worker is expected to survive his injuries. inspectors with cal-osha are investigating. we were the first station to send breaking news for you about the construction accident and the police shooting. our nbc bay area app is a great resource, by the way, to stay updated on what's happening across the bay area. it is free to download and you can get all weather update, as well. more breaking news now, san francisco's district attorney race is now decided. the latest tally shows chessa
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boudin with 35% votes. and suzie loftus. she wrote, quote, i am so grateful for the chance to run and serve as district attorney. it's been an honor to campaign with all of you and to leave the office that i deeply care about. we ran a great race, stayed positive and envisioned a city that is more safe and less divided. the debate over a man for getting a ticket for eating at a bart station continues. bart police detained and cited this man for eating on a train platform at the pleasant hills station earlier this week. that's against the rules. today people organized an informal protest at the embarcadero station and they brought breakfast sandwiches. janice lee was also there and she wanted to hear what people thought about the incident. remember, eating on bart is against state law and the question is how often is it really enforced? we filed a request to the
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freedom of information request to find out and we'll bring you that information. search is on for a person who shot at people with arrows at a homeless encampment in the east bay. it happened just south of central avenue in richmond. police say three people woke up to someone shooting arrows at them. two men were hit by the arrows and they were taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made, though, but police say they do have a person of interest. in the east bay, community members came out to find ways to address what they say is an ongoing shortage of emergency services in west contra costa county, a public hospital closed back in 2015. nbc bay area's kristy smith is live with that story. >> terry, there were quite a few people who showed up here today to listen to explanations about the situation and really there wasn't one solution given, but a lot of discussion about what it might take to get more emergency
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services here. >> next month i'm retiring and yesterday i was out looking for health care. >> marcellus ashley lives in richmond. she wants options close by in case she needs emergency care. >> we shouldn't have to get on highway 4 to have two lanes to get to a heospital, okay? >> she joined 200 others including health advocates, elected officials and union members looking at ways to address the lack of emergency services in west contra costa county. >> regardless if this results in a full service hospital and an emergency room. we want the community to have an opportunity to say we need services. >> there is a caser hospital in richmond and options in martinez, vallejo and walnut creek, but a void remains after the medical center closed in 2015. the building has been torn down. >> what we need, frankly, are
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higher medical reimbursement rates to support new emergency rooms and hospitals because right now, what we have is a situation where doctors are not reembursed. adding to neighbor's concerns are questions about the future about the base. some in richmond say it's time for a change. >> it's not about money. it's about valuing people. >> reporter: this was their first town hall meeting, but the folks that we spoke with today say they vow to keep working on it. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much for that report. now to the microclimate weather coverage. it is the first for the season. a spare the air alert is today and tomorrow and looking out from the traffic camera in fremont. you do see fog and haze out there. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with more. >> the winter-type spare the air
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alert and some of the worst air quality, right around palo alto and redwood city and fremont and san jose and by the way, they're likely to see the hazy skies and no wood burning as we head to the end of the weekend and the highest numbers around the santa clara valley and the south bay. it turns out it's the same high pressure, and the warming sinking air aloft tends to act like a lid and we're surrounded on mountains on both sides and from the north and south and over time, that smoke pollution has enough wind to scoot it out of here and light winds and strong high pressure and you can notice the visiblity in miles and notice as we head into tomorrow morning, napa, san francisco and san jose could see really thick fog to set up for your sunday morning and we'll show you the impact on tomorrow's highs and what the next best chance of rain shows up in about eight minutes. >> thank you. >> people who lost homes and
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businesses in the kincaid fire will soon be able to start cleaning up the debris. on tuesday, crews from sonoma county will do a free hazardous waste sweep of properties that burned down. they'll have pesticide, batteries and paint and after the hazardous materials are out of there, people hire contractors to remove the rest of the debris and start the rebuilding process. flames destroyed 370 structures and 174 of them were homes. >> now to a very steep fall from grace for an east bay career politician. joe canzamella has resigned as a court recorder and agreed to pay $160,000 in fines and he spent funds on trips and a vacation home in hawaii and he then tried to cover it up. he entered politics at the age of 17 and served on the state assembly before becoming clerk recorder. >> the public impeachment
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hearings looming, president trump is facing a friendly crowd in a state that supports him the most. democrats hoping to replace mr. trump next november are out on the trail in key early states aware that they might be facing a shake-up. chris pollone reports. >> republican impeachment hearings, president trump left washington for a friendlier crowd. >> president trump and the first lady in attendance today. >> attending a college football game in alabama where his public approval rating is highest, but even with washington in his rear view. the government officials who have raised red flags over his interactions with ukraine are clearly at the top of his mind. it's all about the transcript and they have people, i haven't even heard of some of these people and i don't know who they are. >> meanwhile, the democrats hoping to unseat trump next november are out in important voting states. in new hampshire, joe biden seemed jgenuinely surprised to
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hear that he is considering attending the may day celebration. >> what do you think about president trump going to moscow for the may day parade? >> are you serious? >> he's considering it. >> you're kidding me. whoa. that's -- childly. are you joking? >> no. >> democrats learned friday that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg might jump into their race and new jersey senator cory booker says it shows the contest is still wide open. >> i think it shows from the polling that most democrats have a long way before they make up their mind. the votes are cast in less than 90 days. chris pollone, nbc news. nancy pelosi initiated a historic swearing in ceremony and it wasn't for any high-profile politicians and the new officers, trustees and executive board of sciu local 87. the local union represents san
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francisco janitors and this year members elected women to 60% of the leadership position. pelosi thanked it for diversity and wage disparity and equal rights for workers. >> i come here and thank you for so much. we are fighting those who might want to shut down government because they don't really believe in governance or the way we want to do things with diversity and respect for every person. >> the local 87 was established back in the '30s and is one of san francisco's oldest unions. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00. they're taking to the street the reason hundreds of teenagers are marching today. >> how a break-in gets broken. we'll show you what happened to one burglar and what she and her accomplice did next.
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a day of action. students took to the streets to improve their schools. >> our schools first! >> students organized three simultaneous march e san jose, san francisco and oakland. middle and high schoolers walked with colorful posters for more than an hour and they want to show their communities that students can and should get involved in improving education. >> i think a lot of times youth are told to stay in their lane and decide to vocalize issues only as it pertains to when the government decides it's valuable to listen to us and this, right here is our lane. >> their goal is to pass the schools and community's first initiative. it would raise billions for improving schools in california. >> his job was to act as treasurer of the bay area middle school music program and instead
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he embezzled tens of thousands from the program. that's the accusation for this man here michael manuel. he volunteered to act as treasurer of the music boosters two years ago. an investigation into funds stolen from the program, he embezzled between $25,000 and $30,000. >> two burglars in ventura county. on the top left of your screen, you can see some feet dangling. the ceiling vent, somewhat entertaining and the burglar comes down on a food preparation counter and it all happened on halloween at the brews restaurant and they tried to go out through the vent and the two ran off using the back door with hundred of dollars and bottles of wine. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, tense moments at a
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high school football game. players hitting the turf and it wasn't because of tackles. we'll show you the dramatic video next. right now we're watching low clouds across the golden gate bridge and more on fog for tomorrow morning and rain chances in the seven-day forecast and that's when we come right back. ♪
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the post was written by a group of people who claim to be former and present facebook employees. in the statement facebook says no one at facebook or anywhere should have to put up with this behavior. we are sorry and it goes against everything that we stand for at the company and black latino and female and asian employees in particular. frightening moments at a playoff football game in stockton. a shooting scare during the final minutes of the game sent a wave of panic through the stadium at edison high. >> fans scattering in different directions and an announcer is also heard asking people to stay calm. at first, police say they didn't find any evidence of a shooting and later they found seven shell casings and bullet holes in a nearby car. ice skating it officially back in the east bay. if you don't believe me, ask rob mayeda. the walnut holiday rink opened. paulina was on hand to break the
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ice rink in and you were there. >> chris and johnny, first-time ever. >> your twin boys. they didn't fall. they were better than me. >> great weather. this was proof i didn't fall and i was able to get that much video for you and you can skate and film at the same time. >> don't tell anyone. >> exactly. >> that looks like a lot of fun. it really feels like ice skating weather. >> it feels like the winter season. >> it sure does, even though we don't have anything to show for it, and there's a little bit of hope in the seven-day forecast and we'll show you the time line on that, but right now, pretty nice evening under way right now and you can see the fog just waiting to move back into san francisco. right now you have 55 degrees and cool temperature, overall it is almost like a summerlike microclimate pad and 50s and 60s and temperatures close to 80 inland and you don't have fog
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just yet and 59 just yet and highs in the low 50s and dublin, 72 and look at the high. almost 80 degrees into the tri-valley and more of the hazy skies and 60 right now and eventually some patchy fog setting up and a spare the air day tomorrow. here's the issue. high pressure builds and it acts like a lid and that smoke starts to build up and now we have some unhealthy air quality around the santa clara valley for tomorrow. >> right now the wind is technically onshore and it's bringing up low clouds south of the golden gate bridge and that will spill into the bay area. the futurecast and essentially all of the inner bay looking at fog and some of that could get into san jose for the morning and then we'll see clearing skies and more hazy sunshine as we head through sunday afternoon and very similar to what we saw today. mostly in the 40s inland where you're not in the fog you'll have chilly temperatures and
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closer to 50 around for morning temperatures and highs tomorrow close to 70 in san jose and mid-70s in morgan hill, and it will be the warmest temperatures around the bay area with mid to upper 70s in oakland and upper 60s around san mateo and mid-60s for tomorrow and north bay temperatures in the low to mid-70s for your sunday afternoon. one thing to watch tomorrow night will be winds on the hill tops turning offshore and not strong enough for a red flag warning, but it's going to dry things out in the higher elevation and something we'll watch out for heading into monday morning and the extended model run through the next few days brings in at least a chance of seeing some showers. not for monday, tuesday or wednesday, but notice how the ridge of high pressure weakens just enough that by late thursday and friday right here is the narrow window of opportunity probably north of san francisco into early friday, could see a chance of seeing a
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few showers and just like that heading into next weekend, the high pressure is making a comeback. the seven-day forecast and the short-term concern for the fog for the morning and air quality issue especially in the south bay to wrap up the weekend and a bit of a warming trend inland, monday and tuesday andwell hope the thursday to friday rain chance gets better as it gets closer and right now that looks to be the only chance of rain in the bay area for the next seven days coming up early on friday. >> we'll wait and see how that plays out. >> in the meantime, we can expect it around rob mayeda. >> gorgeous. thank you. coming up, people who live in this east bay city tend to stress less. we'll tell you what it is and how the other bay area cities stack up.
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a new park in the south bay opened to the public. the city of san jose opened the iris chang park on the 15th anniversary of her death. the city approved the plan to name the park after chang in 2015. the two-acre park is near montague expressway and sele avenue. this park is one way to honor chang who helped change the world. chang was the auth are on of three books including "the rape of mankin" which do you meaned atrocities in that city during world war ii. >> the bay area has one of the least stressed out cities. wallet hub compared 182 cities and it ranked them based on things like weekly work hour, death, divorce and suicide
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rates. here's how the cities stack up when it comes to stress areas. fremont meaning it's the least stressed out city, san francisco and oakland ended up near the middle of the pack. wow! fremont is the place to be. >> we better move there. >> we're back in a moment. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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thanksgiving is indeed just around the corner, but new york city's already getting ready for christmas. the famed rockefeller christmas tree arrived today -- wow! with the norway spruce that's been growing for the past 60 years in the backyard of a new yorker. thousands of people came out to check it out. the giant crane lifting that tree into place stands 77 feet tall. it will be covered with light,
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of course. it's a spectacular tree. it will be lighting december 4th. a lot of decorating. >> that's why you have to do it now. you can't wait until thanksgiving. >> we're back at 6:00. hope you can join us. >> we'll see you then. tonight, raising the stakes republicans call for hunter biden and the whistle-blower to testify publicly in the impeachment inquiry. the president says there's a transcript of another call with ukraine's president. >> they asked for it, and i gladly give it >> when will he release it the big chill, an arctic blast freezing out millions this weekend. parts of the south plunging into the 20s, and it's about to get even worse back to berlin the wall came down 30 years ago today. tom brokaw was there then >> live from the berlin wall on the most historic night in this wall's history >> and he is there tonight with new challenges germany now faces. reveal gone wrong.


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