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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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morning off. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> exactly. the sun's up, maybe you should get up, too. enjoy your day off if you have it. happy veterans day to all the veterans out there. back in half an hour for another local news update. join us midday at 11:00. good morning, novembuary, winter coming ahead of the calendar, a rare blast of arctic air. nearly 300 records set to be shattered with januarylike temperatures and snow expected to make travel a nightmare. al is tracking it all. the first televised impeachment hearings this week. republicans and democrats preparing their game plan and the president digging in. we're live at the white house. life and death. >> free rodney reed. >> pressure grows on the
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governor of texas to stop the planned execution of a death row inmate now just days away. this morning, our jailhouse interview with the prisoner at the center of it all. >> i'm cautiously optimistic that something good happens. >> and what the victim's family is saying straight ahead. all that, plus like it or not, the big change coming to your instagram account as soon as this morning. standing ovation, kevin hart's emotional return to the awards stage, his first public appearance since his car crash. >> it makes me appreciate life even more. it makes me appreciate the things that really matter. and a heave and a prayer. >> launching. >> the sunday night game between the vikings and dallas cowboys ending with a last second hail mary, the cowboys coming up just short and the vikings win it in prime time, today, monday,
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november 11th, 2019. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, good morning, welcome to "today" on this monday morning. it's veterans day, a day to think about and honor all of our service members. we'll do that throughout the morning today. absolutely, it's feeling a lot like christmas. our christmas tree made it to the plaza over the weekend. it is here. i know a lot of folks will be coming to pay a visit, and chilly temps are on the way. >> it feels like christmas because of the weather. record shattering cold from the north pole. heavy snow in part of the country. we're going to get to al in a minute, first let's go to nbc's ron mott, he's bundled up in chicago this morning. >> reporter: bundled up is right. you can see we have light snow falling in chicago, and by the time it ends, it could reach up to 6 inches.
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and if all this wasn't bad enough, there is brutally cold air coming on the back side all across the region. the autumn leaves may still be falling but a deep winter freeze is not far behind. plunging temperatures are creating winterlike conditions across much of the country today. the cold snap impacting some 230 million people who need to bundle up with hats, gloves and boots, a little earlier than usual. falling temperatures expecting to break hundreds of cold weather temperatures. in the midwest -- >> single digits close to 0 degrees at times. >> temperatures dropping in michigan and kansas city, missouri, with highs in the 60s this weekend plummeting to 29 degrees today. the same for the rocky mountains where colorado and wyoming are expecting temperatures to drop as much as 30 degrees today. new england will not be spared from the bitter cold either with some areas bracing for the lowest temps of the season. some parts of the country already feeling it this weekend. icy roads in minnesota causing
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cars to spin out, and in south dakota, a snowstorm taking motorists by surprise. a winter wonderland. plenty trying to enjoy the great outdoors before the brutal cold front moves in. for all those meteorologists delivering frigid forecasts -- >> get ready for a blast of wintry weather. >> some now starting with a disclaimer. >> i'm just the messenger. >> reporter: we're expecting the snow to continue pretty much all day here in chicago. tomorrow is when the really cold air comes in. this morning in the upper 20s here in chicago, tomorrow morning, about 14 or 15 degrees. back to you. >> ron, run inside. thank you very much. appreciate it. a lot of people want to know how long the cold weather is sticking around. let's go to mr. roker. >> the source of the cold air is at the north pole, combination, high, low pressure, funneling this down. we're talking 3,000 miles by the time it reaches, 150 plus
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potential record lows through thursday. take a look at the lows tomorrow morning. it feel like minus 2 in minneapolis, minus 3 in chicago. 5 in oklahoma and for the high temperatures, burlington, 18, buffalo 7 it will feel like in milwaukee. wednesday morning, the cold air is all the way down to charlotte, nashville where it will feel like 12, 18. you saw already snowing in chicago. this snow stretches all the way from nebraska into the great lakes, and you can see 56 million people over 41 states affected by this front and we are going to watch this push to the east. heavy snow along the front from st. louis, memphis, all the way into maine and tomorrow, the heaviest snow will be in the interior northeast, ending as a burst of snow for the i-95, and brutally cold record air comes across, lake effect snows will start kicking in. the impacts, heaviest snow, the downwind of the lakes upward of a foot. a foot or more northern new york
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and new england. winds are going to be a problem. strongest winds across the plains. air travel will be a mess through tomorrow, st. louis on into chicago. detroit, new york city, d.c. raleigh, durham, all the way down to new orleans, dallas and houston, guys it is going to be a mess the eastern half of the country for the next 48 hours. back to you. now to what could be the most critical week in the impeachment investigation. for the first time, house democrats are set to hold public hearings in the case, and in the meantime, a former insider in the trump administration making waves with explosive claims about her time there. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to both of you, it is high stakes for president trump and house democrats this week as the impeachment inquiry goes public. it comes as president trump is here in new york to commemorate
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veterans day while sending a firm message to republicans. they need to step up their defense of him. this morning, as washington braces for the next critical phase of the impeachment inquiry, public hearings, president trump on defense. >> this is a witch hunt. at the highest level. >> reporter: it all gets underway wednesday when current and former state department officials testify on camera about their firsthand accounts saying the president withheld military aid to get ukraine to investigate the bidens. heading into this week, a sharp partisan divide over the way forward. democrats aiming to keep the spotlight on the july 25th phone call between president trump and the leader of ukraine, and the key question, did the white house withhold military aid unless ukraine did a political favor for the president. >> this is a very simple, straightforward act, the president broke the law. >> reporter: republicans are aiming to broaden the inquiry to include an investigation into the business dealings of hunter biden who was on the board of a ukrainian company while his
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father joe biden was vice president. >> it's unfair to treat trump to one standard and joe biden under a different standard. >> reporter: democrats say while some suggested republican witnesses could be called, there's no reason to question hunter biden. >> there are certainly questions of course and many people have asked them but it's not relevant to this week's hearings. >> reporter: it comes as republicans struggle with their messaging. louisiana senator john kennedy saying the president's intent matters. >> if it can be demonstrated that the president asked for and had the requisite state of mind, that the president asked for investigation of a political rival, that's over the line. >> reporter: president trump urging republican allies not to back down, tweeting, the call to the ukrainian president was perfect. republicans, don't be led into the fool's trap saying it was not perfect but is not impeachable, no, it is much stronger than that, nothing was done wrong. but outside of washington, the president unfazed.
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mr. trump receiving a warm welcome over the weekend at the alabama/lsu college football game. now, white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has asked a court to decide if he should appear before congress after the white house told him not to comply with the subpoena from house democrats. >> nikki haley, the former un ambassador is out with a new book. and she has some eyebrow raising claims. >> she certainly does. this is a book called "with all due respect" and in it haley claims two former senior advisers tried to convince her to help her undermine president trump. in her words, their argument was to save the country. those two former advisers, former chief of staff, john kelly, former secretary of state, rex tillerson, here's what she had to say over the weekend. take a look. >> it absolutely happened. and instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their side bar plan.
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it should have been go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing, and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want, and it was offensive. >> reporter: we did reach out to the white house, kelly and tillerson for comment. we didn't get a comment. kelly said if providing the president with the best and most open legal and ethical staffing advice from across the government so he could make it is working against trump, then guilty as charge. so interesting claims. >> and we'll talk directly to nikki haley tomorrow morning, her first live interview since leaving the u.n. >> craig joins the table with an update on a story we have been working on. >> good morning to you as well. new details have emerged about that roadside ambush that killed nine americans in mexico.
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the last victim was laid to rest over the weekend, and now many members of the group are now headed back to the united states. nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest. >> reporter: over the weekend we saw so many family members packing up everything they had and heading for the united states. many of them expected to move here to arizona. so many of those family members now living in fear, and some of them believe they may have been targeted by a cartel. over the weekend, a final emotional good-bye, 31-year-old christina langford johnson laid to rest surrounded by her devastated family. the mother of five, one of nine victims murdered. christina's white suv on the side of a highway, with bullet holes riddling the windshield. her 7-month-old baby faith found inside her car seat miraculously surviving the attack but as details of the brutal killings come to light, there are new questions about whether the family was targeted by assassins
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working for drug cartels. >> nita and four of my grandchildren are burnt. >> one family member saying one of the women killed in the attack was shot in the chest at point-blank range. >> it isn't an accident that they drove up and got in the middle of something. this was 100% intentional. >> reporter: but publicly, mexican officials believe the ambush was a case of mistaken identity. days after the massacre, dozens of family members living in la mora, mexico, are fleeing to the united states in fear. their caravan on camera. >> no one needs to live in a place they don't feel safe. >> reporter: this morning, we are hearing for the first time from devin langford who lost his mother and siblings in the attack. he saved the lives of his other siblings by hiding them in nearby bushes. devin tells his mother's final words. >> get down right now, she was
7:13 am
trying to pray to the lord. >> the toughest part was saying good-bye. it definitely was. >> reporter: his father david calling his children that survived the attack, miracles. >> not only have i lost a wife and two children, but i'm having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. >> reporter: and guys, mexican officials are now asking for u.s. authorities to assist in this investigation. meanwhile, the u.s. consulate is releasing a travel advisory, encouraging americans not to visit the state of chihuahua because of increased criminal activity there. >> gadi schwartz in tucson, thank you. there is new hope for the family of a former fbi agent who disappeared in iran more than ten years ago. the iranian government has never publicly acknowledged robert levinson's case until now. "today" cnn national correspondent keir simmons is at the iran embassy, good morning
7:14 am
to you. >> reporter: good morning from this side of the pond on this veterans day, and this is a stunning development, the iranians admitting for the first time that american robert levinson did indeed disappear inside iran, saying there is not a criminal investigation against him and a document seen by nbc news as a missing person and now the president weighing in. overnight, president trump calling for the release of american robert levinson who disappeared more than a decade ago. last heard from in this hostage style video sent in 2010. >> please help me get home. >> reporter: the president tweeting overnight, if iran is able to turn over to the u.s. kidnapped former fbi agent robert levinson who has been missing in iran for 12 years, it would be a very positive step. the president warning iran over enriching uranium. robert levinson has missed many family moments like marriages and the birth of his grandchildren, they have never lost home.
7:15 am
>> the message to my father is to not give up. we know he's alive. we believe it with every fiber of our heart. we know he is working his best every day to stay strong so he can come home, meet the grandchildren he has never met. >> reporter: the u.s. reward for information leading to him was up to $25 million. he was last seen in march 2007 on kish island off iran's coast. in 2011, his family received pictures of levinson who suffers from diabetes in an orange jump suit a report obtained by nbc news, iran has for the first time acknowledged its revolutionary guard has an open case on levinson over the weekend an administration official telling nbc news, up to now, iran's efforts to find him have been nothing short of a sham. >> my family and i were optimistic we believe that this is the first step
7:16 am
we think it's an overdue acknowledgment that iran knows exactly where my father is, that they know what's happened to him, and that they can find him and bring him home. >> reporter: the mystery over what happened to him and where he is now, no clearer this morning, but the pressure to find him, perhaps greater than ever savannah, if iranian government does have information, it's possible that they want to use it as leverage in negotiations with the u.s meanwhile, the family telling nbc news, we welcome iran taking this first step to finally end this nightmare now it's time to send him home to us. savannah, how they must be feeling is unimaginable. >> really significant development there, keir, thank you very much. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including growing calls for the governor of texas to stop the scheduled execution protesters were held throughout the weekend amid new evide of a death row inmate. protesters were held throughout the weekend amid new evidence that suggests rodney reed may have been wrongly convicted. ron allen spoke to him and talks with us from the governor's
7:17 am
mansion. >> reporter: nine days left, and reed's supporters range from celebrities like beyonce, oprah, kim kardashian west, to 26 lawmakers, all demanding the governor stop the execution while the courts take yet another look at the case in just nine days, texas plans to execute 51-year-old rodney reed on death row for the rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman in a small texas town in 1996 over the weekend, hundreds of protesters converged on the state capitol, demanding texas governor greg abbott demand reed a reprieve. >> we believe at the end of the day, the truth will be revealed and rodney will have his day in court, and he will be exonerated. >> i'm innocent of this case, absolutely. >> reed said he and the victim had a discreet relationship, his semen was found in her body. but prosecutors told the jury the smoking gun that proved he
7:18 am
was the killer- >> a lot of people think you deserve to die >> i don't know those people >> reporter: millions signed an online petition supporting reed, along with celebrity activists, urging governor abbot to do the right thing. reed says this man, cites fiance then and local cop is the real killer. >> the evidence points at you -- >> that was created from the state's their he difference of the whole situation. >> reed's defenders want dna testing of dozens of items, including the murder weapon and claim new witnesses have come forward who will implicate fennell. he was serving ten years for improper sexual contact with another woman. >> it has taken years and extraordinary effort to breakthrough this bias in that community. >> reporter: fennell's attorneys dismisses reed's allegations. >> he has great lawyers, very creative they keep coming up with witnesses out of the woodwork. >> her sister thinks reed is
7:19 am
guilty >> never we thought reed was guilty ever. >> reporter: still reed holds out hope >> i'm cautiously optimistic that something good has got to happen >> reporter: the texas attorney general's office says after reviews by more than 20 judges is time for justice to be done no comment from texas' governor. reed has appeals all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. >> ron, keep us up to date thank you. we turn back to al, get the rest of the forecast the south looks pretty good. >> right now it's changing as well. let's take a look at the national map, the warm surge through the southeast, behind it we have the record snow, we're going to look at that more in detail in the next half hour we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds next 30 seconds. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sis) where are we going?
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7:21 am
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good morning, it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. an off-duty police officer shoots and kills a man in a 'vallejo gas station. he was a father of six who recently turned his life around. we don't know what led up to the shooting. let's get a check of the forecasts on this veteran's day monday with kari. >> we get a look at our clear view of the golden gate bridge, and a nice little breeze you
7:27 am
could tell by the flag waving there. we'll start out with temperatures on the cool side but warming up as we go through the day. we're going to see temperatures inland reaching into the upper 70s and the low 80s, and then we'll see a cooldown headed our way by the end of the week, with some highs in the low 70s wednesday into friday, but it stays dry, not a drop of rain in the forecast over the next seven days. we'll be watching this for you, as we head over to mike, we're getting a look at the commute. >> here it is, the richmond-san rafael bridge, a slower drive, right as you approach that crossing. there was an earlier crash, may be a distraction marked there in the middle of the map. the bay bridge toll plaza does not have metering lights and does not have a backup right now. that's a great flow of traffic and around the bay a smooth drive, slowing develops for the peninsula southbound 101 through san mateo. northbound 101 recovers nicely through san jose. an earlier crash cleared a while back, north 87 slowing from
7:28 am
kurtne into downtown. there is the san mateo bridge, a slow drive both directions. back to you. >> i'll be back with an update in half han hour. hope to see you then.
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7:30 am
let's get a check of top stories this morning. millions of us waking up to frigid january like temperatures. nearly 300 records set to be shattered across the country. the cold snap will impact 230 million people from the rocky mountains to the midwest and
7:31 am
beyond. it's not just the cold either, south dakota, minnesota and wisconsin facing dangerous travel conditions this morning with snow and ice blanketing roadways there. al is going to be back in just a few to tell us what we can expect for this week. now to the escalating violence in hong kong where police shot and critically wounded a protester during anti-government demonstrations. later a beijing supporter was set on fire after arguing with protesters. the unrest in hong kong began nearly six months ago, triggered by an extradition bill that was later withdrawn. the protests have since widened to include calls for greater democratic freedom. let's take a turn, talk football. a couple nfl heavyweights, dallas cowboys and minnesota vikings going head to head on sunday night football. >> rolling and then he throws, and rudolph, can he one hand it, yes. touchdown. >> wow. >> vikings, kyle rudolph with
7:32 am
that one handed catch. minnesota takes the earlier lead and never fall behind. cowboys had the chance to win it, at the end of the game, hail mary pass, gets picked off in the end zone. vikings win it. a story we have been following for months a connecticut father charged in the death of a hotel worker in the caribbean during a family vacation. >> he's scheduled to be back in court today. it's a case that's getting the attention of lawmakers including president trump. nbc's gabe gutierrez is here with more. >> reporter: despite returning to anguilla, it's unclear if scott hapgood, as new information raises questions about what may have led to the victim's death. critical new evidence emerging in the death of a hotel worker
7:33 am
on the caribbean island of anguilla. american scott hapgood is scheduled to appear at a hearing this morning, charged in the death of kenny mitchell at a high-end resort last spring. >> all we wanted to do was vacation as a family. this nightmare is my new reality. >> reporter: according to hapgood, mitchell showed up at his hotel room, similar to this one, saying he needed to fix a broken sink. once inside, the worker tried to rob him at knifepoint. hapgood insists he acted in self-defense, and pleaded for justice at a rally in his home state of connecticut. >> i go back and forth to anguilla, and face significant dangers to make sure that the facts come out because the hard science shows what really happened. >> reporter: the original death certificate for mitchell listed suffocation, and blunt force trauma as causes of death. an expert hired by the defense to analyze a new autopsy says mitchell had twice the lethal level of cocaine in his system. nbc news cannot confirm the authenticity of the new autopsy on which the defense based its findings.
7:34 am
a toxicology report obtained by nbc news shows the drug as well as marijuana and alcohol was in his system. hapgood, the father of three now receiving bipartisan support in the u.s. a group of senators sending a letter to secretary of state mike pompeo, asking the state department to ensure that mr. hapgood's safety is secured in anguilla. >> i have seen trump help americans in peril around the globe and we need his help. my husband is a loving man. he's never been involved in any sort of charge at all. we're fish out of water right now. all we wanted to do was take a vacation with our children. >> a tv appearance by his wife also grabbing the attention of president trump who tweeted something looks and sounds very wrong. i know anguilla will want to see this case be properly and justly resolved. two countries now watching waiting to see what happens next. >> so gabe, what's the importance of today's court
7:35 am
hearing. >> a magistrate is set to decide whether this will move to a jury trial and the family, they say that they have faced intense criticism on the island, that they have gotten multiple death threats, so the defense feels it might be tough to see an impartial jury on the caribbean island. >> gabe gutierrez, keep us posted thank you. ahead a surprise appearance by kevin hart to a big honor for jennifer aniston, the highlights from last night's "people's choice awards." >> have your likes disappeared on instagram, the site has started to test something new aimed at improving your mental health. why some people don't like the idea, coming up after this. ♪
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and a major change that could be heading to your instagram account as soon as today. >> a lot of people are talking about this one nbc's stephanie gosk is here with more. >> not sure everyone is going to like it. we'll see. instagram is starting to test a new feature in the u.s. that will hide your like count from public view. the goal, to make the photo sharing site less competitive, but not everyone is jumping on board with the idea. like it or not, a big change is coming to to instagram, starting this week, the social media platform will begin hiding the number of likes on some posts in the u.s. >> the idea is to depressurize instagram, make it less of a competition, give people space to connect people that they love, things that inspire them.
7:41 am
>> already tested in seven other countries, the change doesn't mean the end of like counts all together you're still able to see how many likes a post received but your followers won't just last month, the head of instagram, adam mosseri, discussed ways to make instagram less of a popularity contest, especially for young people. >> it will hopefully for the better change how people feel about the platform they might also use it differently. >> reporter: earning the stamp of approval from one of instagram's biggest influencers, with more than 150 million followers, kim kardashian west. >> as far as mental health, i mean, it's something that, you know, i think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from it would be really beneficial for people. >> reporter: but not everyone likes the new idea rapper cardi b sounded off in this instagram post. >> anything is affecting instagram right now, i really feel is the way that the comments have been changing
7:42 am
these past two years. >> reporter: some of the concern coming from social media influencer who have managed to turn likes into a way to make a living however, brands can use other metrics to see if particular influences is relevant, like new followers to a page or the number of comments on a post mosseri has said instagram will make sure the company doesn't influence the business of influencers, some of them offering to help as likes become private. >> these are people with millions or tens of millions of followers, that are passionate about what we're doing but also passionate about mental health, and they think it will make their own experiences better and better for people on the platform. >> have other social media platforms done this. >> facebook, youtube, twitter toying with the idea it's really the evolution of the social media sites that are looking at the potential harm, recognizing there might be some, and trying to figure out what to
7:43 am
do about it. and that's a tough balance strike in between making the change but then not changing the platform so much that people don't use it as much. >> do we know why cardi b's camera wasn't working. >> i don't know. >> top of her head. >> i'm sure you can reach out to her. >> just curious. >> thank you. if you don't like the cold, you may not enjoy al's forecast, hey, mr. roker. >> the flip side is you may not like what's going on out west. they have no rain. the eastern trough has been cold and wet in the eastern half of the country. a western ridge pushing the jet stream to the north. it's hot and dry and we don't see any relief in sight. rainfall since november 1st, which is the beginning of the rainy season, no rain in san francisco, vegas, san diego, or los angeles, and in fact, if this continues, they are right now on track to have their driest november ever why? because we don't see a change in the pattern. high pressure will keep the
7:44 am
storm track to the north, and right through november 18th, 19th, going in toward the end of the month, no significant rain from san francisco to los angeles, through late november that's bad news trying to cut good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in walnut creek, as you get ready to head out the door. we have a cold front to the day. temperatures in the upper 40s but we'll be warming up quite a bit today. most of us are about 10 to 15 degrees above normal, reaching 80 in san jose. we are going to have cooler temperature temperatures moving in and no rain over the next seven days. and that's your latest weather. craig. >> mr. roker, thank you, just ahead kevin hart's first public appearance since he was seriously injured in that car accident his message to his family and
7:45 am
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get dressed for millions of other personal moments - big and small. at stitch fix we don't just see your size or style. we see you. stitch fix. personal styling for everybody. and we're back with dylan dreyer and highlights from the "people's choice awards. >> one of the winners, kevin hart who he made his first public appearance from his horrific car crash. >> hart who is still recovering from that accident received a standing ovation from the star studded crowd. the comedian thanked his family and fans for supporting him during this difficult time >> and the people's choice award goes to kevin hart >> just two months after being seriously injured in a car
7:50 am
crash, kevin hart was on stage for the first time last night picking up the people's choice award for best comedy act for his standup show irresponsible. >> first and foremost, thank god, i definitely don't have to be here. the man that i am, it makes me appreciate life even more. it makes me appreciate the things that really matter, family, i want to thank my wife, my kids who really stepped up to the plate for me. >> hart was involved in the devastating car crash in september, seen here in these photos obtained by tmz he was in the passenger seat of his own muscle car when a friend who was driving veered off the road the california highway patrol determined that reckless driving caused the single car accident and none of the three passengers were wearing their seat belts. hart suffered serious back
7:51 am
injuries that required surgery and extensive physical therapy two weeks ago, hart posting this powerful and poignant video giving fans insight into his long road to recovery since that horrific crash. >> when god talks, you got to listen i swear life is funny. some of the craziest things that happen to you end up being the things that you needed most. >> throughout the video, hart appeared to be slowly regaining his strength, doing intense physical therapy that included weight training and pool workouts. >> after my accident, i see things differently i see life from a whole new perspective. my appreciation for life is through the roof >> reporter: the a list comedian taking time last night to thank his fans in person >> i truly want to thank you guys for being there for me in my difficult time. >> reporter: hart's newest movie
7:52 am
is out december 13th, also starring dwayne the rock johnson who stepped in for hart right after the accident when he was scheduled to be the first guest on kelly clarkson's talk show. >> he looks amazing. >> a lot of hard work. >> we're going to have a lot more on the "people's choice awards," that's coming up in "popstart." ahead robyn crawford is here, she revealed about her relationship with whitney houston. and a remarkable woman rescued from vietnam who went on to serve now she's giving back to other veterans and her story will inspire and astound you, but first, your local news and etfs. and fidelity also offers zero account fees for brokerage accounts, plus zero minimums to open an account. and only fidelity offers four zero expense ratio index funds
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happy veterans day, as we start out, we are seeing those temperatures on the cool side, upper 40s for many of our microclimates and a clear view as we look live at the golden gate bridge this morning. we're going to see mostly sunny skies across the bay area today, and quickly warming temperatures headed into the upper 70s and low 80s. livermore will reach up to 79 degrees. 77 in napa, with oakland and palo alto reaching 75 degrees, and some low 70s along the coast, and in san francisco. over the next few days, we will have some cooler air moving in, with our valley highs reaching into the low 70s. more sunshine and dry weather in the forecast, with san francisco today reaching 70, but then by the middle of the week, into the weekend, we're seeing highs in the mid-60s. we'll watch out for rain chances in the distant future but let's head over to mike with a look
7:57 am
outside now. >> here's fremont 880, oftentimes we'll see a slow track coming toward us southbound 880, approaching 237. not today. light volume of traffic there as well as around the bay. now we do have a crash on 237, slowing there right by the exchange, stay over to the left. peninsula slowing northbound 101 redwood city in to san mateo. the richmond-san rafael bridge another crash reported near the toll plaza, but i haven't seen a problem from the live shot. back to you. >> thanks. happening now, vallejo police investigating a deadly slo shooting involving an offduty police officer who works for richmond pd. the father killed was a father of six. it took place last night. head to our home page for the full story. today america honors u.s. veterans, events taking place across the bay area. head to our twitter feed, we're posting tributes to u.s. veterans and where you can learn
7:58 am
more about celebrations today. thank a veteran if you see one. another local news update for you in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, deep freeze, winter weather advisory is underway, as much of the country wakes up to bitter cold temperatures. those temps expected to break records, so how long will it last al's got your forecast plus, telling her truth, after revealing her close relationship with whitney houston. >> we were intimate on many levels. >> the singer's best friend, robyn crawford is here for an exclusive interview to talk about the star, their story, and their secrets. then, sacrifice and service. >> we're not going to quit on you. you cannot quit on yourself either there's too many people that
8:01 am
believe in you. >> we'll meet an inspiring woman now making it her mission to help those who serve as we honor our veterans, today, monday, november 11th, 2019. ♪ >> turning 11. >> on 11/11. >> shout out to our fellow vets. >> three generations love the "today" show >> @today from york pa. >> thank you for your service. >> good morning, everybody, welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us, really good crowd out there as we mark veterans day. >> lots of crowd out there we're always looking for shoutouts. be share to share them on twitter and instagram, and use the #mytodayplaza. >> and we have something cool tomorrow as our all new november rolls on harry smith sits down with matt damon and christian bale, the stars of the new movie "ford
8:02 am
versus ferrari." record breaking cold making november feel like january across a lot of the country. and snow is already causing travel problems. that's a live picture from chicago. al has the latest forecast did you invent this word novembuary. >> i did not i believe that might have been pete breen, one of our senior producers. >> but you popularized it. >> i'm going to use it and steal it we are talking about by the time we get to thursday, over 300 record cold highs and record low temperatures will occur. windchills for tomorrow morning, it will feel like 6 in kansas city 11 in dallas. for the day tomorrow, 11 in minneapolis. we bottom out wednesday morning with windchills in the single digits for boston, new york, rochester. it will be 4 in beckley, 10 in louisville we also have a lot of snow to talk about stretching from the
8:03 am
dakotas and minnesota all the way into the northeast we right now have 67 million people impacted by winter weather advisories winter storm warnings, this system is going to be pushing through rather rapidly, heavy snow along the arctic front, stretching from maine to memphis, we're looking at tomorrow with heavy snow, interior new york, northeast, along the i-95 corridor, rain changes over to snow briefly behind this, we've got strong, gusty northwesterly winds with record cold behind it causing lake effect snow in fact, we're talking about upwards of a foot or more, downwind of the lakes. rare early season snow as far south as tennessee, and then a wintry blast stretching from buffalo all the way to presque isle and airport delays will be a big problem with the strong winds. washington is gearing up for impeachment hearings starting wednesday. house democrats have called current and former top diplomats to testify, talking about
8:04 am
pressure to investigate the bidens and whether military aid was tied to it republicans want to broaden the inquiry. they want biden to testify along with the anonymous whistleblower whose complaints triggered the investigation. in new jersey two men were killed when their out of control car went airborne and crashed into the second floor of a building police say the speeding porsche convertible hit an embankment that launched it through the wall of a real estate office the car landed upside down nobody was inside the building at the time. police have not said how fast the car was going at the time of the crash. the family of 13-year-old laurel griggs has revealed that her sudden death last week was caused by a massive asthma attack griggs made her broadway debut as a 6-year-old on "cat on a hot tin roof." and "ivanka." griggs appeared on snl, had parts in several other tv series her grandfather wrote the world lost a real princess who only wanted to make the future happy
8:05 am
for all. we have the news covered i think it's time for a morning boost. shall we stella the dog was just doing her job when she kept a noisy intruder from getting too close to her owner's baby. take a look. >> stella was not taking any chances. anytime the vacuum went near the baby, she pushed it away. >> that's the kind of friend we could all use. >> from her perspective, that's the right call. we're going to take you inside the people's choice awards, including big honors for jimmy fallon and others. our interview with robyn crawford, whitney houston's best friend, she'll share more about their relationship and the pop star's triumphs, and struggles that's right after this. you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader,
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8:10 am
friend and closest confidant we have been sharing robyn crawford's story over the past few days this morning she is with us for an exclusive live interview. robyn first met the future pop star when they were teenagers and they quickly became inseparable, until now, she has never spoken publicly about their relationship in her new book "a song for you" robyn crawford is finally sharing everything from their intimacy to whitney's battle with drug addiction. we're going to talk to robyn in a moment, but first, more on whitney houston's dramatic life in the spotlight with that mind blowing voice and irresistible charisma, whitney houston commanded the charts in the '80s and '90s with hit after hit, sell out tours, and on screen roles, she became one of the biggest pop stars of all an beautiful presence time. >> she had a very angelic, beautiful presence about her. >> robyn crawford was whitney houston's best friend and more. >> we were intimate on many levels
8:11 am
all i can say is that it was very deep and we were very connected. >> after nearly four decades of silence, she's now opening up in her new book >> we just loved each other. it was beautiful and i hope that in doing this there will be no more questions. >> and she's speaking out about whitney's lifelong struggle with drugs. >> when did you realize that the drugs had become a problem >> i would remind whitney, now, you know we said doing coke couldn't go where we're going. she was having difficulty stopping >> houston died from accidental drowning in 2012 and the effects of heart disease and cocaine use. >> i was shattered i can still feel that. >> now, seven years later, robyn crawford is also revealing more joyful memories, to help cherish and celebrate whitney houston's remarkable legacy. >> i watch her rise to the top
8:12 am
of her game, and i felt compelled to share who that woman was behind all of the fame >> robyn crawford, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the woman behind the scenes because you told me that she was thoughtful. she was generous what was the whitney houston like that the public didn't know >> you know, i will start with when i met her, which is on stage, and she loved her fans immensely. deeply i'll tell you we were -- playing, this was the first tour and we were playing the dome in new orleans, which was a 40, 50,000 seat facility, and the tour manager came backstage and we're in the dressing room, and he says, listen, whitney, the
8:13 am
place is not full. it's only 10,000 tickets sold, and she was like, okay, and he was like borderline whether or not the promoter wanted to go through with it because, you know, it wasn't full so she said well, they bought tickets too. and she went out there and they draped off half of the dome and there was about 10,000 people which were like ten people and when the show was done, i asked her, i said, so how was it she said it was a very intimate setting. so whitney, she was thoughtful and beautiful. >> one of the questions that i've gotten most over the past week or so since your story went public is why? why now? why would robyn crawford come forward now. whitney houston has been dead seven years. there's been a number of documentaries already done now? >> i savored my memories working
8:14 am
with why now? >> i savored my memories working with whitney and, you know, when i think of her and i think of the rise and how beautiful it was and the person behind that. >> yeah. of hers, and fast forward to the >> that spirit, that strong steadfast spirit that she had, it was a possession of hers, and fast forward to the struggles that she had, for me it began to cover her, that person that i a know, knew behind the gowns and, you know, all done there was that person, that young woman inside. i could always see her and i felt with all the tone
8:15 am
that had become negative and those that were speaking about how it was with her. >> you didn't want her to always be remembered as a drug addict and someone who just had this tumultuous relationship with bobby brown. >> i felt like all that she had left us, all the accolades, all the awards were like she was covered with all the tragedy her legacy was just covered, and i just wanted to reach and pick her up, take everyone into the whitney that i know that chose this career who was ready for this career, who elevated to heights that one could only dream of i wanted to lift her legacy where she could hold it. >> i'm going to go back to the early '80s for a moment. he career starts to take off she signs with arista records
8:16 am
and she comes to you one day, and tells you that the physical part of your relationship that has to stop. why did she do that? >> well, obviously she felt it was necessary. you know, i didn't question whitney why she chose to do things i listened to her. if i felt a need to express, you know, my opinion, i did. sometimes she would say, did i ask you. so in this case, you know, i took her lead. it's kind of like here is someone who is asking something more of me and we had our eyes set on the love of her gift and reaching people and she wanted me by her side in every way. whitney was someone, she was the kind of person you wanted to love and loving her unconditionally for me would
8:17 am
only make our love strengthen more. >> how hard was it for you when she decided to marry bobby brown. >> how hard was it for me? >> yeah. >> this was a choice this was a choice of hers of someone that she said she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. i supported that. >> how did you see her change after the marriage >> you know, i wasn't around that much where i could clock every change the behaviors that i saw i was uncomfortable with. >> what kind of behaviors? >> well, you know, everything that was in the press. >> the drugs >> the disputes. >> the fights. >> we would be in the middle of
8:18 am
an awards show or coming off of a great tour, and whitney would be asked a question, even though she was not with her husband, so what's up, you know, what's going on with bobby. you know, it was a lot for her to take on it was a lot for us to manage. >> you left the inner circle as a result of bobby brown. >> that's not true. >> no? >> bobby was annoying. he was very annoying >> so why did you two end up falling out? >> who >> you and whitney >> whitney and i didn't fall out. i was always there for her. she knew. >> robyn, you didn't talk to her for 15 years >> we were never estranged estranged means someone calculated you don't come here that is not true. >> but you stopped working for her. you stopped working with her. >> i moved on because i felt i had done all i could do, but she knew where to find me.
8:19 am
>> and bobby had nothing to do with that? >> bobby had something to do with the moment where i said i had enough, but even then i was still on her payroll for close to a month after that. >> do you think that if you had been as close as you were to her in the '80s that whitney might still be alive today >> you know what, i don't know what would happen, what would have happened if i would have stayed what i do know is that my love for her and the bond that we had allows me to sit here today. >> i want to ask you about something while i have you here, the disturbing claims that came out in that documentary, kevin macdonald's documentary lastyea. in the film there were allegations that year in the film there were allegations that whitney was molested by a cousin when she was small, dionne warwick's sister, dee dee warwick, did she ever mention that to you
8:20 am
>> no, she did not she never mentioned to me that she was molested by dee dee, and we talked a lot about our families, and she shared, you know, her concerns about her family and disappointments and the love of her family and if there was any truth to that, i would know about it. >> i know that you are a fairly private person how are you? i mean, the past week or so, your name, your face, it's all out there for the world to see how are you holding up >> you know, like i -- i want to celebrate whitney. i know how whitney felt sitting >> yeah. >> about this person. and she's been with in the hot seat, and i just feel that if i am going to take the moment to sit here, i want to
8:21 am
share the beautiful things. >> yeah. >> about this person and she's been with me throughout i wouldn't have been able to tell the story that i've written without whitney, without my mother, without my brother, and what i will say is on my way here i was thinking of her and she said welcome to my world >> robyn crawford, thank you. >> thank you >> thank you for having me. >> again, the book is "a song for you" and for more about the book you can head to let's head over to al for another check of the weather. as cold as it's going to be here in the northeast and mid atlantic states, record highs out west, bitter cold through the plains, heavy snow moving through the great lakes. a warm surge ahead of this front in the southeast but that will >> good morning, i'm kari hall, a live look outside in san francisco, we have all clear skies and a cool start to the day. it will be warming up, oakland expect a high of 75.
8:22 am
we're going to keep it warm forred today afor today and tomorrow. there is no rain in the 7-day forecast. what are you doing >> i thought they said, craig, move >> you were in front of the camera. >> very good >> savannah. >> al, thank you dylan is in for carson this morning on "popstart." >> we've got a good "popstart" for you, starting with the people's choice awards roundup after more than 1 billion votes were counted in total, our pal jimmy fallon took home the award for best nighttime talk show host jimmy sending his love to family. >> i love you so much. >> i want to thank all my family
8:23 am
and friends online i love you so much i wouldn't be here without you i want to thank my wife nancy i wouldn't be here without you i want to thank my wife nancy and my daughters winnie, frannie, kim, khloe and kourtney. >> and pink was honored with the champions award using her acceptance speech to remind everyone to make change in the world. >> it feels good to help, it feels powerful to help stop fighting each other and help each other. get together with your friends and change the [ bleep ] world. thank you. >> that's how pink does it >> one of the biggest award of the night went to jennifer aniston, her pal adam sandler presenting her with the people's icon award jen thanking her fans for years of support. >> as actors, we don't do this for the critics or for each other or to make our family's proud. you know, we do this for the money.
8:24 am
no, i'm kidding. we do it for you guys, come on, seriously, we really do it and none of us could do what we do if it was not without all of you. >> and the money is good too, i'm sure >> "the voice" was represented very well last night gwen stefani being given the fashion icon award, the singer saying as a little girl she would go to the thrift store and make outfits, and blake shelton won country artist of the year his acceptance speech inspired his acceptance speech inspired just a bit by pink. just a bit by pink. >> i want to say thanks to pink because now i know we can cuss on this show, and i want to say, gwen stefani, i love the [ bleep out of you >> thank you >> now to tom hanks, as we all know, the beloved actor is going to be stepping into the shoes of fred rogers for this month's "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and a new behind
8:25 am
neighborhood" an the scenes look, it takes more than a red cardigan to become the iconic star. hanks talking about his process to bring mr. rogers to the big screen. >> i started looking at many many hours of the half hour of "mr. rogers neighborhood." i read the scripts, his handwritten scripts of the show, but rather than try to go with a microscopic mole for mole imitation of fred rogers, it was a cadence, a quietness, a slowness. just take a minute and think about all the people who loved us into being. >> could there be anyone more perfect for this role besides fred rogers himself? >> you're actually going to be sitting down with tom hanks november 19th. >> can't wait. we're going to see the movie this week. >> i'm a little jealous. >> you may feel differently, he's my best friend. tom, you're my best friend
8:26 am
>> just ahead, the remarkable story of a woman who was adopted from war torn vietnam by an air force sergeant, what she's doing now to give back to veterans in need we'll have that and more, but first, a look at your local news good morning, 8:26, i'm marcus washington. the 49ers getting ready for a big match up tonight against the seattle seahawks. they will get joe staley back tonight. plus kyle ucheck. george kitle is listed as doubtful. the giants will introduce their new general manager at 11:00 this morning. he is 33-year-old bay area native scott harris who spent the last five years with the chicago cubs. now let's get a look at the morning commute for you.
8:27 am
>> not too bad, marcus. we are looking at the bay bridge where we had no metering lights all morning. great drive right now, things will get more busy midday activities, a vacation day for a lot of folks. in the last 20 minutes there has been a recovery going to the west. they are heading down in toward peadmont. we thanked the veterans, those that served the country, we know it is a holiday and folks are mostly just worried about where they're going. an easy drive with a little fog. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
hey, hey, everybody, we are back, a beautiful, beautiful morning, november the 11th, 2019. it is veterans day we have an astounding crowd joining us on the plaza. but we do have a crowd moment i would like to begin with, you all. okay, first of all, we are looking for someone from the great state of texas
8:31 am
raise your hands and we're looking for someone named jenna. jenna from texas, where's jenna from texas i see jenna from texas. >> oh, yeah. now we're talking. >> it's jenna. >> hey, guys >> you all, if you didn't know, jenna bush hager is back from maternity leave. today is her first day on the 10:00 show >> come here >> okay. you know what i love, you said jenna with an accent >> guys, we have been waiting >> guys, we have been waiting for this day. >> come on. >> forever. >> and i know you have a for this day. >> come on. >> forever >> and i know you have a great show planned tell us about it >> we do we've got some surprises i can't give away jenna's surprise we're going to have a few of those. >> we're reunited. that's all i know.
8:32 am
we haven't been on this show together but five days in eight months >> it's something you have never seen on hoda and jenna before, hoda and jenna >> yes >> by the way, i called jenna at 4:45 this morning just to say, it's time, wake up. >> she was my alarm, and i have to say, what a positive way to wake up, being surrounded with you all. >> we're all happy you're back >> finally >> we are so happy we'll see you tomorrow along with barbara. >> oh, barbara's coming. >> a new book you're going to tell us about. >> so cute, the children's book. >> and you all were like my sisters and two brothers >> thank you >> also coming up this morning, natalie's got a really special story in honor of this veterans day. it's about a baby adopted from war torn vietnam who grew up to become an officer in the u.s. navy and is now impacting the
8:33 am
lives of thousands of veterans. plus, get ready to party in style. we've got five little black dresses, lbds as al calls it, for every occasion this holiday season. and then harry smith is going to introduce us to a remarkable restaurant owner who serves anyone who's hungry. and coming up on our "3rd hour of today" i'm going to swap jobs with comedian jim gaffigan, going to join us live in studio 1a to take over my job >> weather, broadway star, now comedian, but weather for now. >> yes but first. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by whole foods market color the classics this holiday. >> let's look at your week ahead, show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. as you mentioned, got this winter storm from the midwest to new england. a fire danger continues out west with wet weather down through the gulf as we get to the midweek period, record cold sets
8:34 am
in along the eastern sea board, next shot of snow coming into the plains, continues warm and dry out west, toward the end of the week, we have light snow in the northeast. rain and snow in the pacific northwest but california continues to stay dry. we are starting out with cool temperatures and also mostly clear skies. we'll see mostly sunny skies throughout the day, temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees in san francisco, 80 in concord, and upper 70s in livermoor today. we have more dry weather in the forecast and it will be cooling off going toward the end of the week. highs in the low 70 from friday into the weekend and morning temperatures into the mid 40s. that's your latest weather and on this veterans day, we want to give a special shout out to this group of terrific veterans they are here as part of an nbc universal program called "bold" that makes your service members
8:35 am
get the support and skills they need as they return to the workplace. what does a program like this mean >> well, i think it's an opportunity for us to share how much the country really pulls their veterans and military spouses into the community and gives them additional careers, and say thank you for your service and all that you have done. >> amen. thank you all for your service we so appreciate it. guys, back inside. >> al, thank you and just ahead, another special story for veterans day natalie introduces us to a young girl adopted from vietnam who went on to serve our country and give back in an extraordinary way. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
our military today, we have a touching story about a remarkable woman and a series of really improbable events that have allowed her to impact the
8:38 am
lives of thousands of veterans. >> this story will touch you, and natalie morales, caught up with her at the veterans village of san diego, a place that specializes in serving and rehabilitates homeless veterans. good morning, and boy does chef a story. >> she sure does good morning to you all. a veteran herself kimberly mitchell is all about service. she served her country and now she's dedicated to serving those veterans who need help the most but she would never be here were it not for the multiple acts of kindness from others along the way. >> a one stop shop as you start your life. i'm excited. i'm excited for the future, actually, for the first time in years. >> my children, i mean, they are everything to me this place is everything to me it's a family here >> these veterans are talking about veterans village of san diego. a place that rescues veterans who have fallen through the cracks, lost to the streets. founded by vietnam vets in 1981, their leader now is kim mitchell, the first female ceo
8:39 am
the village has ever had. >> she sacrificed so much for us every time she speaks to us in the house meetings, i get chills and goose bumps, not because of what she says but what she represents. >> what she represents is how an act of kindness like ripples in a pond can impact thousands of lives. in 1972 at the height of the vietnam war, kim's mother was killed when the north vietnamese soldiers advanced into quang tri. kim was found on the side of the road by a south vietnamese soldier. >> the gentleman said he found the baby lying alongside the road, trying to nurse on her dead mother. >> trekked 30 miles dead mother. >> he trekked 30 miles. >> he said she doesn't have a name so they said you name her. he decided to give the name to this child, ngoc bich, meaning
8:40 am
precious pearl that was the name that he was going to name his first daughter. >> a few months later, this precious pearl was adopted by airman james mitchell who was serving in vietnam he brought her home to solon springs, wisconsin from there, kim's story reads like an all american dream, stellar student, a prize winning, and off to the naval academy to serve her country. >> i don't think i considered anything else other than joining the service. >> she excelled, 17 years in the navy, working for the joint chiefs of staff and the white house, then for her 40th birthday, a trip to vietnam where discovered missing pieces to her story she visited the orphanage and found the nuns who had taken her in. >> when the communist government came in, they made them burn records. they memorized all the names of the children. >> they memorized all the names. how many children are we talking about? >> over 2,000 children >> when he saw baby 99 and your name in that book, what was the
8:41 am
>> it was a water shed moment. it was a sudden feeling? >> it was a watershed moment it was a sudden realization that i had been in their care >> in 2013, another piece of the puzzle. >> the first e-mail i received was i know how you got to the orphanage. call me. and i thought it was a scam. so i deleted it. >> but it wasn't bao tran who had since moved to america had seen her name in an article and was trying to find her. >> his daughter cindy told me that she can remember he was always trying to find me after the war, after the reeducation camp, he went back to da nang, tried to find me. >> march 29th, 2014, the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war, this emotional reunion. >> when you think that the one person who changed your life with that one act of kindness. >> saved my life so he is my angel. he doesn't realize what that did
8:42 am
to impact the lives of so many >> the many she now takes pride in caring for. >> the cause for me is those who served the cause is folks that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that i could live and have freedom to serve those who served we're not going to quit on you you cannot quit on yourselves either there's too many people that believe in you, there's too many people that have served for you, there's too many people that have sacrificed everything so that you have a life. >> sacrifice and service something she learned from her father >> sadly, your dad did not live to see the moment when you would graduate from the naval academy or to see where you are now. what do you think he would have to say about this long service career of yours? >> i'm hoping he would say i'm very proud of you. and that would mean everything to me. >> wow, she is truly an american hero a tireless advocate for veterans, and she shares her story across the country hoping her message of acts of kindness
8:43 am
will inspire others. as for bao tran, the south vietnamese soldier she was reunited with, she remains in frequent contact with him and his family and feels that they are her connection to her vietnamese family. guys >> an amazing story. >> it's beautiful. >> natalie, thank you. >> there are not enough tissues for that story amazing, beautiful all right, we have a lot more coming up, but first, this is "today" on nbc
8:44 am
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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holiday consumer, the yearly party season is inching closer and closer and it's time to figure out what on earth we're going to wear. >> wear black. it's tried and true, we have five tried and true black dresses for every occasion with our pick expert, jasmine snow. we have gorgeous models, but black is always safe and it's
8:46 am
always festive. >> it's always festive, always safe and it's the easiest option it's literally throw it on and go. >> let's say we wanted to go to a house party and look hot, what should we do. >> not our normal sweats. >> exactly. >> you're going to start here, a perfect dress, a cotton material from torid, we paired it with a bomber, we love the let's r, edgy and cool, and make it festive with the belt, and sparkles for the holiday. >> that's a cute purse. >> the boots have a glitter. >> a little subtle but still some glitz. >> very cute >> moving on. >> to a cocktail party this is pretty, and i like this furry thing, whatever it is. >> a cocktail party or a wedding, you know, if you have something that's a little bit dressier, we add again a little glitz for a holiday, the glamour and sparkly heels. i love the ruffly detail. >> so all about what you add to the dress, too.
8:47 am
>> people always struggle with an office party, you don't want to go too sexy and fun but you also want to be bundled up. >> what do we have >> you add personality with color. we've got the bag here in hot pink, matching shoe in hot pink and a ton of personality if that's for you, it makes a statement. >> it cinches in, it looks like a lot of people could wear that dress. >> it's flattering because it cinches at the waist and comfortable. >> and we like a big earring for the holiday. >> love a big earring and it pops with the dark hair. >> let's talk about a night on the town. >> night on the town this could be girls night out, a family party a date night, whatever, but a long sleeve sweater dress like this is perfect for that a little sparkle again because we're staying festive, and then we have a scrunchy boot, so a high boot is always in season during the winter but something scrunched down is really hot right now. >> and what are the price points on these are these affordable, these dresses. >> yes. >> what?
8:48 am
>> this one is a steal at $49. >> 49? >> and this one? >> just over a hundred dollars you can get it at macy's, this is michael kors. >> what about one you could wear anywhere, everywhere, anytime, to go to any of these events. >> all year round, yes, so we have a little bit of a star print right here, which is fun and that makes it holiday, and you're showing a little bit of skin but still modest and then of course the length, you can do it flats or heels. we added the sparkly heel because we're having fun for holidays, but you could do a flat if you wanted to, a booty, a metallic flag, elevate for holiday, but you can wear it anywhere. >> thank you, jasmine. >> for more on holiday inspired looks head to coming up next, harry smith is going to share an inspiring story of a restaurant owner who has opened his doors to everyone, whether they can afford to pay or not first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
we are back we are back with "mr. smith goes to," this morning a trip to washington, d.c. he has found a restaurant owner who is paying it forward and the power of a single meal. >> how about that. in this particular case, mr. smith does in fact go to washington >> sakina halal grill is loved by d.c. locals, the aromas will transport you all the way to pakistan. >> this one is eggplant. >> beautiful it smells so good. kazi mannan is the owner, his brother is the cook. >> these are old family recipes. >> the mannan brothers serve sumptuous south asian cuisine and come lunchtime, the restaurant fills with office workers. seated nearby are two homeless
8:52 am
people they're regulars they eat here for free >> it's the lowest point of their life becoming homeless. >> mannan came to america with just $3 in his pocket. he drove limos to make money and was troubled by the countless homeless he saw on d.c. streets. though it's not on the menu, empathy is served here daily >> and what's for lunch today? >> everyone is welcome there is a restaurant who can feed you free if you can't afford a meal. >> appreciation doesn't begin to describe the gratitude of his penniless patrons. >> you never find somebody that that's nice and sweet to offer you lunch at their restaurant every day. >> mannan says he served some 80,000 meals to the homeless over five years. his friends once questioned his sanity, and his business acumen. >> didn't anybody say this is going to hurt your business. >> every one of them. >> but the sakina grill is doing just fine, thank you, business is good, and mannan feels blessed. >> i tell everyone, be honest
8:53 am
and be kind. this is a country that has opened a door for me and many of the immigrants. >> word of mannan's benevolence has spread d.c. tourists have stopped by, like these brothers. >> he has chandeliers hanging from the ceilings but yet a homeless man can come in and he'll give him food. that's pretty awesome. >> that a poor muslim boy from pakistan could have this, well, it's an old story. >> so are you living the american dream >> i am. i am i am so grateful, harry. this is the only country in the world who talks about dreams. >> this is down home >> he is the american dream. >> he really is. >> i have goose bumps just thinking about the time. a, the food is off the charts. we called them the other day,
8:54 am
how is it going. he says there are some days we serve as many as 70 or 80 people and if you have been to the nation's capitol, here's this guy in his limo, an immigrant, driving people around all day long, what's on his mind, all those homeless i'm going to open this restaurant, i can make a difference. >> what's the story on the oncet flower. >> once upon a time in this country, right after world war ii, child of the '50s, the vfw folks sold poppies on the street in the uk, canada, everybody has these on they call it remembrance day over there way back in the day in america, everybody wore poppies, you bought the poppy, put it on the dashboard of your car. >> to honor your veterans. >> it was on the dashboard of my grandmother's car. >> they still sell these, and it comes from a poem that waslande the beginning of the poem goes "as you well know in philanders
8:55 am
field -- i'm all written by a canadian doctor who served in world war i, right, called "in flanders field" and the beginning of the poem goes "as you well know in flanders field -- i'm all choked up -- the poppies grow between the crosses row by row this was right at the end of the war to end all wars, so i still wear it because i remember the vfw guys in the 1950s and 1960s on the street corners, this is what they did. >> still do. >> still selling them! thank you for reminding us and bringing us this story it reminds us of why people have fought so hard for this country, the american dream it's beautiful thank you so much for that >> one for al here >> thank you so much >> we love you >> harry, thank you. well, guys, on a different note, we are on the hunt, apparently, for "today's" biggest fan. super fans of the show >> oh. >> if you're following the "today" show account on instagram, and you post a photo with #today fan photo and tell us why you watch, something good could happen.
8:56 am
>> we have an example: a guy named goose, a big fan, loves the cooking segments, especially, we're told, tell us why you love "today" and we'll give you a shout out friday perhaps, and we love human fans as well. >> harry always remembers where our hearts are >> harry, thank you. coming up in the 3rd hour, two inspiring service members who created an app to help save lives. >> and don't forget, jenna is back fourth hour, first your good morning, i'm marcus washington. vallejo police are investigating a deadly shooting. that shooting happened last night at the gas station on fairgrounds drive. an off duty policeman was there.
8:57 am
they say the father of six recently turned his life around. we still don't know what lead to that shooting. happening now, we're leachireac out to investigator pps and you can link to moreback story right now on the top of our home page. today america and the bay area honors u.s. veterans. there are numerous events taking place throughout the day. you can go to our twitter feed right now and get a link to the veterans tributes. the 49ers have a big game tonight. the niners are trying to remain the last undefeated team in the nfl. at midday we'll have a report from the stadium. go to our home page for a link to a full preview. we'll see you at midday. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill.
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write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today. working to find solutions. >> the east bay city looking for affordable housing. >> and an east bay area woman with a phone bill dilemma. today on "california live,"
8:59 am
a soldier taking a bump to the face and still smiling and the ty tiny northern california town celebrating veteran's day in a bag way. kwps
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." why, good morning, everyone. welcome to the "3rd hour of today" i'm sheinelle, here with al, craig and dylan, the gang is all here on this monday. >> you guys look nice. >> you know, it's veterans day, i thought you know what. >> harry smith gave us these poppies, that the vfw has sold since the '50s. >> which my grandmother always had these poppies. my grandfather was a marine. i remember them. it brought back memories. >> thank you to all of our veterans out there certainly today, we appreciate you're doing what you do so we can do wh


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