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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, the winning streak is over. >> seattle has done it. >> the seattle seahawks and the 49ers, their first loss of the season in overtime. and a mystery unfolding in the east bay. a pregnant mom shot and killed in her own front yard. >> i was devastated. i threw up. i didn't think it was real. >> what investigators believe was behind that shooting. plus, is apple's new credit
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card sexist? are some women getting lower spending limits than men? the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> we begin with breaking news. just about an hour ago, we learned that five people who were shot at the gilroy garlic festival, five of them are suing the festival. >> this stems from the mass shooting back in july. the official announcement will be made tomorrow morning. here's what we know tonight, though. the suit alleges the gilroy garlic festival could have prevented the shooting with better security. there was a fence and metal detectors, but the shooter was able to cut a hole in the fence and go through and kill three people. >> our other top story this evening, a gruesome crime and it appears to be random. a pregnant mother of two was shot and killed in front her apartment. it happened over the weekend. tonight, though, you can see candles, flowers and the words "r.i.p. misty" layout side of her home. she had two young boys and one
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on the way. her husband was also shot. he's recovering this evening in the hospital. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in oakland for us with the details. cheryl. >> reporter: well, this shooting has shaken an east bay community to its core. i talked to friends and family of misty walton tonight, and they say that a beautiful soul has been taken from him. >> she was about to have her, um, her little girl finally. >> reporter: dreams will never become reality for misty smith walton. the mother of two with one on the way was shot and killed in front of her apartment saturday night. johanna hurtado says the two were like sisters. >> i didn't think it was real. i called her. she wasn't answering. misty, pick up the phone. she wasn't answering. i knew it was real. everybody started to call me. >> reporter: those calls started coming in when police found walton and her husband shot on 65th avenue in outlook.
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police aren't releasing any details, but through social media, family members believe she and her husband were responding to their car alarm going offer. when they went outside to investigate, misty was dead. her husband seriously hurt. >> doesn't make sense what happened to her. >> reporter: friends and coworkers in shock, bringing flowers and candles, honoring walton who was carl b. monk's pta president. >> we have to go to school and counselors and explain to them that misty isn't going to be there. >> i'd like to tell the person who did this to turn herself in. do the right thing. >> reporter: now, walton's husband was shot several times. we are told that he is recovering in the hospital tonight. police are going to need your help to solve this case. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it is tragic. thank you, cheryl. all clear tonight, southbound 101 in san martin
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after an 11-hour closure. the a tanker truck overturned started leaking fuel which caused them to bring in the hazmat team. the accident happened at 11:30 this morning, but the lanes didn't open until 10:30 tonight. we have new information tonight on the stunning and sad story out of san francisco. the body of an infant discovered on a golf course. police are now reaching out to the public, hoping to find the mother who they say may be in desperate need of help as well. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us live at lincoln park golf course with what we know. terry. >> reporter: yeah, the baby found in the bushes in the middle of lincoln park golf course. i'm standing next to the clubhouse. the baby found maybe 200 feet in that direction. tonight police are asking the public for help in finding the mother, but they don't have a name and they have no description. the crime scene tape is still up near the 13th hole at lincoln golf course.
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this evening it seemed every golfer out here knew of the tragedy discovered about 2:00 saturday afternoon. >> yeah, i mean it's an awful story. certainly not something that puts a better picture on the round, right? >> reporter: san francisco police only saying the remains are of an infant. this case is being investigated by the s.f.p.d. homicide division and the medical examiner's office because there are concerns about the health of the mother of the infant. we ask that anyone with information regarding this incident call the s.f.p.d. they were golfing here on saturday when a course employee told them the terrible news. >> we were on the, maybe, 10th hole. they told us we couldn't play the 12th and 18th hole because there was an active crime scene. >> reporter: police say the infant's age whether it be hours or days or weeks old will be announced by the medical examiner's office. possibly playing into this would be california's safe haven law. that says if a woman gives birth
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to a child and for whatever reason cannot or will not take that child, she can take that child to a safe haven, fire station, emergency room, drop the child off in three days of birth and there will be no questions asked. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. friends and family are demanding answers tonight. the vallejo man fatally shot by an off duty police officer at a gas station parking lot. it happened last night around 5:30 in the evening. witnesses say it started as an argument over a parking spot, but at some point the off duty richmond police officer shot the 38-year-old. he died at the scene. >> another deadly police shooting, this one on highway 85 in san jose. tomorrow the police chief is expected to give us an update on what exactly happened. over the weekend, officers pulled over a car near saratoga avenue. police say the passenger got out and pulled a gun and that's when officers opened fire. people who lost homes and
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businesses in the recent fire in sonoma county will soon be allowed to clean up the debris and start the long and difficult process of rebuilding. tomorrow crews will do a free hazardous waste sweep of properties that burned down. they'll remove things like pesticides, batteries and paint. after that hazardous material sweep, after those materials are gone, people can hire contractors to remove the rest of the debris. flames destroyed more than 370 structures, 100 of them -- 174 of them were homes. the fire was officially put out last wednesday. >> new at 11:00 tonight, former president jimmy carter is back in the hospital tonight. the 95-year-old admitted to emory university this evening for a procedure that he'll have tomorrow in the morning. tomorrow's procedure will release pressure and bleeding on his brain caused by two recent falls. tomorrow the supreme court will hear one of the consequential cases yet,
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deferment of dreamers. it was ee limbed in 2017 by president trump, but those who benefit from the program are hoping their stories can change the narrative. tonight we spoke to one daca recipient in the east bay who graduated from chico state and hopes to become an immigration attorney himself one day. >> i'm hoping they analyze this case and look at all the positive things that have come out of daca. >> the court is expected to make a final decision on the case next year. >> there is a concern of a shoplifting in cvs in palo alto. they are putting a limit to the number of teenagers allowed inside that store at the same time. it's the cvs across the street from palo alto high school. managers say there has been an increase in shoplifting. the store is only letting five teenagers inside at a time. >> i think limiting anyone to enter a store is pretty strange. if they have issues with shoplifting, they probably need to get better security in there. >> cvs supervisor tells us
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shoplifting has decreased since implementing the policy. >> okay. did you see it? probably the best 49ers game in the five-year history of levi stadium. the crowd totally electric, until that last second in overtime. nbc bay area's ian cull. that was a nail-biter until the last second. >> reporter: everyone's blood pressure is finally going down after that one. i talked to a lot of fans on their way in. when was the last time you were this excited for a 49er game? yep, you have to go back to scandal stick to 2013 probably. it lived up to the hype, they were saying on the way out, even though the niners were handed their first loss of the season. in the biggest game of the season, in front of more fans than any other home game in 49er history, the team delivered on the entertainment. >> very happy to see a great game and very happy to be at
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levi to see a game that counts. >> reporter: san francisco trying to stay undefeated, losing at the last second to the seattle seahawks in a back and forth nfc west slug fest renewing the rivalry. tonight on this veteran's day, the 49ers invited 45 active duty military to sit in their new gold mine area, an experience they'll never forget. >> it's just electric for me. like, i don't know. it's hard to explain. >> i'm a 49ers fan. don't tell my home that. go niners! >> reporter: the 49ers may have lost, but fans say the fight for the west is just beginning. >> once we get those weapons back, we'll take one to seattle. nothing to be mad at. it's the greatest game in a while. >> reporter: the niners are only a half game ahead of the seattle seahawks now with that rematch coming in week 17. we're going to have more
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highlights and post game reaction coming up in sports. for now i'm live at levi stadium. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> up next, apology not accepted. we talk to the man cited for eating a sandwich on that bart platform. >> plus, apple co-founder and his wife not happy with apple's new credit card. why some women he said are getting lower spending limits than their husbands. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll talk about the cooler temperatures on the way this week, and some news about the rain outlook you might just like. that's coming up in 8 minutes.
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is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. so what are you waiting for? get this great deal when you sign up for fast, reliable internet. call 1-800-501-6000 today. comcast business. beyond fast. is it police profiling or just an officer doing his job? the controversy continues with bart after the confrontation over a breakfast sandwich. >> bart is apologizing, but the man who was handcuffed said he's not accepting that apology. nbc bay area's melissa colorado
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has the latest from the pleasant hill bart station. >> to be honest. >> reporter: a defiant steve is back at the pleasant hill bart station today, standing on the same platform where he was cuffed and cited by bart police last week for munching on a sandwich. >> i'm not harming anybody and i'm not an endangerment to myself or anybody by eating a sandwich. >> reporter: the bart code of conduct rules are posted by the fare gates. no eating, no drinking. foster said bart police should be focusing attention on other rule breakers. >> you see people up here [ bleep ] bart shooting up. all the different stuff that's so much more important, you mess with a guy eating a sandwich. >> reporter: the video shows foster refusing to hand over his i.d. and then cursing at the bart officer, even using a home phobic slur. >> i want to be disciplined. if you don't know how to approach people in that field of work -- >> reporter: bart's general manager robert powers says he's
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apologizing to foster and is disappointed by how the confrontation ended. powers says, quote, the officer was doing his job, but context is key. enforcement of infractions such as eating and drinking inside our paid area should not be used to prevent us from delivering on our mission to provide safe, reliable, and clean transportation. >> hell yeah, if i'm hungry i'm going to eat. i don't care where i'm at. if i'm hungry i'm going to eat. >> reporter: melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00 tonight, the search is on for not one, but three cars stolen from an east bay car show. someone drove off with these cars from the alameda county fairgrounds this weekend. one of the missing cars is a black 1960 porsche, 356 beat roadster, also gone, white impala convertible and 1967 white mustang convertible. the car show organizers are offering a $1,000 reward in hopes of getting the cars back to their owners. >> once a year the country pauses and pays respects to the men and women who risk their
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lives for this country. a gratitude not just for veterans, but for active duty military as well. the special gathering in san jose, home to one of the bay area's largest veteran's day parades, from marching bands to cub scouts, thousands of people are on hand. they say they need to provide better care for service members when they return to civilian life. >> make sure that we serve them, that they may come back to society and be successful in their lives with their families. >> well, today city leaders announced they have housed 1600 homeless veterans in the last four years. and take a look at this. a wreath tossed into the bay, open the veteran's day ceremony aboard the uss hornet. this is in alameda. this is on board the aircraft carrier turned museum. the guest speaker today was pearl harbor survivor mickey
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ganich who turns 100 years young later this month. how about that. >> what a hero. looks fantastic. we're so proud of him and for his service as well. >> yeah. all right, jeff, take it away. >> we do have better news coming on the rain outlook i do want to share with you here in a couple minutes. we'll go ahead and get you ready for that microclimate forecast on your tuesday. and as you get up, get going and, you know, get through your tuesday, we're going to try to start it off right here for you. temperatures in the 40s. we have that chilly air like we've been used to lately. i also see some high clouds that will be streaming across throughout the morning and the afternoon, so at times you'll get sunshine. other times you'll see some clouds. but other than that, not a bad day. have you at 46 in the east bay, san francisco 49. and the north bay at 45. now, as we move through the afternoon tomorrow, pretty good rebound here. you'll see down across the south bay. have you back up to the 70s. 78 here in gilroy, of 5
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milpitas. 76 los gatos. to the east bay, mild here in oakland. hayward, low 70s. head back to concord i have you at 78. what about the peninsula? chilly in half moon bay. 59 degrees. our usual jacket weather at our beaches. back to palo alto it will be 74 degrees. so beautiful day right on down to redwood city as well. san francisco, jacket for the morning. maybe not for the afternoon in the mission with 68 degrees. and right here through the north bay, have you at 78 in napa, plenty of 70s in mill valley. and 81 in ukiah. so we're still stuck with these summer-like temperatures, but you might be thankful of this tomorrow when you consider where it's going to be across a lot of the weather map. i wanted to show you this national look in case you're doing any traveling. and look at this, just way too cold for me. i don't know about you. but no thank you on the 19 degrees in chicago tomorrow. 46 in atlanta. 46 in new orleans. 28 kansas city. and eventually we'll get that chillier weather toward the east
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coast and snow for the interior northeast. now, eventually i do see temperatures cooling off for us, but not this much, okay. good news there on that front. but by thursday, pattern is going to change. dry high pressure is going to to move to the south and we'll begin to see our temperatures drop. so what's that going to mean? you can see in san francisco we go down to 57 on thursday. 59 on friday. and then it does warm up once we hit sunday and also on monday. inland valleys going down to what seems to be some cold weather for us. at least compared to lately. 67 on thursday. 69 on friday. dry this weekend, 76 on sunday. and then eventually, look at this, new confidence that some northern california showers will move in the 19th through the 24th. so that, again, is next week. so here's the latest. you can see this batch of showers off to the north by next tuesday. so no promises yet, but it does look more promising than we have
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seen in a long, long time. so a little good news after we haven't seen rainfall in 176 days. >> 176 days? >> long time. >> at least a half inch or more. >> wow. >> so ali brown from twitter wanted to know what does this mean, should i cash in my groupon wind groupon ticket and get the windows clean? might want to wait for the update. more news tomorrow. >> the sprinklers are off. >> i want to turn mine off, too. >> thanks, jeff. up next, 49ers no longer undefeated. you might have seen it or heard about t. they lose to the seattle seahawks in overtime. we're going to have more niners coverage. we'll take you live to levi's next. >> happening now spacex launched 60 satellites out of florida today. satellites blasted into face. the satellites will give internet access to people where access is too expensive or where there is simply no internet connection at all. we're back with more news for
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the new apple credit card is getting a lot of backlash. it stems from a series of tweets by a web developer. he says he got a credit limit 20 times higher than his wife, but she has a better credit score. now, apple coe founder steve wozniak, you see him there, he was in our newsroom today. he said something similar happened to him and his wife. regulators are now looking into claims that the credit card discriminates against women. apple says goldman sachs assigns the credit scores. goldman sachs says it uses an algorithm to do that and does not discriminate by gender. well, it's national apprenticeship week.
11:24 pm
san francisco mayor lone breido breida announcing the s.f. tech apprentice program. learning through an apprenticeship can be an affordable way to get real world technical experience says the mayor, especially for people of color, women and people with disabilities. >> have you been upon baon bart recently? we'd like to hear your experience. we are looking into investigations on bart trains and what may have happened to you. here's how you can part of our investigation. >> more violence on the bart system. >> how safe is bart? find out. we are riding all across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center stop. and this is the powell street station. we want to know what you're seeing on bart. so send us your video. from the wacky and weird to the downright dangerous. you can also just record yourself, explaining what you saw. email us at the unit at
11:25 pm or you can get our attention on social media by #we investigate. we want to hear from you. >> and we are getting a lot of videos in already. >> we hope you participate. >> back in a moment. we'll take you live back to levi stadium after the thriller tonight.
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okay. a lot of screaming, a lot of cheering tonight, a lot of me yelling what's going on as we showed you earlier in the newscast. >> overtime words. >> what's happening? the 49ers lost in overtime to the seattle seahawks. i didn't know they could. >> there is a fight going on. you know what happened tonight? the 49ers got better as a team. that's called a silver lining. it really is. it's going to help them later in the season. nbc bay area's anthony joins us from the stadium. what a night, anthony. >> it certainly was, raj. you're looking on the bright side. the perfect season is over. the 49ers lose an overtime thriller to the seattle seahawks in a game they basically gave away. now, the faithful was out in full force. look at this scene. wow, the biggest crowd ever at levi stadium. it was pakcked. more than 71,000 on hand. in the press box it was rocking because of the fans. the 49ers were in control of the
11:29 pm
game 10-0, then seattle turned defense into offense. jimmy garoppolo fumbled. he returns it for a touchdown. they led 21-10. then the niners defense comes up big. buckner returns the fumble for a touchdown. this game would go into overtime. the niners missed a field goal to win it. seattle seahawks didn't. unbeaten no longer. they beat 47-24 in overtime. >> i felt we had a number of chances. i was very proud of our guys. i thought those guys -- i thought we competed very hard. guys left it all out there. i thought the offense played hard as they could. they made way too many mistakes to be able to pull out a win tonight. >> we had too many self-imposed mistakes. i think that's what hurt us. we battled up until the end. it's a tough loss. >> now, the seattle seahawks scored 21 points off three 49er turnovers all by jimmy garoppolo. along with the turnovers,
11:30 pm
another problem the 49ers had was, well, catching anything. we didn't have a football, raj and jess. we had to improvise. back to you guys in the studio. you get the picture. >> anthony could play wide receiver for the 49ers. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot. >> at least tonight. >> from levi's. in san francisco, warriors and the jazz, hello to steph curry. his first appearance since break his hand. he's sitting on the bench. curry said he expects to play again this season. as for the game, draymond green returning to the court after missing a few games. double technicals, bye-bye. he was ejected. that was in the fourth quarter. the jazz, one of the best teams in the nba, warriors lose 128-10 2. we're back in a ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected.
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finally tonight, a different kind of rescue call for east bay sheriff's deputies. a kitten got stuck on a glue trap. you know, the ones you put out for mice and rodents. >> oh, no. >> alameda county deputies got the call to free it. they didn't know how. luckily for them the dispatcher doris did. she talked them through it. put vegetable oil on the trap
11:34 pm
and it freed it. to get checked out, she volunteers and will foster the kitten, there she is, until it gets rescued. doris is so smart. >> that's the trick, vegetable oil to get the paws unstuck basically. >> poor little thing. >> they should nickname him crisco. >> that will work. >> or that, too. >> poor thing. >> i think we'll call it a night tonight. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> we'll see you. bye-bye. >> jimmy: tonight, in celebration of veteran's day and in honor of the brave men and women who serve our country in the armed forces, we are proud to be joined by three recipients of the medal of honor. the highest military decoration


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