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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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about this, and what the survivors are asking for. nothing to be mad at. that was one of the greatest games i've seen in a while. >> it was a good one, overtime thriller, means you may seem a little blue, 49ers fans today. we'll talk about what jimmy g. said after the game, this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now thanks for joining us this tuesday morning at levi's stadium. what a night it was last night there. our winning streak is over, which is kind of a big bummer for niners fans but it was a good game, though. >> that's right. >> it was a game that look at this right here, a game that was going on, something we don't like 49ers fans, that winning field goal. so eh. but look our team, they did great. they fought 'til the end literally, but coming up for you a little bit later, we'll talk about what jimmy g. is saying about that coming up in about
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eight minutes. >> good morning and good weather. >> yes, we'll have another nice day. the weather was pretty perfect yesterday for that game. we're going to see more of the same for this afternoon. just a few more clouds moving n but as we start out, we are headed out the door to temperatures mostly in the upper 40s and low 50s, and then as we go into the rest of the day, nice warmup in martinez, going from 52 degrees at 8:00, to about 72 degrees at noon, and then some mid-70s for today. all of our microclimates showing more of the same temperatures we've had recently, but there are some changes ahead in the forecast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike, you've had a couple of crashes and even a traffic alert. >> a lot of changes over the last couple of minutes, kari. i didn't get to change this to red but we should see that because just been declared traffic alert for northbound 85, alert for folks out of the almaden valley, northbound 85 approaching union. two lanes blocked so only half your freeway available, headed north toward the rest of silicon vall
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valley, saratoga and cupertino. the rest of the bay shows a smoother flow of traffic but we are looking anywhere north of let's say the bay bridge, because the san mateo bridge is just showing us typical pattern. the bay bridge the metering lights are on. the crash cleared from vallejo, good news for westbound 80, so did highway 4 but you're backed up out of pittsburg and bay point, west highway 4 cleared before port chicago highway. this alert over here continues, northbound 101 headed up to 580 and a lot of folks we put on our surface streets are taking sir francis drake, that's moving okay but that last tail end down to one lane northbound 101 approaching 580 an overturned vehicle and a spill. >> thanks, mike. in a few hours the supreme court will hear one of the most consequential cases this term. justice also hear arguments whether so-called dreamers should be allowed to remain in the u.s. bob, this is one of the first lawsuits filed in this case. >> reporter: correct, marcus. you'll recall uc berkeley, the state of california city of san
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jose, county of santa clara and others they sued to stop the trump administration to stop the administration from ending the daca program, which protects children of immigrants who came into this country illegally. judges in san francisco, new york and d.c. they issued injunctions in those and other lawsuits and upheld daca, which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals, also known the dreamer program. today the trump administration is appealing those rulings to the supreme court. the nine justices on the court will hear arguments for and against for about 80 minutes. they're not expected to issue a ruling until june of next year. the trump administration ended the daca program in 2017. the president has argued that daca is illegal, that it interferes with the enforcement of immigration laws. president obama established the program in 2012 to allow children between the ages of 16 and 30 to work and study here in the united states and at schools like cal without fear of
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deportation, even though their parents brought them here illegally. currently there are about 660,000 dreamers nationwide including 200,000 here in california. >> i think what we fight for in daca is our basic human dignity. a university degree should not justify your humanity, should not justify you. >> reporter: a number of rallies and marches in support of daca are scheduled for later today in places like san francisco, san jose, santa cruz, half moon bay and other places throughout california. reporting live here in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. it 16:04. today, victims in the gilroy garlic festival shooting are expected to announce a new lawsuit against event organizers, a story that broke late last night. kris sanchez joins us live at christmas hill park in gilroy
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with what we know so far. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura. five victims are expected to be in that lawsuit that claims that it was lax security here at christmas hill park on the part of the organizers of the festival that allowed that gunman to get in with that deadly weapon. three people died in the july shooting, 17 others were shot. there were metal detectors at the entrance to the festival grounds. also a fence around the perimeter, but the gunman, who we are not naming, bypassed the security measures by cutting a hole in the chain-link fence and got in with an ak-47 assault type rifle which he purchased legally in nevada weeks before the shooting. we are covering an 11:00 press conference this morning about this lawsuit, naming the 41-year-old gilroy garlic festival association and alleging negligent security measures. at this measure, attorneys are filing on behalf of five victims. we don't yet know which victims
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those are. at this point, this is the only lawsuit filed in this massacre. however, we do know that the gilroy city council did hold meetings early on about a month after the shooting, talking about what the city's liability might be because the property is owned by the city, christmas hill park. we will cover in our midday newscast and also put it up on in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the latest, kris. >> 6:06 right now. happening today, vallejo leaders welcome the city's next police chief. seany williams in september was hired to oversee what's recently become an embattled police department. he previously served as deputy chief for san jose police department. today at 11:00 a.m. williams will be sworn in at vallejo's city hall chambers. from the get-go, chief williams will have a lot to deal with including sunday night's deadly shooting by an officer
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from another department, it happened at a gas station parking lot, when an off-duty richmond police officer shot 38-year-old eric reason. he died at the scene. witnesses say it started as an argument over a parking spot. the officer's attorney says reason went to his car, got a gun, then came back towards the officer's car, and that's when the officer opened fire. richmond police association believes the officer did nothing wrong. amid the ongoing housing crisis the new apartment complex and homeless center is moving forward in san francisco. the six-story development would be built near market and sixth street. the project is nearing final approval with construction set to start in january. supervisor's budget committee will vote on that project tomorrow and the full board could vote as soon as next week. 49ers fans waking up this morning with a lot of woulda, shoulda, couldas. >> yes we are, talking about last night's tough loss to seattle on the final play of overtime at levi's. the game had a little bit of
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everything for you. seattle was up 21-10 in the fourth quarter when the niners defense came up with a game changer, deforest buckner returned a fumble for a touchdown which actually followed a russell wilson fumble. each team traded field goals, including a last-second 49ers field goal that sent it into overtime, baby. but in o.t., niners rookie replacement kicker chase mcloughlin seriously missed a hit on a 47-yard field goal. on the last possible play of overtime, the seahawks made that field goal, beating the niners 27-24, ending our perfect season. after the game, jimmy g. explained where the niners blew it. >> we just had so too many self-imposed, you know, mistakes and i think that's what hurt us. our guys battled up until the end. it was a tough loss. >> here is a look at the shanked field goal from the stadium tunnel.
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you can see the ball as it rolls through. nbc bay area sports reporter has the angle and posted it to social media. rookie chase mcloughlin was signed as an injury replacement for 49ers regular kicker robbie gould. >> okay, we'll just shake that one off, right, kari? >> yeah, time to keep it moving. all right, there's always next year. >> well, the season's not over. >> the season is not over but we're still going to have some, that little bit of regret. all right, so let's get a look at our sunrise this morning. this is beautiful, a live look in palo alto, but as you head out, you're driving, don't be distracted by this. make sure you have some sunglasses, too. we will see a few clouds moving in, as we go into the rest of the day. low 50s to start this morning, and then leading into some low 70s by early this afternoon. as we look at all of our microclimates and what we're looking at today in terms of
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temperatures, it will still be a warm one, especially for the tri-valley, the north bay, as well as the south bay, as we reach back into the mid to upper 70s. we're going to stay in the 60s today in san francisco. low 70s in palo alto today. we'll talk more about what's ahead. mike, you're back to that traffic alert. >> the one in the south bay, folks, unexpectedly slow. you'll have this delay northbound 85, coming out of the almaden valley, looking at here just past highway 87, which is also building up toward capitol and kurter in, the traditional zone. this may force more folks over there making that choice or hillsdale or blossom hill, traveling in the westbound direction, as alternates for that stretch of 85. that's it for the south bay and in fact that's it south of the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza which is there on schedule. the second traffic alert we're tracking in now we're starting to see more traffic build-up from sir francis drake and approaching that to 580, we're down to one lane by the overturned vehicle and happened on the last hour, so we're showing that unusual slowing
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counter commute, if you're headed down toward the golden gate bridge, you are okay and a live look for fremont, just to show you the standard build. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:10. coming up as "jeopardy!" host alex trebek battles stage four cancer, all new and trending for you today the unexpected tribute that brought him to tears. meanwhile, disney has stepped into the screaming race, so it's more money to spend, but more stuff to watch. we'll take a look at that when "today in the bay" continues. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now at 6:14, we're still about 30 minutes away from sunrise. it's going to be a great start to the day. a beautiful look at our san jose camera and our temperatures that will start out in sunnyvale in the low 50s, that will lead into some low 70s today, which is still well above our normal high temperature of 65. we are going to have a cooldown in the forecast. we'll talk about when fall visits, that's coming up in about five minutes. >> this is not our traffic alert for the north bay or the south bay, but in between. we want to thank codabat from our waze team, nbc bay area wazers for reporting the crash and the slowing for san leandro. we'll show you those alerts and try to get you around the backup, coming up.
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appy and good morning to you. very happy tuesday as well. a san francisco biotech company called 89 bio debuted on the nasdaq monday. did really well in its first day of trading. uber is back in the news after its ceo did an interview with axios sunday and the reporter asked about uber's connection to the saudis. uber took a huge investment from the kingdom. the murder of american resident and journalist jamal khashoggi came up in the interview. the uber ceo said we all make mistakes and can be forgiven. uber made a mistake when it hit and killed a pedestrian in an uber automated car. the reporter said a car accident involved a bad sensor, bad software. the other was an ordered assassination. uber's ceo has since clarified the assassination of khashoggi was not a mistake, it was a crime and shouldn't be forgiven or forgotten. now the question by the journalist was a legitimate one. uber took a huge investment from
6:16 am
the saudi sovereign fund and a member of the saudi kingdom sits on the uber board. all money and all decisions in that kingdom flow back to mohammad bin salmon. the american government says he's the guy who ordered the killing. uber is not alone trying to figure out how to deal with money from sovereign funds. on a much happier note, the happiest place on earth is now inside your television set as disney plus launches its streaming service. hundreds of disney movies, "star wars" "national geographic" and "the simpsons." disney is one of several streaming services to launch in recent days. apple launched its tv service recently. nbc has one coming soon. >> what's probably going to happen is people have to choose where their loyalties lie. most surveys indicate people pay for between three and five subscription streaming services so that means you have to choose between whether you want netflix, your disney, you want hbo, it has to come down to what your household really puts a dollar value on. >> a lot of these services, there is one key thing that you really want to see, and then i'm not sure you want to see the
6:17 am
rest of it. netflix is my example using earlier, can't wait for "the crown" but flipping around, like eh. but then again i'll probably hear from a bunch of people, hey, did you change your netflix password? >> i didn't want to say it. >> i was thinking that, too. all right. we got you covered then for "the crown." 6:17. alex trebek was taken aback when there was an express. taken aback when a contestant expressed his support during the final "jeopardy!" round. >> let's look at your response. did you come up with the right one? no, what is "we love you action alex." it's very kind of you. thank you.
6:18 am
cost you $1995. you're left with five bucks, okay. >> instead of answering the question that contestant wrote as you saw there "we love you, alex" and also wore a purple ribbon to promote awareness and research of pancreatic cancer. certainly emotional for him. >> he was, alex trebek was touched. it was nice to see that money and he took all but $5 away. >> i saw that, too. >> he probably got a hug after that. >> that's right. >> i bet. all right, boy our hearts go out to anyone battling that horrific disease. >> absolutely. turning to better news. >> the weather has been nice and it's going to continue today. >> it's still going to be nice and especially when we see all the cold air that's been happening to our east. >> oh, yeah. >> we are not going to complain about our 70s. here is a look at what's happening out there in san francisco. it's foggy crossing the golden gate bridge. you can barely see anything here. but it is very localized and is draped over the golden gate bridge, not really making it into parts of the east bay, as we take a live look outside in oakland. so you're stepping out the door to cool temperatures, and a few clouds overhead. let's get the kids ready for
6:19 am
school in danville. it's going to be in the upper 40s to start. another chilly morning, but as the day goes along, it heats up fast. and we won't see all clear skies today. the sun will kind of just peek out from behind those clouds today, as we are going to get some filtered sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s. for the south bay reaching up to 79 in morgan hill. milpitas reaching 75 degrees and we'll see some upper 70s for much of the inland valleys and the east bay, pittsburg reaching up to 79. oakland today will reach 70 degrees, and we'll see also 70 in san mateo today. redwood city reaching 72. san francisco in the mid to upper 60s today. 66 on the embarcadero, and the north bay reaching 79 and clearlake and novato today, looking at a high of about 76 degrees. we're going to see a change in this pattern, as high pressure moves off towards the east. this is what's kept us so dry, and it's blocked us from getting any storm systems but
6:20 am
unfortunately, even as this cold front and that storm system moves in, the rain just dries up before it gets here, but it will bring in some cooler air, so we'll get a little taste of fall for a couple of days, and then it warms up again as that next high pressure moves in. it gives us some northerly winds, and we're looking at temperatures back up into the mid-70s, and also early next week, there's going to be another slight chance of rain. it looks at this point like it stays to the north but we'll be watching that for the first part of next week. maybe we'll get some rain in here, but it will stay dry over the next seven days. also cooling down for thursday and friday, but once again warming back up again for the weekend. mike, you're still tracking two traffic alerts. >> i am, not the only slow spots but these are unusually slow, unexpected. a pretty standard pattern, contra costa county. highway 4 which stands out recovering from the earlier crash. really won't be a lot of recovery though because of the big volume coming out of antioch, pittsburg, bay point and in toward concord, highway
6:21 am
242. it's over here, where we don't see anything really surprising until we zoom in, northbound 101 is jammed up unexpectedly slow, approaching 580. i think a lot more folks will take sir francis drake but seems to show the sensors at speed as you travel through the cut-through headed toward san quentin and the bridge towards richmond. this traffic alert is because of an overturned vehicle and spill on the roadway. hopefully caltrans can clean up the radiator fluid with the abssh ea absorbe absorbent. these are the curves ator er t linda. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza but the backup north 85 that's a big concern coming off of highway 87 out of the almaden valley. we have that crash blocking two lanes northbound 85 at union. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next and new, one east bay community set to talk about roundabout, the possible changes
6:22 am
that may soon come around after some serious crashes in recent years. do you ever check the taxes on your phone bill? one woman do z and found she was paying taxes for a city she left a decade earlier. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next.
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is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. so what are you waiting for? get this great deal when you sign up for fast, reliable internet. call 1-800-501-6000 today. comcast business. beyond fast. happening today, san francisco supervisors talk about a new plan to honor jeff adachi, the long time city attorney who
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died suddenly in february. it would rename part of gilbert street a small street between sixth and seventh street, runs behind the public defender's office. adachi served as public defender for 17 years. berkeley city council is set to take up a controversial issue of traffic circles. the city for many years has been putting round-abouts as a way to slow traffic, but now the city is considering changing its policy, because in the past five years, there have been at least two serious crashes involving cars and pedestrians. the special meet something being held at 4:00 this afternoon at the berkeley unified school district's board room. 6:25 right now. nbc bay area responds to a belmont woman with a taxing phone bill problem. >> she was paying taxes for a city she doesn't live in. chris chmura and his team took a closer look. >> good morning.
6:26 am
we tell you all the time to carefully review your bills each and every month. nadine chen was doing just that recently. and she discovered sprint was charging her for san francisco 911 taxes on her mobile phone. here is the thing. nadine says she moved out of san francisco more than ten years ago. and the difference added up to close to $1,000 over the years. nadine says she did an online search, found a similar situation solved by the nbc responds team in chicago. so she asked if we could help here in the bay area. right away we asked sprint to take another look and it did, and then sent nadine a check for $978. we asked sprint what happened, but it didn't get back to us. got a problem with your phone bill or anything else, give us a call, it's toll free, 888-996-tips or online at >> nice ending there. >> yes. well, much more is ahead, at 6:26, including a contra costa county community, wanting to add more police officers to the force. new reality prompting tonight's
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big discussion. and later, a classic car caper in the east bay. the reward car show organizers are now offering for clues.
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right now at 6:30, kincade cleanup. the work starting today in the fire zone and what people in the north bay should expect in the weeks and months ahead. boat fire lawsuit. an update on the deadly disaster that claimed 34 lives in southern california. the new claim one widow is
6:30 am
making against the boat's owner. and having surgery an update on the health of former president jimmy carter. what his team is saying about this morning's emergency procedure. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to that forecast and meteorologist kari hall, another nice day ahead? >> a very nice day. i have a beautiful shot i wanted to show you, looking from bell very de belvedere. this is not a painting. this is the sky as the fog rolls over alcatraz, it's clear across the city but unfortunately look at the visibility at the golden gate bridge, the drivers are having to come into that drive-through to come into the city and as we go into the rest of the day it clears out. that's a look at where it is all clear at the sunrise. our temperatures today reach
6:31 am
into the upper 70s inland with upper 60s along the coast and a look ahead to the weekend coming up. mike, you're starting with that traffic alert again. >> that's right. unlike the golden gate bridge where it's murky, this one stands out, the stretch of red on north highway 85, blending in the build off the split with 101 and the southern silicon valley commute. hills day or blossom hill are alternates, major surface streets with lots of signals and folks headed through that portion of town. the rest of san jose shows your traditional build. 87 may see more folks shift over there and also looking at this traffic alert northbound 101 approaching 580, slowing sir francis drake up to the scene of the crash and a spill in the roadway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the first steps in the road to recovery begin today for north bay neighbors ravaged by the kincade wildfire.
6:32 am
>> pete suratos joins us outside one of hundreds of buildings destroyed in the fire to explain what's going on. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we're standing in front of the soda rock winery outside healdsburg, affected by the kincade fire. this is a two-step process as far as cleaning up the areas impacted by the kincade fire. talking about the first step towards this cleanup process, it will start today with what's called the hazardous waste cleanup. that this will be a sweep of all hazardous waste on properties and that's going to be done by sonoma county at no cost to property owners. this is essentially looking for anything that may pose a health threat so we're talking about pesticides, batteries, asbestos siding just to name a few things. once this wraps up, the debris removal process will begin. owner also have to go through an application process through the county, as well as hire a licensed and qualified contractor to remove the debris
6:33 am
unlike in 2017, an aftermath of the wildfires we saw sweep through the north bay, there will be no state or federal funds to assist these homeowners with debris removal. simply put, the cost will completely fall on that property owner. as far as the damage left behind from the kincade fire, 374 structures were destroyed, including 174 homes. the fire ended up reaching more than 77,000 acres. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but when it comes to this waste cleanup, the hazardous waste cleanup, it's expected to take up to three weeks. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. 6:33 right now. the company tied to this summer's deadly diving boat fire in southern california is facing a new lawsuit this morning. the fire killed 34 people, including several from the bay area, and the widow of one of those victims is filing a claim against the santa barbara-based boat owner, true aquatics, a counterclaim to another suit preemptively filed by the boat's
6:34 am
owner to protect them from liability. investigators have still not announced a cause of that fire. and happening today former president jimmy carter is set to undergo surgery any time now. he was hospitalized yesterday at emery university hospital in atlanta. doctors will relieve pressure and bleeding on his brain, caused by two recent falls. the 95-year-old former president is said to be resting comfortably with the former first lady, rosalyn carter, by his side. >> it is 6:34. happening today, leaders in san francisco's chinatown will bring attention to what they call a surge in crime targeting seniors. the latest incident caught on video saturday night in the square. police say that robbers hit three men in their 60s who tried to stop them from stealing someone's cell phone. the victims were all treated at the hospital. the attackers are still on the loose. a contra costa city is growing and looking to increase its ranks for police officers. brentwood police looking for
6:35 am
approval to fire five more police officers and two dispatchers. right now the police department has 66 officers. a typical hiring process for a police officer or dispatcher can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. prepare for dreamforce in san francisco. the yearly convention doesn't start until next week, but street closures start today. if you're going to be in the city, howard street will be closed between third and fourth street. hundreds of thousands of people attending that convention every year, so prepare. right now for you, the search is on for not one but three classic cars stolen from an east bay car show. someone took the cars from the alameda county fairgrounds over the weekend. one was a black porsche a 1960 roadster and a 356 roadster and a 1963 white impala convertible, and a 1967 white mustang convertible. the car show organizers are offering a $1,000
6:36 am
reward to help get the cars back to their owners. >> i wonder how that happened. great classic cars. >> you can't just put it in your pocket and take three cars. >> true. how about misplace? >> misplace. >> i forgot, where is that car? i don't know. >> there's a lot behind you on the roads. >> a lot of cars. let's look, classic, contemporary, whatever kind of car you're driving electric or gas powered we're looking at. a typical pattern except for the south bay. we have key problems for the south bay, major delay here northbound 85 about 20 minutes or more for the day depending where you jump on. it's slowing off of the split with 101 past 87. 87 seeing more volume just a bit more as folks try to avoid the jam heading up toward union avenue. that's one issue. in the last few minutes we've seen another crash happen north 101 at capitol expressway where we typically see the build in traffic as well. both funneling off of the split coming out of morgan hill and
6:37 am
gilroy, feeding up toward two crashes, that say problem for the lower portion of silicon valley but up toward mountain view, sunnyvale and santa clara. northbound 101 approaching 580 the crash and radiator fluid spill, no major injuries blocking all but one lane of northbound 101. folks are able to take sir francis drake and counter commute. the bridge to richmond you have an issue. from richmond a nice backdrop as you look at the backup here. smooth flow of traffic toward richmond and the bay bridge, standard flow at the toll plaza with the sunrise. >> pretty sunrise this morning. right? >> nice way to ease back into the work week for a lot of people. >> it is back to work for a lot of people, kind of forget because it's like for us it's tuesday! >> we were here yesterday. >> we're going to have a nice one ahead, look at our highs for saturday reaching into the low to mid-70s from the bay to the inland valleys, and the coast is
6:38 am
going to stay cool with some low 60s. on sunday expect another really nice day, as we reach up to about 66 along the coast, we'll see highs up to 76 degrees in the inland areas. this weekend we have the san mateo harvest festival happening at the event center, saturday and sunday. we do have some great weather for that even though you'll be inside as you're going in, you'll feel temperatures in the low 60s and reaching into the upper 60s, so you'll want to spend more time outdoors this weekend. if you'll be doing that at the beach, the best day will be sunday. look at how much warmer it will be compared to friday, and saturday we're looking at a high of about 63 degrees. if you're going up to lassen national forest it will be 52 on friday but then by sunday we're up to about 61. we'll talk about what's going on today, coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. >> 6:38. still ahead, meet miracle a
6:39 am
happy update for a dog found weeks after a hurricane slammed into the bahamas, coming up at 6:50. first, one of our top stories, the first lawsuit to come from the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. what we know so far about what survivors are asking for. the public impeachment hearings, let's rewind and go back to the start and figure out how did we get here? let's also go out to the big boards of new york city, where the dow industrials are pretty much trading flat. you're watching "today in the bay." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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coming up on 6:42, and with a snap the fog just dropped right below the golden gate bridge, and still a cool shot there as we start out on this tuesday morning. let's get you out the door and ready for the day in concord. we're going to be the upper 40s to start but warming up into the mid-70s today. we'll talk about a cooldown in the forecast in less than five minutes. >> we're talking about the build that's happened over the last few. north 101 approaching 580 unexpectedly slow getting toward greenbury and san rafael. commute direction southbound is building but that's expected. we'll show you the shakeout here as well as the problems for the south bay. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's 6:42. now to our other top story of the morning, today victims in the gilroy garlic festival shooting are expected to announce a lawsuit against event organizers. the story broke late last night.
6:43 am
this suit alleges the garlic festival association could have prevented the shooting having better security. there was a fence around the festival and metal detectors but the shooter cut a hole in the fence, to sneak in through the back and kill three people. an east bay community is mourning the loss of a pregnant mother of two, misty smith walton was shot and killed in front of her happened, this happened saturday night near the corner of 65th avenue and outlook in east oakland. her husband was also shot several times. he's recovering at a hospital. police so far are not releasing details on the investigation but family members believe she and her husband were responding to their car alarm, and when they went outside to investigate, both were shot. friends are in shock. >> i didn't think it was real. i called her. she wasn't answering. misty, pick up the phone.
6:44 am
she wasn't answering. i knew it was real. everybody started to call me. >> walton was a pta president at carl b. monck elementary. this morning grief counselors will be at the school to help kids and faculty deal with the murder. >> it is 6:44. you can weigh in on facebook's new expansion in fremont today. the city council is holding a public meeting at 7:00 tonight on this issue. so the social media giant recently leased two big office buildings in the ardenwood district near the eastern end of the dumbarton bridge. the buildings have enough space for facebook to move around 950 employees. other companies including tesla expanded in the same area. one north bay city getting a hefty donation. >> they are, the help is to go with ongoing housing crisis, an anonymous donor is giving $10 million to bolonas for an affordable housing project. the donor is pledging to pay for
6:45 am
the land and construction costs but also requesting pre-development to be completed within 18 months. that project will go up at two locations, one on wharf road in the villages business district and a 20-acre parcel on meso road. public hearings in the impeachment inquiry get under way tomorrow. >> scott mcgrew for weeks the news has been full of details of testimony by a lot of people we've never heard of. >> kent, lyovanovitch, taylor, vinman, no way any of us heard those names before. i thought as we are a day away from the public hearings let's get out of the weeds and start over. for some of you this is old hat, but why are we here? ukraine, it's a country that is on the teeter totter between our side, the west and our enemy, russia. we want ukraine to come our way, seducing ukraine into the modern world has been a major part of american policy for years.
6:46 am
the russians do not want ukraine to go our direction. in fact, they've sent forces in to ukraine to take parts back. there is an active war in ukraine. ukraine versus russia. you remember the shoot-down of the civilian airliner, malaysia flight 17, that was part of that war. so we the americans took this very big step of deciding to send money and arms to help our friends the ukrainians fight the russians. congress voted on it, both sides said yes, except the president didn't send it. not right away. instead, the president dangled the military help as he asked the president of ukraine to investigate things that would help trump win the next election. two things that had the potential to make democrats look bad. one was a nonsensical theory it was the ukrainians, not the russians who interfered in our 2016 leck elections, that was entirely disproven.
6:47 am
the other one was investigation into hunter biden, the son of his political rival joe biden. you investigate, get the arms, this for that, or in latin quid pro quo. that's the allegation democrats say is an abuse of office and they say an impeachable offense. to make problems worse for the president, a whole cadre of his own staff, people who work in the white house, some of them conservative republicans, military, war heroes have all told congress what they saw or were part of the president's plan. mr. trump's tried to paint them as turncoats and democratic agents but many are people he appointed themselves or have been long time republicans or war heroes. worse, the transcript of the phone call released by the white house, the one he keeps telling to you read shows him pressuring ukraine for an investigation. so that's where we are. the public hearings start tomorrow. so tomorrow morning, assuming no other major news i'll walk you through the time line on that.
6:48 am
as for what's going on this second, i try to tweet about it as much as i can, you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. a dog who captured american hearts getting a new leash on life. you may recall, he survived for weeks in rubble left behind after hurricane dorian in the bahamas. once found, he was deservingly named miracle. fast forward to today he's made a full recovery at a shelter in florida. check him out there. according to volunteers, miracle has received thousands of adoption requests from across the country. >> more than 10,000 people reached out and wanted to adopt this little miracle dog, and it was just amazing the outpouring of offers to give this little guy a home, and presents were coming in the mail every day with dog beds and toys and it's just amazing. ♪ there's a miracle in store
6:49 am
>> see that's little miracle there. the remarkable dog is going to be placed with its forever family exclusively on the "today" show this morning. and you can watch that happen right after "today in the bay" at 7:00 so stick around. >> cool. >> see how that unfolds. >> i didn't know we were going to get serenaded this morning. >> every now and then. >> you know a song for everything. >> those commercial breaks are filled with them, aren't they? >> they are. you should hear those clips. >> kari sings the jingles. >> background. >> we're getting our show together. >> exactly. wait for it. >> a concert. tour. >> i've got another show for you guys, the sunrise under way right now, it looks pretty beautiful across the bay area, but it's also because we do see quite a bit of smoke mixing in. some moderate air quality for us to start but as we take a live look outside in walnut creek, skies are all mostly clear. our temperatures will be in the upper 40s as you head out the door. you might need a jacket for the
6:50 am
early hours, but the rest of the day is looking pretty nice. we will see some more clouds moving in today, compared to the past couple of days. it will be more of like a filtered sunshine as we see the high clouds streaming in and as we get the kids up and out the door for school this morning we're going to see our san jose temperatures in the low 50s, walking to school, but then as they are headed home, it's going to be a nice one. some low 70s by about 1:00 today. eventually we'll reach 76 degrees for our high. up to 77 expected today in livermore. 78 in napa and 78 in santa rosa. san francisco 67 degrees. that's a look at the sunrise over the south bay. nice start to this tuesday morning, as people are getting back to work, and you do need to grab a jacket as you head out the door. the rest of the day you may be comfortable with a t-shirt on, maybe short leaves or long sleeves. we are seeing a change in our weather pattern so we're going to be breaking up the wardrobe here soon. we're going to see high pressure moving off towards the east and
6:51 am
a cold front moving in. unfortunately as this cold front moves in, doesn't bring us any rain. it dries up before it gets here and for the weekend, we're going to see high pressure moving in once again and northerly wind, dry conditions and our temperatures back in the mid-70s, and then right behind that, there will be another storm system moving in. we've seen quite a few of these for the pacific northwest, but we've been missing out on them because it's been staying to the north, but that rain would be very close early next week. hopefully we can squeeze some raindrops out of that but doesn't look like a significant chance of rain. we're looking at upper 70s today, mid-70s tomorrow. much cooler on thursday, with some breezy winds and also feeling fall-like on friday, we're back to the late summer, temperatures that we've had for the weekend with some mid-70s on the way. mike, do you have fewer traffic alerts now? >> i do. we like fewer than more traffic alerts. this one is gone now. in the last seven minutes we've seen this backup completely
6:52 am
cleared counter commute northbound 101 approaching 580 that spill and crash cleared. the southbound direction slow through novato and san rafael. same thing the push through contra costa county. highway 4 stays with a slow drive through pittsburg and bay point but the crash in concord cleared a half hour ago. not recovery until the commute dies down. anywhere south of there looks good. the south bay is not good for northbound 85. we still have the crash and the traffic alert at union. i've seen the sensors start to speed up. we might have one more lane cleared if not both in the next few minutes. still slow through the almaden valley. 101 our partners with waze slows for the build and crash reported just about capitol expressway. look at the logo, that's nbc bay area's logo, so one of the team members, the team is called nbc bay area wazers. we say thank you for being a
6:53 am
part of that community. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:52 right now. happening now, exciting news for animal lovers and conservationi conservationists. a tiny deer-like species thought to be extinct has been found after 30 years. take a look at it. global wildlife conservation says cameras spotted the vietnamese mouse deer in a forest in southern vietnam. the mammal, which is the size of a rabbit, looks like a i had know deer. it appears to walk on the tips of its hooves. the species was last seen in 1990, making it one of the rarest animals in the world. >> i could just hold it in the palm of my hand. next here we've got a lot more for you, a quick look at top stories including the fate of millions of dreamers is on the line as the supreme court takes up the controversial daca case. next hear from the people impacted. plus -- >> the first real competitor at a global scale netflix has had in a long time. >> another option at home, as disney enters the streaming
6:54 am
game. what experts are saying you should consider with all these services. got much more ahead for you right here on "today in the bay." it is 6:53.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> in a few hours the high court will hear arguments about
6:57 am
whether so-called dreamers should be allowed to stay in the u.s. the trump administration ended the program in 2017. the president argued that daca is illegal and interferes with the enforcement of immigration laws. president obama established the program in 2012 to allow children between 16 and 30 years of age to work and study here in the u.s. and at schools like cal without fear of deportation, even though their parents brought them here illegally. >> i think what we fight for in daca is our basic human dignity. a university degree should not justify your humanity, should not justify you. >> a number of rallies and marches in support of daca are scheduled for later today in places like san francisco, san jose, santa cruz, half moon bay and other places throughout california. the first steps in a long rebuilding process start today in the north bay. here is a live look at healdsburg at the soda rock winery which was nearly fully
6:58 am
destroyed in the kincade wildfire. starting today, crews will connect free hazardous waste sweeps for properties destroyed in the fire, removing pesticides, battery, paint. once the hazardous materials are gone, removal of other debris can begin. flames destroyed more than 370 buildings, including 174 homes. valet though leaders welcome the city's next police chief. in september, seany williams was hired in a recently embattled police department. he previously served as deputy chief for san jose police department. today at 11:00 a.m. williams will be sworn in at vallejo's city hall chambers. disney's treasury of classic titles as well as newer hits from star wars and marvel comics universe. experts say the app could give netflix a run for its money.
6:59 am
>> right out of the gate they're going to be a real serious competitor to netflix. >> also because of the price, it's $7 a month so about half of netflix most popular $13 plan, some customers of verizon's wireless and home internet plans can get free or disney plus free for a year. >> when you say free, its ears go ding. >> mickey mouse ears. >> absolutely. let's get a look at what we can expector the weather today. >> looks good as we go into the next couple of days. it will be cooling off if you've been looking forward to breaking out the sweaters and boots you'll be able to do that by the end of the week but this week it warms up once again. >> fall-like temperatures. >> wait fog for the boots. what about the wait and the commute? >> we have a south bay alert going on. we'll show you the map at the bottom of the screen north 85 at union, a traffic alert with two lanes blocked. the worst slowing is over on the right north 101 toward capitol
7:00 am
expressway where we have the latest crash. the rest of the bay pretty much on schedule. >> we're on schedule to come back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> don't forget our midday show coming up at 11:00. we'll see you then when the party begins. have a great day. >> never over. >> never. good morning. bone chilling record cold strengthens its icy grip on 2/3 of the nation. temperatures set to plunge in the single digits. lows not seen this time of year in more than a century as a powerful winter storm that has led to highway crashes and airport accidents begins its march to the east coast. al's full forecast just ahead. breaking overnight, former president jimmy carter scheduled to undergo emergency brain surgery today. the new health concerns facing the 95-year-old in the wake of two recent falls. breaking news, the middle east erupts in violence overnight after israeli forc


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