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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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rivals, including joe biden. >> to withhold that assistance for no good reason other than help with a political campaign made no sense. it could not be explained. it was crazy. >> reporter: ambassador taylor adding that a staff member overheard a phone call between president trump and his ambassador to the european union. >> a member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what president trump thought about ukraine. mr. sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden. >> reporter: republicans focusing on the timeline, arguing that ukraine's president zelensky didn't know military aid was being held up during his july call with president trump at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. >> president zelensky went on to confirm a number of things, that there was no pressure, that there were no conditions, that there were no threats. >> reporter: and hitting the core of their defense of the president, republicans noting that aid was eventually released. >> he didn't announce he was going to do an investigation
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before the aid happened. >> that is true, but only after congress began an investigation. only after the president's lawyers learned of a whistle-blower complaint. >> reporter: both sides aiming to persuade a nationwide audience while the man at the center of the storm -- >> it's a witch hunt. it's a hoax. >> reporter: says he's not even watching. alice barr, nbc news, washington. >> and that really is the concern for republicans that this is just a partisan attack against the president. today we saw two of our bay area democrats, the representatives eric swalwell and jackie speier in action. representative speier asked one witness about his concerns that ukraine's president was being pressured. >> yes, ma'am. i wrote a memo to the file on august 16th. >> but we don't have access to that memo, do we? >> i submitted to it the state department subject to the subpoena. >> and we have not received one piece of paper from the state department. >> the president tweeted multiple times about this hearing, and he put in all caps, "never trumpers."
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mr. kent, are you a never trumper? >> i am a career nonprofessional who serves whatever president is duly elected and carries out the foreign policies of that president. >> on the flip side, what ambassador bill taylor was asked, if he is a never trumper, he answered no, sir. there are a lot of people and a lot of information to digest with all of this. we have this who's who chart on our website. each person's name, picture, and how they're involved in the investigation. now, if you'll notice that little bar code, the qr code on the left side of the screen, we made it really toes see this chart. simply take out your phone, you can do it right now, point your camera at the qr code on the bottom left of your screen, put out your camera, point to it, and that will instantly connect you with that chart. the mysterious vaping illness killing people across the country has hit very close to home. today the first vaping-related death reported in the bay area. 45-year-old amanda arconti lived in vacaville and was taken to an emergency room in novato last
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friday with serious respiratory problems, and that's where she passed away. today the marin county public health office says her death meets all the criteria for being connected to e-cigarette use. dr. matt willis says the victim was healthy and just started vaping six months ago. >> we're learning the hard way that just because it's safer doesn't mean it's safe. it may be the lesser of two evils, but there are serious health concerns associated with vaping. >> the coroner's office in marin county is doing an autopsy and it could be several weeks if not months for the results to come back. if this death is indeed connected to vape, it would be the first in the bay area and the fourth in california. right now there are three confirmed cases here. the cdc is keeping track. so far 39 deaths officially linked to vaping. they've been reported in 24 states, including washington state, illinois, indiana, three in georgia, as well as the district of columbia. the patients have been as young and 17 years old and as old as
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75. today the state puc voted unanimously to investigate pg&e's recent power outages. the investigation will look at pg&e and other utilities to determine whether they complied with requirements around the safety shutoff. pg&e, as you recalled, turned off power lines in high winds and extreme fire conditions to prevent fires from sparking. but there was a lot of criticism about the communication and how the plan was implemented. the executive director of the utility reform network agrees with this probe. >> when the cpuc first approved them, they approved them as a last resort. and when you shut off 2.5, 3 million people, that sure don't feel like a last resort to me. >> governor gavin newsom was also called for total reform here. dependenting on the outcome of the investigation, there could be an enforcement phase as well. well, san francisco elected a new district attorney, but chesa boudin won't take office
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for several weeks. instead, suzy loftus will serve as interim d.a. through january 8. loftin conceded to boudin over the weekend following boudin's razor-thin lead. new surveillance video is released to help capture the killers of a tech ceo in santa cruz county. the sheriff's department released this video which shows three men walking out of an alley in pleasure point on october 1. one of the suspects is carrying a duffel bag, while another has a rifle. the sheriff's department believe these men killed millionaire tushar atre. the 50-year-old was killed after being kidnapped from his pleasure point home near santa cruz. his body was later found in a remote area of the santa cruz mountains near properties he on the other hand. $25,000 reward is being offered to find his killers. it's a problem that's plagued a lot of neighborhoods in the east bay, garbage dumping. now some of those neighborhoods could get some relief. a state lawmaker is taking aim at cleaning up the litter and cracking down on those dumping
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the trash. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in richmond with the details. jodi? >> reporter: raj, this richmond neighborhood is one of many that's been littered with garbage. the city of richmond tells me more than 5,000 mattresses have been dumped out here over the last year. this is just one of them. but help could be on the way. >> it's bad. it just looks bad. >> reporter: anna can't stand the scene outside her richmond home. her neighborhood has become a dumping ground, constantly littered with garbage. >> we've seen animals, dead animals, everything, you name it is there. it's just horrible. >> reporter: it's a problem that's plaguing neighborhoods across the east bay. we found children today walking home from school amid trash. and piles of garbage >> you can clean up and you can educate, but if you don't enforce, if you don't enforce, it won't stop. >> reporter: but alameda and contra costa counties are about
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to crack down on the litter bugs. an east bay assembly member has secured 3/4 of a million dollars to help focus on enforcement. >> this funding of $750,000 allows the funding of two full-time officers, one in each county working together in order to build networks, investigate, and stop illegal dumping. >> we can use all of the help we can possibly get at this time. >> reporter: richmond's head of code enforcement says her crews simply can't keep up with all the garbage. she looks forward two the day her neighborhood is clean enough for her kids to go outside and play. >> hopefully they do something. that's my hope. that they have to do something. for us. >> reporter: now you're looking at a surveillance camera. this has also been a huge tool in combatting the garbage problems. the city of richmond has ten surveillance cameras up around the city, but that's not nearly enough. this new pilot program will also help fund cameras like those
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there. so they are hoping that this program gets under way soon. we are told hopefully by the end of the year. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. just into our newsroom, the media wasn't invited, but big business was. governor newsom was in not view today meeting with executives from google, facebook, pinterest and other companies. one subject, how they can support local communities to create affordable places to live. with the growing homeless population, many of them are students, and many of them study at san jose state. now airbnb is teaming up with the city of san jose to help those students. san jose state says it has some -- about 100 students struggling with where to stay while they're at school. today san jose, along with airbnb and the bill wilson center launched a 100-day pilot program to connect san jose
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students with local homes on airbnb. the money comes from a grant to the bill wilson center. airbnb says its platform will be used to find temporary housing for students who need a place to stay, anywhere for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. >> any time you have any student that's coming to you saying i cannot be successful in school because i don't have a place to live that's safe, that's steady, or just don't have a place to live period, you have a crisis. >> well, after 100 days, if this program is not working, or if it is working, officials say they'll seek additional fund, both from companies and the city itself to try to keep it up and running. it's a dark blotch on stanford's past, the sexual assault of a young woman by brock turner. but now the university has agreed with the young woman, chanel miller, on how it will be remembered. a plaque will be placed on the spot where the attack took place. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live at stanford university. and marianne, the school
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agreeing to allow's own words to be written on that plaque. >> yes, they did this. comes after a lot of pressure from both students and faculty. they held protests. they signed petitions. students say this is a victory. but now they're concerned about another plaque the university plans to put up in the same garden. some stanford students felt so strongly sexual assault victim chanel miller should have a plaque with her own choice of words here at this on campus garden, they put up small engraved plaque of their own. now according to this letter from stanford provost, the university will finally put up plaque with the same words. comments originally rejected by stanford. >> stanford agreed more than three years ago to install the plaque with her chosen quote on it. this agreement was in writing, and it was legal settlement agreement. they broke that agreement, and it's time to put up the plaque
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now and stop stalling. >> reporter: provost says one reason for the change of heart was an association of students. it found 38% of undergrad female stanford students had reported having some kind of nonconsensual sexual contact. drell said the survey results provide a clear message, we need to confront sexual violence openly and aggressively at stanford. the university also plans to put up another marker at the site where miller was sexually assaulted by former stanford swimmer brock turner. some students question that move. >> we don't know what they're putting on there, and i think that's the big question mark is are they trying to impose their own narrative of what happened in this space rather than letting chanel's words speak for themselves. >> the provost says the second plaque is going to go up at to the garden and it will contain some type of resource information. the exact wording of that plaque
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has not yet been determined. a and the university says it has reached out the chanel miller to ask fog her approval on the new words on the plaque. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. up next here at 5:00, the giants introducing their new manager, and he's apologizing on his first day on the job. plus finally back home. why it took seven decades for one family to get the remains of their loved one who died in the korean war. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cloudy today. you can see it on our walnut creek camera. we'll let you know when we'll start to see a break in those clouds, and an important update on two systems next week and a rain outlook. that's in about six minutes. the impeachment hearings go public. and just what is in some of those vaping products making people sick? our investigation reveals some shock results on "nightly news."
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized.
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. day one on the job, and he is already on damage control. the giants' new manager gabe kapler apologized for his past while trying to embrace the orae park, the 44-year-old kapler was introduced as bruce bochy's replacement. the decision has left the giants fan base somewhat fractured. not so much because of kapler's manager as a manager, but because how he previously dealt with a serious issue. in 2015 while he was dodgers director of player development, he reportedly mishandled multiple charges of sexual assault against some of his minor league players. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves.
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everything that i did, i acted on from a place of goodness and from my heart and wanting to do the right thing, but i was naive. i was in over my skis, and trying to do things on my own when it was very clear that i needed counsel. >> kapler said he met not only with giants management, but also with the retired bruce bochy and buster posey during the hiring process. he signs a three-year contract. a state law meant to create more gender equality in boardrooms has face in order charges. with five board members to now a sacramento-based law firm is suing on behalf of a retired corporate lawyer that lawyer currently sits on the board of a security and health care systems manufacturer, along with six other men. this is the second legal challenge against the law this year. vice president mike pence is in california this evening and flying into the aarea in just a
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couple hours. he started the day in orange county, where he was the keynote speaker at a trump victory luncheon. he flies into moffett field in mountainview in about two hours and will tour the nasa ames research center. that tour will happen tomorrow. he'll speak to about 200 workers there. he will then return to washington, d.c. an emotional reunion for a northern california family at sfo. the remains of a family member who went missing in the korean war nearly 70 years ago is finally returned to u.s. soil. nbc bay area's pete serratos is there for that reunion. >> reporter: for more than 70 years, the whereabouts of army sergeant fellowship mendoza were unknown. his 92-year-old sister who now lives in vallejo describes the agony of not knowing what happened to her brother. >> waiting for him all the time. waiting for him. >> reporter: after decades of waiting, the remains of sergeant mendoza were finally returned to u.s. soil, arriving this morning
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at sfo. he went missing in action back in 1950 while serving in the korean war. his remains were identified by officials with the armed forces who did an analysis on remains from christine war service members that were turned over by north korea following last year's much talked about summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. >> we want to make sure he gets the proper recognition that he deserves and he gets the honor that he has served for our country. and we're proud that we're able to bring him home. >> sergeant mendoza finally receives that recognition today. his casket draped with an american flag, escorted off the plane by a color guard. he will be laid to rest with his brothers this friday. and the bittersweet moment is providing much needed closure for his sister who can finally say goodbye to her brother. >> i am happy. he's in heaven, i know. >> pete serratos, nbc bay area news.
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>> a special day for that family. ere with us. it finally looked like fall, a little bit like winter, but with no rain. >> it's kind of frustrating out there. we'd love to get some rainfall in here. the pattern is going to shift a little bit more as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. so let's take you into our microclimate weather tonight, and that is what we all dealt with. the cloud cover. most of it is cloud cover and fog mixing in. a little bit of ground pollution. but the air quality is moderate. if you're looking at this saying is this all that air quality? again, it is not. it's a lot of cloud cover, and that fog, just to reiterate that. as we look at the temperatures, it's already starting to drop. 59 degrees in san jose right now. and we hold on to the overcast through tonight and more 50s moving on in. now the biggest change i see happening as we head throughout the next 24 hours, it's the area of high pressure that's kept a relatively still pattern the past several days beginning to move off towards the east. and that is important because it's going to make way for a cooler pattern to start to roll
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on in. and that's going help to drop temperatures as you move through tomorrow. so i don't see the overcast budging for the morning forecast. we're going stay with the cloud cover yet again. not that much in the way of sunglasses needed. but probably a light jacket. low 50s from the tri-valley through the peninsula and also through the south bay. and a very similar forecast in the east bay. 51 for you. san francisco 53 with possibly some drizzle in sf. if you're commuting in there for work, be careful. possibly some slick spots and the north bay at 48. now as we take a closer look at tomorrow morning's forecast, there is some of the drizzle at the coastline. here is the frustrating thing. by the afternoon, the clouds stay put. we're going have more on that rain outlook coming up in about a minute and a half. and we'll talk about some storm systems moving close to the bay area next week. but i do want to focus in on those temperatures as we head through tomorrow, and it's going to drop off. by about 3 to 6 degrees. you might need the jacket into the afternoon. 63 in morgan hill.
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64 in san jose. and 65 in milpitas. right through the east bay, 62 in hayward. 58 in oakland. back to pittsburg, 66. the peninsula looks very similar here. 65 in palo alto. and chilly in daly city. 57 for you. plenty of 50s from the embarcadero down through the ingleside and right up towards the marina. marin, napa, sonoma 61 in mill tale. warmest is ukiah and point reyes 64. the extended forecast goes like this. we keep the clouds and possibly some morning drizzle into friday morning. then eventually we'll try to get some sunshine in here for the weekend. but it will warm back up to 67 degrees. and dry over the next seven days. inland valleys, i have you with this cooler trend for the next two days. right through friday, possibly some drizzle there for friday morning as well. this weekend, we will warm back up to 76 and dry over the next seven days. i've been updating you on the rain chances. and the thing about next week, it looks like we'll be in
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between two different systems. so i wanted to show you this. we'll see a storm develop to the north, one to the south. right now that rainfall is going to miss us. no big rain chances. but still holding on to the possibility here for later on this month into early december. so that's the way we see it right now. we could see the systems move either way. so we'll continue to monitor that as we head through the next couple of days. >> something to look forward to. >> you got it. >> thanks, jeff. still to come, google wants you to trust them with your money. we're going tell you about its new venture into the world of finance. don't miss the grand opening
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of the new floor & decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. google wants to get into the financial business. the company says it plans to start offering checking accounts next year.
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money would be accessed to the google play digital wallet. google will reportedly let citigroup handle the regulatory finance needed to run bank accounts. the olympics are in tokyo next summer, but today a lot of olympians were in san francisco. at least olympic hopefuls. they're part of team visa. every four years bay-area based visa chooses olympic and paralympic hopefuls to be on their team. today's summit aims to teach athletes financial skills like the ins and outs of the japanese economy. >> you're learning about all things like payments and financial literacy, getting to hang out with other athletes. and just taking this opportunity to be a little bit more than an athlete today. >> big-time stars in town. athletes are based and chosen based on their community involvement and personal journey. pretty cool to see megan rapinoe here. a close call for surfers in southern california, and we have the video. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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tonight at 6:00, out with the realn with the artificial. the reason they're using a fake tree at this year's christmas in the park in san jose. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. some surfers had a wild encounter with a whale, and it
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was all caught on video. it happened monday in southern california at dana point. wow, take a look. you can see the shadow of the whale swims up to surfers. a teenage a custody the video with a drone. as he gets closer he blows water out of his spout. most of the surfers didn't notice it. look at that! oh my goodness, the teen posted this video on facebook. it's now gone viral. one surfer was i'm going to start swimming away. >> it looks like universal studios. it goes right in between. >> they didn't know what it was at first. but a whale is okay. checking things out. >> before we go, we're tonight and tomorrow morning? >> the overcast with it. it feels like fall. it is november. not that bad. 67. cooler tomorrow. 69 on friday. warm it back up this weekend where we should start to get some sun. >> always delivering for the weekend. >> i d o>> thanks for joining us here t
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5:00. we have extended coverage now of the hearings from washington, d.c. on "nightly news." >> bye. breaking news tonight the historic showdown on capitol hill the first public impeachment hearing playing live on tv the two key witnesses testifying about president trump and pressure on ukraine to investigate his political rivals the explosive new information about another phone call tense moments in the room between democrats and republicans. >> if this is not impeachable conduct, what is >> what you heard did not happen it didn't happen. >> the president calling the hearing a sham while welcoming turkey's leader for a controversial white house visit, our power house political team breaking it all down. also, the bone-chilling night ahead. the deadly record-shattering arctic blast dropping temperatures from


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