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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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fact in marin county. it is the first bay area death in this vaping crisis. and tonight the marin county health department is warning people to please, stop using those vaping products. >> not just teenagers, but adults of all ages. tim daly joins us in san rafael with the details. tim? >> reporter: raj, the person who died here in marin county, a 45-year-old woman who started vaping just six months ago. amanda arconti was taken to novato community hospital last saturday night with serious respiratory issues. within 24 hours, she had died. >> this is the first death associated with vaping in the bay area. there have been other cases, but this is the first fatality. >> supporters of vaping say the use of e-cigarettes is a way for smokers to reduce her nicotine input and eventually quit. officer matt willis says arconti was trying to stop vaping, but ten vaping samples were found in her belongings.
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>> vaping products contain very high doses of nicotine, sometimes higher than cigarettes. so it's no surprise that people seeking to cut down on vaping are having trouble. >> reporter: but the owner of this store in san rafael disputes the claims saying the recent deaths connected to vaping are more likely related to black market dealers adding vitamin e acetate to products. >> people who don't want cigarette vaping to be around are the ones that are creating the propaganda, making it look like there is a connection between these illnesses and this cigarette use. and that is a complete falsehood. >> reporter: dr. willis says until more is known, this should be the approach. >> one of our messages is we want to help people quit vaping the way in the past we've helped people quit smoking. >> reporter: now the coroner here in marin county says the exact cause of death in this case won't be known for several weeks, but he does expect the
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final results toat sis connecte. live in san rafael, tim daly for nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tim. here is the littlest information from the cdc. so far more than 2,000 people have been diagnosed with the mysterious lung illness in almost every state in the u.s. 40 people have died, including this new case in marin county. the ages of the patients who died ranged from 17 to 75. about 70% of patients who were either treated or died have been men. this hasn't happened since the 1990s when president clinton was going through his impeachment hearings. today the house of representatives started its public andiry. the witnessre who describe prest trump's back channel dealings with ukraine, which could politically. bay area members of congress were a big part of today's hearing. jackie speiered a one witness about his concern that ukraine's president was being pressured. >> yes, ma'am. i wrote a memo to the file on
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august 16th. >> but we don't have access to that memo, do we? >> i submitted to it the state department subject to the september 27th subpoena. >> and we have not received one piece of paper from the state department. >> the president tweeted multiple times about this hearing, and he put in all caps, "never trumpers." mr. kent, are you a never trumper? >> i am a career nonprofessional who serves whatever president is duly elected and carries out the foreign policies of that president. >> you saw representative speier and representative swalwell of the east bay. when bill taylor was asked if he was a never trumper, he answered no, sir. so who came out ahead today? and how damaging with was this to president trump? we have a complete recap of the hearing and analysis coming up at 6:30. the unanimously to investigate recent power shutoffs and left millions of pg&e customers in the dark. puc look into weather pg&e and other utilities followed regulations when it turned off
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power. utilities shut power to prevent electric lines from sparking a wildfire during extreme wind and extreme fire conditions. that move led to criticism about communication and how that shutoff was handled. >> i think the puc is doing the right thing to open up an investigation about these massive shutoffs because when the cpuc first approved them, they approved them as a last resort. >> pg&e says that the company has received feedback and is working to implement them in future shutoffs. the search continues for armed robbers who shot a young man twice just to get a necklace. this is video of the robbery in progress earlier this month. we obtained the video just today. you can see several men with guns drawn in the middle of the street. it happened in the usually quiet neighborhood of east san jose.a very latest. robert, what do we know? >> well, as you can imagine, it
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can be quite jarring to see a group of men charging, brandishing guns. and even though they got away, people here say they hope the robbers don't get away with this. the loud screeching is the sound of the getaway car with several young men leaving the scene of a violent daylight robbery november 2 on threadneedle way in east san jose. it was only moments after this horrific scene when a young man sitting in his car was suddenly surrounded by several men wearing hoodies with guns drawn and took his necklace, shooting him twice in the abdomen. the victim's friend, who captured it on his phone was upset that the robbers shot his phone. he said it wasn't necessary to get the necklace. >> when he noticed the gun, he knew his life was in danger. before he could even do anything, say anything, respond, they shot him twice. and they went and grabbed his thing. so he didn't have a chance to respond. this happened within 15 seconds. >> the homeowner who caught the
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escape on his home surveillance camera was upset and angry. >> it was uncalled for, number one. when they get caught, i'll tell you what, i'll say this. the prison system is waiting for them. >> police described the suspects as two young african american males, both about 6 feet tall, slim, wearing hoodies and a third male accomplice. the getaway vehicle is a black four-door honda accord with chrome trim and rear tinted windows. >> they know what they're doing as well as organized, using weapons. and they don't have a problem shooting people. >> now the victim confirm head is recovering, but declined to be interviewed. anyone who believes they had any information about this robbery is asked to call san jose police. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. new at 6:00 tonight, a not so cool act. someone vandalized the joe montana statue that sits outside levi's stadium. police say it was this guy,
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jorge lopez from santa clara police say cut the face mask off the statue. now the vandalism happened toward the end of monday night's game between the 49ers and the seahawks. santa clara police caught him and said they arrested him for felony vandalism. crews are now repairing the statue, expected to be back to normal by sunday's game. this is video shot a couple of hours ago. you can see the statue looks pretty good. so far no comment from the real joe cool. not much of a honeymoon. first day on the job and the giants' new manager faces tough questions about his past. today at oracle park, you see him there right in the middle. gabe kapler was introduced as bruce bochy's replacement. the decision has left the giants fan base somewhat fractured, not so much as kapler's record as a manager, but how he previously dealt with a serious issue. in 2015, while he was the dodgers director of player development, he reportedly mishandled multiple charges of sexual assault against some of
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his minor league players. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything that i did i acted on from a place of goodness and from my heart and wanting to do the right thing. i was naive. i was in over my skis and trying to do things on my own when it was very clear that i needed counsel. >> he did apologize. he also said he consulted with bruce bochy and buster posey during the interview giants. gabe kapler signs a three-year deal with the team. books, but no beds. it's a startling number. the number of bay area students dealing with homelessness is on the rise. a mix of funding and software to find them places to stay while they're in school. a business and tech recorder scott budman joins us live from san jose state. how does it work, scott? >> well, it works like this, jessica. like the bay area, san jose also dealing with a homeless issue. but now along with help from the city, homeless advocates and a
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rapidly growing tech company, they're working to put more students into houses. san jose state estimates it has somewhere close to 100 students who struggle with where to live while they go to school here. >> i had to make the choice to stay at my house for the first few years because i'm still trying to see if i can financially afford in the next few years to get a place here on campus at the dorms. >> reporter: now with help from the city, the bill wilson center, and tech unicorn airbnb, these students are getting some help. >> the bill wilson center has a state grant that is going to help with rent subsidies that will be paid to airbnb hosts. >> we're going to basically be that connector, make sure that we identify and qualify the students and work with san jose state to make sure that those who need it can find it. >> linking students with homes on airbnb. it's a 100-day test program to try and make sure students have a place to stay for a few days or a few weeks.
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>> these aren't people who are necessarily permanently out of a home. it may be at the end of a quarter of when they're trying to make the next tuition. maybe they're having to choose between books and rent. >> reporter: a school known for turning out tech workers turning to a tech company to give students a boost. >> we've got to be honest about the economy that we have here, and the future of that economy, which depends upon the future of our workforce. >> so what happens after 100 days? well, all involved say if the test program works, they want to it keep going, and they'll look for funding from the city and from tech companies. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, scott. lack of funding. lack of housing also on the governor's mind today when he met with executives from google, pinterest, facebook and more. media wasn't invited to the summit, but they did discuss one subject, housing, and how those companies can support local communities and create more
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affordable places to live. among the suggestions, investing in affordable housing loans and also getting help from nonprofits. up next here at 6:00, they're calling it a disgrace. district attorneys in the east bay joining forces to crack down on illegal dumping. plus, it's never been done in the 40 years of christmas in the park. the reason this year's community tree will be a fake. it's not real. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. lots of clouds today. it continues right now throughout the bay area. i'll show you what we have in store for us tomorrow. that's coming up. we'll get you ready for the day in about seven minutes.
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♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. it's a messy problem, and it seems to be getting worse. east bay neighborhoods are grappling with garbage left by illegal dumpers. but help is on the way. jodi hernandez joins us in richmond, where parts of this city inundated with garbage. jodi? >> reporter: it's a real serious issue, raj. i'll tell you, it is ugly and it is smelly. the city of richmond says it has hauled away nearly 4,000 tons of garbage over the last year and a half, but no sooner do they clean it up, it's back again. there is a new plan in the works that could help. >> it makes me feel sad for all the community here, and it just makes us look bad.
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>> reporter: anna can't stand the scene outside her richmond home. her neighborhood has become a dumping ground. constantly littered with garbage. >> we've seen animals, dead animal, everything. you name it, it's there. it's just horrible. >> reporter: it's a problem that's plaguing neighborhoods across the east bay. we found children today walking home from school amid trash and piles of garbage on nearly every street coroner this east oakland neighborhood, you can clean up, and you can educate, but if you don't enforce, if you don't enforce, it won't stop. >> reporter: but alameda and contra costa counties are about to crack down on the litter bug. an east bay assembly member has secured 3/4 of a million dollars. the sheriff's deputies will exclusively on the issue. >> having two full-time sworn peace officers working together will provide some measure of enforcement, which will help deter illegal dumping by the many who believe they will never
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get caught. >> reporter: the funds will also be used to install surveillance cameras. richmond already has ten but needs more. >> when they get to the site and they see the camera, they just go somewhere else. >> we could use all of the help that we could possibly get at this time. >> reporter: richmond's head of code enforcement says her crews simply can't keep up with all the garbage. she looks forward to the day her neighborhood is clean enough for her kids to go outside and play. >> they have to do something for us. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a hit-and-run in the south bay leaves a woman in the hospital. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon near city hall in santa clara. police officers spotted a car doing donuts a the intersection of monroe street and warburton aven.arked red lexus. inside the lexus was a woman. two men got out of the other car and started to run away, but police did track them down. the woman in the lexus was
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rushed to a nearby hospital. she is expected to be okay. the holidays are right around the corner, and there is a big change coming to a beloved south bay tradition. for the first time ever, organizers of san jose's christmas in the park will put up an artificial christmas tree. nbc bay area anoushah rasta is down live to explain why they're going fake over real. and lots of people are weighing that same decision. lots of people do it every year. >> reporter: that's right, they do. for about 30 years, organizers have always had a giant live christmas tree, all lit up and decorated for christmas in the park. we actually have some video to show you right now of what that christmas tree looked like last year. the organize worries bring it in every year from the shasta mountains, and it could have been anywhere from 50 to 60 feet tall. but this year, the executive director of christmas in the park tells me that after a lot of discussion and a lot of thought, they decided to use an artificial tree instead.
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he says that cost is one of the major reasons why. >> each year we bring in a live tree from the shasta mountains. it costs us about $20,000 to put up and to dispose of. so from a financial standpoint, not having to spend $20,000 each year on the tree is one of the reasons why we decided to make this change. >> okay, 20 brand for a tree is a lot of money. but that's just one of the reasons. what's the other? >> so the other big reason is an environmental concern. the executive director says in order to make that live tree look branchs from other trees ad going to be used for christmas in the park. he says the problem with that is the tree cannot be recycled afterwards. that is a lot of work for that tree. okay. we understand. thank you, anoushah. we've been telling you the olympics are in tokyo next
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summer, but today a loft olympians were in san francisco, part of team visa. every four years visa chooses olympic and paralympic hopefuls to be on their team. today's summit aims to teach athletes financial skills ahead of the tokyo games like the ins and outs telephone japanese company. athletes are chosen based on their personal involvement and their personality. >> you'll be heading there. >> we'll be spending a lot of yen, right? learning the visa situation. it was cool. megan rapinoe was there. a lot of soccer and the paralympians were there as well. >> i bet you're already packed. >> i'll pack the night before. >> oh, man. >> i need your help packing. >> he made fun of me. i always pack two weeks in advance. >> i'm a last-minute packer. >> raj, okay. as we take you into the microclimate forecast we have the cloud cover with us today. felt kind of gloomy. and, you know, we want the rain this time of the year, but i
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guess we'll have to settle for cloud cover right now. so that's moving in at the higher levels. the clouds with our pattern change, then down at the lower levels right here at the surface. you can see the fog moving into san francisco right now. pretty aggressive push. so that does mean potentially here some drizzle as we move into tonight. right now in san francisco, at 56 degrees, and no surprise here, the cloud cover, the fog stays put as we head throughout tonight. and this will be a bay area wide problem tomorrow morning. so no sunglasses needed for that morning commute. from the north bay to the south bay, i have you with that cloud cover, and there is some of that spotty drizzle right at the coastline. by the afternoon, i don't see any major clearing. so we keep the overcast right here across the bay area as we head through your thursday forecast. temperatures are dropping, though, so at least makes it feel more like november outside. not too bad here. as you hit your thursday forecast, 63 in morgan hill. 68 in antioch. 65 concord.
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68 in clearlake. 50s from san francisco to half moon bay. right there in palo alto, 65 degrees. i'll have an update on the rain outlook over the next several weeks. that's coming up in about 25 minutes. and we have some important changes we want to share with you. we'll see in about 25 minutes. >> up next, reversing course. stanford's new decision linked to the brock turner case. what can now be found on campus. my parents never taught me anything about managing money. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪
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it is a dark chapter in stanford's celebrated story. we're talking about the sexual assault of a young woman by former swimmer brock turner. now university has agreed with the young woman, chanel miller, on how that controversial case will be remembered on campus. a plaque will be placed on the spot whether that attack took place. it's a major reversal from stanford after facing pressure from student and faculty members. the plaque will include chanel miller's own words, the same words the university rejected earlier. >> i'm certainly glad that they are now saying they will install the plaque. but of course they said that three years ago and didn't do it.
6:25 pm
so what they need to do now is to fulfill their agreement and put the plaque in the ground. >> in a letter, stanford provost said she changed her mind about the plaque students and fact utility voiced their concern in a recent survey. that survey the provost said more needed to be done to confront sexual violence at that university. the legacy of san francisco mayor ed lee will not be forgotten at sfo. as of today, if you're flying internationally, you'll use the mayor edwin lee international terminal departures hall. lee was the first asian american mayor of san francisco. he served from 2011 until he died in 2017 from a heart attack. sfo says it will install a plaque dedicated to the memory of the mayor by the end of next year. he'll also provide a his life and times as mayor. up next, at 6:30, day one in the books. political analyst larry gerston is with us. his blic hearings in the
6:26 pm
impeachment inquiry. also touching down within the hour, whye
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right now impeachment showdown goes live. the first public hearings going live on national tv. two witness, five hours of testimony and this is just day one. >> today new revelations about president trump's back channel dealing with ukraine. republicans say there is nothing
6:29 pm
that justifies impeachment. janelle wang joins us on this show down. >> raj and jessica, this is the first public impeachment hearing in 20 years, today televised testimony beginning today with democrats and republicans trading barbs over whether president trump acted in the nation's interests or for his own personal gain. lights, cameras, action. the house intelligence committee gavels in the first public impeachment hearing against president trump. democrats laying out their case that the president abused his power by pressuring the ukraine for his own political gains. >> the matter is as simple and as terrible as that. whoeporter: while republicans process. >> what we will witness today is a televised theatrical performance. >> reporter: the first open testimony comes from two career diplomats, including william ambassador to ukraine. he testified that president trump froze critical military aid to ukraine to force ukraine
6:30 pm
to publicly announce an investigation into his political rivals, the bidens. >> to withhold that assistance for no good reason other than help with a political campaign made no sense. it could not be explained. it was crazy. >> reporter: ambassador taylor adding that a staff member overheard a phone call between president trump and his ambassador to the european union. >> a member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what president trump thought about ukraine. mr. sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden. >> reporter: republicans focusing on the timeline, arguing that ukraine's president zelensky didn't know military aid was being held up during his july phone call with president trump, the heart of the impeachment inquiry. >> president zelensky went on to confirm a number of things, that there was no pressure, that there were no conditions, that there were no threats. >> reporter: and hitting the core of their defense of the president, republicans noting that aid was eventually released. >> he didn't announce he was going to do an investigation before the aid happened. >> that is true, but only after congress began an investigation.
6:31 pm
lawyers learned of a whistle-blower complaint. >> reporter: both sides aiming to persuade a nationwide audience while the man at the center of the storm -- says he didn't even have time to watch the hearing because he has been meeting with the president of turkey, but he did react during their joint news conference. >> this is a sham and shouldn't be allowed. i want to find out who is the whistle-blower. and because the whistle-blower gave a lot of very incorrect information, including my call with the president of ukraine, which was a perfect call. and highly appropriate. >> today a motion to issue a subpoena to that whistle-blower. republicans lost that vote. the committee, which has a democratic majority voted to table that motion. meantime, more public testimony on friday with ousted ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. joining us now is political analyst larry gerston. let's talk about today's hearings. a lot of what we heard, we
6:32 pm
already found out about during the public, the closed hearings. so today we're seeing it for the first time. talk about the difference of actually seeing the testimony. >> it's two things. when you read it, it's one thing. when you see it, it's another. people talking, back and forth, what have you. but there was something else today. if it wasn't a john dean moment, it was close to it. that's when bill taylor went ahead and said guess what? since i last testified, a former aide talked to me and heard president trump talking with gordon sondland. you'll get to know anymore you don't already, right? the ambassador to the european union. and after that conversation, sondland said the president is more excited about getting biden than he is in giving the weapons to ukraine. that is a key moment. and by the way, the president said gordon sondland, gordon sondland, i don't think i know him. gordon sondland gave the president a million dollars and made that phone call in the mi straimon so many people around the score what you watch for
6:33 pm
normal people more than ten to 15 minutes, let alone to watch three or four hours of this. s hd that water cooler moment the next day and the week or so after that. we don't know. it's going going to have an awful lot to say about what the senate does. we know this. the democrats made their story. they made it rational. made it easy to understand. no talk of quid pro quo as much as did the president do something bad or not. the republicans said look, there is two things to worry about here. number one, ukrainians got their military assistance, so what are you talking about? an number two, it's hearsay, hearsay, hear safe. that gets the whole idea of circumstantial evidence. and oftentimes circumstantial evidence doesn't go very, very anywhere. two things here. this isn't a trial. it's an people. he impeachment hearing. when you get 10 or 12 people saying the same thing, independently of each other, you got to wonder. >> what's the next step? >> well, we're going go through more of these things. marie yovanovitch comes up. she is the ambassador who was
6:34 pm
fired or relieved i should say. she now has a long story to tell herself, how it all happened. next week there is going to be a few who come back. and perhaps a third week. meanwhile, we have to see if anything comes out of the court hearing about whether the other people should testify. we've heard all about that, so i have to see. there is more to come here. and the question is will this just be drip, drip, drip, i've had enough, or is it drip, drip, drip, the water foam. >> it's been a couple of decades thank you. vice president pence is in california tonight. i want to show you a live picture in moffet felt in mountain view where air force two expected any time now. it's been a busy schedule pour the vice president and his wife karen pence. a ty arrived in monterey, a short drive from monterey where the president addressed a fundraising dinner. tomorrow he heads to the nasa ames research center and speaks to some 200 worker there's and then he and the first lady will head back to washington, d.c. itea t
6:35 pm
bu wing pundit ann coulter will be at uc berkeley. she'll be at an event hosted by the berkeley college republicans. the talk is called "adios america." it will be her opinion on the united states immigration system. she was scheduled to speak at berkeley. you might recall in 2017, but that event was canceled when organizers believed there wouldn't be enough security to handle the protesters. coming up, governor newsom announcing the first class of inductees into the newsom hall of fame. which bay area celebrities are on the list. more violence on the bart system. our cameras captured a fare
6:36 pm
evader red-handed. >> so how safe is bart? to find out, we are riding all across the bay area, and we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center stop here in san francisco. we're here in west oakland. >> and this is the powell street station. >> video shows the man verbally and physically attacking another rider. >> are you freakin' serious? >> we want to know what you're seeing on bart. so send us your videos, from the wacky and weird to the down right dangerous. show us what you're experiencing out here. you can also just record yourself explaining what you saw. email us at the unit unit or #we investigate. we want to hear from you. ♪
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the election is over. now comes the transfer of power. san francisco's newly elected district attorney chesa boudin will take over in january. suzy loftus will continue to serve as interim d.a. through january 8th. loftus conceded to boudin over the weekend following boudin's razor-thin victory. it's been offlimits to outsiders for years, but soon the public may be able to take a stroll through foothills park in palo alto. since 1958, only people who live in palo alto could visit that park. over the past year, some parks and rec commissioners have been trying to overturn that ruling. last night the commission voted in favor of a one-year pilot program that would allow people who don't live in palo alto to visit foothills park. there is a catch. the nonresidents would have to get a parking pass online and
6:40 pm
pay $6 fee before they can actually go. okay. they make california the special place it is. that's what governor newsom says about the new inductees into the state's hall of fame. among the inductees maya angelou who grew up in san francisco. other inductees with bay area connections, soccer star brandi chastain from san jose and wine maker helen turley from napa. also stanford educated astrophysicist france cordova. governor newsom says everyone nominated exhibits california's spirit. the young girls are going to grow crazy. heartthrob sensation harry styles is coming to san jose. styles part of the famous group one direction, in 2016 one direction said it was going the take a small break, but never got together. that's because the members wanted to pursue solo careers. styles is prepared to go on his
6:41 pm
second career. sap center said he will be coming to the venue august 25th. tune in to "snl" this weekend because he is the host and the musical guest. i may be going to a harry styles concert with the girls. all the my teenagers. >> he's got a great voice. jeff ranieri, talk about our weather. looks like we got a sunny weekend coming up. >> eventually we're going get to that sunshine. we've got to get through the clouds tomorrow. and you can see there as we start off, well, overcast with some drizzle at the coast. we'll get you through this, coming up in just a few minutes. a neighborhood business agrees to let residents use its parking lot, but they all end up getting towed. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
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6:43 pm
6:44 pm
nbc bay area response to a san jose woman with an unusual problem. >> she says the business reneged on its agreement to let a group of neighbors park in its lot. chris chmura stepped in to help. >> martha bell lives in this mobile home park. well, roadwork over the summer mean td some place e s and her neighbors ask the manager of this target across the street if they could park their cars in the parking lot overnight for a few days. she says the manager agreed. but the first night they were parked there, everyone's cars got towed. gone. martha says the target manager said there was a miscommunication with the tow company and agreed to cover the tow bills. but she says that didn't happen.
6:45 pm
so she turned to us. we asked target what happened. it investigated and a few weeks later, it told us we apologize for any confusion caused by the situation. additionally we have reimbursed towing fees for those who were impacted. martha says that came to $1880 for everyone. we're glad target stepped up and covered those expensive towing fees. got a consumer complaint? call us any time or visit >> that was quite the bill. all right, thank you, chris. a state law meant to create more genderchalnge. that law requires thatll publicly traded companies with five board members include at least two female members by the end of 2021. now a sacramento-based law firm isui on behalfrate attorney. that lawyer sits on the board of a security and health care systems manufacturer along with six other men. this is the second legal challenge against the law this year. google is getting into the
6:46 pm
financial business. the company is starting a checking account next year. money would be accessed through the google play digital wallet. google will reportedly let citigroup handle the financial and regulatory compliance that's needed to run bank accounts. speaking of money, facebook is launching a new payment system. it's called facebook pay. this will be on facebook, whatsapp and instagram and messenger. it will let you send money, shop, buy tickets or donate. it launches this week. you have to see this. this is amazing. it's a variety video of a whale swimming right up to surfers. it happened monday in dana point in southern california. watch this. you see the whale there? it's underneath the w thiat vid drone. he says he saw the whale in the distance and started to follow wit the drone. you can seeheimage, look! >> huge! >> it blew water, like hello. all the surfers are not moving. most of the surfers didn't even notice as they waited for some waves. the video now has thousands of views on facebook that one guy.
6:47 pm
>> now they notice. >> they really did the right thing. legally you are not supposed to approach a whale, but they stood still because the whale came to them. >> it certainly approached them. that's great video from a drone. >> they didn't do anything to try to touch it or anything, which is the right thing to do. that's spectacular. can you imagine being on that board? >> no. and when you're that close, what kind of thing are you looking at, if you're not sure it's a whale. >> oh, my gosh. the weather forecast as we head through the next 24 hours does keep cloud cover with us. so hang on. it is november. we're starting to see some changes. but unfortunately, no rainfall. look at this. update. as the rain season starts on october 1 we have seen little to nothing. only trace amounts, about .2 which is putting us 1 to close to 4 inches behind so far. it's not that late in the season. so we still have the potential here to catch up.
6:48 pm
we're monitoring updates on the rain outlook. i'll have that in about two minutes. let's take you to the change for tomorrow. high pressure, which has kept it pretty stagnant for most of the week. and we had some pollution problems earlier in the week. that's going to start to move off towards the east, and that will allow this cooler air to continue to filter in for tomorrow's forecast. so that will have us starting off with the overcast and temperatures in the 50s here for the tri-valley peninsula and the south bay. and a very similar forecast for the east bay. although in san francisco with the fog moving in, there is the potential here of some drizzle. i do want you to watch out for that ifsa yfrancisco tomorrow m and right over to the north bay, my chilliest temperature and 48 degrees. as we head through the afternoon tomorrow, like i mentioned, cloud cover does not budge. 3:00 p.m., there you can see it. all of this gray here. highways the overcast we'll be contending with. temperatures will be dropping into the 60s with those clouds, staying put. that brings us to 63 here in morgan hill. 65 milpitas, and 64 in san jose.
6:49 pm
for the east bay, it's pretty much similar here, close to the bay. and for the inland valleys, anywhere from mid to low 60s. the peninsula, well, very similar. 65 in palo alto and chillier up into daly city, yes, 57. san francisco 50s from the embarcadero and 55 in the marina and north bay. 63 in sonoma. 61 here in mill valley. and the warmest in the north bay, 69. the temperatures definitely dropping on down. extended forecast in san francisco. eventually has things warming up by sunday, with 67 degrees. we'll get some sun in here for that weekend. and dry as we head to the next seven days. inland valleys. we keep this trend of fall weather for only the next two days. if you want that weather, make sure you get outside t n two days as we'll have the 60s by sunday. we're back up to 67 degrees, and we're dry the next seven days. now lately i've been updating you on some rainfall chance. what we see over the next two to three weeks.
6:50 pm
now the new update today definitely important to bring it to you is that it looks like we'll be in between two different systems next wednesday and thursday. one to the north, one to the south. so it's a near miss for us at this point. we're going watch that closely, because if it tracks any more near us, that could bring us some showers. i'm still holding on the to a 70% chance of rain by the end of the month into early december. the reason why i'm holding with that is both the long-range models continue to show that pattern, eventually switching for us. this is what we're looking at right now. still very interesting. and we'll keep you updat and every day as we head through the next several days. >> we like the big yellow circle. there is the rain. and it might be moving in. >> focusthan, jeff. first day on the job, and immediately thrown into the fire. more coverage of the giants' new manager and why he is apologizing. we're going to hear from gabe kapler, next. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
6:51 pm
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a lot of giants fans a bit uneasy about the new manager, as we told you at the beginning of this newscast. gabe kapler comes to san francisco, but he baggage. >> today he was peppered with questions about his past and his plans for rebuilding this team. here is nbc bay area's anthony
6:54 pm
flores from oracle park. >> reporter: replacing a legend like bruce bochy is never easy. today the giants hired gabe kapler as their new manager. it's a controversial move for his troubled past on and off the field. putting on a giants jersey and hat for the first time, gabe kapler has been named the 39th manager in giants franchise history. >> i'm going work tirelessly to reward that faith and this opportunity. >> reporter: kapler has a lengthy baseball resume, including winning a world series as a player in boston. the last two years, he managed the philadelphia phillies. he was fired last month. >> this is not a job that's just about the x's and o's. this is about somebody who is going to be an ambassador to the community, a leader of the organization, and based on my pealgabe, i feel very strongly he can be that kind of person and leader for us. >> they worked together with the dodgers. that's when kapler came under
6:55 pm
fire as the director of player development for mishandling multiple charges of sexual assault against his minor league players. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything that i did, i acted on from a place of goodness and from my heart and wanting to do the right thing, but i was naive. >> reporter: in the dugout, kapler has been described as polarizing and a lightning rod in his brief stint with the phillies. >> i made a lot of mistakes. but i think one of the things you'll find out about me is i'm pretty good at making adjustments. >> bruce bochy! >> it is going to be impossible for me to fill bruce bochy's shoes. it's not going to be something i'm going to set out to do. >> and like bochy, he is hoping his second time managing is better than his first. at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> an interesting time poer the giants organization. okay. well want to take you to some live pictures of moffett field in mountain view. this is air force two. vice president mike pence has just arrived in the bay area. these are live pictures here.
6:56 pm
we're waiting for him to come off of that plane at any moment now. mike pence was in the monterey area earlier this evening for a fundraiser and a rally for president trump. he started his day in orange county, but now, as you can see, air force two live pictures in mountain view at moffett field. the vice president of the united states here for a bay area visit. not quite sure of his plan tonight. but we know tomorrow he'll be speaking with employees there at nasa ames. >> he'll be touring the facility and speaking with them. and of course we'll have full coverage of the vice president's arrival tonight coming up at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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are you happy daddy is the sexiest man alive? >> no. >> not everyone is impressed but "access" proves john's earned the sexiest crown and only we have andy cohen's reaction. >> oh, my gosh, this is amazing. >> how have you been, brother? all right, all right. get ready for harry styles hiss torah here in new york. countdown to his big night. and wild behind the scenes at moulin rouge. >> wait until


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