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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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protesters disrupting an oakland school board meeting again. but this time the board members make an unexpected move. it is a bitter relationship between the community members, the board, and the oakland pd. and it's all about the future of oakland students. >> this is the first time board members and parents came face to face following a confrontation last month. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from oakland to tell us late details of what happened tonight, cheryl.
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>> reporter: you may remember nghectober meeting there was a heavy police presence. tonight police were here but out of sight while protesters took over the meeting. tonight's oakland school board meeting packed with people protesting school closures. and they came to express anger over what happened at the board meeting last month. on october 23rd parents and teachers angry over the district's plan to close and merge a number of schools because of declining enrollment got into a violent clash with police after a protester jumped over a barricade. a number of people were injured. tonight at least one person demanding an apology. >> your cop took me to the hospital strapped to a gurney in handcuffs. >> i've been coming to school board meetings most of my life. we've never had it like this where the police have been used against us here. >> there will be an outside
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investigator coming in to look at what happened, fully analyze if things went wrong, why they went wrong, who's responsible. >> reporter: as protesters took over the move school board members feeling there was no order took the meeting upstairs leaving some parents wondering about their children's future with the district. >> oakland unified as a whole there's a complete disregard for these children and the effects these types of things have on them. >> reporter: no school closure vote was on the agenda tonight but school board members rescheduled to give an update on the school closure situation. reporting live hurd nbc bay are. it is a hot topic involving thousands of families. new at 11:00 one step closer to building a newing its lawsuit against the a's. oakland agreed to drop the lawsuit after the a's offered the same deal it was offering to
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alameda county for its share of the coliseum. the a's are offering each side 85 million bucks. the city and county are co-owners. the a's want to redevelop the coliseum complex, this whole site, by building housing and retail space. simultaneously they want to build a new ballpark, which you see here near jack london square. the a's president dave cavill releasing this statement, "we are committed to the long-term success of east oakland and the coliseum site. we look forward to finalizing our agreement with alameda county and creating a mutually beneficial partnership with the city of oakland." a quiet washington, d.c. tonight after day one of televised public impeachment hearings against president trump. round one started with democrats and republicans taking jabs at each other over whether teesident trump vio public trust during a phone call with ukraine's leader. ukraine testified that mr. trump froze critical aid to ukraine and tried to pressure its president to investigate joe biden and his son.
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ambassador taylor added that a staff member overheard a phone call between the president and ambassador to the european union. >> the member of my house asked ambassador sondland what the president thought about ukraine. he responded he cares more about the investigations of biden. >> republicans focused on the timeline and that the military aid was eventually released without investigation into the bidens. round two of testimony set for friday. amidst all the drama in washington, d.c. vice president mike pence is in town along with his wife. air force two touching down at moffat field earlier this evening. mr. pence will talk to nasa employees tomorrow morning in mountain view. ian cull was there for the vice president's arrival and joins us from moffett with the air force two plane right behind you. ian. >> reporter: tt'6:45 tonight oe 2. the final stop on his two-day california trip. he spent much of the day meeting with donors but will speak here
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at nasa ames tomorrow about a mission back to the moon. vice president mike pence and second lady karen pence arriving at moffett field in mountain view tonight flanked by secret service, cheered by about 75 supporters. he also stopped to take pictures with the california republican party vice chair jonathan madison and republican peter kuo. when he approached us mr. pence did not take my question on today's events. >> mr. vice president, what did you think of the impeachment hearing today, sir? >> reporter: instead meeting with fans and signing hats. at one point the crowd chanted "usa" and "four more years." [ crowd chanting "four more yea years" ] >> with the way our country's going, everybody's fighting. like i said just show our support for him. here think he's doing a good tonight. he has our full support. and he's like i said very
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levelheaded. >> reporter: mr. pence will tourist nasa ames research center tomorrow morning and speak to employees to discuss the role the center will play in returning astronauts to the moon including the first woman and next man by 2024. the visit comes after stops in southern california today and in monterey where he attended a trump victory dinner and reception with donors that was closed to the media and tickets for that event start at around $1,000 apiece. we're also told that there will be protesters outside the moffett gates tomorrow for the vice president's visit and after his meetings here he will board air force two tomorrow afternoon to fly back to washington. we're live at moffett field, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. it took two years but right-wing pundit ann coulter is speaking at uc berkeley. a week from tonight coulter will appear on campus at an event hosted by the electriclee college republicans. the talk called "adios america" will be her opinion on the united states immigration system. she was scheduled to speak at uc
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berkeley back in 2017 but that was canceled when organizers said there wouldn't be enough security to handle the protesters. check out this video. it's a truck on fire on the bay bridge just past the treasure island off-ramp. you can see it right there on the right-hand side. firefighters responded to the fire just before 8:00 this evening. they did close three lanes temporarily which caused? big backup. you can see the traffic backed up on the bay bridge. all lanes, though, did reopen just before 9:00 p.m. and luckily no one was hurt. we have new surveillance video that might help capture the killers of a tech ceo. the sheriff's department releasing this video which shows three men walking out of an alley in pleasure point on october 1st. this is in santa cruz county. one of the suspects is carrying a duffel bag while another has a rifle. you see all the men right there. the sheriff believes these men killed tushar autry. he was the ceo of autry net in santa cruz. the 50-year-old was killed after people kidnapped him from his
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pleasure point home. his body was later found in a remote area of the santa cruz mountains near properties he owned. a $25,000 reward is being offered. a violent robbery in the south bay captured on camera. tonight the search continues for these suspects. we obtained this video just today. it shows armed robbers surrounding a car with a young man inside. the suspects shot the victim twice and stole his necklace. this happened on thread needle way in east san jose earlier this month. and we spoke with one of the victim's friends. >> when he noticed the gun, like in that moment he knew that his life was in danger. before he could even do anything, they shot him twice. and they went and grabbed his things. so he didn't have a chance to o. this happened whi 15 seconds. >> now, the good news is that person who was shot survived. he was released from the hospital. tonight bay area stores that sell vaping products are fighting back against those who want to run them out of business. this on the same day as the announcement that the bay area has its own death from vaping.
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nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live in a vape shop where supporters say they just want to clear the air and they want to make things settle down. >> reporter: absolutely. vape shops here in sonoma county are banding together to push back against supervisors who would love to see these regulated shops shut down. the folks here at e-cig 101 tell me part of the effort is going to be educating the public about vaping and all the good that it does. sabrina adams has not had a cigarette in four years. not since she started getting her nicotine dose by vaping, ing device. her dose with her lv and i did have asthma, and i don't have any lung issues anymore. and my doctor says that since i quit smoking cigarettes that it's helped a lot. >> reporter: like an estimated 94% of people who vote, sabreena uses vape juice, not thc cartridges. at e-cig 101 all the vape juice
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products are regulated. >> i mean, this is something that helps a lot of people get off of cigarettes. >> this is the first death associated with vaping in the bay area. there have been other cases but this is the first fatality. >> reporter: that announcement today about 45-year-old amanda arcanti who died last week in novato. the centers for disease control say most of the nearly 40 vape-related deaths nationwide are connected to the use of unregulated thc cartridges from the black market where manufacturers add vitamin e acetate to thicken the liquid. >> totally fine if you were to ingest it. but when you inhale the aerosol of it it forms the oil on the inside of your lungs and that's what's causing the issue. >> reporter: sonoma county considering shutting down vape shops in unincorporated areas. >> i would say we have 250, 300-plus signatures. >> reporter: vape shops countywide have petitions ready to fight back. >> vape shops are very strict about who we i.d. and who we let into the shop. vape shops could be exempt from
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this flavor ban. it would be a win-win. >> reporter: he points out that if you shut down regulated vape shops people are still going to vape, they're just going to get their product in the black market or online, which is exactly where the problem is according to the centers for disease control. live in rohnert park, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> that's a valid point. thank you, terry. a recent string of car burglaries in the south bay comes with a warning from police. on november 5th there were 22 cars broken into in the city within a two-hour period. police say most of the burglaries could have been prevented. this is in santa clara. always lock your car. simple steps here. never leave valuables in plain sight. coming up, it's never been done in the 40-year history of christmas in the park. what will be different about this year's tree? and look at this. clo call for some surfers. you see it there? in southern fornia.
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in the shadows of twitter headquarters and other high rent buildings in san francisco is a marketplace for illegal drugs. rampant drug sales and drug use. and it's happening on federal property. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us from city hall where san francisco's supervisor is calling for an immediate fix. jean? >> reporter: as you mentioned, people tonight who say they are afraid to go outside and they live near 7th and mission. and tonight a supervisor here at city hall is calling the situation a public safety and health crisis. you're looking at time lapse video of what has neighbors so concerned. once the federal building closes at 7th describe it as an open air drug market. >> people overdosing. we've all seen people dieut an
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least once a night taking someone away. it was a terrifying experience. people from here have been assaulted. >> the federal government has a responsibility to maintain it. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor matt haney sent a letter last week to both the feds and city leaders demanding action. >> raising the alarm bells on the level of drug dealing, drug use, some of the associated public safety issues that are down there, and asking for a coordinated response. >> reporter: police are responding. they're moving people along. jane weil says she's relieved to see a cleaner plaza tonight. but the efforts by police are only pushing the problems along. ut they arrest one and two more come the next day. so it really is not something solvable just by police. we need department of public health to really get the addicts off the street. >> reporter: for now drug users and dealers are comfortable across the street. she says supervisor haney's efforts to get public health
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involved will actually get people the help they need. now, supervisor haney says he is expecting to meet with department heads in short order and he is expecting to see action plans. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, jean. it is a dark chapter in stress's history. the sexual asauflt a young woman by former swimmer brock turner. now the university has agreed with that woman, chanel miller, on how the controversial case should be remembered on campus. a plaque will be placed on the spot where she was attacked. a major reversal from stanford after facing pressure from students and faculty. that plaque will include chanel miller's own words. the same words that the university initially rejected. >> i'm certainlylastall the pla. but of course they said that three years ago and didn't do it. so what they need to do now is fulfill their agreement and put the plaque in the ground. >> in the letter stanford's provost said she changed her mind about the plaque after students and faculty voiced their concern in a recent
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survey. the provost went on to say that the survey also showed that more needs to be done to confront sexual violent on campus. well, you can't deface a legend. the santa clara man has been arrested after police say he vandalized the joe montana statue at levi's stadium. jorge lopez is accused of cutting off the face mask of the statue toward the end of monday night's game against the seahawks. santa clara police arrested him for felony vandalism. crews today repaired the statue. you can see it here. just in time for sunday's game against the arizona cardinals. well, they have books but no beds. among the growing homeless population in the bay area are students. according to san jose state, 100 homeless students study at the university. now, airbnb is teaming up with the city of san jose to help those students. the city along with airbnb and the bill wilson center launched a pilot program to connect sjsu students with local homes on airbnb. they'll help them find a place to say from anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of>
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coming to you saying i cannot be successful in school because i don't have a place to live that's safe, that's steady, or just don't have a place to live, period, you have a crisis. >> program leaders say they'll assess how the project is doing after the first 100 days. it's a program that's plagued some east bay neighborhoods. illegal dumping. now alameda and contra costa counties say they have a plan to crack down. an orinda assemblywoman says both counties have $750,000 for new enforcement. that money will help fund two full-time officers to work to investigate and stop illegal dumpers. county leaders say the money is coming from the state. >> that's hoshlrrible. >> to see it -- it smells too. >> we're talking about the weekend coming up and some changes in the next 24 hours maybe. >> we do have those clouds sticking around. i know for a lot of folks it's just starting to get you into that fall mode so to speak after all the warm weather we've had lately as we start you off on your microclimate forecast tonight. what you're going to find here is, well, a lot happening across
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the west. you can see my weather map's pretty busy. most important thing the way i see it right now is this area of high pressure. that actually brought us those upper 70s earlier this week. it's now starting to kick off toward the east. and you probably noticed some of those changes today with that cloud cover, that increased. i think that stays with us for tomorrow but we get another push of some cool air that will drop temperatures a few more degrees. as far as the showers go off to the north, i don't see any way we'll get rainfall as we move through tomorrow's forecast. just be ready for the overcast tomorrow morning and just about everywhere you traveler in the bay area on your commute we're going to see temperatures pretty similar. low 50s from the tri-valley toward the south bay. i want you to be on the lookout in san francisco if you're commuting there. there is the possibility of some drizzle across the bridges. just watch out for any slick spots. and the coldest temperature average will be in the north bay and 48 degrees. let's take a closer look at the cloud cover.
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as we talked about tomorrow morning there it is. all these areas of gray from the north bay down to the south bay. that's the overcast. here's some of that drizzle at the coastline through the afternoon. here's what i'm talking about. we really don't see these clouds break forth across the bay area. so tomorrow not the sunniest of days. temperatures will be cool. it's going to be like a green light to get that pumpkin spice latte. if you've been dying to get one of those head upcounter, fill it up, get you? good to go action there on that pumpkin spice latte. you can tell i want one. 64 in san jose. 62 right over toward gilroy. for the east bay 65 in livermore, 64 in vallejo, 62 in hayward. the peninsula more of the same, low to mid 60s from redwood city to palo alto right up through san francisco. this will be the coldest widespread spot here. 57 at embarcadero, 55 in ingleside. north bay 68 in clearlake. 61 in mill valley. right back to napa 65 degrees. my extended forecast has this as a two-day event of these cooler
11:21 pm
temperatures. 50s in san francisco through friday. by sunday through go, back up to 67 and we're dry over the next seven days. inland valleys also a two-day event of these cooler 60s for you through friday. and there you are. 76 on sunday. a mix of sun and clouds this weekend. dry through the next seven days p i've been updating you on these rain chances each and every night. right now it looks like we'll be between two different systems. no big rain chances next week. i am watching out, though, however, for the possibility -- maybe a little bit of wind. we'll have more updates on that to come. it's just because these systems were sandwiched in between two d for big rain prospects but we'll look ahead toward that weekend for right now. >> what is it, pumpkin spice latte? >> yes. >> you know, it's on the brain ri now. >> is there a starbucks that's open right now? >> i don't think so. >> i'll whip us all up one at home. >> thanks, jeff. up next, google's new
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venture, and it's all about your money. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. rachel maddow is my guest tonight! plus we have tony hale, music from dominick fife. it's a great show. do not change the channel. happening now, the public could soon be able to visit foothills park in palo alto. since 1958 only the people who live in palo alto could visit that park. last night the commission voted in favor of a one-year pilot program that would allow people who don't live in palo alto to visit foothills park for a fee. we're back in a moment. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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tree as its centerpiece. this is video of the tree last year. organizers say they would get a 50 or 60-foot tree from the shasta mountains. the problem is it costs about 20 grand. after a lot of discussion it's been decided an artificial tree is the best way to go economically and also for the environment. we are surrounded by legends. today governor newsom announcing the new inductees into the california hall of fame. among the inductees poet maya angelou who grew up in san francisco. soccer player brandi chastain from san jose. and wine maker helen turley from napa. you can see the governor and first partner jennifer siebel newsom baking the announcement today. the induction ceremony is december 10th. google the latest money would be accessed through the google play digital wallet. goog little reportedly let citigroup handle the financial compliancek taccount. the warriors down in l.a. to take on lebron and the lakers. we'll show you how it turned out. it's time for the veterans
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automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. don't miss the final days to save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. ends sunday. while the roles are reversed, the warriors are now struggling and the lakers are among the nba's most elite teams. >> we had a good run, though. it got a little ugly tonight, but there were moments. let's take you down to l.a. hello to klay thompson.
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among the many injured warriors. lakers star anthony davis also out. here's a moment. eric pascal, the rookie. wow. you know whoa just went by there? he slashes past lebron james. look at it again, how athletic he is. right past lebron with the left, right in. fourth quarter now. remember former warrior javale mcgee? he's now with the lakers, and he had a big slam right there. lakers win big 120-94. the warriors are now 2-10 on the season. that's the worst record in the conference. all right. there's no honeymoon for the new giants manager gabe kapler. day one on the job and he was peppered with some difficult questions. today at oracle park the 44-year-old kapler was introduced as bruce bochy's replacement. the decision has a lot of giants fans scratching their heads. not schkapler's record as a manager but because of how he previously dealt with a serious issue. in 2015 while he was the dodgers' director of player development, he reportedly
11:30 pm
mishandled multiple charges of sexual assault against some of his minor league players. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything that i did i acted on from a place of goodness and from my heart and wanting to do the right thing, but i was naive. i was in over my skis and trying to do things on my own when it was very clear that i needed counsel. >> already a little damage control on day one of the job. he says he did consult with bruce bochy and buster posey during the interview process before taking the job. gabe kapler signed a three-year deal with the giants. we're back with more in a moment. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and nee ork together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome.
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an impeachment inquiry showdown. >> analysis and what to expect in the days ahead as public testimony starts. >> plus perhaps you've seen ads about treatmenting your joint pain with stem cells. >> our consumer unit looks at you why can't always trust those claims. >> tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. okay. have you seen it? the viral video of a whale visiting some surfers. it happened on monday in dana point down in southern california. you notice anything yet? >> there it is. >> ooh. >> wait for it. >> that's a big dude. a teenager shot this video on his drone, by the way. he says he saw the whale in the distance, decided to just follow it. you see the surfers? yet. an thahe guy right there says oh, wow. >> i'd better move. >> there's a whale. >> i'd better move. >> the video now has 10,000
11:34 pm
views on facebook. that is really cool to see. >> a whale of a tale. >> it is. >> have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet? >> you must have had one. >> you are very perky right now. >> 60s the next two days. we get the clouds moving in tomorrow. we get a little sun mixing in once again this weekend, back up to the 70s. so feels like fall tomorrow. >> does that cappuccino machine still work in the back room here? >> i don't know. >> where do you think i got it? scl have a great thursday. >> bye-bye. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank me, thank me [ light laughter ] welcome to "impeachment after dark live.


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