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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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school. >> -- >> reporter: as word of the shooting spread, distraught parents rushed to the scene searching for their children. >> once i heard he was okay, i felt a little better. just knowing that some kids were shot is really horrifying. >> reporter: they described the horrific scene. >> i remember everyone running and turning back and the fear on their faces, like you could just tell -- >> never forget that. >> they thought they were going to die. >> reporter: now this shocked community have to grapple with the horror that played out here. jennifer, nbc news. >> truly horrific. governor newsome was visibly upset today. today's shoot being, on lawmaken washington, d.c. for not passing stronger gun legislation. >> one more school shooting, not only in gilroy, forgotten days
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later, dayton, mass shooting. we've had some of the worst mass shootings in the history and not a darn thing is being done in washington, d.c., not a darn thing. >> the governor called out president trump and senator mill asking them to take and push back against the powerful gun lobby. >> at some point, these school shootings will decrease, but at this rate not any time soon. this marks the 85th instance of gun violence on school grounds this year. several organizations keep track of the statistics, including every town for gun safety. here's what they found. all the red dots here, you can see across the country from the bay area all the way to the east coast and down in the south, all the red dots represent where a shooting happened where someone died. 13 of those dark red dots. the lighter red dots, the pink dots that you s wounded. that's 30 of them there. the white dots represent instances where a firearm was shot, but no one injured. this is a developing story so we'll keep following it on air and online.
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we'll report updates as we get them into the newsroom. we are also posting them at >> a break in the investigation into that deadly orinda halloween party shooting. you are looking at this video from this morning outside a marin city apartment. five people under arrest now. and within the last 30 minutes, we have learned details about those arrests. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from orinda. jodi, what do we know now? >> reporter: jessica, we are getting a lot of new information in this case. again, investigators say they have arrested five people from across the bay area. they range in age from 21 to 30. we are also learning that t the victims were themselves armed. tonight folks here in orinda say they areel we have a search war. retreat to your residence. >> reporter: this was the scene in marin city early this morning as the contra costa county s.w.a.t. team served a search warrant on an apartment. >> you came to our neighborhood with no regard.
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you wouldn't have done it in mill valley or tiburon. >> we want all occupants to exit through the front door with your hands raised above their head. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said the investigation into the deadly halloween party shooting in orinda led deputies to marin city, san mateo, vallejo, and antioch. while few details have been released, investigators say they arrested five people. >> the law enforcement community is working very hard to bring to justice whoever has done this in the community. >> reporter: the mayor says the shooting that left five people dead has rocked the orinda community, and its sense of small town safety. neighbors say knowing suspects are finally in custody is welcome news. >> i'm very happy for the families, that they are getting one step closer to closure on this. >> reporter: but many in this marin city neighborhood are skeptical. this man says investigators have no reason to target his sister's home. >> they had no reason to be coming to her house. and if they were looking for one of her kids, her son don't even
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live here. >> reporter: again, five people are in custody tonight. four of them are facing charges of murder and conspiracy. they are being held without bail. the other one faces charges of being an accessory. reporting live in orinda, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. let's switch gears, talk about our weather now. head outside and finally feels like november. drizzle and mist in parts of the bay area. this is video from mill valley earlier today shot by our own terry mcsweeney. yep, be careful on the roads. they are slick. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, usually drizzle isn't a big deal for us. we'll take anything about now. >> everybody really excited about seeing that. enough to get the roadways wet, especially near the coast line, the north bay and also the bay. that much advertised change we had been talking about finally arrived with the cloudy skies and also those much cooler temperatures as that storm track
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moves off toward the south. right now we are still fighting the fog here for the north bay, east bay, south bay and peninsula with spotty drizzle through the peninsula right around san francisco, oakland and berkeley. totals 300th of an inch, mill valley, 300th of an inch, napa 100th of an inch. hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy it. here we go again. another change moving in by this weekend. what i'm seeing is this area of high pressure that's going to warm temperatures back up. i'll show you how much hotter it gets. that's coming up in ten minutes. >> okay, jeff. a man was stalking and molesting a young girl on a walking trail. san jose police arrested this man on tuesday. they said that on multiple walks this past summer he approached a 13-year-old girl as she walked her dog on the los alamedos trail in san jose. he talked to her about the dog. on three following occasions he inappropriately touched her.
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he is being held at the santa clara county jail. the man cited for eating a breakfast sandwich on the bart platform is suing the transit agency. his attorney calls it a classic case of racial profiling. the man at the center of the saga says he wants all bart police officers to undergo de-escalation training. last week the concord man was waiting to board a train at the pleasant hill bart station when he says a bart officer walked up to him and told him he was breaking bart's no eating rule. they said the officer was on a power trip when he then threatened to send foster, he said, to jail for not telling him his name. follows ter was cited and cuffed but eventually released. >> feel stupid thinking about it. even being in this position talking to you guys about it, it's crazy. >> the harm that was here was what? eating a sandwich. what was the harm? doing something that a lot of other people do almost routinely. >> bart not commenting on the claim itself, but says a lawsuit
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will put a pause on an independent investigation into the now incident that's gone viral. >> a high-profile visitor in mountain view, vice-president mike pence made a stop at nasa aims. he talked about the future of space exploration, but this visit also came with some drama. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta joins us in mountain view with the details. anoushah >> reporter: raj, this is where a group of protesters were waiting to meet vice-president mike pence with angry chants and signs, but he didn't run into them because he was taken on to the campus through a different gate. ♪ ♪ while vice-president mike pence spent thursday morning touring the nasa aims research center and speaking to employees and reporters -- >> get him out now. >> reporter: a handful of protesters outside the campus gates chanted and waved signs saying trump/pence must go, and impeach and remove. angry with mr. pence for his position on women's reproductive
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rights, and also the trump administration's policies on immigration. one protester's banner carried the pictures of children who died in immigration detention facilities. >> we are here because we need a mass movement like they had in puerto rico, like they have had in a number of countries recently. we refuse to accept this. >> i find pence just an awful threat to women. i am more afraid of pence than i am of trump. >> reporter: inside the nasa aims research center, pence promised more government funding for space exploration and another mission to the moon before spring next yearment then he made a promise to women. that the first woman and the next man on the moon will be americans. >> in the years ahead, i want you to get ready because you're going to write your chapter here at nasa aims. you're going to write a chapter in american history, frankly human history and leadership in
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space. >> reporter: this was the vice-president's last stop in california before boarding air force two and heading back to washington, d.c. reporting live in mountain view, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> anoushah, thank you. not just the vice-president, but the second lady karen pence was here as well. she met with coast guard families in alameda. mrs. pence said she wants to shine a light on military spouses and the issues they face. she says it's dear to her because her son is a pilot. >> i knowhieasy, but it is a life of principle and integrity. i don't know why i'm so emotional here. >> it's amazing for staff to feel welcome and supported. >> you can see the emotion she had there. in the crowd, 100 military families from petaluma to monterey. mrs. pence is now in las vegas with her husband for a trump re-electio campaign event. >> another public impeachment hearing is set for tomorrow on friday and as democrats gear up
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for round two, they are now changing the language about president trump. they are branding the president's conduct in that ukrainian call as bribery. after yesterday's hearing democrats are focusing on the surprise revelation ambassador william taylor testified that a staff member overheard the president pushing for ukraine to investigate joe biden during a phone call with ambassador gordon sondland. >> the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery. >> hearsay seems to be the basics of most of these allegations. >> democrats say that's because the trump administration has blocked testimony from those closest to the oval office. marie yovanovitch, the ousted ambassador to ukraine, goes before the impeachment committee tomorrow. >> up next here at 5:00, a serious accusation against the u.c. region. what a grad student says he did. >> plus, you're never too young to make a change in your community. what one bay area 5th grade class is doing to honor civil rights activist ruby bridges.
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>> finally, feeling like november outside. all of that cloud cover moving throughout the bay area, even some drizzle. i'll let you know when this clears out and the change for the weekend coming up in about five minutes. tonight an nbc news exclusive. how surgeons use virtual reality to break up a groundbreaking operation for a two-year-old. like it or not, instagram testing changes aimed at taking the stress out of social media tonight.
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a u.c. santa cruz grad student stopped the regents meeting today cold yesterday when she accused a region entitle of groping her at a 2014
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u.c. dinner event. >> i do not drink and did not drink that night, but he did. at one point in the conversation, i was shocked to feel pressure on my upper thigh and looked down incredulous to find kiefer's hand firmly grasping my leg. i know you've known about this case for well over a year and nothing has been done. >> after she spoke, none of the regents could haved, which they say is protocol. in the statement they say they are taking the allegation seriously. the region entitle she accused there so publicly, george kiefer who was present, denies her accusation and says he will cooperate with the investigation. >> her story not only made nationalne o time magazine's 100 next for advocating for sexual assault survivors. >> i know it is possible to achieve justice without fully d dehumanizing the victim. and that's what we need to figure out.
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>> that list from time magazine spot lights the next 100 most influential people in the world. her story back in 2015 when stanford swimmer brock turner sexually assaulted her on campus, christine blasey ford of palo alto paid tribute to chanel miller in this issue of time magazine. you might recall christine blasey ford testified before lawmakers last year after accusing supreme court justice brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. she wrote, chanel, you truly are everything you told us to be. you are important, unquestionably. you are untouchable, you are beautiful, you are to be valued, respected, undeniably, every minute of every day. you are powerful and nobody can take that from you. chanel, we are with you. thank you. on this day in 1960, a 5-year-old african-american girl named ruby bridges walked into a louisiana elementary school and made history. >> today, 59 years later, some south san francisco school children are making a bit of their own history, walking in
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ruby's footsteps of social change. >> let's bring in garvin thomas with tonight's bay area proud. garvin. >> raj, jessica, ruby bridges, a civil rights icon may not be as well known as martin luther king or rosa parks. but for a child, perhaps one facing challenges in their own life, her story can be particularly inspirational. maybe not a surprise. they are the ones taking the lead in honoring her. >> i want you guys to repeat after me, go ruby. >> go ruby. >> reporter: on the front steps of city hall is a great place for children to learn a civic lesson. but on this day in front of south san francisco city hall -- >> this day is for all of us to remember. >> reporter: it's the children vingwho he lesson. it all started two years ago with debra carlino's 5th grade class at martin elementary school. >> we were thinking of what's the next step inside this problem. >> reporter: during a unit on black history month, debra told her students about ruby bridges,
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the first grader who, on november 14th, 1960, integrated under federal escort her louisiana school. afterward, mattie had a question. >> so, i asked, is there a ruby bridges day? because we have martin luther king. >> i looked it up and i said, no, there isn't. they were all fired up and they thought that there should be. and then i asked them if they wanted to do something about it. they said yes. >> reporter: debra's 5th graders went on to collect more than 1,000 signatures and convinced their school district to declare the 14th ruby bridges day. and that is where the story does not end. >> because we thought it was important to honor someone that was courageous and brave. >> reporter: she was part of debra's next fifth grade class who then brought the issue to
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the county board of education, and got them to declare a ruby bridges walk to school day at the county level. >> on november 14 -- >> reporter: and this year's class, well, they went to city hall and got all of south city to honor ruby bridges. hundreds showing up for this year's walk. >> these children also have challenges. if she can effect change, they can effect change. >> it means that we can accomplish anything that we put our minds to. >> so proud. >> reporter: as you can imagine, debra expects next year's class to go state or even countrywide with their pitch. and with their winning record of moving forward, history would appear to be on their side. debra actually has already heard from some schools in florida. >>.it is already going nationwi. and debra says, you know, the most important thing for her is that ruby bridges, who is still alive, hears about this.
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>> do we know where she is, where ruby bridges -- >> yes, she's still well known, but she -- debra wants her to know that these kids are thinking of her and they support her. they respect what she did so many years ago and want to continue the tradition. i'll post the story on area if you know ruby personally, send her the story. >> that would be awesome. amazing. what a lesson for them to learn that their voices can be heard. even when you're little. >> that's nice. thank you, garvin. >> all right. let's take you outside. it's a little -- fall has finally arrived. today it felt like fall, jeff. we're looking at fremont there. not only did we have the drizzle. i walked outside, there were leaves everywhere. >> i know. >> what was that in the sky coming down, some drizzle? don't even know what that is. >> i know. i kind of gave up on the leaf blower this afternoon. forget it. let it fall, our weather forecast as we head through the next couple days, definitely hasew sed bumps in it, but wre going to get
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you ready for that as we brick you outside for the microclimate forecast. we did have some drizzle drops on the lens earlier. right now you can see the cloud cover is overhead in san francisco in this beautiful shot as the city lights start to turn on this evening with that cloud cover overhead. now, currently it isn't chilly. 59 in san francisco. cloud cover does not go anywhere as we move through the next several hours. so what brought us this much advertised change? well, it's all about the jet stream. we're starting to see this sink off towards the south. the jet stream of weather patterns. as that dips to the south, it takes that cold air with it. can also bring us some rain chances. it did bring enough moisture to produce some drizzle and, of course, also that fog. i do think we'll see this same exact pattern as we move through tomorrow we' going to get more the same as we head off into that morning commute. so temperatures also going to be on the cool side, so you need the jacket and also watch out
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for a few slick spots from that drizzle, especially if you're traveling over our bridges into san francisco. 50 for the south bay. peninsula 52. the tri-valley at 49. also a chilly 47 in the north bay. san francisco 51. the east bay at 48. let's bring you a closer look at the clouve us. i can show you that while we start off overcast for the morning, check this out. by the afternoon we should start to see that clear back and we'll get some sunshine in here and the air quality will also be a lot better because this latest pattern change has really kind of stirred up the air. so it's making it a lot more enjoyable. temperatures tomorrow, good news if you didn't get outside much today, will be cool and fall-like as well. for the south bay have you at 65 in san jose. here to the east bay 67 in pittsburgh, 63 in hayward. for the peninsula 60 in san mateo, 65 in palo alto. san francisco 62 in the mission and 57 in the marina. and more of that fall chill in the air from mill valley right back into napa with 60s
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continuing. okay. tomorrow you'll want to, as i mentioned, get outside and enjoy it because by this weekend, here we go. more changes. high pressure builds in. that's going to warm us up, and the result will be in san francisco 67 by sunday and dry over the next seven days. inland valleys, notice this. fog tomorrow morning. sun for the afternoon. more fog saturday morning. sun for the afternoon. and we'll go up to 76 by sunday's forecast. so a little bit of everything as we head through the next few days. right now it looks like we'll be sandwich sandwiched between two different storms next wednesday. no big rain chances, but we will continue to monitor that. it's exciting. >> it's good. thanks, jeff. up next here at 5:00, a successful study at stanford. this could impact you. the promising new treatment for people with peanut allergies. don't miss the grand opening
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more violence on the bart. >> how safe is bart? to find out we are riding across the bay area. we're taking you with us. i just got to the civic center stop. this is the powell street station. we want to know what you're seeing on bart. so send us wacky and you can also just record yourself, explaining what you saw. the unit at, or get our attention on social media by using the #weinvestigate. we want to hear from you. >> we do. okay. have a peanut problem? there's a new treatment that could help you if you suffer from severe peanut allergies. staff and researchers conducted a small study on 15 people with peanut allergies.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a spike in fights at a san jose high school. we have video, exclusive video. one of those scuffles, and some information about the reason for the surge. we'll have that story and more coming up right here at 6:00. >> finally at 5:00, a box in oakland, but there's no dr. seuss story. take a look. this is fenik foxx native to the sahara desert. she is a victim of the exotic pet trade and was surrendered by her owners. her name is summer. she is under nourished. the smallest member of the dog family. fenek foxes have the biggest ears which radiate body heat to keep cool in the desert. she is really kood. they find underground food. if you're looking for an animal sanctuary, they are social with tight family bonds. >> she needs some friends. >> she needs some friends. that's the hope. breaking news tonight, the deadly high school shooting at least two students killed, multiple
5:30 pm
others injured when another student opens fire the chaos inside, children running for cover. >> all of a sudden, we heard a shot. >> we just kind of ran towards the s hill and escaped as fast as possible. >> and just in, the identity of the suspect inustody police say he tried to take his own life, the attack on his 16th birthday and the questions what was his motive? the urgent manhunt, the marine wanted for murder considered armed and dangerous. where police are targeting their search schools are shut down, neighbors told to shelter in place. the shocking video, a school bus crashing after the driver loses control ten students on board screaming in t


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