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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> tonight a verdict in the high profile murder trial on the peninsula. the real estate heiress whose wealthy family is in china has been found not guilty of murder. >> tiffany li and her boyfriend were accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, keith green. green was the father of her two children. robert handa joins us from redwood city. >> reporter: it was a day of emotional scenes from extreme anger to relief. at this point no one really knows if anyone is going to be held accountable for the murder. >> reading the verdict of not guilty is not guilty. that's all you need to know. >> reporter: tiffany li was allowed to leave the courtroom shortly after the jury found her not guilty in the murder of her ex-boyfriend keith green in a dispute over their two children. li and her boyfriend were accused of luring him to the
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home and shooting him. the jury was apparently not convinced. >> she has dedicated herself to being bear person all the way around. she's been given a gift. >> reporter: the victim's mother said li orchestrated the whole plot and called her evil. >> they had a family together. and she just threw him out. out. on the street. with nothing. >> reporter: the co-defendant kaveh bayat had to wait. >> he's not guilty of killing anybody. the jury has spoken. and it is a hung jury. so we're going to retry the case. >> reporter: the district attorney said now he has to decide on whether to retry and what to do about a former suspect, olivier o'delia who struck a plea deal and was disqualified because of contacting a witness. >> i want to hear what the evidence was that the defense present. >> i would say there is a very
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substantial chance that whoever keith green's killer was, he or she or they are going to walk free. >> reporter: well, that's what the district attorney will have to deal with and everyone except miss li will be required to be back here december 4th to talk about a possible retrial. live in redwood city, robert handa. >> you can see a lot of emotion in the case. here's the time line. the body of keith green was found may 11th of 2016. days later, olivier was arrested. he is the friend who was paid thousands of dollars to dispose of the body. li and her boyfriend were arrested the very next day. in february of last year, adella made a plea deal to testify. but that plea deal was thrown out after adella contacted a witness. adella will be back to discuss a new trial. in san antonio, a dart
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collision left two planes entangled on the runway. we first brought this to you as breaking news at 5:00. one of the planes took off this morning. it reportedly suffered a fuel leak. the faa said it was taxiing when it clipped the wing of the other plane. no one was hurt. it is unclear if there were any passengers on board that plane. the air force did confirm that that accident did not interrupt any service. a special closed door meeting started moments ago and it could include a vote to fire the summit of the west could notra costa school district. the reason? a $48 million deficit for the school district. according to the school board webb, the agenda for today's special meeting involves discussing the sum's performance. matthew duffy has been the up is for four years. today there were responding to that deficit that grew from $10 million to $48 million under his supervision. we'll keep you updated as we
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learn more. the sheriff's department called at this time worst crime scene of his career. he said the home there in ornlda on halloween night was covered in blood and bullets. that's just a few of the new details that we are now learning. jodi hernandez joins us at the contra costa sheriff's department with the very latest. >> reporter: raj, they said they came knowing they would cause problems and a lot of people were packing guns. five people were in cuss city and the sheriff says more could be arrested. >> in my 32 years of law enforcement, i have never seen a homicide scene like this ever. it was a blood bath inside the home. >> reporter: that's how could notra costa sheriff david livingston describes the scene inside the orinda air bnb rental where a halloween party turned violent. he said the party was crawling with guns and arrive gang
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members. when things went sideways. >> we're told by certain witnesses, there was also an attempt to steal property from one person to another. which may have precipitated the initial round of shooting. >> yesterday in several simultaneous early morning raids, police arrested five suspects. video shows one of them trying to escape through a second story window of an antioch home. four of the men face murder and conspiracy charges. while the promoter of the mansion party faces charges of accessory. >> i believe that he's culpable and i think he knows he's culpable. >> livingston says two of the victims were armed with guns themselves. he says those two victims along with all of the suspects except one had extensive criminal backgrounds. >> we believe that some involved in this event went to the party with the intention of causing harm and conflict.
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>> reporter: the sheriff says the exact motive is not yet known but investigators are determined to figure that out. he says the amount of evidence that they are poring through is staggering. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we did have the news conference live. it is free to down load and a great resource to stay up to date on what's happening around the bay area. >> well, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testified for hours recalling her decades of honored service and her abrupt removal by the president. also the long time friend of the president roger stone was convicted for witness tampering and obstructing the investigation. we'll have more from our political analyst. meanwhile, bernie sanders came to the bay area to pick up an endorsement today. a big one. the largest nurses union in the
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nation is backing him. live from the national nurses united in oakland, sanders laid out detail in his medicare for all program. >> reporter: sanders told a packed room of registered nurses that a progressive new tax plan will cover his medicare for all plan. and if he's elected, in the first term, everyone in the nation will be insured. hundreds of registered nurses cheer on their candidates. >> i am humbled, and i am honored. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders promising be to disappoint and to hit the ground rolling if elected president in 2020. >> we are going to introduce the legislation that will bring medicare for all. >> reporter: sanders said his single payer health care system will start with children and the country's ageing population. and we've lowered the eligibility age from 65 down to
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55. i am sure that in your work, you have met many, many people who are 60, 62, just praying that they can hang around long enough to get into medicare. >> reporter: he said by year two, it will cover everyone 45 and older. 35 and older by year three and the entire nation by the end of his first term. sanders admitted some americans' taxes could increase to pay for it but said the savings in health care costs will more than cover it. nurses in the health care trenches say that makes sense. >> a lot of our health care dollars go to unnecessary things. ceo salaries, lobbying, advertisement. >> i have children so i want to save their teachers so they can have health care as well. >> reporter: union leaders said they also support sanders because of his strong stance on a newer higher minimum wage and because he supports the green
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new deal to combat climate change. thom jensen. nbc bay area news. thank you. a sting operation in campbell to stop a rental scam but not before six people were rimmed off. robert milo seen here posted on krags hiss. he then showed the places and took the would be renters' deposits all in the same day. later he would call to say the apartment was unavailable and sent them bad refund checks. now earlier this month, officers went undercover and responded to his ad. investigators say he ran off when he saw police. however, they arrested him. here are some of the addresses that he used in his scam. you can see two addresses in campbell, one in san jose. if you have any information in this, you are urged to call campbell police. you probably know this. the dow hit a new record high today. for the first time ever it soared past 28,000 points.
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it happened just after the white house announce that had china and the u.s. would still reach a trade deal. the market has had four consecutive weeks of gains. apple has been the best performing stock in the dow for the past four months. the shares are up more than 30%. >> this is notable and timely. we're learning more on how twitter man's to ban political ads. last month twitter announced a ban on all political content beginning next week of today the san francisco company released which ads specifically fall under the ban. twitter will not allow any ads that appeal for votes for candidates, political parties, or ballot measures. but it will allow ads related to social cause such as climate change, gun control, and abortion. and news organizations like nbc bay area will be allowed to post about political stories that we are running. up next, new details about the terrifying scene outside the vallco mall when a portion of it came crumbling down to the street. and apple is taking a stance
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after the vaping illnesses. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog is back as we move through tomorrow morning. i'll let you know when it clears out. .
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we have a dramatic follow-up
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on the scene at vallco mall. a wall crashing down right as cars were driving by. let's bring in nbc bay area damian trujillo. it looked too close for comfort. >> reporter: yeah, it was worse than it looked. actually, it looked worse than it was. it wasn't as dramatic as what passers by saw here yesterday. the video was dramatic. the facade came crashing down on wigs road in cupertino. some witnesses say it was a scary moment. >> what if the wall would have hit straight down in the street? it could have like a domino. just kept going. >> reporter: today the developer said it was all according to plan. in a statement the company said, quote, the wall came down and landed in the zone cleared for it. the safety vehicle was positioned adjacent to the fall
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area and two lanes of traffic were shut down next to the landing area. it was also tethered to control it. other than dust, the demolition took place inside the perimeter they had established. >> it was pretty good. i only live a couple blocks away. >> reporter: the neighbors said they're not too concerned. the city of cupertino said the city is taking steps to better control the demolition activity. an inspector was currently on site and working the contractor. >> they are professionals, presumably. they dare dotear down buildings one has been hurt. >> reporter: osha was not called out today. the demolition company has 12 violations with osha since 2010. only one was deemed significant. the property owner said they will continue to monitor the demolition to make sure the other structures are also
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brought down as planned. safely. the demolition is almost complete. and crews will start working on the parking structure here across the street. we're live in cupertino. nbc bay area news. okay. thank you. get your fast track out and learn how to use it. a new stretch of express lanes is now open for business. you can see the lanes here. they start at matilda avenue. into sunnyvale. so the vta says the lanes could save drivers about 20 minutes in each direction. a seven-mile sentence from matilda and sunnyvale and north san jose. you do need the fast track. it is not just the regular one. the one you can move depending on how many people are in the car. the lanes are free for people carpooling but drivers have to pay. >> toles range from 30 cents to upwards of $10.
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that is adjusted. it is called dynamic pricing. it is based on how congested the corridor is. this morning when we saw at this time most congested, tolls got up to $6.50. it was as low as .30. >> you should know the lanes will not be free but you will get a discount on the tolls. >> i did it today. i think i did it right. we'll see. with the vaping deaths on the rise, the product will no longer be advertised. scott? >> before today, there were dozens of apps available for your iphone that would let you check vaping news, post vaping photos, even adjust the temperature of your vape pen. today apple said all those apples are going away. something doctors and tech watchers call a good move. studies show a half million high
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school students have vaped in the last 30 days. now, one tech giant is stepping away from vape culture. >> apple does not want anything to do with this whole thing. >> the iphone maker said it just eliminated 181 vaping related apps from its app store and will not allow any more going forward. >> they live in the world of apps and social media connections. >> reporter: he calls it a good start to help wean young people off of vaping. >> having it in the app store, a large number of apps, together with social media like instagram and facebook and tick tock and all of those make it part of youth culture and it helps contribute to vaping amongst american students. >> reporter: apple said it is making the move for health reasons refl leasing a statement citing experts from the cdc and american heart association attributing lung injuries and fatalities to vaping products.
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calling it a public health crisis and youth epidemic. apple said it agrees. >> i think companies today should run from it. there's no upside for supporting and encouraging vaping. given what the current research is saying. >> reporter: there is one caveat. if you've already downloaded a vaping-related app on your iphone, you can keep it. you just cannot post any new ones. thank you. let's take you outside and show you this. high surf today. the waves were crashing at the pacifica pier. you can see the waves smashing over the sea. significant waves there. >> that's a lot coming in, josh. >> it is. the good news is the waves are calming down. i think it will start to calm as we get through the week. >> it started to creep up there this weekend. we're going back up into the
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70s. so get the sunglasses out and get your shorts out. the t-shirts and why not the flip-flops as well. as we bring you into the micro climate forecast, you might have plans for san francisco. it is not that foggy down. city lights are bright. notice right back here near the golden gate bridge, we have some fog building at the current hour and it is chilly. you need to at least wear one extra layer so you're not too cold. right now, 59 degrees. and we have mid 50s. as we continue to move through later on tonight. i want to make sure you are ready to go for tomorrow morning. as you start off the weekend. and you will see in the cloud forecast, i am expecting some fog at the coast. also, some fog right near the bay. and this could bring some patchy ground fog near san jose. maybe even parts of the east bay. we do clear out by the afternoon. sunshine on the way. but if you head into our beaches, we could have that fog
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lingering. what about the forecast? the temperatures tomorrow in the 40s. right here to the north bay, east bay and south bay. closer to the bay, we start in the low 50s by the afternoon. we got you warming up into the 70s from clear lake, back to an i don't know, morgan hill, 75. san jose at 73. if you are into sports, you know this is a huge weekend. oakland raiders kicking off. what about the 49ers? bring your sunglasses. tls in the 70s. a great game kicking off at 1:05. back with the forecast in 25 minutes. >> thank you. wine tasting but you don't have to go to napa to do it. we'll show you the new dining experience. it takes a village to raise a child.
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to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. about an hour from now the warriors will be looking to score against the celtics. the team that put together the
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100 bottle of wine list will be looking to pour. so sit back. i'm taking you wine tasting with concessions and sweets. >> debby knows how to drink. >> so it started with this. >> that made it perfect for the 18,000 fans looking to have the ultimate court to court the experience. the owner of the san francisco wine merchant, she was tapped with creating the five-tier wine program. from concessions where cans rule -- >> you can get a can of rose, chardonnay, a can of red. >> to the 32-courtside suite. >> the mission first of all was to put together a spectacular selection of local producers so we have wine from santa cruz mountains, sonoma, napa valley,
6:26 pm
the wines from lodi, wines just in calf. >> curating a destination distinct for the california menu at the arena's multiple club spaces meant literally taking one for the team. >> i would say six months of tasting wine in my garage. maybe 400 or 500 bottles in total. and tasting them over and over and over again. >> once a palatable price point negotiated -- >> going back to the producers who worked me and coming up with wines that were going to be affordable. >> she took her top picks to food management company bon appetite. what they put in the lineup she hopes is 15-tastic. the other big winner, all the small local wineries getting huge exposure. the wine list will evolve as
6:27 pm
they figure out what people want at the games. of course, what they want aside from a win by the warriors. up next, charges of bribery and intimidation. really an eye opener. the takeaways from the public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. do you need some extra cash from black friday shopping? concord police willing to make an enticing offer.
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they got some talented players. so we'll account for it in the back end. they make it tough. they don't give any even completions. >> i heard they have a lot of talent on offense and defense. they got a very talented quarterback who is getting better and better. and i see them as a good team now and they'll only get better. >> we didn't feel like we played to our ability. we look forward to the challenge.
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right now, intimidation and threats. the former ambassador to ukraine describes her inaction with the president's inner circle and the president fires back. president trump was not at today's impeachment hearing but he was live tweeting verbal attacks at the former ambassador. >> democrats call it witness intimidation. more of day two of the public impeachment hearings. >> the president hasn't set foot in any of the impeachment proceedings but today his presence was known in the middle of marie yovanovitch's testimony. marie yovanovitch was the ambassador to ukraine. a career public servant who testified she was abruptly pulled from her job in may after a smear campaign against her. she also describe feeling threatened by president trump. >> as we sit here testifying, the president is attacking you on twitter. >> the president lashed out. >> everywhere marie yovanovitch
6:31 pm
went turned bad. >> in what adam schiff continued witness intimidation in real-time. >> some of us take witness intimidation very, very seriously. >> the president later firing back. >> i have the right to speak. i have freedom of speech just as other people do. >> yovanovitch, known to be tough on corruption, believe she was ousted because of that clearing the way for president trump and his personal attorney rudy giuliani to make moves that would benefit the president politically. >> the shady interests, the world over have learned how little it takes to remove an american ambassador who does not give them what they want. >> republicans dismissing her testimony as an hr matter arguing she was not even on the job when president trump made that july phone call to ukraine's president, asking for an investigation into the bs in exchange for u.s. military aid. >> the ambassador is not a material fact witness to
6:32 pm
anything. >> also today white house release ad summary of an earlier phone call between president trump and ukraine's here trying to show did he nothing wrong. but democrats say one phone call doesn't cancel out another. the next public hearing is set for tuesday and will include testimony from jennifer williams, a special adviser to the vice president. she was on that phone call between president trump and ukraine's leader. she's already testified behind closed doors. >> a lot happening. larry joins us. the gloves came off for about three hours. are we doing this the right way? just the process itself. right there republicans say we're not even doing it the right way. >> well, democrats are rolling this out. this is something you don't do in a day or a week. they are trying to pain a picture. i would say thch. wednesday was a much better day for democrats. why? they really did draw a picture. they had two most important people there.
6:33 pm
they traced what was going on. they built their case. their attorney was fabulous. today was almost a side show. her story is very interesting but how does it get on paying money for biden? it doesn't. >> i think the tenor of today was so different. there was so much more grandstanding. what kind of an impact do you think that will have to people watching at home? today they really seemed to be off topic. >> this is a long term thing. we probably have two, maybe three more weeks of this. people are dragged out. they tell their story. they get grilled. mostly it is the attorneys who make the difference. they're ones who have the media efforts. we have to see the trend. we have to see what goes on from now on. >> should these be entertaining
6:34 pm
hearings? it shouldn't be. this is just to -- >> this is serious stuff. when we talk about impeachment of the president, is not it over yet? no. it takes a long time. it is a they have-act play. the first was behind the scenes. now we're in act two. they're laying out the story for everybody to see. then we have act three with the senate. this is the kind of thing where we have to march through it. so much is at stake. a president's life. the country's life on all sides. >> what about the impact of the president tweeting live during the hearing? >> that was one of my two surprises. one was, what is the president doing tweeting in the middle of her presentation? the middle of her testimony. i think it took away, and it also aed to the ridiculousness of what he was doing. the other big surprise this week came on wednesday. that's when bill taylor at the end of his presentation, very methodical. by the way, one of my guests
6:35 pm
told me recently he overheard the president talking with gordon sondland. we'll talk about him. and not one, not two but three people heard that conversation. this is not hearsay. this is somebody who heard it firsthand. we'll hear about that hear. >> the biggest thing to look for next week? >> gordon. gordon sondland. he put his in a big box. apparently he didn't agree with everybody else. he came back and that, on second thought, there was that quid pro quo idea. yeah, i kind of forgot. well, first of all he has that problem. now he has the problem of three people overhearing his conversation where president trump is basically saying, i'm glad you're going after biden. that's the essence of it. just give them what they want. three people hearing that. i don't know how many will be testifying next week. this puts gordon sondland in a box and also hurts the president. >> okay. thank you for your insights.
6:36 pm
>> thank you. intel on the deadly southern california shooting. the 16-year-old suspect has died. he was being treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he died around 3:30 this afternoon. his mother was by his side. investigators believe he planned the attack the way he used the weapons, counted his rounds there. the first and last bullet. he fired last bullet into his head. investigators have not determined his motive. it was at saugus high school yesterday morning. soon after the boy's mother dropped him off at school on his 16th birthday. he shot five students. two of them died. gift cards for guns. that's what's happening at the concord pavilion tomorrow. people are invited to turn their guns in. the police department are hosting a buy-back event. here's what you get. a $200 gift card for assault
6:37 pm
weapons. $100 for handgun. $50 for rifles or shotguns. police say this is a good way for anyone to get some extra money. many people have lost their insurance as well as their homes in the wildfires. over the last four years, insurance companies have dropped coverage for 350,000 californians. now they have an alternative. the california insurance commissioner said the state will offer a more comprehensive insurance plan for wildfire victims. the so-called fair plan will now cover fire and water damage, theft and falling objects. coverage limits will be doubled to $3 million. >> where's the beef? that's what some people may be asking as the dream force conference in san francisco. beef is off the menu. salesforce which puts on the experience says they have a more sustainable menu for the guests. they said it will conserve millions of gallons of water. they are giving out reusable
6:38 pm
water bottles and it will be straw-free. they're hoping other companies will take notice and follow. >> if other companies are watching, that's a good thing. i think a coil as large as salesforce, they can lead the way in a way that other companies cannot. for beef lovers, there are plenty of other options after the conference is over. by the way, the conference starts tuesday. up next, homes and businesses in santa cruz county evacuated. what deputies found in a warehouse that forced them to move people out. cannabis, hash d
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
counterfeit vape pens. that )s what santa cruz county deputies uncovered in a raid. deputies served a search warrent at this warehouse yesterday. it )s in the live oak ar the santa cruz deputies uncovered in a raid, they can a search warrant yesterday. they found almost 6,000 pounds of pot, 114 pounds of hash oil, and hundreds of counterfeit vape pens. this morning deputies evacuated 13 homes and businesses while
6:41 pm
they removed everything. so far, no one is in custody. breaking records in california. the number of people unemployed in the state is at its lowest in decades according to the california employment development program. right now the rate is 3.9%. last time it was this low was back in 1989. 30 years ago. not only is the unemployment rate falling but more jobs are being aed. in october, the bay area created almost 6,000 new jobs. exciting new reasons to hop on your bike. a knew path opens tomorrow across the richmond-san rafael bridge. on the upper deck of the bridge, you'll be able to be separated from traffic by a movable concrete barrier system similar to the one on the golden gate bridge. is it good walking across a bridge weather? >> it will be perfect. >> oh, wait.
6:42 pm
>> it's not moving of it's stationary. >> okay. let's get to that weather forecast. >> a little fog. we do expect the clouds to move in with some patchy areas of dense fog. we'll get you to the weekend forecast. whether you want to walk or bike. >> put me on a bike and i'll start wondering about the co-pay to the emergency room. two calls, one solution. they called us. nbc bay area responds, next. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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if you use b.a.r.t., we would like to hear from you about your experience. here's how you can be part of our investigation. >> more violence on the b.a.r.t. system -- >> how safe is b.a.r.t.? find out all across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic central. >> this is the powell street station. >> we want to know what you're seeing on b.a.r.t. >> no. >> send us your videos. from the wacky and weird to downright dangerous. you can also record yourself explaining what you think. email us at the unit @nbc bay area doc. use the hash we investigate. we want to hear from you.
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>> we do want to hear from you. you've been hit with a brick wall. when you hit the brick wall, you can call our consumer team for help. >> you can call them in english or spanish. some wins for nbc bay area responds. >> exactly. so we love the win for you and our teams get new complaints every day. we responds to every one of them. often we get great results like kristin in oakland. she said she bought this new tv. when he this delivered it, the screen was broken. we cannot have that for a loyal nbc bay area viewer. we contacted the shipper and help her get a refund to the tune of $546.24. the consumer investigator and her team helped the romo family at ft. bragg. they had a flight around the time of the kincade fire.
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101 closed. they got to the airport too late to fly and lost the value of their ticket. they contact the team and they got a $140 credit from the airline. here's a quick tip. around disasters and bad weather, airlines oftentimes ease up their iron clad rules a little bit. so rather than just rushing to the airport in a panic, pick up the phone or go to twitter early on. make contact. see if they'll give you a little flexibility. the answer might just be yes. call us any time. 888-996-tips in english or 844-408-4848 in spanish. >> you are the airline guru. >> you get results, too. >> thank you. get ready. a rare look at the moon. it all starts after midnight on saturday and it will continue
6:48 pm
through monday morning. astronomers say 10 to 15 meteors will streak through the sky each hour. the question now, will the skies be clear? we have just the person to ask. >> do you think the skies will be clear? >> we can watch it with our eyes. >> come on over. >> okay. we'll be there. >> how is that? >> the weather forecast as we move into this weekend certainly looks fantastic. not that i don't want all of you to come over. as we move into your saturday morning, temperatures starting off chilly for the tri-valley peninsula and the south bay. we'll see some areas of fog near the bay and the coast. and some of the patchier dense fogs.
6:49 pm
anyone getting you early should be looking out for that. san francisco, 50, with the fog returning saturday morning and down to 47 throughout the north bay. let's take a closer look at the cloud cover. this is a really great job showing you where it's at. the gray areas here, the fog tomorrow morning. right around the bay and then down here in the east bay, we could see some patchy areas of dense ground fog of also, back there, interstate 5, we could have some of that very thick ground fog as well. once we move into the afternoon, sunshine does return away from the coast. i think we're setting ourselves up with a great day. there will be something else different moving in tomorrow. i want to make sure we get this out of the way. high pressure will take all that nice fall weather we've had the past few days and bye-bye, it's heading off to the north. it will nose its way in. and it will push that chilly air
6:50 pm
off to the north and we'll get some warmer air moving into our micro climate forecast. you see across the south bay. nothing we can't han. beautiful weather. low to mid 70s to los gatos. right to the east bay, i have you at 67 in oakland. in the east bay, looking for something to do especially tomorrow night to get you into the holiday spirit. maybe a little early shopping. maybe it is also the walnut creek on ice. 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. you'll need the jacket with temperatures in the 50s. let's continue the micro climate forecast. 68 in redwood city. 67 in san mateo. san francisco, 52 right to the marina. 61 through wine country. 73 in santa rosa. right here in napa, 75. the extended forecast shows increasingly clearer skies in san francisco by sunday. dry over the next seven days.
6:51 pm
inland valleys with this warming weather for the weekend. up to 77 on sunday. sunshine coming full on out once we hit the back half of the weekend. we'll start to drop once we hit next tuesday. 68, as we'll be sandwiched twen two different storms. one to the north, one to the south. it does look dry for us over the next seven days. the two different systems will bring the possibility of some rain/snow mix in tahoe. i don't want to you get caught off guard. next wednesday could get a little wintry for a brief period. no big storm. at least we have a little something there. so this weekend. i don't know. i changed my mind. >> everyone is invited? >> everyone. come on. >> is it like one of those telescopes on the wharf where you put in 25 cents? we have to pay you? >> completely. >> we'll bring hot chocolate and cookies. >> up next, one of the ugliest brawls we've ever seen in the
6:52 pm
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you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost.
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you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need. this hasn't happened in years but the 49ers and the raiders are in the playoff hundred and both teams are in
6:55 pm
town this weekend. >> that's good news. the black hole will be rocking. the raiders host the winless cincinnati bengals. that means they're winless. you'd better win. >> i've been there. a lot of those guys have been on some winning teams, right? some good playoff teams. they're all professionals. they'll bring it. >> be careful. they need it to stay in the playoff. the 49ers kick off at 1:00 p.m. in santa clara. did you see it yet? one of the ugliest things we've seen in nfl history. last night the brawl. today punishment. you see him ripping off the helmet of the steelers quarterback and then taking that helmet and hitting him in the head with it. garrett has been suspended for the rest of the season. did he issue an apology today to his team. the steelers quarterback and the
6:56 pm
fans. well, coming up, a bizarre collision on the runway. new details about a san jose private jet that collided with another plane in san antonio. you can see them there. what actually happened? we'll have more coming up at 11:00. and we made it to friday. it is our tradition to check in on the friday night forecast. >> we've got to do. that just because we did sports and you missed it earlier. i've got the 49ers. >> oh, yet. kickoff at 1:05. we're looking at 70s and sunny skies. let's take a look the a raider nation. 60s, sunshine. a little cooler there but a great overall for football weather. the weekend forecast. morning fog tomorrow morning. sunshine for the afternoon. sunday, 77 degrees. so we're warming up. >> raiders, 49ers, and a meteor shower. >> pretty busy. >> are you going to be in the black hole this sunday? >> i know, i have to get
6:57 pm
invited. >> have a great weekend. thank you for joining us.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
surprise, and you're never going to guess who just had a secret wedding. >> gwen stefani gives us all a head start on the holidays. and first in line, waiting for day is for harry styles. >> wait until you see what he did for her. >> full circle moment. >> yeah. >> she has much harder things to deal with than i do. >> the attitude inspiring as ever, 35 years later we go "book to the future" with michael j. fox. >> einstein! >> what memories does it bring back? >> what's up? and the new york choir that became a sensation, pitch perfect truth that dreams do come true.


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