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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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o the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. now open in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. right now at 11:00, a tangled mess. a private plane from san jose collides with another jet right on the runway. what may is led to this crash. and a bay area real estate heiress is free to go, acquitted of murder. but a new battle could be brewing in the tiffany li case. plus families seeking justice. a new look at suspects connected in the orinda house shooting and one of them trying to get away from authorities. the news starts right now.
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we begin tonight with breaking news out of san jose. a car crash involving a police officer. that's the cruiser right there you can see totally smashed up. the officer is on the gurney. he appears to be conscious, moving his arm around. we don't know what led to the crash but we do know what happened about an hour ago on northbound 680 just north of 101. all lanes on 680 are being diverted on mclaughlin avenue. we don't know what led to the crash. our other top story it's been two weeks since that massacre in orinda but the wounds are still fresh. today funerals were held for two of the five victims. >> also today the sheriff spoke publicly for the first time raechlg more disturbing facts about that deadly halloween night. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd in orinda with the very latest. >> reporter: as the memorial continues to grow, the sheriff today releasing more details about what went on inside that
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house and he's giving details about the five people now under arrest. a race to get away from the law but it's all caught on camera. the sheriff's department releasing new video of one of the suspects trying to escape capture by jumping through a second-story window of an antioch home. these dramatic pictures along with new details as authorities try to paint a clearer picture of what happened inside an airbnb rental halloween night. >> it was a blood-bath inside the home. >> reporter: two rival gangs, one from san francisco, the other from marin city, coming face to face before things turned deadly and chaotic. the sheriff says a number of people were carrying guns. >> some involved in this event went to the party with the intention of causing harm. >> with your hands raised above your heads. >> reporter: in separate raids cred afternoon police arrested five suspects. four of them facing charges of murder and conspiracy. one of them said to be the party promoter is behind bars on
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suspicion of being an accessory. the sheriff says two of the victims were armed with guns. >> what we have here is a number of people who are blaming airbnb or blaming our response time. the blame rests specifically on the individuals that carried guns into that party, pulled the trigger and murdered someone. >> reporter: at least two of the suspects have criminal backgrounds. police also say they're looking for more suspects. reporting live in orinda, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. [ gunshots ] what you're hearing there is gunshots. we're following breaking news in new jersey. gunfire erupts at a high school football game near atlantic city. you can see ambulances come on the field. dozens of people running for cover. two people were shot, a man and a boy. they are in serious condition. a bizarre collision on the runway in san antonio, texas.
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take a look down below. it involves a private jet from san jose. that jet reportedly had a fuel leak. the faa says one of the private planes was taxiing when it clipped the wing of the other plane. thankfully no one was hurt. it's unclear if there were any passengers on board either plane. now, the jet from san jose is registered to a company called pilot point consultancy of sunnyvale. follow-up now to that dramatic demolition at the vallco mall in cupertino. a demolition you can see there that almost went wrong when a wall came crashing down as cars drove by. today the developer told us that despite what it looked like it went according to plan. they say the wall came down in the zone the construction workers had cleared. they say the demolition is almost complete. up next they'll work on the park structure, which is across the street. she was accuse of orchestrating the murder of her ex-boyfriend who was also the father of her two children. tonight hillsborough real estate heiress tiffany li is a free woman. a san mateo county jury found
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her not guilty. but this high-profile case is far from over. nbc bay area's sergio quintana joins us now with the latest. sergio? >> reporter: pretty quickly after the not guilty verdict of li -- one of li's attorneys said that her plans are to travel to china to spend time with her family there. tiffany li was whisked out of the courthouse just minutes after getting her ankle monitor removed by deputies. she didn't answer any questions after the jury found her not guilty. li has been under house arrest since posting a whopping $35 million bond more than two years ago. >> but she is kind of dedicating herself to being a better person all the way around because she's been given a gift. >> reporter: lee was accused of organizing the murder of keith green her former boyfriend and father of her children. they had been in a contentious custody dispute. green's mother was not happy with the verdict. >> they were together for almost seven years. they had a family together. and she just threw him out.
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out on the street. >> reporter: prosecutors accuse lee and her current boyfriend kave bayat of conspiring to lieu green to a hillsborough home where he was shot and killed. the jury acquitted lee but couldn't reach a verdict against bayat. the judge declared a mistrial against him. the san mateo district attorney says his team will now review all the evidence before deciding to retry the case. that includes looking at allegations raised by li's defense team against bayat's friend olivier adella. he was supposed to testify against bayat and lee but was disqu5u6d because he contacted another witness in the case. >> they say mr. adella's the murderer. i want to hear what the evidence was that the defense presented. i want to be able to consider all of that. >> reporter: and there are still some questions to be ironed out about the custody of li's children. right now her parents and green's mother have been sharing childcare duties. back to you. >> the okay. thank you, sergio. the 16-year-old who opened fire at a high school in santa clarita died. nathaniel rhow was hospitalized
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with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the sheriff says he died around 3:30 this afternoon. he shot and killed two students and injured three others. they say the attack was planned. now they're trying to figure out what drove berhow to kill his classmates. trailblazing across california. tonight bernie sanders is in fresno. the presidential candidate spoke at fresno city college about his plans for the green new deal and touched on topics like climate change and immigration. earlier today he was here in the bay area not only raising money but picking up a major endorsement from the largest nurses union in the country. in oakland he told hundreds of registered nurses that they're on the front line of medicare for all and have been for years. he said if elected every american would have health care by the end of his first term. >> we lower the eligibility age from 65 down to 55. >> the union represents more than 150,000 registered nurses
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in the united states. televised impeachment inquiry hearings. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testified for some five hours. she recapped her decades of service and her abrupt removal by president trump. also today long-time trump ally roger stone was convicted. a jury finding him guilty of lying to congress, witness tampering, and obstructing a house investigation. the impeachment hearing continues tuesday with lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, the top ukraine expert for the national security council, and jennifer williams, an aide to vice president pence. really an ugly time for the national football league. last night that brawl that we showed you. today the punishment. myles garrett of the cleveland browns ripping off the helmet of the steelers quarterback and then hitting him in the head with that helmet. garrett is suspended for the rest of the season. this is the longest suspension in league history for a single on-field incident. garrett did issue an apology today to his team, the steelers,
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the fans, and the league. an east bay standout football player is used to having people root for him while he's on the football field. tonight they're rooting for him while he's in a hospital bed battling cancer. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in san francisco where team sanders is going strong, jean. >> reporter: jessica, ramon sanders jr. broke his leg on the football field and was later diagnosed with cancer. tonight he's here in the hospital surrounded by family, fighting for a future filled with football dreams. >> i have faith and i want everyone else to have faith. >> reporter: from his hospital bed ramon sanders jr. thanks everyone who is praying for his recovery. the 19-year-old standout football player from mcclimbns in oakland is battling cancer. his father says he's in hospice care but he is confident his son will pull through. >> we had tons of people here last night to where you couldn't really shed too much tears because of the love that was in
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the room. you know, because we know he's going to be okay. >> reporter: sanders broke his leg playing football for laney college earlier this year. that's when doctors discovered a tumor, diagnosing him with cancer. supporters launched a go fund me page and held fund-raisers for the family. sanders' fiance says he still has big football dreams. >> he really wants to open up a camp pretty much to where kids who have a dream to become an nfl football player can have the chance to get the experience that he had. >> reporter: in the meantime his 1-year-old daughter navaea, family and friends are keeping his spirits high. tonight sanders jr. and his family are looking forward to celebrating his 20th birthday in december. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. we are back in 90 seconds with san jose students putting an international issue on display. how a new play highlights the struggles of undocumented
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immigrants. and if you're sick and tired of sitting in traffic, a change could be on the way. possible plans senator feinstein and an east bay congressman have for a new bridge in the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did manage some sun today but now the clouds and fog are back. a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. i've got your weekend forecast and when this clears on out. coming up in about seven minutes. it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution.
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we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business securityedge automatically protects all the devices on your network. call 1-800-501-6000 today.
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more violence on the bart -- >> captured a fare evader red-handed. >> so how safe is bart? to find out we're riding all across the bay area. we're taking you with us. >> i just got to the civic center stop here in san francisco. >> we're here in west oakland. >> and this is the powell street station. >> the man verbally and physically attacking another rider. >> we want to know what you're
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seeing on bart. send us your videos. from the wacky and weird to the downright dangerous. show us what you're experiencing out here. you can also just record krufl explaining what you saw. e-mail us at or you can get our attention on social media by using the hashtag weinvestigate. we want to hear from you. >> this is all part of a series we've been working on for months. you can binge watch the entire series right on our website. just go to you can also watch it on our youtube channel. and if you have apple tv or roku, all five parts are waiting there for you as well. more talk about adding another bridge in the bay area.
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senator dianne feinstein and east bay representative mark desaulnier want to build another bridge across the bay. it would likely be located south of the bay bridge linking highway 238 in san lorenzo to 380 near sfo. it's an idea that's been tossed around for decades. in fact, for the last 80 years. but this new push comes as local leaders are working on a mega tax measure for the 2020 ballot. art imitating life and the struggle of dreamers. immigration highlighted on a south bay stage for the next two weeks. the play shows the struggles of undocumented immigrants. >> one of the lead actors is an outspoken dreamer who plays himself. nbc bay area's ian cull has the story. >> reporter: a national issue as seen through deeply personal and local accounts. 17 san jose state students are opening a new play called "dreamer project: an undocuplay." focusing on undocumented
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immigrants and the experiences they've endured. >> because i'm not a citizen i can't work here if i wanted to. >> reporter: the words are all real from actual interviews with undocumented students on campus done by lecturer kathleen normington. >> i realized many people needed to hear those stories. >> reporter: we were given a sthaek peek at dress rehearsal. >> i am undocumented. >> i am undocumented. >> reporter: the actors are performing as their peers whom they've never met, ones that could be in the audience here at the the hammer theater a block from campus. >> we have to portray them authentically but also portray them in a way that we're also educating the community about this topic. >> reporter: and then there is jose, the only actual undocumented immigrant on stage, who's playing himself. >> definitely a new experience. >> reporter: he's lived in the u.s. since he was 5 but says growing up without papers held him back. >> so then i just had this conversation with one of my castmates because i'm trying help him get in the right head space for this. so i asked him, how old were you when you got your license? he said he was 15.
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okay, what if you couldn't have your license at 15? what would you do? how would you feel? with the people around you being able to get to that next level of existence. >> reporter: his experience shared with actors and now with an audience in the hopes for better understanding that we are all human. >> and leave the theater with a little more knowledge and a little more empathy. >> we have many faces. dreamers are all kinds of different people. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> powerful play. well, police are playing poker for a good cause. tonight the santa clara police union held its eighth annual poker tournament for special olympics. 23,000 athletes in california, everything for them is free because of events like this. the goal tonight was to raise $100,000. for one athlete it's his favorite event of the year. >> i connect with other people. i connect with all my friends and family. >> to see them excel and to see
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them here, it's something that we can get gratification doing away from the everyday job as a police officer. >> that was held at the boulder ridge golf club. last year across northern california raised $1.2 million for the special olympics. >> very nice. new at 11:00, small yet significant steps forward for the small town of paradise. the high school football team there remains undefeated. it is friday night. tonight paradise high playing their first playoff game beating live oak 56-0. this was video from a previous game. it has been more than a year since the fire in butte county ripped through that small town. almost everyone on the team lost their home. this team plays a crucial part in reuniting that community. everyone comes together to cheer on the bobcats. getting a little chillier out there surely and slowly. you know what that means. the ski season is in tahoe going on. alpine opens today. and skiered and boarders lined up from 6:00 in the morning to
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get to the mountain. there haven't been any snowstorms recently so they used manmade snow. for those who can't wait to get fresh powder hopefully, jeff, rain will come and we'll get some real snow. >> a lot of manmade snow there. >> next wednesday there's a chance they'll pick up a couple inches. >> in time for thanksgiving. >> just in time. >> our photographer said i'm going up wednesday. >> he told me. >> it's going to be good up there. back here in the bay area, though, it looks like we'll stay dry while the sierra and areas to the south and north of us will get the rainfall. it's been a frustrating forecast looking out toward that wet weather because literally next week we're going to be sandwiched right in between these different storm systems. so it's a dry slot for us but if we see anything change of course we will let you know about that. enough of that. let's go ahead and get you focused in on that saturday morning forecast. we'll have clouds rolling back in. also some of those areas of patchy dense fog for the inland
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valley. just be ready for that if you're up early tomorrow morning. and it's another chilly start. i've got you at 48 in the south bay, 49 peninsula, tri-valley 46. over to the east bay 47 in the east bay. 50 here in san francisco. north bay 47. we start off chilly and the clouds. i do see a lot of sunshine once we hit the noon hour right through the afternoon. tomorrow temperatures even going warmer. here's the reason why. high pressure is building in from the south. it's going to take that coldser, cloudier weather we had over the past couple of days at times, pushing it off to the north. so with that said, numbers warming back up into the 70s. down here across the south bay, i have the harmest at gilroy at 76. 74 east san jose. 72 cupertino. no 80s or 90s. but you will be at 76 here in danville, 74 livermore, over to oakland a little bit of a breeze out today. we'll have you at 67 degrees. and if you're out in the beast
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bay looking for something to do, maybe walnut creek on ice will get you into that holiday spirit. got to check out that ice skating rink at civic drive and broadway tomorrow night. temps in the 50s. perfect weather to at least bundle up, have that jacket on, maybe even the scarf to get you in the mood. back over to the peninsula, 68 degrees in redwood city. san francisco 60s from the embarcadero to the outer sunset. and more off to the north. wine country 72 in sonoma. 75 here in napa. extended forecast highs increase sunshine by sunday in san francisco. and 66 degrees will stay dry over the next seven days. inland valleys 70s coming for saturday and sunday. while we have the fog tomorrow morning we'll clear up for the afternoon, and i think sunday it's going to be all clear from the morning right through the afternoon. so sunday a lot of sun and 77. by wednesday storm systems to the north and the south as we
11:22 pm
mentioned. we're dry at this point over the next seven days but the sierra will actually get a shot of this with the potential of some snow on wednesday. a couple inches possible. maybe one to about three inches the way it looks now. we'll know more as we get closer. 40 minutes and it's the weekend. >> we started a few minutes ago. >> thanks for letting me know about that. >> seven more minutes. seven more minutes. >> thanks, jeff. winter has come early in the east bay. the one-of-a-kind ice rink that just opened and a bay area olympian lacing up their skates. >> hey, guys. tig notaro is here. celine dion, howie mulvaney, imagine fricke sh magic from shin lim. tig is here! where's the beef? it's off the menu at this year's dreamforce conference in san francisco. salesforce which puts on the
11:23 pm
conference says it wants a more sustainable experience for its guests. dreamforce kicks off next week. we're back in a moment.
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historic flooding in italy for the fifth day in a row. water has flooded the city of venice. at one point the water was rising so fast the mayor closed the iconic st. mark's square down. the government there has declared a state of emergency. okay. how about this? back here in the bay area, oktoberfest may be over in germany and everywhere else in the world but the spirit is still alive in the east bay. >> tonight the opening for a new walnut creek location beerhaas, which is a german style sxrernt beer hall. they even had a band dressed in lederhosen for the event. tonight there was a line out the door. >> it looks like it's going to emulate oktoberfest. so with all the like community and drinking together. it will be really fun. >> a lot of people are excited for the large selection of beers. i would have paid $300 to see new lederhosen. >> we should go next weekend. >> we'll be back in a moment with the thrilling ending to the warriors game tonight. it's time for the veterans day sale
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okay. big weekend of football. both the raiders and the 49ers are home. they have games on sunday afternoon. can i watch them both? >> if you have two screens. >> oh. i don't have two screens. >> or you just go back and
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forth. that works. tomorrow, though, the colin kaepernick workout. several teams including the niners are sending scouts to watch his workout in atlanta. maybe kap will be back in the league. basketball tonight at chase center. see the warriors' new cheerleader? what a game. the warriors with the worst record in the nba against the celtics. kyle bowman giving the warriors a one-point lead. shortly how about this alley-oop? the warriors had a five-point lead. but then everything went wrong. the celtics go on a 13-3 run to close out the game. that's jayson tatum in the paint. celtics win 105-100. >> it was a good game. >> it was a great game. people are fired up. before the game coach kerr meeting with that bart employee who pulled that man to safety a couple weeks ago. >> yeah. >> that jaw-dropping video. there it is there. after the raiders game at the coliseum. pulled him to safety. john o'connor quickly grabbed the victim. tonight he was honored at the
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warriors game in front of a crowd at chase center. pretty cool. >> that's really cool. we're back in a moment. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. on capitol hill the impeachment showdown ramps up. >> the public hearing happening this week and what president trump is saying about the inquiry. >> plus kari hall is tracking your workweek forecast. >> join us monday morning 4:30 to 7:00. nothing says the holidays
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more than ice skating. tonight the grand opening for the kristi yamaguchi holiday ice rink in san ramon. it's at the city center bishop ranch. that's that new mall that opened. yamaguchi is a bay native and olympic gold medalist. you know that. the ice rink is the only one of its kind in the tri-valley. >> family-friendly entertainment center and then you have an ice rink. so you really get the holiday show. >> it's a fabulous place. the purchase price of the tickets go toward yamaguchi's early dream foundation which support early childhood literacy. >> holiday season. have a good weekend. thanks for joining us. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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