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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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tonight, a family at a home watching football, when a shooter snuck into the backyard and opened fire. police found three people dead in that backyard. a fourth person died on the way to the hospital. there's no word on any suspects.
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atf from san francisco is responding to the story. we'll bring you updates as soon as they become available. an ice cream shop owner is hoping to track down a vandal that caused thousands of dollars to his store front. he was bold enough to take pictures with his cell phone. he went on from then. >> reporter: a lot of the damage remains. it looks like marker. but it's acid that's marked with a marker. he does not know why his shop was targeted. the ice cream shop has a couple different angles at work. he takes his time, unafraid of
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the security camera. he is the owner of the ice cream shop. he says the tagger was wearing distinctive clothing, like a north face ski jacket. >> he has particular sures. not only are they expensive, they are unique. >> reporter: last september, a trio tagged his shop. but the most recent, only hit the ice cream shop. he injected glue into the front door lock and sprayed some sealant on if door. >> i was angry. it's expensive. >> they're offering a reward for information that will help them
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carry the ski mask wearing vandal. they say they're not angry. >> i'm sort of used to it. it's wrong. but what can you do? >> reporter: the reward he's offering is $2,000 cash on information that can lead you to information. or 1,000 ice cream cones. >> all right. thank you. pg&e is preparing to possibly shut off power to 180,000 customers in the north bay and sierra foothills. strong offshore winds may be moving in on wednesday. pg&e says it will notify people tomorrow morning about potential shutouts. let's look at the system that is supposed to come in.
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>> here's the area of low pressure, into our east, picking up by wednesday. by midday, 30 to 40. and guests 50 to 60 miles per hour, wednesday into thursday. the fire weather watches, getting started about 4:00 a.m. wednesday, through 7:00 a.m. thursday. . hours to deal with the gusty conditions. we need some rain to reduce the fire danger. that's coming up in about ten minutes. in oakland, today, dozens of volunteers came out to reduce that fire risk. an area that burned in the 1991 firesto firestorm.
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nbc's christy smith has more. >> reporter: the work to cut back dry weeds and glass today is important to sue piper. >> we lost our home in 1991. both of us have dedicated our l lives to wildfire production system. today, volunteers pitched in the area around north oakland. >> it seems like the fire risk is worst and worse. e it's a great way for the customers to come together. she did not lose power at home. but it gave her a chance to renew her plan. >> make sure i have flashlights in every room. >> pg&e says there's a potential for a shutoff midweek. the map shows other parts of the
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bay area could be impacted, too. >> it's peerering conditions for that event. we have not yet identified any cities or counties. >> pg&e is monitoring conditions. but people in oakland have been at it for years. >> we appreciate the support. many of the people who live in these hills are not getting any longer. >> as we get closer to the potential shower cutoffs, with all of the information you need. you can check to see if you're in one of the shutoff zones. a strange twist involving a molestation case in the south
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bay. a prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter as bait to being caught. he was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. that is the daughter of a san jose county prosecutor. that prosecutor took his daughter back to the scene of the crime to try to watching him in the act. the couple filmed him as he touched the girl. he can face charges. the office has taken over the prosecution. the ali palo alto worker wa identi identified, an air force vet an and season electrical line mab. these are pictures on the
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gofundme page. his four douaughters go from 17o 6. a crew was updating a transform on east medco drive. 24 a potential tie-up on one of sonoma's busiest highways. 121 will be reduced to just one lane through tuesday. it was monday, now tuesday. yesterday, a fuel tank timed other and they will be deciding if a section of the road needs to be replace lawmakers are exp see three witnesses over the
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eight days. alexander vindman was on that phone call. he said that parts are discussed where the bidens are concerned. >> he can do it in writing. >> many are calling the process unfair and a sham. coming up, they help you stay in shape. but some people are thinking about getting rid of their fitness trackers. and the reason these teachers are in trouble with the law.
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binge-watch the entire series. go to -- if you have apple tv or roku, it's there waiting for you. ditching fit bit. goog google customers say they're concerned about their privacy. >> i talked to one man who was so concerned about his health information being shared, if he received a fit bit for christmas, he would sell it on ebay. fitness trackers track how much
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you weigh and eat and how much you sweep. some decided to take off their trackers and start shopping for a new brand. they're concerned google will sell their personal health information. >> google, they make their dallas off of our information. >> some have taken to twitter to voice their concerns. tanya janica wrote, i don't want my data transferring to google. with acquisition of your company, i will sell my fit bit and delete my account. some wonder if the company will share the inknow with insurance companies or other groups.
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>> you have somebody that has a particular kind of behavior baked into their dna. that behavior is selling personal information, it would be unwise for you to trust that entity, unless you knew they had changed their stripes. >> it's unlikely google will share any information that would violate privacy laws. some are pushing to block the fit bit app situation. some users are a glad that google is acquiring the company. we've reached out for google to comment. no response. new details of are emerges from last one's fuel tanks.
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the explosion sent 66,000 ethanol into the air. a full investigation is going in. it sounds like a rip-off from "breaking bad." two professors have been arrested for allegedly making meth. these two right here started being investigated when a unique chemical odor from their lab. drug paraphernalia was also found, leading to their arrest. >> the area in front of the m
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memorial. more than 170,000 people are expected to attend. stanford opened the doors to its state-of-the-art hospital today. staff carefully walked each one across the sky bridge, connecting the old hospital to the new one. each was met by applause and fanfare. organizers say it's rewarding to see this turn into a reality. >> we're able to provide world-class care. all of the rooms have spaces for their families to sleep. that's something we haven't been able to offer before. >> stanfords new seven-story facility, includes 368 patient
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rooms, 21 operating rooms. there's a new reason to go down to chase center. a farmer's market, surrounding the warriors arena. as of now, there's fruits and vegetables. but as the weeks go by, they will have bread, fish and meat. >> their welcoming a market here at the chase center. they expressed they would waiting to get a market in that area. >> rob, no news on rain? >> yes. >> yet. >> by the middle of the following week.
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>> he will look to december if we can. >> fire and weather watches have gone up for the north bay and east bay hills, starting at 4,000 highway. highs in 73 degrees in san francisco. there you see san jose. 58 degrees after a high of 74. morning temperatures around san jose should be in the mid-40s, closer to 50 in san francisco. not expecting too much in the way of fog, though, later on in the day tomorrow, winds turn onshore. chances are, we'll see more low clouds on the coast. the 70s inland for another day. likely on tuesday, the same areas in the mid to upper 70s inland, can be in the low to mid-60s.
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it will be blustery and cooler by tuesday, as we watch in system drop in right now. an inland low. that's generally dry for us. you see an orange color. 4:00 a.m. wednesday, and 2:00 a.m. thursday. lake county, northern napa county. the inner portions of northern california that will probably see the strongest wind. we'll see about the fire watches or the red flag warnings. >> strongest clouds start on wednesday. then, the speeds come down but no strong signs of rain in the forecast. a shower might be possible. we need one of the lows to move across the ocean and bring in
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more moisture. as we head towards next weekend, the 49ers face green bay. it's a nice rebound for sunday. we're hoping that the high moves out. the trend between now and the 26, is keeping things high right now. the ten-day outlook as we head towards the following week, could show signs of change. we're going to look at that in the next half hour. in the meantime, the headlineer is that midweek win. it's a 27-hour event. fire watches upgraded on tuesday.
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we're hopeful we will see the pattern shift before the holidays. we'll have a closer look at 11:45. >> thank you, rob. still ahead, a final good-bye to a man who served his community for decades. how the bay area came together. and turning violence into beauty. the captivating mural dedicated to victims of violence. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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a final good-bye for bernard tyson from the community he served for three decades. the kaiser ceo passed away. today, people gathered for a
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public viewing. he was a bay area native, who spent 34 years in an obs visery roll. this is a picture from 2016 when they celebrated the 25th anniversary. porter was instrumental in founding the grove in golden gate park. nancy pelosi expressed her sadness at the news. and calling parter a dear friend. the latest mural is a captivating look at police violence. the artists who have been worked at this expanse of projects unveiled the art to the public.
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half a dozen artists worked on the project. up next, democratic presidential hopefuls in california tonight. but former vice president joe biden was not one of them. the message he was delivering at a different rally. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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recapping some of tonight's top stories -- ten people are shot and four are dead in what fresno police are calling a mass casualty shooting. it happened about 8:00 this evening. family and friendses were watching "sunday night football" when somebody walked into the back of a home and opened fire. atf field position agents are responding to the shooting. an ice cream shop owner to
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hoping to track down a vandal who caused thousands of dollars of damage to his store. he used acid to deface the windows. the owner will pay $2,000 cash for information to arresting this person. nancy pelosi made a comment in response to accusations by the president. the impeachment inquiry continues this week with eight set to testify. lawmakers are facing the busiest trial yet. the first, alexander vindman, who was on the phone call between trump and zelensky.
11:30 pm
vindman was so alarmed, he reported his concerns to the top lawyer. >> the president of the united states used taxpayer military-funded assistance, to pressure a foreign leader to help him for his election campaign. that is solicitation of a bribe. >> reporter: vindman said the transcript is missing pieces where the bidens are discussed. >> there were two people that participated on that phone call. it was donald trump and president zelensky. >> the house speaker is now pushing back against the president and republicans' claims saying the process is unfair, saying the door is open for president trump to testify. >> reporter: lawmakers will also
11:31 pm
hear about ambassador gordon sondla sondland, who was told that ukraine would investigate the bidens. jennifer williams is also expected to testify. she was on the phone call, too, and felt that some of what president trump said was inappropriate. five democrats candy vying for the nomination. kamala harris, pete buttigieg, castro, all took part. after the meeting, castro looked at why it might be hard to wecht with minority voters. >> we need a candidate that can appeal and get voters out in the big urban communities there. >> the forum was part of this
11:32 pm
weekend's state presidential convention. >> joe biden was not at that convention. he was at ooh a town hall to beat trump in nevada. he continues to get support and touted his years of experience. >> the next president of the united states will unite the country or the world in disar y disarray. >> former massachusetts the governor, deval patrick, and michael bloomberg. they beside to run, biden is still atop the polls. in iowa, he's behind pete buttigieg. >> anne coulter will head to the bay area. she was invited by the berkeley
11:33 pm
republicans. some opportunities say they don't want coulter at their school. others say they are willing to listen to the commentator. protesses are expected. president trump is heading to an apple factory on wednesday. the plant is where the new mac pro is being assembled. they shipped there after koppel won tariff exceptions for computer parts. nuclear risch issues will not be in talks with the restart. the north's foreign ministry said if the recent passage of a resolution was a u.s.-led provocation earlier in the day, the united states and south korea announce they will postpone upcoming military
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drills. a woman arrested for throwing human blood on state senators. she is charged with hitting b t makers with blood. test results confirm that the blood was human but not dangerous. an appeals court has cleared the name of rodney reed. he's an inmate in texas. tonight, the appeals court blocked the transaction. he is accused of raping a girl in 1996. witnesses gave false testimony. and the state of texas
11:35 pm
suppressed evidence. >> something new is coming out. >> celebrities like oprah writt winfrey and kim kardashian escalated tonight. overnight, police stormed the campus using teargas and water commanons. the area looked like a war zone. many demonstrators and several officers were hurt. arrests were made as protesters tried to run away. thousands remember the two students shot and killed by a classmate. the two were shot and killed at saugus high school on thursday.
11:36 pm
he told his sister she was the best ever and put a smile on her face. two other students were hurt. one remains in the hospital. investigators trying to figure out what caused a 16-year-old student open fire before turning the gun on himself. saugus will be available. in the wake of a school shooting, authorities are saying they are investigating several false threats in that same area. they are investigating vague social media posts. none of them have been credible. membering the lives lost. this is holded by the bay area families for safe streets. they went to areas around the city.
11:37 pm
there's been several crashes in the tenderloin district. they concluded this irstories at city hall. >> it's ironed into your brain. what reminds you the most is the family days like birthdays and anniversaries. >> they want changes done to make sure that san francisco streets are safer. after being closed for nearly two years, the library is supposed to reopen this week. a fire damaged that library. the new library, has a ribbon cutting ceremony and performances and story time. coming up, going beyond selling cookies and earning badges. the program that gives girl
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scouts and their mothers the gift of spending time together. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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girl scouts winning badges, social services comes to mind. >> for one troop, it's a rare chance to see their mothers. >> i will try -- >> i will try -- >> to serve my country -- >> to serve my country -- >> reporter: a traditional oath recited in a surprising setting,
11:40 pm
prison. they're a regular girl scout troop but their mothers are inmates. >> when i'm waiting for her, i can't explain it. my heart stops. i'll be so anxious and ready to see her. that's how she fells when she is waiting for her daughter to walk through the door. >> if i visit, i have to sit across from her. we can't hold hands. we can hug across the table when we visit. >> the program is called girl scouts beyond bars. >> the girls and the fmoms get o be a family. >> it starts in 1992, a collaboration between the girl scouts of maryland and the prison. there's no cost to the taxpayer but a huge payoff in the prison. >> they need to be in the
11:41 pm
position to see their daughter twice a month. it calms them and keeps them in a good place. >> for the girls, it's an opportunity to be around others who know what it's like to be away from mom. this meeting is an important one, the bridge ceremony. getting mothers involved in the meetings is part of it. it also promotes the girl scout way. >> we got on kayaks. >> the meetings happen twice a month. up with unique thing that happens is the annual sleepover. that's when they get to come to the prison and do a full night. >> we have a full spread.
11:42 pm
they watch movies and dance. >> i get to sleep with my mom. i get to hug her and sleep next to her. >> reporter: she is serving life in prison for murder. the two hours goes quickly. but it gives you the opportunity to see whal moms experience. >> the girl scouts behind bars has served 00 girls in central maryland and serves thousands of girls nationwide. coming up, the only homeless sh shelter and it's opening up early. coming up. not much in the way of fog. it is the wind. a closer look when we come right
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11:46 pm
shelters can place 35 men and women each night through april. rob with some good news. rain coming up. >> don't get too excited. >> we keep telling ourselves, it has to rain at some point. we'll take a look at that, coming up. in the short term, right now, clear skies and one more wind event. the high was 74. a similar day tomorrow. there's a view of the golden gate bridge. look at the high in san francisco. probably not as warm tomorrow. one of the reasons why, is late day, we'll see the sea breeze make a comeback. while things are clear to the morning, toward the evening, we'll see it get more onshore.
11:47 pm
and tuesday's highs, a 10 to 15-degree drop in the high temperatures. if you like upper 70s, tomorrow is your day. trivalley, and around san jose. probably another day of 70s. tuesday, you'll notice right there. look at the seven-day forecast. big drop in temperatures. things will turn blustery. unfortunately dry. notice the timeframe here. 4:00 a.m. wednesday, to 7:00 a.m. thursday. a little over 24 hours. the start time of 4:00 a.m. event wednesday, will likely turn into red flag warnings. here's the first system we're watching. that will set up try and breezy.
11:48 pm
picking up 25 to 40 miles per hour. one more speed ramp with the winds as we get into thursday morning before things start to drop off, heading into thursday evening. similar story for the east bay and south bay hill tops. midway wednesday, to early thursday, you'll see the wind speeds picking up and subsiding into thursday afternoon. once that system starts to move out -- this is why it's hard to get any rain in the bay area. high pressure. that's a good news for weekend plans, for "sunday night football" and our holiday food drive. we need to get the high out of here. look at the ten-day forecast. we'll be thankful to see this move out far enough to the west. that's the trend right now.
11:49 pm
it ee's breezy but that's a cha for rain and snow. that has fire danger unfortunately, high again, mainly due to the wind speeds and the dry hills, which have not had any significant rain since mid-may. hopefully the ten-day pattern will come around to bring us rain and maybe snow in time for the holidays. >> that would be nice. from weather, we go to sports. the niners and the raiders look to keep on winning. both teams had to fight until the end. we have highlights from santa clara and oakland, next.
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11:51 pm
it wasn't easy but the 49ers
11:52 pm
found a way to get back in the win column. >> dave feldman joins us with all of the highlights. >> if the 49ers are going to continue their winning ways during this remarkable season, they will have to do it in a variety of ways. a "w" is a "w." 9-1 speaks for itself. cardinals and 49ers. and san francisco coming off their first loss to the season. they trailed 16-0 to start. now, down by six. jimmy garoppolo to ross welly. san francisco takes their first lead. fourth quarter, kyler murray, runs it in for 22 yards. cards retake the lead, 26-23. less than a minute in the game, first and ten, garoppolo. shows a short pass to jeff wilson jr. his fourth touchdown pass of the game. two seconds left, second and ten, murray, finding larry fitzgerald. they need a cal/stanford-type
11:53 pm
play. no such luck. they will band on the field and d.j. reed will pick it up as time expires. san francisco improves to 9-1. >> there were good things and bad things. it reminded me a lot of monday night, to where there were things we got excited about. and felt like you blew it a n b number of times. we were able to finish out the right way. two similar games like that. by no means was perfect. really proud of the guys where they kept fighting and found a way to get it done. bengals and raiders. jon gruden looking for the first three-game win streak, under two minutes left in the first half, tied at 7-7. derek carr scrambles into the
11:54 pm
end zone. 292 yards and 2 scores. bengals with the ball. they need a touchdown. ryan finley looking for alex erickson but picked off by trayvon mullen. that seals it for oakland. raiders are winners, 17-10. >> off one of the most incredible road trips ever. we played not only on the road, we played in foreign countries and across the world, it seemed like every week. we did what we had to do. we're building our team. we're not a finished product. we're competing hard and finding ways to win. and our fans are superb. >> the raiders visit the jets next week. the 49ers will host the green bay packers on "monday night football."
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once one of the most popular toys back in the 1980s. i was around for the 1980s. it was an outstanding decade. >> i made an appearance somewhere. >> '89. >> somewhere. 1980. >> we go back to the decade and talk about rubik's cube. it's making headlines now. rubik's cube solvers got together in russia. these guys are better than i ever was. an american by the name of max park, a totally cool name. is this fast motion? >> is this max park? >> come on. >> there's an american, max park. i don't know who he is.
11:58 pm
speed cubing competition. and the winner is red, white and blue's max park. i would like to talk to them about their strategy sometimes. >> you know what is not that complicated? the ten-day forecast. >> a seamless segue. >> outstanding. >> big changes coming up tomorrow prp warm and a big cooldown. low 60s for highs tuesday. and the wind is a fire danger midweek. and warm earp next week. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night and a great week. >> have a great week. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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dick vitale, the voice of college basketball for four decades and still as energetic as ever. >> oh, wow. you can dream, can't you? dream, man. that's what the country is about. >> the coach turned television broadcaster reflects on his early days on camera. much. >> you know, graham, i know nothing about tv. >> what do you mean you don't know anything about tv. >> i'm steerous. serious. >> and the raw emotion of a health scare. >> you would have tears literally rolling down your face. >> only a couple people knew about it, really. >> vitale shares the personal setbacks throughout his life from constant bullying as a child. >> i couldn't control it. it was out of my control. >> to the loss of a close friend. >> he started crying on the phone. he said i have cancer,


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