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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the day we a, let's start out w the weather. another good day. >> get out and enjoy it. it's still going to be warm for the afternoon but a cool start with upper 40s in concord. we're at 51 in oakland and palo alto as well as san jose at 50 degrees. mid 70s for our afternoon highs and we'll see inland areas have one last warm day but we will be talking about our fire weather watch in effect for all those areas shaded in orange. more on that coming up in a few minutes. it's already busy getting out of oakland. >> we saw that start in the last half-hour but in the last ten seconds i think i've seen traffic start to flow over here, although it just stopped again. this is a pretty big back-up for this time on a monday. we'll track the approach and so far the maze does move smoothly, no signs of a bigger commute except for what you saw on the live cameras. as we zoom out, everything is moving relatively smoothly, including west 580. no problem. back to you. >> thanks, mike. developing this morning, what was a family gathering now
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california's latest mass casualty shooting. four people died when someone snuck into the home of a fresno back yard where people happened to be watching football, and they just started firing. >> chris sanchez joining us with what we know about the search for the shooter this morning. >> hi there, marcus and laura. at this point we don't know much about that gunman, nor what that possible motive was but fresno police believe that this gathering was targeted. four people are dead, six others injured in the back yard of that family home in fresno where as many as 35 people were gathered just to watch sunday night football together. early reports are that the gunman snuck in, opened fire, and then ran away on foot. at this point fresno police are talking with other people who were at that home at the time. they're also talking with people in the neighborhood. >> it's very likely that it was targeted. we just don't know why. somebody picked that house and came up and shot several times
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on the backside of it. it looks like it was a target. we just don't know what the reason was. >> reporter: deputy police chief says there were women and children at the family party but all of the victims were asian men between 25 and 30 yaeears o age. police were asked if it could be a gang affiliation and they say at this point it doesn't look like it was gang related. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are headed there to help with the investigation as well. as the details develop, we'll make sure that you know about them. in the newsroom, chris sanchez. >> hopefully they find who's behind this soon. 5:02 right now and on capitol hill lawmakers are gearing up for week two of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. this will be the busiest week yet with 8 witnesses scheduled to testify. craig boswell live in washington to break down what's ahead this week.
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craig? >> reporter: marcus, good morning. good morning, everyone. yeah, there are three days of scheduled open hearings and for the first time we'll hear from those actually on the call at this center of the impeachment inquiry. a packed schedule for week two in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. 8 witnesses are scheduled to testify over three days beginning tuesday morning. the open testimony includes for the first time those with firsthand knowledge of the call between president trump and the president of ukraine. >> there is now ample evidence out there that there was a corrupt deal being cooked up. >> reporter: democrats' first witness is lieutenant colonel alexander villanuenma vindman. in his closed door testimony he said he was so alarmed by the call he reported his concerns to the top lawyer at the nfc. >> i disagree with you, george, i don't think the evidence is building at all and i'm being sincere. i think the evidence is crumbling. >> reporter: republicans and the
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president maintain there was no quid pro quo. house speaker nancy pelosi invited the president to come speak for himself. >> the president could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants. >> reporter: also testifying tuesday is tim morrison, a former aid who corroborated that gordon sondland told a top military official that aid was contingent on a biden investigation. craig boswell, nbc news, washington. developing in hong kong, police are in violent slashes with protestors who are now trying to avoid arrest. new video showing officers firing tear gas. anti-government protestors barricaded themselves inside the campus for days. some then launched fire bombs at police who are now accused of roughing up some of those protestors while making those arrests. a large show of support is expected today for teachers in south san jose.
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supporters plan to rally before tonight's union district school board meeting. this comes as teachers and the district have been locked in bitter negotiations for more than a year. teachers rejected a proposal last month and it's believed the next step may involve bringing in a state mediator. happening today, san francisco officials plan to increase the number of racks for bikes and e scooters and it's a concern for people around the city. we have a breakdown of the plan that's coming. >> reporter: this announcement later this morning comes as the city prepares for thousands or the potential for thousands of e scooters around the city in the coming months so it could continue to be a problem for folks in the city of san francisco. let's talk about how the city plans to deal with this issue. now, the plan is to increase the amount of secured e scooter bike racks around the city and they'll do this by adding 100 racks per month as well as having additional staff on hand to help out with any issues.
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this comes as the city wrapped up a year long pilot program dealing with only two operators. even with those two operators, you had residents voicing concerns over all the scooters you're seeing around san francisco. at the conclusion of that program back in october, the city decided to permit four operators around the city. each of those operators can deploy up to 500 scooters each, but get this, by february that number is going to jump to 1,000 each per operator. they'll have the ability to add at least up to 1,000 bikes around the city. we'll get details during the morning news conference at 9:00 a.m. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 5:06. 9ers fans savoring a last-minute victory. they were down three points to arizona with 39 seconds left and that's when jimmy g spotted running back jeff wilson jr. fans were say who?
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wilson took it 25 yards for that touchdown. nice dance at the end too. it was his second catch of the season and his first td ever. after the game jimmy g felt great for him. >> you got to tip your hat to him to be ready in that situation. as big of a moment as that was, i think it was his first offensive snap and i mean, to do that, it's incredible. >> it was. it was really nice. wilson started the year on the practice squad and the 9ers added a last second touchdown after that. they won the game 36-26 to move into 9-1. they shoot for 10-1 against the green bay packers at levi on sunday night football and you can watch that right here on nbc bay area starting a little after 5:00 p.m. for the raiders meantime, a win is a win against the winless bengals at the coliseum. maybe they had to work a little harder to get that win but derek carr gave oakland a 14-7 lead in the first half. it put the game on ice with a late interception. the raiders are now 6-4, tied
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for first with k.c. nice. a lot of fun football yesterday. >> you were talking about a win. we saw dancing. >> the way he did that dance in the end, he was just so excited. >> can't help but get excited. something to be excited about too, this weather we're having. >> you'll enjoy it today and then we're getting some cooler weather but that also comes with high winds. let's get you out the door this morning. in oakland, lower 50s. grab a nice warm jacket. we'll be in the low 50s but then you'll shed that jacket and we'll see temperatures in the 60s by early this afternoon. a lot of sunshine in the forecast today and well above normal temperatures. in some spots about ten degrees above where we should be for this time of year. we're up to 78 in livermore, 75 in napa and ewe kia reaching 79 degrees. towards the middle of the week
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we'll have concerns of a high fire danger for all of these areas shaded in orange which includes elevations above 1,000 feet. we could see gusty winds that could mean any fire that would develop could spread quickly. we'll talk more about this in a few minutes, mike? >> on the heyward side of the san mateo bridge and westbound moves smoothly although i do see traffic flowing. eastbound getting off the bridge, reports of a dog on the side of the road just watching traffic. they were concerned it was going to dart into lanes. chp like lly sending someone ov there. we'll track that report and so far nothing to follow and there's usually a good thing. again, over here, these lanes getting more filled with traffic. a couple of incidents at the bay bridge. we'll track that. back to you.
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>> wow, looks like monday is getting off to a crowded start out there. when was the last day to mail that present for your favorite niece and nephew. i know you have a few. >> i do, and it is that time of year again. get ready to mark your calendars. the deadline you need to know about to get those presents there on time. >> cash out olta little stock. the stock market at new highs this morning. >> you know bwhat, mike, i'm sue you're always keeping up -- scott. you're always "keeping up with the kardashians." check it out, they're in the bay area. we'll talk about where coming up at 5:25. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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good monday morning. let's get out the door in dublin. we start out with cool temperatures and clear skies. we're down to 45 degrees at 8:00. the rest of the day is looking pretty nice, and this is the last day we'll enjoy temperatures in the upper 70s here before it cools off. we'll talk about that and our high fire danger for mid-week, that's coming up in about five minutes. we showed you the early back-up filling in the lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza and now we're looking at the bridge itself and i hear about a disabled vehicle around the treasure island tunnel, looking for signs of that. you do see that crowd. we'll talk about what else we found coming up.
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good morning. a happy monday to you. all the major stock market indices will start the day at all-time highs. first time the dow has ever started above 28,000. sales force has its big conference tomorrow in san francisco. huewlett packard in palo alto said no to a takeover by xerox. we work, the big office rental company, will reportedly lay off thousands of workers. they went from unicorn to disaster in record time. its flaws laid out after it tried to go public and had to show everybody its financials and how they worked. despite a huge bailout from a japanese investor who is pouring billions into bay area funds through his soft bank fund, i've talked about him for a while. there was a point it seemed like anybody could get a couple million from him. "new york times" says we work could lay off as many as 4,000 nationwide. the problem with layoffs that big aside from the obvious human
5:15 am
story is it makes remaining employees nervous and they tend to start looking for other work. over the weekend apple removed hundreds of vaping apps off of its app store. you could see the apps to control temperature and other things. president trump reportedly backing off his big vaping ban after concerns that would turn vaping voters against him. and ford unveiled the new mustang mach e over the weekend. it's electric. it has a little bit of the look of the old mustang but it is a crossover suv. 240 miles on a single charge, 300 with the bigger battery. now, the gt version is crazy fast because all -- most electric cars are crazy fast because of the torque and also super heavy. that mustang will be most porsches, most supercars -- >> the only thing is you can't vroom, vroom.
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>> a little sound effect. put your orders in now. scott knows a lot about business and tech. he's sharing some of that knowledge this afternoon in san francisco, participating in a panel discussion as part of the 2019 venture capital straight com summit. he'll talk to industrial professionals about their experiences covering those companies. you better get up early though. >> that's right. >> right here bright and early. dark and early that is. santa is not the only one getting ready for christmas. you or maybe someone you know may be among those planning to send your own fair share of packages. if so, the postal service wants you to know about the deadlines. the deadline for shipping by ground mail is december 14th . r for packages under one pound it's december 20th and december 23rd for priority mail express, also the year that santa is in
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no danger of running out of room this year. as long as you're on the nice list. >> there we go. we'll get to christmas but first we got to do thanksgiving. talking turkey for a minute. thanksgiving is ten days away. if you need some help averting a turkey disaster, it's there at your fingertips. the planning to help hotline has a text line. the number is there on the banner. experts will answer questions like, how many cocktail napkins do i need for my friends giving. what? >> is that a real question? >> or, my friends giving of ten suddenly turned to 14. what's the best way to stretch my food? >> give just a little bit less. >> more bread. >> if you need help with those questions, you can just call me. >> we'll put laura's number on the bottom. >> no, never mind. who's ready for
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thanksgiving? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i think so. >> i'm not ready for it but i want it to happen. >> i'm excited for it. >> we're having our friends giving tomorrow and then a week later, a little over a week -- >> yeah, we have a little thanksgiving in the newsroom. that's our friends giving. >> it's already coming upon us. we're going to have a lot of changes weatherwise too before we get there. let's get out the door in concord with a look at the forecast for the morning. we're going to start out with mid 40s, clear skies and we'll see it warming up fairly quickly today. at lunchtime, it will be 71 degrees and a nice afternoon ahead with our temperatures still very warm for this time of year, reaching the upper 70s in concord and in livermore, 75 will be the high in napa and oakland today reaching 72. but this is the last day of warm weather before this cold front moves in. we can see the clouds stretching across the pacific on the satellite imagery associated with an area of low pressure that will be dropping in going
5:19 am
into tomorrow. as it does so, our winds will start to pick up. tomorrow afternoon we're looking at wind speeds at about 15 to 25 miles per hour, maybe even higher for spots like half moon bay, over toward redwood city, parts of the south bay also getting gusty winds as that front passes. it will also be a westerly wind so it will bring more humidity. by wednesday our fire danger increases due to lower humidity, a shift in the wind direction and increasing winds in the north bay. we're looking at northerly winds on wednesday coming in at about 35 to 45 miles per hour, maybe even higher for those higher elevations. that's really going to be a concern and the reason why pg&e may issue those power outages. we're also looking ahead to some rain that may only happen for the north bay within the next couple of weeks while the rest of the bay area stays dry. this low pressure drops in and mostly brings some rain for southern california and parts of the sierra.
5:20 am
we're going to stay dry, especially in our seven-day forecast, but much cooler air is headed our way along with gusty winds and that high fire danger starts mostly early wednesday morning. we'll have more on that. mike, you have a couple of concerns for the bay bridge. >> i do. first of all, we had the bay bridge toll plaza with the back-up that formed five or ten minutes earlier than we typically see. we have this back-up at the toll plaza and we'll show you the approach coming up but once you leave the toll plaza, a disabled vehicle on the left side as you're approaching the tunnel exit. be careful as you travel through the area. they don't have a bridge crew yet. we don't see any real problems. the optical illusion is it looks like it comes to a stop at the curve. it doesn't. there was actually a hit-and-run
5:21 am
and no problems for contra costa county. south bay smooth across the bridges getting to the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, are you wearing your fitbit right now? >> no. what about you apple watch lovers? it turns out more and more fitbit users are ditching the fitness trackers and trying something different. the concerns some users have after google purchased the company. plus, you want to stick around for this. dramatic video, this is a drunk driver nearly hitting a police cruiser not once but twice. how it all ended coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." ok, network inspection. -ok.
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new video shows the moment a woman nearly hit a police cruiser in michigan. take a look at this. it happened on saturday night. the officer was trying to move his vehicle out of the way after she -- she was spinning out of control, then she tries to sneak off. the officer then uses what's known as a pit maneuver to stop the 37-year-old driver because there was already another crash nearby. numerous officers didn't have to go very far to make the arrest. that driver is facing dui charges. 5:24. happening today, a santa cruz woman accused of throwing human blood onto california state senators is due in court. >> this happened in september.
5:25 am
authorities say the woman threw the blood from the senate gallery. she was protesting a new law aimed at cracking down on fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations. some fitbit users are ditching their devices for new fitness trackers over privacy concerns. it follows an announcement from google that it's acquiring fitbit for $2 billion. some users are worried about personal information even though google says it will not give health information to advertisers. >> google make their dollar off our data and information. this is just another way for them to gather more data and more information. >> not all users that are opposed to the google deal. some say they look forward to the potential product improvements. new this morning, kim kardashian west sharing details of a moving moment she had with a death row inmate. >> she was with rodney reed as
5:26 am
he received news a texas court decided to top his scheduled execution. >> it was just this overwhelming sigh of relief and hope that really filled the room but still i think when someone has been through so much trauma and so much disappointment in their life, especially when they feel like they haven't really been heard, you can imagine a sense of almost -- >> reed was found guilty in the 1996 murder of a 19-year-old grocery store worker. the project filed an appeal claiming the state suppressed evidence and relied on false witness testimony during the trial. kardashian is just one of several celebrities who have advocated for reed. speaking of the kardashians, there was a recent sighting of them in the north bay. some members including -- it all happened last week.
5:27 am
all seemingly trying to keep up with each other there. they also apparently went to a wine tasting at hall winery and they stopped and did some shopping at carter and company in the afternoon. the shop sells dinner ware. next, it could happen again, another round of power outages. >> gusty winds are in the forecast. coming up, we'll tell you where those shutoffs could happen. clus, c high fire danger starts on wednesday morning, continues through thursday. we'll talk about the timeline and how high the winds will get coming up next. plus get ready for dream force this week, the big sales force conference in san francisco. coming up we'll tell you who the keynote speaker is, plus the road closures you need to watch out for. speaking of the roads, they're getting packed out there. mike has his eye on the morning commute. we'll get through this monday
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good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning right here with us on "today in the bay". >> hope you had a great weekend. let's see what monday has in store for us weatherwise. >> weather from the weekend continues today. cool starts and warm afternoons but there will be changes down the line. let's get you out the door with a live look outside in san jose.
5:31 am
we're checking out our trends for sunnyvale. it's continuing to warm up as we go through the rest of the day, reaching the mid 70s, upper 70s inland and mid 70s today for parts of the north bay. we'll talk about what's going to happen there as we go throughout the week. mike, you spotted a problem on the bay bridge. >> i think i did. then i lost it. we're looking over here though and the back-up cleared. then it focused right here, appeared to be everybody jamming up approaching what i believe was a disabled vehicle on the left side. it cleared without any flashing lights that i saw over the last seven minutes. that's a better flow on the span but now we probably have those slowdowns a bit. they got turned on early. there's an early back-up at the curve. 24, you're doing already. the rest of contra county's approach just fine and so is the rest of the bay.
5:32 am
pg&e says there's a possibility thousands of homes and businesses in the bay area could be in the dark once again. bob is live in dublin. legislators are said to grill the utility about the recent power shutdowns. >> reporter: correct, marcus. yes, pg&e's ceo is scheduled to face angry lawmakers when he testifies later today about his company's recent decisions to shut off power for thousands of people in recent weeks which could happen again later this week. the utility says potentially strong offshore winds could hit the bay area as early as wednesday which could lead to these preventative power shutoffs. it's important to note that no decision has been made as of yet. but this morning pg&e plans to begin contacting customers who might be impacted. take a look at the map that pg&e has released. it shows areas where the power could be turned off, namely here in the hills of the east bay,
5:33 am
parts of napa, sonoma, areas on the peninsula and in the south bay. >> it's very preliminary but it's mirroring the conditions which affected 177,000. we have not yet identified any cities or counties. we have not called the event. >> reporter: when pg&e's ceo bill johnson testifies later today in sacramento, lawmakers are expected to criticize his company's decision to shut off power. they have been doing this in an attempt to prevent pg&e electrical equipment from starting wildfires. now, lawmakers have said the shutoffs are too broad and poorly executed. johnson says on the contrary, that they have been well planned and executed and have saved lives. governor newsom has argued that pg&e electrical equipment is outdated and prone to failure and high winds because of years of mismanagement. >> bob, thank you. as we get closer to the potential power shutoffs we want
5:34 am
to let you know that we will have all that important information on our website as well as our free mobile app. you can check to see if you are in that shutoff zone. head over to an emotional remembrance in southern california for the two students shot and killed by a classmate. last night mourners gathered to remember the two young victims shot and killed at saugus high school last thursday. one other student remains in the hospital. the shooter turned the gun on himself and was declared dead over the weekend. saugus will remain closed through december 2. in the wake of the school shooting, authorities are now saying they're investigating several false threats against other schools in the area. detectives with the los angeles sheriff's department say they're looking into vague social media posts. none however has been found credible. the owners of a san francisco ice cream store are offering a $2,000 reward to track down the vandal in a september attack caught on video. that vandal can be seen using
5:35 am
acid to draw on the storefront. he also put glue in the door locks and caused thousands of dollars in damage. then he took photos of it with his phone. the ice cream shop is located in the mission. the owners hope the vandal's clothing helps provide clues to track him down. >> he has a kind of very particular shoes that not only are they very expensive but they're very unique. >> this isn't the first time the store has been vandalized. last year three people targeted the ice cream store along with neighboring shops. this time around only the ice cream shop was targeted. downtown san francisco is gearing up for the annual dream force conference. it officially kicks off tomorrow. dream force takes place at the miss coney center. surrounding streets will be impacted. we're talking about howard street between 3rd and 4th. you're advised to take public translation. also former president barack
5:36 am
obama will be this year's keynote speaker. the convention ends on friday. downtown san jose will be festive tonight as the christie yamaguchi ice rink holds the opening ceremony. yamaguchi is an east bay native and olympic gold medallist. ticket sales help benefit her always dream foundation which supports early childhood literacy. she says she's excited to share the stage with mike but he does outshine her in one key area. >> sometimes i envy, he has a better manicure than me usually with his blue nail on there every time. >> tonight's event kicks off at 6:00 in downtown ice along market street. the rink operates through january 12th. >> the producer says i need to hold my hand up now to show the finger. i'm not going to show you -- >> tell folks why you do that.
5:37 am
>> one blue nail, just one nail painted. it's a little something to amuse myself and a little something extra that sometimes people notice. i tell that to the kids that i talk to as well, do a little something extra to at least help yourself keep you amused and interested and some day it will help get your job that you love like i did here. >> that blue finger. >> that one blue fingernail. >> also it bothered my girlfriend who's now my wife. >> didn't bother her too much. mike, what's the traffic looking like? >> oh yeah, let's take a look at that besides my nail. we don't have blue on the map. we have red here at the toll plaza but notice that the cash and fast track lanes are moving better. we're looking at the rest of the flow across the bridge and that's rofecovering from the earlier disabled vehicle. we have a crash getting away from the bay bridge around carls carlson. we see some flowing where it's
5:38 am
circled. an easy drive for this monday but it was heavier early this morning. >> look forward to the weekend. it was nice. >> it was a nice weekend but we're also going to have a big change for this upcoming weekend. i wanted to show you the forecast for tonight as we get ready for that big event downtown with our own mike, the big draw of course. >> oh yeah. >> we'll see temperatures in the mid 70s. it's going to be warm for ice skating but i think you'll enjoy it. the rest of the week temperatures will cool down and it will finally feel like fall even as we go into the weekend but it will warm up a few degrees by sunday. we're looking at mid 60s for san francisco throughout the week and into the weekend. let's start to make some plans. how about going hiking. low 60s throughout the weekend with mostly sunny skies. if you're planning to go to the
5:39 am
sierra this weekend, we're looking at temperatures in lake tahoe reaching 45 degrees on friday for the high. then some low 50s by the end of the weekend. napa valley looks nice as well as we see highs reaching into the upper 60s from friday through sunday. we'll continue to follow that forecast as we get a big cooldown. we'll also talk about what's coming our way mid-week. >> thanks. if you love to see taylor swift perform, there's some bad blood surrounding her. the pop star says she might not be able to perform at this year's american music awards. >> she's getting support though in washington d.c. the fight between swift and people who own her music getting a little messy. and we're actually getting your monday started off right with this little guy right here. look at him go. we can't say anything clever other than look at him go, and
5:40 am
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right now let's show you how the morning shapes up. another cool start and this will be the last really warm day we have for the week before we cool off. we're already looking at low 70s
5:43 am
by 1:00 today. we'll talk about that, our fire danger and what else is in the forecast. >> you're looking at the east shore freeway. the headlights are the commute direction westbound. the brake lights are eastbound. we have a traffic alert, a deadly crash reported over here heading up toward richmond from berkeley. we'll give you details and try to get you around this as best we can. thanks so much, mike. we'll check back with you on that traffic alert. highway 121 will be cut to one lane through early tomorrow morning from a fuel truck overturning on saturday. the crash ruptured a tank, dumping fuel all over the road. crews were on the scene all weekend assessing whether the section of road needs to be replaced. the work should be done tomorrow morning. an ambush shooting at a b
5:44 am
block party at fresno, the latest on the victims and the manhunt to locate that gunman. and an an usual twist this morning. police believe that a south bay prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter to lure a suspect. >> authorities arrested ali langua lajmiri. the father recorded the suspect touching the girl last week but he may also now be in line to face child endangerment charges. state prosecutors have taken over both the molestation and that child endangerment case. a memorial service is planned for tonight in oakland to mark 41 years since the jones town massacre. on this day in 1978, more than 900 americans died at the jones town settlement in guyana, south america.
5:45 am
cult leader jim jones ordered his followers to drink cyanide after the murders of five people after a nearby air strip. bay area representative jackie speier barely escaped with her life. new details about the dispute of the ownership of taylor swift's music. several lawmakers and celebrities expressed support for swift including elizabeth warren and alexandria ocasio-cortez. conservative commentator tomi lahren also backing swift. swift says she may not be able to perform at the american music awards because the new owners of her old recordings won't allow her to play those songs. 5:45. another week of impeachment hearings getting under way and this will will have a lot of witnesses. >> her name is jennifer williams. she was on the call president
5:46 am
trump made with the ukrainian president. she will lead off public testimony starting tomorrow. williams, another career foreign service officer, testified behind closed doors over the weekend. we have transcripts of that testimony. they've been released to the public. we know she said the phone call was, quote, inappropriate. president trump lashed out at her on twitter. i'll read the first part. tell jennifer williams, whoever that is, to read both transcripts of the presidential calls. now, williams does not need to read the transcripts because she was on the phone call itself and she immediately raised concerns, similar to lieutenant colonel vindman. on the call, listened to the whole thing, and when everybody hung up immediately said, hold on, the president just did something we should be alarmed about. president trump insists everyone read the transcript. his fans behind him at this
5:47 am
kentucky rally wearing t-shirts saying read the transcript, but people on the phone call don't need to read the transcript of a call they were literally on. and the transcript, more accurately the summary, released by the white house shows him asking for a favor. there are more tweets. all of that is read the transcript. we were showing you that rally in kentucky. let's add the rally in louisiana. in both cases the president campaigning for two republican candidates for governor. in both cases the candidates he rallied for lost. in a special election over the weekend, democratic governor john bel edwards was re-elected, the only democratic governor in the deep south. >> as for the president, god bless him. >> tomorrow nbc will have special coverage and tomorrow morning on "today in the bay" i'll walk you through all the
5:48 am
people we're going to hear from. >> thank you, scott. 5:47 right now. trending this morning, an im pausable feat on ice. this is during intermission of the vegas golden knights game against the calgary flames. benny supported a tiny pair of skates on his front paws and carried a hockey stick in his mouth as he blyglides across th rink. he even did a little jump, stuck the landing of course. his owners say that he skates with locals to raise money for an area foundation in las vegas. let's say he's definitely deserving of a treat. >> he's really good. >> is he skating or just trying to get off the ice? >> yeah. you'll be on the ice tonight. >> that's exactly what i look like. come on, help me out.
5:49 am
>> he's helping to open downtown ice. >> yeah. friday i think it was the official grand opening. and of course kristi yamaguchi will be there. >> the temperatures have been warm for ice skating. >> it's still going to be warm today. we're starting out cool. we had the early hours with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. as we head through the day it warms up. let's head over to mountain view as we get ready to head out on this monday morning. a chilly start. you need a warmer jacket with upper 40s at 6:00. then as we go through the rest of the day, that sun helps us to warm up and we'll see some upper 60s by noon. eventually reaching into the low 70s here. we're up to 75 for the high temperature today. keep in mind that our normal high temperature for this time of year is about 63 to 65 degrees. we're well above that today. upper 70s for livermore this afternoon. oakland reaching 72.
5:50 am
santa rosa 78 degrees with san francisco, again, another warm day, reaching into the low 70s. towards the middle of the week we'll have a high fire danger and this starts early wednesday morning, a fire weather watch for all of these areas above 1,000 feet. our north bay hills, a lot of our mountains in the north bay will have a high fire danger, as well as the east bay hills. this is all because of the winds picking up. as the cold front moves through this area of low pressure to our south is going to cause our mountains to see wind gusts peaking at about 60 miles per hour. let's go through our wind forecast. we will have breezy wind starting tomorrow but this will be more of a westerly and northwesterly wind, still keeping our humidity high. then as the wind shifts direction and turns northerly, the winds will at times gust in those upper elevations at about 30 to 40 miles per hour and then once again some higher gusts the higher up you go in elevation.
5:51 am
as we look ahead to the next week and maybe even the next couple of weeks, it does show some rain for parts of the coastal north bay but much of the rest of the bay area stays dry. this is a look at another computer model that shows very trace amounts of rain for the north bay. that's something we'll be watching but overall we're looking at a fairly dry trend, cooler temperatures as fall returns by the middle of this week. we'll have chilly morning temperatures dropping down into the low 40s with san francisco coming back to the lower 60s. mike, you're tracking that deadly crash in the east bay. >> i am, unfortunately we have a deadly crash that happened on the east shore freeway. it is counter commute but you see the brake lights jamming up at the top of our screen. the arrow shows you going away from the bay bridge. those are the lights on the left-hand side of the screen. the three left lanes blocked by this incident. we've had a number of reports, the details talking about the left lanes being blocked. you can also see on waze san
5:52 am
pablo avenue is your alternate. waze will help you as you come across anything unexpected like this, no matter how long it does last. we remind you to join nbc bay area wazers. your alternate is right before the 580 split and that will cause an issue. getting to the bay bridge we had the earlier incident which is cleared from the span but the back-up formed on 880 northbound and the curve coming into the area as the lights go back to their typical speeds. the westbound commute should recover. contra costa county, typical build. the big concern again, east 80 out of berkeley. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, syracuse university students are holding a sit-in following a string of racially charged episodes. the latest took place saturday night when members of one fraternity are accused of having used racial slurs against an african-american student. that incident prompted the
5:53 am
school to suspend all fraternities, social activities, and local authorities are investigating. next, a new health alert. the info all parents will want to hear about the hpv vaccine. then later, a comeback everyone is still talking about. at 6:00 the dramatic touchdown that got the 49ers back on track. and the raiders waking up in the thick of the playoff hunt. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:54 am
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. just about everyone in the bay area seems to have a bart story, good, bad, weird. sometimes even dangerous. we spent months riding and recording on bart to find out how a world class transportation system got derailed. you can watch our entire series on our website, here are the details for you again. you can binge watch the entire series, all five parts, right now on our website. go to our team is always on social media. check out this photo that kari shared on instagram, went on a hike over the weekend, caught a beautiful sunset. 5:56 right now. new information this morning from a new government study
5:57 am
confirming the hpv vaccine is safe. researchers reviewed three years of data and found no new or unexpected problems linked to that vaccine. 97% of reported side effects were minor, including headache, dizziness, fainting and pain at the injection site. about 34,000 hpv related cancers are diagnosed every year in the u.s. that's why pediatricians recommend all young people receive that vaccine. new today, an exclusive year-long investigation. it's a mineral that we interact with every day. cynthia mcfadden went to m madagascar with the impact on children and mothers. >> reporter: good morning, this is sheet mika. it's often called a magic mineral. it allows electricity to pass through it without overheating and it's found in every airplane, every car and every cell phone. the island nation of madagascar is the world's largest producer.
5:58 am
while billion dollar companies depend on it, the young mothers and children who mine it are paid only pennies for their dangerous work. coming up, we reveal the shocking results of our exclusive year-long investigation. we go where few outsiders have ever been to tell a story that's never been told. hope you'll join us this morning on "today." >> you can look for that full report coming up at 7:00. that's right after "today in the bay." or you can go to later today. a grand opening of about 200 patients and staff carefully walked each one across the sky bridge connecting the old hospital to the new. each was met with applause and fanfare. hospital leaders say it's exciting and rewarding to see their vision turned into reality. >> we have always known that we are able to provide world class care, but what's really wonderful is that we can do it in this beautiful healing space.
5:59 am
we've made all the rooms private. all the rooms have spaces for their families, patient's families to sleep which is something we've never been able to offer before and even in the intensive care units. >> the seven-story facility includes 368 patient rooms, 20 operating rooms and a level one trauma center. right now at 6:00, ten people shot in the central valley. four are dead. >> we're going to exhaust every investigative lead to find out who did this and why and bring them to justice. >> this time in fresno, the party the victims were having and why authorities say they do not think this was random. hong kong violence, a chaotic scene overseas overnight. the new protest and backlash from police. and protecting pedestrians, the new steps in san francisco today as the city prepares for a huge influx of bicycles set to crowd the streets. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you.
6:00 am
hope you had a great weekend. thanks so much for starting your monday morning out with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a thing that a lot of people are going to be talking about, possible shutoffs this week. we'll track every moment of that and we'll have a live report talking about when you can expect to see those happen. certainly something we're going to be watching out for. kari, you've been talking about possible winds? >> yeah, that's the reason why. public safety power shutoff for the middle of this week. we're starting out with cool weather and clear skies as we take a live look outside in walnut creek. our temperatures will drop down to 45 degrees but then look at how fast it warms up today. we'll be in the low 70s by 1:00 today, eventually reaching the upper 70s for an afternoon high temperature. san jose reaching 75. also 75 in napa. we'll talk more about what's ahead for mid-week. mike, yav


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