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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thanks so much for starting your monday morning out with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a thing that a lot of people are going to be talking about, possible shutoffs this week. we'll track every moment of that and we'll have a live report talking about when you can expect to see those happen. certainly something we're going to be watching out for. kari, you've been talking about possible winds? >> yeah, that's the reason why. public safety power shutoff for the middle of this week. we're starting out with cool weather and clear skies as we take a live look outside in walnut creek. our temperatures will drop down to 45 degrees but then look at how fast it warms up today. we'll be in the low 70s by 1:00 today, eventually reaching the upper 70s for an afternoon high temperature. san jose reaching 75. also 75 in napa. we'll talk more about what's ahead for mid-week. mike, you have the breaking news
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from the traffic department. that's right. on the east shore freeway, turn your attention to eastbound 80 that's getting away from the bay bridge. folks are lucky to have a counter commute direction typically in the morning lighter, right now jammed up at the top of your screen all the way back to university. you see the crossing here. folks are getting off at university and making their way towards san pablo avenue but the build is starting to happening because more traffic is flowing through the area. we have the maze and the back-up toward the bay bridge and getting away from the bay bridge toward richmond and albany, we're down to two lanes, watching for any developments. we don't have details on the death that was related to this crash or when lanes are reportedly going to clear but the rest of the bay is moving well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. developing for you this morning, what was a family gathering is now california's latest mass casualty shooting. four people died when someone snuck into a fresno back yard
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where people were watching a football game and started shooting. >> chris sanchez joins us with what we know about the search for the shooter. >> reporter: we would love to give you information about the gunman but we don't know who that gunman is at this point. fresno police are still trying to identify that person and also figure out what the person for this mass casualty shooting might have been. it happened in fresno last night before 8:00. four people are now known dead, six others were injured in the back yard of that family home where as many as 35 people were gathered to watch sunday night football. early reports are that the gunman snuck in and opened fire before then running away on foot. at this point fresno police are talking with other people who were at that home at the time last night. they're also talking with folks in the neighborhood. >> it's very likely that it was targeted. we just don't know why. somebody picked that house and came up and shot several times on the backside of it. it looks like it was a target. we just don't know what the
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reason was. >> the deputy police chief says there were women and there were children at that family home at the time of this shooting but all of the victims are adult men between the ages of 25 and 30. all of them are also asian. fresno police say that right now there does not seem to be any indication linking this to any sort of gang violence. because of the number of people shot and killed, this could be considered a mass shooting. we just had one at a school last week and at this point the san francisco based team from the atf, they're headed to fresno to help with this investigation as well. in the newsroom, chris sanchez. >> thanks so much, chris. 6:03. on capitol hill lawmakers are gearing up for week two of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. this will be the busiest week yet with eight witnesses scheduled to testify. craig boswell joins us now in washington to break down the week ahead.
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craig? >> reporter: laura, good morning. good morning, everyone. there are three days of scheduled open hearings and for the first time we'll hear from people actually on the call at the center of the impeachment inquiry. a packed schedule for week two in the impeachment inquiry of president trump. 8 witnesses are scheduled to testify over three days beginning tuesday morning. the open testimony includes for the first time those with firsthand knowledge of the call between president trump and the president of ukraine. >> there is now ample evidence out there that there was a corrupt deal being cooked up. >> reporter: democrats' first witness is lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. he's the director for european affairs. in his closed door testimony he said he was so alarmed by the call he reported his concerns to the top lawyer at the nfc. >> i disagree with you, george, i don't think the evidence is building at all and i'm being sincere. i think the evidence is crumbling. >> reporter: republicans and the
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president maintain there was no quid pro quo, the withholding of military aid in exchange for an investigation of the bidens. house speaker nancy pelosi invited the president to come speak for himself. >> the president could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants. >> reporter: also testifying tuesday is tim morrison, a former aid who corroborated that gordan sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the european union, told a top ukrainian official that aid was contingent on a biden investigation. craig boswell, nbc news, washington. developing in hong kong, police are in violent clashes with protestors who are now trying to avoid arrest of a closed off university campus. new video showing officers firing tear gas. anti-government protestors barricaded themselves inside the campus for days. some then launched fire bombs at police who are now accused of roughing up some of those protestors while making those arrests.
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so far police have arrested 154 people. happening today, there are hundreds of them already on san francisco's streets but there soon could be thousands more e bikes in the city and it's an ongoing concern for people in the city. pete joins us with a breakdown of that plan. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. we expect a big announcement later this morning in san francisco as the city prepares for thousands of e scooters in the city in the coming months. here's how they plan to handle this issue. the plan is to increase the amount of secured racks for those e scooters and bikes around san francisco. they plan to do this by adding 100 racks per month as well as additional staff to help out around the city. now, this comes as the city recently wrapped up a year-long pilot program dealing with only two operators. even then you had residents voicing concerns over parking for those e scooters and san francisco.
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at the conclusion of that program last month, the city decided to permit four operators around the city. they could deploy up to 500 scooters each and in february the number is going to jump up to 1,000 scooters per operator. we'll get more details on that plan during a news conference later this morning at 9:00 a.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today if the bay." let's talk a little football right now. bay area football certainly booming again. the 9ers and raiders right in the thick of hunt. >> the 9ers fans are savings the last minute victory. yesterday the 9ers were down three points to arizona with 39 seconds left. that's when jimmy g spotted jimmy wilson jr. who took it 25 yards for that touchdown. it was his second catch of the season and his first touchdown catch. after the game jimmy g felt
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grateful. >> you got to tip your hat to him to be ready in that situation. as big of a moment as that was, i think it was his first offensive snap and i mean, to do that, it's incredible. >> wilson started the year on the practice squad. the 9ers added a last second touchdown after that winning 36-26 to move to 9-1. they shoot for 10-1 against the green bay packers on sunday night. you can actually watch that game right here on nbc bay area starting a little after 5:00. >> so good to see wilson after that touchdown. for the raiders, a win is a win against a winless bengals at the coliseum. maybe they had to work a little harder to get that win but derek carr gave oakland a 14-7 lead in the first half. they put the game on ice with a late interception. the raiders now are 6-4 and tied for first with k.c. nice, both bay area teams. >> win for the 9ers, the raiders and a win for the bay area with this weather. we're going to cool off heading into the rest of the
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week. we're going to enjoy getting outside today. look at the sunrise as we look outside in san jose, heading to south san jose. it's going to be in the upper 40s as you step out the door and then it will warm up quickly. look at the noon temperatures, 70 degrees. that is perfect. then the rest of the day we continue to warm up. as we head out the door in antioch getting the kids up and out the door for school, it's going to be a chilly one. expect to have to wear the heavier jacket with mid 40s and then the rest of the day it's going to warm up so make sure you write the name on the tag because they won't be wearing it coming out of school. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, you have one unexpected jam. >> this is unfortunately the east shore freeway where westbound is jammed up from berkeley to the berkeley curve. unexpected is this unfortunate incident, a deadly crash that's blocking the left lanes. you see traffic loosing up at the top of the screen past buchanan. if you can get over to buchanan
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and get north of there you're fine. that's where the jam is. everything else towards the bridge is okay. you may want to use san pablo avenue, likely getting flooded with traffic. the approach to the bay bridge is starting to ease up after that crash cleared. slowdown for pleasanton, heyward and no problems for the silicon valley. back to you. thanksgiving is getting closer. do you know what to do? >> trending this morning, some turkey tips before your next big meal. we'll look at some of the questions that people are asking. you might actually get a laugh out of this one. >> my dad tells the story of putting wax paper over the turkey. >> oh my. >> he was young, never made that mistake again. all right, no mistakes on the stock market. a record, in fact. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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. right now at 6:13, the warm and sunny weather we had from over the weekend continues today. here's a live look outside in palo alto and a lot of people up and out the door. as you head out the door it's going to be in the upper 40s and reaching into the low 70s today. this is the last day we'll see warm weather like this. we'll talk about the cooldown in the forecast and the gusty winds. that's in less than five minutes. look at this, in the middle of the freeway going away from the bay bridge, flashing lights leading a procession. clearly they had to let that
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vehicle in to remove at least part of the closure, a deadly crash eastbound continues to jam up. we'll talk about that and the effect on the rest of your bay bridge approach throughout that area. good morning and a very happy monday to you. all of the major stock market indices will start the day at all-time highs. first time the dow has ever started above 28,000. sales force has its big conference tomorrow in san francisco. hewlett packard in palo alto said no to a xerox takeover but left the door open for further talks. we work, the big office rental company, will reportedly lay off thousands of workers. they went from unicorn to disaster in record time. its flaws laid open after it tried to go public and had to show everybody its financials and how they worked.
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this despite a huge bailout from a japanese investor who is pouring billions into bay area funds through his soft bank fund. i've been talking about him for a while. there was a point it seemed like anybody could get a couple million from him. "new york times" says we work could lay off as many as 4,000 nationwide. the problem with layoffs other than the obvious human story is it makes remaining employees nervous and they tend to start looking for other work. over the weekend apple removed hundreds of vaping apps off of its app store. you could use those apps to control temperature and other things. president trump reportedly backing off his big vaping ban after concerns that would turn vaping voters against him. and ford unveiled the new mustang mach e over the weekend. it's electric. it has a little bit of the look of the old mustang but it is a crossover suv. 240 miles on a single charge, 300 with the bigger battery. now that front trunk or the front hood that you see, there's
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no engine under there. it's empty. it also has a little drain at the bottom. what you can do, fill it with ice and beer. >> are you kidding? >> i'm not kidding. >> interesting. tailgating. >> thought of everything. >> yeah, interesting. we all know that scott knows a lot about business and tech. he's going to share some of that knowledge this afternoon in san francisco, participating in a panel discussion as part of the 2019 venture capital straight com summit. he and reporters will talk to industry professionals about their experiences covering those companies. >> standing room only, i'm sure. >> absolutely. >> don't forget to come back tomorrow. let's talk about turkeys for a minute here. thanksgiving now just ten days away and nowadays if you need some help averting a turkey disaster, there's help at your fingertips. instead of calling the duo behind the party planning help, they have a new text hotline.
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you can see their number on the banner. they'll answer questions like this, i'm tight on space, will be sitting on the floor. what's the cheapest way to keep it cute? >> make reservations. >> i don't know, if someone invites you to their house and say hey, welcome, have a seat -- >> they invited you though, that's nice, right? >> also you accepted. >> what if you wore a skirt, not me but you. >> sit like a lady. >> a prayer cloth over you. i guess you would call and tell them beforehand, right? >> i don't know, maybe. >> i don't know why you have to call a hotline to figure out the answer. just figure it out, you know. i don't know. >> something for everyone. >> there you go. you want compassion, call kari. >> yeah, stick around. it's hard to believe though it is so close, we're approaching the holidays, so
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yes, time to get the shopping and get all that stuff prepared. if you're about to head out the door this morning, we're just trying to get to work. let's show you the view looking in san francisco. we'll see mostly clear sunrise for much of the bay area. as we head towards the east bay, it's going to only be 45 degrees, a cool start to the day going into the rest of the day. really nice with low 70s by early this afternoon, high temperatures today still well above normal. think about this, we should be in the lower 60s for many areas. san jose, the normal high temperature is 63 degrees but we're up to 75 today,. 73 the high in aloe alto. san francisco could be up to 70 today and 78 degrees in santa rosa. we will have a cooldown on the way. as the cold front sweeps in it will cause winds to pick up and by wednesday we could have a
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high fire danger for elevations above 1,000 feet. this map highlights those areas now under a fire weather watch that will be in effect from 4:00 wednesday morning until 7:00 thursday morning. this also includes much of the inland east bay hills and the san jose foothills so we will be watching out for that as this front comes in. it's also going to be very dry unfortunately, no rain associated with this, not for us but it could bring in rain for southern california. we can see the offshore winds that will develop going into wednesday as low pressure moves to the east of us. then we're going to see those gusty winds for a couple of days and then some warmer weather by the end of the weekend just slightly. our weather model showing very low chansces of rain but there could be rain chances between now and next wednesday. then looking at another computer model barely showing anything so right now the models are disagreeing on when we can see
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some rain but we are also going to see a cooldown in the forecast. once again, that high fire danger and the potential of power shutoffs start this wednesday. we'll have more on that. mike, you're tracking the major delay on the east shore freeway. >> that's right, unfortunately we have to report the deadly crash that happened as you're traveling away from the bay bridge, past the golden gate area just before buchanan where this crash is blocking the left lanes. you can kind of see the traffic releasing and the flashing lights gathering as more crews are going along the far left lane over into the area. everybody shifts to the right because only those two lanes are open. a lot of folks bailing out at university avenue. the back-up from buchanan all the way back to basically ashby but we have a couple of more crashes reported. leyla does not love the back-up but the reason of course is because they're trying to figure
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out what exactly happened. i'm not getting many details but san pablo avenue is showing you smooth flow of traffic but the exits are flooded. nbc bay area waze is our team. we'd love for you to share that information. we're sharing the rest of the roadways with a smooth drive. it's 40 minutes now because of the distraction over there getting past that crash near buchanan. once you get past that, you have just the metering lights and the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. there is a disabled vehicle near foster city. i'll check that coming up. you know the hit song by taylor swift, bad blood. she's dealing with bad blood of her own, saying she might not be able to perform at this year's american music awards. >> she's getting support from washington d.c. the fight between swift and the people who own her music getting messy. she tried to get her washer and dryer replaced but she's she was being charged for critical
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opponents. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. ok, network inspection. -ok.
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connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected.
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but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around. simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security for all your connected devices. click, call or visit a store today. 6:24 right now. nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman whose washer and drier left her hung out to dry. >> when she tried to get them replaced she says the store asked her to pay extra for essential parts. chris chmura is here to explain. >> good morning, debbie fish
6:25 am
bought her washer and drier as a set at sears. she paid extra for the master protection plan, and she ended up needing that. the washer quick working. after several attempts to fix it, sears agreed to replace both the washer and dryer since they were a set, but debbie says sears charged her for sales tax, a new set of floor stands and hoses and connectors used for hookup, both pieces. she didn't think that was fair so debbie turned to us. we asked sears to take another look. a spokesperson told us the agreement only covers the appliance, not any accessories. well, sears threw in the accessories anyway after talking to us and debbie agreed to pay the sales tax. she says we helped her save about $100. got an appliance issue? maybe we can help. 888-996-tips or online at >> thanks, chris. 6:25. new details about the dispute over the ownership of taylor swift's music. several lawmakers and other celebrities now expressing
6:26 am
support for swift on social media. that includes senator elizabeth warren, representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, as well as conservative commentator tomi lahren and stormy daniels. as we first told you on friday, swift says she may not be able to perform at the american music awards. that's because she says the new owners of her old recordings will not allow her to play those songs. 6:26, new this morning, kim kardashian west sharing details of a moving moment she had with a death row inmate. >> she was with rodney reed as he received news that a texas court decided to stop his scheduled execution. >> it was just this overwhelming sigh of relief and hope that really filled the room but still i think when someone has been through so much trauma and so much disappointment in their life, especially when they feel like they haven't really been heard, you can imagine a sense
6:27 am
of almost disbelief. >> reed was found guilty in the 1996 murder of a 19-year-old grocery store worker. the innocence project filed an appeal claiming the state suppressed evidence and relied on false witness testimony during the trial. kardashian is just one of several celebrities who have advocated for reed. 6:27. more local news ahead for you. we're talking about the new power outages from pg&e, when and where the utility might shut off power. we're going to have reaction from people who might be impacted, and we're going to check to see where those bad spots might be. plus, not so sweet. a vandal targets a beloved ice cream shop. the clue the store's owner says may help police find the culprit. we'll be right back. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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6:30 on your monday morning. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're going to get a look at that forecast for the start of the work week. kari hall has been checking on that. >> a beautiful sunrise as we look outside across san pablo bay, a beautiful start this morning. we're going to see skies clearing across the rest of the bay area looking live right now in walnut creek. temperatures start out cool but it will be another warm afternoon. we're going from 44 degrees in dublin this morning to about 75 degrees at 2:00 today.
6:31 am
we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, you're continuing that alert for east bay commuters. >> that's right. especially because it's a counter commute, what normally is not a problem from ashby avenue to just shy of buchanan. we have a massive back-up because of a deadly crash still blocking your left lanes. the distraction from all of that slowing is westbound and adds to the build. the rest of the congestion has cleared up from the earlier crash that was, past tense. slowing through heyward. the disabled vehicle should be clearing from the san mateo bridge. pg&e says there's a possibility thousands of homes and businesses in the bay area could be in the dark once again. bob riddell live for us in dublin and it seems like the ceo will be in hot water with
6:32 am
legislators talking about the power shutdown again. >> reporter: correct, marcus. yes, pg&e's ceo is expected to face angry lawmakers when he testifies in sacramento later today about his company's recent decisions to shut off power for thousands of customers in recent weeks which could happen again later this week. the utility says potentially strong offshore winds could be hitting the bay area as early as wednesday. it is important to note that no decision has been made as of yet, but this morning pg&e does plan to begin contacting customers who might be impacted. take a look at this map that pg&e has released that we put on your tv screen. it shows areas where the power could be turned off and mainly it's the hills here throughout the bay area. we a the hills in the east bay, napa, sonoma, areas on the peninsula and the south bay.
6:33 am
>> very preliminary but mirroring the conditions that affected 177,000. we have not identified cities or counties. we have not called the event. >> reporter: when pg&e ceo bill johnson testifies later today in sacramento, lawmakers are expected to criticize his company's decision to shut off power and they've been doing this, pg&e has, in an attempt to prevent their electrical equipment from starting wildfires. lawmakers have said the shutoffs are too broad and poorly executed. johnson says on the contrary, that they have been well planned out and execute and have saved lives. governor newsom argued that pg&e's electrical equipment is outdated and prone to failure in high winds because of years of mismanagement. >> we all know with those strong winds, breaking those power lines can cause. thanks for that report. as we get closer to the
6:34 am
potential power shutoffs, we will have all the important information you need to know on our website as well as our free mobile app. you can check to see if you're in that shutoff zone. go to for that. 6: 34 right now. an emotional remembrance in southern california for the two students shot and killed by a classmate. last night in santa clarita mourners gathered to remember the two young victims shot and killed at saugus high school last thursday. one of three other students injured remains in the hospital. the shooter turned the gun on himself and was declared dead over the weekend. saugus will remain closed through december 2nd. the owners of a san francisco ice cream store are offering a $2,000 reward to track down the vandals in a september attack caught on video. some of those vandals can be seen using acid to draw on the storefront. he also put glue in the door locks which caused thousands of dollars of damage and then took
6:35 am
photos with his phone. the ice cream shop is located in the mission and the owners help this video can provide clues to track them down. >> he has a kind of very particular shoes. not only are they very expensive but they're very unique. >> this is not the first time that store has been vandalized. last year three people targeted the ice cream store along with neighboring shops. this is the only one to be targeted this time around. 6:35. downtown san francisco gearing up for the dream force conference that kicks off tomorrow. dream force takes place from howard street between 3rd and 4th. if you plan to be in that area, you are advised to take public transportation. barack obama will be this year's keynote speaker. the convention ends on friday. downtown san jose will be festive tonight as the kristi
6:36 am
yamaguchi holiday ice rink holds its opening ceremony. our own mike inouye will emcee the ceremony along with yamaguchi. she's an east bay native, olympic gold medallist. ticket sales help benefit her always dream foundation which supports early childhood literacy. yamaguchi says she's excited to share the stage with mike again but he does outshine her in one key area. >> sometimes i envy, he has a better manicure than me usually with his blue nail on there every time. >> tonight's event kicks off at 6:00 in downtown ice along south market street. the rink operates through january 12th. you've got some time to strap on the skates. >> it operates through my birthday. >> perfect. >> special for you. it's all about you on that day. >> nice celebration. hey, i love being out there with kristi.
6:37 am
we compete with nails and who has better hair. she wins on both. she has medals or something like that. looking towards the rest of the commute and we're showing slowdowns through contra costa county and for the walnut creek interchange. the big problem, a sad incident, the deadly crash that happened at eastbound 80 at buchanan very early this morning. we still have lanes blocked, only two lanes blocked. they just opened one more. traffic start tog moing to move now all the way up to buchanan. that's getting away from the bay bridge. san pablo avenue has been a good alternate for folks through the area. your typical commute routes are showing typical slowing for heyward, pleasanton and starting for silicon valley. >> thank you very much, mike. monday but already thinking about the weekend. >> but i want to continue that today as we get ready for san jose to have the grand opening of the ice rink.
6:38 am
we have some nice weather for you this evening, mike. we're going to see temperatures cooling off into the mid 60s and it will start to feel more like ice skating weather as the night goes along with our temperatures dropping down into the upper 50s. as we go throughout the week we'll have our high fire danger for the middle of the week but then by the time we get to the weekend we do keep the fall-like temperatures but the winds will start to calm down so it's going to be a nice weekend ahead. we're making plans to get outside also in san francisco with some mid 60s in the forecast. if you want to go hiking this weekend expect it to reach into the low 60s in muir woods, starting with low 40s there. if you're planning to go to lake tahoe, it's going to be great, temperatures up to 45 on friday and low 50s on sunday. today's temperature trend in the east bay coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks. 6:38. coming up next, a deadly ambush in fresno. the party the victims were
6:39 am
having and why authorities say they don't think it was random. for the first time we're getting a live update from the crime scene next. later, a big business headline. at 6:57, the possible change coming to the bem battled company we work. ebattled compan we work. mbattled company we work.
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good monday morning. it's 6:41. here's a look at our temperature trend for the morning in martinez.
6:42 am
another cool start but a warm afternoon, pretty big difference from the way we start our day to the way it ends. mid 70s by early this afternoon but it's the last day of well above normal temperatures. we're about to cool off and the winds will pick up. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in five minutes. a really unusual sight. we're looking at westbound 80, that would be your commute toward the bay bridge, that's moving better than eastbound. the taillights getting away from the bay bridge, there is a traffic alert, breaking news, another lane open but two lanes are still closed, eastbound 80 around buchanan. we'll talk about your commute including the area where you might find an alternate. developing this morning in fresno, a police manhunt under way after someone shot ten people, killing four of them at a back yard gathering. >> dennis valera joins us live from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. the police here still have this
6:43 am
area taped off. they're still investigating the scene. we have a better look at the house right over here. you can see marks from the investigation. police say that they still have no suspect information at this time. what they know is that someone snuck into the back yard of a football watch party and opened fire on around three dozen people including children. now, all the shot victims are all adult men ranging in age from 25 to 30. four died, three were dead when police arrived on scene, while another died in the hospital from his injuries. now, the other surviving victims, they range in injuries from nonlife-threatening to critical. so just a wide swath of injuries in this incident. talking with neighbors last night, they tell me that violence has been ramping up in this neighborhood, not to this degree mind you but they did have another shooting here they tell me not too long ago, maybe a couple weeks to a month ago. shootings have been a little
6:44 am
more common here in this area. live here in southeast fresno, dennis valera, back to you. >> thank you. we should know they don't think it was a random attack but they're investigating. thank you, dennis. 6:44 right now. teachers in south san jose plan to rally before tonight's union district school board meeting. this comes as both sides remain locked in a bitter contract negotiation. teachers rejected a proposal last month and it's believed that the next step may involve bringing in a state mediator. an unusual twist this morning in a molestation case. police believe a south bay prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter as bait to lure the suspect into being caught. authorities arrested ali lajmiri last week, accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl who the mercury news reports is the prosecutor's daughter. her father apparently recorded the suspect touching the girl
6:45 am
last week in almaden valley, but he may also be in line to face child endangerment charges. prosecutors have now taken over both the molestation and that child endangerment case. happening today, the only homeless shelter for seniors in the east bay is set to open two weeks early. st. mary's center sits a few blocks from interstate 580 in west oakland. shelter leaders say that early start is due to the urgent need and that seniors are the fastest growing homeless population due to soaring rents. it will be open through april. also today, homeless supporters in fremont will gather to remember homeless people who have died on the stree streets. they'll hold a vigil at st. james church and read the names of people who died in alameda and santa clara counties. they're also taking canned food donations. happening today, santa cruz woman accused of throwing human blood onto california state
6:46 am
senators is due in court. the incident happened in september in the state senate chambers. authorities say the woman seen here threw the blood from the senate gallery. she was protesting a new law aimed at cracking down on fraudulent mail exemptions for vaccinations. experts later confirmed it was human blood but not hazardous. 6:46, another week of impeachment hearings set the to get under way and this one will have a lot of witnesses. >> starting with a close aid to the president, scott. >> that's right. her name is jennifer williams. he was on the phone call that president trump made with the ukrainian president. she'll lead off public testimony starting tomorrow. williams, another career foreign service officer, testified behind closed doors over the weekend but we have transcripts of that testimony. they were released to the public. we know she said the call was, quote, inappropriate. president trump lashed out at her on twitter. tell jennifer williams, whoever that is, to read both
6:47 am
transcripts of the presidential calls. williams does not need to read the transcripts because she was on the phone call itself. she immediately raised concerns, very similar to vindman on the call. listen to the whole thing and said, hold on, the president did something we should be alarmed about. the president insists everyone read the transcript. his fans behind him at a ke kentucky kent rally wearing t-shirts saying read the transcripts. the transcript or a summary relea releaseed by the white house showing him asking for that. the president was campaigning for two republican candidates for governor and in both cases those candidates lost. in a special election over the weekend, democratic governor john bel edwards was re-elected, the only democratic governor in
6:48 am
the deep south. >> as for the president, god bless him. >> we will be following everything that happens with this impeachment rally. tomorrow i will walk you through who's due up tuesday morning. trending this morning, an im paws-able feat on ice. benny, the ice skating dog wowed crowds during the intermission of the vegas golden knights game against the flames over the weekend. benny wore those tiny pair of skates, carried a hockey stick in his mouth as he glides across the rink at the t mobile arena. he did the jump, landed that jump like a pro. mike, you did mention earlier it looks like -- is he actually skating or just trying to get
6:49 am
off the ice. >> he's on the verge of losing it but he keeps it together. >> local owners say that he actually skates at local rinks for the animal shelter there to raise awareness and funds. he's pretty cute there. boom, there he goes again. mike is helping to open the downtown san jose ice rink tonight. >> that video probably could have been the same as mine. >> we'll see tomorrow, don't worry. >> is mike trying to get off the ice? we'll see what happens. >> it's a season for that, although in california the bay area has been pretty warm. >> it's been very warm. in fact, we've had some record temperatures, some highs across the bay area so we know it's not supposed to be this warm. one more day of this warm weather before it cools off. as we look live outside in san jose, it starts out cool with upper 40s and low 50s not only in the south bay but across the bay area. let's head over to mountain view. here's how the morning shapes up. upper 40s here, 49 degrees as
6:50 am
you step out the door. cool start to the day but warms up fast. at noon we're at 69 degrees and low 70s by early this afternoon. we're reaching up to 72 today in oakland, 75 in napa, and livermore reaching 78 degrees while half moon bay will see mid 60s there and we'll also have some warm weather before a cold front moves in. as that front rolls through, it will also cause our winds to increase and we'll have a high fire danger for all of these areas we're seeing shaded in orange, a fire weather watch in effect from wednesday until thursday morning. this is where we'll have very low humidity and winds at times, especially in the mountain peaks, reaching up to 60 miles per hour. we'll have high winds and low humidity for the east bay hills and the critical fire conditions we'll have to watch out for. the wind starts to pick up tomorrow but notice the winds are coming in from the northwest. this will bring in slightly more humidity but then once those winds shift from the north, it's
6:51 am
going to be very dry and gusty and we're preparing for the possibility of having those power outages as this low shifts across parts of the coastal california areas. this could bring rain from southern california but we're going to miss out on that. our seven-day forecast says dry, upper 60s. those high winds expected for wednesday into thursday and then we keep the cool fall-like weather into the weekend even as the winds calm down. we'll have more on that fire danger as well the next couple of days, and mike, you're looking at the alert continuing through berkeley. >> that's right, unfortunately early this morning we had a deadly crash. it's still an issue for the traffic as well. most of these folks are just worried about when they're going to get where they're going. you're about 20 to 25 minutes delayed eastbound 80 getting up towards shy of buchanan. the westbound side is distracted but moving relatively smoothly. we'll show you with our partners at waze, they've timed out that 25 minute delay.
6:52 am
we thank leyla, coming through the area, who talked about that crash. nbc bay area wazers is our network to talk about alternates like san pablo avenue. as we get back out to our other map we're talking about that flow of traffic. one problem is they're waiting for two more flatbed tow trucks which are stuck in that commute. they have to get over to buchanan where they can remove the second vehicle and the third vehicle from that crash. the walnut creek interchange moving smoothly. a crash on 680 presenting speculator slowing, no major concerns just yet. the rest of the bay showing a typical pattern. here's heyward and the dunbar bridges which build westbound. slowing through pleasanton but no problem once you get to fremont. in palo alto we see the reason for the green across the
6:53 am
principl peninsula. no problems or delays out there. 6:52. syracuse university students are holding a sit-in following a string of racially charged episodes. members of one fraternity are acus could accused of using racial slurs. authorities are investigating. our top stories including where and when pg&e might shut off power. we have reaction from people who might have to deal with it once again and a last check of the forecast from kari. then later -- >> this study basically showed there was no added benefit doing an invasive procedure on top of medical management and life-style changes. >> an in-depth analysis of new research your friends might be talking about this morning, a surprising study looking at surgery for heart disease versus
6:54 am
medication. the questions you'll want to ask your doctor, we'll have that when we return. 6:53. you're watching "today in the bay "q ." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome.
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6:57 am
outages as soon as wednesday. that's when kari hall says potentially strong winds may return. up to 19 northern california counties may experience the shutoffs but so far pg&e has not made any final decisions. as soon as this morning, the utility may start to notify customers. right now three bay area counties could feel that impact. we're talking about napa, sonoma and solano counties. we will have all the important information you need to know right there on our website as well as our free mobile app. you can check out to see if you are in that shutoff zone. go to new information this morning from a government study confirming the hpv vaccine is safe. researchers reviewed three years of data and found no new or unexpected problems linked to the vaccine. 97% of reported side effects were minor including headache, dizziness, fainting and pain at the injection site. about 34,000 hpv related cancers
6:58 am
are diagnosed every year in the u.s. that's why pediatricians recommend all young people receive that vaccine. new for you this morning, "new york times" says we work will lay off at least 4,000 employees nationwide. the staff reductions will be included in a five-year plan to overall we work. it could element amount to a th its workforce. more bike racks along with electric bikes and scooters could pop up across san francisco. happening today, sfmta is expected to announce a plan to add 100 new racks per month to accommodate what will likely be 4,000 of those new scooters and bikes. that rollout could begin next month. a news conference is planned for later this morning. new this morning t airbnb is barning with the olympics. the san francisco-based company signed a $500 million sponsorship deal that will last until 2028.
6:59 am
that deal covers the next five olympics starting with next year's olympics in tokyo. that contract includes free accommodations to athletes and executives. don't forget, next summer's tokyo games air right here on nbc bay area. >> exciting. pretty warm once again today? >> yeah, this is the last warm day we have in the forecast for the week and then as a cold front drops in for tomorrow we'll see our winds picking up and low humidity on wednesday will also increase our fire danger, especially in the north bay and east bay hills. that's something we'll watch out for for the middle of the week as our fall-like weather continues to the weekend. >> the alert continues for the east shore freeway. >> that's right. this is counter commute sadly because of a deadly crash that happened early this morning. it's a bummer in general for the drivers who are stuck in the back with the arrow pointing away from the bay bridge. you'll notice it's from ashby to buchanan and then it clears. two lanes are still blocked. another incident on the bay
7:00 am
bridge itself is now a concern as well. >> we'll have a local news update in half-an-hour, get you updated with weather and traffic. >> you don't want to miss the midday forecast. have a great monday. see you then. good morning, breaking overnight, ambush, a gunman opened fire on families at a backyard party in california. at least four people killed six other injured. the shooter still on the loose this morning. the very latest on the man hunt just ahead. breaking news, fiery standoff overnight, police and protesters clashed in hong kong. the violence escalating, the worst in months and no end in sight. we're there live. heating up, a critical week ahead in the impeachment investigation. eight witnesses set to testify, including the key ambassador who later changed his story, and the house speaker draws fire after calling the president an


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