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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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people watched in terror adds a man was stabbed to death on a b.a.r.t. train. we've been tracking the story on air and online for several hours. here's what we know. a b.a.r.t. passenger is dead after a faith broke out between him and a man armed with a knife. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon in front of stunned passengers. the attacker then fled the scene on to the streets of hayward. nbc bay area melissa colorado joins us from the south hayward b.a.r.t. station with the latest. >> reporter: raj, we've got an update for you. within the last half hour, the south hayward b.a.r.t. station has reopened. there's a b.a.r.t. train that has just arrived. we've seen large groups of commuters leaving the station, heading towards their parked cars. police are trying to figure out what provoked this attack. the people that might know the answer to that question, the other b.a.r.t. riders who were on the train car and saw it all unfold in front of them.
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more than a year after 18-year-old mia wilson was stabbed to death, another b.a.r.t. rider was stabbed and killed. this time it happened on a train as it pulled into the station. >> this is something that's very tragic. it's rare on b.a.r.t., not something that we get a lot of. >> reporter: police say the two men were in their 40s. it's unclear if the two knew each other. what is clear is that they started fighting as the train left the station around 1:00 p.m. >> the fight continued through our hayward station at which point a knife was introduced into the fight. >> reporter: by the time b.a.r.t. police set foot on the platform, the victim was bleeding from his stab wounds. stunned passengers saw the bloody fight unfold in front of them. police say the suspect ran out of the south hayward b.a.r.t. station. crime scene investigators searched for his fingerprints.
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police say they caught up to him at a car dealership where this salesperson says the shirtless suspect stole car keys and tried to drive away. >> give me the key, give me the keys. at that point i went after him. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say they will ramp up police presence at all stations so evening commuters feel safe. >> we are seeing that b.a.r.t. police presence right here. invs. gators were sooen taking away bags of evidence. a crucial piece of evidence is the cameras in that train car as well as the cameras in the station. i'm melissa colorado. >> really concerning for a lot of people. the moment this story broke, we sent out an alert on our nbc bay area app. it's a great resource and free to download on apple and android devices. lots of confusion and frustration over tomorrow's planned pg&e power outages. earlier today eight of our nine
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bay area counties were under threat of going dark. now that's changed. pg&e announced outages are only suspected in three counties, sonoma, napa, and solano. only about 51,000 customers may experience outages. we just got word that some schools in santa rosa will be closed tomorrow, so it's confusing. with all those outages dramatically being scaled back, tens of thousand of people in marin say they're relieved although not altogether convinced their lights will stay on. mark is in marin county. you can understand why they're no marin. alameda, contra costa, santa cruz, santa claran of the nine out today that they are no longer on the public safety power shut off. all over marin, people are already thinking about
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thanksgiving. >> my mom usually puts on fez ant. >> ham. >> dressing, mashed potato. >> reporter: but they are not buying yet with power shut offs predicted for this week and possibly next. this morning people were buying eyes and argue jugs to put in the freezer. >> we're not going to be stuck again. >> reporter: nancy summed up the situation for a lot of folks. >> i think we'll hope it doesn't happen. >> reporter: pg&e says there are early indications there may be another power shut off next monday and tuesday which does not bother the owner of the mill valley market. >> we can run as we normally would. >> reporter: he and his brother bought a big generator that powers the whole place including a cook all the birds, hams, roast. >> reporter: but if you are hoping to cook at home, the prospect of a power shut off is concerning. >> lord help us. >> reporter: at finnegan's in
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navarro, they thought they had the call clear. the power company told them they were going to be left on until 8:30 that night when the lights suddenly went off and the owner wound up eating thousands of dollars in losses. today finnegan's got the all clear. >> just a couple of minutes ago. it said we will not be losing power. >> reporter: and her degree of confidence? >> let's just say i have a generator coming wednesday morning that will power the whole building. >> reporter: mark matthews. nbc news. there's a lot of anxiety especially with thanksgiving next week. pg&e, they're in a tough spot because they're looking at the forecast with their meteorologist as well. >> the problem with that is we don't know as a public what the threshold is for cutting off the power. so, that i think makes it confusing for a lot of folks. the wind forecast i want to be clear on this exactly where do we have those gustiest winds and you can sioux e the red flag fire warning
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wednesday in through 7:00 a.m. on thursday. we haven't seen monumental changes with it. overall i want to be specific where this warning is for, higher elevations of the south bay, right there on the east bay over mt. diablo, oakland, berkeley hills, and other elevations of the bay as well. the highest in the mountains, again specifically around saint helena, napa, sonoma, and back here to the north as well. so, the wind forecast really hasn't changed. we'll see isolated gusts develop at 11:00 p.m. tonight, picks up wednesday morningthareas, the v gusts will only be 15 to 25. a north bay mountain focused event for some of those top gusts. i will take you through this hour by hour forecast. we'll put numbers on this and a lot more clarity. that's coming up in about ten minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly.
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you can see if your home or business is in danger of losing power with our interactive map. you can type in your exact address using our look up tool. it's easy to use. if you notice on the lower left hand part of the screen there, the qr code, if you point your phone's camera right at it, it's going to take you right to this map on the website. tense moments at a south bay high school, oak grove high found a suspicious package on campus. they took it to the office and the school went into shelter and place mode as a precaution. all students were evacuated to nearby coy park where they were eventually dismissed. luckily no one was hurt. just a few minutes ago we got word that theev rendered safe. to an nbc bay area exclusive, people in a south bay community say a growing prostitution problem has made them feel like prisoners in their own homes. it's a problem that's been growing for a decade but tonight sjpd says they're starting to turn things around.
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damian trujillo joins us in the washington neighborhood which is south of downtown with the details. >> reporter: they're out there making those arrests right here along monterey road, this corridor here. it was important for san jose police for us to disguise the identity of the police officers. today's target is the john, the men who pay for sex. >> here's a truck stopping by to ask the girls. >> reporter: they're the same images carlos has seen for years on his street. >> typical friday night in the washington neighborhood. >> reporter: the community leader says he took the video so others can see what he and his neighbors deal with every day. >> and it's scary to think that every day these little kids walking to school are seeing needles, condoms, underwear on the street. >> reporter: so, for the last few weeks, san jose police officers have mobilized several
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female officers are posing as prostitutes today to catch the johns, including this woman. one minute after she clocked in on monterey road, the officer was propositioned by this man. he was arrested and taken to jail on a misdemeanor solicitation charge. >> that's not the way we expect any of our residents in the city to live. so, the extent that this police department can do something proactive to assist, we're going to do that. >> reporter: since the beginning of october, police have arrested 86 women for prostitution, 31 johns, and three juveniles all along monterey road. >> often times we do get a criminal element that thinks they can set up shop in our city so we have to make sure that we send a strong message that you can't set up shop here without getting our attention. >> reporter: community leaders applaud the enforcement andope innocent moms walking on the sidewalk will stop being a target for johns. >> moms will be taking their kids to school and johns will
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stop and ask to pick them up in front of their kids. >> reporter: several men learned that the women they approach are there to put them away. in san jose, damian trujillo. a toxic accusation in san francisco. more than 500 police officers, spouses, and children have filed a lawsuit against the company responsible for cleaning up the naval shipyard. they ause at tkus them of cover. officers say they're suffering from life threatening diseases because of it. >> we were literally on the ground, in the dirt, up in the hills, in the buildings training. and we consider the k 9 part of the family. so, when he comes home, this dog was sleeping with me, sleeping with my kids. >> this lawsuit is false and misleading and there's no merit to it. tetra tech cleaned up the point to the snd stands behind i work.
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>> the spokesperson says the company cleaned up the site according to the navy standards and that hunter's point is safe. up next at 6:00, to recite the pledge of allegiance or not. the vote at a local rotary club is catching attention. plus -- >> this is terrible. did pg&e do an adequate job inspecting transmission lines? we investigate new details on the transmission fire that started the campfire. and as the wind picks up in the mountains, this will also bring some snow to the sierra, two to 4 inches as we move through tomorrow. we're tracking that wind forecast. i'll have an hour by hour look in about seven minutes.
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just about everybody in the bay area has a b.a.r.t. story, good, bad, weird, sometimes dapg rouse. we spent months riding and recording on b.a.r.t. to see how a world class system got derailed. do you have a b.a.r.t. story? just like he said, you can binge watch the entire series on our website, see the weird stuff on b.a.r.t. go to
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>> we are on the verge of more pg&e shutdowns this week. the high winds could knock down or damage active fire lines and spark a wild fire. tonight we have visual damage of why pg&e's equipment is vulnerable to high winds. jaxon van derbeken has the exclusive story. >> reporter: the campfire burned for weeks, long after it destroyed the town of paradise. but it didn't take long to find out what caused it. a worn c hook like this one on a pg&e transmission tower snapped, causing it to set fire to the dry vegetation below. >> i can't imagine how it got that bad and no one saw it. flabber gasing. >> reporter: dan mulkey now
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consults. we showed him videos we obtained from the transmission line where pg&e acknowledges the campfire started. >> this is as bad as you can get. just terrible. >> reporter: that's because all these hooks held up the high voltage line. when just one breaks, the line can fall or hit the tower touching off an explosion like what happened in the campfire. we also showed the photos to bob, a professor at u.c. berkeley who has been studying disasters for decades. >> i said oh, my goodness. the welfare of an entire community hanging by that hook. >> reporter: bea says this kind of extreme damage doesn't happen over night. he says the steel was worn down over time by what engineers call
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fretting corrosion. >> one surface wears into the other surface. takes a long time to develop, high stresses and sometimes water. >> reporter: and you've got all that here? >> yes. >> reporter: and it's not just the hooks. look at the steel plate that held one of those hooks in place on one of the towers. >> just amazing that it was still up in the air with that much damage. >> reporter: mulkey questions how pg&e could have missed that level of damage. >> that level of damage makes me wonder about the whole inspection. what the heck is going on? you're not finding things that should be obvious and are things that are absolutely critical. how much more is there out there? >> we sent these pictures to pg&e and asked just that. the utility told us it covered some 5,000 miles of transmission lines in high threat areas from top to bottom through ground,
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climbing, helicopter, and drone inspections. but the company didn't address how it apparently missed all those worn hooks and steel plates in earlier inspections. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. well, it is a sign of changing times. the rotary club in palo alto decided it will no longer recite the pledge of allegiance. a narrow majority recently voted to stop saying the pledge. the chapter president explains why. >> it is because we want to be welcoming, welcoming to all members in our club whether they are of different ages and whether they're used to reciting the pledge or not. and that also goes for members who are from other countries. but many of the younger members have not grown up with the tradition of reciting the eptige. rotary club present says the organization will still recite the pledge during meeting held close to some holiday, veterans
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day, memorial day, fourth of july, and labor day. okay. the new pick up rules for uber at sfo has been a mess for a lot of people. things will be changing. certain classes of uber ride shares will be allowed premium pick up just like the olden days. it allows customers who choose a premium ride can get picked up along the curve. those premium uber options if you want to get kush side pick up, select, and xl. that's good. >> last time i was at the airport two months ago there was no line for taxi so i went right for the good ole' yellow taxi. >> you took a taxi. >> it was all clear. >> it's tough now. you've got to go up on the top story of the parking garage. >> didn't have to do an app or >> now when you order uber xl,
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you'll be good. >> just myself. me and the giant uber xl. >> you got room for the both of us? >> yeah, we'll jump in on your uber. we are closely following the wind forecast. the fire danger will be heightened as we head through the next 24 hours. that's why we're under the microclimate weather alert. we know that some of you do still have power outages. so i wanted to be very specific on what's happening with the ind and what you're looking at on this map. these are the potential wind gusts in the numbers is for the lower elevations and then as we advance this what you're going to see is the wind right there. that's the wind building into the higher elevations of the north baby 11:30 tonight. just kind of starts to get going. you see the key at the top. that's 50-miles-per-hour wind gusts that are possible to move in at those mountains in the north bay, but again a lot less at the lower elevations as you can see right here. once we move into tomorrow morning, it's really all about the north bay down to about mt.
6:21 pm
diablo in the fountains for the highest gusts. same scenario on wednesday. by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night things try to tighten up and we'll begin to see that wind calm down a few hours earlier than originally expected, by about 11:00 on wednesday. but it is still expected to be gusty right there in the north bay. temperatures tomorrow will be chilly as the windy system starts to arrive. you need that jacket on the wednesday morning commute. plenty of 40s. by the afternoon, 60s to low 7.8 look at this, two to 4 inches of snow possible from the same storm bringing us the wind. we'll have that seven day forecast and a look at the next wind event and a rain outlook which you might actually be happy with in about 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks jeff. up next, closed streets, big
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crowds, and president obama dream force takes over san francisco. but today attendees got a little more than expected. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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this might be the super bowl of tech conferences. in town, president obama, megan r rippinno. it kicked off with the ceo giving a keynote speech that was interrupted by protesters. a member of the san francisco democratic socialists of america crashed the stage to protest sales force's business dealings with customs and border protection. you see some of the protesters there. he gave the protester 30 seconds to speak before being ushered out of the conference hall. >> when we're talking about doing it together, all the voices have to be included, all
6:26 pm
of the voices have to be inclusive. >> dream force runs through the week at the center. if you plan to drive through that part of town, give yourself a lot of extra time. many streets are closed. nation's capital delivers a lawsuit against door dash. it accuses the company of pocketing tips meant for workers and misleading customers about where the money was going. and door dash didn't tell customers tips were used to off set base pay. door dash denies the claim. up next at 6:30, two key witnesses testifyprobe. what were the key take aways and did it benefit president trump? we're going to break it down for you. plus a daunting deadline. we investigate the troubled high speed rail and the milestone it needs to reach or else. the state will have to give back millions of dollars to the feds. it takes a village to raise a child.
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you have to go. floor & decor. now open in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. right now at 6:30, a marathon day on capitol hill, four witnesses and nearly 12 hours of testimony in the impeachment inquiry. now, the hearings just wrapped up about >> really the key tonight, less hearsay and more facts from top diplomats on the phone call. let's bring in janelle wang who has the key points and flash points for us. >> a long day, certainly the
6:30 pm
busiest day so far. several of the witnesses describe the phone call as concerning, believing the military aid was being tied to political investigations. but republicans say there was nothing illegal. >> if you would both please rise. >> taking an oath to tell the truth and defend the country, lieutenant vindman testified today about president trump and the president of ukraine and what he considered an improper demand. >> frankly, i couldn't believe what i was hearing. my worst fear of how ukraine policy could play out was playing out. >> colonel vindman, a national security adviser waswilliams, a top adviser to mike pence who found it unusual and inappropriate. >> it appeared to be a domestic political matter. >> this afternoon the committee questioned kurt voker and tim
6:31 pm
morrison, ambassador volker changing his testimony saying he didn't realize at the time, he did realize people did tell ukraine to announce investigations that could help president trump in exchange for military aid and that a request to investigate the ukrainian gas company where joe biden's son served on the board was more about targeting the budens than rooting out corruption. >> i should have seen that differently. >> ambassador volker saying he was trying to thread a needle in ukrainian to satisfy president trump in hopes of getting the military aid released without targeting politics. morrison testified he worried the call could play into partisan politics. though he had said he was not concerned the two leaders discussed anything illegal. >> and after today's testimony, republicans say there's still no evidence of impeachable offense, no one has used the word
6:32 pm
bribery. tomorrow much anticipated testimony from ambassador gordon sondland who allegedly pushed the investigation into the bidens because president trump wanted him to. >> we invite you to stay with nbc and nbc bay area for the latest on the impeachment hearings. lester holt, savannah guthrie, and chuck todd will anchor coverage tomorrow morning again beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> we have new information on the breaking news within the last 30 minutes b.a.r.t.'s general manager announced the agency is immediately boosting the presence of police, civilian community service officers, and fare inspectors all across the system. that triggered by the deadly stabbing at the south hayward station. one man is dead and another under arrest after a fight ended in a homicide around 1:30 this afternoon. that stabbing closed the south hayward station and led to major delays system-wide.
6:33 pm
our investigative unit rode the train for months and recorded all kinds of troubling scenes from violent things to just bizarre stuff. you can watch the entire series on nbcbayarea.c you can watch it on apple tv or youtube. pg&e promised better communication for the week's planned power outages. the communication may be clear, but it's upsetting people. eight of the nine bay area counties were under threat of going dark. but that's all changed. late this afternoon, pg&e announced outages are expected in these three counties, sonoma, solano, and napa counties. so, instead of 300,000 losing power, about 50,000 may experience outages. it's a whirlwind of emotions. a lot of people gearing up for a
6:34 pm
costly shut off, they learn they will have lights now. the owner of republic of cake says the now-cancelled alert caused her to halt thanksgiving pie preparations. it would have been her third shut off. she'll be aglad to get back to baking tomorrow. >> super relieved. i mean, we -- we were ready for it, but now we are going to jump back into the swing of things and get back on our prepping for thanksgiving. so, i'm really relieved. >> that is the game plan. to reiterate, as of tonight, only napa, sonoma, and solano counties are the local counties still on pg&e's list for potential outages. spending and construction on california's high speed rail slowed down again last month. that's one thing we learned today during the board of directors meeting. >> our senior investigative reporter sat down with the man in charge to find out how high speed rail can possibly get back
6:35 pm
on track. >> reporter: construction continues in ernst along the 119-mile long section of high speed rail being built in the central valley. while the project ceo admits the entire endeavor got off to a rocky start. >> mistakes have been made. i guarantee you mistakes will be made. but we have a better sense of where we are and where we need to go than i think we ever have before. >> reporter: if the high speed rail project doesn't get up and running faster, it risks missing a deadline of december 2022 when federal funding requires that there be rail installed and a train running on it. miss that ddline and federal funding for the rest of the project could be in jeopardy and the state of california could be forced to pay back millions to the feds. >> that is a daunting deadline, okay?gh and so we are being creative. we are showing determination. we're putting our organization together, and we are working through the issues. >> we crunched the numbers. back in april, construction
6:36 pm
trended down and only once did construction spending meet or exceed what was required in order to make that decision 2022 deadline indicated by this orange line. >> you're not going to make the deadline. >> back then we asked high speed rail's chief operating officer joe hedges about the lack of construction progress. >> what you're going to see as we go through summer you're going to see construction coming back up. >> reporter: but the actual spending data shows construction did not ramp up as predicted. we looked at the last 12 months of construction spending shown in this graph. you can see the monthly construction spending going up and down. twice it did exceed projections while the overall trend, this line, has improved, the project continues to consistently underperform and miss the pace needed to make the federal deadline, putting it behind schedule. >> i agree the numbers didn't move as fast as we want. i still believe the numbers are going to continue to rise.
6:37 pm
at the end of the day will we be there? i think we will. >> and if you don't make it? >> we have to negotiate with the federal government on what that means. >> some high speed rail authority board members and legislatures are not convinced. >> is there a plan b to accelerate that at some point? >> right now that's what we're looking at. we're going athrough the risk mitigation strategy looking at opportunities for possible acceleration if we have to. >> and at the monthly meeting, construction officials admitted that work has yet to even begin on four critical main structures, viaducts and long span bridges that will carry the bullet train. as several board members told me later privately, we're all worried we're going to miss the steadline. i'm stephen stock. glass shattered over looking the bear habitat. the unexpected culprit and why the zoo says it's okay, it's not
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
okay. a display at the oakland zoo isn't quite as scary as it looks. visitors will see shattered glass as the only thing separating them from the zoo's grizzly bears. but the bears are oblivious. the staff says visitors don't need to worry. uh-oh, explains the window is safe. only one layer of the four inch glass is damaged. what happened? not a bear. believe it or not it was a kid with a rock. >> the kid ran away and i don't even know if the family knew what happened. >> the kid did it. replacing the bullet proof glass will cost about $68,000. the bears will have to do without their pool for a couple of days next month because it has to be drained so they can install the new glass. >> take it out of his allowance.
6:41 pm
>> forever. thanksgiving is next week. are you ready for it? if you're looking for somewhere to spend it, the bay area is not the place. that's according to wallet hub. we strongly object. wallet hub broke down the best and worse places to spend thanksgiving. four local cities made the list of worse places. stockton number one. oakland number two. fremont in the fourth spot, this is in the country. and san francisco came in 13th. each city was rated on're a lit. travel expenses and weather. how could we be rated bad on weather? we object with this one. >> i have a great thanksgiving. >> people are freezing on the east coast and they're taking it out on us. >> you like that ambrosia salad. you love to say that and i do
6:42 pm
not. i like yams. >> we're going to argue about this all night. >> pile it in. okay. live look right now at the red flag fire warning. we haven't seen any big changes on this. it's for the higher elevations to the northeast and south bay. we'll go over that wind forecast and have updated rain outlook you might like in a few minutes. ambrosia salad in stockton for jessica this year. chances are high your flight will be overbooked. what can you do if you get bumped? i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next.
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okay. you bought your ticket, printed your boarding pass, but refused at the gate. zbls that the situation thousands of paying airline customers are facing this year. chris chmura started asking questions. if they have a ticket, how can they bump you? >> they can do it. remember a couple years ago a guy got dragged off a line. they said they were going to cut back on that. they did. but that did not stick. new federal data show the number of people involuntarily denied this year, the airlines bumped 13,000 paying customers, and that number is more than all of suspect a play for money here. >> the airline's motivation is pure profit. they're able to sell more
6:46 pm
tickets. and if a passenger has to be bumped, the passenger is entitled to a small amount of compensation and that's worth it to the airline. >> the airlines blamed a shortage of aircraft but that explanation contradicts the promises they have made to passengers like you. coming up tonight we're going to dig into that and arm you with strategies to help you keep your seat and avoid being bumped. 888-996-tips or online at join me at 11:00. well the 49ers are celebrating an off the field milestone. 100,000 kids have now gone through the team's outdoor program. it was s in 2007 to help promote healthier living. the 49ers now show up at elementary schools and work out with some of the students. the program gives the kids a chance to meet the pros and get exercise and play football with
6:47 pm
an actual 49er teammate. >> i want these kids to love playing outside, playing, trying new things, and putting forth effort. >> 49ers put on about 100 camps a year free of charge. >> i remember being in elementary school and a 49er came to see us. i remember that to this day. that's so great for the kids. guess what we have this weekend? the 49ers on nbc sunday night football at levi stadium. should be okay, right? >> i think so. right now the game forecast 60s, mostly clear skies. we'll get wind in here possibly as we hit monday's forecast. but it shouldn't affect the game the way we see it right now. so, let's bring you into the micro climate forecast. it did feel strange outside because we're on the verge of the fire danger and gusty winds.
6:48 pm
that cloud cover came from the same storm system as we move thh tomorrow. so, that's where that came from. 57 degrees right now in san jose. hold on to # 50s and clouds as we move through tonight. let's get an overall view of what we're dealing with here. it's this area of low pressure that brought in the clouds today also the cooler 60s. i think the wind gusts will be again be isolated to the mountains, at least those highest gusts, and it's also producing some fear of snow and also rain. we're looking at two to 4 inches there from lake level up to about 7,500 feet. so, watch out for winter conditions as we move into tomorrow's forecast. the biggest threat in the bay area will be the wind. we have the red flag fire warning we have been talking about a lot just in case you haven't seen it. it's for isolated areas in the higher elevations of south bay, east bay, and through the north bay. look at the mountain gusts, 35 to 50-miles-per-hour but a lot different at the lower elevations, only gusts of 10 to
6:49 pm
25-miles-per-hour. so, as for the wind fore das, 8:00 tonight things are trying to get going. we did have gusty typical ocean breezes at the coast today. but what we're waiting on here is the wind to develop right there through the north bay mountains, getting going at 11:30 tonight. notice the lower el vases. those are the cities i have highlighted on here. it'll be a lot less at sea level, only 10 to 15-miles-per-hour. we hold on to the wind. it expands tomorrow morning to the east bay higher elevations, but it is a north bay focused event for the gustiest winds tomorrow morning right into the evening hours. and then some new thinking as we could actually clear out from the wind a little bit sooner, by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we should start to see that wind calming on down. as that wind arrives, temperatures will be chilly to start. so, it's not a warm wind overall. 40s tomorrow morning to start
6:50 pm
with makes the sun and clouds. also 45 in the east bay and starting off at 44 here in the north bay. a jacket to start. by the afternoon it's on the cool side. across the south bay i have you at 66 in the san jose, through the east bay similar 64 in hayward, peninsula, 66 in redwood city, san francisco, 60 in the marina. my extended forecast has possibly another wind event by next monday. notice slight shower chances by next tuesday and wednesday, only 40% possibility. but i'm keeping an eye out for anything on you guys. i know your lawns need it. you want to turn off the drip irritation so that could be good news for us. inland valleys, calms down. possible wind event next monday. we'll know more as we get closer to that. honing in on spotty shower chances by tuesday and wednesday's forecast. that could be a shred of good
6:51 pm
news with silver lining with the fire danger in the mountains tomorrow. >> that'll be great news. it's less than 15 miles from east palo alto to levi stadium, but the journey for one nfl player much longer. a special homecoming coming up. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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. let's take a live look at the shark tank in downtown san jose. a few weeks ago weren't we saying the sharks were a disaster. >> and now they're not. >> they're red hot in fact. six straight wins. tonight they host the edmonton oilers. >> we make rash decisions. >> we get emotional sometimes. a rookie wide receiver came back this week to face the 49ers. >> i think he was the only player on the opposing team who wasn't booed. a lot of friends and family coming out to see keesean johnson. >> reporter: catching your first nfl touchdown is special. doing it against your hometown . >> uts a great thing. >> reporter: that was back in
6:55 pm
arizona. on sunday, the cardinals rookie receiver from palo alto returned home to play. >> it was great to play in front of friends and family. >> reporter: johnson went on to a recording setting career at fresno state. he was a long shot to make it in the nfl after being drafted in the sixth round. >> i didn't know i was going to be playing here but i knew i had the talent to play somewhere. >> reporter: when johnson was a kid, he watched richard sherman play at stanford, now they're support he same field. from family and friends in the stands. to show his gratitude, he gave his gloves to his former freshman football coaches. >> everyone that came out to support me, why not give something back. >> he worked hard and he was able to take every step he needed to get to where he is today and has put in the work that is needed of an nfl player.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: johnson hopes he inspires others from the bay area to never give up and always go after your dreams. in santa clara, anthony florez nbc bay area news. it is a touching holiday display meant to boost the spirits of their terminally ill son. thieves stole the christmas decorations off their lawn. the follow up that helped them get back into the hol today spirit. you're going to want to join us to see that. it'll lift your spirits. >> good holiday cheer. just a three counties on the potential list of blackouts. napa, sonoma, and solano counties. >> and the focus is the mountains of the north bay. >> we'll keep you posted through the night as well. thanks for joining us. >> see you at 11:00. bye bye.
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7:00 pm
they lost the baby. >> i almost lost my life. >> james van der beek's emotional dancing send-off on top of his family's sorrow. cardi b and kulture open up their family home, but what's changed now that cardi is a mom. and with five months to go, taraji shares exclusive wedding dress details. >> okay. so i'm going to tell you the truth. >> henry cavill is jacked. how he transformed his body, but is his number o and 16-year-old jojo see wa just got her learner's permit but how well did she do on her acago driving test. >> this is


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