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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you can hear and see the emotion. right now at 11:00, police in riot gear as conservative commentator ann coulter gets escorted into wheeler hall on the cal campus. all of this while more 1,000 protesters were pushing, shoving, and shouting. >> inside whe for about 30 minu outlining her anti-immigration stance, and as far as we know even though she's no longer on stage she's still inside. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney
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is on the cal campus with the very latest. terry. >> reporter: she may be inside. outside we've still got several hundred protesters here. they're upset with ann coulter's stance on immigration. for the most part. they still don't like president trump, vice president pence. they don't like much about any of the conservative movement. it is a very, very emotional moment out here. this is nothing, though, compared to what we had earlier. take a look. [ shouting ] >> go home! go home! go home! >> reporter: seven people arre uc berkeley police. at least two people taken out of here and taken off campus in an ambulance. we don't know the extent of their injuries or the cause of
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their injuries. what we do know is that a number of people did not get in who had tickets. they came out here. a strangely organized event. people coming into wheeler hall had to go through a very narrow opening to get to the event. many of whom were harassed, we saw that. some were intimidated. but protesters felt they were justified because this was all an ode to racism. take a listen. >> well, i bought a ticket to the event and was pushed around and called horrible names by people who go to my school. and i went to the event as a way to peacefully protest and hear what she has to say and rd way. and clearly we can't do that. >> we don't accept immigrant bashing. we don't accept racist violence. this is berkeley. we're for the equality and dignity of minority andle and we're going to shut down these people every time they come to the bay area. >> reporter: a lot of passion out here. and a lot of police presence
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still. we can tell you for an absolute fact that emily was not the only one who was not able to get in even though she had a ticket. we saw some tickets taken away from people who had them. the protesters were locked arms, keeping people away. again, everybody had to go through that narrow entrance and it really wasn't working out. maybe 400 people still remain out here from well over 1,000 that were here before. of course all of this because of ann coulter. "new york times" best-selling author, fox contributor. she spoke inside. and that's where cheryl hurd is right now. cheryl. >> reporter: coulter wanted to talk to the crowd during the&a section tonight but was probably told to leave because of security reasons. like you said, the protesters, their idea was to keep people out. but a lot of them made it in anyway. >> i do agree with donald trump -- >> reporter: when political commentator ann coulter hit the stage, it only took five minutes for a protester to call her names and get escorted from the
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auditorium. no recording allowed for the 30-minute speech but the question and answer portion was fair game. ironically, the first question from the audience was about immigration. >> assimilate the ones already here. i do believe that anyone can become i think, i hope, anyone can become a great american. >> reporter: during coulter's speech she talked about muslims and how a muslim ban should not be considered racist. she talked about the trade war. >> i don't know why the china thing is taking so long. in oase with him he has to keep his promises. and they're never going to stop impeaching him. this is going to be five more years of this. >> reporter: president trump. she talked a lot about president trump and how people should expect him to be novice for five more years. now, protesters are still surrounding the building. we're really not sure if ann coulter is out of the building. she went in in one of these
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doors. we haven't seen her come out. she told us that she expected all of this and she tried to talk about the fact she didn't get a chance to give her speech two years ago. she gave a mini speech of that tonight. so she gave the people here what they wanted and the people here who came to see her enjoyed everything that she had to say. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> all right, cheryl. stay where you are. we'll come back to you if we need, when and if ann coulter leaves wheeler hall there on the cal campus. we have more details about the deadly stack on a bart train. the man accuse of killing a passenger yesterday is scheduled to appear intomorrow. this is his photo. his name is jermaine brim. police say he left the hospital just before he committed this gruesome crime. nbc bay area's ian cull joins us now with the new information about the suspect and the victim in all of this. ian. >> reporter: yeah, raj, that's right. bart police are sath suspect walked away from san leandro
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hospital right before getting on the bart train yesterday. also tonight family and friends are mourning the death of the victim, who was a good samaritan. tonight an outpouring of love and grief on facebook for a man family says died a hero. oliver williams, who also went by the name tyrone hodges. one saying of the long-time raiders fan and family man, can the i can't believe this. life will never be the same." investigators say the 49-year-old was killed by this man, seen in a video shortly after the stabbing. 39-year-old jermaine jeremiah brim. brim was allegedly trying steal someone's shoes on the bart train when williams tried to stop him. brim used a pocket knife the victim was carrying to stab and kill him.police say the confron lasted about ten minutes. >> it was a fight that began. and anything short of having an officer on that train car, it would have been something that would have been tough to prevent. >> reporter: bart police walked out of the south hayward station yesterday with bags of evidence after the stabbing.
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they're also reviewing surveillance video. and tonight the general manager of bart is insisting the transit agency is safe. >> we've hired 54 police officers this calendar year. 54. that is a record. that's more than any two years combined. >> obviously as a community you don't know what you're going to confront every day. every day's something different. so i mean, i don't feel safe personally, but obviously i always stay aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: police still want to talk with the man whose shoes were stolen. the out of sacramento. he faces a carjacking charge because he fried to steal a car from a used car dealership after at tack. raj, jessica? concern for the millions of people who use bart. there has been a rapid decline in safety. our senior investigative reporter big ad shabn just finished a series that takes an inside look at bart. it's called "derailed." our investigative unit rode the
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trains for months and recorded all kinds of troubling scenes from the violent to the bizarre. you can watch the entire series right now at thousands of people have put up with shutoffs in the last few weeks. and while they don't like them they're learning to work around them. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in santa rosa where total darkness may not be normal but it's certainly no longer stopping every-day plans, jean. >> reporter: jessica, people here in santa rosa are getting better at and when you go into an outage area you hear this hum of generators. this one is powering these traffic lights. city leaders and people who live and work here frustrating reality. the power is out but party is on at everest indian restaurant in santa rosa. this party booked the restaurant three months ago. >> the reason for the disparity
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and suddenly the monday i get the notice from the pg&e. >> i felt how can we celebrate my baby's ceremony. >> reporter: not wanting to disappoints 100 people, he spent 1600 p$1600 on a generator and cooking in the dimly lit kitchen. >> they did a great job. super thankful. >> reporter: he says while he understands why pg&e is shutting off his power the outages have cost him thousands of dollars in lost food and business. other nearby businesses are dark and are out. stop signs are are dark. the m lantern light. >> i think it's our sixth to seventh since august. >> reporter: they're getting good at coping with the power outages driven by fire danger
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but say it's too much. >> maybe leaving the state. kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. >> reporter: pg&e says it's expecting to restore power here in santa rosa and in the other outage areas tomorrow. reporting live in santa rosa, jean elle, nbc bay area news. zblek certainly hear those generateors behind you. thank you, jean. these outages happening of course because of our high winds. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and the simple question now, when these winds start to dissipate. >> they've already started to calm down after a top gust of 59 miles per hour at mt. st. helena. we've seen it drop to 34 miles per hour over the past hour. red flag warning in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. still for the higher elevations of the north, east, and also the south bay. once again we're on the downward side of the wind event. mountain gusts. lower in the valleys, 5 to 15, with really any kind of wind remaining focused right over the north bay. on a side note here, cold
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temperatures tomorrow morning in the same areas still without power. 30s and 40s. so if you have heat, you have power, you know a friend without power, maybe you want to give them a call, invite them over, help them out with these chilly temperatures we're dealing with right now. coming up in about eight minutes, i'll have details on a rain forecast i think you will like. in fact, you will probably love. that's in about, again, seven minutes. >> okay. we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. just about 30 minutes ago we learned that vice president joe biden is planning a visit to the bay area. democratic candidate for president plans to attend three fund-raisers on thursday december 12th. the private events will be south san francisco -- pardon me, in san francisco, south san francisco, and palo alto. president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow for his first political event of the 2020 campaign. he's headlining a democratic national committee fund-raiser in los altos. the event's hosted by carla jervitson. she's a psychiatrist and the, wife of a prominent venture capitalist.
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donors can get in the door for $10,000. a photo with the former president will cost you $35,000. up next here at 11:00, did you watch? some fireworks on stage tonight. the latest democratic presidential debate. so who came out on top? plus it's a huge problem. what's in your driveway right now that thieves really, really want. and something we haven't seen in quite a while. the potential for some big sierra snow and low snow. we'll give you th ed rain and snow outlook in abo
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well, some tense moments and some finger pointing at tonight's democratic presidential debate. ten candidates squaring off in atlanta. questions ranging from foreign affairs to health care to marijuana. but experience was a reoccurring theme. nbc bay area's sergio quintana has a breakdown. >> reporter: much of the debate was pretty tepid. senator kamala harris pited trump's dealings with north korea. >> with all due deference to the fact this is a presidential debate, donal got punked. >> the leading panelists seemed to take special effort to tout their experience and electability. senator amy klobuchar championed female leadership. >> i govern both with my head and my heart and if you think a woman can't beat donald trump, nancy pelosi does it every single day. >> reporter: senator cory booker touted his executive experience as the former mayor of newark,
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new jersey. >> when i was mayor of the largest city in my state, this is where i agree with mayor pete. mayoral experience is very important and i happen to be the other rhodes scholar mayor on this stage. >> reporter: mayor pete buttigieg has become the latest breakout candidate and target for criticism from his fellow panelists. nbc bay area political analyst larry gersten says that's largely because of his poll numbers in iowa. >> buttigieg has just come out to a huge lead. his lead is actually beyond the margins. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden has become known for his gaffes, and tonight's came when he was touting his support from the black community. >> three former chairs of the black caucus. the only african-american woman who's ever been elected to the united states senate. a whole range of people. >> reporter: still biden remains one of the leaders of the pack. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. class will be back in session tomorrow at san jose's oak grove high school for the first time since a bomb was found there yesterday. as we told you, a homemade bomb was found in the student parking lot. today police confirmed that it
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was a functioning device. the fbi crime lab is now analyzing it. more than 1,800 students who were on lockdown yesterday and school was closed today because some students -- but some students did show up to get their cars from the school parking lot. >> it was a little scary when it first happened. like i wasn't expecting the announcements to go off saying we were in a lockdown. >> here's the puzzling part. school leaders say no one made a direct threat to the school. extra police and counselors will be on campus tomorrow when school opens as a precaution. >> it's a problem across the bay area. now it's hitting the tri-valley. a warning to someone is stealing catalytic converters. livermore police say in 20 days thieves have stolen ten catalytic converters. it takes less than five minutes for a thief to cruawl under you car, cut the parts and steal the converter. investigators say they're stepping up patrols.
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officials confirming facebook is involved in new construction in the city's northern section known as the ardenwood district. the company bought two nearby buildings. all told, facebook is reportedly taking over 720,000 square feet. city leaders emphasize it will work with fremont to address the traffic and housing issues. the vice mayor adds many people in the area already work for facebook. >> we have all this brain talent and so every day they've got to spend two hours going to palo alto and menlo park and it's very frustrating for a lot of folks. >> vice mayor goes on to say the project will take at least a couple of years to come to fruition. your thanksgiving dinner might be impacted. another delay for the commercial crab season. the state announcing today it's delaying the already delayed opening of the crab season. opening day is now december 15th because of numerous whales spotted in fishing grounds. this comes under new regulations aimed at protecting whales from becoming entangled in crab gear. bay area seafood businesses will miss out on thanksgiving, which
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is traditionally the high point of the season. okay. if you are ready for winter, take a look. this is sugar bowl in lake tahoe. the machines were pumping out snow before sunrise today. the resort has got about six hours of snowmaking before the conditions change and we already know squaw valley opened a few days ago. and jeff, we're thinking about more snow coming up, the natural kind. what about the machines? >> you're going to get some help. maybe some big pow pow on the way. >> powder. >> we got it. >> you have another one for us? >> i'm going to use all the snowboarding terms. the microclimate forecast, as i was alluding to there, some big-time changes coming our way as we head into next week. it's at least holding on to the forecast. we're going to have an update on that long-range rain and snow outlook coming up in just a bit. but i do want to get to the wind because of course the fire danger really has been the
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biggest concern. we still have some gusty winds across the north bay mountains, 20 to about 35 miles per hour. but you can see by 1:00 in the morning things really start to calm down, especially as we hit 7:00 tomorrow morning when that red flag fire warning is expected to expire. so some good news on that front. as you begin tomorrow morning take the jacket with you. numbers are dropping lower, down to 39 for the tri-valley. 45 in the peninsula and 44 in the south bay. a mix of he s. sun and some high clouds. i think you'll need the sunglasses for the morning commute. and hey, why not, maybe some sweater weather for you tomorrow. switch up your wardrobe a little bit. it will be chilly enough here in the north bay at 43. 46 in san francisco. over to the east bay, i have you at 40. through the afternoon you get is that nice cool crisp fall weather down here across the bay area. you'll see my microclimate forecast in the cupertino, and e forecast really doesn't change much across the microclimates
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tomorrow. 65 in oakland right here it livermore 66. the peninsula cool. 63 in redwood city. chilly in san francisco. 59 in the outer sunset. 62 in the embarcadero and the north bay. 64 in clearlake. 67 in novato. and 66 in napa. so sunny skies by the afternoon tomorrow. that's great, right? but i know what we all want is that rainfall. i've been hearing from a lot of you. i have been combing through the long-range forecast for the past several weeks. we have continued to hint at the possibility of rain bit end of the month, early december. and the good news, it's contin t long-range forecasts. you're about to look at. we haven't seen something like this in se seen trace amounts since the rain season started on october the 1st.n s by next tuet i'm following is a system developing here with a decent pacific tap of moisture. next tuesday, we think by tuesday night it could bring us
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some wet weather, snow for this year. hold on here. maybe another little area of showers as you move into wednesday and possibly some spotty activity here for thanksgiving next thursday. so along with those rain chances temperatures drop down back into the 50s in san francisco. by next tuesday and wednesday inland valleys. so yeah, down to 56 by next wednesday. the way things look. and if you're headed to the sierra, check this out. snow may be down to 2,000 to 3,000 feet. six to twelve inches is the early estimates thi in here before ng, arou a least begin the rain tally. >> we like t sound of that. >> yeah. i call a 10. on the scale of things for me. flying for the holidays. a proposed new premium program that could make your trip a little easier.
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>> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. dolly parton is my guest tonight! plus we have tusk and movie from kascey musgraves. and "the tonight show" hashtags. it's a great show. >> should be fun. happening now the aids memorial quilt is coming home. the quilt honors the lives of more than 100,000 people who died of aids. it's moving from the library of congress to the national aids memorial in san francisco. that quilt was created in san francisco, 32 years ago. we're back in a moment. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ just about everyone in the bay area seems to have a bart story. good, bad, weird. sometimes even dangerous. we spent months riding and rorgd on bart to find out how a
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world-class transportation system -- you can watch the whole series on our website, >> especially after yesterday's deadly stabbing on a bart train our series is even more timely. it's called "derailed." we document the problems and the history of how we got here on bart. you can watch all five parts of our series on nbcbayarea.c as we told you yesterday sfo is kicking off a pilot program involving uber. as of today the airport is allowing curbside pi fdrivers, passengers on the curb. it's goingocause earlier this year uber and lyft pickups were moved to a parking lot away from the terminal. lyft isn't part of this program but it could be added later if it becomes a permanent program. you can get picked up at the curb but you'll have to pay for it. >> what about your limo? your limo. >> my limo? >> we'll be back in a moment with richard sherman's best play of the season, and it has
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what a difference 24 hours makes. last night the warriors were feeling good about themselves after beating memphis. >> tonight not so much. it was a rough day at the office. it was ugly from the start. warriors playing with only eight
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guys. former warriors star tim hardaway watching his son, who plays for the dallas mavericks. one of the best young players in the league, the mavericks' luka doncic, 35 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds. the triple-double. dallas demolishes the warriors. you ready for this final score? 142-94. all right. the 49ers are preparing for the big sunday night football match-up here on nbc against the packers. but it's not all about the nfl. how about pop warner? richard sherman is helping a team from his hometown of compton. here are the players. the team qualified for the national championship game next month in florida. but the families couldn't afford the cross-country travel costs. so sherman saw the story on social media, then donated 5,000 bucks through the team's go fund me page. >> give them the opportunity of a lifetime to go to florida and get on a plane for the first time and have a new experience is something i was glad to be a part of. >> sherman isn't the only bay area star to donate.
11:30 pm
oakland raiders rookie cornerback rashaun nixon also a compton native gave 2,000 bucks to help the team reach their dole. we are rooting for that team from compton. >> that is terrific. we're back with more in a moment. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around. simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security for all your connected devices. click, call or visit a store today.
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it'son the sleep numberate sleep360 smart bed. can it help your movements andit senses automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends saturday shutting off your power. >> our team is monitoring the pg&e safety outages across parts of the bay area and fire dangers overnight. >> plus a man's new hybrid car wouldn't pass a smog test. our consumer unit comes up with
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a solution. >> join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. well, the holidays are here and that means a lot of family celebrations. family and friends. but for thousands of bay area families that's not the case. not enough money for a proper thanksgiving dinner. here's a way for all of us to help. was at the safeway in redwood evty this you just give ten bucks at the checkstand. items nation will help deliver and help bring a family a warm meal this holiday season. the drive runs through the holidays, through christmas. this saturday, though, we will be at safeway stores across the bay area. reporters, anchors, producers, everyone. encouraging people to help a family in need. come on out and visit us throughout the bay area this saturday. jeff, i know you're going to be in alamo. i'll be in los altos. all of us will be across the bay area. and it's easy to donate, right? you get the tear sheet. >> little tear sheet. you don't even have to carry the bag to the cashier anymore. you take the tear sheet, $10. and you know the best part? you will feel good. the best way to give thanks at thanksgiving is to help somebody
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else. >> so important. >> thanks for joining us here at 11:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the hear tonight, join jimmy and his guests - dolly parton


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