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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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we need armed officers throughout the system. >> reporter: michael ganot told board members he is a train operator who is concerned the transit agency's fleet of the future will only make bart more dangerous because the new bart car set up won't let passengers move from one train to another. >> i do think it's realistic to consider that there are going to be other incidents and i think that when people are being threatened on a train, if they're trying to get through, they need the time, they need the space to get away if at all possible. if you impede their access, you're denying them that. >> reporter: at a press conference yesterday, the general manager of bart insisted that the transit agency is safe. he said that he's hired a record number of police officers, that he plans to hire more, and that he plans to pay overtime. we did see bart police patrolling this station yesterday, but the agency did tell us that a woman was robbed here last night. officers say they didnd catching the person responsible for it.
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reporting live in hayward, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> anoushah, thank you. it is very timely right now, but this has been something we've been working on for months. our investigative unit is taking "in depth" look at what's happening on bart. our five-part investigation called "derailed" exposes bart and how it's become one of the most dangerous transit systems in the country. our team road bart trains for months recording what they saw. the good, the weird, and the simply dangerous. you can watch the entire series right now. we posted it on our website at if you prefer, you can also watch it on youtube, apple tv, and roku. a deadly hit and run in san jose, police need help finding the driver of this white truck. you can look at it there. it's a commercial sewage truck. the crash happened around 5:45 a.m. on old bay shore highway. the driver hit a man on his bicycle. that cyclist died at the scene.
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>> now to capitol hill where the last two witnesses testified in the public impeachment hearings. today president trump's former top russia expert discredited a conspiracy that it was ukraine that interfered in the 2016 election, not russia. >> this is a fiction being perpetrated by the russian themselves. >> that narrative is part of what president trump wanted ukraine to investigate, joe biden and his son. david holmes described how he personally heard the president ask about the investigations when he overheard a phone call between ambassador gordon sondland and the president. at the end of the day, closing remarks came from two california lawmakers. the house intelligence committee's top republican devin nunes. he called the proceedings a show trial. and democratic chairman adam schiff, he said the president thinks he's above the law. >> and i would just say to people watching here at home and around the world, in the words
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of my great colleague, we are better than that. adjourned. >> schiff was referring to the late congressman elijah cummings who died last month. president trump denies the allegations against him tweeting today, the democrats leading the impeachment inquiry are, quote, human scum. >> well, guess who is back in town. president obama making quite a splash at two high-profile events today. first at the dream force conference in san francisco, and then in los altos hills. in fact, we have a live look for you at the home in los altos hills where a fund-raiser just wrapped up hosted by the chair of the democratic national committee, tom perez. guests paid anywhere from 10,000 bucks to more than $350,000 for some time with mr. obama. among the big names in attendance, warriors superstar steph curry along with his wife. president obama arrived a bit late, but nobody seemed to mind. the attendees we talked to called his talk inspiring. >> i think everyone in the room
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had a real positive feeling about his being there and felt a sense of hope. >> it was hosted by dr. carla jervitson in los altos hills. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on the message to the crowd on the peninsula and the crowded field of presidential candidates within the democratic party. now, earlier in the day it was standing room only for mr. owe bam as he was the keynote speaker at dream force in the city. some spent all night in line to get a spot to hear the words of mr. obama. nbc bay area's christy smith was in the room for the speech and joins us now in san francisco. christy. >> reporter: well, raj, people certainly waited for hours to see former president barack obama and when he finally took the here in san francisco with salesforce c.e.o. mark benioff, he touched on topics including the tech industry and ways to keep the country from dividing along partisan lines. now, in addition to the
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thousands of people hoping to get in to the keynote, another crowd gathered just to get a glimpse of mr. obama arriving. his motorcade pulled up about 30 minutes ahead of his talk with mark benioff. now, we were not allowed to shoot inside, but i can tell you mr. obama discussed what he called the top concerns of this generation including climate change, inequality, and the internet and information age. he talked about how hard it is for some people to separate fact from fiction and some attendees told us former president showed key insight into key tech companies and how important it is for a company to publicly declare its values. >> a lot of stuff he said was relevant to finding talent, making sure we're building the right teams. especially when he was talking about, like, not really looking for the talent, palomino bbut sa beacon to attract the talent. >> a message of accepting everybody. so excited.
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>> reporter: now, one of the lines that seemed to get quite a few applause was when the former president talked about what he called the power that comes when you get a group of people together, leaders, people with different backgrounds. in his words, we all have blind spots which is why diversity is not charity. he spoke for an hour before leaving for a fund-raiser. and back here live, this was day three of the dream force conference. and you can see a lot of activity and still going strong. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, big week there. thanks, christie. quite the scare at a dollar tree store in vallejo. a car plowed into the store injuring several people and leaving a lot more shaken up. take a look inside. you can see how far the car got. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in vallejo with details of this crash. jodi. >> reporter: well, it's really unbelievable that nobody was
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seriously hurt out here at this dollar store off sonoma boulevard. take a look at the front of the store. you can seal it is still wide open and employees are still inside trying to clean up after a terrifying afternoon. >> and i heard this loud crash. sounded like a bomb. and before i knew it, a car had come through the store and hit me and i ended up on the floor. >> reporter: that's how customers described what's happened inside this vallejo dollar tree store this afternoon. as a car came crashing through the store front. >> it was like a slow motion, it looked like a movie where everything was just crashing towards me. >> reporter: these folks were all inside shopping when it happened. at first they didn't know what had hit them. >> definitely my other half here grabbed me and threw me into the yooil or i would have been underneath the car. >> it started spinning around in the aisle, pushed me back down the aisle 15 feet or so.
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>> i'm shaking. >> reporter: jose and his wife had just walked out of the store where they bought shampoo and tooth paste. they watched in panic as the car came speeding by. barbosa ran in with his first aid kit to try to help. >> i called 911, and then i went and see if people were hurt. i saw two people that were leaning like with broken legs. >> reporter: miraculously, just six people suffered minor injuries. these customers are grateful. >> all of us, only by the grace of god are we alive. >> reporter: and we're back here live where you're looking at the damage left behind here at the dollar tree store. again, we are told six customers received minor injuries. things like bumps and bruises. one man told us he had a contusion to the hip, and he now is walking on a cane. the driver was also injured. she got minor to moderate injuries. and the fire department says
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it's still unclear what caused her to drive through the front of the store, but they say it was accidental. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> yes, those customers certainly lucky. it could have been worse. well, we sent out a breaking news alert about the crash right after it happened. you can get breaking news updates like this one to your smartphone. sign up through our nbc bay area app. you can download it for free. >> well, there is some good news. the lights are back on. pg&e has restored electricity to 99% of its customers affected by yesterday's power shut off. here are the updated numbers from sonoma, napa and solano counties. more than 5,000 field crews and 45 helicopters are wrapping up their inspections after the shut off. this was the fifth power shut off in the last two months. >> technology taking over the streets of san francisco. the new plan city leaders have to keep track of. these bikes, e-scooters and
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delivery robots. >> and the clinician creating opportunities for people with autism. the man from his past who helped find his purpose. that's next. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. rain, it is still holding on in the forecast. we'll let you know when that wet weather returns. it's all coming up in about 8 minutes. >> tonight the impeachment hearings are over. a wrap up of today's testimony and a look at what happens now. also the nasty norovirus outbreak that's closed dozens of schools. how you can protect yourself when we see you back here for "nbc nightly news." call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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just about everyone in the
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bay area seems to have a bart story. good, bad, weird. sometimes even dangerous. we spent months riding and recording on bart to find out how world class transportation system got derailed. you can binge watch our entire series on apple tv, roku, and our youtube channel. >> for more than 160 years, the martinez news gazette has covered all stories big and small for those living in that east bay city. now contra costa county's oldest newspaper is shutting down. the newspaper told staff earlier this week it will close at the end of this year. the reason, declining subscriptions. now just five employees remain there. the paper was founded back in 1858, and was once a daily newspaper. now it's published just twice a week. >> a newly agency in san francisco funded by taxpayers and it's all about technology. it's called the office of emerging technologies. it will oversee new tech like
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those scooters we see around town or sidewalk delivery robots. the propofol sam came from supervisor norman yee after autonomous robots surprised people by unleashing devices on the streets. >> when it does enter our infrastructure or our city, we run around like crazy people trying to figure out how to handle and how to create new regulations. >> three people will makeup that department that could launch as early as next month. >> well, when it comes to hiring for a job, experience counts for a lot. >> but one provider of autism services, the concept of experience has taken on a different, more personal meaning. let's bring in garvin thomas now with this company's unique hiring practices in tonight's bay area proud. garvin. >> raj and janelle, back in 2017 i shared this sweet story of pete and jack clark. it was pete who worked with jack who has autism when jack was a little boy. the two went their separate ways, didn't see each other for
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years. after that until jack showed up in pete's life again. this time applying for a job with pete's new company, helping those with autism. pete hired jack on the spot, getting not just an employee, but an idea. >> should i do $200 or less? >> reporter: at the center for social dynamics, jack is in charge of the toy library. both the budget and the tracking. >> i make sure that everyone turns the toys in on time. and if they do not, i give them a phone call and send nemanjath email. >> reporter: jack has been a model employee, says jack. >> he gives me a relief. >> reporter: jack has done more than just find a job at csd. >> numbereporr: pete says he ha opened >> jack gave us a green light to work with this particular population with this particular symptoms, you know. so from jack then zain came. >> i'm going based off the one i sent you. >> reporter: zain was hired last
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year as project coordinator for csd. >> we can put them right here so everyone can -- >> reporter: then came will as a behavioral specialist. >> it's a race to the village from the bridge. >> reporter: and martin as a clinician. all of them diagnosed with autism themselves as children. >> so i was dying noticed at age 3. >> 5 years old. >> 4. >> reporter: pete says hiring people with autism to help others with autism has turned out even better than he imagined. zain, martin and will able to give advice and feedback to their neurotypical coworkers based on very personal experience. >> i know what i'm doing. i know about this, like i've had these services before. >> they are the leaders. we look up to them to provide many, many answers. >> reporter: for these young men, though, it may mean even more. a part of them that growing up was viewed as their greatest
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weakness has been turned into a very valuable strength. >> i think it's a really great feeling. it's being revolutionary. >> what i really love is i'm helping these kids out. here i am growing up with it, being able to know like how to help these kids out. it's a big accomplishment itself. >> he not only has the job going on, but he's writing a book as well about his experiences growing up with autism, hoping to help others. and this company csd started just a couple years ago. it is exploding. they have now 800 employees. now five of them are adults living with autism, but pete says this is working so well, and they fit such a key role here that he's hoping to expand it within his company and he hopes other companies follow suit as well. >> it's a great company. >> impressive. >> thanks. >> thank you, garvin. here's the million dollars question. what are you doing sunday night? >> obviously. >> we're going to watch the
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49ers and packers on sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. we've got it covered for you. jimmy g. will be working, so will we. join us. janelle and i will be anchoring a special edition of the nbc bay area news at 3:00 p.m. from levi stadium. the game kicks off at 5:20. sports sunday follows the game, and dhen we'then we'll be back p.m. from levi's for a special newscast. we have a lot of football. we have to make sure our weather is okay for us, jeff. >> i think we'll be fine. anyone headed out there might need a jacket for end of the game. we're going down to the low 50s. >> are you bringing shoulder pads? >> i'll take the post game show. >> one on one? >> as we head to our microclimate forecast the next couple days, looked really beautiful. then we have some larger changes going to on that extended ve what's coming our way. we still are holding onto the
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possibility of, yes, some rainfall. you get a preview of that and the scrolling seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. let's get you ready for the friday morning forecast. it starts off school with a mix of sun and clouds. then 42 in the south bay. 45 in the peninsula and tri-valley at 41. also more 40s over to the east bay. san francisco 47 and the north bay at 40. so no problems in the morning commute, and as you move through the day, we keep that sunshine and temperatures will be on the cool side right about near average, feeling like november outside. down here to gilroy, 65 degrees. east san jose 67. cupertino 63. and it's another day where you drive around the bay area and there is not a big contrast for the east bay. 66 in livermore and 65 for fremont. the peninsula 61 and san mateo is 64. palo alto feeling just a little bit chillier in san francisco with 58 in the outer sunset. and right up here to the north bay 67 in napa and 66 in novato.
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so i really think we'll stick with weather just like this as we head into your weekend forecast and then next week we still have rain in the forecast. so i want to go ahead and spend some time on that. what you're going to see is by tuesday, i'm noticing the storm system starting to develop off to the north. the thing about this storm, it's tapping into some decent pacific moisture. but as it gets closer, it will dry out a little bit as it moves over land. overall we're looking at some pretty good chances here next tuesday. then into wednesday, also into thanksgiving, it looks like some more of these scattered rain chances in the forecast. so i want to give you exactly what we know about this right now. some bullet points on it. and you'll be able to see again, rain chances next week starting tuesday. early totals 15/100 to a half inch. not bad on this early look. the number one issue we're going to be tracking is the dryer northerly track. if this storm system pushes a little more inland, it could
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mean less tote altals. if it stays out over the pacific it will be better for us. sierra snow down to 2,500 feet. could bring the bay area higher elevation some low snow as well. it's all about next week. colder temperatures down into the 50s for san francisco right through the thanksgiving. also dropping to the 50s for the inland valleys. as we head through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. quick look at the sierra forecast. we are talking about possibly a foot of snow as well. we're going to have deeper looks at this and all that cal pal coming up. >> there he goes again. >> 6:00 tonight. >> or powder, or pow, however you want to say t. >> great white stuff. thanks, jeff. >> up next, a split second from disaster. you remember this, the special thanks from the bart supervisor who saved a man from the oncoming train. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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critics say it's a $60 billion train to nowhere, and we're paying for it. state leaders said it would be an economic win for small businesses, but we discovered high-speed rail in california has nearly put some small businesses out of business. here's senior investigator stephen stock. >> we found at least a half dozen small business owners in the central valley who say the promise of high-speed rail has failed to materialize for them. and collectively it has cost them millions of dollars. a big part of the problem was that high-speed rail hired prime and subcontractors to work on construction before the state had obtained the proper rights of way. and so many of those companies sat idle, costing them time and money. one of the companies, bill nelson construction near fresno. nearly went bankrupt.
5:25 pm
>> i bought equipment, probably spent in the neighborhood of half a million dollars for excavators, loaders, water trucks, crew trucks to man up for this work. >> and this is not a new problem, either. our investigation uncovered records dating back to 2011 that document small businesses having trouble getting paid on this project. what does the c.e.o. of high-speed rail say about this? fine out tonight on our special report on nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> thanks, stephen. honor to the bart employee who pulled a man from the tracks. you may remember this jaw-dropping video. he fell onto the tracks at the coliseum station after the oakland raiders game. he quickly pulled him off the tracks a split second before the train pulled in. today that bart supervisor was recognized during the board meeting. his quick thinking has received recognition from bay area sports teams. we'll be right back.
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tonight at 6:00, beware of new malware. a warning tonight. a virus that could have your
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computer held hostage. the reason we're more vulnerable to these kinds of attacks this time of year. tonight at 6:00. >> it took the reclusive sarah winchester four decades to build her famous sprawling mansion in san jose. the folks at lego will do it in a few months, on a much smaller scale. recently posted in front of the historic mansion in front of san jose, the legendary mansion gathered the most votes from lego fans when they were asked which of the six bay area landmarks should get the lego treatment. second choice was the golden gate bridge. third choice was levi stadium. now you'll be able to see the lego versions of all three when the legoland discovery center opens next spring at the great mall in milpitas. the winchester mystery house, golden gate bridge, and levi stadium. >> i couldn't believe it beat the golden gate bridge. what's up with that? >> iconic landmarks. >> all three are good. that's going to do it for us at 5:00. a look at the weather, too. >> check this out, nice weekend coming our way.
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rain back in the mix next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> thanks for joining us. as a reminder, "nightly news" is next with lester holt. we'll see you at 6:00 >> bye. breaking news tonight. the dramatic final day of this week's impeachment hearing. trump's own former russia adviser blasting republicans for spreading a conspiracy theory about ukraine interfering in the 2016 election. >> this is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. sxh >> and the diplomat. what he says he heard on a call, gordon sondland and president trump. how the president is firing back. also breaking, the bombshell charges for one of president trump's top world allies israel's prime minister indicted for bribery and fraud. what he's accused of doing to get better media coverage the deadly crash a


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