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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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right now at 11:00, we begin with breaking news. a new raid. more arrests following that deadly halloween shooting in news in san jose. a suspect hold up inside of a home just blocks away from oak s b connected to the school's recent bomb scare? the news at 11:00 starts right now. there are multiple stories unfolding at this hour. we begin with that standoff in san jose. >> let's get right to it.
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nbc bay area's sergio quintana is two blocks from oak grove high. sergio, what's the situation right now? >> reporter: you can see that there are residents that are actually leaving from here. i've been talking with a couple who said that they were actually evacuated from their home and then others are being told that if they leave, they will not be allowed to return. now, let's go ahead and show you some video, activity going on a few yards from here, very active you n see police using the ar armoured personnel carrier. residents say it started 5:30 this afternoon when they heard a loud explosion. when police arrived, they started hearing officers negotiating with one of their neighbors who they don't know. they could hear the police saying, come out for the sake of your family. i talked with one woman who has been driving around trying to figure out how to to her house, but the street is blocked off. >> i was looking for parking about one hour, but i couldn't find it. >> reporter: were there a lot of police there? >> yes, the police is there.
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>> reporter:chooe determined wa explosive device near the student parking lot. classes just resumed to the and it's not yet clear if tonight's incident is in any way related to tuesday's event. at this point san jose police officers are not releasing any information. and you can see that just across the street from where we are, that is oak grove high school. there are a couple of fire trucks and paramedic units that are on stand by. we are told that residents who are not able to return to their homes are being hold to go to oak grove high school tonight to get out of the cold. reporting live in san jose, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> okay, sergio, stay where you are. we'll check back later with you in the newscast if needed. late tonight, arrests stemming from the deadly shooting in orinda. arrests, a recovered gun and a new $20,000 reward. federal agents are on this case. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in orinda with these late details
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involving the atf. cheryl. >> reporter: raj, new details tonight about an operation conducted today linked to that halloween night shooting right here in orinda. take a look at these pictures. atf sharing them with us tonight when acts executed warrants obtained by the contra costa county sheriff's office. two people were arrested. a gun was also seized and we are told it is linked to multiple shootings right here in the bay area. now, you may remember coco county's d.a. made the decision earlier this week not to charge five people arrested in the deadly shooting. now, the two people we are told arrested today are different from the five that were let go. again, atf is putting out a $20,000 reward that can help them arrest or convict people connected to this deadly shooting here in orinda. this is all we know about tonight, but we'll have much more for you tomorrow. reporting live in orinda, i'm
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, cheryl, thank you. now, we are working both of these stories 24/7, the one in san jose and orinda. you can get the latest on our website, and down loetd our free app and get those right to your phone or tablet. >> a driver hit a pedestrian in san jose tonight. it happened near tully. people were crossing the street when the woman driving a white sedan hit them. turns out the people weren't in the crosswalk. paramedics did take both of them to the hospital. should he have been kept in jail and would that have avoided a death? we are learning the man accused of killing a bart passenger this week was already facing criminal charges in san francisco and had been released from jail. it's a bitter pill for the daughter of a good samaritan stabbed. nbc bay area's jean elle is live . >> reporter: jessica, police here in san francisco arrested jermaine grim earlier this year for firing a gun from inside his
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car. a court date was set and he was released from jail, and now across the bay he is facing a murder charge while a family is mourning the loss of a man who was about to become a grandfather. >> he always had -- for everybody. he never was the type of person to be an aggressor. i don't understand how this happened. >> reporter: destiny lewis says her father was always helping people. on tuesday police say 49-year-old oliver williams who went by tyrone hodges, stopped jermaine grim from stealing another passenger's shoes, a helpful move that cost williams his life. he thought brim got a knife away from williams and stabbed him to death. his daughter is heartbroken williams won't meet his grandson. >> he was excited to hear about his grandson in december. now i know my dad won't be able to see him.
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because he wanted to help somebody. >> reporter: police arrested brim after the deadly stabbing when they got calls about a man matching his descriptionry charged with murder and carjacking. investigators say he walked away from san leandro hospital before boarding that bart train. we are also learning he's facing criminal charges in san francisco. the district attorney's office said brandon is facing negligent discharge of a firearm and possession of firearm charges. a judge released him from jail and set a court date. tonight brim is being held without bail and williams' grieving family is wondering why no one on bart helped him. >> i feel he could have had more help and support. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> well, that stabbing has heightened concern and fear for millions of people who use bart prompting them to ask if the trains are even safe. our senior investigative reporter bigad shaban takes a
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look at the transit agency. the unit rode the train for months documenting all kinds of troubling things. watch on >> tonight ann coulter active on twitter about her appearance at u.c. berkeley last night. that's the video you are seeing here. among her tweets this evening, the conservative political pundit tweeted there were thousands of people at cal that tried to attack me. five people were arrested. three of them students. one person who had a ticket to the event was hurt in a scuffle, but is okay. >> she drove her car right into a dollar tree store. now police are trying to figure out why. police say a 71-year-old woman crashed her car through the store front in vallejo this afternoon, sending groceries and customers flying. paramedics ended up taking six customers to the hospital. luckily none of them were seriously hurt. >> and i this loud crash, sounded like a bomb. and before i knew it, a car tou
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me and i ended up on the floor. >> that dollar tree will reopen tomorrow. >> tonight, the search continues for a hit and run driver who killed a bicyclist in san jose. the crash happened around 5:45 a.m. on old bay shore highway off 880. police say the driver was in this truck. you can see it there. it's a sewage truck. the cyclist was riding on the correct side of the road when that truck hit him. >> we determined that he was struck by what we believe is a large white commercial truck, possibly a sewage truck. >> police say the man who died was 71 years old. >> two bay area teens accused of killing a police officer in rome are having their case moved up. the first hearing now set for february. early this week prosecutors requested a swift trial for the two men who were arrested in july for allegedly stabbing and killing an officer. a police officer stemming from a drug deal. president obama made a splash in two high profile events today.
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first dream force conference, then a democratic fund-raiser in los altos hills. guests paid upwards of $10,000 to spend time with the former president. among the big names in attendance, warriors stiff curry and wife ayesha. they said his talk was inspiring. >> up next, an emergency in the sky. flashes seen from this plane, terrifying passengers and forcing an emergency landing at l.a.x. plus. >> getting involved with them was something that was just -- we should have never done. >> serious regrets by some small business owners who say the high-speed rail project nearly >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. rain remains in the forecast. need to know so you can plan around it for your thanksgiving hauls day. that's coming up in about 8 minutes.
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so, is it an economic windfall or a bust?
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state leaders said it would be a windfall for small businesses. >> the many companies that signed up to work on california's high-speed rail say they are on the brink of ruin. let's bring in investigative reporter stephen stock. what have you learned from the small businesses? not the big companies. >> it's a scary story. when voters approved a $10 billion bond measure to build a bullet train, one of the major components was this promise of an economic boom to the central valley. high-speed rail was going to bring financial gold to small, minority and disadvantaged businesses. what we discovered, while of those small businesses did, in fact, get contracts, some of them have not beentheir work. and a few of them have nearly been put out of business. >> this is the shop. >> bill nelson and his daughter kristen show us what's left of the family's general engineering construction company started by his father in 1954 outside
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fresno. >> they had quote-unquote promised us a lot of work in the high-speed rail. >> work bill nelson says never materialized. >> spent in the neighborhood of half a million dollars for excavators, loaders, water trucks, crew trucks to man up for this work. >> after initially signing a contract in 2017 with gravado's flat iron for work on the high-speed rail project, nelson's investment and machinery sat idle because high-speed rail authorities had not obtained the proper rights of way. >> not one work order we ever did did we ever complete it, not one. ee >> as for the work the company did perform, kristen says it took seven months to funnel down to her and to her bank account. when the checks did arrive, it did not cover nelson
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construction's costs, a fraction of what the contract called for. >> we received a little over $5,000 check. >> when you were expecting 60,000? >> correct. >> nelson's complaint follows a lawsuit filed by another small company, west pacific electric against gravados alleging much the same thing. according to the federal suit, he was brought on as a subcontractor, invested $2 million. then could not make deadlines because high-speed rail did not have the rights of way to the land where thek w to occur. >> very few are getting paid on time. >> david mendoza is project manager at the minority development business agency in fresno. mendoza says many companies tell him the same story. all of them are subcontractors who could not put their crews to work because of failure to obtain rights of way, got paid late by prime contractors or not paid at all. >> several are delayed, not paid, in particular a couple that have been over a year without being paid. >> that's an issue because if you take six months to get paid,
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it doesn't matter when the payment comes through. you're out of business. >> a member of high-speed rail's peer review committee he is president of f.e. jordan associates, a san francisco firm that's help build 35 different large public transit projects. in 2010 jordan helped launch a federal civil rights investigation into high-speed rail's hiring practices. >> i found out that they had zip minority, almost zip small business. zip meaning zero. >> as a result, the federal railroad administration told the high-speed rail authority to establish a program to help ensure fair hiring quote, prompt payment of subcontractors by prime contractors. it's a problem jordan believes the authority has yet to fully address. >> i mean, that's an enormous problem. i mean, sometimes i can't sleep at night. >> that is disturbing. so i would like to understand what that problem was. >> brian kelly is c.e.o. of
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california's high-speed rail authority. we asked kelly about the small business owners who say the authority's failure to obtain land or rights of construction >> they would go out to a site, companies in a financial hole. wasn't ready. the right-of-way wasn't procured or they weren't ready. did that play a role? >> i can't tell you it didn't play a role. i mean, look, i've already said the right-of-way issue after we are already in construction is problematic. >> some of these subs aren't getting paid. how is that possible, how are you helping small business when you're not paying them? >> high-speed rail has had 31 months o no payments. this is a dispute between contractors and subcontractors. we are hearing from the small business folks on that and we will try to work with the contractors on more timely payment between the subcontractors and the subs. >> as they map out the next segment of construction to be built into bakersfield, kelly says his team will only hire contractors to begin construction after high-speed rail buys the land or obtains
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the proper rights of way. >> it hurts to get involved with them, something that was just -- we should have never done. >> the nelsons say pushing back can also cost money, which is why they advised their friends who own other businesses to stay away from high-speed rail. >> i don't know how anybody could get involved right now. >> seems like there is an awful lot of money going out there someplace that you can't see any end result with for the spender. >> and it's not going to you. >> sure as hell ain't coming to me. >> a spokesman for the flat iron joint venture says it values its relationship with all contractors and suppliers and makes payments within time line. at the monthly meeting of high-speed rail earlier this week, officials did announce they had settled a $134 million claim with grados over payments to them all because these proper rights of way had not been obtained. and by the way, david mendoza says he knows of several other companies that are almost broke and out of business. the key here is in other
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projects like with cal trans, subs can go straight to the state. the rules are different for high-speed rail. they can't go to the state and get their money from the state. >> so they're out of the money -- >> they're out of the money. some of these people have gotten paid nothing. >> real quick, where is it going to be in ten years, is this happening? >> that's still up in the air. we're going to keep following this because the next 18 months to two years is going to be critical. if they're not at a certain point, we will be dead in the r. it's going to be a real interesting next couple of years. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a story for stephen, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or >> pg&e has restored power to 90% of their customers who lost field crews and 45 helicopters have been wrapping up in sections after the power shut off. it was the fifth power shut off
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in the last two months. >> jeff ranieri ask with us now. we're going away from the wind and dry conditions to some rain finally in the forecast. >> and much welcome to help lower the fire danger. as we head to our microclimate forecast, i think we're all good as we head into your friday forecast. even for this weekend. and then we will be talking about those rain chances as we bring you into the microclimate forecast. we'll start you right off with tomorrow morning. it will be a chilly start. mostly clear here throughout the bay area. 42 for the south bay. i and the tri-valley at 41. down to 40 in the north bay. san francisco 47. and right here over the east bay we'll be at 41. as you pass through the day tomorrow, you keep your sunshine. temperatures will be on the cool side. might even need that jacket right into the afternoon. you'll see down here through the south bay, the warm est i have it is 67 in east san jose. cupertino 63. another day where you head across the bay area, the car thermometer is not going to change too much.
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67 in antioch. 67 in pleasanton. closer to the bay cooler, oakland at 61. peninsula 61. 59 half moon bay. if you're headed to the beaches, we have some really rough surf so best advice would be to stay out of the water. san francisco 60 in the mission, up to marina 59 and for the north bay, the good news power has been restored. winds not that gusty, only out of the northwest at 5 tomorrow. and 65 here in santa rosa. 67 in napa. so the weekend forecast again looks just like this as we head through your saturday. and also your sunday forecast. so all good through this weekend. and then, of course, those changes, much advertised changes moving in next week. and the confidence continues to get up on our rain chances as we've had more updates tonight that continue to show the rain steady enough as we head through next tuesday. the stormrt now, it should be said the trajectory of this, the path of
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the storm is not historically a path that gives us a major storm system. it's moving from the north to the south, so the land helps to break up that storm system as it moves to the south. we usually get the heaviest rain from storms west to east. nonetheless, as we hit tuesday night we get rain in the northern california. look at all the snow for the sierras. spotty chances on wednesday. and also right there for thanksgiving. so let's put it out there for you. what we know as of right now, i think the best chance of rain next week right now would be on tuesday. .15 to a half inch. low snow, 2 to 3,000 feet, snow level, that could bring the bay area higher elevation some snow as well. we could see a foot or more right across the sierra. so on your extended forecast, down to chilly 50s next tuesday, wednesday and thursday as that storm arrives. look at the inland valleys. we're at 54 by next thursday's
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forecast. so get your jacket out. find the umbrella. toss it in the back seat of the car. if you're headed to the sierra for thanksgiving, we could be looking at a foot of snow, maybe more at the summit. >> bring it on. >> exactly. so tomorrow is going to be a crucial update. we'll have that for you as well. >> thanks, jeff. >> you got itment >> up next, flight problems for tesla. it happened with the much anticipated unveiling of the -- oh, oh, the cyber truck. stay with us. >> happening now, youtube c.e.o. and google donating some $1.3 million to fight homelessness in san francisco. some of that money will go to a nonprofit. the rest will go to producing a documentary and the homeless crisis. we're back with more in a moment.
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okay. it's the oops moment that may cost somebody their job. tesla is unveiling its much hyped pickup truck tonight, but there was a glitch. this is the cyber truck. c.e.o. elon musk says it will be competing against the ford f-150. futuristic looking. alloy. it can withstand fire. however, during the armour glass demo, it didn't go as it should have. >> oh, man. it didn't go through. >> didn't go through, but -- the large metal ball whappened twic. musk added, ooh, there's room for improvement. the design, by the way, inspired by who loved me. it starts at 40 k. >> take a look at this. this is a real-life scare. flames started shooting out of
11:26 pm
an airplane. this is a philippine airlines flight taking off from l.a.x. to manila. happened around noon today. almost immediately, passengers and even people on the ground started seeing flames coming out of the engine. the pilot made an emergency landing right back at l.a.x. thankfully no injuries. everything was fine. >> we're back in a moment with the sharks' big dramatic win in vegas. we'll show you. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event
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last night the cal basketball team played on the grand est stage of all and they played one of the grandest teams of all. >> have you heard of duke? >> i've heard of duke. >> madison square garden at duke. let's take you to new york city. mike krzyzewski and blue devils taking on fox and the cal golden bears. the 2k empire classic. as you might expect, this one was all duke. ooh,ight there. duke's vernon keri, jr., top ranked duke rose cal. so cool, cal was on the big stage nonetheless. 87-52 was your final. in las vegas, a special road trip for the sharks. once a season they bring their -- >> i love this. >> isn't it great? >> my favorite. >> the dad's saw an epic game in overtime. that's los gat that's logan couture. that's the game winning goal in
11:30 pm
and golden knights. sharks and the dad's. sharks win 2-1. they have won seven of their last eight games. all right. are we watching the game sunday night? >> sunday night watching jimmy g. >> 49ers hosting the packers. what a match up. it's right here on nbc bay area. we will be field anchoring, literally on the field anchoring our newscast on nbc bay area beginning at 3:00 p.m. we have a busy day ahead of us. 3:00 p.m. all the way into kickoff, and then after the game at 9:00 p.m. we'll be on the air from the field at levi stadium with all our special 49ers coverage. so we have a lot to look forward to on saturday. and you can watch jimmy g. the whole time. >> jimmy g.? >> jimmy g. will be there. and if you ask him, he might -- [ laughter ] >> okay, we're back in a moment. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important.
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pool. carnival. choose fun. if you think about it, it took the reclusive sarahrly fou to build her famous sprawling mansion in san jose. now the folks at lego wil a mucr scale. lego's mascot posed in front of the winchester mystery house.
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>> that's the clue. >> that's the clue. they asked which bay area landmark should get the treatment. golden gate bridge, lego building. they'll be put on display at the great mall in milpitas next spring. >> the whole meg owe land. that's going to be furnished. >> let's do it. have a great friday. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - will ferrell


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