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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 23, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PST

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may be out at buckingham palace and major business partners backing away from the queen's son. and an unusual 911 call for help. >> the guy still there? >> yeah, i need a large pizza. >> all right how about medical? you need medical >> how a quick-thinking operator saved a woman from a violent situation as her daughter disguised the call as a pizza order. get ready for snow, rain and wind stretching into next week a new urgent warning romaine lettuce. good evening. we shutter to think how this newscast might have begun if not for swift and decisive action in los angeles. bother students is under arrest tonight authorities quickly discovering he had a high-powered rifle and 100 rounds of ammo and a list of potential victims and his middle school miguel almaguer has the chilling details. >> reporter: investigators say the
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bloodshed was planned for today at this middle school in los angeles, county. a mass shooting plot foiled after a 13-year-old student with access to this weapon allegedly threatened to open fire on classmates before deputies made a chilling discovet hime >> we recovered that firearm and some other things that are important part of our investigation. >> reporter: after officers obtained a search warrant, investigators say they recovered an a.r. 15 rifle, a high capacity magazine, 100 rounds of ammunition, a list of intended victims and a drawing of the school layout. >> never thought it could happen here. that's terrifying. >> reporter: multiple students overheard the threat on campus and teachers emailed administration about concerns raised by the students. >> reporter: with the 13-year-old boy taken into custody for making criminal
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threats, the arrest comes a week after a 16-year-old high school student in by >> reporter: since that shooting, there w to respond. have been 36 threats against schools in l.a. county alone. the latest incident say deputies could have been deadly. >> in this case, the fact that people stepped forward and said what they had heard led us to be able to prevent a tragedy today. >> reporter: tonight a teenager in custody and another high-powered rifle confiscated just hours before a planned shooting at a middle school before the holidays while classes went on at a campus behind me, investigators say that 13-year-old suspect remains in custody arned a 19-yime, we relative is also been arrested he faces weapons charges. lester, officials say a tragedy at this school behind me here was narrowly averted by a matter of hours. >> awful to think what might have been. miguel, thank you very much. developing tonight, a triple threat into the busy thanksgiving travel
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week al roker is tracking the storms al, when does all this begin? >> lester, our travel troubles already beginning. as you can see showers from atlanta back down into texas here is what we're looking at as far as airport delays for storm number one saturday cleveland and nashville and sunday for boston and new york city. storm number two, the airport delays begin for omaha early next week on tuesday, same for chicago and st. louis. new york city and boston by wednesday and then storm number three causes problems as we move into thanksgiving for l.a vegas, phoenix and eventually into dallas and just continue on into thanksgiving da >> al, thanks for much. there is an eye-opening report russia has a misinformation campaign for years to blame ukraine for meddling in the 2016 presidential election. peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: among a parade of witness, 12 testifying over five days, the president's former russia advisor fiona hill who debunked the conspiracy theory ukraine interfered in the 2016 election to
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help democrats but today the president toted that theory again. >> the fbi never got that server. that's a big part of this thing why did they give it to a ukrainian company. that's what the word is. >> this is a fictional narrative being pera services themselves. >> reporter: american intelligence breached russia on the year's long misinformation campaign to frame ukraine for moscow's hacking and as house democrats move closer to impeachment vote, the president is firing back. >> we had a tremendous week with a hoax, you know, the great hoax they call it the impeachment hoax and that's really what that incredibly well and have tremendous support. >> reporter: in that nearly hour-long phone call with fox news, president trump saying he welcomes an impeachment trial in the senate if the house votes to move forward. >> frankly, i want a trial. number one, they should never ever impeached. >> reporter: president trump also delivering his take on david holms, the embassy aid in ukraine who says he over heard that cell phone conversation where he says the
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president asked ambassador gordon sonland for an update on the quote investigation. >> it was quite loud when the president came on, quite distinctive. >> i can't hear -- you can be two feet away, i can't hear people making calls i can't hear the other side that was a total phony deal. >> reporter: meanwhile, this mysterious tweet from former national security advisor john bolton claiming the white house refused to return access to my personal twitter account. out of fear of what i might say, the white house tonight says it did not block the account. >> peter, we're hearing about the justice department's internal watchdog reporting to the fbi's investigation of the trump campaign what's it saying >> reporter: lester, that's right sources familiar with that report due out next month say it will accuse lower level fbi officials of mistakes including applying for court permission for surveillance of a trump campaign advisor, but they say it discounts claims of fbi bias. >> peter alexander, thank you. a former cia officer headed to
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prison with a sentence of 19 years for admitting he agreed to provide secrets to the chinese but federal prosecutors say there is much more to this case here is pete williams. >> reporter: federal officials say a 13-year veteran of the cia jerry lee revealed sensitive secrets to china's intelligence service severely setting back america's ability to gather intelligence in china, the country that spies most aggressively on the u.s. >> lee was supposed to guard our country against espionage, not become complicit in it. >> rted hi hotel room and found notebooks and a thumb drive containing numbers and phone numbers of cia secrets. lee agreed with meeting intelligence officials that gave him dozens of requests for u.s. secrets and over the next three years he deposited $841,000 in his bank account. prosecutors conceded they couldn't prove the money came from china and didn't know how many secrets lee
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revealed in return but federal judge t.s. ellis said it was likely at least some of the money came from the chinese so lee must have given them something of value and former u.s. intelligence officials agreed. >> that's a devastating loss that takes years and perhaps decades to recover from. >> reporter: the sentence, 19 years in prison jerry lee is now the third u.s. intelligence official convicted in just the past year of spying for china. lester >> all right pete williams tonight, thank you. another extraordinary day of palace intrigue in britain for more fallout for prince andrew spotted riding with the queen today we're learning more royal riff with his brother, the future king keir simmons is in london. >> reporter: prince andrew determined not to go into hiding, seen out riding with the queen today but cancelling a business trip to bahrain. prince charles said to be pushing for his brother's withdraw om something about the shift in power from the queen to the man who sometimes referred
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to as the shadow king, if you'd like. >> reporter: his friendship with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein and lack of remorse in last weekend's interview engulfing the royals in crisis. >> is prince andrew have the full support of the royal family? >> reporter: his sister princess ann facing questions and a lengthening list of organizations, international bank barclay and orchestra and the world famous cambridge university reviewing his position as a patron. meanwhile, attorney general william barr said he initially had his own suspicion ath hind was a perfect storm of sc intrigue like a story line from "the crown". prince andrew hopes to return to royal duties within months on british newspapers re reporting he's been forced to move his office out of buckingham pace. keir simmons, nbc news, london. tens of thousands of text messages are at the center of a
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criminal case in massachusetts. a young woman is charged with involuntary manslaughter after her boyfriend died by suicide. rehema ellis reports. >> reporter: yu voluntary returned to south korea to face charges against her erleading not guilty to boyfriend. the prosecutor alleged she was physically, verbally and psychologically abusive to him. him to go die, do us all a favor and go kill yourself. >> reporter: the d.a. says there was 75,000 te his death including more than 47,000 from yu nbc news has not been able to review the original text. authorities say he took his life in may in a parking garage the day he was set to graduate from boston college. officials say yu got to the garbage before he died and never called for help but
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messages released by the p.r. firm she hired and obtained by "the boston globe" suggests she tried to stop him he wrote this is good-bye forever i love you this isn't your fault. it's mine. yu replied please baby, please, stop i love you in a statement his family wrote, those who love alex are sharp pain o passing. what would you say to alexander's family tonight she's free on citizen surrendered her passport and must remain in massachusetts until the trial is scheduled to begin next year lester. you. simone biles is reacting to a report revealing she was kept inhevestigation into sexual abuse by former team doctor larry nasser here is kate snow. >> reporter: an explosive report in the "wall street journal" says usa
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gymnastics knew simone biles had concerns about former team doctor larry nasser in 2015 but never asked to be interviewed and never alerted biles the fbi was investigating. biles tweeting late today did everyone know but me? earlier tweeting can't tell you how hard this is to read and process, the pain is biles was a rising star winning gold for the u.s. in rio. it was only after the olympics in 2016 that biles was interviewed by the fbi, that fbi investigation now under review itself for taking so long biles went public with her story last year saying she, too, was a victim of nasser's. >> we did everything they askeds you have one job, you literally have one job and you couldn't protect us. >> reporter: ally braiseman is one of the other athletes and demanding the doj inspector general release findings whether the fbi mishandled the investigation.
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saying she was surprised, saddened and outraged to learn what happened to biles apologies. as of now, simone biles is training for tokyo as larry nasser serves his sentence. there is a health alert we want you to know about tonight, romaine lettuce may make you sick. a new outbreak sickened 40 people in a dozen states the cdc warning people to avoid romaine grown in california. if the label doesn't say where it was grown, throw it out. it was supposed to be the rollout of the battery powered pickup truck by tesla but it was a smashing failure than a success. lights, elon musk unveiled the cyber truck, a mad max version. chief designer ua
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shatter proof, things didn't go so well. not at once but twice. [ laughter ] >> oh, man. >> little room for improvement. [ laughter ] >> musk insists the cyber truck is strong with batteries able to go up to 500 miles starting price, $39,900. while the crowd cheered, a lot of online reaction has been mixed at best from the cyber truck is awesome to man, ugly and the piers of pickup trucks will tell you the same appealing to owners to go electric. >> it's a bleed runner it's one where it's great to pull up to parties in 2021, 2022. outside of that, it will be hard for this. >> reporter: the cyber
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truck delivery date 2021 tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>gowea lot more to tell you about hour a daughter's fake call to order pizza alainsher mom, saving her and leading to the arrest of a suspect you'll hear that call next. plus, as holiday op it takes to get your order to the door in this case, my door in record time and opening up a whole new world that's inspiring america. it's an emotional scene in the classroom. we hope you'll stay with us.
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we're back with quick and creative thinking that alerted police in ohio to an attack against a woman whose daughter decided to order pizza to help her. gabe gutierrez explains. >> 911 >> reporter: at first the dispatcher at this caller was mistaken.he >> i would like to
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order a pizza at -- >> this is the wrong number to call for a pizza. >> reporter: turns out, she knew exactly what she was doing. >> no, no, no, you're not understanding. >> i'm getting you now. >> okay. >> i got it. >> police say the woman in oregon, ohio really meant to call 911 to report that a man was beating her mother she pretended to order pizza so he wouldn't notice. >> is the other guy still there? >> yeah, i need a large pizza. >> all right how about medical? you need medical >> no. with pepperoni. >> all right we'll get them going. >> the dispatcher warned the officers not to tip off the suspect. >> turn your sirens off before you get there. >> 56-year-old simon lopez is charged with misdemeanor domestic violence he denies the
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allegations. that dispatcher says he's used to people accidently calling 911. >> i put it together after she said the second time she's else going on.
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an unusual sight a car spinning in reverse for almost an hour behind the wheel is a black lab named max. he knocked it into reverse sending it on a joyride that lasted until police stopped it with the holiday shopping crush now upon us, retailers are in a race to get your orders delivered fast but what goes into one-day shipping jo ling kent has an price you pay. the
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>> reporter: this shopping season is all about convenience. online sales set to hit $144 billion over the holidays and customers expect next-day shipping often for free here at ups, on an average day they process 2 million packages as we get closer to the holidays that doubles to 4 million packages daily. >> this place is built for overnight service and that market is moving. >> reporter: to satisfy the growing demand, ups is buying nearly 50 more massive planes like these, the boeing 747 ups operates more than 2200 flights daily. >> people want things faster, sooner, and more reliable. >> reporter: we decided to put their shipping to the test by sending a package to lester. so we purchased a special gift online. the order immediately registers as louisville slugger headquarters within minutes they get to work personalizing the bat and packaging it up. then it's off to ups passing through the sorting center which has less than 18 hours to get it delivered. the package then arrives by plane to the new york city area
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before making its way to lester's desk. >> oh. >> reporter: this season it's more than price wars as retailers up the ante to see who can deliver. jo ling kent, nbc news, louisville. >> for the record, i'm keeping the bat. the moment a pair of glasses opened up a whole new world for one boy. >> announcer: "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by cosequin joint health nts.
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finally in tonight's inspiring america, one boy's emotional reaction to seeing the world in living color here is harry smith. >> reporter: what does it mean to see watch what happens when jonathan jones puts on these special high-tech glasses. >> reporter: jonathan is extly blind and until this moment, had never been able to imagine just how vivid even a classroom could be his school principal scott hanson is color blind, too they are his glasses and you hear how excited he is to share this newly discovered world. >> mom, you better get in there, too. i told you it will be
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a little emotional. >> reporter: a world most of us, of course, take for granted so when we see jonathan with his smiles and his tears, perhaps he reminds us that the world is indeed beautiful. those for a little while. >> reporter: just wait until he gets outside? harry smith, nbc news. >> what a wonderful sight to seelest holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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