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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, it is saturday, november 23rd, here is a live look outside, a little bit of low clouds there, as you look towards san francisco, from emeryville, and a chilly morning for most of us. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at the microclimate forecast, you were saying earlier, some places were in the 30s. >> yes. up through the north bay, frosty
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morning, and now there are no frost advisories but it is in the 30s. so definitely bundle up if you're heading out there. to be fair it's cold. bring out the necessary fuzzy things you have in your house. that is completely done in my house. south bay right now -- >> fuzzy things. >> all of the warm and fuzzy things. >> 47 in the south bay. chilly. 45 in the peninsula. trivalley, 40 degrees. and wouldn't be surprised to dip down to 39 there. north bay, 35 degrees. it's cold. look at san francisco. beautiful view of the golden gate bridge there. 49. we have gray skies over the east bay at 46 degrees. if you're heading out the door, certainly going to need a coat, jacket, light sweater, whatever your preference. is let's check how it will look through the afternoon. the good news is the sunshine will prevail but also the reason we're off to a cold start. 61 degrees at 11:00 a.m. by 1:00, in the upper 60s. we're talking 70s in the forecast for today, it is mild and dry for this weekend, but i want to show you a look at the satellite radar and off the
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coast, the next chance of seeing rain, and it may be interfering with your thanksgiving forecast. we will have a closer look at that and the "feed the need" forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >> see you then, thanks. a bus filled with high school athletes hit by a projectile on what has become a dangerous stretch of highway 101. it happened in prunedale north of salinas on a stretch of highway 101 where thousands of people will travel this holiday week. the chp says this is the 40th time a vehicle was hit in that area this year. the carmel high school team was headed to a playoff game at branham high school in san jose. parents say a carmel player was hit in the eye by shattered glass, was treated and released. the team switched buses and did make it to branham high for the game which was delayed until 8:45 p.m. >> we are taking these antics very seriously. and we're dedicating all available resources to locate the persons possibly. >> the police is on it but once you start hitting school buses,
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it really, you know, it is too bad. >> the chp continues to collect evidence and is not saying what kind of things are hitting cars. a reward of $1,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the golden state warriors evacuated in a bomb scare last night. the frightening scene unfolded in salt lake city following the game against the utah jazz. a security guard found what they called a suspicious toolbox in the arena. a bomb-sniffing dog gave a positive hit on that package, and that prompted everyone in the arena to evacuate. the warriors were in the middle of their post-game interviews and were rushed to team buses. salt lake city police bomb squad investigated and determined ultimately the box pose n, pose no threat. back here in the bay area, the bomb squad gave the all clear for a san jose apartment complex. people who live there were forced to evacuate after a man was holed up inside an apartment for 24 hours.
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after he was taken into custody, police found an arsenal of explosives. today in the bay has more on the man and the arrest and the bombs he had in his home. >> reporter: san jose police bomb technicians have been meticulously removing items from inside the suspect's home but this scene is much less chaotic than last night. >> when i came outside, chi hear the sirens, yelling andrew, why, come out, we have to block, pretty much around here, like come out. >> and cell phone video recorded by diaz, you can sear the sirens and the police bull horn. at about 2:30 a.m., police arrested andrew white on an outstanding drug warrant and for resisting arrest. a woman who says she is his wife says he is not a bad guy and the police went overboard taking him into custody. >> he does crazy things and then it got blown up completely. >> and the bomb squad was
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brought in including a remote control robot to help safely describe what they called several improvised explosive devices. according to our sources, white may have an out of state criminal history related to explosives. one of his next door neighbors is happy he is in custody. >> that person is not a good person, driving a motorcycle really bad, we do whatever he wanted, and nobody would tell him nothing. >> police say their investigation is related to tuesday's incident at nearby oak grove high school, an explosive was found near the student's parking lot, and the school was locked down, but detectives have not been able to confirm that white is directly responsible for that incident. nbc bay area news. earlier this week, we told you about a good samaritan who was stabbed to death on a bart train, when everyone else ran away, a college student got out of her wheelchair and on to the ground, trying to keep him alive. we spoke with sophia humphrey, the college student from the east bay, and she shares her story with us about what
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happened on tuesday. she is legally deaf and suffers from a condition that forces her to use a wheelchair. the good samaritan, oliver williams, was stabbed to death, as he tried to stop germane brim from stealing from a sleeping homeless man. humphrey tried to keep him alive. >> i happened to have some medical gloves on me, so i threw them on, and jumped out of my chair, and tried to slow the bleeding as best i could. >> oliver williams did pass away. humphrey says she wants his family to know he wasn't alone if his final moments. we have learned more about the suspect in the stabbing death. he is awaiting trial in san francisco, but in a separate case. that case included charges of negligent firing of a gun. it happened back in may. our investigative unit obtained documents that revealed he shot that gun from a car. we are also taking an in depth look at what happened on
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bart. our investigative team rode bart trains for months recording what they saw, the good, the weird, and the dangerous. you can watch the entire series, right now on our web site, nbc bay each day, we're getting new information about that deadly halloween shooting in orinda. just yesterday the contra costa county district attorney filed charges against two men who were arrested on thursday. they're not among the five people who originally were arrested last week, and then later released. the d.a. says domico dones of martinez is a felon and he was arrested for being in possession of a gun, another person, frederick johnson, is in custody, and he is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder. the atf also is offering a $20,000 reward for any information about the case. in other news, tartine bakery is now closed because of a rodent infestation.
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the health department made the discovery a few days ago during an inspection at the tartine location in the mission district. once called america's most influential bakery, tartine's permit was pulled yesterday afternoon. crews will be working all weekend to fix the problem. neighbors walking by say it's strange to see the closed sign on the door. >> it is kind of a crazy thing to walk past and see. that i mean they're an icon of the neighborhood. they're always, there's always a long line out here every day it seems like. >> every day for years. the bakery will remain closed until it can be reinspected. 7:08. we do have much more ahead on today in the bay, coming up, it is a new twist, to an old tradition. we will tell you about the big change in this year's big game bonfire at cal. >> plus, if you didn't know, it is time for "feed the need," our annual holiday food drive kicks off today. we will take you live to this local safeway where our own
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laura garcia and marcus washington are standing by to help show how to help families in need this holiday season.
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welcome back. a rivalry that dates back to 1892, cal versus stanford. they have been going head-to-head for generations, and for this year's big game, there will be a big change to the bonfire. it was an old tradition that got pushed to the sidelines. today in the bay cheryl hurd explains it is back with a modern twist. >> it's the buildup before the big game. every year, before cal and stanford battle it out on the field, for the coveted ax, there is a rally. and the center piece, the team and a huge bonfire. >> we would love to have the wood-burning bonfire again. that would be great. >> but it wouldn't be fake. >> bonfires have been burning the night before the bill big
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game for over a century. but over the past several years, it has been banned. it was canceled in 2015, due to drought and high winds. and it was canceled again last year, because of bad air from the deadly campfire. but this year, it is back. with an environmental twist. >> you got to put our heads together, and we wanted to build a huge structure that could accommodate everyone and resemble a wood-burning bonfire. >> pretty cool. >> environmentally safe, and sustainable. >> you can't beat that, you know. especially taking a break from studying, you know, every day studying, every day grinding, every day trying to get those a's, you know, time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. >> cheryl hurd, nbc bay area knew news. at 7:12, much more ahead on today in the bay, coming up, a live look for you at safeway in santa clara where our holiday food drive kicks off today at
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safeways across the area and we will check in with laura garcia and marcus washington and they will show us how easy it is to feed the need this holiday season. >> looking pretty good. the sun coming up. a beautiful weekend ahead. and big changes. rain, snow, wind, a drop in temperatures and break it down for you coming up. stay with us. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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click, call or visit a store today. welcome back. you might know that today is a big day for us across the bay area. we help the community every holiday season, and we night your help this year as always. nbc bay area is partnering with safeway, for our tenth annual month-long feed the need food drive. our own laura garcia and marcus washington are there at the river mark store in santa clara to kick things off. good morning. thanks for joining us for this sixth early morning for you in a row. >> yes, that's okay. it is well worth it. >> it really is. you know, ten years, you said it, it is just amazing how many
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people we've seen over the years here, we're now at the safeway here at rivermark plaza, where people are coming in, and wanting to give. this is the time of the year where we all work together as a team, to really make some great things happen, right here in our community. help feed families in need this holiday season. >> very true, and you know the drive itself has been going on since october and not only today, it will go on through december 25th so all you have to do is come to your local safeway, and they made it really easy this year, you just grab one of these little tags, they have them everywhere throughout the store and it is a $10 donation and what that does, it gives a great bag of food to the needy and filled with supplies like this, they've got, you know, peanut butter, some staples, spaghetti and the goal is to have over 300,000 bags to donate to those in need and we're already at 250,000. so a little way to go. >> a little way to go to help us get to that mark right now, we
7:17 am
want to bring in wendy, our good friend, we see her every year. >> i know. you're always here and it is great, nbc bay area loves to be a part of this as well and already it is off to a great start. >> we're really excited in the response from our generous customers and our employees getting behind it, to be able to help make the holidays a little bit brighter this season. >> and what do people say, because it is really simple to give back, and really be a part of the community, to help others in need, so what are people saying about that? because it is really simple, tear it off, take to the front and even if you don't have one, you tell them when you get there. >> it is really easiy, the $10 donation helps bring protein items and items that people need the most so it is easy to take it to the register and help to give back. >> and this stays in the bay area and feeds the needy here. >> yes, it benefits our bay area food bank partners. >> it is such a need but it is so great that everybody bands together on this. >> thank you very much, wendy.
7:18 am
and we want to thank you all in advance because we know you will come out and help donate. we're here at the rivermark plaza. come on out. tear a receipt. feed a family in need this holiday season. >> and folks from throughout the bay area from nbc bay area, going out to different safeway stores, and you can look online and you can find out where you can meet your favorite person. >> marcus and laura are probably the favorite people, but vianey and i will be at the same safeway in just a few hours from now. so you will be passing us the baton and we will be working the food drive a little bit later this morning. laura and marcus, thank you very much. we will see you in just a bit. as they both mentioned, the feed the need food drive goes throughout the holidays and kicking it off today, at safeways across the bay area encouraging people to help families in need. and like i said, we will both be, vianey and i will be at that safeway that laura and marcus are at right now, we will there in a few hours from now. and it is so easy, you're already at the checkout, you're
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already buying your groceries, just add $10 to your receipt, and it feeds a family in need. >> yes, and you know, a lot of people might take for granted peace of mind. and that's one thing, even if it is able to provide dinner for one night makes a big difference and if you see us, say hi, say hello, don't be nervous and great volunteers greeting you at the door with smiling faces and we're not trying to sell you anything but showing a little kindness and we hope you join us. let's go to the microclimate forecast. the weather works in our favor. i requested this from the weather, i wish i could, believe me, but so far look at the sunshine, 60s in the inland areas and great day to head out and spread the love, everybody, spread the love. right now, 45 degrees in the peninsula, and partly clear skies. very cold for the tri-valley. 40 degrees. but then the 30s in the north bay, okay, i prefer the 40s. 35, pretty cold to start out. i want to show you the satellite
7:20 am
radar, overall pretty clear but just off to the north, the pacific north, we're going to be tracking a cold front, and that's going to be zipping down, bringing pretty big changes just in time for thanksgiving. before i get to that, though, let's get into the daytime highs, and you can see in san jose, 65 in oakland, and 64 degrees in san francisco, and 70s in through the interior. and hey, if you're heading out along the coastline, keep in mind that there is a beach hazard scene in effect for the entire coastline. once that is in effect, through 5:00 p.m. and it means waves are possible, and never turn your back to the ocean, it is beautiful, you can't trust it. too much going on out there. changes ahead. this is a big one. i want you to plan ahead. i know you probably have family visiting for thanksgiving, and maybe you're heading out and this is what we're tracking. tuesday into wednesday, november 27, yes, that is rain. we are going to have a cold front dipping from north to south, spreading rain, starting tuesday night, into wednesday, and so far, right now, it looks like the accumulations could be anywhere from a half of an inch to just over an inch, for that
7:21 am
mountainous areas. and it looks like the highest rain totals over the santa cruz mountains and the monterey area just in time for thanksgiving. and unfortunately, if you're traveling for thanksgiving, which thousand, millions will, you are heading along so cal and the grapevine, we're talking about serious rain. because it is a cold system, we are also talking about the possibility of hail, and more snow for the sierra. so lake tahoe, beautiful weekend right now. but accumulations heading into thanksgiving, look at this, over 20 inches of snow for the higher elevations by tuesday and wednesday, over the next seven days, our temperatures are dipping down to only the 50s as our daytime highs. for wednesday and thursday, we have a lot going on, keira. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. back to you. >> i will enjoy it while it lasts. thank you for the warning, vianey. it is 7:21, still ahead on today in the bay, the u.s. sailing team is getting ready for the olympics in tokyo. we will tell you why they're here, using the bay to prepare for the 2020 games.
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welcome back. 243 days until the 2020 olympics in tokyo and the road to the game goes through the bay area. joe rosato jr. explains why the u.s. sailing team is training here on our local waters. >> reporter: in the world of sailing, life rises and falls with the wind. >> a little wind out there. >> reporter: because just like life, sometimes the sails are full, and some days they're not. for u.s. sailing, beth and maggie, chasing the wind is a lifelong journey and both girls
7:25 am
learned to sail in the midwest when most are learning to walk, and they grew up on competitive sailing only in separate boats. >> we have been doing this for 15 years now and we sailed against each other in high school and college and we were sort of like friends in the beginning. >> but now, they're together as a team. in their 16-foot racing boat. competing in the 49er fx class, united in a simple olympic dream. >> the goal is to win a gold medal. >> amazing. >> u.s. sailing team has been training on the san francisco bay, which can be a bit fickle. >> ♪ a three hour tour. a three hour tour. >> they have plenty of wind in their sails as they head in to qualifying for the 2020 olympic games in tokyo. >> there we go. >> now we're talking. >> we definitely elevened how, d how to be there for each other.
7:26 am
>> it makes me appreciate how lucky we are to be on this journey together. >> told you. >> the pair is together 300 days a year. navigating a tiny space on a wave of trust. >> if i just drop this, you would fall in the water or turn to fast, i can fall down. >> we have kind of grown together as athletes. >> reporter: in place of a once fierce rivalry, these friends are on their way to the last two olympic trials before the game, hoping to make the olympics, and stand together. on the podium. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. and we have much more ahead on today in the bay, coming up, the tesla fail that captured the nation's attention, but have you seen the new video that shows how the cyber truck unveiling should have gone? we'll have it, next. plus -- >> ♪ i'll be there for you. >> and just in time for
7:27 am
thanksgiving, it's "friends-giving" and the bay area is invited. we will show you the new spot opening this weekend that every fan of the hit tv show "friends" is going to want to see. kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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good saturday morning. it is november 23rd, 7:29, on the nose, and a live look outside as the sun shines over san francisco. >> pretty. >> it looks like a good way to start our weekend. and thanks for starting it with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at the microclimate forecast. it looks nice behind us, too. >> it is a nice day. saturday, if you're home relaxing, poor yourself a cup of coffee, let's get through a mini forecast right now. if you're inside, that's great because it is cold out there. chilly 30s in north bay. san francisco, beautiful view there. 49 degrees in san francisco. if you're in the east bay, 46. but by the afternoon, look at that.
7:30 am
a view of downtown san jose. the sunshine will prevail. and warm up to milder temperatures. clear skies expected by 1:00. and 66 degrees in san jose and 68 by about 2:00. topping out in the upper 60s for the south bay here, and as we get into the valleys, september look the coastline and a huge hazard in place, and looking out ahead right now, a view of the satellite radar, the reason i'm showing you this, just off of the pacific northwest, we're tracking what could be the very first significant rainfall of the year, or i should say of the rainy forecast. more details on that of course coming up in about 15 minutes. well, we need, it but at least we get some sunshine in the meantime. vianey, thanks. a bus filled with high school athletes hit by a projectile on what has become a dangerous stretch of highway 101. it happened in prunedale, this is north of salinas, on this stretch of 101 where thousands of people surely will travel this holiday week. the chp says this is the 40th
7:31 am
time a vehicle was hit by something this year. the carmel high school team in the bus was headed to a playoff game at branham high school in san jose. parents say one carmel player was hit in the eye by shattered glass, but he was treated and released. the team switched buses and made it to branham high for the game which was delayed until 8:45 p.m. >> we're taking these ant ticks very easily and using all available resources to locate the persons responsible. >> once you start hitting school buses, it really, you know, it is too bad. >> the chp continues to collect evidence and is not saying what types of things are hitting cars. meanwhile, a reward of $1,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the golden state warriors evacuated in a bomb square last night. the frightening scene unfolded in salt lake city, following the game against the utah jazz. a security guard found what they called a suspicious toolbox in
7:32 am
the arena. a bomb-sniffing dog gave a positive hit on that package, and that prompted everyone in the arena to evacuate. the team was in the middle of their post-game interviews and they were rushed to the warriors buses. salt lake city police bomb squad investigated and finally determined the box pose nd no threat. back here locally, a school determined not to let vandals win. as we first reported on nbc bay area, taggers defaced a mural of civil rights leader caesar sha rez at low el elementary school in san jose, and it was so bad that the mural itself had to be relaced but now the community says it is coming back with new replaces. today in the bay, damian trujillo shows us. >> reporter: recess is always a hit at the lower elementary but the ball doesn't always bounce their way in this downtown community. >> it is so common here, the
7:33 am
ambulance, passing by, lock in, please, don't come out. it is such a common thing for us. >> reporter: over the summer shall the school receives this a colorful mural depicting civil rights leader cesar chavez. it became more than a mural for them. >> we know the principles of the mural cannot be destroyed and are shakeable. >> on the first week of school, someone tried to destroy those dreams, and gangs put their moniker on it and the school erased it all. >> when a mural is tagged they are trying to take ownership of the area, but not here, not now. >> the school who commissioned the first mural announced they are going to raise money to replace the mural and rekindle the dreams it represents. >> this is where i feel comfortable. where i know my son is safe. and even though it is in the middle of downtown, everybody is scared of coming.
7:34 am
>> they will need to raise $7,500 to recommission the muralist and this time add a special coating to protect the image from future tagging. >> a great company that makes the coating, to help protect murals and stuff like that. so yes, we're definitely going to have that. >> the idea is not only for children to see the mural, but see themselves in it. and perhaps one day be that same kind of leader. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. after a frantic week of hearings and testimony, washington, d.c. is now relatively quiet, with lawmakers on their holiday break. after 12 public witnesses, hundreds of hours of testimony, and thousands of pages of transcripts, republicans and democrats have reached polar opposite conclusions. president trump says he is winning the war of public opinion. >> i think we had a tremendous week with the hoax, you know, the great hoax, they call it the impeachment hoax, and that's
7:35 am
really worked out incredibly well with tremendous support. >> privately the president is said to be huddling with republican allies preparing for what appears to be an inevitable impeachment trial in the u.s. senate. and president trump, says he wants to fight back against teenaged vaping. just yesterday, he talked to the e-cigarette executives and doctors about the issue. in september, trump's administration said it would make a plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes nationwide. now, the president wants to hear from both sides before making a final decision. back here in the bay area, the pg&e power outages are over, but the city of lafayette remains fighting back. lafayette wants them to pie for the losses after the shutoff. the may are says the losses total $26,000. >> pg&e, obviously has infrastructure that needs to be shut down. why, we don't know, we didn't
7:36 am
design it. but when they shut it down, this is what we have to do. we have to do more services. it costs us more money. therefore, they should pay for that. >> reporter: pg&e says it shouldn't have to pay back lafayette. that's because its power shutoff program was approved by the public utility commission. following tesla cyber truck's unveiling, elon musk is tweeting this video of the rehearsal of the armored glass demo that went awry. the ball bounced off the window, and on thursday, the window broke, both times they did the demonstration. musk says in the tweet, tesla will make some improvements before production. all right. we all remember monica and ross, and the hit show "friends" is celebrating 25 years. now, you have a chance to see what it's like to hang out on the set.
7:37 am
today in the bay has a look at the one of a kind "friends" experience opening in san francisco. ♪ i'll be there for you ♪ >> friends fanatics go wild for the favorite theme song in san francisco. >> it is kind of cool. you get to experience it now. >> this crowd is the first to see the at&t store tran formed into a "friends" 25th anniversary celebration. >> recreating the show opener. hanging out in monica's apartment. acting out an actual scene. >> you can even film yourself singing phoebe's famous "smelly cat" song. ♪ smelly cat. smelly cat. >> fans always say it feels like visiting, well, an old friend. >> my parents grew up watching the show. my first pet was named phoebe. yes, but i didn't realize it was because of the show. and then in high school, once we got netflix, i was able to watch all of the episodes. >> people who grew up watching
7:38 am
"friends" says it is a hit because it was and it still is relatable. >> i was about the same age as the characters on the show when it was airing, and so i was single, i had roommates, and i was, it was so much fun watching them go through a lot of similar, you know, circumstances. ♪ i'll be there for you. >> reporter: the rembrandts say it is amazing, i'll be there for you, is still popular, 25 years later. >> who could have guessed? i mean it was way more bonkers than anyone would have imagined. we are so glad that the song put the show over the top. >> fans can see what it is like to be a cast member at the pal street store through the holidays. nbc bay area news. >> the singing, i loved that. 7:38. still ahead on today in the bay, the 49ers are getting ready for their big sunday nate football matchup against the green bay packers. we will tell you where you can
7:39 am
park, so fans can get fired up for the game.
7:40 am
7:41 am
welcome back. the warriors had another valiant effort. you may have tuned out thinking this was a blowout but all of a sudden the warriors did have a chance to win. we take to you salt lake city, taking on the jazz, and eight healthy players. and fourth quarter, the warriors made a major comeback, glenn robinson the third, with the steel and the score. the dubs cut a 20 point lead down to two. and that was as close as they would get. the jazz hold on to beat the warriors, 113-109. back here in the bay area, the sunday night football bus rolled into town yesterday, ahead of the 49ers packers game tomorrow night. this is san jose san pedro square. it is open to the public. all sorts of cool features are inside the bus, including a green booth where you can replicate those iconic player
7:42 am
intros. >> it is really cool. and it gives you a chance to see how the players think and play, from the locker room. >> this is very cool. >> you can watch right here, the game is on nbc bay area, we will have a special pre-game coverage starting at 3:00 p.m., and then kickoff is at 5:20. the post-game coverage starts at 9: 9:00 p.m. live from levi stadium. much more ahead on today in the bay, a live look for you at safeway in santa clara where our holiday food drive kicks off today, at safeways across the bay area. this morning, we will check back in with our own laura garcia and marcus washington and show you just how easy it is to help "feed the need" this holiday season. the weather is not going to be a problem today. temperatures in the 50s. plenty of sunshine. so come and join us, our annual food drive, comfortable 60s. all you immediate is ten bucks. and give it to us, and don't get
7:43 am
the two expensive lattes today. do it tomorrow. more weather after the break. stay with us.
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7:44 raand i have a feelingt is going to be a nice day. 35 in the north bay. and let's look at satellite radar, clear sky, and you can see why we dipped down in the 30s in the north bay. look at what is going on in the pacific northwest. tracking a cold front. before i get to, that let's get you prepped for your day. your afternoon high, mild weather. today, 68 in san jose. and 70 through livermore. oakland, 65. san francisco, a little breezy at 64 degrees. up through santa rosa, 70 degrees. so a dry weekend ahead. but if you're going to be around the coastline, there is a beach hazard statement in effect, through 5:00 p.m. and what this means is basically, we're talking about sneaker waves and excessive wave run up.
7:46 am
so be careful out there. big changes ahead. we have a pleasant warm weekend. and slight warming into the 70s and warmer today than we were yesterday, but it is the rain that is going to make the big story, because it could be the very first significant rainfall that we've seen of the rainy season and it will move in late tuesday night. we got a cool front moving from north to south and what does that mean for thanksgiving. right now, all models are lining up and they are all in agreement, that we will see anywhere from a half of an inch to over an inch to the higher mountain top areas with the most rain for monterey and santa cruz and southern california, so it is a big week of travel, if you're traveling along the grapevine, this is a good time to get checked, check the tires and the windshield wipers because it hasn't rained in a long time. and any dry oils on the roads will come up and make for some messy roads. keep it safe out there. in addition to the cold front dropping down and bringing the rain, because it is a cold
7:47 am
system, it will bring snow to the sierra and maybe a possible dusting of snow for some of the lower elevations locally, but look how beautiful squaw valley looks there, a cold morning there and let's talk about the estimated snow accumulations, into thanksgiving, and look at that, luke canyon, 24 inches of snow, and tahoe, 20, south lake tahoe, 11 inches of snow. a good amount of snowfall, presh powder just in time for thanksgiving. and a look at the seven-day forecast. i will try to break it down for you. of course we have the food drive, and we will be at the safeway locations. and the winds pick up on monday. look at what happens to the temperatures. chilly 49 degrees with spotty rain on wednesday. and on thursday, a 60% chance of seeing rain on thanksgiving. so right now, it is going to be a rainy week ahead. kira? >> rain, but sun in the meantime. we like that. vianey, thanks. still ahead on today in the bay, at 7:47, a live look for you, at safeway, in rivermark
7:48 am
plaza, in santa clara. after the break, we will check back in with today in the bay anchors laura garcia and marcus washington, our "feed the need" holiday food drive kicks off today, and it is so simple to help, when you're already shopping at safeways across the bay area. stay tuned. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event
7:49 am
on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends saturday
7:50 am
all right, welcome back. today is a big day for us as we kick off our tenth annual "feed
7:51 am
the need" holiday food drive with the help of the community every holiday season and this year as always we do need your help. nbc bay area is partnering with safeway, for the tenth year in a row and laura garcia and marcus washington are live in santa clara to show us how easy it is to donate. you guys had a good example when we saw you 30 minutes ago, so easy to give that ten dollars when at the checkout. >> easy, simple, all you need to be able to do is just this. it is just that simple. >> do this. >> it is so ease. >> i if you haven't worked out in a while, you can still do it. >> this is a $10 coupon. you take it to a counter. and this will actually provide one of these great bags to help feed the need. it is filled with all of these great products that they have here, a lot of protein, a lot of carbs, everything that you need to make a healthy family meal. and the thing is, is that the goal is to raise about $300,000
7:52 am
of these, so far, we're at 250,000, and this drive has been going on since october tabd is not only today, it goes all the way through december 25. and you can go to your local safeway store, we have teamed up with them and you can "feed the need". >> and i would like to help a family and how do i do it? we made it so easy to come out and do this. and you can do it while you're shopping and a lot of people have holiday items to pick up and this is a great time and an opportunity to do your part to help people in need. and we want to bring in special guests that we have with us this morning. the ladies of the "feed the need" of san jose. we have bri havenvante, who is president of the chapter. tell us why it is important to help out. >> it is dedicated to improving the community and promoting
7:53 am
volunteerism which is exactly why we have been partnering with "feed the need" and we are at the stores today helping with the food drive. we can't wait to see you all. >> and we will be scattered throughout the bay area, different safeway stores and you can meet raj and the others tonight and marcus are i in santa clara. >> this is your time to come out and just do your part. it is really simple. >> it feels good. >> it really does. and you all see it every year. you all help. and outside of this, too. >> yes, absolutely. we have over 600 volunteers in the community. and over 100 are helping out this weekend to spread the word. >> and now we need you to come out and do your part as well. look at all of these ladies out here helping this morning. we want to let you know that this is the time, come on out, we are here at the rivermark plaza, here in san jose, so come on out, do your part, and we would love to see you. >> we would love to see you and help "feed the need" and make a divgs.
7:54 am
have a good holiday yourself. and kira i know you're out here later, right? >> yes, vianey and i will be essentially swapping spots with you two and we will be at the safeway in the rivermark plaza in santa clara. so we will see you soon, and give you a hug and you can go home and we will take over from there. thanks. and the "feed the need" food drive runs throughout the holidays as mentioned and today we will be at safeways across the area to encourage people to help families in need. we hope you help us. much more ahead on "today in the bay" and coming up our clear the shelters segment, and introduce you to pets in need and we will introduce to you ms. valerie next
7:55 am
...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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. welcome back. it is time for the clear the shelters segment with our friends from pets in need, development manager jacqueline stewart and the clinic manager courten marten are here, with valerie, she is a 14-year-old chihuahua mix. and you guys just rescued her from the central valley, is that right? >> yes, she has been with us for
7:57 am
about two months, came from selma and your standard little old lady dog. everything you would expect for her age, and maybe hearing is not 100% and the vision is not 100%, but she knows when the food is coming, she follows you around the house, and we haven't had a potty accident yet, and you know. >> that's impressive. >> and a professional napper. >> i like that with people and animals and you rescued her because she would have been a candidate probably to not stick around. >> yes. >> and enter another facility. because she has teeth problems and arthritis she had maybe seven teeth left in her once we got there and ended up taking them out and she has no teeth now and that's okay, she still eats like a champion, she has little joint issues like we all do by the time we're middle aged, and so she won't be able to jump on the furniture by herself, but she still cruises
7:58 am
around, just a short walk from everything and stays comfy. >> nice for people who don't want to deal with an energetic chi wa was, she is pretty mellow and doesn't need to run around too much. and she is on medication, is that right? and so -- >> no medication right now. just as needed for, if her arthritis were picking up. she has been doing well lately. >> and you have been able to take care of her because of this wonderful fund that you have, that we talked about before. >> the memorial fund is designed to help low income seniors with their vet care, so animals like valerie don't have to end up in the shelter, if people need help, we can provide that financial assistance, and so that if they need routine medical care or the specialized procedure, they can apply through this fund, and they can help them out. >> so if someone is 62 or older and lives in san mateo and santa clara county, they can apply for the memorial fund, to help them fund their failing animals. >> yes. >> we hope you check out
7:59 am
valerie, and find out more about the web site, and thank you for coming in, and ms. valerie, and thank you for making us a part of your morning. we'll see you at the food drive later today. .
8:00 am
narrator: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that is educational and informational. the more you know on nbc. dylan: hi, i'm dylan dreyer, and we're about to embark on another "earth odyssey". today, we explore the hidden animals and ancient cultures that live in the himalayas. we'll see if we can spot the spotted snow leopard before he spots us, and later, the locals show us the dangers that come with living in one of the world's biggest mountain chains. [music]


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