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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> there are children in this world just like conrad and i can't even imagine anything like this happening again. right now at 11:00, it's collar tonight as we look at san francisco but that's all going to change this holiday week. tonight, we are tracking wet weather heading to the bay area. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. we've had bone dry conditions for quite a while now, but this week that all changes. let's get right to meteorologist rob mayeda. rob, what are we expecting this week? >> right now we're still sort of in the midst of an extended fire season. so it comes as good news. the most rain we've seen in six months. likely to fall over the bay area over the next five days. this will likely have an impact on travel plans as we get into tuesday and wednesday. most of the bay area will see about a half inch to an inch of
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rain. perhaps an even bigger travel impact. when it comes to the snow, about two to three feet. as low as 2,000 to 3,000 feet around the sierra. winter storm warning there. also travel into southern california, the grapevine on wednesday could get closed as southern california snow levels also drop down close to 3,000 feet. for the bay area things start to wrap up on tuesday. as much as an inch of rain in some of the wetter locations. mountain top gusts to 50. snow perhaps. and wuhl tith all the wind gene by the storm high surf. we'll take a closer look at when we expect the strongest wind, the heaviest rain to arrive in the forecast for mid-week and another storm on the way for next weekend. our forecast in 12 minutes. >> we'll see you then, rob. thank you. heads up if you're heading in or out of the city. caltrans is again closing some lanes on the bay bridge. right now two westbound lanes are shut down for scheduled maintenance, but it looks like
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traffic isn't too bad. it's flowing pretty smoothly there. starting in about 45 minutes, though, crews will close two eastbound lanes. all lanes are expected to reopen by 5:00 tomorrow. tomorrow morning. just in time for the morning commute. continuing coverage now. as police continue to investigate the deadly shooting that killed two boids. an east bay community in mourning. gathered tonight in a sign of solidarity. the boys only 11 and 14 years of age. nbc bay area's marianne favro live in union city where the boys' relatives attended a vigil for them. marianne. >> terry, tonight the aunt of a 14-year-old boy who was shot and killed thanked the community for their support. but she also talked about how much pain her family is now in. >> our hearts continue to grieve for them. we know this is not their final stop. we continue to love them and
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feel the pain and sorrow in our hearts for them. >> reporter: tonight an aunt mourns her nephew. 14-year-old shawn and his 11-year-old friend kevin were killed in the parking lot of sorrells elementary school in union city. they were sitting in a van around 1:30 saturday morning when someone opened fire. these shell casings a grim reminder of the attack. tonight the tragedy has compelled the community to come together. this school counselor knew both boys. >> the loss of the two former students out here at my school, it's rough. i knew both of the boys. and the youngest one just graduated from our school here. >> reporter: as neighbors ask what can be done to better protect children, police investigate the murders and whether this was a gang-related shooting. but tonight, as strangers hold hands, the focus is on healing. >> i know that the community is really hurting. this is a really, really tragic event with two children being
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killed. so we really wanted to offer space for the community to come together and to grieve and to show solidarity with the family. >> remembering shawn and the boy many called baby k. two friends who died before they ever had a chance to reach high school. tonight union city police are doing extra patrols near that school, and they're also looking into the possibility that this homicide may have been related to a double shooting just last week about a half mile away. reporting live in union city, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. another small business frustrated after cameras capture a suspected burglar. tonight the potrero hill ice cream shop is sharing very clear video of the early morning incident. you're looking at it right there. this comes as several other mom-and-pop shops are voicing their concerns about the city's property crime rate. nbc bay area's sergio quintana
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live in san francisco tonight. sergio. >> reporter: what's especially frustrating for the owners of this ice cream shop is that their location is literally across the zreet from the san francisco police department's potrero hill station and that still didn't seem to serve as any kind of deterrent in this break-in. take a look at this video. according to the owners of milk bomb ice cream, this person entered their story about 4:30 early thursday morning. the shop owner says the prowler went into the back of the business and tried to access their safe. when that didn't work, the cash register was the next target. you can see the person leaving the ice cream shop. the register is in that shopping bag. that's why for the last several days workers have only been able to process credit cards. one of the owners talked to me about the break-in by video call. she was a little disappointed it took police officers a while to respond. they weren't able to file a police report until the following day. >> yeah, they're right across the street so, we kind of
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figured, that's initially why i told him let's just close for a couple -- the first hour two, hours, so you can get that one-on-one time with them and there's no interruptions. but apparently, they had other more important stuff to do i guess. >> reporter: exactly a week ago we told you about another ice cream shop. that one is in the mission district. that owner's windows had been repeatedly vandalized. there's been a series of small business owners in the city who have been complaining about the property crime rate here. according to fbi crime data released last year, san francisco has the highest big city property crime rate in the country. now, i did get a response from the san francisco police department tonight. they are of course going through all the evidence that they have collected in this alleged burglary. they also said they're going to be looking into the response times to getting out here and taking a report. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> all right, sergio, thank you. now to continuing coverage of the deadly orinda halloween
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party shooting investigation. tomorrow morning 29-year-old demmic odon is set to be arraigned in a martinez courtroom. sheriff's deputies and federal agents arrested him in connection with the halloween shooting. it left five people dead and another nine wounded when suspects opened fire at a party at an airbnb rental. homeless people and their supporters are take a stand tonight in oakland. they are barricading themselves inside their tents preparing for police to move them out from right in front of city hall. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd live in oakland with the latest on that. cheryl. >> reporter: well, right now, terry, it appears the oakland police department is deescalating the situation. two carloads full of police officers just left about 15 minutes ago. two other carloads are still remaining here. but right now homeless and their allies are chained to their tents and chained to one another. they are waiting for city crews to come in and clear out the
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plaza. and right now they are vowing to stay. for people here who say that they are forced to live on the streets believe that they have a right to protest in front of city hall and that a curfew for that violates their civil rights. >> the city has criminalized homeless people and herded them from place to place to place. >> reporter: their message tonight, housing is a human right. and, they say, oakland city officials aren't doing anything to help the homeless crisis. >> we have come to the foot of city hall to say people are dying on these streets without shelter, without access to enough food, without access to sanitation, and we need help. >> reporter: according to city statistics, between 2015 and 2017 the number of homeless increased by 26%. the homeless say the city is a part of the problem. >> regardless of what libby says, what her backers believe, they are literally not allowing us in the middle of this
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homeless crisis, which means they have no remedy for it. they're an loug us to exist as best we can. >> reporter: so right now it is a waiting game. i did reach out to the oakland police department and the mayor's office. i have not heard back from either one of them. what you see right now is sort of reminiscent to the occupy situation but on a much smaller scale. at this point we don't know what's going to happen next. reporting live in oakland i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thanks very much. students at an east bay college are taking action in response to a recent scare on campus. it happened on thursday. more ago police were called about a possible threat at st. mary's college. it turned out to be absolutely nothing. the college's president, though, apologized for a lack of communication during that incident. students say after the scare. plus recent power outages and a nearby wildfire, the administration needs to do more to keep them safe and in the loop. they've started a petition demanding safety changes and are planning a sit-in outside the college chapel tomorrow. the 49ers faithful
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celebrating after an electrifying night at levi's stadium in santa clara. the niners dismantling the green bay packers. >> they sure did. you saw it all right here on nbc bay area. our very own raj mathai and janelle wang were out there all night as the niners got a critical win. let's check in with them. >> reporter: pretty amazing night here at levi's stadium. in fact, at this hour it's just janelle and i and the grounds crew. >> we are staying till the end because we have a lot to celebrate. the niners rolled over the packers tonight 37-8. what a game. >> it was electric. and i know the whole country saw this. the bay area certainly saw it. but it was super bowl quality, janelle. this team looked really good on both sides of the ball. >> yeah, they did not disappoint. the fans were thrilled too. 72,000 fans showed up at levi's stadium. they got here early, tailgating outside. they were packing the stadium inside. it's like the old scandalstick days. >> it was. it was electrifying. >> as for the game, yep, the defense was great. and we had some big-time offensive plays.
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third quarter this was just one of the many highlights. jimmy g. to george kittle. remember kittle's been out for the last couple games. a 61-yard touchdown connection here. and that's really all you need to know. the 49ers win big. 37-8 over the packers. here's jimmy g. after the game. >> i've got to give a shout out to the faithful. they were rocking tonight. the stadium, just the energy. even just walking in. early in the afternoon. you could feel it. and it was really cool. just to have levi's loud like that. we've got a good stretch coming up. baltimore will be a great test for us. it will be a good one. >> jimmy g. very excited. but now the real work begins. they got one out the door. the packers. you ready for a long road trip, janelle? >> it's going to be a long one. >> 49ers now go to baltimore for next weekend. and instead of coming back home they're going to fly down to florida, sarasota, florida to train for the week and after that going to new orleans. they're going to packers, which we just did tonight, and then the ravens and then the saints back here. so this is a brutal, very difficult stretch for the 49ers. >> tough stretch on the road.
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they're going to stay there, acclimate to the east coast and come back. but good thing dabo samuels is back, george kittle back. >> janelle wang now a 49ers expert. we love it. >> anthony flores is going to have highlights coming p up at 11:30, more player reaction. but first -- another candidate puts his hat in the ring. we take a look at how michael bloomberg could impact the race. plus -- violent crime on bart has more than doubled over the past few years. but how did we get here? i'm bigad shaban. coming up we investigate how a world-class transportation system got derailed.
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bart is one of the most dangerous transit systems in the country and a lot of riders are wondering exactly how we got there, especially after another deadly stabbing. earlier tonight we showed you part one of our digital documentary on bart where senior investigative reporter bigad shaban found the agency has a higher crime rate than subway systems in new york, d.c., and atlanta. that wasn't always the case. here's part 2 of our five-part series, "derailed."
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>> reporter: building bart took five years and $1.6 billion. sure, it was delayed and over budget. but it was also revolutionary with its original 75 miles of track that included the nearly four-mile tunnel connecting san francisco to oakland. >> the world's longest underwater tube. >> it was at the time it opened back in the early '70s. after world war ii the population in the bay area surged. so business leaders hoped to ease congestion by building a first-rate transportation network. >> bart will prove to be the most beautiful system in the world. >> here's how bart's then general manager described the ride before its unveiling. >> we've said that it will be the finest in the world. we promise you it will be no less than that. >> reporter: bart's old promotional videos included a
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lot of hype over what life would be like once all the construction was done. >> and when it's completed, you and the bay area will not only feel better, you'll both look better. in the powell street station you'll look something like this. >> reporter: but now we have stations that look like that. and that. and that. a system once world renowned for safety, design, and technology is now synonymous for? with homelessness, drug use, and violence. >> we should expect the unexpected, be on alert. >> reporter: trevor rides bart every weekday to be on alert. he commutes from burlingame to san francisco. how would you explain what's normal on bart? >> i would say anything goes. it's like the wild west, lawless place. i'm almost desensitized to some of the crazy things i see on bart. >> reporter: that crazy can be violent. even deadly. >> he got a knife walking through the bart. >> reporter: it was last summer
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when 18-year-old nia wilson was stabbed to death for no reason while waiting for a bart train in oakland. >> she was only 18. >> reporter: at this point i just want justice for my daughter. >> reporte >> reporter: dominic wilson was her boyfriend. a memorial soon grew. >> justice! we want justice! >> reporter: and so did calls to improve safety across bart. >> it definitely made me look around a little more. especially being a young, you know, woman you can't really feel too safe. >> reporter: after nia wilson was killed did that change your perception of bart? >> no. because even before nia wilson there was oscar grant. >> reporter: it was more than a decade ago when 22-year-old oscar grant was pinned down by bart police and shot in the back at the fruitvale bart station. the officer who killed him was convicted but only served 11 months of his two-year sentence.
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the now former cop says he thought he pulled out his taser, not his gun. the killing sparked protests, national conversations about kras -- >> we want justice for that. the police is getting away with murder. >> reporter: and a hollywood film. >> oh, my god. >> good. i'm going to be good. >> reporter: the question of how to police the bart system is a complicated one. some riders run easy about the idea of increasing the number of police officers here on the train. but other passengers are genuinely afraid about what they see as a lack of police presence on bart. and they refuse to ride anymore. no matter what. >> i'm scared. >> what's it been like going through this? >> hell. >> reporter: next time on "derailed." >> he hit me right here, broke it in three places. you shouldn't have to feel scared to ride bart or any
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public transportation. yet here we are. >> are passengers safe on bart? >> yes. >> if you're saying bart is safe but passengers don't actually feel that way, doesn't that mean your police department is frankly failing at its main job? ♪ >> if you would like to watch the rest of the series, you can watch all five parts on our website. just head to you can also find it on the nbc bay area youtube channel. if you have apple tv or roku, all five parts are waiting for you there too. riders are complaining about sunday service, so bart is working to do something about it. for weeks now riders say bart trains pull into the stations routinely late. it's because of track work happening in san francisco. but today bart's new general manager offered a solution.
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the sunday schedule will change to show trains arriving every 24 minutes instead of every 20 minutes. >> we weren't making the 20-minute headway. so bart isn't being transparent with the riders. if we say we're going to do 20, we weren't making it. so with 24 we've looked at it. we can make 24-minute headways. >> bart says the schedule change is more predictable but riders aren't sure that the reliability is worth it. riders who still want to share their thoughts can catch up with the general manager on wednesdays at various stations as part of his listening tour. okay. an unexpected critter taking up some prime parking spots on the peninsula. check this guy out. his name is santos. he's a northern fur seal pup. found his way into a parking garage in redwood city this morning. he is active. firefighters helped rescue the five-month-old seal. that is the cutest shot. >> it looks like he's posing, yeah. >> he's now being monitored by
11:21 pm
the marine mammal center in sausalito. he will eventually be released into the wild. there's no word on how he got into the garage. he's not talking. he's saying forget about it, i'm not giving up the secret. the parking garage is on marshall zreet. if you look at this map you can see the parking structure isn't too far from the redwood creek. so it's quite possible that he came from there. that's our guess. the best we can do. >> rob mayeda here with more than a guess. this is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. people driving all over the place. thanksgiving week is here. and it's going to be real dicey. >> yes. the rain and snow welcome but the timing maybe not so much. especially if your travel includes the sierra or southern california heading down i-5, the grapevine. a chance that could be closed on wednesday. still a party atmosphere out there at levi's stadium. you can see the lights out there, 53 degrees, after almost 70 today keep in minds by wednesday highs could be 20
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degrees cooler than what we saw to wrap up the weekend. right now a few areas of low clouds around the golden gate bridge, 52 degrees after a high of 67. for the morning 30s and 40s. to start off monday, again, monday kind of a continuation of the weather we saw this weekend. but there is a bit of a change. breezy conditions returning. and at least where monday's concerned these highs in the mid 60s, these will be northwest wintds for the hills of the north bay. before the rain starts to return, fire danger is still elevated, still very dry, about 1,000 feet in these north bay hills. while wind speeds aren't all that strong it's the wind direct here that's important. so during the day monday we'll have to watch this little breezy and dry at times. just for one day. because tuesday you see what's over my shoulder here. this is a rapidly deepening low pressure system. center right there on the california-oregon border. a lot of times these stronger lows curve up toward seattle. not the case. this is dropping into northern california, which is why the wind will be picking up during the day on tuesday. but that's going to involve a lot of rain as well. notice tuesday morning's commute
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should be fine. tuesday evening that's a different story as you begin to see some of the heavier rain from 6:00 in the north bay. 9:00 as this front comes through you're going to have some gusty winds. there's a chance we could have some embedded thunderstorms with that frontal boundary. looks pretty strong at 9:00 across the central bay area on tuesday and then rapidly moving out of the south by about 11:00. and then cold air and more showers follow on into wednesday. so rainfall expectations right now still holding at about a half inch to an inch of rain for most of the bay area. even the fast movement of that system we could be looking at the most rain we've seen in months. now, for the sierra two to three feet of snow. check out those numbers all the way down to 2,000 feet. it's placerville, colfax, even auburn could have some measurable snowfall by wednesday. and look at the high temperatures here on wednesday. upper 40s to low 50s. it's the canadian air-conditioning. with these showers wednesday into thursday, thanksgiving evening, and friday we may catch a bit of a break before more rain comes in.
11:24 pm
here's the second part of your seven-day forecast. next weekend looks to be pretty busy as well. so playing catch-up here in the seven-day forecast in terms of the rain and the mountain snow, watching breezy and dry conditions tomorrow and then that rain comes in. the wind high surf on the coast too. the chance of thunderstorms tuesday into wednesday. snow maybe at the top of mount hamilton and mount diablo. we're just running out of icons. literally everything -- >> there's no more room. there's no more room on it. >> rain, snow. >> next weekend. right there. by the way, second half hour, ten-day rainfall outlook. we'll see if we can erase those rainfall deficits in the span of ten days. >> rob, thanks a lot. >> still ahead the lifs democratic presidential hopefuls just got a little longer. tonight the reason why michael bloomberg's jumping into the mix. and it was the second mission to land man on the moon. tonight the specialo apollo 12 anniversary and the bay area connection that made it all happen. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event
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michael bloomberg officially launched his bid for president today. the former new york city mayor brings the democratic field back up to 18 candidates. the message of his campaign is that he wants to rebuild america by creating jobs, solving problems, and getting rid of president trump. bloomberg kicked off his campaign with a $35 million ad blitz and a vow to put his own money behind the effort instead of asking for campaign donations. but some voters are questioning whether he's trying to buy the election, and they say the field needs to be thinned, not expanded. today marks 50 years since apollo 12 splashed down to earth. that apollo mission was the second manned trip to the moon.
11:29 pm
it blasted off november 14th, 1969 and the mission ended ten days later with a splashdown in the pacific. the aircraft carrier "uss hornet" recovered apollo 12 and the crew. the retired ship is now docked in alameda, where it serves as a museum. today the "hornet" held a special event to commemorate the ship's history and that 50th anniversary of the splashdown. the "hornet's" last two major missions were the recovery of apollo 11 and 12. the blame game has started. the new rift between the nfl and colin kaepernick. why the former 49er quarterback says he hasn't gotten any calls after his workout last weekend. plus highlights from tonight's niners win against the packers. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go.
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with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa it was a marquee match-up that was never really close. the 49ers steamrolling the packers tonight at levi's stadium. >> that's right. you saw it all right here on nbc
11:32 pm
bay area. anthony flores joins us now from the field with highlights and with player reaction. anthony, take it away. >> reporter: that's right. tonight the 49ers showed the green bay packers and the rest of the country just how good they are with a dominating performance on sunday night football. let's take a look at the highlights. the 49ers playing a home game on sunday night football for the first time since 2014. defense setting the tone early. fred warner sacks aaron rodgers. nick bosa recovers. rodgers sacked five times in the game. that leads to a two-yard touchdown run by tevin coleman. 10-049ers after one. now to the second quarter. deebo, deebo, deebo. deebo samuel hauls in a 42-yard touchdown from jimmy garoppolo. 23-0 niners at the half. green bay would finally get on the board in the third. the pride of palo alto high, davante adams with a touchdown reception. he also caught a two-point conversion. and how's this for welcome back?
11:33 pm
george kittle scores on a 61-yard touchdown reception. i think the knee and ankle are fine. the 49ers win big. they beat the packers 37-8. >> we have a great group of guys. especially, you know, it's just from top to bottom, i mean, it's a great group of guys to be with and i wouldn't want to be with anybody else. >> our defense is absolutely incredible. i can't say enough about them. our d line gets -- i don't think i can say enough about fred warner and his ability, his leadership, the stuff he can do out there. he's definitely one of my favorite players to watch. >> they've still got some plays we're going to have to correct and be better on, but whenever you play a hall of famer like that you never know when he can go for 400 at any given time and he can turn that game over at any given time. so you just play as hard as you can for as long as you can, you let the chips fall. >> reporter: with the victory the 49ers improve to 10-1 on the season. next they hit the road for baltimore.
11:34 pm
for me it looks like it's time to go home. back to you guys in the studio. >> anthony, thank you very much. i think it is time to turn out the lights. party's over. nfl and colin kaepernick are blaming each other now over what went wrong during that league workout last weekend. you might remember the nfl set up the event. 25 teams were supposed to attend. they all said they would. but it was closed to the media. well, that did not sit well with kaepernick. so he moved the workout from the atlanta falcons facility to a high school field about 60 miles away. but not everybody went. only eight teams showed up for that. and now kaepernick and his team are saying they believe the workout was set up as a pr stunt by the nfl but the nfl fired back, said they wanted to give kaepernick a real chance to shoef hoiz skills but he didn't show up at the training camp. it's an ongoing problem for many bay area cities and we're talking about sideshows. oakland police continued their weekend crackdown, stopping at least two sideshows last night. last night officers towed these several cars, arrested at least
11:35 pm
one person. police say several other people threw a bottle at officers, then tried to speed away but opd's chopper helped track them down and the officers detained them. a celebration of life from mcclimbn's high school graduate and lainey college football standout ramon sanders. ♪ friday afternoon sanders lost his year-long battle with bone cancer. his dream was to attend a musical. so today despite his passing hundreds of people came to the new beginnings church to make his dream a reality. >> he's supportive. he's optimistic. he's goofy. he's smart. he's just something that god put on this earth and we didn't expect to leave so soon. >> sanders broke his leg playing football for lainey college earlier this year and that's when doctors discovered a tumor and diagnosed him with cancer. what a shock that had to be.
11:36 pm
sanders leaves behind a host of family and friends including his 1-year-old daughter navaea. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is back home tonight after a brief stay at the hospital. ginsburg was treated at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore for a possible infection. the 86-year-old justice was admitted friday with fever and chills. a spokesperson for the court says ginsburg is back at her home in washington, d.c. and that she is doing well. this is the second health scare for the justice in two weeks. ginsburg missed a day on the bench with a stomach bug a little over a week ago. still ahead, serious regrets by some small business owners who say california's high-speed rail project nearly put them out of business. we investigate, next.
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
state leaders said it would be an economic windfall for small businesses but senior investigator steven stock discovered many of the companies who signed up to work on the high-speed rail project now say they're on the brink of ruin. when voters approved a $10 billion bond measure a decade ago to build a bullet train, one of the major components was the promise of an economic boon to the central valley. high-speed rail was going to bring financial gold to small minority and disadvantaged businesses. but we discovered while some of those small companies did in fact get contracts some of them haven't been paid and a few of them have nearly been put out of business. >> this was a hock. >> reporter: bill nelson and his daughter kristen show us what's left of the family's general engineering construction company started by his father in 1954 outside fresno. >> they had, quote unquote,
11:39 pm
promised us a whole lot more work in this high-speed rail. >> reporter: work that bill nelson says never materialized. >> in the neighborhood of half a million dollars for excavators, loaders, water trucks, crew trucks, to man up for this work. >> reporter: after initially signing a contract in 2017 with drogado's flat iron for $2 million worth of subcontract work on the high-speed rail project nelson's investment in manpower and machinery sat idle because high-speed rail authorities had not obtained the proper rights of way. >> not one work order we ever did did we ever complete it. not one. >> reporter: as for the work the company did perform kristen says it took up to seven months for the money to funnel down from the state to drogado's and finally to her bank account. and when the progress payments did arrive the checks did not cover nelson construction's cost, a fraction of what kristen says the contract called for. >> we received a little over
11:40 pm
$5,000 check. >> reporter: when you were expecting $60,000. >> correct. >> reporter: nelson's complaint follows a lawsuit filed by another small company, west pacific electric, against drogados, alleging very much the same thing. according to the federal suit, west pacific was brought on as a subcontractor, invested more than $2 million, then could not make deadlines because high-speed rail did not have the rights of way to the land where the work was to occur. >> very few are getting paid on time. >> reporter: david mendoza is project manager at the minority business development agency in fresno. mendoza says many different business owners tell him the same story. he says all of them are subcontractors who could not put their crews to work because of failure to obtain rights of way, got paid late by the prime contractors, or in some cases did not get paid at all. >> several being not paid and in particular a couple that have been over a year without being paid. >> that's an issue because if you take six months to get paid it doesn't matter when the payment comes through, you're
11:41 pm
out of business. >> reporter: a member of high-speed rails' peer review committee frederick jordan is president of f.e. jordan associates, a san francisco-based civil engineering firm that has helped build 35 different large public transit projects. in 2010 jordan helped launch a federal civil rights investigation into high-speed rail's hiring practices. and i found out they had zip minority, almost zip small business. zip meaning zero. >> reporter: as a result the federal railroad administration told the high-speed rail authority to establish a program to help ensure fair hiring and, quote, prompt payment of subcontractors by prime contractors. it's a problem jordan believes the authority has yet to fully address. >> i mean, that's an enormous problem. sometimes i can't sleep at night. >> that is disturbing. i'd like to understand what that problem was. >> reporter: brian kelly is ceo of california's high-speed rail authority.
11:42 pm
we asked kelly about the small business owners who say the authority's failure to obtain land or rights of way before starting construction put their companies in a financial hole. >> they would go out to a site, it wasn't ready. the right of way wasn't procured or they weren't ready. did that play a role? >> i can't tell you it didn't play a role. look, i've already said, the right of way issue after we're already in construction is problematic. >> some of these subs aren't getting paid. >> yeah. >> how is that possible? how are you helping small business when you're not paying them? >> high-speed rail now has had something like 31 straight months of no late payments. so let's be very clear about that. now, these are disputes largely between contractors and subcontractors. and we are hearing from the small business folks on that, and we will try to work with the contractors on more timely payments between the contractors and the subs. >> reporter: as they map out the next segment of construction to be built into bakersfield, kelly says his team will only hire contractors to begin construction after high-speed rail buys the land or obtains
11:43 pm
the proper rights of way. >> high-speed rail, getting involved with them was something that was just -- we should never have done. >> reporter: the nelsons say pushing back can also cost main, which is why they advised their friends who own other businesses to stay away from high-speed rail zblip don't know how anybody could get involved right now. >> it seems like there's an awful lot of money going after someplace that you can't see any end result with for the spender. >> and it's not going to you. >> sure as hell ain't going to me. >> reporter: a spokesperson for drogados flat iron joint venture says it values its relationships with subcontractors, contractors and suppliers and it makes payments within timelines. at the november monthly meeting of the high-speed rail authority officials announced they had settled a $134 million claim with drogados over delayed payments to that company all because the proor rights of way had not been obtained. david mendoza says he knows of other companies that are close to declaring bankruptcy because of this. he says unlike other state
11:44 pm
agencies and contracts like caltrans, for example, in this project subcontractors who don't get paid cannot go directly to the state high-speed rail authority because of the way the project rules were set up. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or visit our website, thanksgiving is just days away, but not everyone will be able to afford a warm meal with all the trimmings. but you can help change that. we'll tell you how, next. and we're watching for one more day of dry and breezy conditions before the storm door swings open with wind, rain, and low snow levels heading to california and the bay area. a closer look when we come right back. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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well, the orders continue to pour in for tesla's futuristic electric pickup truck. according to elon musk, he took to twitter today claiming that tesla already has 187,000 orders for its electric pickup truck, the cyber truck. 100 bucks will lock you in for a deal. that's up 41,000 orders since musk tweeted yesterday. the cyber truck, there it is, was unveiled thursday in l.a. tesla plans to start manufacturing the truck about two years from now. our annual feed the need food drive is definitely off to a successful start once again thanks to so many of you and your generosity. thank you. this weekend nbc bay area and
11:48 pm
telemundo 48 helped get the word out at local safeway stores. over the past two days. >> picture of you. >> go ahead. >> people generously donated more than 29,000 bags of food while we were out there. there's still plenty of time to donate, though. our feed the need food drive runs through christmas day. >> and speaking of food, there's a turkey shortage for those in need in the south bay. tomorrow sacred heart in san jose is going to begin its annual tradition. they're giving away thousands of thanksgiving meals to those in need. there is a major problem. they don't have it. they're short about 2,500 turkeys. sacred heart is asking the community please help them out, bring turkeys to the donation center at first and alma. volunteers will be accepting turkeys tomorrow through wednesday. monetary donations, that's good too. you can make those online. sacred heart in san jose. if you're traveling for thanksgiving, though, might be a little questionable out there. >> extended holiday break if you can. go tomorrow. >> i love these ideas.
11:49 pm
>> i like that idea. >> four or five-day weekend. because tomorrow will be the last of the easy travel days. maybe into about tuesday morning before big changes arrive. we're talking rain, low snow at times, gusty winds, tomorrow morning none of that, though. you've got clear skies. but watching some wind in the hills. 30s and 40s across the lower elevations. highs tomorrow in the mid 60s. and these temperatures, by the way, are going to feel warm compared to where the numbers are headed right there at the bottom of your screen in the seven-day forecast. but notice the wind direction tomorrow for one more day. northwest winds over the north bay hilltops. elevated fire danger will be around for elevations above 2,000 feet. even though the winds won't be too strong, it's the wind direction and the fact we really just haven't seen any significant rain that's causing these issues. anytime the wind picks up out of the north. but speaking of wind, look at the storm system cranking up here on the coast. as it moves into the bay area, we'll see wind and rain on the increase late tuesday into wednesday. and here's how the timeline works. tuesday morning's commute, that's a good getaway commute
11:50 pm
heading up to the sierra, but as early as the afternoon and evening the rain is starting to fill in. we think the heaviest rain will be from about 6:00 right there, 9:00 and 10:00, some good downpours coming down, maybe some thunder as that cold front races through. followed up by some very chilly air. and a chance at maybe some thunder at times. especially near the coast. on wednesday. so rainfall projection still generally in the half inch to an inch range from light tuesday through the day on wednesday. for the sierra this means two to three feet of snow. but notice the snow levels, your 2,000 feet, that's a little unusual, even if we were talking about january and february. so the fact this is happening for thanksgiving weekend tells you this is some very cold air that's sweeping on in. in fact, it will likely be cold enough, lake county, maybe mount st. helena and off to the east around mt. hamilton. we could be looking at some snow across the higher peaks courtesy of this canadian air condition we've got going on. late thanksgiving day through friday it does look a little bit dryer. then the next round comes in
11:51 pm
late saturday night on into sunday. and if this pattern holds, these two storms, look at the ten-day rainfall outlook. we're behind by the factor of two to four inches of rain in the bay area and over the next seven to ten days looks like we could see two to four inches of rain making a comeback there by december 4th. quite a comeback. both long-range models, by the way, indicate that's what we're looking at, playing out through the next seven days. so for tomorrow one more day of dry relatively breezy conditions. but things quickly reverse on tuesday into wednesday where we literally have everything. i think there's a high likelihood, grapevine south heading into gorman, southern california. that could get shut down on wednesday. sierra roadways. 80 and 50 there probably see some closures too. the timing is terrible for the mountain commutes. try to leave tomorrow or tuesday morning if you have any plans in the sierra. >> be careful. >> if i do that, will you talk to the boss? >> i'll sign that note. >> i'll cover you.
11:52 pm
i'll cover your shift. >> thank you and thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it's a one-of-a-kind holiday tradition and it's back. we're talking about the great dickens christmas fair. when you can take a tour of the unique holiday adventures. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
11:53 pm
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treasure island's treasure fest is now a thing of the past, folks. the beloved weekend flea market and street fair is closing because new development's coming to the island. today the line of cars waiting to get in the very last markets past the 1939 world's fair buildings. the treasure island market started back in 2011. it's become an institution. managers say they plan to bring the market back in a rotating series of spots around the bay area. we'll try to keep you posted. the dickens christmas fair and victorian holiday party is back. the one akind holiday adventure has turned daly city's cow palace into a combination of
11:55 pm
victorian london music halls, pubs, dance floors and shops. looks like a lot of fun out there. >> yeah. there's the pub. >> organizers say there's nothing like it in the world because of how immersive the experience is. >> it is a marvelous juried craft show with over 100 shops and wonderful restaurants filled with handmade foods. but it has more depth to it because of the 800 performers that bring to life the time of charles dickens and london of the 19th century. >> very nice. the fair is open on saturdays and sundays through december 22nd. it's also open the friday after thanksgiving. we're back after the break.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
paris is known as the city of lights, and tonight it really lived up to the name. as you can see. the city's world famous avenue
11:58 pm
of the champs elysees turned on its christmas lights to welcome the season. 400 trees along the world-famous street adorned with energy-efficient l.e.d. lights. >> that's gorgeous. >> yeah. >> the dwinkling red bulbs delighted locals and tourists and all of us here on the set because we're really liking what we're seeing on the video. >> it looks pretty cold out there. >> thanksgiving thursday. drive carefully. rain's on the way. thanks for watching. have a great night and a great week. >> have a great night. my parents never taught me anything about managing money. the amount of student loan debt i have, i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi.
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so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa this week on a special episode of "in depth." >> you just can't stop, feels good killing yourself. >> most challenging opponent from some guests comes from within. dark struggles of drug and alcohol addiction. >> i shook every night, cold sweats. >> shared the road to recovery. >> this is a monster, this is a freaking monster. >> and discussed the difficult task of staying clean. >> recovery begins by finding hope in hopelessness. >> but first the decisions and circumstances that led to these life-altering habits beginning in 1996 with green bay packers star quarterback brett favre.


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